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					Annual Report
 Editorial                         2
 Berlin starts here                4
                                   6    Review 2009
                                   8    Capital Airport BBI
 Business segments                 14
                                   16   Aviation
                                   18   Marketing
                                   20   Destinations and Airlines
                                   22   Traffic Statistics
                                   25   Cargo
                                   26   Non Aviation
                                   30   Real Estate
 Who we are                        34
                                   36   Personnel
                                   38   Environment
                                   40   Region
                                   42   Dialogue
                                   44   Corporate Structure
 Figures: Annual Statements 2009   48
                                   50   Consolidated Balance Sheet
                                   52   Consolidated Income Statement
                                   53   Consolidated Capital Flow Statement
                                   54   Consolidated Statement of
                                        Equity Movement
                                   55   Consolidated Notes
                                   62   Analysis of Consolidated Fixed
                                        Assets Movement
                                   64   Consolidated Management Report
                                   78   Auditor’s Opinion

Editorial                                                                      where at the new airport before trial
                                                                               runs begin in May 2011.

                                                                               We have managed to keep passenger
                                                                               figures at a high, despite the global
                                                                               financial crisis. In 2009, almost
                                                                               21 million people flew to and from
                                                                               Berlin, just two per cent less than in
                                                                               the previous year yet much better
                                                                               than the average commercial airport
                                                                               in Germany for the seventh year in
                                                                               a row.

                                                                               We also hit our financial targets
                                                                               in 2009 thanks to our swift and
                                                                               consistent response to the global
                                                                               financial crisis in the form of our
                                                                               cost-cutting programme Herkules.
                                                                               Considering the macroeconomic
                                                                               environment, 2009 was therefore
                                                                               an excellent year for Berlin Airports.
                                                                               At ¤ 91 million, EBITDA is up 14 per
                                                                               cent on the previous year. We have
                                                                               thus already generated three-quarters
                                                                               of internal financing for BBI. On
                                                                               securing ¤ 2.4 billion in loans for BBI,
                                                                               we have also placed the project on a
                                                                               solid financial footing.

                                                                               This year too, we will continue to
                                                                               focus all our efforts on making BBI
                                                                               a reality.

                                                                               Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz
Dear Readers,                           and south piers and the operational    CEO of Berlin Airports
                                        buildings will all be completed in
The new Berlin Brandenburg Inter-       2010. In terms of planning, day-       Manfred Körtgen
national Airport (BBI) is set to open   to-day processes have yet to be        Managing Director of Operations/
next year on 30 October 2011. Just      finalised with all airport partners    BBI at Berlin Airports
one year to go – and anticipation and   this year. We are currently in the
pressure are mounting. Construction     process of drawing up detailed plans
work on the new Capital Airport is      with the airlines, Deutsche Flug-
progressing nicely and according to     sicherung, the police, customs and
schedule. BBI’s aircraft operation      many others, so that decisions can
areas, structural work on the north     be reached as to who does what and


    Performed better than the market for
  the seventh year in a row, secured third
   place in Germany, increased EBITDA by
    14 per cent – Berlin Airports can look
          back on a successful year. Major
   challenges are on the agenda for 2010
 and 2011: the new Capital Airport is set
    to open as early as 30 October 2011.
The goal is to make Berlin one of the top
ten airports in Europe and thus a key hub
              between the East and West.

  Strong performance:
  Better than the market for the seventh year in a row

On the way to becoming one of          traffic market has also grown and is    Increase in productivity
the top ten European airports          now 11.6 per cent.                      Due to the good traffic result and
Passenger figures in 2009 almost                                               the cost-cutting programme Her-
reached the record level of 2008,      Sights set on new passenger             kules, Berlin Airports also managed to
despite declining sharply in January   record                                  achieve its financial goals in 2009.
and February, with nearly 21 million   The Berlin market has proven to         Turnover reached ¤ 244 million,
passengers taking off and landing      be particularly robust.                 EBITDA (earnings before interest,
in Berlin. Down only 2 per cent on     A combination of low-cost airlines,     taxes, depreciation and amorti-
2008, we are faring much better        holiday airlines and traditional air-   sation) rose by 14.4 per cent to
than the average international         lines as well as the strong magnetic    ¤ 91 million. Since 2005, the com-
commercial airport in Germany          effect of the capital Berlin make       pany has therefore almost doubled
(down 4.6 per cent on 2008) for        Berlin Airports less susceptible to     its cash flow and thus reported a
the seventh year in a row. This        external crises. In 2010 we are         significant increase in productivity.
result has enabled us to further       expecting traffic to stabilise and      Considering the macroeconomic
consolidate our position in third      hope to pass the 22 million passen-     environment, 2009 was therefore
place in the ranking of German         ger mark.                               an excellent year for Berlin Airports.
commercial airports, despite the
difficult macroeconomic environ-
ment. Our share of the German air

Biggest infrastructure financing           BBI is the only airport in Europe            nected to the world than it is today
operation in Europe                        with sufficient capacities for the           and become a key East-West hub on
We were also able to achieve further       next decade. Berlin is the only place        the continent.
success in 2009 by securing total          in Europe capable of doubling its
funding for BBI in the form of a           air traffic capacities to 45 million         Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz
¤ 4 billion loan package, which hel-       passengers in the next few years             CEO of Berlin Airports
ped us realise the seventh-largest         and thus securing its growth and
infrastructure financing operation in      competitiveness. BBI will therefore
the world and the biggest in Europe.       enable Berlin to be even better con-

Only Berlin is able to double its
air traffic capacities
Let’s take a look at the future: 2011      Passenger growth
will see a new player on the Euro-                                                                    German commercial airports
pean air traffic market – BBI Airport.                                                                Berlin Airports
The German airport system will rest          20.0 %
on three pillars instead of two. The
                                             15.0 %
goal is to take the Berlin-Branden-
burg region into the top 10 airport          10.0 %
locations in Europe with BBI. Twenty
                                              5.0 %
years after the fall of the Wall, the
metropolis Berlin has been put back           0.0 %
on the map of Europe in terms of air
                                             -5.0 %
                                            -10.0 %
BBI is not only the most significant                          2003    2004     2005         2006    2007        2008      2009
development project in the German
capital region, it is also at an invalu-
able geographical advantage:                                  2003    2004     2005         2006    2007        2008      2009
                                           German com-
                                           mercial airports   3.9 %    7.9 %    6.3 %       5.3 %    6.0 %       1.1 %   -4.6 %
                                           Berlin Airports    9.2 %   11.8 %   15.3 %       7.9 %    8.3 %       6.8 %     -2 %

  Well under way:
  The new Capital Airport

BBI is where Berlin’s future is being   the aprons, the new south runway         contracts for BBI as a result of ten-
built. We are currently in one of the   and the road connections in 2009.        der notifications. In terms of value,
most exciting phases of construc-       After three years of intensive buil-     almost two-thirds of all contracts
tion: 2009 saw BBI rise up from         ding activity, most of the work          have gone to regional companies. In
the ground – a face has now been        on the new BBI has already been          December 2009, the ¤ 1 billion mark
given to the new Capital Airport.       completed. All work on the airport’s     was passed for contracts awarded
Now everyone can see what over          technical facilities, other buildings,   to regional companies. By the end
three years ago only planners and       the new tower and power stations is      of 2009, around ¤ 1.7 billion worth
architects were able to recognise: an   on schedule.                             of contracts were awarded. A total
airport is being built here.                                                     of ¤ 2.5 billion have been invested
                                        More than a billion euros already        in BBI.
All construction work is on             awarded to local businesses
schedule                                The construction of the airport has      Terminal topping-out ceremony
The project dimensions are huge:        been a huge success for the local        in May 2010
the construction site is the size       economy, even two years before the       The development of the new Capi-
of 2,000 football pitches, up to        opening of the new Capital Airport       tal Airport BBI is coming along in
3,000 temporary construction            BBI. So far, more than 300 compa-        leaps and bounds. In May, we will
site workers a day worked on the        nies from the Berlin-Brandenburg         celebrate the topping-out ceremo-
underground rail link, the terminal,    region have been able to secure          ny together with all the companies

involved and people in the region.      cost airlines. BBI brings all traffic        make the airport easily accessible
The completed structural work will      together under one roof, is modern,          not only by air. BBI marks the ope-
provide a good idea of the work         flexible and cost-effective. Unlike          ning of one of the most state-of-
that has been carried out since         other airports of its size, it has the       the-art airports in Europe.
the groundbreaking ceremony in          potential to grow. A central security
September 2006 and of the bright        checkpoint alleviates the problem            Manfred Körtgen
and friendly welcome the future         of long queues at peak hours. The            Managing Director of Operations/
Capital Airport will extend to its      expansion of the non aviation area           BBI at Berlin Airports
passengers.                             after check-in as well as a first-class
                                        real estate portfolio enables new
BBI: modern, flexible,                  sources of revenue to be tapped.
cost-effective and modular              Another major advantage of the
The new BBI Airport will open on        airport concept is that it optimally
30 October 2011. An airport opti-       links all types of traffic. A rail link to
mally designed to meet air traffic      Berlin and the surrounding area, an
requirements in the age of globalisa-   underground railway station direct-
tion, stricter security requirements    ly below the terminal and its own
and the new business models of low-     motorway and A-road connections

  Construction work on

Terminal                              minal roof is around 10,000 tons,        the future BBI railway station, buil-
Structural work has been completed    with the heaviest single component       ding the three platforms, laying
on the 715-metre-long main pier.      weighing 123 tons. The two cater-        the tracks and installing the railway
In late August 2009, work com-        pillar cranes, which are on the west     technology.
menced on the steel construction      side of the terminal lifting the steel
for the terminal roof and on the      components, are so big that 60           Aircraft operation areas
steel and glass facade, structural    trucks were needed to assemble just      Concrete work on the new 4,000-
work has already been completed       one caterpillar crane.                   metre-long south runway, aprons
on the north pier and work on the                                              and taxiway systems is in full swing.
south pier is progressing nicely.     Railway station                          Over 1.3 million square metres of
Up to 900 construction workers        In July 2009, on schedule, Ber-          concrete indicate where aircraft will
and over 30 tower cranes were         lin Airports handed over the first       eventually take off, land and park.
employed on the terminal building     preliminary construction section
site. The total weight of the steel   of the underground BBI rail link to
components required for the ter-      Deutsche Bahn, who will expand

DFS airport tower                           Technical maintenance                  day – i.e. enough for a small city
In November 2009, the topping-              Construction work began on the         with 21,000 inhabitants.
out ceremony was held for the new           technical maintenance building in
control tower of Deutsche Flugsi-           June 2009. Once completed, the         Power
cherung GmbH at the future BBI              building will provide administrative   In May 2009, the topping-out cere-
Airport. At 72 metres high, the BBI         departments for technical facility     mony was held for the three new
Tower will be the second-highest            management, aviation and informa-      power stations for BBI. These state-
control tower in Germany. The               tion and communication technology      of-the-art buildings and facilities
tower is expected to be completed           and contain workshops and the main     will supply the airport with heating,
in September 2010 and go into               data processing centre for the new     cooling and power from a combined
operation in the third quarter of           airport.                               heat and power unit (CHP) as well
2011. According to current fore-                                                   as emergency power.
casts, 250,000 aircraft a year, on          Water supply and disposal
average 700 a day, will receive per-        A large part of the supply and dis-    In December, the new substation
mission from the tower to take off          posal infrastructure on the BBI site   for BBI was completed and BBI was
and land.                                   was completed in 2009 in line with     connected to the public power sup-
                                            the latest environmental standards.    ply. Two transformers, each with
Construction work begins on fire            In 2010, the networks will be fina-    an output of 31.5 MVA (megavolt
stations                                    lised and completed. The first drin-   amperes), secure the power supply
In September 2009, the founda-              king water line for BBI has been in    for the airport facilities. Depending
tions were laid for Fire Station West,      place since October and can supply     on power needs, they can cover
which will not only house the control       an average consumption of 2,000        some 70,000 households.
centre of the airport fire depart-          cubic metres of drinking water per
ment, but also the airport control
centre, the emergency services
control centre, the security control
centre and the technical control
centre. The 81 by 81 metre future
main station will have three vehicle
halls with up to 25 parking spaces
for various emergency vehicles and
sleeping and recreational rooms for
a team of around 50 shift workers
in service 24-hours a day. Further-
more, the nearby winter service hall
will house special winter service
equipment and large vehicles. Work
started on constructing Fire Station
East in September 2009. The station
contains three vehicle halls with
14 parking spaces for emergency
vehicles and besides offering fire-
fighting services for aircraft, primarily
works to prevent fires at the terminal.

      The next steps on the way
      to becoming the new airport

BBI construction site                      BBI trial runs                          lations will be moved to the new
Construction work continues to             Prior to the opening of BBI, all        Capital Airport overnight, where the
run at full speed in 2010. The first       processes will be tested intensively    first charter plane will take off on
highlight this year is the topping-        during a six-month test run starting    the morning of 30 October 2011.
out ceremony for the BBI Terminal          in May 2011: baggage carousels will
in May. The new face of the airport        be set into motion, check-in desks      New name
with its glass and steel facade is         manned for testing purposes, secu-      On opening in late October 2011,
already clearly recognisable. The fire     rity checkpoints tested and all ima-    the new Capital Airport will be called
stations, buildings for special equip-     ginable scenarios simulated. Berlin     Berlin Brandenburg Airport. The new
ment, winter service and ground            Airports will also look for extras to   name is being introduced to market
traffic services will all go into opera-   put the new Capital Airport through     the airport internationally. The new
tion and the aircraft operation areas,     its paces.                              airport will also have the byname
structural work on the south pier                                                  Willy Brandt.
and the operational buildings will all     Berlin’s biggest relocation projects
be completed this year.                    During the night of 29 October
                                           2011, the spectacular move will
                                           take place. Two will become one: the
                                           airports Tegel and Schoenefeld will
                                           close in the evening and all portable
                                           equipment, machines and instal-

                                       • The midfield terminal will have six    The tracks to and from BBI are
BBI Facts & Figures                      floors and the initial version will    fully compatible with the ICE.
                                         have enough space to handle up to
• In the course of expansion into        27 million passengers.                • Road connections: BBI will be
  BBI, Schoenefeld Airport will be                                               connected to the A113 with
  extended by an area measuring        • Expansion modules: BBI can be           its own exit. The southern Ber-
  970 hectares. In total, the new        expanded gradually in modules for       lin motorway in the direction of
  airport will cover 1,470 hectares,     up to 45 million passengers.            Dresden was therefore relocated
  equivalent to around 2,000 foot-                                               and expanded to six lanes. The
  ball pitches.                        • Passengers at BBI will find eve-        A113 connects to the Berlin city
                                         rything ranging from domestic           motorway A100 and the Berlin
• Midfield Airport BBI: The terminal     and European to intercontinental        motorway ring A10. The A-road
  building of BBI will be situated       flights under one roof in the cen-      96a is expanded to four lanes in
  between two parallel runways           tral terminal (“one roof concept”).     the direction of Potsdam.
  which, as a result of the distance
  of 1,900 metres between them,        • BBI has a six-track railway sta-
  can be operated separately. The        tion with three platforms directly
  terminal, gate positions and park-     below the terminal offering very
  ing spaces are also located com-       good connections to downtown
  pactly between the runways.            Berlin and the surrounding region.


The three business segments Aviation
           Management, Non Aviation
         Management and Real Estate
   Management generate revenue for
    Berlin Airports, while the segment
Marketing brings airlines to Berlin and
 secures the best connections for the
                German capital region.

      The core business of any airport

Andreas Deckert, Head of the business segment Aviation Management at Berlin Airports

A frenzy of activity on the apron:              Aviation Management is the core         accounting. In addition, we oversee
a whole host of differently painted             business of any airport. This is        Business Aviation and ensure that
aircraft are parking in front                   where it all comes together. We take    the leading lights of politics, busi-
of the terminal, a plane is ready               care of everything directly related     ness and society arrive and depart
for boarding, passengers are                    to air traffic. Our key business seg-   on time. In short, we arrange, mana-
climbing the steps with their hand              ments are terminal management,          ge and oversee all traffic-related
luggage. The next plane is being                baggage handling, flight operations     processes, without actually being
pushed back. Further to the right,              and the coordination of airside ope-    actively involved.
baggage trucks are transporting                 rations. We currently employ around
luggage to the plane. A plane is                200 staff to run the airports Tegel     So what sort of people land
taking off in the distance and                  and Schoenefeld. Our operations         in Berlin?
another is taxiing into position                staff primarily work in the airport     We do see some well-known faces
after landing. Airport operations               control centres in Schoenefeld and      here, after all, we are the German
are fairly complex. Who actually                Tegel and take care of resource         capital airports, and events such
keeps things in perspective?                    management and capacity plan-           as the MTV Music Awards, the
                                                ning. We are also responsible for all   Berlin International Film Festival or
                                                time and data recording activities,     the 2009 World Championships in
                                                thus providing the basis for revenue    Athletics naturally attract many a

famous face to Berlin. We also take     ever-growing number of passen-            streams of passengers will be
care of the preparations for major      gers to non-Schengen countries            directed and where aircraft will park.
exhibitions such as Green Week or       with relatively little effort. We have    We are also making strong head-
the ITB, as many visitors arrive by     created an efficient and attractive       way in other areas. Each and every
plane or even private jet. This is      infrastructure in the form of the new     employee in the Aviation segment
always a very busy time for every-      Terminal C subzone in Tegel. Another      already knows exactly what their
one involved, but also a welcome        aspect is the ever-growing number         future role will be at BBI.
change. But we don’t shout names        of transfer passengers – albeit low.
from the rooftops.                      We have changed processes and the         How can you be sure that
                                        infrastructure, especially in Tegel, to   everything will be working when
BBI opens next year. Is it still        increase passenger and luggage out-       BBI opens?
worth investing in the current          put rates.                                In the six months leading up to the
airports?                                                                         opening, i.e. as of May 2011, we
That’s something we have to decide      How are you preparing for the new         will run through various scenarios
on a case-by-case basis. We always      Capital Airport BBI?                      with all those involved, for which
weigh up which investments will         We set up our own team, which             we will need thousands of extras,
pay off and increase revenue in the     has meanwhile grown to over 20            to ensure we are fully prepared for
short term. After all, we can’t offer   employees, to answer all questions        the opening. We will begin training
our airline customers and passen-       relating to aviation at BBI. In 2009,     staff as early as May 2010. By the
gers a poor product then say ‘things    we developed landside, terminal,          time the trail runs begin, each and
will improve when BBI opens’. We        airside and traffic management con-       every employee should know BBI
are trying our best to meet grow-       cepts. We compiled an 800-page            processes inside and out and where
ing customer demands with our           dossier describing BBI processes.         everything will be. This will present
current airports, even before BBI       Plans are already being made with         a major challenge, as training will be
opens. For instance, in Tegel, we       customers and partners as to who          carried out alongside normal flight
have managed to respond to the          does what and where at BBI, how           operations in Schoenefeld and Tegel.

                                                                                  How are staff responding to this
                                                                                  major challenge?
                                                                                  Despite a much heavier workload,
                                                                                  everyone is pulling their weight.
                                                                                  Staff are working flat out to bring
                                                                                  the BBI structure to life.

