Energy Efficient Affordable Housing

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					Energy Efficient Affordable Housing

 Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
         David Baker, Manager of Energy Efficiency

Jack Lavin, Director           Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor
   Gut Rehab and New                Low Income Energy
    Construction: a per unit          Efficient Residential
    incentive for developers          Retrofit: partner with state
    of affordable housing
                                      agencies, local governments,
    that commit to a
    complete list of efficiency       lending institutions, &
    measures                          affordable housing developers
   Moderate Rehab: a                 that administer weatherization
    prescriptive menu of              or other low income home
    efficiency measures that          improvement programs, to
    a developer may choose            add electric efficiency
    from when moderately              measures
    rehabbing affordable
    housing units
     Developer Matching                      Direct Install
   Energy efficiency grants to not-for-profit
    organizations since 1988
   New construction and gut rehab
   Multi-family and single family
   Existing funding of $1-1.5 million per year
   Recent program changes:
    - higher grant levels
    - more electric efficiency measures
    - for-profits in addition to not-for-profits
    - single page application form
        Housing Type           Grant
Rehab                            $3,500
Rehab<80 units               $3.50/sq. ft.
Rehab>80 units               $3.25/sq. ft.
New Single family                 $3,000
New 2-flat                        $5,000
New 3-flat                        $6,000
New 4-flat                        $7,000
New 6-flat                        $9,600
New MF                            $3,000
New Multi-family> 80 units   $3.00/sq. ft.
New Multi-family< 80 units   $3.25/sq. ft.
                     Measure                      kWh/unit
Energy Star Refrigerator                            79
6 interior FL fixtures & 2 exterior FL fixtures     782
SEER 14 central air conditioner w/
  programmable thermostat
Reduce required tonnage as a result of thermal
  envelope improvements
Energy Star dishwasher                              62
Energy Star rated bathroom exhaust fan              89
Efficient air handler on 90% AFUE furnace           400
   New Program
   Objective: leverage existing programs to
    maximize electricity savings in existing low income
   Partnership with state agencies, local
    governments, lending institutions, affordable
    housing developers, etc. that administer low
    income weatherization or other home
    improvement programs
   Add/enhance electric efficiency measures
                      Measure                  Incentive per Unit
1. Energy Star Refrigerator                          $500
2. ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package             $300
3. CFL installation                                   $45
4. Energy Star rated bathroom exhaust fan            $200
5. Energy Star dishwasher                            $250
6. SEER 14 central air conditioner w/
   programmable thermostat
7. Energy Star rated room air conditioners         $75-$275
8. Thermal envelope improvements that reduce
   required tonnage
9. Efficient air handler on 90% AFUE furnace         $200
 Funded 4 projects in FY ’07
 274 housing units
 $290,000
 Green materials and practices that:
  - use recycled or bio-based products
  - reduce imbedded energy
  - protect indoor air quality
In future, continue as funding allows
Illinois Energy Efficient Affordable Housing Construction Program
   Contact info:
    David Baker
    Manager of Energy Efficiency/Energy Policy

    Maureen Davlin
    Program Manager, Energy Efficient Affordable Housing Program

   Program info: