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This information is meant to assist officers in referring clients to necessary services. If you have
information about a program or services that are not currently included in this manual please
forward them to Gary Barnes at the Chestnut Office. Updates will be made as needed.
If you cannot find the services you are looking for in this manual please try:

This is an Internet site that offers a statewide guide to services.

Table of Contents

Alcoholics Anon. List                        14
Birth Certificates                           29
Circuit Court Clerk’s Office                 5
Circuit Court Judges                         4
Clothing Assistance                          31-32
Colleges/Universities                        27
Commonwealth Attorney’s Office               6
Community Service Sites                      8-9
County Attorney’s Office                     6
Crisis Hotlines                              18
District Court Judges                        5
Domestic Violence Offender Treatment         10
Drivers License Information                  28
Emergency Food                               33-34
Employment Assistance                        19
Family Court Judges                          4
Family Services                              24
Financial Assistance                         31
Food Assistance                              34
Gambler’s Anonymous                          14
GED/High School Diploma                      25-26
Halfway Houses                               23
HIV/AIDS Programs                            36-37
Housing Authority of Louisville              23
Housing and Emergency Shelter                20-22
Impulse Control Counseling                   10
Interpreters                                 28
Legal Services                               6
Medical Care Assistance                      16
Mental Health Services                       17
Metro Corrections                            7
Narcotics Anonymous                          14
Parenting Classes                            30
Planned Parenthood Sites                     38
Police Agencies                              7
Psychiatric Services                         17
Recreational and Leisure Opportunities       39
Senior Citizen Services                      34
Sex Offender Referral Form                   11
Sex Offender Treatment                       10
Social Security Cards                        29
Substance Abuse Treatment                    12-13
Veteran’s Services                           35
Vocational Rehabilitation Services           28

Jefferson Circuit Court Judges

Division One:                     595-4054       Division Eight:                595-4294
Hon. Barry Willett                595-4942       Hon. A. C. McKay Chauvin       595-4256

Division Two:                     595-4062       Division Nine:                 595-4356
Hon. James Shake                  595-4947       Hon. Judith McDonald–Burkman   595-4153

Division Three:                   595-4919       Division Ten:                  595-4327
Hon. Mitch Perry                  595-4952       Hon. Irv Maze                  595-4363

Division Four:                    595-4604       Division Eleven:               595-4400
Hon. Charles Cunningham           595-4660       Hon. Geoffrey P. Morris        595-4421

Division Five:                    595-4799       Division Twelve:               595-3012
Hon. Mary Shaw                    595-4063       Hon. Susan Schultz Gibson      595-3044

Division Six:                     595-4311       Division Thirteen:             595-3011
Hon. Martin F. McDonald           595-4233       Hon. Frederic Cowan            595-4101

Division Seven:                   595-4103
Hon. Audra J. Eckerle             595-4248

Jefferson Family Court Judges

Division One: A-Brt               595-4656       Division Six: Mar-O            595-4502
Hon. Joan Byer                                   Hon. Jerry Bowles

Division Two: Bru-De              595-4996       Division Seven: P-Sch          595-4993
Hon. Hugh Smith Haynie                           Hon. Joseph O’Reilly

Division Three: Gr-Ja             595-4326       Division Eight: Df-Go          595-4043
Hon. Patricia Walker Fitzgerald                  Hon. Donna L. Delahanty

Division Four: Ti-Z               595-4969       Division Nine: Je-Map          595-4998
Hon. Dolly Wisman Berry                          Hon. Stephen George

Division Five: Sci-Th             595-4988       Division Ten:                  595-4699
Hon. Eleanore M. Garber                          Hon. Paula F. Sherlock

Jefferson District Court Judges

Donald E. Armstrong               595-4632            Anne Haynie                      595-4611

Judith K. Bartholomew             595-4162            Katie King                       595-4696

Angela McCormick Bisig            595-3314            Claude Prather                   595-3013

David Bowles                      595-4990            Janice Martin                    595-4999

Sheila A. Collins                 595-4995            William P. Ryan Jr.              595-4997

Sean Delahantey                   595-4991            Anne Smith                       595-4957

Jacquelyn Eckert                  595-4983            Michele Stengel                  595-4989

Matthew Eckert                    595-4992            Toni Stringer                    595-4960

Annette Karem                     595-4994

Circuit Court Clerks Office

District Court Warrant verification 595-3028          Drivers License
                                                      Tim Sautel, Supervisor           595-4924/4589
Accounting                        595-4458/4688       FAX                              595-3603

Adoptions/Terminations            595-0887            Family Court Clerks’ Office      595-3025/4393/
Archives/Records                                      Patsy Davis, Supervisor
Micrographics (basement)          595-3034/3042       Front Counter                    595-3480
                                                      E.P.O. Clerks                    595-4697
Circuit Civil File (file Room)
Bill Addison, Asst. Supervisor    595-4928            Jury Pool
                                                      Bev Miller, Supervisor           595-4156
Circuit Civil/Suit Desk           595-3007/           Answering Machine                574-5879
Circuit Criminal                                      Juvenile/Non-Support             595-3116/
Glenn Weissrock, Supervisor       595-3009/3010                                        3117/4388/
Circuit Clerks Executive Office                       Department of Juvenile Justice   595-3161
David Nicholson, Circuit Court
Clerk                             595-3055            Jefferson County Youth Center    574-6175
FAX                               595-4629
                                                      Juvenile Detectives              574-6134
Circuit Court Stepping Clerks     595-3093/4825
                                                      Mental Inquest/Disability        595-4053/
Civil District/Small Claims       595-3015/                                            4841/4933
                                  3023/4475           FAX                              595-3629
Sharon Barnett, Supervisor        595-4424
FAX                               595-3024            Pre-Trial                        595-4451
                                                      FAX                              595-0097
Criminal Traffic Division         595-3060/
                                  3062/3063/          Mediation                        595-3106
                                  3064/4428/          Marjean Martin, Director         595-4142

Commonwealth Attorney’s Office
514 West Liberty Street
Louisville, KY 40202
595-2300 or 595-2340
FAX (502) 595-4650

Jefferson County Attorney’s Office
Main Number                     574-6336
Child Support Division          574-8300
Child Support State information Line

Legal Services

Jefferson Public Defenders Officer                       574-3800
Legal Aid Society                                        584-1254
Louisville Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service       583-1801

Police Agencies

Louisville Metro Police Department

Non-emergency/Dispatch            574-7111/2111       Criminal Investigation:
Chief’s Office                    574-7660
Media Relations Office            574-7762            Arson                          574-2132
Photo Lab                         574-2081            Computer For. & Analysis       574-7746
Property Room                     574-2411            Crimes Against Seniors         574-2278
Public Integrity Unit             574-2136            Evidence Technician Unit       574-7036
Public Service                    574-2050            Fraud                          574-7045
Crash (Report copies)             574-2065            Homicide                       574-7055
RMS                               574-2139            Pawn                           574-7650
Tow Lot                           574-7065            Polygraph                      574-2107
Vehicle Impoundment               574-7602            Robbery                        574-2474
                                                      Sex Crimes                     574-7672
Divisions:                                            Intelligence                   574-7676
1 Division                        574-7167            Metro Units:
2 Division                        574-8478
3 Division                        574-2135            Crimes Against Children Unit   574-2465
4 Division                        574-7010            Narcotics                      574-2057
5 Division                        574-7636
6 Division                        574-2187            Training:
7 Division                        574-2133            Taylor Blvd                    574-7161
8 Division                        574-2258

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department
(Call here for NCIC and Circuit Court BW’s)                     574-5400

Other Police Departments

Audubon Park Police Department                                  574-5471
St. Matthews Police Department                                  893-9000
Graymore/Devondale Police Department                            425-5862
Jeffersontown Police Department                                 267-0503
Prospect Police Department                                      574-5471
Shively Police Department                                       448-6181
West Buechel Police Department                                  459-4401
U of L Police                                                   852-6111
Airport Police                                                  368-6524 ext. 264
Hall of Justice Police                                          574-6710