  The best connections for the German capital region

Dr. Till Bunse, Head of Marketing and PR at Berlin Airports

Inaugural flight to Phuket on                      Is the inauguration of new               haul airlines. For these customers, we
1 November 2009: colourfully                       routes all part of a typical day         take a look at how the Berlin market
dressed Thai dancers welcome                       in Marketing?                            and the competition is developing,
passengers even before they                        I wish! The inaugural flight is just a   analyse route capacities and give air-
reach check-in; the whole of                       visible highlight of our work. When      lines advice on how to improve their
Terminal C at Tegel Airport has a                  an airline decides to come to Berlin,    performance.
holiday feel. Then come the offi-                  it means we’ve already done a lot of
cial speeches, the opening of the                  work. Our aim is to encourage the        How has Berlin Airports fared
buffet and the celebratory inau-                   airlines to come to Berlin. We show      during the crisis?
guration of the route with the                     the potential, calculate profitability   2009 was most definitely defined by
cutting of the ribbon before the                   and try to show exactly how many         the global financial crisis. Despite a
plane takes off.                                   passengers are there for the taking      slump in January and February 2009,
                                                   and at what price. But we are also       we generally managed to keep pas-
                                                   responsible for looking after our        senger figures at a high throughout
                                                   existing customers. Preparing market     the year. Naturally, a general sense
                                                   data is particularly important, espe-    of crisis will always make it difficult
                                                   cially for those customers who can’t     to attract new long-haul routes to
                                                   always be on site, such as our long-     Berlin. The most important thing

therefore was to support airlines          date the huge number of passengers         And have the airlines reacted in an
that already fly from Berlin. In this      and routes. The conditions for gene-       equally positive way?
we were very successful and thus           rating considerable transfer traffic       Yes, the airlines are very interested
managed to help Berlin fare better         will only be created when BBI opens.       in the new Capital Airport, especially
than the market average for the            On the one hand, more passengers           in operational processes and how
seventh year in a row. Air Berlin in       will use Berlin as a transfer airport on   well-connected the airport is to the
Tegel and Ryanair in Schoenefeld in        European routes. On the other hand,        city of Berlin. Many of the airlines
particular were able to acquire new        transfer traffic is a prerequisite for     not currently stopping at Berlin are
passengers. At the same time, we           establishing other long-haul routes,       taking note of how capacities are
were able to celebrate the inaugu-         which are not financially viable with      being created on a large scale right
ration of several flights, mainly to       only passengers from the catchment         at the heart of Europe. The desire to
destinations in Europe. By December        area. There is huge potential for new      play a part, and the fear of missing
2009, we had once again recorded           connections, especially towards the        out, is great. We are even holding in-
moderate growth.                           East.                                      depth talks with existing customers.
                                                                                      A good example of this is Air Berlin,
Which new destinations can we              How do you intend convincing the           which plans to step up operations in
look forward to at BBI?                    airlines to come to Berlin?                Tegel considerably this year and thus
On the one hand, we aim to close the       The advantages of BBI are clear.           explore the potential of BBI. Unfortu-
current gap on the map of Europe           Unlike other European airports, we         nately, it must be said that the finan-
and tap into small niche markets. On       have sufficient capacities for the         cial crisis has set the industry back
the other hand, we are working on          next decade. Berlin is one of the top      about two years and has resulted
increasing frequencies on existing         destinations in Europe. We are the         in poorer results for many airlines
routes. Both are a prerequisite for our    gateway to the East. And we are the        in Europe, Asia and North America.
third aim: to generate transfer traffic.   capital. Pooling passengers and creat-     Everyone is being cautious and still
The existing airports, Schoenefeld         ing transfer traffic will make Berlin a    looking for solutions to the recession.
and Tegel, are neither designed for        very attractive airline destination.       Berlin was able to break away from
this nor are they able to accommo-                                                    this trend to some extent. For the
                                                                                      past seven years we have fared bet-
                                                                                      ter than the market average but still
                                                                                      have some catching up to do. Berlin
                                                                                      is becoming increasingly attractive in
                                                                                      terms of tourism, business and poli-
                                                                                      tics. BBI offers Berlin the capacities
                                                                                      to rank amongst the top players in
                                                                                      the aviation league.

Berlin Airports: 166 destinations in 52 countries


Hamburg                                                    Bergen
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden                                                          Oslo                                        Helsinki
Cologne/Bonn                                                                                     Stockholm
                                                                                 Rygge                              Tallinn       St Petersburg
Memmingen                                                         Stavanger
Münster/Osnabrück                                                                          Vaxjo
Nuremberg                                                                                                                  Riga
Saarbrücken                                                                    Copenhagen
                                    Edinburgh                                                                                 Vilnius
Stuttgart                                                                                                    Kaliningrad
Westerland/Sylt              Glasgow
Weeze                  Dublin     Liverpool                                                            Bydgoszcz
                Shannon      Nottingham
                                                             Amsterdam                                                 Warsaw
                                Bristol   London
                                                                                             Prague                                      Kiev
                                                   Paris                              Salzburg    Vienna
                                                            Basel                              Graz       Budapest
                                                       Geneva                        Klagenfurt
                                                                              Venice              Zagreb
New York                                                        Turin Verona              Pula                Belgrade
Punta Cana                                                                                      Zadar                     Bucharest
                                                            Nice       Pisa                            Sarajevo
Varadero                                                                                   Split
                                                                                  Forli                     Pristina Sofia Warna
                                           Barcelona                        Rome        Pescara                               Burgas
                                                                                                    Dubrovnik Thessaloniki
                              Madrid                                        Olbia          Naples                             Istanbul
                Lisbon                       Palma                                                           Corfu
                                                  Ibiza       Cagliari       Lamezia Terme
                                  Alicante                                                                               Samos    Izmir
                                                                            Palermo                            Athens
                   Faro                                                                                                      Bod- Dala-
                             Malaga                                                            Catania           Mykonos rum man
Fuerteventura                                 Algier               Tunis
                     Jerez                                                                                       Santorini Kos
Funchal                                                         Monastir          Malta                                       Rhodes
La Palma
Las Palmas                                                            Djerba


                     Berlin Airports: 77 airlines


                                Ulan Bator

          Samsun Çarsamba
Antalya                               Abu Dhabi
  Larnaca                             Doha
Paphos          Beirut                Hurghada
                 Damascus             Luxor
 Tel Aviv                             Sharm El Sheik

Traffic statistics Berlin
                                                    Change com-
                                                   pared to previ-
                                           2009      ous year in %

 A. PASSENGERS, TOTAL                 20,977,395             -2.0
 I. Local traffic                     20,933,602             -2.0
 1. Scheduled                         20,170,843             -1.5
     a) domestic                       8,014,191             -2.7
     b) international                 12,156,652             -0.7
 2. Non-scheduled                       762,759             -14.7
     a) charter                          719,742            -12.1
     b) tramp and requested flights       37,024             26.5
     c) other                              5,993            -87.0
 II. Transit                             43,793              33.1

 B. FLIGHT MOVEMENTS, TOTAL             231,800             -13.3
 I. Commercial traffic                  215,493              -8.6
 1. Scheduled                           196,863              -6.0
     a) Passenger                        194,535             -6.1
     b) Freight                            2,328             -2.2
 2. Non-scheduled                        18,630             -29.2
     a) charter                            5,493             -9.0
     b) tramp and requested flights        6,107               2.1
     c) freight                              91             -82.1
     d) other                              6,939            -49.6
 II. Non-commercial traffic              16,307             -48.5

 C. AIR FREIGHT (KG), TOTAL           29,302,187            -11.9
 I. Local traffic                     19,557,571             -9.6
      a) off-load                     10,881,194             -4.4
      b) on-load                       8,676,377            -15.3
 1. Scheduled traffic                 19,229,200              3.3
      a) freighters                    4,771,183             40.5
 2. Non-scheduled traffic               328,371             -89.1
      a) freighters                      302,029            -89.8
 II. Transit                            788,464               6.4
 III. Trucking                         8,956,152            -17.9

 D.    AIR MAIL (KG), TOTAL            5,630,134            -41.1
 I.    Local traffic                   5,622,504            -41.1
 1.    Night mail                      5,559,415            -41.1
 II.   Transit                             7,630             28.7

Traffic statistics Schoenefeld
                                                   Change com-
                                                  pared to previ-
                                          2009      ous year in %

 A. PASSENGERS, TOTAL                 6,797,158              2.4
 I. Local traffic                     6,778,693              2.3
                                                                    Peak days
 1. Scheduled                         6,446,742              2.3
     a) domestic                      1,405,793             17.8
     b) international                 5,040,949             -1.3
                                                                    25,153 passengers
 2. Non-scheduled                      331,951               2.3
     a) charter                         302,282             -1.7
     b) tramp and requested flights      26,373             70.1
                                                                    205 flight movements
     c) other                             3,296            105.2
 II. Transit                            18,465              30.4
                                                                    Peak times
 B. FLIGHT MOVEMENTS, TOTAL             75,538               9.8
 I. Commercial traffic                  65,303               8.5    28/06/2009
 1. Scheduled                           54,386               2.0    9 – 10 p.m.
     a) Passenger                        53,127               0.9   2,882 passengers
     b) Freight                           1,259             77.1
 2. Non-scheduled                       10,917              59.5    24/02/2009
     a) charter                           2,363               9.8   10 – 11 p.m.
     b) tramp and requested flights       3,487            227.1    23 flight movements
     c) freight                             62             -87.2
     d) other                             5,005             59.4
 II. Non-commercial traffic             10,235              19.2

 C. AIR FREIGHT (KG), TOTAL           4,245,619             -3.5
 I. Local traffic                     3,988,164             -5.2
      a) off-load                     2,166,840             14.8
      b) on-load                      1,821,324            -21.5
 1. Scheduled traffic                 3,823,150            141.0
      a) freighters                   3,007,757            244.3
 2. Non-scheduled traffic              165,014             -93.7
      a) freighters                     160,734            -93.8
 II. Transit                           166,393             198.1
 III. Trucking                          91,062             -33.9

 D.    AIR MAIL (KG), TOTAL           2,979,057            -32.5
 I.    Local traffic                  2,977,743            -32.6
 1.    Night mail                     2,972,242            -32.6
 II.   Transit                           1,314             511.2

Traffic statistics Tegel
                                                    Change com-
                                                   pared to previ-
                                           2009      ous year in %

 A. PASSENGERS, TOTAL                 14,180,237             -2.1
 I. Local traffic                     14,154,909             -2.2
                                                                     Peak days
 1. Scheduled                         13,724,101             -1.7
     a) domestic                       6,608,398             -5.2
     b) international                  7,115,703               1.9
                                                                     56,731 passengers
 2. Non-scheduled                       430,808             -15.9
     a) charter                          417,460            -17.6
     b) tramp and requested flights       10,651            164.7
                                                                     514 flight movements
     c) other                              2,697             87.6
 II. Transit                             25,328              35.5
                                                                     Peak times
 B. FLIGHT MOVEMENTS, TOTAL             156,262              -3.1
 I. Commercial traffic                  150,190              -3.0    18/09/2009
 1. Scheduled                           142,477              -4.7    6 – 7 p.m.
     a) Passenger                        141,408             -4.5    5,090 passengers
     b) Freight                            1,069            -19.9
 2. Non-scheduled                          7,713             41.8    02/10/2009
     a) charter                            3,130            -17.6    7– 8 p.m.
     b) tramp and requested flights        2,620            256.5    47 flight movements
     c) freight                              29              45.0
     d) other                              1,934            118.3
 II. Non-commercial traffic                6,072             -4.2

 C. AIR FREIGHT (KG), TOTAL           25,056,568            -11.9
 I. Local traffic                     15,569,407             -8.3
      a) off-load                      8,714,354             -5.9
      b) on-load                       6,855,053            -11.1
 1. Scheduled traffic                 15,406,050             -7.1
      a) freighters                    1,763,426            -15.2
 2. Non-scheduled traffic               163,357             -58.8
      a) freighters                      141,295            -61.7
 II. Transit                            622,071              -9.3
 III. Trucking                         8,865,090            -17.7

 D.    AIR MAIL (KG), TOTAL            2,651,077            -48.4
 I.    Local traffic                   2,644,761            -48.5
 1.    Night mail                      2,587,173            -48.6
 II.   Transit                             6,316             10.6

  Undoubtedly the fastest:
  Global transportation of goods

In a globalised world, the rapid          The volume of air mail handled           emergency situations (e. g. following
transportation of goods is becom-         fell by 41.1 per cent to 5,630           the earthquake in Haiti in January
ing increasingly important.               tons. Deutsche Post World Net            2010), while Chapman Freeborn
Nowadays, eating fresh fruit from         AG suspended all domestic night          Airmarketing, which is also based in
the other side of the world is as         mail flights between late June and       Schoenefeld, organised aid trans-
much a part of everyday life as           late November 2009. The Berlin–          ports to Dushanbe (Tajikistan) for
reading a local daily newspaper           Stuttgart route was resumed in late      the German charity Friedensdorf.
while on holiday. Highly sensitive        November 2009, as delivery times
goods, high-tech and biotech              could not be met using road services.    Growth market belly freight on
goods, as well as relief aid in the                                                long-haul routes
event of a disaster, are all trans-       Cargo Centre in Schoenefeld              Belly freight increased by around a
ported by aircraft.                       specialises in cargo                     third on long-haul flights in Berlin,
                                          With a 24-hour service and a Cargo       despite the difficult financial envi-
Air freight trend in 2009                 Centre that has a modular design         ronment. The leader in terms of
In 2009, 29,302 tons of air freight       for complete flexibility, Schoene-       volume is Hainan Airlines’ non-stop
were handled at Berlin Airports           feld offers ideal conditions for air     flight to Beijing, which accounted
(-11.9 %), of which 20,346 tons           freight customers. Deutsche Post         for almost half of long-haul belly
were transported by aircraft (not         World Net AG flies night mail from       freight. This was followed by Delta
including trucking); down nine per        Schoenefeld to Stuttgart and UPS         Air Lines and Continental Airlines
cent on the previous year. Global air     and Federal Express fly express          services to New York, with the lat-
freight experienced a similarly sharp     freight to their European distribution   ter operating a larger Boeing B 767
decline due to the financial crisis.      centres in Cologne and Paris. The        on this service for the winter flight
Signs of a market recovery were visi-     German Red Cross set up a Crisis         schedule. Air Berlin also managed
ble, however, towards the end of the      Response Centre at Schoenefeld           to increase its belly freight on
year with air freight loaded increasing   Airport, enabling it to provide rapid    long-haul flights (Bangkok, Phuket,
by 20 per cent in December.               assistance anywhere in the world in      Varadero) by one per cent.

                                                                                   BBI equipped for the future
                                                                                   A cargo centre for belly freight is
                                                                                   being built on the midfield right next
                                                                                   to the BBI Terminal. The new facility,
                                                                                   which is specially designed to handle
                                                                                   belly freight for long-haul carriers,
                                                                                   will be completed in time for BBI
                                                                                   opening. BBI is well equipped for the
                                                                                   future. According to the planning
                                                                                   stipulation decision, there is suffi-
                                                                                   cient room for expansion to accom-
                                                                                   modate further freight.

  Much more than flying – the best service for passengers

Dr. Norbert Minhorst, Head of the business segment Non Aviation Management at Berlin Airports

Almost all of the tables in the                 gastronomy and service needs.                   redesign all aspects of Non Avia-
airport’s cafes are occupied,                   The BBI marketplace is impressive,              tion – from the concept through
business travellers are grabbing a              even by international standards.                planning and rental to operations.
quick espresso at the bar. Exclu-               The unique marketing opportunities              In order to ensure that our ideas
sive collections are being sold in              offered by Brandenburg and Berlin               were fully incorporated in the
the shops and high-quality gifts                will define the new airport in terms            building plans, we drafted the con-
or souvenirs can be bought at                   of gastronomy and retail. A com-                cept for the Non Aviation segment
attractive prices in the Duty Free              bination of regional, national and              early on. The guiding principle for
shops. Is this how you envisage                 international concepts and brands               all drafts was to see things from
BBI?                                            represent a new international airport           a passenger’s perspective. The
The BBI marketplace is a meeting                that is rooted to its origins.                  wide variety of businesses offered
place for all of our passengers, holi-                                                          is designed to cater to the needs
daymakers and business travellers.              Non Aviation revenue is becoming                and desires of travellers. Concepts,
Following check-in and the security             increasingly important for airports.            brands and tenants are specifically
checkpoints, around 150 sales units             What kind of concept do you have                chosen so that BBI has something
spanning an area twice the size of              in mind for BBI?                                to offer everyone. Berlin’s Non
that of Schoenefeld and Tegel put               The new Capital Airport offers the              Aviation segment is now in concert
together cater to all their shopping,           unique opportunity to completely                with major German airports. BBI

will be another quantum leap for-       And which bidders were able to           future tenants will be determined
ward for us, putting us in an excel-    head off the competition and             and efforts can then be concentra-
lent position internationally.          secure space at BBI?                     ted on developing lettable space.
                                        In late 2009, Gebr. Heinemann from
How would an interested party go        Hamburg was chosen for the Duty          How is your segment prepared
about renting a shop or restaurant      Free shop. The international supplier    for BBI?
at BBI?                                 was able to head off the competi-        A team of specialists was put
Last year, we developed a lengthy,      tion with the best offer by far. An      together from a range of different
legally sound letting process to        anchor tenant with great symbolic        segments to meet this challenging
ensure fairness and transparency.       value was therefore chosen, and          task. Staff who have come to the
Interested parties now have equal       we were able to realise our financial    airport, and in some cases to Berlin,
opportunity to rent space at BBI.       goals.                                   to face this challenge are working
Profitability is ultimately the deci-                                            with a young and dynamic team
ding factor.                            The negotiations for all other areas     of workers from the company. No
                                        will soon be completed. The next         matter whether they are from the
Space at BBI is let in phases accord-   step will be to conclude contracts       retail or gastronomy sector, from
ing to industry. All industries must    with car rental companies and then       other airports, from advertising
undergo a three-stage process: fol-     reach decisions on the gastronomy        agencies or engineering companies,
lowing a pre-qualification process,     sector at BBI. Offers are currently      or whether this is their first job since
which is mandatory for all prospec-     being evaluated for the retail sector,   completing their studies, they all
tive tenants, the prospective tenant    and those for services will short-       have one thing in common: they are
submits an offer. Negotiations are      ly follow. Our aim is to conclude        all boldly rising to the challenge with
then held with the best-placed can-     all negotiations and contracts by        lots of creativity, energy and the
didates for each lettable area, which   autumn 2010. More than a year            necessary degree of respect. This
lead to the conclusion of a contract.   before BBI goes into operation, the      team is demonstrating how it aims
                                                                                 to and can shape the future. We
                                                                                 couldn't be better prepared for BBI.

