Dr Zeljko Sevic is the Professor of Accounting, Finance by fuk43069


									Dr Zeljko Sevic is Professor of Accounting, Finance and Public Policy, and Director of
Research, Outreach & European Affairs, in the University of Greenwich Business School in
London. His main research interests revolve around management accounting applications in
the public sector, especially in the policy decision-making process, public sector accounting
and reporting, public sector reform, public sector performance management, and public
sector system design and accountability. Recently, he has completed a book on the local
public finance in Central and Eastern Europe, and finished a project on designing a
fiscal/financial information system at the sub-national level for the Macedonian Ministry of
Finance (2004). More recently (2005-2006), Dr. Sevic has worked on drafting primary and
secondary accounting legislation in Serbia and secondary accounting legislation in
Montenegro as an EU Expert Advisor. He also assisted in the development of secondary
banking legislation in Serbia and primary and secondary banking legislation in Montenegro.
Professor Sevic has been a consultant for the OECD and Council of Europe/Venetian
Commission. He is currently working on public sector reform issues in Vietnam and Japan
(planned book projects). He has also held a number of visiting academic/research positions
in Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Japan, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine and the US, and
has gained professional experience in both public and private sectors, at a senior level,
before becoming a full-time academic in the mid-1990s. He was twice a visiting scholar at the
Japanese Ministry of Finance. Professor Sevic holds terminal degrees in law and financial
economics and also has accounting professional qualifications.

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