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									The Contemporary Cosmetic Group, Inc.

                         holistic skin care
                        Anti-Aging System

       Introducing the future
       of anti-aging skincare .

    The Contemporary Cosmetic Group, Inc. is
    proud to announce the introduction of eight
    new products that help reverse the effects of
    time!    Holistic skincare products are                                                               B
    designed to help prevent and repair the signs
    of skin damage that become visible as we
    age.    Each product is a technological
    breakthrough in cosmetic science clinically
    proven to help guarantee smoother, firm,
    more radiant, younger-looking skin!                                              A


              A. Holistic Renewal Complex – An             C. Holistic Eye Rescue – De-Puffing
              advanced dermatological formula that         Complex – The breakthrough formula
              significantly diminishes the appearance of   scientifically proven to dramatically reduce
              redness, unsightly veins and broken          the appearance of undereye puffiness and
              capillaries. This clinically proven          bags. Helps smooth, contour and increase
              technology helps improve capillary and       firmness under the eyes.
              vein health and firms and strengthens            #905-67 (1 fl. oz. 30ml)
              skin’s natural resistance. Skin appears
                                                           D. Holistic Rejuvenating Complex –
              smoother, more even-toned, healthier!
                                                           Concentrated Peptide technology that
                  #905-69 (2 fl. oz. 59ml)                                                                D
                                                           smoothes away lines and wrinkles with the
              B. Holistic Eye Therapy – Dark Circle        patented, anti-aging complex featured at
              Complex – The revolutionary treatment        the World Congress of Dermatology.
              formula that significantly diminishes the    Continued use helps skin become smoother,
              appearance of dark undereye circles and      more radiant, and younger looking! Silky
              discolorations. Works to diminish the look   serum formula absorbs instantly!
              of dark circles and helps prevent their          #905-68 (1 fl. oz. 30ml)
              reappearance. Hydrates and helps smooth
              fine lines.
                  #905-66 (1 fl. oz. 30ml)

      holistic skin care
     Anti-Aging System



E. Holistic Rejuvenating Crème –              G. Holistic Rejuvenating Eye Crème –
Contains the revolutionary wrinkle-           The breakthrough eye care formula that
reversing ingredient featured at the          contains the patented anti-aging complex
World Congress of Dermatology - a             that helps regenerate photoaged skin and
patented, clinically proven Peptide           reduces the appearance of lines and
technology that’s more effective than         wrinkles. Moisturizes, soothes and
Retinol - without the irritation! Increases   smoothes. Specifically formulated for the
firmness and radiance. Continued use          delicate, sensitive skin around the eyes.
helps your skin become smoother and               #905-65 (1 oz.)
younger looking!
    #905-63 (1.7 oz.)                         H. Holistic Rejuvenating Foundation –
                                              This featherweight foundation contains
F. Holistic Wrinkle Relaxing Complex
                                              the same patented anti-aging complex
–This exclusive CCG Complex begins
                                              that helps regenerate photoaged skin and
working instantly to smooth, firm and
                                              helps reduce the appearance of lines and
create younger looking skin without
                                              wrinkles. A silky, light diffusing formula
injections! A unique, invisible, wrinkle-
                                              that immediately creates a flawless,
erasing formula that helps relax and
                                              radiant, natural looking finish.
smooth away lines to create a smoother,
                                                  #253 Black #254 Platinum (9 gr.)
more youthful complexion. The
smoothing effect lasts for hours!
    #905-64 (.5 oz.)