Promoted to the premier league           Berlin is well on the way to becom-       of the parking spots. Berlin Airports
The Non Aviation segment at Berlin       ing the capital of airport advertising.   has also cooperated with trade
Airports has become something of         New concepts could be launched            associations on a quality drive for
a success in recent years, with Berlin   and new marketing strategies tested       taxis to improve customer services
faring well in comparison to other       when marketing advertising space,         and comfort.
major German airports.                   which meant that the crisis in the
                                         advertising industry did not hit Ber-     The guiding principle for all Non
Retail space in Tegel boulevard has      lin Airports as hard as other airports.   Aviation concepts is: focus on the
been expanded considerably and                                                     passenger and their desires.
offerings made much more attrac-         Car rental, parking facility manage-
tive for passengers. Now all passen-     ment and taxis are key to airport
gers departing from Tegel can not        operations. Parking spaces are few        Outlook BBI
only shop, but also make use of food     and far between, especially in Tegel.     The opening of the new Capital
outlets at every gate. Walk-through      In line with the forecast increase in     Airport BBI will put the Non Aviation
Duty Free and Travel Value shops         passengers this year, some structural     segment in an excellent position,
have contributed to a significant        changes are being made, however it        internationally, too. In an age of
increase in revenue, while taking        is no longer possible to invest in new    ever-faster passenger traffic, BBI
direct responsibility for tenancy and    parking spots. A pre-booking system       offers passengers the best possible
centre management has proven to          is already being tested for BBI in        place to stay. The service provided
be a wise move.                          Schoenefeld, which will increase          by retailers and service providers
                                         flexibility and help make better use      as well as bars and restaurants is

outstanding. The range of food           to four times higher than for shops       ed facades and clear, geometric
and beverages on offer caters to         located in the city centre or shop-       forms, which continue architectural
the needs and desires of visitors        ping centres.                             elements ranging from the Prussian
and is impressive both in terms of                                                 designer Karl Friedrich Schinkel to the
freshness and quality. The central       A large marketplace forms the cen-        Bauhaus style, the range of shops,
marketplace presents a diverse           trepiece of the BBI Terminal, where       restaurants and services on offer
and exceptional range of offers to       all passengers converge. This differ-     exude a very special flair.
an international audience with an        entiates BBI from all other airports in
attractive range of regional, national   Germany and also from most inter-
and international brands. Value for      national airports. This marketplace
money is fair and in line with other     is both interesting and diverse with
inner-city locations.                    good recreational qualities. Here
                                         passengers can see the wide range
Across an area spanning 20,000           of offers available at a glance. These
square metres, i. e. the size of two     offers are intended to encourage
football pitches, approximately          passengers to shop or grab a bite to
120 spaces will be located past the      eat or drink.
security checkpoints (airside) and
around 30 spaces in the public area      The range of Non Aviation offers
(landside). Productivity per square      will project a positive image of BBI.
metre of shop space airside is up        Just like the terminal, with its divid-

Real Estate
  Targeted real estate management

Harald Siegle, Head of the business segment Real Estate Management at Berlin Airports

Those wanting to build a house                   and secure real estate and property    for facility management. Our job
know how it is: first you need                   for BBI, structure and manage the      is to ensure cost transparency at
to find the right plot of land and               property portfolio, manage and run     property level, minimise building
then start construction. Work                    the property commercially, and are     operation costs and manage exter-
doesn’t end, however, when the                   project developers and salesmen.       nal revenue potential. Real Estate
construction work is completed.                  In short, Real Estate Management       Management is responsible for all
The building must be maintained                  forms the foundation for all airport   profits and losses relating to com-
and additional costs paid. When                  operations.                            pany property and real estate.
apartments are let, rental charges
also apply, a caretaker must be                  Is it a money-making business?         What tasks are you faced with in
hired and other administrative                   Real Estate Management is one of       the run-up to BBI opening?
work must be completed. Do you                   the three core business segments       Since assuming the role of Head of
have to go through a similar pro-                of Berlin Airports and is key to       Real Estate Management in August
cess for an airport?                             increasing revenue. It assumes the     2009, we have designed the growth
Yes, the work of Real Estate                     role of owner for all corporate real   axis for the airport’s own space. We
Management is quite similar, albeit              estate, is an internal and external    have formed districts, gave them
on a grander scale. An airport is                service provider for real estate       a profile and defined development
like a small city. We invest, buy                management tasks and a principal       timelines. Using the terminal as

a basis, we will gradually develop      Multi-storey car parks, a car rental     role of owner, focusing on increasing
the space eastwards according to        centre and operational buildings         the value of long-term portfolio
demand.                                 such as buildings for ground handling    properties and the future proper-
                                        and security services are to follow.     ty of BBI. An in-depth analysis of
Multi-storey car parks, hotels,         These will be contracted by spring       portfolio properties is carried out
office buildings – an airport is        2010 on the basis of lease financ-       in order to determine appreciation
much more than just a terminal.         ing. Real Estate Management sup-         potential and make the relevant
What is the status quo?                 ports these processes by creating        recommendations for action. Loca-
We are currently focusing on specific   plots and providing land on the basis    tion planning and space allocation
project developments, i.e. buildings    of heritable building right contracts.   ensure that real estate development
that should be completed in time for                                             at the airport is in line with the
BBI opening.                            We were able to complete the first       market. In order to achieve this long
                                        development section of our other         term, we have created a strategic
The tender process for the two          large-scale development project,         master plan to effectively expand
buildings directly in front of the      the Business Park Berlin, on sched-      airport space to meet consumer
terminal in Airport City – an office    ule in late 2009. Building applica-      demand and market requirements.
building and a hotel – as well as a     tions are currently in preparation
Cargo Centre to the north east of       from investors who have already
Airport City has been running since     purchased land from us.
Q3 2009. Hereditary building
rights will be granted gradually in     Concepts are currently being drawn
spring 2010. Construction work is       up for further development and
expected to start on the buildings in   subsequent use of portfolio proper-
2010.                                   ties at Schoenefeld Airport and will
                                        be actively pursued in the coming

                                        What other preparations have you
                                        made for BBI?
                                        Not only the aforementioned pro-
                                        ject developments, but also the
                                        segments Asset Management and
                                        Real Estate Management are geared
                                        towards BBI. In 2010, infrastructural
                                        services will be awarded. 2011 will
                                        be the year of implementation –
                                        from involving service providers to
                                        performing trial runs.

                                        Asset Management, i.e. the value-
                                        based, strategic and operational
                                        management of property estate,
                                        actively performs the designated

Top investment opportunities at         green areas are designed to create        investor to construct an air cargo
the new Capital Airport BBI             good recreational qualities. What         building on the outskirts of Airport
                                        makes Airport City so special is not      City. Furthermore, Berlin Airports
Airport City                            only its excellent business pros-         is planning to contract the building
Airport City is being built right in    pects and quality location, but also      of four multi-storey car parks and a
front of the terminal of the new        its exceptional regional and inter-       car hire centre on the basis of lease
Capital Airport Berlin Branden-         national transport connections.           financing in spring 2010. Planning
burg International (BBI). The urban                                               regulations are safeguarded by the
service complex offers investors        The tender processes for construct-       planning stipulation decision on
and users the unique opportunity        ing the first buildings in Airport City   the airport.
to invest directly in the region’s      are almost completed. A Europe-
location of the future. Five- to six-   wide tender process was held to find
storey buildings with a gross floor     investors for building a luxury con-
area of around 148,000 square           ference and congress hotel as well
metres can be built on variable         as an office and service complex
lots spanning 16 hectares. Urban        by awarding a building concession
development plans envisage a for-       on the basis of a ground lease with
midable ensemble, extending along       an obligation to build. The same
a central plaza. Open spaces with       concept is envisaged for finding an

Business Park Berlin                   Marketing efforts will focus on the     to the development and sale of
The Business Park Berlin is Berlin's   entry area of the Business Park         available land. Work is set to begin
biggest continuous industrial and      Berlin located directly on the B96a     on constructing the second devel-
commercial park and a key part of      and spanning approximately eight        opment section in early 2011.
the development of the area sur-       hectares, which will provide an
rounding the airport. It spans an      urban centre for offices, hotels and
area of around 109 hectares and        service providers. The develop-
lies on the north-east perimeter of    ment plan will be finalised in spring
the future Capital Airport BBI. The    2010, however building applica-
Business Park Berlin has excellent     tions will be accepted now.
road and rail connections to local
and main-line trains. The wide         The first development section with
expanse of landscaped area offers      a four-lane main development axis
made-to-measure, fully developed       and two other connecting roads
plots in various shapes and sizes      was completed in late 2009. The
for all kinds of companies. Around     development is carried out in four
40 hectares are already available      separate sections and in parallel
for sale to investors for extensive
multi-client facilities.

we are

         In a global economy, the rapid and
        reliable transportation of goods and
       people is a decisive factor for every
   region. Berlin Airports is the gateway to
      the world and a mobility platform for
  Berlin and Brandenburg. The company is
   a modern service provider and a reliable
  employer. Berlin Airports is well aware of
its responsibility to the surrounding region
   and the environment and actively seeks
                dialogue with its neighbours.

  An attractive employer

Berlin Airports is a dynamic enter-
prise faced with the exciting chal-
lenge of building and preparing for
operation the new Capital Airport
BBI. This period of transition gives
us the opportunity to reshape and
re-align the company to meet future

Number of employees (on 31 December of each year)

             2000          2001          2002          2003          2004          2005          2006           2007          2008          2009
SXF            609           623           622           624           680           720            750           794           862           918
TXL            617           613           614           617           559           539            537           527           587           548
THF*           341           328           313           291           258           242            223           173            38               1
Total        1,567         1,564         1,549         1,532         1,497         1,501         1,510         1,494         1,487         1,467
(active employees, employees released from their duties, employees in active partial retirement and those released from their duties under this
 scheme, former trainees, marginal employees, students, interns, trainees, temporary staff)
*Figures for 2008: FMT GmbH, figures for 2009: FMT i. L.

                                                  Flight schedule for BBI                            subsidiary Facility Management
                                                  All employees of Berlin Airports will              Tempelhof GmbH i. L. Additionally,
                                                  be actively included in the merger                 there were 84 employees in the
                                                  of Berlin’s formerly three, and now                passive phase of the early retire-
                                                  two, airport locations to form BBI.                ment programme, 63 trainees and
                                                  In 2009 therefore, we presented                    BA students.
                                                  the “Flight Schedule for BBI”. A
                                                  range of activities, including BBI                 Job development
                                                  conventions, a series of presen-                   In preparation for the merger of
                                                  tations, visits by members of the                  Berlin's two airports for the new
                                                  management to the different seg-                   BBI, the number of jobs at Berlin
                                                  ments, a brochure, the employee                    Airports has been reduced slightly.
                                                  magazine and intranet, were orga-                  Due to employee demographics,
                                                  nised to enhance the exchange of                   there were numerous new recruit-
                                                  information. The next step will be                 ments in 2009. From more than
                                                  to arrange personal meetings with                  2,200 applications, 29 new emplo-
                                                  the employees to discuss their                     yees were recruited.
                                                  future position at the airport.
                                                                                                     Employee productivity at Berlin
                                                  Employees                                          Airports has increased steadily over
                                                  On 31 December 2009, Berlin                        the years; with 65.53 employees
                                                  Airports had 1,467 employees, of                   per million passengers in 2009
                                                  which 918 were based in Schoene-                   (2008: 66.38).
                                                  feld, 548 in Tegel and one at the

HR activities                          subsidiary Facility Management          health classes were offered and the
In 2009, work continued on devel-      Tempelhof GmbH was wound down.          issue of substance abuse at work
oping a “Professional HR Develop-      The department succeeded in inte-       was addressed.
ment” plan to optimally position the   grating the large majority of the
company to meet the challenges of      subsidiary’s employees in Flughafen     Training
the new Capital Airport.               Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH. In 2009,       With 63 trainees, Berlin Airports is
                                       as part of the executive develop-       the biggest training provider in the
In the first quarter of 2009,          ment process, a large number of         region. In August 2009, 24 young
collective wage negotiations were      training courses for department         trainees started traineeships at Berlin
successfully concluded and a new       managers was held; for the first        Airports in eight different vocational
wage contract was agreed. Under        time, a scheme was also offered         fields. 31 young people completed
the terms of the new agreement,        for members of the operative            their training, and those with good
all employees will receive a bonus     management teams. More than 580         marks were offered temporary or
based on the company’s profits in      employees took part in over 190         permanent employment contracts
2007; an increase in the basic         training courses and seminars aimed     with the company.
collective wage was also agreed.       at building methodological, social
                                       and specialist skills. As part of the
The HR department faced un-            company’s health management pro-
scheduled challenges when the          gramme, a wide range of preventive

  Green airport

As air traffic continues to grow, air-   generated by infrastructure supplies             aircraft demonstrations at the ILA
ports are increasingly faced with the    by 48 per cent, from 74,600 tons                 show in 2008. If ILA flights are not
challenge of complying with strin-       per year (2007) to 38,700 tons per               included, there was a 0.5 dB(A) rise
gent environmental standards. Berlin     year.                                            in the annual Leq across all measure-
Airports has put in place a compre-                                                       ment points.
hensive environmental management         Aircraft noise
system to cover the airports Tegel       Noise protection for residents is a              The annual Leq for the night time
and Schoenefeld, which precisely         top priority at Berlin Airports. That’s          dropped by 0.3 dB(A); this is due
defines all responsibilities. Manage-    why precise readings are taken of                to a 3.6 per cent decrease in the
ment has top-level responsibility for    noise exposure at the airports.                  number of night flights. As ILA
environmental protection. The key                                                         flights all took place during the day,
objective of environmental protec-       In accordance with the Air Traffic               this value is identical for both cases.
tion is to minimise as far as possible   Noise Control Act of 31 October
the environmental impact of airport      2007, the annual exposure to noise               Tegel
operations. Environmental con-           is expressed by the equivalent con-              The average equivalent continuous
cerns and climate protection have        tinuous noise level (Leq) for daytime            noise level Leq recorded at the
top priority in all areas, from noise    and night time. The six busiest                  measurement points in the vicinity
reduction to energy policies, waste      traffic months of the year are used              of Tegel Airport remained stable
management and the conservation          as a reference period.                           in 2009, despite a 3.1 per cent
of rivers, lakes and wetlands.                                                            decrease in traffic [+0.2 dB(A)].
                                                                                          Night time air traffic noise
Climate protection                       Schoenefeld                                      (10 p.m. – 6 a.m.) at Tegel deserves
As Berlin Airports aims to limit cli-    The annual noise level of the daily              particular attention: with a 7.1 per
mate gas emissions to an absolute        equivalent continuous noise level Leq,           cent decrease in night time flights,
minimum, the company has been            calculated across all measurement                the average equivalent continuo-
performing annual emission audits        points in accordance with the Air                us noise level Leq dropped slightly
since 2008 in line with the United       Traffic Noise Control Act, decreased             [-0.6 dB(A)].
Nations’ Greenhouse Gas Protocol.        by 1.8 dB(A) over the previous year.
As part of our ongoing drive to          In 2009, flight movements increa-
improve Berlin Airports’ energy effi-    sed by 9.8 per cent at Schoenefeld
ciency, we set up the Climate Pro-       Airport. Compared with this rise
tection Working Group, which meets       in traffic, aircraft noise decreased
regularly to consult on the reduction    significantly; this is due to the loud
of harmful climate gas emissions and
implement plans of action.
                                                                                                        SXF                       TXL
The construction of the new Capital                                                    2008
Airport BBI in particular will con-                                       2008       excl. ILA        2009         2008         2009
siderably improve Berlin Airports’       Flight movements in thousand                     68.8         75.5        161.2        156.3
carbon footprint. The closure of         Passengers in millions                            6.6          6.8         14.5          14.2
existing airports, the opening of the    Annual Leq, daytime [dB(A)]       58.6           56.3         56.8*        62.5          62.7
new energy efficient airport and the     Annual Leq, night time [dB(A)]    53.2           53.2         52.9*        53.1          52.5
use of alternative sources to gene-      *Measurement point 7 in Blankenfelde was not in operation for most of 2008; the annual average
rate the power needed will enable         noise level for 2009 was calculated without data from this measurement point.
us to reduce the carbon emissions

Compensatory measures
The construction of BBI is being
accompanied by a wide range of
compensatory measures. On aver-
age, we are planting three trees
for every tree felled and creating
replacements for every biotope we
are forced to sacrifice for the new
airport. All measures are detailed
in the planning stipulation decision
and will be implemented by Berlin
Airports, for example five new parks
are planned in Großziethen and

In 2009, the compensatory mea-
sures took on further shape, partic-
ularly in the area around the new
airport. With the exception of a few
small areas yet to be done, refores-
ting has been completed. All the
new trees are being established and
nurtured by watering and pruning
them; the surrounding green strips
and hedgerows will be cut several
times a year until they have adapted
to the natural local conditions.

The planning stipulation decision
for the complex compensatory
measures in the Zülow lowlands
is expected to be handed down in
2010, allowing us to start preparing
for implementation. A range of
interdependent measures is to be
implemented in the 2,500 hectares
of lowlands and will result in a
discernible improvement in habitat
for local flora and fauna.

  The airport – a good neighbour

No other infrastructure project          local area. Against this background,      (BBI), is committed to establishing
will have quite such an impact on        Berlin Airports is committed to           open and transparent communi-
the Berlin and Brandenburg region        doing all it can to ensure that it is a   cation between the communities
as the expansion of Schoenefeld          good neighbour to the residents in        and districts and Berlin Airports
Airport into the new BBI. The new        the areas surrounding the airport.        and its shareholders. The focus of
airport will be the region’s biggest     Berlin Airports is fully committed        this voluntary process is on finding
workplace and the key international      to assuming responsibility for the        mutually satisfactory solutions to
hub for Germany’s capital and the        region.                                   potential conflicts and balancing the
area around it. As with any project                                                interests of all parties involved.
of this magnitude and importance, a      Dialogue Forum                  
certain degree of noise and traffic is   The Berlin Brandenburg Airport
unavoidable. An airport cannot sim-      Dialogue Forum, which accompanies
ply relocate its facilities to another   the construction work for Berlin
country – it is firmly rooted in its     Brandenburg International Airport

Noise protection programme for           applied for noise protection mea-         Dahme-Spreewald and Teltow-
the Capital Airport BBI                  sures. All applications received by       Fläming. The city of Berlin benefits
As the Capital Airport BBI is being      30 November 2010 will be proces-          from the other 50 per cent, with
built, Berlin Airports is also imple-    sed and the necessary noise protect-      the district of Treptow-Köpenick
menting a comprehensive noise            ion installed before the airport opens.   receiving the majority.
protection programme for the local       Local residents can apply for noise
residents in the area around the new     protection until 2016, a good five
airport. A budget of ¤ 140 million       years after BBI opens for business.
has been allocated for the scheme.
To inform all local residents about      The supplementary planning order
the noise protection programme,          “Noise Protection at BBI” was issued
Berlin Airports distributed a free       in October 2009. In it the planning
brochure containing full details of      approval authorities in the Branden-
the scheme to all households in          burg Ministry for Infrastructure
the airport area. Berlin Airports is     ruled on night flights and passive
also committed to seeking direct         noise protection for the residents in
and personal contact with all those      the area around the new BBI. Prior
affected and answering all questions     to this order, on 16 March 2006 the
in local consultation sessions in the    Federal Administrative Court gave
communities, on BBI Infobus tours        final authorisation for Schoenefeld
and at airportworld bbi.                 Airport to be expanded into BBI and
                                         stipulated a supplementary planning
Owners of properties within the          procedure for noise protection.
designated protection zones are          Berlin Airports will be informing all
eligible for the installation of noise   residents about any changes result-
protection or reimbursement of           ing from the supplementary planning
the cost of such measures. Noise         order “Noise Protection at BBI” and
protection will be fitted to public      continue to swiftly implement the
buildings, such as kindergartens,        noise protection programme.
schools, old people’s homes and
hospitals, as well as residential        Active support for the region
buildings.                               Berlin Airports is a committed part-
                                         ner of the local sports clubs, cultural
In 2009, Berlin Airports started         associations and social institutions
rolling out the noise protection pro-    such as schools and kindergartens.
gramme for private households in         The primary focus is on supporting
the area around the new airport.         children and young people in the
Around half of all households in         area. The majority of funding goes
the vicinity of the airport entitled     to regional sports clubs and asso-
to grants under the scheme have          ciations, where the donations are
                                         used to keep membership fees as
                                         low as possible. Around 50 per cent
                                         of the sponsorship projects and
                                         donations go to the state of
                                         Brandenburg, mainly the districts