Metro Corrections Department

Records                                                         574-8778
Home Incarceration                                              574-2286
Court Monitoring Center                                         574-8759
V.I.N.E.                                                        1-800-511-1670
C.C.C.                                                          574-2087

Court Approved Community Service Sites

American Red Cross                                   Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership -
Louisville Area Chapter                              East
510 E. Chestnut St.                                  4810 Exeter Avenue
Mon-Fri                                              Mon-Fri
8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.                                  8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Contact: Karen Evans                                 Contact: Toni Phelps
561-3601                                             574-1157

Cain Center for the Disabled, Inc.                   Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership
924 East Liberty St.                                 7219 Dixie Highway
Mon-Fri                                              Contact: Toni Phelps
8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.                                 574-1157
Contact: Linda House
589-3030                                             Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership
                                                     1200 South Third St.
Dare to Care                                         Mon-Fri
5803 Fern Valley Road                                8:00 a.m.-4:00p.m.
(Warehouse work only)                                Contact- Toni Phelps
Mon-Fri                                              574-1157
7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Contact: Billy Mattingly                             Medical Foundation of Jefferson County
966-3821                                             1500 Arlington Ave.
                                                     (Traffic offenses only)
Gospel Missionary Baptist Church                     Mon-Fri
3226 Vermont Ave.                                    8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
(7 days a week)                                      Contact: Bill Roof
9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.                                  736-6360
Contact: Bishop Dennis Lyons, Pastor
774-5523                                             Neighborhood House
                                                     201 N. 25 St.
Kentucky Harvest                                     Mon-Fri
1839 Brownsboro Road                                 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Flexible hours                                       Contact: Carolyn Bissig
Seven days per week                                  774-2322
(Must have valid drivers license)
Contact: Marc Curtis                                 New Directions Housing Corp.
894-9999                                             1000 East Liberty St.
J.C.M.S.- The Healing Place                          8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
1020 West Market St.                                 Contact: Pam Stone
Mon-Fri                                              589-2872
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Contact: Becky Houchens                              New Jerusalem Apostolic Church
585-4848                                             3701 W. Broadway
Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership-       8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
West                                                 778-8937 or 774-4957
3308 Chauncey St.
Mon-Fri                                              Plymouth Community Renewal Ctr.
8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.                                  1626 W. Chestnut St.
Contact: Toni Phelps                                 Mon-Fri
574-1157                                             9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
                                                     Contact: Frank Brooks

Recycling Ctr. East (20 or more hours)          Recycling Ctr. South (20 or more hours)
Min 21 years old                                Min 21 years old
595 Hubbards Lane                               7201 Outer Loop
Tues-Sat                                        Tues-Sat
10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.                            10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Contact: Thomas Gibson                          Contact: Jean Hatton
896-1293                                        231-1669

Recycling Ctr. South (20 or more hours)         Rock Cosmopolitan Church
Min 18 years old                                4701 E. Manslick Rd.
1710 Saffron Drive/Dixie                        Mon-Sat
Tues-Sat                                        10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.                            961-5766
Contact: Dennis Yocum
933-5682                                        Wayside Christian Mission
                                                432 E. Jefferson St.
Recycling Ctr. Eastend (20 or more hours)       Mon-Fri
Min 21 years old                                8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
9300 Whipps Mill Rd.                            Sat
Tues-Sat                                        9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.                            Contact: Nina Mosley
Contact: Mike Duncan                            584-3711

Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Programs

A list of certified providers can be located at:

D.V.O.T. providers are certified individually not by program. The counselor’s name will appear on this list.
Note: This list changes frequently.

Impulse Control Counseling

New Beginnings                                            Michael Wardford
2210 Meadow Lane                                          589-8009


The Sex Offender Treatment Program is housed in the Southwest Office Of Probation and Parole.
Clients are referred into this program by 1) court order; 2) Parole Board Order; 3) request for evaluation is
made by a Probation and Parole Officer. The Officer needs to complete a Sex Offender Treatment
Program Community Services Referral Form (see next page) and submit it along with a copy of the PSI
and any pertinent information.

The Sex Offender Treatment Program, community component, is a three-phased program designed to
assist sexual offenders in acquiring skills to prevent relapse. The length of time necessary to complete
treatment is solely determined by the efforts of the client in completing Therapy Tasks. Two to four years
is a realistic range.

For further information contact Bruce Campbell (ext. 234), Teresa Bland (ext. 233) at 933-1719.



                                                      Felony Probation
                                                      Misdemeanant Probation

NAME:                                  INMATE NUMBER:
ADDRESS:                               DATE REFERRED:
                                       DATE PROBATED/PAROLED:
TELEPHONE NUMBER:                      UNDER KRS 197.400 AND KRS 439.340?
                                               YES   NO








                                              PROBATION/PAROLE OFFICER

ADMITS SEX OFFENSE:          YES         NO
WANTS TREATMENT:             YES         NO


                            DEPARTMENT OF CORRCTIONS
                             DIVISON OF MENTAL HEALTH
                          SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAM (SAP)
                                 JEFFERSON COUNTY

The Jefferson County Substance Abuse Program was begun in 1994. Its mission is to
provide assessment, referral and case management services to clients being seen by
Probation and Parole Officers in Jefferson County. Social Service Clinicians are located
in each office to provide services. Clients need to be referred if 1) they are court
ordered for a substance abuse evaluation and/or treatment; 2) they are Parole Board
Ordered for services, and 3) they admit use or have a positive drug test. Clients being
seen after being paroled who are graduates of an institutional SAP program need to be
seen immediately by a Social Service Clinician. A Referral for Alcohol/Drug
Treatment/Assessment form (see copy) needs to be completed and given to the Social
Service Clinician when a referral is made.

For further information, contact the Social Service Clinician(s) in your office or contact
Paulette Wachtel, Program Administrator, and West Region at 933-1719 x232.

SAP Agency Referral List                                                    6/09

4006 Dutchman’s Lane Suite 200                    CONTACT: receptionist
Louisville, KY 40207                              ASSESSMENT FEE: $25.00
(502) 896-6900                                    GROUP FEE: $20.00
Fax: (502) 896-8607

5404 Valley Station Road, Suite 102               CONTACT: Don Thomas
Louisville, KY. 40272                             ASSESSMENT FEE: $10
(505) 935-3700                                    EDUCATION/PRE-TX $30
                                                  GROUP $20
Iroquois Manor
5330 S. 3 St. Suite 234
Louisville, KY 40214
(502) 447-1397

11302 Preston Highway, #3               CONTACT: Mary Mayes/Jennifer
Louisville, KY. 40229                   ASSESSMENT FEE: $10
(502) 969-3505                          GROUP FEE: $20
FAX: 969-3334

6801 Dixie Highway
Dixie Manor, Suite 130                  CONTACT: Barbara
Louisville, KY. 40258                   ASSESSMENT FEE: $10
(502) 933-4504                          GROUP FEE: $20

(HAS GROUP FOR HISPANICS)                         CONTACT: Revel Dawson
2520 Bardstown Road                               ASSESSMENT FEE: $25
Louisville, KY 40205                              GROUP FEE: $20
(502) 452-1551                                    INDIVIDUAL SESSION: $40

Medical Arts Building, Suite 1138          CONTACT: Receptionist
1169 Eastern Parkway                       ASSESSMENT FEE: $25
Louisville, KY. 40217                      GROUP FEE: $20 of sliding
(502) 454-6350

4010 Dupont Circle, Suite 226              CONTACT: Margaret
Louisville, KY. 40207                      ASSESSMENT FEE: $20
(502) 896-8006                             GROUP FEE: $20

Eastern Star Baptist Church
824 South 24 Street
Louisville, KY. 40211
(502) 896-8006

3934 Dixie Highway
Louisville, KY 40216
(502) 896-8006

332 W. Broadway Suite 905                  CONTACT: Keith McKenzie
Louisville, KY 40202                       ASSESSMENT FEE: $15
(502) 587-9737                             GROUP FEE: $15

3715 Bardstown Road, Suite 403             CONTACT: Receptionist
Louisville, KY 40218                       ASSESSMENT FEE: $10
(502) 456-5266 or 451-7230

4738 Rockford Plaza                        CONTACT: Receptionist
Louisville, KY 40216                       ASSESSMENT FEE: $20
Phone: (502) 447-1391                      GROUP FEE: $20

4229 Bardstown Road, Suite 102
Louisville, KY 40218
(502) 447-1391 OR 876-8751

2210 Meadow Drive, Suite 5                 CONTACT: Vivian
Louisville, KY 40218                       ASSESSMENT FEE: $10
(502) 459-0391                             GROUP FEE: $15

1512 Crums Lane, Suite 214
Shively, KY 40216
(502) 459-0391

2600 W. Broadway, Suite 209
Lyles Mall
Louisville, KY. 40211
(502) 459-0391

323 W. Broadway Suite 503                  CONTACT: Mike Wardford
Louisville, KY 40202                       ASSESSMENT FEE: $20.00
(502) 589-8009                             GROUP FEE: $20.00
                                           Sliding scale available

AA Central Office
Room 620, Heyburn Building
332 West Broadway, 40202
(502) 582-1849
Website: or
Big Book Online:

Narcotics Anonymous
Louisville area helpline: 502-499-4423

Gambler’s Anonymous
Louisville Hotline Number: (888) 442-0628

Medical Care Assistance

Emergency Room-University Hospital         Kosair Children’s Hospital
562-3015                                   231 E Chestnut St.
University Hospital – Main Line
562-3000                                   Park DuValle Community Health Centers
                                           1015 W. Chestnut St. (8am-5pm)
University Primary Care Clinic             584-2992
550 S. Jackson St.                         2237 Hikes Ln.
562-4000                                   479-8930
AIM Clinic (Internal Medicine)             311 Reasor Ave.
561-8686                                   477-2248
Cardiology/Pulmonary Clinic                3015 Wilson Ave.
561-8686                                   774-4401
Dental Clinic
852-7660                                   Family Health Center
Family Medicine Clinic                     914 E. Broadway
562-6503                                   583-1981
Neurology Clinic
562-6511                                   HOPE Clinic ( at Family Health Center)
OB/GYN Clinic                              (Mondays 6:00p.m. – 7:30p.m.)
561-8850                                   914 E. Broadway
Orthopedic Clinic                          583-1981
Psychiatry Clinic                          The Healing Place
852-5866                                   (Physicians Clinic – Thursday 5:30 – 6:30pm)
Surgery Clinic                             1020 W. Market St.
562-6511                                   585-4848
WINGS Clinic (HIV)                         Mens Center
561-8844                                   1020 W. Market St.
University C & Y Health Clinic             Womens Center
(medical card with C & Y required)         1020 W. Market St.
555 S. Floyd St.                           585-4848
852-5321                                   Medical Assistance Program
                                           (Cabinet for Families & Children)
University Child Health Specialists        908 W. Broadway
230 E. Broadway                            595-4238
629-8990                                   Kentucky Lion’s Eye Foundation
Phoenix Health Center                      (assistance w/ eye exams, glasses, etc.)
(Formerly St. John Clinic)                 301 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd.
712 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd.                  583-0564

Need help paying for your medicines:

Call Family Health Centers or

West Louisville Community Ministries 778-2815 (zip codes 40210,11,12,03)

St. Matthew Area Ministries 893-0205 (40207 mainly within zip code)

South Louisville Community Ministries 367-6445 (zips 40209,14,15,08)

Shively Area Ministries 447-4330 (zip 40216)

Southeast Associated Ministries 499-9350 (zip 40218,20)

Southwest Community Ministries 935-9957 (zip 40258,72,40177)

Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries 762-9608 (zip 40228, 40291)

Highlands Community 451-3695 (zip 40205,04)

Sister Visitors Program 776-0434 (zip 40203,11,12)

Neighborhood Visitor 426-2824 (zip 40018,40027,40059,40223,41,42,43,45)

East Louisville Community Ministries 561-0722 (zip 40202,04)

Eastern Area Community Ministries 244-6141 (40018,40027,40059,40222,23,41,42,43,45)

Jeffersontown Area Ministries 267-1055 (zip 40299,23,20)

Help Ministries of Central Louisville 587-1999 or 637-6441 (zip 40202, 03)

United Cresent Hill Ministries 893-0346 (zip 40206-Not Butchertown)

Pharmaceutical Companies that offer free medications to low income

Abbott Laboratories 800-222-6886                          Knoll Pharmaceuticals 800-255-5162
               Depakote                                                 Isoptin

Boehringer Ingelhelm 800-556-8317                         Pfizer Inc. 866-706-2400
               Serentil                                                   Navane
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. 800-332-2056                                     Zoloft
                BuSpar                                                                 Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
                Desyrel                                   Roche Laboratories 800-285-4484
                Prolixin                                                Klonopin
                Serzone                                                 Valium

Eli Lilly and Co. 800-545-6962                            Schering Laboratories/Key Pharm.
                  Prozac                                  800-656-9485
                  Zyprexa                                                Trilafon

Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.                              Zeneca Pharmaceuticals 800-424-3727
800-221-4025                                                           Elavil

Mental Health Services

Seven Counties Services, for all appointments call         589-1100

        The following services are available through Seven Counties:
        Jean Marlatt Centers for Supported Living
        Therapeutic Rehabilitation Clubhouses
        The Center for Rehabilitation and Recovery (Central State Hospital)
        Homeless Outreach Team-Phoenix Health Center
        Geriatrics Program
        Mental Health Homecare
        Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injury Services

The Brook Hospital
8521 Lagrange Road                                         426-6380

The Brook Hospital
1405 Browns Lane                                           896-0495

Norton Psychiatric Center
200 East Chestnut St                                       629-8850

Bridgehaven (Provides recovery services for adults with mental
illness) 950 S. 1 Street                                585-9444

Caritas Peace Center
2020 Newburg Road                                          451-3330

Central State Hospital
10510 Lagrange Road                                        253-7000

Psychiatric Services

University Psychiatric Services, PSC (Must go through ER)
550 Jackson St.                                        852-5866

Seven Counties Services
(Must have insurance or Passport)                          589-1100

Baptist Hospital East/ Center for Behavioral Health        896-7105

Norton Psychiatric Center
200 East Chestnut St.                                      629-8850

Central State Hospital
10510 Lagrange Road                                        253-7000

Caritas Peace Center
2020 Newburg Road                                          451-3330

Angela Rogers LCSW (Will accept cash for evaluations)
950 South 1 Street                                    585-9468

Psychiatric Associates
2000 Warrington Way Suite 160                              426-1500

Crisis Counseling

Rape Services
Center For Women and Families                                  581-7273
 -Provides all needed rape services

Domestic Violence Victim
Center for Women and Families                           566-7727
Cabinet for Families and Children
Adult Protective Services Intake                        585-4803
-To report all suspected domestic violence and elderly abuse

Pregnancy Hotlines
Pregnancy Resource Center (Free Pregnancy Test)                583-2151
1143 South 6th

A Woman’s Choice Resource Center                               589-9400
101 W. Market Street

Opportunities For Life                                         1-800-822-5824

Child Abuse
Cabinet for Families and Children
Child Abuse Hotline                                    1-800-752-6200 or 595-4550
-To report all suspected Child Abuse, Neglect or Dependency

Social Worker Phone Directory                                  595-4141 or the above number
-To locate a social worker on all cases

Children first – Abuse Counseling                              955-8292

Crisis and Information Center (24 / 7 access)
101 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.                                      589-4313

Wave 3 “It’s Your Life” Youth Helpline
Youth and their parents                                        589-8727

Crisis Response Team
Lessens the impact of a crisis or disaster (fire, etc.)        1-888-522-7228

Emergency Psychiatry Services (EPS)
(24 / 7 emergency psychiatric evaluations to adults)
University Hospital
530 South Jackson Street                                       562-3120

Employment Assistance

Kentuckianaworks                          Project One
Department for Employment Services        930 W. Chestnut St.
600 West Cedar Street                     585-5649
5800 Fern Valley Road                     Randstad
535-4150                                  305 W. Broadway
3934 Dixie Highway                        583-1237
448-6681                                  6409 Dutchman’s Parkway
1809 S. 34 Street                         897-2221
595-4753                                  4424 Outer Loop
Job Line                                  969-9894
NIA Center                                1221 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy.
2900 W. Broadway                          426-2025
574-4100                                  113 Starks Bldg.
Crew Career Center
200 W. Broadway                           Labor Ready
213-4520                                  4628 Dixie
JCC Southwest Career Center
1000 Community College Dr.                Vocational Alternatives
213-7376                                  (Mentally Ill)
                                          Central State Hospital
Urban League                              253-7500
1535 Broadway
585-4622                                  Adecco
                                          10367 Dixie Hwy.
Center for Women and Families             937-0028
Creative Employment Project               500 W. Jefferson St.
927 S. Second Street                      568-2342
581-7273                                  10013 Forest Green Bldg.
Labor Works
3206 Preston Highway                      Kelly Services
636-3444                                  5141 Dixie Hwy.
Second Chance                             9200 Shelbyville Rd.
1015 W. Chestnut St.                      425-7131
589-1173                                  220 W. Main St.
1300 W. Muhammad Ali                      585-2171

Housing and Emergency Shelter
Information found at Under Shelter Lists *See also information on Operation
White Flag and shelters involved in program.

A New Beginning for Women Cultivating a              The Cloister
Rose                                                 (transitional apts for single women with children-
Contact: Alice Brooks                                emphasis on pursuing secondary education)
1261 South Brook Street                              806 East Chestnut Street
634-4252                                             584-8090

Apartments- for sex offenders                        Cornerstone
6606, 6612 Hackle Drive, Louisville, KY 40258        Contact: Damon Hayes
Contact: Laural Pilcher                              1735, 1710, & 1712 W. Kentucky St.
618-0890                                             561-1132 or 561-1131

Flintlock Arms Apts. – For sex offenders             Courage to Change Recovery House
4150 Flintlock Drive, Louisville, KY 40216           (for women and men)
447-7771                                             Contact: Staci Crowder
                                                     1137, 1139 S. 32 St.
The Ballard House                                    338-2505
(men only)
2910 S. 4 St.                                        DePaul Transitional Family Apartments
634-3982                                             Contact: Kevin Show
                                                     1015-A S. Preston St.
Broadway House/Wellspring                            584-2480
(male, permanent)
1155 East Broadway Street                            Fellowship House
589-3432                                             Contact: Reggie Ezell
                                                     108 S. 25 St.
Center for Women and Families Spouse                 585-4848 x 227 or 445-1118
Abuse Center Rape Crisis Program
(emergency and transitional units for women          Foundation House
and their children)                                  (will accept sex offenders)
927 South 2 Street                                   Contact: Johnny Harper
581-7255                                             2710 W. Jefferson St.
**also West End and Southern Indiana branch**        774-4401 x 1240 or 551-5868

Change Recovery House                                Freedom House
Contact: Kimberly Moore                              (will accept sex offenders)
1146 S. 15 St.                                       Contact: Reggie Ezell or William Ellis
749-4920                                             1780 W. Hill St.
                                                     224-2302 or 776-1211
Choices/Martie’s House
(homeless women)                                     Harbor House
828 East Marshall                                    Contact: Melanie Logan
585-3780                                             1232 Logan St.
                                                     637-7444 or 409-3566
Choices/ MaryJane Toney House
(homeless women with children)                       Healing Place for Women
828 East Marshall                                    (transitional and emergency beds for women)
585-3780                                             Contact: Pam Scott
                                                     1605 West Broadway
Choices/Norma’s House                                568-1268
(transitional beds for single women)
830 East Marshall                                    Healing Place for Men
585-3780                                             Contact: Reggie Ezell, Program Director
                                                     1030 West Market Street

Heverin House/New Directions Transitional              New Dimensions Recovery House
Services                                               (for women)
(transitional units for single parent families)        Contact: Tamela Johnson
1700 Rowan Street                                      612, 614 S. 35 St.
584-8046                                               773-8000

Heywood House                                          Our Father’s House
427 Heywood                                            (long term male)
636-4294                                               Contact: Darryl Wales, Director
                                                       2310 West Jefferson Street
House of Emmanuel                                      775-0033
will accept sex offenders)                             Prodigal Ministries
Contact: Troy Hayes                                    (males)
714 S. 34 St.                                          Contact: Thomas Mugavin, Residential Director
224-5611 or 356-5743                                   121 W. Oak St.
House of Hope
(for women)                                            Renaissance
Contact: Tangy Hunter                                  (women who were in the CD Program at KCIW)
1157 Dixie Hwy                                         1436 South Shelby Street
566-6007                                               634-3948

House of Ruth                                          Rhonda’s Another Chance, Inc
(families & individuals affected by HIV/AIDS)          (female, 4 partners with Brooks)
Contact: William Woods                                 Contact: Mona Page
607 E. St. Catherine St.                               710 South 31 Street
587-5080                                               776-8830

Jefferson Street Baptist Center                        Roberts Hall
(transitional beds for men living with mental          (25 single rooms for women)
illness)                                               1032 East Burnett
733 East Jefferson Street                              636-3549
                                                       St. Jude Women’s Recovery Center
Journey House/Wellspring                               (30 beds for women in recovery)
(female, dual-diagnosis)                               431 East St. Catherine Street
117 West St. Catherine Street                          589-6024
                                                       Saint Vincent DePaul Society DePaul
Life Institute Hope Sisters House of                   Transitional Apartments
Recovery                                               (12 transitional single parent units)
Contact: Marquita Walker                               1015 South Preston Street
645-647 S. 23 St., 2407 Maple St.                      584-2480 ext. 230
                                                       Simon Hall
Mattie’s House                                         (12 long term beds for recovery)
Contact: Delissa Minge, Program Director:              1022 South Jackson Street
Terrance Washington                                    584-2480 ext. 271
1701, 1703, & 1718 W. Ormsby
724-6807 or 724-6386                                   Salvation Army
                                                       (divisional headquarters only)
McCauley House                                         216 West Chestnut Street
Prodigal Ministries (Women only)                       583-5394
Contact Pam Pusty, Residential Director
P.O. Box 1484 Crestwood, KY 40014                      Salvation Army Center of Hope
749-9194                                               (emergency beds for men, women and families)
                                                       831 South Brook Street
                                                       625-1170     (check-in: 6pm)

Smoketown Transformation House                             VOA/Spanish Cove Apts.
Contact; James L. Shacklett                                (permanent housing for income eligible senior
709 E. St. Catherine                                       citizens, age 62 and over)
290-2729 or 387-6797                                       7915 Canonero Way
Fax: 290-4998                                              491-3610

Talbot House                                               VOA/Third Step Program
(men only—alcohol/drug addiction)                          (CD transitional program for 18-35 year old men)
520 West St. Catherine Street                              1436 South Shelby Street
587-0669                                                   634-0656

The Grace House of Restoration                             VOA/Tingley Center
Contact: Reggie Ezell, Program Director                    (family emergency shelter)
3905 & 3907 W. Broadway                                    1321 South Preston Street
445-1119                                                   636-0816

