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					                          Welcome to Fourth Grade !
 If you are wondering what to expect…wonder know more! Here is an overview of
                        what to expect in fourth grade.

Teachers: Mrs. Brecher, Mrs. Duvall, and Mr. Eilts are the 4th grade homeroom
teachers. We are also very fortunate to have Mrs. Deitering on board with us as a
resource teacher serving 4th grade for part of her day. We‟re all excited for the
2010-2011 school year to begin!                „

Schedule & Routine: Students will spend a large portion of their day with their
homeroom teacher covering science, social studies, math, and large group reading
and writing. They will also get the opportunity to be involved in a small group reading
class, as well as a small group word study class (Word Journeys). Students will also
spend time in physical education, library, art, music, and guidance.

Homework: Homework is a part of 4th grade. Students will be responsible for
keeping track of their assignments daily in an “assignment notebook” that we will help
them organize. Our expectation is that students read 20 minutes and practice math
flash cards every day. There may be some additional homework from other content
areas, but do not expect an assignment in each curricular area every day. Our goal is
to achieve our learning objectives during instruction. We would appreciate if parents
would help their students by checking their assignment notebooks on a daily basis.

Business Partners, Service Learning Projects, Field Trips: Business partners this
year are as follows: Mrs. Brecher – United Community Bank; Mrs. Duvall – Klaussner
and Just Teaz'n Salon; Mr. Eilts – Milford Police Department. Some major highlights
of the 4th grade school year are the Demonstration Fair, the Glacial Landmark field
trip in May, and the food drive for Upper Des Moines.

Curriculum Overview…

Reading / Writing / Language Arts / Spelling: All teachers will be responsible for
engaging students in these areas in addition to Mrs. Clary, Mrs. Stamoulis, and the
wonderful help from several of our building‟s teacher associates. Learning will occur
in the large group setting as well as in small groups with adult guidance.

A variety of quality children‟s literature and the Houghton Mifflin Reading Series
will be used for the teaching and learning of our language program. Reading and
writing strategies will also be incorporated into the content areas to help students
better understand the curriculum. Word Journeys, a comprehensive word study
program, will be used Kindergarten – 6th grade to teach spelling rules and patterns.

Math: The McGraw-Hill Math series and Investigations, an inquiry-based program,
will guide our math instruction starting with place value, addition and subtraction,
time, money and the review of basic facts. After Holiday break, students will be
engaged in multi-digit and two-by-two digit multiplication, long division, geometry,
measurement, fractions, and decimals. Problem-solving and critical thinking will be a
constant focus in math.

Science: Units will be taught from all parts of science: health, life, earth, and
physical. Students will be introduced to a unit titled “What‟s for Lunch” at the
beginning of the year which includes content focused on Food and Nutrition and the
Digestive System. Cells, Animal adaptations and Classifications will follow before the
Holiday break. The second half of the school year will consist of two major units on
Rocks and Minerals, and Energy Forms and Resources. The scientific process and
skills will be implemented throughout the curriculum.

Social Studies: The fourth graders will be taking a journey through the regions of
the United States using the Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Series as a guide.
Students will explore the land, people, culture, and economy within each region.
Geography and map skills will be embedded into the curriculum frequently.

We look forward to having your child in our lives and working with you to help them
succeed. If you should have any questions, cares, or concerns, please don‟t hesitate
                         to call 338-2458 or email us at…

  Our grade level blog address is http://oes4thgrade.wordpress.com/. Within the
first few weeks of school, each teacher will have their own classroom blog in addition
                               to the grade level blog.

jbrecher@okoboji.k12.ia.us                    bduvall@okoboji.k12.ia.us

beilts@okoboji.k12.ia.us                      sdeitering@okoboji.k12.ia.us

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