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TAFE tops in teaching techniques
Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE (TNQIT) has coupled
advanced Internet technology with traditional teaching methods to
offer students a training technique for the twenty first century.

Called "video streaming", the new approach involves simultaneous
use of video conferencing and Internet access by students to extend
the boundaries of technical and further education.

TNQIT, a nine campus network in Far North Queensland, has
commercialised its video streaming package which will be offered to
students for the first time in July. The new training package will
initially be available for certain modules in the Tourism and
Hospitality, Nursing, and Business Studies faculties and will            Mike Given with two-screen video-streaming setup.
subsequently be extended further into the TNQIT curriculum.
                                                                       Students who may be working and not able to participate in the
The incorporation of video streaming into TNQIT's program follows      video streaming session as it occurs can access the recorded session
12 months of trials and the training of staff.                         at a time which is convenient and suits their study program.

Video streaming program coordinator, Mike Given, said video            "The flexibility that video steaming offers makes it a perfect partner
streaming would complement other TNQIT teaching techniques like        for flexible delivery of TNQIT courses like Tourism and
"flexible learning" where students are able to study at their own      Hospitality," according to Tourism and Hospitality teacher,Jacqui
pace, often off-campus in remote locations.                            Conway.

A "video streaming-flexible learning" package also vastly extends      Ms Conway said a major benefit of video streaming was the ability
the potential for students to study TNQIT courses from other places    of off-campus students to be able to see other participants in the
around Australia and overseas.                                         classroom.

Key features of video streaming include:                               "In a recent training session we had two 'interviewees' demonstrating
q The delivery of courses by a teacher in a classroom setting.         correct and incorrect responses in a mock interview. Students
q Using cameras in the classroom to project on to a screen live        participating on-line were able to see all the facial expressions and
  images of the teacher, students and course materials. The            body language involved in that situation which is an important part
  screen image can simultaneously incorporate live images from         of the learning process," Ms Conway said.
  the classroom and material from other teaching aids like a
  Power Point presentation.                                            "Video streaming adds a sense of reality to the teaching environment
q Students in off-campus locations can participate in the video        and enhances the value and effectiveness of the teaching for all the
  streaming session by logging on through a personal computer          students involved," she said.
  and password via the Internet.
q Participating students can see and hear the contributions made       Mike Given says the response from students has been excellent.
  by the teacher and other students via their personal computers.
q Questions or comments from students in off-campus locations          "Students have taken to this like a duck to water - they have been
  can be sent on-line to the teacher via the student's keyboard.       absolutely wonderful," he said.
  The contribution from the student - who might be in the next                                         * * *
  suburb or on the other side of the world - is then relayed by        Inquiries about video streaming at Tropical North Queensland
  the teacher to the class for the benefit of the other students.      Institute of TAFE can be directed to the program coordinator
q More than one classroom setting can be incorporated in the           Mike Given on: mike.given@detir.qld.gov.au.
  video streaming session.
                                                                       Student admission inquiries can be directed to acting international
Video streaming is a very versatile teaching tool which makes          student officer Lindy Vasey, on:
TNQIT courses more accessible to a wide range of students.             Phone: (07) 4042 2626, or email: lindy.vasey@detir.qld.gov.a   u

One of the major benefits of video streaming is that each session is   Released by Front Page Media and Publishing:
recorded and stored with the Internet service provider Big Pond.       Phone: (07) 4031 8555, or email: fpmedia@cairns.net.au

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