Tranquil House                                             VOA/Woodgreen Apartments
(12 efficiency apts. for mentally ill)                     (permanent housing for low income adult men &
1035 South Preston Street                                  women with mental illness, capable of
584-2480 ext. 230                                          independent living)
                                                           3745-55 Woodgreen Court
Travelers Transitional Living                              361-8859
Contact: Bernardo Goode
2521 W. Jefferson St.                                      Wayside Christian Mission
408-2906                                                   (men’s emergency and transitional housing)
                                                           432 East Jefferson Street
Upward House                                               584-3711
(will accept sex offenders)
Contact: Reggie Ezell                                      Wayside Christian Mission
1934 & 1936 W. Jefferson St.                               (single women’s emergency/transitional shelter)
585-4848 x 227 or 445-1118                                 822 East Market Street
Volunteers of America
(emergency beds for families)                              Wayside Christian Mission/Safe Haven
1321 South Preston Street                                  (transitional beds for women)
636-0816                                                   822 East Market Street
VOA/Family Emergency Shelter
1321 South Preston Street                                  Wellspring House
636-0816                                                   (mentally ill or dual-diagnosis men, women and
VOA/Freedom House                                          1382 South 3 Street
(women who are chemically dependent-may                    637-4361
have children up to one year old; preference
given to pregnant women)                                   YMCA of Louisville/Chestnut Street Branch
1432 South Shelby Street                                   (homeless men on sliding fee)
634-0082                                                   930 West Chestnut Street
VOA/Maude Booth House
(women who are chemically dependent)                       YMCA Safe Place Services
1131 South First Street                                    (transitional beds for 18-21 year olds)
582-0904                                                   2400 Crittenden Drive
VOA /Shelby Men’s Center
(transitional/dual-diagnosis, intensive outpatient)
1436 South Shelby Street

Halfway Houses

Dismas Charities Half-Way Back Program
There are 2 centers in the Metro area for state parolees who have been placed on a Continuance Sine
Die (CSD); referral from supervising officer through Halfway house Officer. Contact Louisville East office
at 896-1775; providing intensive accountability and treatment in lieu of prison.

Volunteers of America
Halfway Back Program for paroled male offenders in need of intensive drug / alcohol treatment in lieu of
revocation of parole. Referrals are made by SSC’s after conferring with Parole Officer. Parolee must be
placed on a Continuance Sine Die. Contact Louisville East office at 896-1775.

Housing Authority of Louisville

Executive Office:                                                  569-3420

Leasing and Occupancy 569-3400

Special Investigations                                            569-2376

Special Investigations Hotline                                    569-2378

TDD Device for the Deaf                                           569-3828

550 Building                     550 S. 8 Street                  569-3442
Avenue Plaza                     400 S. 8 Street                  569-3780
Beecher Terrace-East             434 S. 10 Street                 569-3403

Beecher Terrace-West             1125 Cedar Court                 569-4979

Bishop Lane                      4314 Bishop Lane                 569-6626

Dosker Manor                     413 E. Muhammad Ali              569-4818

Iroquois                         1636 Squires Drive               569-6651

Lourdes Hall                     735 Eastern Pkwy                 569-3902
Parkway Place                    1622-B S. 13 St.                 569-2373
St. Catherine Ct.                1114 S. 4 St.                    569-3759

Sheppard Square                  740-E S. Hancock St.             569-6807

Family Services

Neighborhood Places that are fully open offer the following core services:
Case Management; Child Protective Services; Emergency Financial Assistance; Family Assessment;
Family Case Management; Food Stamps; Information and Referral; Kentucky Temporary Assistance
Program; School Social Service and Truancy Referrals; Temporary Assistance; Medical Assistance;
Perinatal Case Management; Mental Health Counseling and Referral; Lead Poisoning Intervention;
Resource Person for Pregnant Teens; Healthy Families; Medical Clinic;Linkage to Employment.
Additional services available at each site are listed with the site information.

First Neighborhood Place at Thomas Jefferson Middle School
1501 Rangeland Road; Telephone 962-3160
Additional Services: WIC Nutrition Program; Infant Car Seat Program; Community Outreach; Young
Ladies Like Us II; T.Y.P.E.

Neighborhood Place at 810 Barret
810 Barret Avenue; Telephone 574-6638
Additional Services: WIC Nutrition Program

South Jefferson Neighborhood Place (Fairdale Site)
1000 Neighborhood Place; Telephone 363-1424
Additional Services: Community Outreach; Health Clinic Primary Care; Legal Aid for Domestic Violence;
Prenatal Childbirth Classes; Family Planning

South Jefferson Neighborhood Place (Valley High Site)
1000 Dixie Highway; Telephone 995-3000

Neighborhood Place Northwest at Shawnee High School
4018 West Market Street; Telephone 772-4540
Additional Services: Healthy Start Initiative

Neighborhood Place Ujima at the DuValle Education Center
3500 Bohne Avenue; Telephone 485-6710
Additional Services: Families in Transition; Community Partnership for Protecting Children; Mediations;
NA; Domestic Violence Information Sessions; Healthy Start Initiative; EPA Initiative; Substance Abuse

Neighborhood Place for Greater Cane Run Area
3410 Lees Lane; Telephone 485-6810
Additional Services: Environmental Health Specialist; Shively Area Ministries; Family, Individual, and
Marriage Counseling

Neighborhood Place Bridges of Hope
1411 Algonquin Parkway; Telephone 634-6050
Additional Services: WIC Nutrition Program; Healthy Start Initiative; Community Outreach; Housing
Authority of Louisville Programs
Satellite Office:
1501 Rangeland Road; Telephone 962-5660
All core services available except School Social Services
Additional Services: WIC Nutrition Program

Neighborhood Place South Central
Interim Address 810 Barret; Telephone 574-6638

General Educational Development (GED)
Adult Education Website:

The testing center is located at Jefferson Technical College (formerly KY Tech-Jefferson Campus),
727 West Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY.

 Must be 17 years of age or older and out of a classroom setting for more than one year before
   making application or your high school class has graduated
 If you are less than 19 years of age, you must bring an official letter showing your date of withdrawal.
 Must be certified ―test-ready‖ by obtaining a minimum score on the GED Official Practice Test (OPT).
   This test is given by Jefferson County Adult Education
 To make an appointment, call (502) 213-4100
 The fee to take the GED is $50 (cash only, picture ID required). The fee for re-tests a session is $25.

Enrollment Centers- students must enroll for classes through one of these sights before beginning at one
of the class sites.

Ahrens Learning Center                                Duvall Learning Center
546 S. First Street                                   3610 Bohne Ave
Phone: 485-8636                                       Phone: 485-8735

Nia Learning Center                                  Americana (Old Holy Rosary)
2900 East Broadway                                   4801 Southside Dr.
Phone: 574-4100                                       Phone: 485-7900

Class Sites:

Ahrens Learning Center                                    NIA Learning Center
Americana Community Center                                OET
Beecher Terrace HAL-Baxter Center                         Pleasure Ridge Park Adult Ed. Ctr.
Berrytown Community Center                                Portland Neighborhood House
Canaan Comm. Learning Center                              Portland Promise Center
Cane Run Elementary                                       Seneca High School
Crescent Hill Library                                     Seneca High School
DuValle Learning Center                                   Sheppard Square-HAL
Farnsley Community School                                 Simmons College
Frost Middle School                                       Southern High School
Goldsmith Learning Center                                 Southwest Regional Library
Goodwill Industries                                       Spectrum Center
Hazelwood Elementary                                      St. Augustine
Healing Place                                             St. George Comm. Ctr. Tachau House
Iroquois High School                                      Sullivan University
Iroquois Homes                                            Sun Valley Community Center
Jeffrsontown High School                                  Wayside Christian Mission
Jewish Family & Vocational Services                       Wesley House
Mabel Wiggins Center                                      Westport TAPP
Meyzeek Community School                                  Wilkerson Learning Center
Newburg Police Substation                                 Youth Build

**Beginning 4/30/2001 GED classes available in Spanish on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to
9:00 p.m. at Ahrens Learning Center. Call 485-3400 for more information. (may no longer be available.)