  How to get in touch with us

“Which airline flies to New York? Can      Construction Site and Airport
I visit the BBI construction site? How     Experience tours
far is the airport from the city cen-      To allow visitors to watch the pro-
tre?” The friendly staff at the airport    gress at the site first hand, Berlin
will be more than happy to provide         Airports offers guided bus tours
answers to these and any other que-        across the site. Aviation fans can
stions you may have. Berlin Airports       take a guided tour behind the scenes
offers a wide range of information         at Schoenefeld Airport. Both tours
services, including a helpline for         conclude with a visit to the BBI Info-
general airport enquiries, the visitors’   tower.
centre at airportworld bbi and BBI
construction site tours.                   The two-hour tours must be
                                           booked in advance. Bookings can
Construction site marketing                be made Mondays to Fridays from
A site the size of 2,000 football pit-     9 a.m. to 3 p.m. by calling
ches, busy diggers and thousands of        +49 30 6091-2250 or directly
workers – the BBI construction site        online at
is currently the biggest and certainly     The construction site tour costs
the most exciting in the Berlin regi-      ¤ 10 per person, ¤ 5 for concessions.    airportworld bbi
on, as well as being Europe’s largest      Details of group prices can be found     airportworld bbi provides a wide
airport construction site. Under the       on the website.                          range of information and entertain-
motto “We build, you watch”, Berlin                                                 ment for visitors, business partners,
Airports welcomes visitors to the          BBI Infotower                            passengers and neighbours of Berlin
site. You can also follow the progress     The 32-metre high tower offers a         Airports. Offerings include films and
at the site from the comfort of your       stunning panoramic view across the       presentations on aviation in Berlin
own home – with the webcam and             airport building site. The informati-    and Brandenburg, the Berlin Airports
construction site diary. For more          on pavilion at the foot of the tower     visitor service, expert informati-
details, visit      provides a wealth of additional          on and advice on the expansion of
                                           information about the                    Schoenefeld Airport into BBI, and
                                           new BBI Airport.                         current vacancies on the BBI job
                                                                                    market. The package is complemen-
                                           Opening hours: (advance booking          ted by a series of changing exhibi-
                                           is not required, daily) in the winter    tions and a conference centre for
                                           between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., in           small groups.
                                           the summer between 10 a.m. and
                                           6 p.m. The observation platform can      Opening hours:
                                           be reached via a spiral staircase or     Mondays to Fridays, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
                                           the lift. Admission is ¤ 2 and ¤ 1 for
                                           children (up to 14 years).               airportworld bbi
                                                                                    Berlin Airports’ Visitor Centre
                                                                                    Schoenefeld Airport
                                                                                    D-12521 Berlin
                                                                                    Phone +49 30 6091-2070
                                                                                    Fax +49 30 6091-2071

Airport information and bookings            Key information for mobile devices is     Information for media
Our friendly staff at our call centre are   also available at                         representatives
there to help you, seven days a week,                     All press releases, information packs,
24 hours a day. They will provide                                                     images, videos and the latest Berlin
information on arrivals and depar-          At, Berlin Airports’        Airports publications are available
tures, getting to the airport, facilities   online travel portal, you can search      through our media centre on the
and accommodation here or put you           for and book flights to, from and         website.
through to the right contact person.        via Berlin. The site also gives lots of
Phone +49 1805 000186                       useful tips and advice on organising
(¤ 0.14/min. from a German land-            your stay in Berlin. The    Media contacts
line; prices from mobile networks           newsletter sends travellers up-to-        • Ralf Kunkel, Head of Corporate
may vary)                                   date information directly by e-mail.        Communications and Press Officer
                                                           • Leif Erichsen, Press Officer
Help with booking flights:
Phone +49 1805 694569                                                                 Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH
(¤ 0.14/min. from a German land-                                                      Press Office
line; prices from mobile networks                                                     Schoenefeld Airport
may vary)                                                                             D-12521 Berlin
                                                                                      Phone +49 30 6091-2055
Online                                                                                Fax +49 30 6091-1643
The Berlin Airports’ website is a
valuable source of information for
visitors and passengers, corporate
customers and business partners;
it also provides the latest press
releases on the new Capital Airport
BBI and Berlin Airports.

Management of Berlin Airports
                                Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz
                                Chief Executive Officer

                                Manfred Körtgen
                                Managing Director of

                                (from left to right)

Ownership structure

  Members of the Supervisory Board of
Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH in 2009

                                                                                 Representatives of the
Berlin State Representatives            Brandenburg State Representatives        Federal Republic of Germany

Mr Klaus Wowereit                       Minister President                       State Secretary
Governing Mayor of Berlin               Matthias Platzeck                        Prof. Dr. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup
Chairman of the Supervisory Board       Brandenburg State Government, Potsdam    Federal Minister of Transport, Building
                                        Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board   and Urban Affairs, Berlin
Mr Michael Zehden
A–Z Hotelmanagement und                 Mr Ulrich Junghanns                      Permanent Secretary
Beratungs GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin         Retired Minister                         Henry B. Cordes
                                        Ministry of Economics of the             Federal Ministry of Finance, Berlin
Senator Harald Wolf                     State of Brandenburg, Potsdam
Senate Department for Economics,        from 21/10/2003 until 06/11/2009
Technology and Women’s Issues, Berlin
                                        Minister Rainer Speer
Mr Klaus Teichert                       Ministry of the Interior of the
Retired State Secretary                 State of Brandenburg, Potsdam
Senate Department for Finance, Berlin
from 23/09/2008 until 11/08/2009        Mr Günther Troppmann
                                        Deutsche Kreditbank AG, Berlin
State Secretary
Dr. Christian Sundermann
Senate Department for Finance, Berlin
from 11/08/2009

  Members of the Supervisory Board of
Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH in 2009

Employee representatives                                                    FBS Management

Mr Holger Rößler                      Ms Claudia Heinrich                   Mr Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz
ver.di e.V., Berlin                   Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH     (CEO)
                                      Schoenefeld Airport, Berlin
Ms Franziska Hammermeister                                                  Mr Dipl.-Ing. Architect
Berliner Flughafen-Gesellschaft mbH   Mr Sven Munsonius                     Manfred Körtgen
Tegel Airport, Berlin                 Berliner Flughafen-Gesellschaft mbH
                                      Tegel Airport, Berlin

                                      Mr Peter Lindner
                                      Berliner Flughafen-Gesellschaft mbH
                                      Tegel Airport, Berlin
                                      from 22/01/2009

                                      Mr Hans-Joachim Büchner
                                      Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH
                                      Schoenefeld Airport, Berlin
                                      from 04/11/2003 until 22/01/2009

  Members of the Supervisory Board of
Berliner Flughafen-Gesellschaft mbH in 2009

Shareholder Representatives               Employee representatives              BFG Management

Mr Michael Zehden                         Ms Franziska Hammermeister            Mr Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz
A-Z Hotelmanagement und                   Berliner Flughafen-Gesellschaft mbH
Beratungs GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin           Tegel Airport, Berlin                 Mr Dipl.-Ing. Architect
Berlin State Representative                                                     Manfred Körtgen
Chairman of the Supervisory Board         Mr Peter Lindner
                                          Berliner Flughafen-Gesellschaft mbH
Assistant Secretary                       Tegel Airport, Berlin
Hartmut Spickermann                       from 18/08/2008
Federal Ministry of Transport, Building
and Urban Affairs, Bonn
Government Representative

Assistant Secretary
Dr. Carsten Enneper
Ministry of Economics of the
State of Brandenburg, Potsdam
Brandenburg State Representative


   Berlin Airports has also continued to
   improve its financial results in 2009.
   Compared to 2005, earnings before
        interest, taxes, depreciation and
amortisation (EBITDA) almost doubled,
            hitting the ¤ 91 million mark.
Over the past few years, Berlin Airports
 has thus already generated two-thirds
       of the ¤ 440 million required for
 internal financing. Funding for BBI was
               also secured in June 2009
      in the form of a ¤ 2.4 billion loan.

Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH, Schoenefeld
Consolidated Balance Sheet of 31 December 2009

                                                                       31/12/2009         31/12/2008
ASSETS                                                                          ¤                  ¤
I.  Intangible assets
1.  Software and rights                                                 2,204,948.49       2,251,477.02
2.  Payments on account                                                  399,114.37         441,294.35
                                                                        2,604,062.86       2,692,771.37
II.    Tangible assets
1.     Land and buildings, including
       buildings on third-party land                                 479,383,297.24     469,308,376.23
2.     Technical equipment, plant and machinery                       59,657,873.36      56,356,003.22
3.     Other equipment, fixtures, fittings and
       equipment                                                      17,787,241.35      17,967,149.85
4.     Payments on account and assets in process of construction     964,099,394.48     533,910,129.46
                                                                    1,520,927,806.43   1,077,541,658.76
III.   Financial assets
1.     Participations                                                     51,200.00          51,200.00
2.     Other loans                                                          4,728.00           5,503.00
                                                                          55,928.00          56,703.00
                                                                    1,523,587,797.29   1,080,291,133.13
I.     Inventories
1.     Raw materials and supplies                                       1,373,690.80       1,530,312.90
2.     Uninvoiced sales revenues                                     197,818,622.55     116,339,645.95
                                                                     199,192,313.35     117,869,958.85
II.    Receivables and other assets
1.     Trade accounts receivable                                      37,840,723.99      27,441,297.25
2.     Other assets                                                   38,249,935.97      50,105,571.60
                                                                      76,090,659.96      77,546,868.85
III.   Cash on hand, cash in banks                                    75,214,840.79      66,413,432.24
                                                                     350,497,814.10     261,830,259.94
C.     PREPAID EXPENSES                                               17,583,222.13        1,952,664.77
                                                                   1,891,668,833.52 1,344,074,057.84

Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH, Schoenefeld
Consolidated Balance Sheet of 31 December 2009

                                                            31/12/2009          31/12/2008
Shareholders' Equity and Liabilities                                 ¤                   ¤
I.   Subscribed capitall                                    11,000,000.00      11,000,000.00

II.    Capital surplus                                     903,383,954.62     854,383,954.62

III.   Retained earnings                                    21,194,403.79               0.00

IV.    Unappropriated retained earnings                     31,658,116.23      30,795,632.58
                                                           967,236,474.64     896,179,587.20
B.     DIFFERENCE FROM CAPITAL CONSOLIDATION                         0.00      21,194,403.79
       SUBSIDIES AND INVESTMENT GRANTS                      42,061,973.89      27,834,281.35
1.     Provisions for pensions and similar obligations       4,678,166.00       4,831,519.50
2.     Tax provisions                                        6,208,394.01      10,428,205.95
3.     Other provisions                                     74,871,078.33      63,921,630.35
                                                            85,757,638.34      79,181,355.80
1.     Liabilities due to banks                            451,468,679.07      80,139,766.67
2.     Payments received on account                        291,065,898.98     182,038,053.76
3.     Trade accounts payable                               29,698,647.47      39,657,260.55
4.     Other liabilities                                    17,880,575.47      11,764,418.74
                                                           790,113,800.99     313,599,499.72
F.     DEFERRED INCOME                                       6,498,945.66       6,084,929.98
                                                         1,891,668,833.52   1,344,074,057.84

Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH, Schoenefeld
Consolidated Income Statement for the Fiscal Year from
1 January to 31 December 2009

                                                                      2009             2008
                                                                         ¤                ¤
1.    Sales revenues                                          243,861,311.67   252,327,291.26
2.    Increase in inventories of finished products             81,963,976.60    74,620,971.13
3.    Other own work capitalised                                8,499,874.81     6,633,742.06
4.    Other operating income                                   13,192,942.60    18,912,325.78
                                                              347,518,105.68   352,494,330.23
5.    Cost of materials
      a) Cost of raw materials, consumables and merchandise    11,296,658.02    10,525,932.75
      b) Cost of purchased services                           106,582,748.74   114,004,902.85
                                                              117,879,406.76   124,530,835.60
6.    Personnel expenses
      a) Wages and salaries                                    77,299,882.03    68,888,683.16
      b) Social security, pensions and benefits                17,583,143.03    16,939,560.54
         – thereof for pensions
         ¤ 4,443,422.72 (in previous year ¤ 4,170k)
                                                               94,883,025.06    85,828,243.70
7.    Depreciation on fixed intangible assets –
      and tangible assets                                      57,924,834.38    50,314,644.86
8.    Other operating expenses                                 49,951,097.18    56,543,856.11
9.    Income from loans                                              662.12           746.91
10.   Other interest and similar income                         1,051,357.63     4,090,688.14
11.   Interest and similar expenses                            25,531,028.01     8,468,468.93
12.   Profit/loss from ordinary business operations             2,400,734.04    30,899,716.08
13.   Taxes on income                                              78,548.37     3,211,478.21
14.   Other taxes                                               1,459,702.02     2,663,142.01
15,   Net income for year                                        862,483.65     25,025,095.86
16.   Retained earnings                                        30,795,632.58     5,770,536.72
17.   Unappropriated retained earnings                        31,658,116.23    30,795,632.58

Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH, Schoenefeld
Consolidated Capital Flow Statement for Fiscal Year 2009

                                                                                        2009       2008
                                                                                          ¤k         ¤k
     Profit/Loss of the period                                                           862      25,025
     Depreciation on fixed assets                                                      57,925     50,315
     Increase (previous year decrease) in provisions                                    4,898     -5,067
     Increase in special items for investment subsidies                                14,228     18,357
     Loss (previous year profit) from disposal of fixed assets (after loss offset)      1,511     -1,582
     Increase in inventories, trade accounts
     receivable and other assets                                                      -89,044    -77,339
     Increase in trade accounts payable and other liabilities                         106,449    136,523
1.   Cash flow from current business activities                                       96,829    146,232
     Payments from disposals of fixed assets                                            1,279      3,048
     Payments from disposals of financial assets                                           1          1
     Payments for investments in tangible assets                                     -506,869   -320,745
     Payments for investments in intangible assets                                     -1,438     -1,542
     Payments for investments in financial assets                                          0         -51
2.   Cash flow from investment activities                                            -507,027   -319,289
     Payments from contributions to equity by shareholders                             49,000     63,215
     Payments from the taking out of loans                                            570,000     80,000
     Payments for repayment of loans                                                 -200,000         0
3.   Cash flow from financing activities                                             419,000    143,215
     Change in cash effective for payments                                              8,802    -29,842
     Cash at beginning of period                                                       66,413     96,255
     Cash at end of period                                                            75,215     66,413

Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH, Schoenefeld
Consolidated Statement of Equity Movement for the
Period from 1 January to 31 December 2009

                                                Net result       Non-operating
                           01/01/2009            for year         contributions       Withdrawals       31/12/2009
                                    ¤                   ¤                     ¤                ¤                 ¤
Subscribed capital        11,000,000.00              0.00                 0.00               0.00      11,000,000.00
(Previous year)              (30,000.00)            (0.00)      (10,970,000.00)             (0.00)    (11,000,000.00)
Capital surplus          854,383,954.62              0.00        49,000,000.00               0,00     903,383,954.62
(Previous year)         (577,617,455.30)            (0.00)     (287,736,499.32)   (-10,970,000.00)   (854,383,954.62)
Earnings reserves                  0.00              0.00        21,194,403.79               0.00      21,194,403.79
(Previous year)                   (0.00)            (0.00)               (0.00)             (0.00)             (0.00)
retained earnings         30,795,632.58        862,483.65                 0.00               0.00      31,658,116.23
(Previous year)           (5,770,536.72)   (25,025,095.86)               (0.00)             (0.00)    (30,795,632.58)
Consolidated equity     896,179,587.20        862,483.65        49,000,000.00                0.00    967,236,474.64
(Previous year)       (583,417,992.02) (25,025,095.86)       (298,706,499.32) (-10,970,000.00) (896,179,587.20)

Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH, Schoenefeld
Consolidated Notes for Fiscal Year 2009
General Remarks                                                on additions to the tangible fixed assets is always taken
These consolidated annual accounts have been prepared          pro rata temporis. A collective item which is written off
in accordance with Sections 290 and following HGB              over a period of 5 years is created every year for fixed
(German Commercial Code).                                      assets with acquisition costs per asset ranging between
                                                               ¤ 150.00 and ¤ 1,000.00. The disposal of these assets
The consolidated income statement was prepared in              is shown in the fixed assets movement at the end of
accordance with the cost summary method.                       the five-year utilisation period. The purchase price for
                                                               the buildings scheduled for demolition which are loca-
Companies Included in the Consolidation                        ted on the areas purchased for the BBI was attributed
The consolidated annual accounts are prepared by               to the purchase price for the land.
Flughafen Berlin Schoenefeld GmbH (FBS).
                                                               As has been decided by a consensus resolution, the
The consolidation includes the parent company FBS,             opening of the airport Berlin Brandenburg Interna-
Berliner Flughafen-Gesellschaft mbH, Berlin (BFG),             tional BBI will simultaneously result in the closure of
Flughafen Energie & Wasser GmbH (FEW), Schoenefeld,            the Tegel Airport. The leasehold concluded between
and FMT Facility Management Tempelhof GmbH (FMT),              the Company and the State of Berlin or the Federal
Berlin.                                                        Government provides for compensation based on
                                                               market value if and when the buildings and premises
FBS holds all of the shares in BFG, which has share capi-      can continue to be used for state or Federal purposes.
tal in the amount of ¤ 38,347k. Shareholders’ equity of        Since there are at this time no concrete concepts for a
BFG amounts to ¤ 142,863k.                                     later utilisation of the premises and equipment shown
                                                               in the balance sheet, the useful life periods have been
FBS is sole shareholder of FEW, which is endowed with          adjusted to the expected opening date of BBI. The
share capital of ¤ 25k. The shareholders’ equity is the        end of the useful life period for Tegel has been set as
equivalent of the share capital.                               31 December 2011. The resulting additional write-
                                                               offs amount to ¤ 12,060k (previous year ¤ 7,905k).
FBS is sole shareholder of FMT, which is endowed with
share capital of ¤ 25k. The shareholders’ equity is the        New construction of significant infrastructure ele-
equivalent of the share capital.                               ments of the airport Berlin Brandenburg International
                                                               BBI is linked to the operational start-up of the airport
Accounting and Evaluation Methods                              at the Schoenefeld location. The scheduled opera-
The annual accounts of the companies included in the           tional start-up date for BBI was taken into account
consolidated annual accounts of FBS were prepared              for the useful life periods of significant infrastructure
in accordance with uniform accounting and evaluation           elements at the existing Schoenefeld Airport and the
methods which have not been changed since the                  end of the useful life periods was set for 31 December
previous year.                                                 2011. Pursuant to a subsequent usage concept
                                                               modified in 2009, additional write-offs in the amount
The intangible fixed assets were valuated at acquisi-          of ¤ 411k (previous year ¤ 2,801k) were taken.
tion costs less reductions in acquisition costs, taking into
account any depreciation (straight-line method).               Fixed assets include investments in 2009 for the planning
                                                               and construction of the Capital Airport BBI in the amount
The tangible fixed assets are measured at acquisition or       of ¤ 489.1 million. Investments total ¤ 509.0 million.
manufacturing costs less reductions in acquisition costs
and, if they are limited-life assets, reduced by scheduled     Stock rights and bonds in the financial assets were
depreciation (straight-line method). Proportionate over-       measured at the lower of acquisition costs or the attrib-
head costs as well as the direct costs are included in the     utable value.
own work capitalised taken into account for the manu-
facturing costs.                                               Stocks of raw materials and supplies in the inventories
                                                               were measured at the lower of average acquisition costs
The tangible and intangible fixed assets are depreciated       or replacement costs on the balance sheet date.
according to the presumed useful life. Low-value assets
with a value of up to ¤ 150.00 are written off in full in      All of the discernible risks in the inventory assets are
the year of their addition; their immediate disposal is        taken into account by reasonable devaluations.
presumed in the fixed assets movement. Depreciation

