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                           Credit/Debit Card Payment to ARPN

These payments are made through Kagi® Online Store. Please visit our website at
http://www.arpnjournals.com, click on the "Subscribe to ARPN" button. A subscription page
will open. Click on the Kagi® link or copy and paste the following link in to your browser:
Now Kagi’s 1st page will open. Follow these guidelines:
1. Click on the Quantity Box         in front of the Journal you are interested for the
   publication of your research paper. Type in the Quantity Box as follows:
   Enter 01 for the payment of a single research paper
   Enter 02 for the payment of two research papers
   Enter 03 for the payment of three research papers and so on.
   Some of our valued authors/clients mistakenly enter 48 in the Quantity Box. Please do not
   write 48 in this box.
2. Enter the title of your research paper in the long box.
3. Check the small box if you are interested to get the payment receipt by postal service (in
   this case, you will have to pay US$1.50 in addition to the Paper Publication Fee).
4. Now click on the “Add to Cart” button. Kagi’s 2nd page will open.

Kagi’s 2nd Page (Your Shopping Cart)

5. Just click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button. Kagi’s 3rd page will open.

Kagi’s 3rd Page (Billing Information)

6. Check the first radio button (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express etc.) if you
   want to pay through the Credit Card or the Debit Card. The default payment method is the
   first radio button; you do not need to change it if you want to pay through the Credit Card.
7. Now enter your email address and the billing address (fill out all the boxes including
   name of the country and your phone number).
8. Do not write in the box of Coupon/Promo Code (Leave it blank).
9. Click on the “Proceed to Payment” button. Kagi’s 4th page will open.

Kagi’s 4th Page (Review Your Order)

10. Enter your Credit Card or Debit Card Number
    (for example 4213 4536 6578 7689, Give a space after 4 digits).
11. Enter “Expiration Date” of your Card (month and year).
12. Enter Credit Card or Debit Card Security ID
    (Security ID is a 3 digit number on the back of the Card, for example 325, enter these 3
13. Click on the “Complete Purchase” button. Kagi’s 5th page will open.
Kagi’s 5th Page (Thank You for Your Order)

14. You will see the message “Thank You for Your Order”.
15. Please note the following information for your future reference:
        Transaction ID
        Order Date
        Name of Product (in this case, name of the Journal)
        Total Amount Paid
        Print your receipt if you like
       Please send the above information to the Managing Editor, ARPN at

Thank you very much for your payment to ARPN

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