** To enroll, call 485-7400 to make an appointment at one of the above enrollment centers.

** GED classes are available at the library at certain times. With a library card, the GED can be taken at
no cost.


The KET/GED Video Series is an instructional program that helps adults prepare for the GED exam.

Each session involves watching 39 30-minute programs on KET and completing lessons in three GED
workbooks. The enrollment fee of $50 covers the workbooks, a pre-test to determine what you need to
study the most, a GED Practice Test at the end of your studies, and the current cost of taking the GED
Test at your local Official Testing Center.
Telephone tutoring is also available each weekday and after the evening math programs.
The GED on TV Student Support Office is located at Morehead State University.
To enroll or to get information, you must call the Student Support Office at 1-800-538-4433 or KET at 1-

Kentucky Enrollment Process
 In KY, call 1-800-538-4433, Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm, eastern time
 You will receive detailed schedules and an enrollment form by mail. Fill out the form and return it with
   your $50 enrollment fee.
 You will then receive the pre-test by mail. Complete and return it by the date indicated.
 Your pre-test results and workbooks will be mailed to you.
 Begin watching the GED series and completing workbook lessons according to your study session
   start date.
 Toward the end of the session, you will receive the GED Practice Test by mail. Complete and return
   it. Test results will be returned to you within a week.
 When you receive your voucher that pays the GED Test fee, make an appointment to take the GED
   test at the local testing center. After you take the test, you will receive your results and your GED
   diploma from the Division of Adult Education in Frankfort.

Jefferson County High School Programs
(Offender receives diploma rather than GED)
All admissions must go through Old Male High School 900 S. Floyd in the Dawson Orman Building

Ahrens Education Center                                    Liberty High School
546 S. 1 Street                                            3307 Indian Trail

Iroquois High School                                       Fairdale High School
4615 Taylor Blvd.                                          Vocational Building
                                                           1001 Fairdale Rd.
Lyndon Education Center
502 Wood Rd.

   Must be 16 years of age or older
    Must have completed 8 grade
   Must complete a screening test and orientation.

Colleges/Universities/Trade Schools

University of Louisville                                  Louisville Technical Institute
All campuses                                              3901 Atkinson Square
852-5555                                                  456-6509                              

Bellarmine University                                     National College of Business and
2001 Newburg Rd.                                          Technology
452-8131                                                  4205 Dixie Highway
452-8000                                                  447-7634
                                                          Northwood University
Daymar College                                            420 S. Hurstbourne Ln.
4400 Breckinridge Lane                                    326-9919
4112 Fern Valley Rd.                            
495-1040                                     Brown Mackie College
                                                          3605 Fern Valley Rd.
Galen College                                             968-7191
612 S. 4 Street                                 
                                                          Spalding University
Indiana Wesleyan University                               851 S. 4 Street
263 Whittington Parkway                                   585-9911
                                                          Spencerian College
ITT Technical Institute                                   4627 Dixie Hwy
10509 Timberwood Circle                                   447-1000
327-7424                                          Sullivan University
                                                          3101 Bardstown Rd
Jefferson Community and Technical                         456-6505
All campuses

**For information on taking the ACT, contact Jefferson County Public Schools at 485-7400

**Contact the Financial Aid Office at the school you are enrolling in for information on Tuition assistance

Please contact your District supervisor for approval prior to setting up interpreter services.

Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Access Center (

The Center for Accessible Living
981 S. Third Street
Louisville, KY
(3 other sites in KY are available)

    Accepts requests for interpreter’s service from state agencies
    Requests are received via fax, phone, e-mail, letter, or in person
    The requesting agency makes arrangements for payment for services with the individual interpreter.
    Attempt to match interpreters with the appropriate skills for a particular assignment.
    Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services
410 W. Chestnut St. 2        floor
Louisville, Ky 40201

This service offers job placement assistance for people with a disability. In some cases, job training is
also provided.

Contact 595-4173 for an appointment.


For individuals who have never had a license or ID

    Must have original certified birth certificate
    Must have Social Security card
    Must go to Bowman Field office for new licenses

For individuals who have had a license or ID and need new one

    May use original certified birth certificate and Social Security Card
    Must have two documents with name and signature on it where there is no birth certificate or Social
     Security Card (ex. Parole certificate)


1.   Bowman Field                    3501 Roger E. Schupp          595-4405
2.   Downtown                        660 S. 3 Street               595-4924
3.   Central Gov’t Center            7201 Outer Loop               239-4292
4.   Southwest Gov’t Center          7219 Dixie Hwy                595-4703
5.   East Gov’t Center               220 Juneau Drive              244-6097


Applications for birth certificates may be obtained at the Health Department office at 400 E. Gray Street.
An application may also be obtained by calling 574-6596. This application and a $10 check or money
order must be mailed to:
                 Vital Statistics
                 275 East Main St. 1E-A
                 Frankfort, KY 40621

**Individuals who were born in another state may also contact the Health Department, 400 E. Gray St. at
574-6596 to obtain the address of their birth state’s Bureau of Vital Statistics.


To replace a social security card, the SS-5 form must be completed. This form can be obtained on the
Internet ( , through the local social security office, or by calling 1-800-772-1213.

PROPER IDENTIFICATION IS REQUIRED! (Driver’s license, marriage or divorce record, military records,
employer ID card, adoption record, insurance policy, passport, health insurance card, school ID card,
parole certificate)

   For a replacement card, one identifying document is necessary. It will be the same number as the old
   For a name change, documentation of old and new name is necessary
   For a new card, documentation proving age, citizenship or lawful alien status, and identification are

No photocopies of documents are accepted. The original documents or copies certified by the custodian
of record are required. Notarized copies are not acceptable.


Main Branch                       601 W. Broadway                 2-6690
West Branch                       3133 W. Broadway                775-5709
East Branch                       10434 Shelbyville Rd.           44-0593

A toll-free number is also available.   1-800-772-1213


Family and Children’s Counseling Centers           Greater Louisville Counseling
Pre-register by calling Intake at                  332 W. Broadway, STE 905
893-3900 ext. 275 or 276 (6 sessions/weeks)        587-9737
10936 Dixie Hwy., 381-5363
(Mon 5:00 – 6:30pm)                                Seven Counties Services: Parenting classes
209 Executive Park, 895-4671                       and workshops, groups that promote healthy
(Wed 5:00 – 6:30pm)                                lifestyles, peer leadership activities, speakers’
703 So. 31 St., 776-4200                           bureau, health fairs and community events
(Thurs 1:00-2:30pm)                                and Preparing for drug free years program.
                                                   Call 589-8600

Emergency Financial Assistance

American Red Cross                               Ministries United of South Central Louisville
510 E. Chestnut St., 40202                       (MUSCL)
disaster assistance & assistance                 1207 Hart Ave., 40213
to military and their families                   Serves zip codes 40213,40217,40219 & 40229
589-4450                                         363-9087

Eastern Area Community Ministries                Neighborhood Visitor Program
11700 Main St.                                   9104 Westport Rd.
Serves zip codes 40018,40027,40059,40222,        Serves zip codes 40018,40027,40059,40222,
40223,40241,40242,40243,40245                    40223,40241,40242,40243,40245
244-6141                                         426-2824

Fern Creek-Highview United Ministries            St. Matthew Area Ministries
5920 Bardstown Rd., 40291                        201 Biltmore Rd.
Serves zip codes 40291 & 40228                   893-5704
                                                 Shively Area Ministries
Help Ministries of Central Louisville            1867 Farnsley Rd.
425 S. Second St., 40202                         Serves zip code 40216
area residents                                   447-4330
                                                 Sister Visitors Program
Highlands Community Ministries                   2235 W. Market St.
1140 Cherokee Rd., 40204                         Serves zip codes 40203, 40211, 40212
serves zip codes 40205 & part of 40204           776-0434
                                                 Southwest Community Ministries
Jefferson County Human Services                  10936 Dixie Hwy.
Family Assessment Center                         Serves zip codes 40258,40272,40177
810 Barrett Ave., 3 Floor, 40204                 935-9957
Emergency financial services, case
management & referral                            United Crescent Hill Ministries
574-8000                                         150 S. State St.
                                                 Serves zip code 40206 (not Butchertown)
Jeffersontown Area Ministries                    893-0346
10617 Taylorsville Rd.
Serves zip codes 40220,40223,40299


Baptist Fellowship Center                        DAV
1351 Catalpa St. 40211                           1701 Berry Blvd. 40215 368-6431
774-2734                                         2208 W. Jefferson 40211 778-7128
Serve Western Louisville                         Also has furniture

Bethlehem Baptist Church                         Dress for Success
5708 Preston Hwy                                 309 Guthrie St.
964-4348                                         584-8050
(Tues.-Thurs. 11:00-4:00pm)
                                                 Fairdale Area Community Ministries
Clothe-A-Child Consortium                        10616 W Manslick Rd 40272
2124 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.                       367-9519
772-1225                                         Serve Southern Jefferson County

Fern Creek-Highview United Ministries               Plymouth Urban Center
6104 Bardstown Rd 40291 762-0630                    1626 W Chestnut St
Serves 40291,40228,40299                            583-7889

Goodwill Industries                                 Presbyterian Community Center
909 E. Broadway 40204                               701 S. Hancock St
584-8821                                            584-0201
4904 Brownsboro Rd                                  Salvation Army
425-1365                                            The Center of Hope
9321 New LaGrange Rd                                831 S. Brook Street
429-6758                                            625-1170
4224 Shelbyville Rd
895-7842                                            Schuhmann Social Services Center
12107 Shelbyville Rd                                730 E. Gray Street 40202
253-9213                                            589-6696
4101 Taylorsville Rd                                                              th
                                                    Serves N. to river, W. to 13 St
456-4735                                            S. to Hill St, & E. To Baxter
(Also has furniture)                                (Mon. – Fri. 9:00-11:45am)

Grace Lutheran Church                               Shively Area Ministries
452 N 26 St Serves Portland                         1867 Farnsley Rd. 40216
778-7211                                            447-4330

The Healing Place                                   Sister Visitor Program
(Men) 1020 W. Market St                             2235 W. Market St
584-6606 (noon-1pm, 5-6pm)                          776-0155 or 776-0434 Serves Western Lou
(Women) 1607 W. Broadway
589-3454 (call first, closes 4:30pm)                Sts. Simon and Jude
                                                    4335 Hazelwood Ave
Infant Resource Center                              367-8888
417 East Broadway
584-2343                                            St. Vincent DePaul Society
(Mon, Wed, & Fri 10am-2pm, Call for appt and        1029 S. Preston St
have proof of Guardianship)                         584-2480
Emmanuel Missions
14008 Dixie Hwy.                                    United Crescent Hill Ministries
935-1591                                            James Lee Pres. Church
(Children’s Clothing)                               1741 Frankfort Ave
                                                    896-0172 Serves Crescent Hill
Jefferson County Public Schools                     Clifton and Clifton Heights
(Jacob Annex; Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30-
11:30am)                                            Walnut Street Baptist Church
485-3228                                            Christian Social Ministries
Apply only through school                                    rd
                                                    111 S. 3 St
MUSCL                                               (Mon. & Thurs.12:30-3:30;call for appointment)
1207 Hart Ave 40213
363-9087 serves 40213,17,19,29                      Wayside Christian Mission
                                                    808 E. Market St
Nearly New Shop                                     584-3711
Mid City Mall                                       (Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm)

Emergency Food

When going to one of these agencies, you should take:

-Identification such as Social Security card for each family member
-Rent or utility receipts
-Social Security Card

Baptist Fellowship Center                                Louisville Central Community
1351 Catalpa St.                                         1300 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd
Parkland Area                                            589-6982
By appointment only
                                                         Neighborhood House
Bethlehem Baptist Church                                 225 N. 25 St 40212
5708 Preston Highway                                     774-2322
                                                         New Beginnings For Women
Cabbage Patch Settlement House                           1261 S Brook St. (Mon-Fri 7:30am)
1413 South 6 St                                          634-4252
634-0811 Serves 40203,08,10
                                                         Neighborhood Visitor
Dare to Care                                             9104 Westport Road 40242
Call for local distribution                              426-2824
                                                         Newburg Community Center
Fairdale Area Community Ministries                       4810 Exeter Ave
367-9519 or 366-2142                                     458-5353

Highland Community Ministires                            Plymouth Community Renewal Center
451-3695                                                 1626 W. Chestnut St
Jefferson Street Baptist                                 Salvation Army
733 E. Jefferson                                         831 S. Brook St. (7-7:30am)
584-6543                                                 625-1170
(Mon-Fri 7am-3pm,
Sat 11am, and Sun                                        St Anthony’s Soup Kitchen
7:30am)                                                  529 E Liberty St. (10:15-11:00am)
Jefferson St Baptist @ Liberty
800 E. Liberty St. Mon-Fri 7:30am                        St. Augustine Church
                                                         1310 W. Broadway
Jeffersontown Association                                 (Sandwiches: Mon-Fri 10:30am-noon)
of Christian Congregations                               584-4602
10617 Taylorsville Road
267-1055                                                 Sts. Simon and Jude Church
                                                         4335 Hazelwood Ave.
Kentucky Harvest                                         367-8888
1839 Brownsboro Rd.

Lord’s Kitchen
2732 S. 5 St (8-9am)


Dare to Care Food Bank          966-3821

Kentucky Harvest                894-9999

Sister Visitor Center           776-0155

Commodity Supplemental

Food Program                   595-3031
1616 Rowan Street. (For those 60 and over, children 0-6 years, pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding
women not on WIC). Call for income guidelines.

Children (WIC)                 574-6676
(For pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women and children 0-5 years) Call for site nearest you to
get an appointment.


Senior Social Services- Catholic Charities
2911 S. 4 Street, 637-9786

Aging Resource Center 589-4941

Aging and Disabled Citizens 574-5092

Elder Serve, Victims of Crime, Group Services, Nutrition Program etc. 587-8673

Grandparents raising Grandchildren Support Group 778-7418

Elder Serve Home Care 583-8012

Adult Protective Services 595-4803

Long-Term Care Ombudsmen (Nursing Home Issues) 637-9786
       Catholic Charities Service

AARP Senior Employment 584-0309
600 W. Cedar on the Lower Level
- Offers paid work experience designed to help seniors get jobs.


The Healthcare for Homeless Veterans Program
Counseling, Employment Skills Training, Group Counseling, Legal Assistance, Life Skills and Enrichment,
Medical Treatment, Mental Health Services, Recreation Activities, Self-Esteem Building, Substance
Abuse Treatment and Volunteer and Social Work Services.