As was the case in the previous year, uninvoiced               commitments from outstanding wage payments based
services essentially show construction services per-           on the collective negotiated agreement regulating partial
formed for third-party investments to be carried out in        retirement as well as obligations to pay additional increa-
relation to BBI measures. As provided in a developer/          ses of benefits which will presumably arise and on which
building agreement with Deutsche Bahn AG, FBS is               interest at a rate of 5.5 % is paid on the cash value.
performing planning, coordination and construction ser-
vices and will act as the project executing organisation       Liabilities are shown at the repayment amounts.
to award contracts for construction to subcontractors.
Another contract encompasses the underground fuelling.         Deferred income contains income representing earnings
The manufacturing costs include proportionate over-            for a certain period after the closing date.
head costs as well as the direct costs. The principle of
measurement without unrealised losses was observed.            Consolidation principles
                                                               Capital was consolidated according to the basis method.
Except for the retention of title clauses usual in business,   The book value of the shareholdings in the consolidat-
the inventories are free of any third-party rights.            ed companies shown in the FBS balance sheet is offset
                                                               against the equity shown in the balance sheets of these
Receivables and other assets are measured at nominal           subsidiaries at the point in time of the initial consolidat-
value. All of the items subject to risks have been secured     ion. The capital consolidation of BFG resulted in a liability
by the creation of reasonable valuation allowances; the        difference of ¤ 21.2 million which was allocated to the
general credit risk is covered by lump-sum deductions.         earning reserves during the reporting period because it
                                                               has equity character. In the previous year, this item was
The plots of land for the Business-Park Berlin (previous-      shown as a special account between equity and liabilities.
ly Baufeld-Ost) designated for sale and shown under
Other assets are measured at the lower attributable            Receivables and liabilities among the consolidated compa-
value which is oriented to the market value for land           nies are offset against each other. Sales revenues and other
which is expected to be developed in the near future.          income were offset against the corresponding expenditures.
This value was determined on the assumption of future
development and exploitation as a commercial area.             The closing date for all of the companies included in the
                                                               consolidation is the same as that of the parent company.
Cash is shown at the nominal amount in the balance sheet.      All of the annual accounts included in the consolidation
                                                               were prepared in euros.
Prepaid expenses contain expenditures which are relat-
ed to a specific period after the closing date.                Explanatory Comments on the Consolidated
                                                               Balance Sheet
A payment in the amount of ¤ 14.0 million was made to
the lender within the framework of the loan agreements         Fixed assets
for the financing of the BBI. This payment is related to       The movement of individual items of the fixed assets,
future savings in interest. The company has deferred           including write-offs taken in the fiscal year, is shown in
this amount as expenses similar to interest so that the        the fixed assets movement.
expenses are distributed over the term of the loans.
                                                                                                     31/12/2009 31/12/2008
Subscribed capital and capital surplus are shown at                                                          ¤k         ¤k
nominal value.                                                 Intangible
                                                               assets                                     2,604        2,693
All discernible risks have been taken into account for the     Tangible assets                         1,520,928   1,077,542
creation of provisions.                                        – thereof land and buildings            (479,383)   (469,308)
                                                               – thereof payments on account and
The provisions for pensions are shown in the amounts             assets in process of construction     (964,099)   (533,910)
permitted in accordance with tax laws. The partial values      Financial assets                              56          56
in accordance with Section 6a EStG (German Income Tax                                                 1,523,588    1,080,291
Act) calculated in application of actuarial principles are
based on an interest rate of 6 % and the reference tables
2005 G of Dr Klaus Heubeck.                                    Work in progress
                                                               FBS is performing construction services related to the rail-
The tax provisions and the other provisions cover all of       way connections and other construction facilities for the
the contingent liabilities. They have been created in the      BBI on behalf of third parties. The capitalised manufactur-
amount dictated by reasonable commercial judgement.            ing costs (¤ 197,819k, in previous year ¤ 116,340k) are
The provisions for partial retirement provisions include       covered in full by payments received on account.

Receivables and other assets                                   Tax provisions
As in the previous year, the Other assets have a remaining     The tax provisions include provisions for taxes on income
term of less than one year. A partial amount of ¤ 8.5 mil-     (¤ 1,414k, previous year ¤ 5,848k) and other taxes
lion of the receivables will be due and payable in 2011.       (¤ 4,794k, previous year ¤ 4,580k).

                                 31/12/2009 31/12/2008         Other provisions
                                         ¤k         ¤k         The Other provisions were created primarily for partial
Trade accounts                                                 retirement (¤ 21,591k, previous year ¤ 17,212k), resi-
payable                               37,841         27,441    dual fulfilment of closing measures (¤ 9,996k, previous
thereof short-term receivables        29,343         27,441    year ¤ 0k), the closing of Tegel (¤ 5,143k, previous year
thereof long-term receivables           8,498             0    ¤ 5,168k), unpaid invoices (¤ 4,680k, previous year
Other                                                          ¤ 4,873k), restitution claims (¤ 4,200k, previous year
assets                                38,250         50,106    ¤ 4,200k), maintenance not carried out (¤ 4,079k, pre-
                                      76,091        77,547     vious year ¤ 6,383k) and personnel (¤ 3,996k, previous
                                                               year ¤ 4,080k). The provisions also include ¤ 10,415k
The Other assets comprise primarily the properties             (previous year ¤ 10,413k) for the personnel concept
of the Business Park Berlin (¤ 30,029k, previous year          TransFair BBI.
¤ 41,888k).
                                                               Negative market values as of the balance sheet date
Subscribed capital                                             resulted in a provision for contingent losses in the
The share capital amounts to ¤ 11,000k, as in the              amount of ¤ 4,964k (previous year ¤ 4,745k) for
previous year.                                                 interest swap transactions concluded to hedge the risks
                                                               of the long-term BBI financing.
Capital surplus developed as shown below.

Capital surplus 01/01/2009                          854,384
Allocations to capital surplus                       49,000
Capital surplus 31/12/2009                         903,384

The increase in the capital surplus is a consequence of a
cash contribution by the shareholders (¤ 49,000k). The
contribution was made in the same ratio as the shares held.

Earnings reserves
The earnings reserves result from the initial consolidation
of the BFG. The difference shown under liabilities of ¤ 21.2
million has been shown under the earnings reserves since
this reporting period because it has equity character.

Unappropriated retained earnings
The consolidated profit in the fiscal year amounts to
¤ 862k (previous year ¤ 25,025k). When the con-
solidated retained earnings from the previous year
(¤ 30,796k) are added, the consolidated unappropriated
retained earnings amount to ¤ 31,658k.

Investment subsidies and investment grants
Investment subsidies and investment grants for fixed
assets (¤ 42,062k, previous year ¤ 27,834k) are shown
as special accounts under equity and liabilities. They are
reversed over the course of the write-offs.

Liabilities Movement in ¤k
                                                                          31/12/2009                                       31/12/2008
                                                                   Remaining Term                          Total                  Total
Type of liability                                        Up to         1 to 5     More than
                                                        1 year          years       5 years
1. Liabilities due to banks                             1,469           6,300         443,700           451,469                     80,140
   (previous year)                                    (80,140)             (0)              (0)
2. Liabilities from payments received on account      275,062          16,004                0          291,066                    182,038
   (previous year)                                     (8,498)      (173,540)               (0)
3. Trade accounts payable                              29,699               0                0           29,699                     39,657
   (previous year)                                    (39,657)             (0)              (0)
4. Other liabilities                                   17,880               0                0           17,880                     11,764
   (previous year)                                    (11,760)             (4)              (0)
   - thereof from taxes: 23
   (Previous year: 135)
Totals                                                324,110         22,304          443,700           790,114                313,599
   (previous year)                                  (140,055)      (173,544)                (0)

Liabilities                                                      Other financial liabilities
Details of the remaining terms are shown in the liabilities
movement.                                                                                            31/12/2009            31/12/2008
                                                                                                             ¤K                    ¤K
The liabilities due to banks in the amount of ¤ 451,469k         Payment obligations from
result from the utilisation of the credit line of the BBI        leases and leasing agreements                   1,475               2,796
long-term financing.                                             Payment obligations for equalisation
                                                                 levy for sealing in accordance with
The liabilities from payments received on account result         planning stipulation decision               16,275                 19,701
largely from partial payments for the construction work          Payment obligations from
which is being performed by FBS on behalf of third-party         insurance policies                              1,510               5,152
investors.                                                       Order commitment from awarded
                                                                 investment /consulting contracts           561,847                363,052
Deferred income                                                                                            581,107             390,701
The deferred income item includes essentially advance
payments for leases with a term running until 2026 in            The leases and leasing agreements end in the period
the amount of ¤ 5.3 million (in previous year ¤ 5.6 mil-         between 2010 and 2013 and are related primarily to IT
lion). Interest was paid on the cash value of the received       equipment, motor vehicles and office furniture.
payments as agreed in the leases.
                                                                 The awarded investment contracts for 2010 are
Contingent liabilities                                           related mainly to measures for BBI, including terminal
During the sale of GGB, BFG agreed to a limited guaran-          (¤ 336,266k), underground work (¤ 89,295k) and
tee catalogue usual on the market which includes stan-           technical infrastructure (¤ 24,561k).
dard guarantees and risks. The major guarantees include:
pension provisions, the effectiveness of the retroactivity       Explanatory Comments on the Consolidated Income
of the collective agreement for safeguarding jobs of             Statement
the GGB and the correctness of disclosed information.
A balanced tax exemption obligation, limited to                                              2009                          2008
31 December 2007, was given. The liability is limited                                          ¤K           %                ¤K         %
to a value of ¤ 2,053k.                                          Sales Revenues
                                                                 Aviation                  164,373        67.4           167,332      66.9
                                                                 Non Aviation               41,602        17.1            46,003      16.6
                                                                 Real Estate                23,842         9.8            29,968      14.0
                                                                 Sales revenues
                                                                 Construction services       3,521         1.4             1,370       0.0
                                                                 Sales revenues services     2,951         1.2             2,713       1.1
                                                                 Miscellaneous               7,572         3.1             4,941       1.5
                                                                                           243,861      100.0        252,327        100.0

Expenditures and earnings related to other periods                During the period until 2013, the first about 70 % of
Earnings related to other periods in the amount of                the total borrowing needs according to current liquidity
¤ 4,486k (previous year ¤ 12,025) were received in the            planning and business plan is to serve as the basic anti-
reporting period. This item contains primarily income             cipative transaction for the security. During the period
resulting from the reversal of provisions (¤ 1,738k,              until 2026, the first about 50 % of the total borrowing
previous year ¤ 4,920k) and sales revenues from other             needs according to the business plan will apply. Risks
periods (¤ 698k, previous year ¤ 36k). In the previous            from payment flow fluctuations in the amounts shown
year, the income from other periods also included income          above are therefore excluded for future interest pay-
from the reversal of valuation allowances in the amount           ments on these underlying transactions. The interest
of ¤ 3,621k and from the disposal of fixed assets in the          swaps and the loans to finance the construction of the
amount of ¤ 2,060k.                                               BBI therefore have a security relationship. The derivative
                                                                  financial instruments are cases of pending transactions.
The expenses from other periods of ¤ 6,419k (previous             That is why they are not shown in the FBS balance sheet
year ¤ 6,793k) contain essentially ¤ 2,248k in person-            as per 31 December 2009.
nel expenses for the participation of employees for the
year 2007 in the form of a one-off payment, ¤ 1,296k              The attributable fair values of the derivative financial
(previous year ¤ 3,113k) in valuation allowances for              instruments are shown in the table below.
compensation cuts in previous years and ¤ 875k (previ-
ous year ¤ 671k) other expenses for previous years. The                                              Market Value 31/12/2009
expenses from other periods in the previous year also                                                                      ¤
included ¤ 1,641k in expenses from provisions for the             Swap Deutsche Bank AG                        -17,221,506.01
closure of Tegel.                                                 Swap UBS AG                                  -17,593,559.61
                                                                  Swap Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen             -16,802,437.50
Write-offs and depreciation                                       Total                                       -51,617,503.12
As in previous years, the useful life periods for the fixed
tangible assets at Tegel have been adjusted to consider           The three swaps are so-called “roller coaster swaps”. As
the closure measures and dates set in the consensus               of the valuation date, the outstanding reference amounts
resolution. The resulting additional write-offs amount to         of the swaps came to ¤ 255,266,700.00 each.
¤ 12,060k (previous year ¤ 7,905k).
                                                                  The market value of the swaps was determined with the
Pursuant to a subsequent usage concept modified in                aid of the discounted cash flow valuation. The future
2009, additional write-offs in the amount of ¤ 411k               interest payments were discounted by the interest
(previous year ¤ 2,801k) were taken in Schoenefeld.               structure curve of 31 December 2009. The cash value
                                                                  of these payments represents the value of the swaps.
Unscheduled write-offs in the amount of ¤ 3,739k (pre-
vious year ¤ 3,739k) were taken in fiscal year 2009.              Since the swaps show a negative market value as of the
They are caused by an additional write-off resulting from         valuation date, the provision for contingent losses crea-
the poor basic structure of some of the buildings.                ted in the previous year was increased from ¤ 4,745k to
                                                                  ¤ 4,964k as per 31 December 2009. The provision for
Off-balance-sheet transactions and derivative                     contingent losses was determined by comparing the cash
financial instruments                                             value of the swaps with the cash value of the interest
The interest for the long-term borrowing represents a             payment obligations resulting from the anticipated
major component of the future payment obligations of              taking out of loans. The provision for contingent losses
FBS.                                                              models the ineffective part of the security relationship.
                                                                  The provisions for contingent losses total ¤ 4,964k.
The Company therefore secured its position in the event of
an increase in interest rates and the resulting rise in financ-   Related persons
ing costs by concluding a total of three interest swaps in        Existing business relationships with related persons were
December 2006. Each of these agreements has been con-             agreed subject to terms and conditions usual on the
cluded to hedge future cash flows. The secured risk is the        market. Institutions which perform official duties at the
change in value of the interest payments for the long-term        airports and other public institutions are charged rents at
borrowing resulting from changes in the 3-month Euribor           cost as prescribed by law.
interest rates. The objective of the interest hedge transac-
tions is to establish a fixed rate for the series of expected     Auditor Fee
interest payments (3-month Euribor).                              During the reporting period, fees totalling ¤ 236k were
                                                                  charged by PricewaterhouseCoopers Aktiengesellschaft
                                                                  Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Berlin.

These fees cover the services of all of the companies        Mr Henry B. Cordes, Ministerial Director
and break down as shown below:                               Federal Ministry of Finance

                                                        ¤K   Franziska Hammermeister
Auditing services                                       99   Works Council Berliner Flughafen-Gesellschaft mbH
Other certification services                             4
Tax consultancy services                               133   Claudia Heinrich
                                                       236   Works Council Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH

Miscellaneous Information                                    Sven Munsonius
                                                             Works Council Berliner Flughafen-Gesellschaft mbH
Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz                                     Peter Lindner
-CEO-                                                        Works Council Berliner Flughafen-Gesellschaft mbH
Manfred Körtgen, Dipl.-Ing. Architect                        from 22 January 2009

Total Compensation Paid to Management                        Hans-Joachim Büchner
The compensation paid to the managing directors              Works Council Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld GmbH
employed by FBS in 2009 totalled ¤ 796k                      until 22 January 2009
(previous year ¤ 793k).
                                                             Holger Rössler
Supervisory Board                                            ver.di Trade Union Secretary District Berlin
Klaus Wowereit
Governing Mayor of Berlin                                    Total Compensation Paid to the Supervisory Board
                                                             The reimbursements for attendance fees paid to the
Klaus Teichert, Retired State Secretary                      Supervisory Board members amounted to ¤ 16,732
Senate Department for Finances                               (previous year ¤ 20,466).
until 11 August 2009
                                                             Total Compensation Paid to Former Members of
Dr Christian Sundermann, State Secretary                     Management and the Supervisory Board
Senate Department for Finances                               Pension payments to former members of management
from 11 August 2009                                          came to ¤ 463k (previous year ¤ 465k). The pension
                                                             provisions for former members of management and their
Senator Harald Wolf                                          survivors have been created in full and amounted to
Senate Department for Economics,                             ¤ 4,550k (previous year ¤ 4,687k) as per 31 December
Technology and Women's Issues                                2009.

Michael Zehden                                               Employees
A-Z Hotelmanagement und Beratungs GmbH & Co. KG              Average number of employees during the fiscal year:

Mr Matthias Platzeck, State Premier                                                                     2009     2008
State Government of Brandenburg                              Employees                                  1,399    1,447
                                                             Vocational trainees                            62     71
Mr Ulrich Junghanns, Minister                                                                           1,461    1,518
Ministry of Economics for the State of Brandenburg
until 6 November 2009                                        Schoenefeld, 24 February 2010

Mr Rainer Speer, Minister
Ministry of the Interior of the State of Brandenburg

Günther Troppmann
CEO of Deutsche Kreditbank AG

Prof. Dr. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, State Secretary
Federal Ministry for Transport,
Building and Urban Development
until 31 December 2009

Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH, Schoenefeld
Analysis of Fixed Assets Movement for Fiscal Year 2009
for Fiscal Year 2009

                                                                               Acquisition and manufacturing costs

                                              01/01/2009           Additions         Disposals          Transfers     31/12/2009
                                                       ¤                   ¤                ¤                   ¤              ¤
I.     Intangible
1.     Software and rights                    16,274,254.06     1,038,416.11       105,829.32         372,814.02      17,579,654.87
2.     Payments on account                       441,294.35       399,114.37              0.00       -441,294.35        399,114.37
                                             16,715,548.41      1,437,530.48       105,829.32         -68,480.33     17,978,769.24
II.    Tangible assets
1.     Land and buildings,
       including buildings
       on third-party land
       a) excluding BBI                      631,826,715.82     9,554,970.49     4,575,776.26      -3,293,433.52     633,512,476.53
       b) Land and buildings BBI             236,573,051.87    13,534,926.51       878,754.37      32,950,812.51     282,180,036.52
2.     Technical equipment,
       plant and machinery                   192,750,236.19     8,611,654.52     4,616,491.73       6,961,323.40     203,706,722.38
3.a    Other equipment, fixtures,
       fittings and equipment                 91,318,236.75     6,173,626.70     7,912,895.60         175,387.01      89,754,354.86
3.b    Low-value assets                          680,250.38       538,505.78           318.23               0.00       1,218,437.93
4.     Payments on account and
       assets in process of construction
       a) excluding BBI                          918,358.61       690,281.55        30,396.31        -795,734.76        782,509.09
       b) related to BBI                     537,643,054.90   469,923,494.41     3,928,631.08     -35,929,874.31     967,708,043.92
                                           1,691,709,904.52   509,027,459.96   21,943,263.58           68,480.33 2,178,862,581.23
III.   Financial assets
1.     Participations                             51,200.00             0.00              0.00              0.00          51,200.00
2.     Other loans                                 7,739.45             0.00          1,270.16              0.00           6,469.29
                                                 58,939.45              0.00         1,270.16               0.00         57,669.29

                                           1,708,484,392.38   510,464,990.44   22,050,363.06                0.00 2,196,899,019.76

                          Accumulated depreciation                                               Book values

 01/01/2009          Additions        Disposals         Transfers     31/12/2009        31/12/2009             31/12/2008
          ¤                  ¤               ¤                  ¤              ¤                 ¤                      ¤

 14,022,777.04    1,431,624.66        79,695.32             0.00     15,374,706.38       2,204,948.49          2,251,477.02
          0.00            0.00             0.00             0.00              0.00         399,114.37            441,294.35
 14,022,777.04    1,431,624.66       79,695.32              0.00     15,374,706.38       2,604,062.86          2,692,771.37

393,554,619.44   30,148,015.14      864,201.73       260,125.52     423,098,558.37     210,413,918.16     238,272,096.38
  5,536,772.02    7,673,885.42             0.00             0.00     13,210,657.44     268,969,379.08     231,036,279.85

136,394,232.97   11,713,563.21     4,058,947.16             0.00    144,048,849.02      59,657,873.36      56,356,003.22

 73,886,290.90    6,682,621.84     7,803,358.56             0.00     72,765,554.18      16,988,800.68      17,431,945.85
    145,046.38      275,124.11           173.23             0.00        419,997.26         798,440.67            535,204.00

    352,353.06            0.00             0.00      -260,125.52         92,227.54         690,281.55            566,005.55
  4,298,930.99            0.00             0.00             0.00      4,298,930.99     963,409,112.93     533,344,123.91
614,168,245.76   56,493,209.72   12,726,680.68              0.00    657,934,774.80   1,520,927,806.43   1,077,541,658.76

          0.00            0.00             0.00             0.00              0.00          51,200.00             51,200.00
      2,236.45            0.00           495.16             0.00          1,741.29           4,728.00              5,503.00
      2,236.45            0.00          495.16              0.00          1,741.29         55,928.00             56,703.00

628,193,259.25   57,924,834.38   12,806,871.16              0.00    673,311,222.47   1,523,587,797.29   1,080,291,133.13

Flughafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH, Schoenefeld
Consolidated Management Report for Fiscal Year 2009
A. DEVELOPMENT OF THE PAST FISCAL YEAR                                    Tegel
                                                                          Tegel Airport continued to be the backbone for Berlin
1. Traffic Development                                                    traffic in 2009. A total of 14,180,084 air passengers
As there has been only a slight decline in traffic, the                   were registered at Tegel in 2009. This figure corre-
Berlin Airports have been able to avoid as a whole                        sponds to a decline of 2.1 %. The total number of
the negative trend in worldwide air traffic. A total of                   take-offs and landings declined by 3.1 % to 156,262
20,977,395 passengers were handled at the Berlin                          movements in 2009. Air freight decreased by 8.3 % to
Airports in 2009. Despite the problematic overall eco-                    a volume of 16,184 tonnes. Airmail freight amounted
nomic situation, the figures came close to the 21-mil-                    to 2,651 tonnes, a decrease of 48.4 %.
lion-passengers mark and the record result from 2008.
This figure corresponds to a decline of 2 % in comparison
with the previous year. Nevertheless, Berlin’s share of                    Commercial
the German aviation market has risen once again and has                    Aircraft Movements                2009             2008      2007
now reached about 11.6 %.                                                  Schoenefeld Airport              65,303           60,185    58,198
                                                                           Tegel Airport                  150,190           154,896   145,423
So the Berlin Airports almost reached their targets with                   Tempelhof Airport                      -          20,699    24,042
respect to traffic developments in 2009, a year of crisis.                 Total                          215,493           235,780   227,663
Air traffic in the capital city region has a very broad base,
making it stable, so it has been possible to continue the                  Fluggäste (in Tausend)            2009             2008      2007
success story of recent years: for the seventh time in                     Schoenefeld Airport               6,797            6,638     6,331
succession, the results at the Berlin Airports were bet-                   Tegel Airport                    14,180           14,487    13,358
ter than the average of all German airports. No matter                     Tempelhof Airport                      -            279       350
whether scheduled flights, holiday traffic or low-cost                     Total                           20,977            21,404    20,039
flights – all of the traffic segments contributed to the
stable passenger volume. The metropolitan city Berlin                     2. Earnings Position
also plays a role in this success: thanks to its great                    As the overview below shows, the sales revenues from
appeal, the city remains a point of attraction for tourists               the aviation division fell from ¤ 167.3 million in 2008 to
from Germany, Europe and all of the world. It is also                     ¤ 164.4 million, corresponding to a decline of 1.8 %. The
possible to depend on the incoming share of passengers                    increase in traffic volume and the successive reduction in
even in economically problematic years.                                   discounts had a positive effect on the aviation sales reve-
                                                                          nues for 2009 at the Schoenefeld location (SXF). This is in
The total number of aircraft movements at the Berlin                      contrast to the lower aviation sales revenues at the Tegel
Airports in 2009 totalled 231,800 take-offs and                           site due to the slight decline in the number of passengers.
landings, a decline of 13.3 % in comparison with the                      Parallel to this, the sales revenues from the non aviation
previous year.                                                            sector also declined from ¤ 46.0 million to ¤ 41.6 million, a
                                                                          decrease of 9.6 %. The real estate sales revenues declined
A total of 20,346 tonnes of air freight was transhipped                   by 20.4 % from ¤ 30.0 million to ¤ 23.8 million.
at the Berlin Airports in 2009. This figure corresponds to
a decline of 9.0 %. Airmail freight decreased by 41.1 %                   The major reason for this decline is that the previous year
to a volume of 5,630 tonnes.                                              still included revenues from rentals at the Tempelhof site.

Schoenefeld                                                               Other sales revenues rose by 53.3 % from ¤ 4.9 million
Schoenefeld Airport was even able to increase its traf-                   to ¤ 7.6 million. This is primarily a consequence of the
fic figures. It recorded a total of 6,797,158 passengers                  rise in income from construction and maintenance ser-
in 2009, 158,996 more passengers than in 2008 and                         vices of ¤ 3.4 million.
another increase by 2.4 %. Aircraft movements in 2009
rose by 9.8 % to 75,538 take-offs and landings. Air
freight decreased by 2.5 % and had a volume of 4,155
tonnes. The airmail freight fell by 32.5 % to 2,979

* Prozent-Angaben errechnen sich aus Euro-Beträgen, wie sie aus Bilanz bzw. Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung ersichtlich sind.

The sales revenues include earnings from construction             nel expenses. Costs in this sector were cut by about
services for third parties in the amount of ¤ 3.5 million         ¤ 0.7 million. Additional cost savings of about ¤ 1.7 mil-
(previous year ¤ 1.4 million). This item contains mainly          lion resulted in various other cost types.
income from construction services performed for the
rail connection and planning services performed for the           The ongoing expenses of the FBS Group (¤ 320.6 million)
Federal Institute for Real Estate Management.                     rose despite the realised savings with respect to 2008
                                                                  (¤ 317.2 million) by ¤ 3.4 million. This corresponds to
Sales Revenues (in ¤ million)          2009    2008      2007     an increase of 1.1 %. In detail, personnel expenses rose
Sales revenues aviation                164.4   167.3     156.0    by ¤ 9.1 million and write-offs by ¤ 7.6 million. The cost
Sales revenues non aviation             41.6    46.0      38.7    of materials fell by ¤ 6.7 million and the other operating
Sales revenues real estate              23.8    30.0      32.6    expenses fell by ¤ 6.6 million.
Sales revenues construction services     3.5     1.4       0.0
Sales revenues services                  3.0     2.7       2.6    The decline in the cost of materials by 5.3 % results in
Other sales revenues                     7.6     4.9       3.4    part from the lower expenses for third-party construct-
Total                                  243.9   252.3    233.3     ion services and maintenance, especially at the Schoene-
                                                                  feld and Tegel sites (-¤ 9.5 million), caused by the pro-
The construction services performed for railway connec-           vision for maintenance not performed at Tegel created
tions and the underground fuelling as well as the invoiced        in the previous year (¤ 5.8 million),and in part because
income from the operating costs statements for 2008               the expenses for utility services declined (-¤ 3.6 million)
are recognised in the changes in inventory (¤ 82.0 mil-           pursuant to the closing of the Tempelhof site.
lion; previous year ¤ 74.6 million).
                                                                  In contrast, there were higher third-party services/
The own work capitalised (¤ 8.5 million; previous year            construction services for third parties (¤ 82.2 million;
¤ 6.6 million) basically covers activities related to the plan-   previous year ¤ 74.7 million), primarily for the transport
ned Capital Airport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI.         connections for BBI.

Other operating income fell from ¤ 18.9 million to                Personnel expenses rose by 10.5 % in comparison with
¤ 13.2 million. This includes ¤ 5.4 million in income from        2008 to ¤ 94.9 million. One contributing factor was that
the sale of areas in the Business Park Berlin. The income         the participation of the employees in the EBITDA for
from the sales was offset against the proportionately             the year 2007 in the form of a one-off payment led to
chargeable book value disposals and the residual pay-             an increase in personnel expenses by ¤ 2.2 million. Fur-
ments for future development and other expenditures for           thermore, the allocations to the provisions TransFair BBI
the areas which were to be taken into account. Moreover,          and to the required provisions for increased benefits for
this item contains income from other periods resulting            employee age groups entitled to partial retirement had
from the reversal of other provisions (¤ 1.7 million, previ-      significant effects in 2009. The accruals of interest for
ous year ¤ 4.9 million). In the previous year, income from        existing partial retirement contracts also increased the
the reversal of valuation allowances (¤ 3.6 million),from         ongoing personnel expenses.
the management of the property THF (¤ 2.1 million) and
income from the sale of participations (¤ 2.0 million)            The 15.1 % increase in depreciation and write-offs
were included in the other operating income.                      was caused primarily by the limitation of the useful life
                                                                  terms to the expected point in time of closing after the
The FBS Group responded quickly and determinedly to               opening of BBI, which reduced the length of the depre-
the worldwide financial crisis by initiating the cost-cut-        ciation periods. Additional write-offs in the amount
ting program Hercules in 2009.                                    of ¤ 12.5 million (previous year ¤ 10.7 million) were
                                                                  required in 2009. Moreover unscheduled write-offs in
The reductions realised in the FBS Group in comparison            the amount of ¤ 3.7 million (previous year ¤ 0.6 million)
with the planned values of the budget for the materi-             were required in 2009.
al costs affected all of the company divisions and cost
types; most of the ordered reductions were also realised.         Other operating expenses declined by 11.7 % in com-
All in all, the conduct of numerous individual measures           parison with the previous year from ¤ 56.5 million to
led to savings of about ¤ 13 million. Major items affect          ¤ 50.0 million. Part of the reason for this decline is the
the legal and professional expenses (savings of about             lower expenses due to the closure of the site THF and
¤ 5.8 million), the maintenance expenses (savings of              the lower expenses for marketing and public relations
about ¤ 1.4 million), the expenses for services (about            work (-¤ 1.6 million). Another is that ¤ 1.6 million in pro-
¤ 2.0 million) and expenses for marketing/public rela-            visions for the closure of TXL and expenses from valuati-
tions (about ¤ 1.9 million). The consumption of flexitime         on allowances for receivables in the amount of ¤ 3.1 mil-
credits and the greatest possible use of holiday leave            lion were included in the previous year.
during the fiscal year and the temporal shift or cancel-
lation of new hirings also realised a reduction in person-

The Group's profit before taxes came to ¤ 0.9 million and             • Partial project planning (¤ 7.6 million), thereof ¤ 1.8
is ¤ 27.3 million lower than the comparable figure of the               million for the planning of airside area construction and
previous year of ¤ 28.2 million.                                        open areas, ¤ 1.3 million for the realisation of state
This decline is essentially a consequence of higher                     planning measures and ¤ 1.6 million for the expansion
financing expenses related to the progress of construc-                 of bodies of water
tion at BBI, higher write-offs and various special effects            • Partial project noise protection programme BBI
of the previous year.                                                   (¤ 2.1 million)

The financial performance indicators below clearly depict             Additional investments have been made at Schoene-
the commercial development of the Group.                              feld Airport for fire protection measures in Terminal A
                                                                      (¤ 0.7 million). Moreover, investments were made in
Financial Performance Indicators            2009     2008     2007    4 compact cutter blowers (¤ 1.1 million), escape stairs
Consolidated profit in ¤k                     862   25.025   16.712   for a fire truck (¤ 0.4 million) and an airport power
EBIT in ¤k                                 33.287   29.388   18.460   sweeper (¤ 0.2 million).
(excluding non-operating and
financial results)                                                    The major investments at Tegel were the expansion work
EBITDA in ¤k                               91.212   79.702   61.327   on Terminal C (¤ 7.4 million), the baggage conveyor system
(operating results excluding depreciation)                            in Terminal C2 (¤ 1.1 million), modification/expansion of
                                                                      the baggage conveyor system in Terminal B (¤ 0.6 million),
The consolidated profit includes the financial results                2 cutter blowers (¤ 0.6 million) and the stabilisation of the
(-¤ 24,479k; previous year -¤ 4,378k), non-operating                  electric power station C2 TXL-South (¤ 0.3 million).
income (¤ 4,375k; previous year ¤ 13,626k); non-oper-
ating expenses (¤ 12,242k; previous year ¤ 10,400k)                   4. Berlin Brandenburg International Airport BBI
and expenditures for taxes on income (¤ 79k; previous                 The completion of the new Capital Airport BBI is moving
year ¤ 3,211k) in addition to the consolidated operating              forward at a rapid pace. In 2009, BBI grew out of the
results (¤ 33,287k; previous year ¤ 29,388k).                         ground and is now recognisable as an airport. The BBI
                                                                      has now been given a face on its way to becoming the
Expenditures and income related to the following items                airport of the future.
are shown in the non-operating results: one-off pay-
ments to employees for EBITDA for 2007, from valuation                The most important steps on the way to BBI in 2009:
allowances, reversal of provisions, costs from previous
years, taxes from previous years, income and income                   Naming of BBI
reductions from previous years, increased benefits for                The Supervisory Board of the Berlin Airports decided on
partial retirement and other non-operating items. Income              the name for the Berlin Brandenburg International Air-
or losses for disposals of fixed assets are not recognised            port BBI during its meeting on 11 December 2009. As
in the non-operating results.                                         of its opening at the end of October 2011, the airport
                                                                      will operate under the name Flughafen Berlin Branden-
3. Investments                                                        burg. The name Berlin Brandenburg Airport will be used
The investment volume of ¤ 510.5 million was                          for international marketing of the airport. In addition, the
¤ 186.2 million above last year’s figure (¤ 324.3 million).           Supervisory Board of the Berlin Airports has decided to
The lion’s share of the investment measures were related              give the new airport the by-name Willy Brandt.
to the project BBI, in detail for the following:
                                                                      Mastering of the largest infrastructure financing
• Partial project building construction (¤ 258.8 million),            in Europe
  thereof ¤ 250 million for the passenger terminal and                Despite the massive liquidity bottlenecks on the banking
  ¤ 8.6 million for the buildings specific to operation               market, the Berlin Airports were able to conclude the
• Partial project underground construction (¤ 146.7                   largest infrastructure financing in all of Europe when the
  million), thereof ¤ 111.8 million for measures related              signatures were affixed to the agreement for the BBI
  to the runway, aprons, large-scale earthworks and                   overall financing. The total amount of the BBI financing
  drainage systems, ¤ 26.5 million for road construction              comes to ¤ 2.4 billion.
• Partial project technical infrastructure (¤ 46.1 milli-
  on), thereof ¤ 8.8 million for mains networks (drinking             One billion euros for the region
  water, sewage, rainwater drainage, heating and air                  Two years before the opening of the new Capital Airport
  conditioning, etc.), ¤ 29.4 million for cable networks              BBI, the construction of the airport has already turned
• Land, including development (¤ 5.2 million)                         into a success story for the local economy. Almost 300
• Superordinate measures for all partial projects                     companies from the Berlin-Brandenburg region have won
  (¤ 15.1 million)                                                    contracts during the tenders for the BBI which have taken
• Partial project third-party investments (¤ 5.9 million),            place up to now. In 2009, the award threshold of one bil-
  primarily planning and development services                         lion euros for companies in the region was crossed.

In terms of contract values, 62 % of all of the construction   At a height of 72 metres, the BBI tower will be
contract awards have gone to companies in the region.          Germany’s second-highest control tower. The complet-
                                                               ion of the construction is planned for September 2010;
1,000 days BBI construction work                               operations will begin in the third quarter of 2011. After
The Berlin Airports celebrated 1,000 days of construc-         completion, current forecasts expect that the tower will
tion work on the future Capital Airport BBI, 1,000 days        issue approval for take-offs and landings of 250,000
in which much has happened on Europe’s largest airport         aircraft a year, an average of 700 daily.
construction site. During the week from 1 to 7 June
2009, the general public was given the opportunity to          First tenants for the shopping and restaurant areas
view the progress at the construction site with their own      The Berlin Airports have selected Gebr. Heinemann KG to
eyes. Whether a children’s party, construction site tours      be the operator of the duty-free/duty-paid shops at the
based on various themes or other events and activities –       Capital Airport BBI. The Hamburg trading company won
the general public came in large numbers to join the           out in the competition against a number of international
celebration.                                                   bidders. The Heinemann concept is based on carrying an
                                                               extensive line of regional products so that passengers
Handover of the railway station shell to                       will be able to select from a broad range of items from
Deutsche Bahn AG                                               Berlin and Brandenburg. Passengers will be able to shop
The Berlin Airports officially handed over the first shell     on a total area of 3,000 square metres.
section of the underground rail connections to Deutsche
Bahn AG on 24 July 2009. Work on the interior and on           5. Financial Position
the railway technical equipment started then. About            The liquidity of FBS has been assured long-term by the
150,000 cubic metres of concrete and just under                conclusion of the BBI long-term financing agreement in
16,000 tonnes of concrete steel were used for the              2009. The contracts include the following points:
construction of the 1.3-kilometre-long section.
                                                               • Credit line of the European Investment Bank of
Drinking water, waste water and electricity                      ¤ 400 million and a term up to the year 2034
On 15/05/2009, the topping-out ceremony for the                • Credit line of the European Investment Bank of
three new power centres being constructed on the BBI             ¤ 600 million and a term until the years 2034/35
premises by E.ON edis was celebrated in the presence           • Credit line of ¤ 1,400 million and a term up to the year
of a large group of guests from the worlds of politics           2019 of a bank syndicate comprising:
and business. State-of-the-art buildings and plants from         - Berliner Volksbank (¤ 70 million)
which the new Capital Airport BBI will obtain its heating,       - DZ Bank (¤ 100 million)
air-conditioning, block heat and power plant (BHKW)              - Investitionsbank Berlin (¤ 310 million)
electricity and emergency power in the future are rising         - Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg
into the sky here.                                                 (¤ 310 million)
                                                                 - KfW IPEX Bank (¤ 310 million)
From the standpoint of the Sewage and Drinking Water             - Landesbank Berlin LBB (¤ 150 million)
Association of the Mark (MAWV), the new Berlin Bran-             - Norddeutsche Landesbank (¤ 150 million)
denburg International Airport could have been operating        • Three guarantees from the GBS shareholders cover-
flights since 13 October. This was the day that the gate         ing 100 % of the above-mentioned loans upon first
valve for the connecting main providing drinking water           request. The guaranteed sums of each guarantee cor-
to the future BBI terminal was opened. In November, the          respond to the ratio of the holdings of the sharehold-
Capital Airport BBI received its state-of-the-art waste          ers (national government 26 %, Berlin and Branden-
water management. Varying according to load, waste               burg 37 % each). FBS pays a guarantee fee appropriate
water will be drained away or treated on the site or in a        to the risk for the three guarantees.
treatment plant.
                                                               The contracts are in conformity with the approval of the
When the switch was thrown to turn on the                      EU Commission for the guarantees. This approval was
110/20-kilovolt transformer station on 2 December              granted on 13 May 2009 and published on 30 June
2009, the future Capital Airport BBI was connected to the      2009; no legal objection had been raised as of
public electric power network. The airport transformer         30 September 2009. It is consequently legally final.
station was built within a year by Siemens AG (Siemens
Germany Energy Sector) and handed over on time.

