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					 East Midlands Regional Centre of Excellence for Youth Homelessness

                       Activity Bulletin - November 2008

Kettering Borough Council is pleased to be selected as the East Midlands Centre of
Excellence for Youth Homelessness for 2008/09.

In celebration of our award, during 2008/09 we plan to develop our services that we
offer to young people to include:
     Developing a peer research project to understand the experiences of young
         people who are homeless in the Borough
     Developing a Move On Plan Protocol to include the supported
         accommodation for young people in the Borough
     Developing a Young Persons Protocol in conjunction with the Councils of
     Developing a comprehensive programme of homelessness prevention work in
     With the help of young people, produce an information leaflet for young
         people on homelessness
     Expanding our current pre-tenancy training course for young people to
         develop the links between employment and training opportunities
     Developing a direct-access emergency bed space for 16/17 year olds which
         includes a family mediation service
     Offering opportunities to share good practice across the region

If you would like to learn more about these projects we would very much like to hear
from you (please see contact details below).

While we do not profess to have all the answers, we are pleased to be able to share
the successes we have had and the lessons we have learnt in developing our
responses to youth homelessness.

Progress to date – November 2008

1) Sharing Good Practice Seminar - Move On Move In tenancy training course

Kettering Borough Council’s pre-tenancy training course Move On Move In has been
running since May 2006. Since the course began there have been six courses and
fifty-two young people have successfully completed it. The project aims to improve
the life skills of young people so that they can develop their self–confidence, realise
their potential and maintain successful tenancies. The course runs one night per
week over seven weeks and includes sessions on budgeting, managing a tenancy,
cooking and healthy eating, home maintenance, and first aid.

To share our experiences of Move On Move In, Kettering Borough Council is holding
a good practice seminar on tenancy training courses.

If you are interested in setting up a tenancy training course then we hope this
seminar will give you ideas and tips on how to develop a course in your area.

Event: Good practice seminar on tenancy training courses
Date: Thursday 15 January 2009
Time: Registration starts at 9.45am for 10am start. The event will close by 1pm.
Venue: Committee Room, Municipal Offices, Kettering Borough Council.
Booking: If you would like to attend please contact Leanne James on 01536 534189
or email: Places are limited so please book.

2) Peer research project to understand the experiences of young people with
experiences of homelessness in Kettering

In partnership with Connexions, Kettering Borough Council is undertaking a piece of
research into youth homelessness. mwb Consultancy Ltd has been commissioned to
undertake the work which is supported by Northamptonshire Supporting People.

The purpose of the research is to gather intelligence from young people with
experiences of homelessness about:
    what services are working well and why it appears to work
    what could be changed or improved and how it might be improved
    the way in which service systems respond as a whole to their needs (how
       joined up are things)
    what gaps there might be in services
    what outcomes and results young people want to achieve
    the journeys young people are making into and out of services

The consultant will work with a small team of young people with experiences of
homelessness who will be trained and supported to act as peer researchers. The
young people will help to design the research questions and the interview process.

The peer researchers will gather information from young people who are currently
living in supported accommodation and those who have moved onto independent
living in Kettering.

The field work will be undertaken in December and we will let you know how we get
on in the next bulletin.

3) Move On Plan Protocol for Kettering (including supported accommodation
for young people)

We have now completed the first Move On Plan Protocol (MOPP) for Kettering. The
MOPP has been developed by Homeless Link to help local authorities and service
providers increase rates of move on from hostels and temporary accommodation, by
analysing the extent of need and agreeing local actions. Further information on
MOPP is available on the Homeless Link website:

The Kettering MOPP assessed move on for three supported accommodation projects
in Kettering, two of which specialise in young people. The MOPP steering group
comprises partners from YMCA, English Churches Housing Association, Kettering
MIND and Supporting People.

The audit identified that the main barriers to move for the accommodation projects
that were audited are:

        Access to treatment accommodation (drug & alcohol)
        Access to the private rented sector

The MOPP steering group has set specific targets to improve move on in Kettering
during the next year including:

        Housing Options team to offer work shadowing opportunities to supported
         accommodation staff to increase their knowledge of homelessness, housing
         options and Housing Benefit.
        Supporting People to meet with Drug Alcohol Action Team to establish
         access routes into drug & alcohol treatment based accommodation.
        Investigate the need for a 'shared-house' project for young people leaving
         supported wishing to access privately rented accommodation.
        Investigate supported lodgings as a housing option for young people.

The MOPP steering group will meet quarterly to monitor progress against the actions.

Please contact us if you would like further information about the Kettering MOPP and
what we have learnt from this process.


If you would like further information about Kettering Borough Council’s youth homelessness
prevention work please contact Charlotte Smith, Housing Strategy Officer (Policy and

Tel:           01536 534215


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