August Entries open for Young Planners Scholarship New York by Kittibitti


									                                                                                                       August 2007

Entries open for $15, 000 Young Planners Scholarship
New York’s Time Square, London’s               •   a young planner with less          Ms Jay said entrants would be
theatre district or China’s Beijing                than five years’ experience.       required to provide a 1500-word
Olympic City are just some of the                                                     submission, curriculum vitae and a
outdoor media environments that            CEO of the OMA, Helen Willoughby,          statement of claim as to why they
could be open to young planners            and CEO of the PIA, Di Jay, said the       should be chosen. They would then
under the first of a new $15,000           aim of the scholarship was to broaden      be required to write a report and
international scholarship program.         understanding among its annual             present their findings to the next
                                           recipients of the challenges and           Young Planners’ and PIA Conferences
Entries have opened for the annual         opportunities planners and outdoor         in 2009.
young planners’ scholarship, which is      media operators faced in international
a joint initiative of the Outdoor Media    cities so that they may apply that         The research will also be published on
Association (OMA) and Planning             knowledge in Australia.                    the OMA and PIA websites.
Institute of Australia (PIA). To be
eligible    entrants    must   be   an     “Around       the     world,    outdoor    Entrants will be judged in October by
Australian resident under 35 years of      advertising takes on many roles –          a panel including representatives of
age and either a:                          from traditional posters to innovative     the OMA and PIA, and up to two
                                           digital displays, from the subtle to the   leading planning academics.       The
     •   second year or beyond             out there.        And the regulatory       winner will be announced on World
         planning student enrolled in      environment        can    vary     quite   Town Planning Day on 8 November
         one of 17 institutions with       dramatically from place to place,” Ms      2007.
         accredited     PIA      courses   Willoughby said.
         throughout      Australia    or                                              ENTRIES CLOSE MONDAY 1 OCTOBER
         another approved planning         “This scholarship will provide the         2007
         course (refer list attached);     opportunity for young planners to
                                           explore how overseas’ regulators
     •   a recent graduate of one of       manage outdoor advertising in the            Out there
         those courses but not yet         built environment, and how they are         This may not be traditional outdoor
         working in the planning           adapting to changing landscapes and        advertising but check out Julian
         environment;                      new technologies.”                         Beever’s creative talents.

                                                                                      Julian Beever is an English artist who
Glue Society to re-vamp creative awards                                               is famous for his 3-D chalk art on the
                                                                                      pavements     of   England,     France,
The creative collective, The Glue          The Glue Society, established in 1998      Germany,     USA,     Australia    and
Society, has been commissioned by          by Jonathan Kneebone and Gary              Belgium.
the OMA to help with the re-branding       Freedman, have worked with clients
and re-positioning of the outdoor          such as Nike, Virgin Mobile and Virgin
industry’s creative awards.                Atlantic, Channel V, Levis and most
                                           recently developed The Chaser’s War
 Well-known for their innovative and       on Everything “cheapest billboards in
attention seeking campaigns, the           the world” campaign.
creative team at the Glue Society now
have the ultimate challenge – to build     Stay tuned for the launch of the new
interest and excitement around the         campaign planned for November.
potential of outdoor among the
creative industry.
                                                                                        This swimming pool chalk drawing
                                                                                        appeared in Glasgow, Scotland.
 The aim is to give the outdoor                                                         Below is the view of the drawing
awards that ‘cutting edge’ that makes                                                   from the opposite side.
them a ‘must enter’ awards’ program
among the creative community.