        holistic skin care
        Alpha Hydroxy Exfoliating & Moisturizing System

                                                                                                                        Our products have been carefully formulated
                                                                                                                        and are preventative in nature. Unlike most
    Formulated to protect the                                                                                           existing   products    today    that    treat   the
    skin from harsh everyday                                                                                            symptoms, our products work to prevent the
        hazards of the sun, wind                                                                                        symptoms and outcome of under nourished or
    and pollution, while deliv-                                                                                         over oily skin. We have carefully omitted all
           ering scientifically                                                                                         known or suspected irritants from our products.
        formulated, moisturizing                                                                                        These irritants, which are present in many
    skin treatments containing                                                                                          popular skin care and makeup lines, can cause
         alpha hydroxy acids.                                                                                           adverse reactions to the skin. We have
                                                                                                                        researched     the     latest    state-of-the-art
                                                               B                                                            ingredients that have allowed great strides
                                                                                                                            to be made in skin care treatments today.
                                                                                                                            Our products are constantly reviewed and
                                                                                                                            evaluated to ensure that the quality and
                                                                                                                            state-of-the-art position is kept accurate
                                                                                                                            and consistent throughout the line. What
                                                                                                                            everyone needs is a regimen specifically
                                                                                                                            created to assist the skin in its natural
                                                                                                                            abilities to care for itself.      Our Holistic
                                                                                                                            Formulations      are   visible    proof    that
                                                                                                                            moisture supplied cells are able to defend
                                                                                                                            themselves against environmental stress
                                                                                                                            and maintain a more youthful appearance.


           A. Alpha Hydroxy Environmental Cleanser                 C. Alpha Hydroxy Environmental Lotion
              Versatile cleanser with Alpha Hydroxy Acid              Daytime lotion utilizes a combination
              formulated with Vitamins E and C for                    of fruit acids and lactic acid to make the skin
              cleansing, renewing and protecting the skin.            look smoother and healthier.
              #905-11 (7 oz.)                                         #905-08 (2 oz.)

           B. Alpha Hydroxy Environmental Creme                    D. Alpha Hydroxy Environmental Toner
              This superior creme exfoliates dead skin cells          A freshening toner designed to
              uncovering healthy new skin. Helps                      even skin tone while diminishing fine lines
              prevent premature wrinkles while improving              and wrinkles. Vitamins E and C protect
              texture and coloration.                                 while aloe vera soothes and heals.
              #905-09 (1.7 oz.)                                       #905-12 (4 oz.)

                                                            holistic skin care
                      Intense Environmental, Vitamin Enriched Moisturizing System

 Formulated to protect the
 skin from the damage of
       everyday free
radicals and pollution, while
delivering scientifically for-
mulated, moisturizing skin
 containing vitamins, lipo-
 some and alpha hydroxy
             acids.              A                                          B


         C                           D

                                         A. Liposome Environmental Eye Gel                        D. Vitamin C Serum
                                            Reduces puffiness and firms the delicate                 Promotes the formation of collagen and skin
                                            eye area. Provides antioxidant daily protection          firmness. Vitamin C is a well-accepted antioxidant
                                            against the sun and everyday pollution.                  capable of inhibiting free radical damage.
                                            #905-06 (1 oz.)                                          #905-61 (1 oz.)

                                         B. Vitamin C Creme                                       E. Liposome Environmental Creme
                                            Vitamin C with added vitamin E is an ideal               Formulated with antioxidants
                                            combination to promote smoother, younger                 to moisturize and protect the skin against
                                            looking skin. Helps to relieve the oxidative stress      pollution and sun damage.
                                            caused by ultraviolet radiation.                         #905-04 (1.7 oz.)
                                            #905-62 (1.7 oz.)

                                         C. Liposome Environmental Lotion
                                            Liposomes carry moisturizing ingredients
                                            below skin’s surface to moisturize and revitalize.
                                            Vitamin E helps prevent damage caused by
                                            daily exposure to sun and pollution. Skin will look
                                            and feel healthier.
                                            #905-07 (2 oz.)                                                                                               5
       holistic skin care
       Renewing Moisturizing System

        Formulated with special
    ingredients designed to hold and
       retain moisture as well as
revitalize and energize skin cells,
    restoring essential nutrients for                                                           B

          a healthy skin tone.

                          What everyone needs is a regimen specifically created
                          to assist the skin in its natural abilities to care for itself.
                          Our       holistic        formulations       are       visible
                          proof that moisture supplied cells are able to defend
                          themselves against environmental stress and maintain a
                          more youthful appearance. Our skin care system is so
                          complete we’ve included products formulated for
                          application on specific areas. This specialization of
                          products is most important since skin differs in
                          thickness and its ability to retain moisture.

