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Hotel Booking Form space for EPP LOGO.doc


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									                                         HOTEL BOOKING FORM
                 Please complete this form and return to the fax number + 48 22 57 87 159
                      FIRST CLASS S.A. ul Nowowiejska 5, 00-643 Warsaw, Poland,
                                Tel: + 48 22 57 87 156; +48 22 57 87 160

                                              Deadline reservations:
                                          Intercontinental : 15 February
                                   Marriott, Holiday Inn and Novotel : 15 March

Please type or write in CAPITAL LETTERS

Mr               First name:                                  Last name:

Country                           E-mail                                               Tel:


HOTEL LIST (all the hotels are within walking distance to the conference venue, all prices include breakfast and VAT):

                                              SGL ROOM                                             DBL/TWIN ROOM

Holiday Inn ****                               391 PLN                                               428 PLN
Ul. Zlota 48/54                               (112 EUR*)                                             (122 EUR*)

InterContinental *****                          171 EUR                                              194 EUR
Ul. Emilii Plater 49

Marriott *****                                513,60 PLN                                             513,60 PLN
Al.Jerozolimskie 65/79                        (147 EUR* )                                           ( 147 EUR*)

Novotel Centrum ****                           427 PLN                                                 n/a
Ul. Marszalkowska 94/98                       (122 EUR*)

* Attention: According to their policy the hotels Holiday Inn, Marriott and Novotel Centrum give prices in Polish zlotys only. The
prices in brackets given in euros are for reference only . They have been calculated according to the National Bank of Poland
average currency exchange rate as per 20 October 2008 (1 euro=3,5 PLN) . The price to pay at the check-out may differ
slightly and is subject to the exchange rate at the moment of payment. The price in PLN (Polish zlotys) is fixed. The rates are
per room per night with breakfast and VAT included.

Please indicate your order of preference. We will do our best to reserve the hotel of your first choice,
however if the hotel you have chosen is fully booked, First Class S.A. will reserve your second choice. Due
to a limited number of rooms available in each of the hotels reservations will be made on a first-come-first-
served basis.

First choice:                                              Second choice:

Check-in date:                         Check-out date:                      Number of nights:

Single room:                           Double room (one double bed):        Twin room (two separate beds):

Name of the second person in a double or twin room:


Notice of cancellation should be sent to the First Class S.A. in writing to the fax +48 22 57 87 159 or e-
mail kongres@firstclass.com.pl before 15 February for Intercontinental and 15 March for Marriott,
Holiday Inn and Novotel.


Please note that your accommodation costs should be paid directly to the hotel at the check- out. In
order to confirm the reservation we need the details of your credit card. Your credit card data will be
forwarded to the hotel to guarantee your reservation. In case of no show or late cancellation (after the
dates given above) the hotel will charge your credit card with the cost of the reservation made.


Credit card type (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Diners, American Express):

Name of the cardholder (as it appears on the card):

Credit card number:

Expiration date:                                           Signature:

Please visit the http://www.nbp.pl/kursy/ratesa.html to see current average exchange rates.

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