Topping-off ceremony for the DFS Tower
The Berlin Airports, in association with DFS Deutsche
Flugsicherung GmbH, celebrated the topping-off for
the new control tower at the future Berlin Brandenburg
International BBI Airport on 3 November 2009.

As of the end of 2009, ¤ 450 million of these credit              The increase in assets results primarily from the addi-
lines had been utilised.                                          tions for the realisation of the BBI (¤ 489.1 million).
                                                                  They have counterparts in the corresponding disposals
The long-term planning includes in addition the arrange-          of assets and higher write-offs at the sites Schoenefeld
ment of a financial lease of up to ¤ 240 million with FBS         and Tegel.
as the lessee for the financing of the construction and
commissioning of the following buildings in the vicinity          The higher inventories in comparison with the previous
of the BBI:                                                       year are a result of the rise in uninvoiced services, pri-
                                                                  marily services performed for the railway connection
• Car parks in the Airport City                                   BBI.
• Car park close to the terminal, south of the Main Pier
• Car hire centre                                                 The plots of land in the area BBI Business Park Berlin
• Building(s) for ground traffic service providers                (previously Baufeld-Ost) from the previous years con-
• Building(s) for security service providers                      tinue to be recognised without change in the current
                                                                  assets. The value in the balance sheet was determined
The arrangements for this financial lease are expected to         on the assumption of future development and exploi-
be concluded by the first quarter of 2010. A structured           tation as a commercial area. The book value has been
procedure for the arrangement of this financial lease is          reduced by ¤ 18,582k because of the sale of areas and
currently in progress.                                            amounts to ¤ 30,029k in the fiscal year after capitalisa-
                                                                  tion of the ancillary acquisition costs.
In addition, FBS has at its disposal revolving credit facil-
ities totalling ¤ 25 million (¤ 20 million with the Com-          The changes in shareholders’ equity result in part from
merzbank, ¤ 5 million with the HVB). These credit facili-         cash contributions of shareholders (¤ 49,000k) for
ties were utilised as of the end of 2009 to pay sureties          investments for the BBI, which have been allocated to
of ¤ 9 million to guarantee the subsidies pursuant to the         the reserves, and in part from the changed disclosure
Joint Agreement for the Improvement of Regional Econo-            of the difference on the liabilities side from the capital
mic Structures (GA) for the investments in the transport          consolidation. This difference results from the difference
development of the Business Park Berlin.                          between the BFG participation value in FBS and the
                                                                  shareholders’ equity of the BFG at the time of the initial
The FBS investments for the BBI have also been financed           consolidation as per 1 January 2003.
from shareholders' funds. The funds made available in
2009 in the amount of ¤ 49.0 million have been allocated          The long-term liabilities include, in addition to liabilities
in full to the capital surplus.                                   due to banks (¤ 450 million), payments received on
                                                                  account (¤ 16.0 million), and provisions for partial retire-
6. Assets and Liabilities                                         ment and pension commitments (¤ 25.8 million) as well
The overview below provides a comparison with the                 as for the personnel concept TransFair BBI (¤ 5.2 million).
previous year of the assets and liabilities determined
according to business principles:

                                                                 31/12/2009               31/12/2008                   Change
                                                                 ¤k       %               ¤k       %              ¤k       %
Fixed assets                                             1,523,588       80.6       1,080,291      80.4      443,297     41.0
Inventories                                                199,192       10.5        117,870        8.8       81,322     69.0
Short-term receivables and
other assets                                                37,564        2.0          35,659       2.7        1,905      5.3
Long-term receivables                                          8,498      0.4               0       0.0        8,498        -
Business Park Berlin                                        30,029        1.6          41,888       3.1      -11,859    -28.3
Cash                                                        75,215        4.0          66,413       4.9        8,802     13.3
Other assets                                                17,583        0.9           1,953       0.1       15,630    800.4
                                                         1,891,669      100.0      1,344,074     100.0      547,595      40.7
Shareholders’ equity                                       967,236       51.1        896,180       66.7       49,862      5.6
Difference from capital consolidation                             0       0.0          21,194       1.6            0      0.0
Special accounts                                            42,062        2.2          27,834       2.1       14,228     51.1
Long-term liabilities                                      519,787       27.5        211,403       15.7      308,384    145.9
Short-term liabilities                                     362,584       19.2        187,463       13.9      175,121     93.4
                                                         1,891,669      100.0      1,344,074     100.0      547,595      40.7

The short-term liabilities include, in addition to payments    Training structures
received on account (¤ 275.1 million), trade liabilities       In 2009, an average over the year of 62 vocational
(¤ 29.7 million), provisions for taxes and other items         trainees and BA students was employed by FBS. A major
(¤ 6.2 million), for personnel, including partial retirement   focus of the vocational training was on commercial,
(¤ 9.6 million) and provisions for material costs for the      technical and industrial professions such as
closure of Tempelhof (¤ 1.7 million).
                                                               • Aviation clerks, office communications clerks,
The equity ratio of the company is calculated as shown           office clerks
below:                                                         • IT systems technicians
                                                               • Electronic technicians for industrial engineering
Financial                                                      • Design mechanics
Performance Indicators       2009         2008       2007      • Electronic technicians for energy and facility
Equity ratio in %                                                technology
(Shareholders' equity/                                         • Mechatronics technicians
total capital x 100)           51.1         66.7       57.0
                                                               The Dual Study at the Professional Academy Berlin
7. Additional Information on the Course of Business            supported by the company concerns primarily the fields
   and General Conditions                                      business administration/industry, business administra-
                                                               tion/facility management and information systems.
The subsidiary FMT was unable to win the contract for          Personnel development
the management or conclude an agreement for the                Much as in 2008, the management development pro-
performance of partial services on the premises of the         cess (FKE process) was also an important topic in the
former Tempelhof Airport in the course of the tender           FBS Group in 2009. Frequent training sessions for the
carried out for the management of the property THF or          department heads were conducted; everyday manage-
in the following cooperation negotiations with WISAG,          ment situations were considered, concrete cases from
which won the tender and was granted the contract by           practice were examined and management in times of
BIM to manage the property THF in future.                      change was discussed. At the end of 2008, the FKE pro-
                                                               cess was also introduced for the first time at the level
Despite the intensity of the negotiations, they did not        of operative management, and additional basic training
lead to any results which provided an adequate foun-           programmes on the topic of management were offered.
dation for an economically sound overall concept so            Simultaneously, the process of employee interviews was
that the decision was made to return the FMT staff             optimised, and a large number of training sessions for
to FBS and BFG in accordance with the applicable               newly appointed HR personnel was conducted.
works agreement upon the termination of the interim
management on 1 September 2009.                                Since, in 2008 and 2009, many of the department head
                                                               positions were filled internally by new personnel who
The dissolution of FMT was determined by the FMT               had not gone through the complete FKE process, which
shareholders by their adoption of a resolution on              was launched in 2005, an FKE start-up programme was
11 November 2009 in accordance with the resolution             designed and realised for this target group. The objective
adopted by the Supervisory Board and shareholders of           is to provide support to these managers in their new
FBS of October 2009. The previous managing director            positions and to develop and extend management and
was appointed to be the sole liquidator.                       method competence. The training programmes for this
                                                               purpose began in January 2010.
Non-financial performance indicators
The non-financial performance indicators shown below           In addition, there were many advanced training sessions
are provided to give more extensive insight into the           on methodological, social and professional competence.
Group’s position.                                              In total, more than 580 employees participated in more
                                                               than 190 training sessions (including management and
Personnel performance indicators                               language training).

Number of Employees       2009         2008          2007      Moreover, frequent talks were once again given in the
as Average for the Year                                        dialogue forum “Just Among Ourselves”.
Employees                 1,399        1,447         1,478
Vocational trainees          62           71            78
Total                     1,461        1,518         1,556

Company health management                                    in 2008; it enables the advance reservation of parking
The mobile massage as well as the yoga and pilates           spaces at attractive prices on the Internet. The parking
courses were once again welcomed and were attended           capacity at P3 at Tegel was increased by the addition of
in large numbers in 2009. In addition, it was possible to    85 spaces. Several adjustments were made in the pricing
offer to the employees, in cooperation with BKK VBU, a       system, just as in 2008.
stop-smoking seminar conducted by EasyWell.
                                                             The impact of the financial crisis was very clearly felt in
In addition, the Berlin Airports participated in a broad     the segment of airport advertising as well. The situation
typing campaign for the German Bone Marrow Donor             in this segment is characterised on the one hand by the
File and assumed the costs for the registration of their     termination of long-term contracts and on the other
employees as potential life-savers of ¤ 50 each.             hand by the conclusion of short-term contracts only.

Along with these services, all of the “employees keen on     Performance indicators from the real estate division
sports” can continue to work out at the Fitness Company
at special prices.                                           Business Park Berlin
                                                             The focus of the year 2009 was on the realisation of
Performance indicators from the non aviation                 the 1st development phase. The work to complete the
division                                                     transport connections, the utility and disposal facilities
The financial crisis had substantial impact on the non       and the public park areas commenced at the beginning
aviation division of the Berlin Airports in 2009. Negative   of April and were largely finished in compliance with time
developments of exchange rates, cutbacks in advertising      schedules and budgets by the end of December 2009
budgets and reduced travel expense accounts are the          (completion of the public park areas in accordance with
primary causes for a clearly worrying situation. In the      the contracts in April 2010).
trade, restaurants and services sector, it was possible to
profit from the successful development of the previous       Approximately 37 % of the FBS plots in the Business
year and to counter the effects of the financial crisis.     Park have already been sold; there are options for
Numerous establishments which significantly expanded         another 42 %. The marketing activities are focusing on
the range of services available to passengers and height-    the entry area where the FBS still has available areas.
ened the appeal of the airport as a whole were added in
the previous year. More new establishments were open-        Pursuant to the decision by the Borough Representatives
ed in the trade sector in 2009 as well, further optimising   Assembly Treptow-Köpenick in June 2009, the develop-
the services offered to passengers at the Schoenefeld        ment plan has reached the so-called executable stage so
Airport. For example, an additional accessories area was     that it is now possible to issue construction permits to
added to the walk-through duty-free/duty-paid shop           investors.
which reopened in November 2008, completing the full
range available to passengers in the duty-free/duty-paid     Preparations for the 2nd development phase have
sector. A new best-seller section was also created by        begun. The application to secure subsidies from the
Bon Voyage.                                                  “Joint Agreement for the Improvement of Regional Eco-
                                                             nomic Structures” is being prepared in coordination with
New establishments in the trade and restaurant sector        the Borough Office Treptow-Köpenick and the Senate
were also opened at Tegel Airport in 2009. For examp-        Administrations for Economics, Technology and Women’s
le, a new regional and especially high-quality segment       Issues and for Urban Development. The goal for the
watch concept was added in the Boulevard Tegel. Aska-        awarding of contracts for planning services related to
nia is the only watchmaker located in Berlin. S. Oliver      the 2nd development phase is the beginning of 2010.
has opened a new fashion store in Tegel, yet another         The construction measures themselves are planned for
attraction. The retail stores were complemented by a         2011.
new pharmacy which opened at the beginning of 2009.
In addition, a new hot dog stand opened in spring 2009.      Performance indicators specific to the environment
The new Terminal C2 at Tegel was dedicated in Septem-        The environmental work done by the Berliner Flughafen-
ber 2009. A walk-through duty-free/duty-paid shop            Gesellschaft mbH is documented by the EMAS certifi-
as well as a mobile restaurant establishment of Marché       cate. The environmental management systems have been
have been added here.                                        established as definitive standards in accordance with
                                                             the EC Ecological Audit Regulation and with DIN EN ISO
In the parking sector, the above-mentioned aspects           14001. The ecological audit on a voluntary basis aims to
were the cause behind the negative development of the        ensure the continuous improvement of the organisation's
use of the facilities' capacity. Both the number of parked   environmental performance and is the basis for moni-
vehicles and the duration of their stay in the facilities    toring and continually improving what has already been
declined. An even more substantial decline was prevent-      achieved.
ed with the help of the pre-booking system introduced

In November 2007, the system was successfully                                               in response to the posed questions and presented in the
revalidated. It was decided not to conduct any further                                      form of tables and diagrams. A summarised presentation
external audits at TXL because the airport will be closed                                   of the results is published monthly. The reports are sent
in the near future. Internal audits were conducted on the                                   to various government agencies and institutions, the
above basis in 2008 and 2009.                                                               Aircraft Noise Commission and others.

The measures for further improvement of environmental                                       As illustrated in the chart below, the value for the year
performance are documented in the Environmental Pro-                                        of the daily continuous noise level (Leq) calculated and
gramme 2008 – 2012.                                                                         recorded at all of the measurement points in accor-
                                                                                            dance with the German Aircraft Noise Act declined at
Activities for climate protection, including those for                                      Schoenefeld Airport by 1.8 dB(A) in comparison with the
energy efficiency, were continued. The latter have been                                     previous year. Owing to the loss of the measurement
certified in accordance with Section 41 EEG (German                                         point 7 in Blankenfelde for almost the entire year in
Renewable Energies Act).                                                                    2008, the average continuous noise level for 2009 was
                                                                                            also calculated with the exclusion of this measurement
The new company-wide guidelines on environmental                                            point. There was an increase in aircraft movements at
protection have been in effect since October 2008. The                                      the Schoenefeld Airport in 2009 of 9.8 %. The contrary
experience gained during the implementation of the vali-                                    above-average decrease in the noise level is a conse-
dated and certified environmental management system                                         quence of the air shows during the ILA 2008 which
at TXL has now been transferred to the Schoenefeld site                                     had a particularly high noise level. If the ILA flights are
in preparation for application at BBI. These steps have                                     excluded, the mean of all of the measurement points
prepared the foundation for legally secure and compre-                                      shows an increase in the annual Leq of 0.5 dB(A). The Leq
hensive environmental protection at the future airport                                      of the year for the night-time period showed a decline
BBI well in advance of operations there.                                                    of 0.3 dB(A) which is attributable to the decline in night-
                                                                                            time aircraft movements by 3.6 %. Since the ILA flights
Aircraft noise                                                                              were conducted during the day, this value is identical for
The Berlin airports devote special attention to compli-                                     both cases. Utilisation of aircraft capacity declined from
ance with the legally prescribed thresholds for aircraft                                    an average of 97 to 90 passengers per aircraft in 2009.
noise. Aircraft noise measurements as required by the                                       This is a consequence of the move of the airline LTU
German Aviation Act (LuftVG) have been conducted to                                         and its larger aircraft models to Tegel airport and of the
determine the aircraft noise situation. In addition to the                                  economic crisis and the resultant decline in passenger
continuous capture of the measurement data, the mea-                                        numbers. The number of passengers in scheduled flights
surement points are checked daily and the data is pro-                                      rose underproportionately by 2.3 %.
cessed. The results of the measurements are evaluated

Year L eq (3) [dB(A)] dayime

                                                                                              Number of aircraft movements

                                                                                                                             Leq 2008

                                                                                                  or passengers/100

                                                                                                                             Leq 2009

                               60.0                                               80,000                                     Leq 2008, excluding ILA

                               57.5                                                                                          Pax/100

                                                                                                                             Aircraft movements
                               55.0                                               0
                                      SXF                          TXL

                                                                                                                           SXF                                      TXL
                                                                                      2008*                       2008 excluding ILA               2009     2008      2009
        Commercial Aircraft Movements (thousands)                                                                              68.8                 75.5    161.2     156.3
        Schoenefeld Airport (millions)                                                                                           6.6                 6.8     14.5      14.2
        Year Leq, daytime [dB(A)]                                                      58.6                                    56.3                 56.8*    62.5      62.7
        Year Leq, night-time [dB(A)]                                                   53.2                                    53.2                 52.9*    53.1      52.5
        * Values for 2009 recalculated excluding the measurement points 1 and 7

The mean equivalent continuous noise level (Leq) at the       and in freight traffic of about 6 %. However, the record
measurement points in the vicinity of Tegel Airport           transport figures from 2008 are not expected to be
remained as a mean at approximately the same level in         reached again until 2011.
comparison with the previous year [+0.2 dB(A)] despite
a decline in aircraft movements of 3.1 %. The number of       The Berlin aviation market has proven to be relatively
passengers over the same period declined by 2.1 %. The        stable even under the conditions of a recessive economy
average number of passengers per aircraft rose from           and has been able to avoid being drawn into the negative
90 (2008) to 91 (2009). This is a consequence of the          trend nationwide. So it can be assumed, particularly in
utilisation of larger aircraft models (acquisition of LTU     view of the expected upswing in general economic
by Air Berlin) and the addition of new long-haul routes.      circumstances, that the year 2010 can be concluded
The night-time aircraft noise (10.00 pm to 6.00 am)           with moderate growth.
at Tegel Airport deserves special attention. The decline
in night-time aircraft movements by 7.1 % resulted in a       2. Commercial Development
falling mean continuous noise level [-0.6 dB(A)].             An increase in sales revenues of about 10.1 % is
                                                              expected for 2010, a forecast based primarily on a clear
Closure of Tegel                                              rise in the sales revenues real estate and sales revenues
The closure procedure for Tegel Airport was successfully      from construction services.
driven forward against the backdrop of planning stipulat-
ion decisions concerning the Capital Airport BBI which        The sales revenues from construction services in 2010
have been finally determined as legal by the Federal          include the freeing of the construction plots for the
Administrative Court in a number of test cases.               government handling area.

Both the revocation of the operations permit of BFG for       At presumably ¤ 373.6 million, the level of the operating
Tegel Airport and the discharge of the facilities and areas   expenditures for the year 2009 (¤ 320.6 million) will be
of Tegel Airport from the aviation law zoning (cancellat-     exceeded by about 16.5 %, primarily as a consequence
ion of the planning approval) are definitive.                 of higher other operating expenses (+38.5 %) and
                                                              higher costs of materials (+23.9 %). The rise in other
B. OUTLOOK                                                    operating expenses results from higher professional fees
                                                              which are necessary in view of the approaching opening
1. Traffic Development                                        of the BBI and from higher expenses for marketing and
Between 2003 and 2009, the Berlin Airports consistently       PR work.
realised better results in transport growth than the natio-
nal average. Since the middle of 2008, the entire aviation    The rise in cost of materials is a consequence of an
industry has been confronted with great challenges –          increase in third-party services.
first from the rising oil prices, later from the effects of
the worldwide financial and economic crisis.                  Finance expenses will also rise sharply as a consequence
                                                              of the increased BBI investment volume.
However, the ADV (Federation of German Airports)
believes that the recession has bottomed out in               Profit before taxes of -¤ 38.3 million is expected in
the meantime. Experts are looking ahead to 2010               2010 on the basis of these assumptions.
with reserved optimism. This is also reflected in the
Federation’s forecast for this year. The figures show an      Both income and expenses will be subject to substantial
expected increase in passenger traffic of about 3 %           changes in 2011 because of the opening of the BBI. The
                                                              expenses in advance of the BBI opening in particular, e. g.
                           Budget 2010      2009      2008    for trial operation, marketing measures and PR work and
Commercial                                                    other activities will have a decisive impact on the results
Aircraft Movements                                            of the year 2011. All of these factors mean that there
Schoenefeld Airport             58,000     65,303    60,185   will be a loss for the year. The move and the closure of
Tegel Airport                  150,725    150,190   154,896   Tegel Airport at the end of October 2011 will be a great
Tempelhof Airport                     -         -    20,699   challenge. Planning and preparations are running at full
Total                          208,725    215,493 235,789     steam.