                          A. Hyaluronic Repare Concentrate          C. Eye and Neck Improver               E. Moisture Gel Masque
                             A night repair system for around          A super moisturizer for the             An energizing moisture masque
                          eyes                                         sensitive eye and neck areas.           which leaves the skin supple and
                              and other problem areas.                 #905-01 (1 oz.)                     soft.
                             #905-23 (.5 oz.)                                                                  #905-14 (4 oz.)
                                                                    D. Hyaluronic Eye Creme
                          B. Hyaluronic Moisture Creme                  Moisturizes as it helps heal       F. Hyaluronic Moisture Lotion
                             An excellent rich formula intended        and repair the delicate eye area.      A luxurious moisture lotion that
                             for maximum moisturizing.                 #905-60 (1 oz.)                        helps defend against dehydration.
                             #905-02 (1.7 oz.)                                                                #905-21 (2 oz.)

                                                                    holistic skin care
                                                                                              Maintenance Moisturizing System




                                                                                               Skin care products formulated
                                                                                   specifically to treat individual problems. Holistically
B                                                                                                  formulated products to
                                                                                             moisturize, soften and protect for
                                                                                            a softer, more youthful appearance.


    A. Elastin Collagen Creme                C. Hema Night Creme                          oily secretions from the skin.
       Super moisturizing formula contains      A rich concentrated creme                 #905-22 (2 oz.)
       elastin and collagen to produce a     formulated                                E. Elastin Collagen Lotion
       youthful firmness to the skin.            to hydrate, moisturize and visually       A nourishing lightweight
       #905-20 (1.7 oz.)                         improve dry, sensitive skin.             moisturizer fortified with natural
                                                #905-30 (1.7 oz.)                         elastin and soluble collagen.
    B. Hand and Body Lotion
                                                                                          #905-25 (2 oz.)
       An all over body lotion with          D. Balance Control Lotion
       aloe vera which heals and helps          A day and night oil control
       defend skin from dehydration.            system that moisturizes as it
       #905-41 (7 oz.)                       absorbs
    holistic skin care
    Toning & Contouring System


                  A. Non-Alcoholic Astringent
                     Astringent for normal to oily skin.
                     Contains therapeutic plant extracts–
                     witch hazel to invigorate and aloe to
                     #905-45 (7 oz.)

                  B. Firming Masque
                      A masque designed to firm,
                     tighten and contour.
                     #905-03 (4 oz.)

                  C. Tonic for Dry Skin
                      An after-cleansing tonic that helps
                      retain moisture.
                     #905-16 (4 oz.)

                  D. Freshening Facial Tonic with Aloe Vera
                      After-cleansing tonic to revitalize
                      and energize the skin.
                     #905-50 (4 oz.)

                  E. Clay Masque
                      Designed to draw out oils and surface
                      impurities that have lodged in pores.       E
                     #905-17 (4 oz.)

                                                                                holistic skin care
        Cleansing System

                                                                       Using the latest scientific research and
                                                                          ingredients, we have formulated
                                                                         a skin care line for sensitive skin.
                                                                        These formulations dramatically aid
                                                                             the natural skin balance to
                                                                          maintain a youthful appearance.

A. Cleansing Grains
   Deep cleansing facial scrub
   cleans pores, eliminates dead surface
   #905-24 (2 oz.)                                                 C                                                  D
B. All Type Skin Cleanser
   Closely resembles the natural chemistry
   of the skin to clean without stripping
   the skin.
   #905-05 (7 oz.)

C. Honey and Almond Scrub
   A mild scrub that helps slough off
   cellular debris from the skin’s surface.
                                                      Makeup Removal System
   #905-10 (1.7 oz.)

D. Thorough Cleansing Gel
   Cleanses and purifies as it restores the
    balance necessary for combination skin                                                                  The makeup removal system that
   to feel fresh and soft.                                                                                      gently removes all traces of
   #905-54 (4 oz.)
                                                                                                                  makeup without irritation.
E. Makeup Removal Creme
    A rich emulsion containing emollients
   that remove makeup and impurities.
   #905-55 (4 oz.)

F. Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover
    A mild, non-oily remover that is
   quick and gentle.
   #905-35 (4 oz.)

G. Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover Pads
   Very mild, non-oily easy-to-use pads are
   drenched with chamomile to soothe                                                                   G
   eye area as makeup is removed easily
   and quickly.
   #905-36 (1.7 oz.)

