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									                   Research Experiences for Undergraduates
                         Hatfield Marine Science Center – Newport, OR
                           Oregon State University – Corvallis, OR

                     Summer 2010 REU Recommendation Form
This student is applying to participate in Oregon State University’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates
(REU) program in marine science. Admission is competitive, and we depend on the advice of referees to select
the most deserving students. More information about the program can be found on our web site:

It is important that you make clear what particularly qualifies this student for the REU program at OSU. The
applicant is applying for an intensive 10-week summer program in which the student will work closely with
other students and a faculty advisor. Please comment on the student’s ability to work with a team of faculty
and students, to communicate both orally and in writing, and to persevere in solving open-ended

Please feel free to either complete this form or write us a letter on your own letterhead. Emailing this
recommendation form or a letter directly to hmscdirector@oregonstate.edu is preferred. Recommendations
can also be mailed to the below address. Recommendations must be received by February 15.
                                             Dr. George Boehlert
                                        Hatfield Marine Science Center
                                        2030 SE Marine Science Drive
                                          Newport, OR 97365-5296

Student's Name:

Referee's Name:

Referee's Title:

Referee’s Institution:

Referee’s Contact Information:

How long have you known this student?

In what settings or capacity have you known this student? For example: academic advisor, instructor (what
class?), supervisor (type of work performed?)

      Recommendation forms or letters are due by February 15. hmscdirector@oregonstate.edu
       Details about this program are available at: http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/REU/index.html
How well do you know this student? (Check One):
  Know very well              Know only casually
  Know well                   Know only the student’s name and/or grade earned in my class

Please check the most appropriate level:                                    Unable to
                                                                                            Low    Ave High
Please reserve "High" ranking for those above the 95th percentile.           Rank
1. How do you rate the applicant's intellectual abilities?

2. How do you rate the applicant’s curiosity?
3. How well does the applicant accept responsibility and
4. How well is the applicant able to manage his/her time and carry on
    tasks without supervision?
5. How easily does the applicant adapt to new situations?
6. How well does the applicant get along with others in collaborative
    or group settings (e.g. lab)?
7. How do you rate the student’s written communication skills?

8. How do you rate the student’s verbal communication skills?

9. How comfortable is the applicant in dealing with unfamiliar people?

10. How do you rate the student’s analytical skills?

Written evaluation of the student
Please provide your frank assessment of the applicant's assets and limitations in regard to a Research
Experiences for Undergraduates program, and whether or not the applicant is seriously considering a career in
science. What qualities about this student suggest he/she will be successful in a research internship? How do
you think a research internship would benefit this student? Examples are always very useful. Please feel free
to contact us if you have any questions.

What is your overall recommendation?
 Highly recommend (top 5-10%)                          Recommend with reservations
 Recommend                                             I cannot recommend student for a research internship.

          Print                                                                                   Submit
                         Print completed form for your records and click submit
       to send your e-app as an attachment to your email. Email to hmscdirector@oregonstate.edu
        Details about this program are available at: http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/REU/index.html

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