                           Budget 2010      2009      2008
Passengers (Thousands)
Schoenefeld Airport               6,376     6,797     6,638
Tegel Airport                   14,651     14,180    14,487
Tempelhof Airport                    0         0       279
Total                           21,027     20,977   21,404

The investment volume will reach ¤ 847.8 million,              The BBI trial runs
substantially higher than the previous year’s volume.          Before the BBI opens on 30 October 2011, all of the
The major projects for the BBI:                                procedures will be practised intensively during a six-
                                                               month trial operation: baggage carousels will warm
• Passenger terminal (¤ 475.6 million)                         up, check-in counters will be manned during trial runs,
• Movement areas (¤ 64.3 million)                              security checkpoints will be tested and any and all imagi-
• Buildings specific to operations (¤ 52.6 million)            nable situations will be simulated. The Berlin Airports will
• Planning of movement areas (¤ 40.1 million)                  be looking for spear-carriers, starting at the beginning of
• Utilities and waste (¤ 24.7 million)                         2011, who can help to put the new Capital Airport to a
• Road construction (¤ 19.2 million)                           thorough test.

Investments of ¤ 3.1 million are planned for Schoenefeld       The biggest move ever in Berlin
Airport for 2010.                                              The night of the move is scheduled for 29 October 2011.
                                                               Two become one: Tegel and Schoenefeld Airports will
The planned investment volume for Tegel Airport in             close in the evening. During the night, all of the mobile
2010 amounts to about ¤ 1.8 million. Major projects            equipment, machines and furnishings will be transported
include the renaturation of movement areas (¤ 0.7 mil-         to the new Capital Airport BBI, where the first scheduled
lion) and terminal fixtures and furnishings (¤ 0.1 million).   flight will take off on the morning of 30 October 2011.

3. Project BBI                                                 4. Opportunities and Risks of Future Development
The following major milestones for the construction            Primary objectives for the FBS, as in previous years,
projects are planned for 2010:                                 are the construction and completion of the BBI. The
                                                               financing of a total of ¤ 2.4 billion was assured in 2009
• Completion of shell for Piers North and South (GU I, 2)      by means of loan agreements with the European Invest-
• Completion of the steel construction work and most of        ment Bank EIB and others.
  the façade work on the passenger terminal (GU I, 3)
• Commencement of the finishing work on the                    As the planning currently stands, the projection of ope-
  passenger terminal (GU I, 4 and 6)                           rational start-up of the BBI at the end of 2011 can still
• Completion of most of the installation of heating,           be upheld. The opening is planned for 30 October 2011.
  cooling, ventilation and sanitary facilities in the          By the middle of 2010, close to 100 % of the planning
  passenger terminal (GU I, 5)                                 and execution volume of the BBI project will have been
• Completion of the movement areas (GU II)                     awarded on schedule.
• Partial start-up of the access routes and traffic ring
  to the passenger terminal (GU VII)                           The award strategy oriented to trades for the terminal
• Partial start-up of the motorway access A113 by              and the buildings specific to operation has resulted in the
  the Brandenburg State Office for Roads                       successful participation, either directly or in the form of
• Completion of most of the utility and disposal               subcontractors, of regional and small to midsize enter-
  networks (GU XI) and of the power distribution               prises. This trend will presumably be continued for the
  networks (GU XII)                                            remaining contracts to be awarded in 2010.
• Completion of the shell for the railway tunnel
  (west side) and handover to EIU (GU XVII)                    Possible delays in partial areas can never be excluded
• Commencement of construction on the expansion                in projects of this size and complexity despite all of the
  areas of the apron and commencement of the                   controlling and steering efforts. The delays which have
  construction of Taxiway C (Charly/ GU XVIII)                 been announced by contractors at this time confirm this
• Completion of most of the Fire Brigades East and West        experience. However, the possibility that the announced
• Start-up of the computer centre in the building for          delays will lead to economic losses in the realisation of
  technical maintenance                                        the BBI cannot be excluded with absolute certainty,
                                                               especially because the initiation of measures to ensure
Topping-off ceremony for terminal                              compliance with deadlines is ether required or must be
In the spring of 2010, the Berlin Airports will join all of    considered now because of the tight chain of deadlines
the involved companies and the people from the region          in the schedule. In general, the effects are minimised
to celebrate the topping-off ceremony for the termi-           within the scope of steering and reengineering, and
nal. The terminal will be presented to the general public      efforts are made to compensate within the project.
during the topping-off ceremony. The completed shell           These measures concentrate on the technical furnishing
will give some impression of what has been accomplished        of the building within the terminal due to the possible
since the ground-breaking ceremony in September 2006           impact on later phases.
and of the well-lit and friendly reception the future
Capital Airport BBI will give its passengers.

The completion of the shell for the railway station and        A major milestone on this road will be the submission
tunnel is fully on schedule. The first shell section of the    of the fee application to the approval authorities, the
underground rail connections has already been handed           Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture of Branden-
over to Deutsche Bahn AG. FBS has therefore done               burg, by the end of 2010. Consultations with the airlines
its part to assure that the railway connection for the         in advance of this step are necessary. This involves a
commissioning of BBI is ready on time.                         certain risk with respect to the ability to realise the
                                                               planned aviation fees.
The value of major parts of tangible assets is based on
the assumption of the successful realisation of the BBI.       The “Focus Programme” was initiated in autumn 2005
                                                               to develop additional potential for the improvement of
The point in time at which the financial crisis is over-       profitability. This programme covers major cross-section
come will have significant influence on the future             projects in which additional revenue increases or further
development of revenues at the Berlin Airports. Gen-           cuts in costs are to be examined and carried out. The
erally speaking, further growth in traffic is expected         “Focus Programme” will be continued in 2010.
until the time of the operational start-up of the BBI.
The expansion of Terminal C which took place in 2009           The financial requirements of FBS according to the long-
secured a major optimisation of the transfer functio-          term planning are covered with the conclusion of the
nality of Tegel Airport. This will create the important        BBI long-term financing. The credit lines have ade-
conditions for exploiting existing or future potential in      quate reserves to cover risks. According to the current
transit passengers even before the operational start-up        long-term planning of FBS, the reserves total about
of the BBI. If traffic continues to grow, further increas-     ¤ 300 million. At this time, the following risks are under
es in aviation and non aviation sales revenues can be          especially close observation:
expected in 2010 and 2011. Berlin’s attraction for the
tourism market is also a solid basis for expectations of       • Construction risks of the BBI project
positive revenue developments in the coming years.             • Construction tradesmen insurance claims which cannot
However, the current overall economic situation is so            be obtained immediately at the point in time of the
uncertain that it is almost impossible to make reliable          greatest utilisation of credit
predictions concerning the short-term development of           • Risks related to the provision of the own financing
traffic. If – contrary to the expectations on which the          contribution for 2010 and 2011
2010 budget is based – there should be a significant           • Risks from the development of the unsecured interest
decline in traffic in 2010, the experience of recent             rate level (at the peak, ¤ 1,500 million of the planned
years shows that the setbacks would likely be of a               credit utilisation is fixed at about 4 % with three swaps)
short-term nature and that the growth in traffic will          • Gap in the coverage for accrued interest (the banks
continue in the middle term.                                     reserve the right to reduce the secured lines of credit
                                                                 by the interest in each case for one quarter)
Despite the increases in revenues, increasing the profit-      • Sureties for swaps (a negative cash value of the three
ability of FBS will mean limiting the rise in costs or           swaps must be secured with sureties from the BBI
realising cuts in expenses. The management mechanisms            long-term financing in the amount of the negative cash
for this purpose have been consistently improved in              value plus a possible fluctuation range of one month).
recent years. It is important to develop these manage-
ment instruments further in 2010 so that cost aware-           The planned operational start-up of the BBI in 2011
ness is raised even higher.                                    is tied to the closure of Tegel Airport. The leasehold
                                                               concluded between the Company and the State of Berlin
To secure the financing of the BBI, the Berlin Airports        or the Federal Government provides for compensation
have undertaken the obligation to provide an own finan-        based on market value if and when the buildings and
cing contribution of ¤ 440 million. It has been possible       premises can continue to be used for other purposes. At
in the last few years to increase steadily the profitability   the moment, there are indications that a possible subse-
of the operating business. If this own contribution to         quent use for the current facilities can be found at least
the financing is to be realised fully, the profitability of    for the property owner, the State of Berlin.
operating business or the EBITDA must be successively
improved until 2011.                                           The negotiations on the return of the land and buildings
                                                               at the Tegel site to the owners, the Federal government
Profitability must be increased once again when the new        and the State of Berlin, began in 2009. A new heritable
airport begins operation so that the loans can be repaid.      building right agreement, effective as per 01 January
This will require limiting the operating costs of the new      2007, was concluded with the State of Berlin which
airport as foreseen by the long-term planning. Moreover,       included the areas of the previous lease. The key para-
it is important to structure the new fee model for the         meters for the return of the land have been included in
BBI so that a foundation for the aviation revenues pro-        this heritable building right agreement.
jected in the long-term planning can be laid.

The BFG does not have any obligations to demolish             BFG filed its defence plea in good time with the Berlin
buildings, facilities and traffic areas upon the expiration   Regional Court in due time on 5 February 2010. A date for
of the heritable building right. The BFG is responsible       oral arguments cannot be expected before autumn 2010.
solely for any damage resulting during the term of the
heritable building right (since 1976) and the leasing con-    The disputes between the airport and airlines regarding
tract (1998). Upon expiration of the heritable building       the fees continued in 2009. The disputes with various
right, the BFG will receive compensation in the amount        airlines regarding the fees for the utilisation of key
of 50 % of the market value for the existing buildings,       infrastructure facilities in effect since 1 April 2002 and
provided that the structures can be utilised during future    the levying of passenger fees as per 1 August 2003
use of the land.                                              were settled with almost all of the involved airlines by
                                                              means of a settlement back in 2005. But since it was
The leasing contract/heritable building right agreement       not possible to realise an agreement with dba, Germania
with the Federal government provide that the provisions       and Hapag-Lloyd Fluggesellschaft, BFG initially brought
for the return will be regulated in a separate agreement.     suit against dba and Germania, later against Hapag-
                                                              Lloyd Fluggesellschaft as well. The actions are pending
The Berlin Airports handed over operation of the General      before the Berlin Regional Court and the Potsdam
Aviation Terminal (GAT) at Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport to      Regional Court.
ExecuJet Europe in January 2010. The awarding of the
GAT strengthens the business aviation in the region of        The Berlin Regional Court found in favour of the
the German capital.                                           complainant in the action BFG versus dba and Germania
                                                              on 25 November 2008 and declared that the fee
Tempelhof Airport was closed on 31 October 2008. The          calculation for the key infrastructure facilities and the
owners of the property of the former Tempelhof Airport        levying of the passenger fees as per 1 August 2003
had made the property available to BFG for the operation      were legal. The opponents have filed an appeal at the
of Tempelhof Airport pursuant to leases. These agree-         Superior Court of Justice.
ments were a heritable building right agreement between
BFG and the State of Berlin and a utilisation agreement       In the pending parallel action against Hapag-Lloyd
between BFG and the Federal Republic of Germany               Fluggesellschaft before the Berlin Regional Court, the
(ownership rights now being exercised by the Federal          suit was dismissed on 23 September 2009. BFG has
Institute for Real Estate Management which became             filed an appeal in the matter at the Superior Court of
the successor to the Federal Assets Management Office         Justice. The remaining risk, although slight, has been
in 2005). After the cessation of aviation operations on       given reasonable consideration in the measurement of
30 October 2008, BFG returned the property of the for-        the valuation allowance for the related claims.
mer Tempelhof Airport to its owners, the Federal Institute
for Real Estate Management (BA) and the State of Berlin.      Disputes have arisen pursuant to the sale of GGB. The
                                                              BFG has undertaken the obligation to initiate court
The BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH has                proceedings to recover utilisation fees for ground ser-
been managing the property since 31 October 2008 on           vices owed by Air Berlin to GGB pursuant to assigned
behalf of the owners and represents them exclusively in       rights. Besides the review of the permissibility and
any and all matters related to the property. Suit was filed   reasonableness of the utilisation fees claimed by BFG,
against BFG on 31 October 2009. However, the plaintiff        the interpretation of the contract concluded between
is not the BIM GmbH, but the owners of the property,          GGB and Air Berlin is the object of the proceedings.
the Federal Institute for Real Estate Management and the      The BFG suit against Air Berlin was dismissed in the
State of Berlin.                                              first instance on 18 December 2008. BFG has filed an
                                                              appeal at the Superior Court of Justice. In addition, the
The suit is related to the handover of the property by BFG    BFG undertook an obligation during the sale to conduct
to the owners in October 2008. The suit seeks deter-          a test case against GGB to clarify the permissibility and
mination that BFG is obligated to compensate any and all      reasonableness of the utilisation fees for ground ser-
current and future damage or loss which has resulted or       vices claimed by BFG. The subject of the proceedings
which results in the future because BFG did not fulfil its    concerns utilisation fees which GGB invoiced for the
obligations pursuant to the leases to maintain and service    handling of Hapag-Lloyd. A hearing for the initial oral
the property and did not hand over the property in proper     arguments concerning the suit filed on 26 June 2008
condition.                                                    has been set for the first quarter of 2010.

BFG is of the opinion that the asserted claims have no
basis and that the suit is unfounded. BFG fulfilled its
obligations pursuant to the leases at all times.

In addition, the pending grant of the certification of the    For this reason, the Company has secured its position
site network properties for the Tegel location and the        against an increase in interest rates and the subsequent
current legal uncertainty following the European Court of     rise in financing expenses since the end of 2006 with the
Justice decision of 22 May 2008 as well as the currently      aid of three interest swaps. This security measure
unclear effects of the pending transformation of the          is a cash flow hedge. The secured risk is the change in
Electricity Directive into national law by 3 March 2011       value of the interest payments for the long-term borrow-
represent additional risks.                                   ing resulting from changes in the 3-month Euribor interest
                                                              rates. The objective of the interest hedge transactions is
Risk management                                               to establish a fixed rate for the series of expected interest
The risk management system of the FBS Group is com-           payments (3-month Euribor). This is achieved by means
posed of various positions. In addition to the central        of the described interest swaps.
and regional controlling offices and the internal auditing
department, there is a work group for risk management.        Schoenefeld, 24 February 2010
This group draws up criteria and measures for the
identification and elimination of risks and the monitoring
of the measures.

Risk identification and systematisation as well as risk
analysis and assessment are carried out quarterly and
updated regularly. Ongoing reports on the findings are
provided to the Supervisory Board.

The risks and the measures determined to counteract
them are described in detail in the risk report for the
Supervisory Board. In detail, the report covers such
topics as possible growth risks resulting from declines in
traffic related to negative developments of the economy
as a whole, possible scenarios of unforeseeable disasters
or the development of various fees.

Financial instruments
Major financial instruments within the sense of Section
289 (2), Item 2 HGB (German Commercial Code)
existed in the company in fiscal year 2009 in the form of
receivables and payables. Far and away the greatest part
of the liabilities is due to banks. The receivables make up
only a small portion of the balance sheet total. Outside
of the long-term financing, the Company is vulnera-
ble to payment flow fluctuations and the risks of price
changes, failures and liquidity to only a small degree
through the use of these financial instruments.

The interest for the long-term borrowing of BBI
represents a major component of the future payment
obligations of FBS. Since the interest expenses for
the loans are determined on the basis of the variable
3-month Euribor, the FBS is vulnerable to substantial
risks from payment flow fluctuations in the event of a
change in the interest level.

Auditor’s Opinion

We have audited the consolidated annual accounts – comprising balance sheet, income statement, notes, cash flow
statement and analysis of shareholders' equity movement – and the consolidated management report prepared by Flug-
hafen Berlin-Schoenefeld GmbH, Schoenefeld, for the fiscal year from 1 January to 31 December 2009. According to
German commercial law, the preparation of the consolidated annual accounts and the consolidated management report
is the responsibility of the company's management. It is our responsibility to form an independent opinion, based on our
audit, of those consolidated annual accounts and of the consolidated management report.

We conducted our audit in accordance with Section 317 HGB, taking into consideration the German standards of audi-
ting issued by the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer (IDW). These standards require that we plan and perform the audit to
obtain reasonable assurance that any errors and irregularities which would materially affect the representation of the
assets, liabilities, financial position and profit and loss shown in the consolidated annual accounts with due regard to with
generally accepted accounting standards and in the consolidated management report would be recognized. In determi-
ning the audit actions, we gave consideration to our knowledge of the business activities and the economic and legal
environment of the Group as well as to our expectations of possible errors. The scope of the audit also includes, prima-
rily on a test basis, an assessment of the effectiveness of the internal controlling system related to the accounting as
well as of the evidence for the amounts and disclosures in the consolidated annual accounts and consolidated manage-
ment report. The audit includes assessing the annual accounts for the companies included in the consolidated annual
accounts, the definition of the companies included in the consolidation, the accounting and consolidation methods used
and the significant estimates made by the management as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the consolidated
annual accounts and the consolidated management report. We believe that our audit provides an adequately assured
basis for our opinion.

Our audit did not reveal any reasons for objection.

In our opinion, based on our findings during the audit, the consolidated annual accounts are in conformity with legal
statutes and, with due regard to the generally accepted accounting principles, give a true and fair view of the Company’s
assets, liabilities, financial position and profit and loss. The consolidated management report is consistent with the con-
solidated annual accounts, gives overall a true and fair view of the Group’s position and accurately describes the oppor-
tunities and risks of future developments.

Berlin, 24 February 2010

Chartered Accountants

Wolfgang Wagner                            Harald Herrmann
Chartered Accountant                       Chartered Accountant

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                                    March 2010
 Berlin Airports
Passengers in 2009
Berlin, total                   20,977,395
Berlin-Schoenefeld               6,797,158
Berlin-Tegel                    14,180,237

Flight movements in 2009
Berlin, total                      231,800
Berlin-Schoenefeld                  75,538
Berlin-Tegel                       156,262

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz
Manfred Körtgen

Federal Republic of Germany            26 %
State of Berlin                        37 %
State of Brandenburg                   37 %

Airlines                                 77

Destinations                           166

Total                                 1,467
Berlin-Schoenefeld                      918
Berlin-Tegel                            548
FMT                                       1
Trainees                                 63

Airport Information Phone +49 1805 000186
 Capital Airport BBI

Terminal topping-out ceremony     May 2010
Trial runs                        May 2011
Opening                     30 October 2011

Size                                   1,470 ha

Up to 27 million passengers on opening
Can be gradually increased to up to 45 million

Gross floor area                   280,000 m2
Roof area                           49,000 m2
Length                                  220 m
Width                                   180 m
Height                                   32 m

Main pier
Length                                   715 m
Jetways                                     16

South pier
Length                                   350 m
Jetways                                      9

North pier
Length                                   350 m
Walk boarding positions                     12

North runway                           3,600 m
South runway                           4,000 m
Lateral distance                       1,900 m

Total investment                    ¤ 2.5 Billion

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