                                                  E            F
    classic lips
          -1R          -13R       -26P          -38R           -50R        -62P          -76R        -89M        -101M        -114R       -127P
         Toffee     Watermelon   Mandarin      Coraline        Regal       Wild          Rosy        Mango      Carnatio     Paloma        Sheer
                                   Tint                         Red        Plum         Russet                     n                      Delight

          -2R          -14         -27R          -39P          -51P         -63R         -77R         -90P       -103M        -115R        -128P
       Pomegranat    Amethyst    Stop Lite      Glazed        Nubronz      Liberty      Russet        Pink       Mauve       Cabernet     Moonlig
           e                        Red          Coral           e           Red                     Orchid                               ht Rose

          -3R          -15R        -28R          -40R         -52P         -65R          -78P         -91P       -104M        -116R        -130P
        Cappucci      Sherry       Rage         Tango       Mardi Gras    Wineberr       Petal       Bronze       Royal       Brandy       Ginger
           no                                                 Pink           y           Pink                     Ruby                     Kisses

          -4R          -16R         -29P         -41P           -53P         -66R        -79R         -92P       -105M        -117P        -136P
        Sangria       Trans       Hawaiian      Golden          Opal       Luscious      Coral      True Pink   Persimm       Copper      Metallic
                      Russet       Orchid       Mauve           Pink      Raspberry      Reef                      on

          -5R          -17P       -30P           -42P           -54R        -68P         -80R         -93R       -106M        -118R         -137P
       Sandalwo       Golden     Overcast       Crystal        Coralli     Risque        Brick      Cashmer      Spiced        Very       Iridescen
           od         Brandy                    Orange          Yours       Coral                    e Pink       Coral        Truly          ce

         -6R          -18P         -31P          -43R           -55R        -69R         -81R          -94P      -107M        -119P        -138R
        Cognac        Pecan       Claret        Intense       Innocent    Tempting       Plum       Cinnamau    American     Tea Rose       Rosy
                      Glaze       Gold          Orange          Pink        Pink         Wine           ve       Beauty                    Maple

           -7P         -19R        -32P          -44P           -56P       -70R         -82R          -95P      -108M         -120P        -139P
         Apricot       Wild      Magenta        Deep            Plum      Caramel      Burgund       Bright     Paprika       Golden      Raspberr
          Glace        Pink       Glitter       Orchid          Frost                     y           Pink                    Glitter     y Sorbet

         -08P         -20R         -33P          -45R           -57R         -71R        -83P        -96M         -109P       -121P
         Burnt         Red       Brazzino        Just         Raspberry   Passionate   Peaches       Nude       Irresistib    Grape
        Almond        Apple       Luster         Plum          Frappe        Pink      & Cream                   le Pink       Glitz

         -09P         -22R         -34R          -46R          -58P         -72R          -84R        -97R       -110P        -122P
         Sugar         Rum        Pinque         Plum         Cardinal      Rose         Light       Mauve      Sterling       Grey
         Plum         Punch                       Red           Red        Beauty      Cappuccino     Pink       Silver       Glitter

          -10P         -23R        -35R          -47R           -59P       -73R          -85P        -98M        -111R        -123P
         Gilded       Persian    Mexican         Royal         Plum        Deep          Pink        Pink       Chocolat     Brilliant
         Peach        Melon       Poppy          Pink          Mauve       Rose          Beige                     e          Brown

          -11P         -24R        -36R          -48P          -60P        -74R          -86R        -99M        -112P        -124P
       Strawberry    Plumberr      Onyx        Nuberipe        Dawn        Pink          Terra       Berry       Sunset       Sienna
          Glace          y         Wine            rl          Pink       Salmon         Cotta                   Bronze      Shimmer

         -12P          -25P       -37P           -49P           -61R        -75R         -88P       -100M        -113R        -126P
        Gilded        Golden      Midas        Spun Gold      Blackber     Shrimp        Plum       Heather     Perfectly      Baby
        Walnut         Plum       Touch           Red            ry                                              Plum          Pink

    vitamin enriched
                                               hydrating lips
          -1R          -5R         -11P          -17P          -30P        -41P          -67P        -130R       -134P         -140
         Sweet       Bordeau     Soft Silver    Golden        Overcast    Golden        Pompeii      Ginger     Sparklin     Intrigue
         Plum           x          Peach        Brandy                    Mauve           Red        Kisses     g Grape

