Tips On How To Win Rap Battles by masrubiks


									Tips On How To Win Rap Battles -
Suggestions To Freestyle Battle Rap Much
Better Than Other Hip Hop Emcees
Provided that that could identify lawsuit win rap fights, well then heard such a. You are likely
to access secrets that will freestyle battle rap far better than most other hip hop emcees.

Do you make a habit of reviewing your battles? If not you truly should. Today we are going
to talk about reviewing your event. It's essential for you to make certain that you simply
record either the audio or the video of your battles.

The advantage of recording you battles is that you then have the opportunity to listen and
review it. Search for what you did wrong. Search for places that you simply can increase your
abilities. Appear at what brought a reaction from the audience. What areas within the battles
actually worked or had been high points, and then try to find the places that just didn't work
for you or the audience.

As you listen to your rap battles, what were your strong points during the action? Were there
some strong gestures or rhymes that seemed to bring out the greatest from the audience?
Whenever you locate these strengths, then these are what you need to use again inside your
future rap battles.

Next you need to study your weaknesses. What was your eye contact like? Were your eyes on
the audience? Have been you searching at your opponent? Have been you eyes searching
down when they should have been focusing on your opponent? What about your physique
language? Are there locations for improvement inside your body language?

If you need to have an benefit over most of the other emcees out there, then you will be
certain to review your rap battles. You may search for your strengths in addition to your
weaknesses so that you simply can enhance your rapping skills and take your rap battles to
the next level.

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