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									                                                                                                                                                  IR 119
                                                                                                                                              December 2007

                                               Notice of objection – child support
       Child Support

•      Use this side of the form to show the grounds for your objection and the other side of this form to give us more information
       about your objection. Please complete both pages, otherwise we cannot consider your objection.
•      Either party can object to a decision. However, only the paying parent can object to an assessment.
•      Our booklet Helping you to understand child support (IR 100) has more information about objections. You can view it on our
       website at or order a copy by phoning 0800 257 773.

Your details
1.     Your IRD number                          (8 digit numbers start in the second box.                )

2.     Your name                  (Tick one)          Mr         Mrs     Miss        Ms


                                                First names

3.     Your address
                                                Street address

                                                Town or city

4.     Your contact phone number(s)
                                                Day                               Evening                           Mobile

Grounds for objection
Please carefully check the grounds for objection, and tick the one(s) relevant to your situation. If none of the grounds listed are
appropriate, contact Inland Revenue Child Support on 0800 221 221, as there may be other alternatives (such as an
administrative review).

     Objection to a decision                                                     Objection to my assessment*
     I am objecting to the decision                                              I am objecting to (the
     stated in your letter or notice                                             calculation of my child
     dated                               Day       Month          Year           support) assessment shown            Day        Month     Year
                                                                                 in the notice dated
     Is a copy of the letter or             No             Yes
     notice attached?                                                            Is a copy of the letter or              No          Yes
                                                                                 notice attached?
     Grounds for objection to a decision (section 90 (1) of the
     Child Support Act 1991). You may tick more than one.                        Grounds for objection to a decision (section 91 (1) of the
     I object to the decision made to:                                           Child Support Act 1991). You may tick more than one.

          (a) accept an application for a formula assessment
          (b) refuse to accept an application for a formula                           (a) the income used is incorrect
              assessment                                                              (b) the annual or monthly rate is incorrectly calculated
          (c) refuse to accept an estimation                                          (c) the period of liability is incorrect
          (ca) issue an assessment because I have estimated                           (d) the assessment is not in accordance with the
               but did not file my tax return                                              Child Support Act
          (d) charge a penalty
          (f) accept an application for a voluntary agreement
          (g) refuse to accept a voluntary agreement
          (h) accept or refuse to accept a variation
              to a voluntary agreement
          (i)   refuse to grant an exemption
                (prisoners or hospital patients)
          (j)   amend or refuse to amend an assessment
                for a change in circumstances
          (ja) refuse to grant a suspension
               (in relation to an administrative review)                         * Remember that only paying parents can object to an
          (k) refuse to refund an overpayment                                      assessment
Reasons for objecting
Please give full reasons for your objection. Give any information you think will help us consider your case.

Late objection
If your objection is late (more than 28 days from the date shown on the decision or notice), please explain why.

Declaration                                           Signature                                                OFFICE USE ONLY
                                                                                                               Register number allocated
The information I have given is true and correct.

Privacy Act 1993
Meeting your tax obligations involves giving accurate information to Inland Revenue. We ask you for information on this form so we
can assess or collect your child support liability as authorised by the Child Support Act 1991.
We may exchange information about you with Work and Income, the Department for Courts, the Ministry of Education, the Accident
Compensation Corporation, or their contracted agencies. Information may also be provided to overseas countries with which
New Zealand has an information supply agreement. Inland Revenue also has an agreement to supply information to Statistics New
Zealand for statistical purposes only.
You may ask to see the personal information we hold about you by phoning us on 0800 221 221. Unless we have a lawful reason
for withholding the information, we will show it to you and correct any errors.

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