 Michael Simons, Executive Creative
Director with Draft FCB, will continue
as Chair of the Judging Panel for the      The Glue Society developed this
awards and will help oversee the           effective RTA   youth   speeding
project.                                   campaign.
National outdoor                           SEPP 64 changes                             State round up
media study                                New      rules   governing   outdoor        NSW
underway                                   advertising in NSW were gazetted by            •    Arrangements are being made
                                           the State Government on Friday 3                    for an industry briefing about
                                           August. The changes include:                        changes to SEPP 64. More
The   OMA     has    engaged  Access
                                                                                               information soon.
Economics to do an Australia-wide
                                           •   The introduction of a public benefit
study of the economic contribution of
                                               test for determining community              •   The OMA recently attended the
outdoor advertising.
                                               value for outdoor advertising                   NSW Government’s Business
                                               proposals in areas where the RTA                Dialogue forum, following up
The study will help fill “knowledge
                                               or RailCorp have a role (for                    on the SEPP 64 amendments
gaps” about the industry, establish
                                               example, in transport corridors or              with the Ministers for Roads
some     industry   benchmarks     and
                                               on RTA or RailCorp owned land);                 and Planning.
quantify the benefit of outdoor
advertising to the Australian economy
and communities.                           •   The    inclusion    of  a    dispute    Victoria
                                               resolution process to assist with           •    The OMA has been holding
CEO of the Outdoor Media Association,          the application of the public benefit            MOVE road shows to brief
Helen Willoughby, said that the study          test;                                            media buyers on the audience
is an important industry initiative and                                                         measurement      project. The
encouraged all members to participate.     •   The inclusion of OHS upgrades and                roads shows, held so far in
                                               signage removal in some transport                NSW and VIC have been well
“This is the first industry-wide study         corridors as exempt development                  received and attended.
into the economic impact and benefits          (not    subject   to   a   formal
of outdoor media to be conducted in            development            application          •   The OMA recently attended the
many years,” Ms Willoughby said.               process); and                                   Victorian        Government’s
                                                                                               Business Forum, meeting with
“The study will help quantify how many     •   The inclusion of a requirement for              the Ministers for Planning,
people the industry employs, the               vegetation management plans in                  Local Government and Roads
industry’s  contribution     to   gross        development      applications    for            about the changes currently
domestic product, and its donations to         outdoor signage in certain areas.               being    considered    to   the
charities.                                                                                     advertising components of the
                                           Helen Willoughby, CEO of OMA, said                  Victorian Planning Provisions.
“It will clarify what funds are provided   the OMA will monitor the application of
towards the construction, cleaning and     a number of aspects of the new policy,      Queensland
maintenance of public infrastructure       particularly the public benefit test, in       •   The OMA has requested a
like bus and tram shelters, and            the lead up to a Government review of              meeting Brisbane City Council
pedestrian bridges.”                       the policy in mid 2008.                            to discuss the possible transfer
                                                                                              of signage regulation from
“The study will provide individual         “The new public benefit test will                  local law to a new planning
members a baseline against which to        provide     advertisers      with    the           scheme.
compare their individual practices and     opportunity to clearly establish the
performance against the industry           benefit of new outdoor signage                  •   The OMA will soon commence
average.”                                  proposals through financial or in-kind              a submission to the review of
                                           contributions to the State Government               the QLD “Local Government
Results from the study are expected by     or local councils,” Ms Willoughby said.             Act”.
the end of 2007. For more information,
contact Philip McCall at the OMA on 02     “The changes follow new independent             •   Work is continuing to launch a
8356 9000                                  research by AC Neilsen which showed                 pilot police initiative in QLD,
                                           high public support for outdoor                     where free advertising space
                                           advertising which contributed to the                would be offered to Police for
Website launch                             provision and maintenance of public                 crime fighting or missing
                                           infrastructure.                                     children programs.
The Outdoor Media Association, OMA,
is launching its new website on the 3      “With State Government departments
September 2007. Please view the new        now required to annually report on
OMA website at             advertising revenue received and
                                           expended on public projects, the public         Upcoming eventsts
The website is more user friendly and      benefit test will provide further
reflects the OMA’s new branding. The       opportunities to demonstrate the public         Marketing Committee Meeting:
website features several new sections      benefits   associated  with    outdoor          3 September 2007
including an extensive image gallery, a    advertising.”
MOVE (audience measurement) section                                                        Regulatory Affairs Committee
and a resource centre.                      The OMA will continue to work closely          Meeting:
                                           with     NSW     State    and    Local          12 October 2007
The ‘members only’ site has been           Governments to ensure the industry is
updated and now includes a Regulatory      well informed about the new rules, and          Occupational Health and Safety
Affairs section which features links to    understands how its members are to              Meeting:
relevant legislation and other websites.   comply with the changes across the              12 November 2007
                                           various Local Government Areas.
If you have any feedback on the                                                            Board meeting:
website please contact Candice Scott                                                       20 November 2007

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