This program can be accessed by coming to or calling any of the following locations:

VET PLACE - 755 So. Shelby St., 583-2199(also 5 transitional beds)
            (Homeless Vets Program)

VA HEALTHCARE CENTER, Dupont (Mental Health Clinic), 4010 Dupont Circle, 287-6187

LOUISVILLE VA MEDICAL CENTER, 800 Zorn Ave., 895-3401 or 1-800-376-8387

Other Veteran Services:

Genesis House, 8311 Preston Hwy. - (15 Transitional beds for veterans)

Harmony House, 8311 Preston Hwy.- (10 Transitional beds for veterans)

New Hope, 8311 Preston Hwy. – (17 Transitional beds for veterans)

St. John Center HCHV Veterans Program,
700 E Muhammad Ali Blvd (Mon-Fri), 581-1171 (Assessment & Referral)

Reimbursement for Licensing or Certifications for most professions-call 1-888-442-4551
Veterans Center (Outreach), 1347 S 3 St. (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
(Combat Veterans & Trauma Survivor Counseling) 634-1916
(Employment Services)

Apprenticeship Training or On-the-Job Training Benefit :
Call Lexington Office, John Schornick, coordinator, 859-246-3352
Call Shelbyville office, Dr. Ruth Bunch, coordinator, 502-633-5196 or messages at 859-246-3226

HIV/AIDS Programs

810 Barret Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40204
(502) 574-8199 or (800) 292-1862
Operating Agency: Legal Aid Society, Inc.
Person in Charge: Jeffrey A. Been, Program Director
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Fees: None
Eligibility Requirements: Income guidelines;Jeff/Bullitt/Hardin/Henry/Spencer/Trimble /Oldham
Intake Procedure: Call for information
Area Served: Metropolitan Louisville Area
About the Program: A public interest law firm, provides free legal services for individuals living with
HIV/AIDS residing in Jefferson, Breckinridge, Bullitt, Grayson, Hardin, Henry, LaRue, Marion, Meade,
Nelson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Trimble and Washington counties, whose income is at or near below 1
½ times the federal poverty level.

850 Barret Avenue, Suite 301
Louisville, Kentucky 40204
(502) 574-6699
Operating Agency: Jefferson County Health Department
Person in Charge:
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Fees: None
Eligibility Requirements: No restrictions
Intake Procedure: Call for information
Area Served: Jefferson County, Kentucky
About the Program: Provide diagnostic, treatment and counseling services for individuals with sexually
transmitted diseases. Offers HIV counseling and testing.

607 East St. Catherine Street
P.O. Box 14334
Louisville, Kentucky 40203
 (502) 587-5080            (502) 587-5009 fax email
Operating Agency: House of Ruth
Person in Charge: Linda Underwood, Director
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Fees: Call for information
Eligibility Requirements: Women, children and families affected by HIV or AIDS
Intake Procedure: Call for information
Area Served: Metropolitan Louisville Area
About the Program: Provides assistance for women, children and families infected and affected by
HIV or AIDS. Services include shelter, household assistance, respite for caregivers, financial assistance
for respite child care, information about and referral to community resources, and shared experience and
spiritual support. They provide a residential facility for men with HIV/AIDS at an undisclosed location.
Have a partnership with Louisville Housing Authority.

933 Goss Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40217
(502) 574-0161            (502) 637-8111 fax
Operating Agency: Volunteers of America
Person in Charge: Tina Haley, Program Coordinator
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Fees: None
Eligibility Requirements: HIV+ or injectible drug users
Intake Procedure: Call for information
Area Served: Jefferson County, Kentucky
About the Program: Offers HIV education and outreach to injectable drug users and HIV+ individuals
who are not currently in treatment to help reduce HIV risk behaviors. Also provides referrals to drug
treatment and housing facilities.

Urban Government Center, Room 265
810 Barret Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40204
(502) 574-5490
Operating Agency: Jefferson County Health Department
Person in Charge:
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Fees: None
Eligibility Requirements: No restrictions
Intake Procedure: Call for information
Area Served: Jefferson County, Kentucky
About the Program: Provides office and meeting space, and serve as a contact for local support and
social groups for people affected by HIV and AIDS.

850 Barret Avenue, Suite #301
Louisville, Kentucky 40204
(502) 574-5601; (502) 574-5600
Operating Agency: Jefferson County Health Department
Hours of Operation: Monday:10am to 6:00pm; Tuesday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Fees: Not listed
Eligibility Requirements: No restrictions
Intake Procedure: Call for information
Area Served: Jefferson County, Kentucky
About the Program: Provides AIDS education and prevention services. Includes a speakers bureau,
training programs, information booths and a lending library.

1432 South Shelby Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40217
(502) 634-0082; (502) 636-0816; (502) 636-0597 Fax
Operating Agency: Volunteers of America
Person in Charge: Kathy Kleie Coates/Assistant Director
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Fees: $50/month if family has income; if not, fee waived
Eligibility Requirements: Homeless pregnant women/mothers with chemical dependency issues
Intake Procedure: Call for information
Area Served: Jefferson County, Kentucky
About the Program: Provides residential chemical dependency counseling for mothers and pregnant
women. Offers group and individual counseling, education and supportive services. Capacity is 8-10
women with up to two children each. Priority goes to pregnant women. NO PRIORITY GIVEN TO

Planned Parenthood Sites
4211 Trio Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40219
Telephone Numbers and Contact Information
(502) 966-5510
(502) 962-9068 Fax
Operating Agency: Planned Parenthood of Louisville, Inc.
Person in Charge: Polly Mackey, Nurse Practitioner
Hours of Operation: Monday and Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Tuesday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.;
Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; Friday Noon to 4:00 p.m.; Saturday 9:00 to Noon
Fees: Sliding Scale Fee
Eligibility Requirements: No Restrictions
Intake Procedure: Call for information
Area Served: Jefferson County, Kentucky
About the Program: Serves as a site location for Planned Parenthood of Louisville. Services include
gynecology exams, birth control counseling; pap smears; pelvic and breast exams; weight and blood
pressure checks; blood test for anemia; sexually transmitted disease screenings; pregnancy testing;
pregnancy alternative counseling; mid-life services; hormone replacement therapy; emergency
contraception; and HIV screening and counseling.

1025 South Second Street
                                        Louisville, Kentucky 40203
Telephone Numbers and Contact Information
(502) 584-2473
(502) 584-2471
(502) 584-2476 Fax
Operating Agency: Planned Parenthood of Louisville, Inc.
Person in Charge: Phyllis Banks, Director of Patient Services
Hours of Operation: Monday and Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30
a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Friday 8:30 a.m. to Noon; Saturday 9:00 a.m. to Noon
Fees: Sliding Scale Fee; accept private insurance and Medicaid
Eligibility Requirements: No Restrictions
Intake Procedure: Call for information
Area Served: Jefferson County, Kentucky
About the Program: Provides a variety of medical services including gynecology exams, birth control
counseling; contraceptives; pap smears; pelvic and breast exams; weight and blood pressure checks
blood test for anemia; sexually transmitted infection screenings; pregnancy testing; pregnancy alternative
counseling; gynecology; mid-life services; colposcopy and cryotherapy; hormone replacement therapy;
emergency contraception; and HIV testing.

Recreational and Leisure Opportunities

Actors Theatre of Louisville                           Louisville Science Center
584-1205                                               727 West Main Street                                  561-6100
E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park
3000 Freys Hill Road                                   Louisville Slugger Museum
426-8950                                               800 West Main Street                     588-7228
Kentucky Derby Museum
704 Central Avenue                                     Louisville Zoo
637-7097                                               1100 Trevilian Way                                    459-2181
Kentucky International Convention Center
221 South 4 Street                                     Speed Art Museum
595-4391                                               2035 South Third Street                                   634-2700
Louisville Bats
401 East Main Street                                   YMCA
212-2287                                               1300 Heafer Road                            244-6187
                                                       930 West Chestnut Street
Louisville Free Public Library                         587-7405
574-1611 (call for locations)                          555 South Second Street                                           587-6700
                                                       9400 Mill Brook Road
Louisville Metro Parks                                 425-1271
456-8100                                               12330 Shelbyville Road                       244-9994
Adult Sports Leagues                                   5930 Six Mile Lane
3783 Illinois Ave.                                     491-9622
456-8171                                               2800 Fordhaven Road        933-9622
etics                                                  6801 Dixie Highway


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