          -2R           -6R        -14          -18P            -33P        -59P         -81R        -131R       -135P         -141
        Smooth         Rose       Misty         Pecan         Brazzino     Plum          Plum         Sea       Glamour      Tropical
        Sienna         Petal      Mauve         Glace          Luster      Mauve         Wine        Coral

          -3R         -08P         -15R          -19R          -37P        -60P          -85P        -132R       -138R         -142
         Retro        Burnt      Starshine     Tiger Lily      Midas       Dawn          Beige       Cocoa        Rosy       Intoxicati
         Rose        Almond                                    Touch       Pink          Pink                    Maple           on

           -4R         -09P        -16R          -25P           -39P         -66R        -118R       -133R       -139P         -143
          Cafe         Fawn       Fire &        Golden         Glazed      Luscious       Very       Raisin     Raspberr     Persuasi
8         Latte                     Ice          Plum           Coral     Raspberry       Truly                 y Sorbet        on
                                                         lips & nails

                        Lip Gloss

                            120-1            120-6
                         Classic Red         Pearl

                           120-2            120-7
                        Burnt Sherry      Champagne          Maxi Lip Gloss

                           120-3            120-8              121-11          121-15
                           Azalea          Rosewine           Goldenglo        Magenta

                            120-4            120-9              121-12          121-16
                           Fuchsia           Clear               Pink          Lavender
                                                               Shimmer           Mist

                            120-5           120-10             121-14          121-17
                         Butterscotch      Orange            Candlelight        Bronze
                                           Sherbert                            Glimmer
A       B

                                                                   B. Lip gloss
                                                                      Wand Applicator glides on color and shine.
                                                                      #120- Gold cap (.33 oz)
                                                                      #121- Gold cap (.33 oz.)
                                                                      #122- Platinum cap (.25 oz.)

                                                                   C. Lip Keep
                                                                      Conditions lips prevents feathering.
                                                                      #115-01- Oval container w/gold cap.
                                                                      (.33 oz.)
                                                                      #116-1- Round container w/platinum cap.
                                                                      (.25 oz.)
                                                                   D. Vitamin E Stick
                                                                      To soothe, nourish and protect. (4.5 gr.)
                                                                      #133-1 Black case
                  E                                                   #134-1 Platinum case

                A. Classic Lipstick                                E. Nail Polish
                   Creamy, moist, easy-to-apply.                      Long lasting, formaldehyde-free.
                   Featherproof, fragrance-free. (4.5 gr.)            (.5 oz.)
    C       D
                   #153- Black Case                                   #150- Match all lipticks
                   #154- Platinum Case                                Available in black or platinum cap.

                   Vitamin Enriched Hydrating Lipstick
                   With Vitamins A & E and ceramides formulated
                   to improve the quality & texture of the lips.
                   The anti-oxidants protect against dehydration
                   and everyday hazards.
                   #152- Black Case
                   #155- Platinum Case                                                                             9

              #220-01         #220-02             #220-03         #220-04
               Mocha           Chalk             True Beige        Bisque

              #220-05          #220-06         #220-07            #220-08
             Sunny Beige     Tawny Beige     Natural Beige        Espresso

                                                                                                                                               A. Holistic Liquid Foundation
                                                                                                                                                  Holistically formulated
              #220-10         #220-11             #220-12         #220-17
             Honey Peach       Ivory             Rose Beige       True Earth                                                                      is designed for sensitive skin.
                                                                                                     A                                         Water-
                                                                                                                                                  based, non-greasy–won’t clog
         Holistic Formula Makeup                                                                                                               pores.
                                                                                                                                                  (1 oz.)

                                                                                                                              B. Holistic Underbase
                                                                                                                                  Camouflage imperfections with
                                                                                                                                 mint or lavender underbase. Mint
                                                                                                                                 a ruddy complexion. Lavender
                                                                                                                              perks up
                                                                                                                                 a sallow complexion. (1 oz.)

                                                                                                                                #225-01             #225-02
                                                                                                                                Lavender             Mint


                                                                  Dry Skin Holistic Formula
                                                                  Intense Environmental Makeup


                                                                               -01               -02              -03                  -04
         C. Environmental Liquid Foundation                                 Sand Beige       Bronze Beige     Soft Cameo              Beige
              Full coverage water-based liquid
              creme foundation revitalizes dry
         skin while
              protecting skin from the natural                        -05                 -06             -07                -08                 -09
         elements.                                                Soft Honey          Truly Beige        Bronze           Porcelain           Rose Beige
              Contains Vitamin E and Aloe. (1
              #240- Gold Cap
              #241- Platinum Cap                                                  -10            -11                 -12            -13
                                                                               Early Tan     Cafe Au Lait         Chocolate      Golden Tan
12                                                                                                                 Mousse
                                                                                                                B. Creme-To-Powder Makeup
A. Perfect Finish                                                                                                  For normal to oily skin.
Makeup                                                                                                             Full coverage creme
   Full coverage creme                                                                                             foundation that dries to a
    foundation for                                                                                                 soft, matte, powder finish.
   normal to dry skin.                                                                                             (12 gr.)
   (12 gr.)                                                                                                        #243- Deluxe black
   #233- Deluxe                                                                                                 compact
   black compact                                                                                                   #244- Deluxe platinum
   #234- Deluxe                                                                                                 compact
    platinum compact
                                                                                                               C. Undereye Disguise Wand             Mint Undereye Disguise
                          A                                                                                         A glide-on concealer for     Wand
                                                                                                               the                                   #212-01- Mint conceals red
                                                                                                                   delicate under eye area.      based
                                                                                                                   #215- Gold cap. (.33 oz.)         imperfections. (.33 oz.)
                                                                                                                   #216- Platinum cap.               #212-02- Lemon conceals
                                                                                                               (.25oz.)                          blue
    -01              -02                 -03                 -04                                                                                     based imperfections.
 Sand Beige      Bronze Beige        Soft Cameo             Beige

     -05             -06                -07                -08
 Soft Honey          Buff              Bronze           Porcelain
                                                         Beige                                                                                         -01            -02
                                                                                                                                                   Light Beige    Medium Beige

    -09              -10                -11                -12         -13
 Rose Beige         Mocha           Cafe Au Lait        Chocolate   Golden Tan
                                                         Mousse                                                                                       -03
                                                                                                                                                   Dark Beige

                                                                                                                                                     #212-01         #212-02
                                                                                                                                                      Mint            Lemon


                         D. Mint Putty
                              A heavier concealer to hide
                              scars and imperfections. (4
          -01            gr.)
                              #210-01- Black case
                              #354-1- Platinum case
                         E. Cover Stick
         -02                A stick concealer for
                         convenient                            F                           G
                            cover-ups. (4.5 gr.)
                            #203 - Black case                                                                                                    G. Camouflage Creme
                            #214 - Platinum case                                                                                                     Opaque concealer designed
         -03                                                                                                                                         to camouflage skin flaws
         Dark                                                                    #207-01    #207-02         #207-03         #207-04
                         F. Split Stick Light/Medium                             Natural   Light Beige    Medium Beige                           and
                                                                                                                           Dark Beige
                            #223-1- Black case                                                                                                       blemishes. Blends easily
                            #224-1- Platinum case                                                                                                with
                                                                                                                                                     skin tone. (5 gr.)
                                                                                 #207-05   #207-06          #207-07        #207-08                   #207- Black case
                                                                                  Mocha    Mahogany         Lavender      Light Camel                                             13
                                                                                                                                                     #204- Platinum case
                                                                      -01F               -02F         -03F            -04D         -05D         -06F             -07D             -08D             -09D
 eye shadow                                                        Cloud Blue           Pewter     Driftwood         Mulberry   Plum Brandy Brown Suede        Sea Spray      Susina Plum       Lilac Blue

                                                                      -10D           -11D          -12D               -13F          -14D         -15D            -16F             -17F         -18F
                                                                      Teal        Emerald Isle Cinder Green          Bahama        Smoke         Sable           Putty           Taupe       Aubergine

                                                                     -19D         -20F         -21F        -22D                     -23F         -24F            -25D            -26D           -27D
                                                                   Warm Toast Grey Flannel Hunter Green Winter White               Cream         Sand           Biscuit       Brown Sugar    Persimmon

                                                                       -28D          -29P             -30D         -31D            -32D           -33P          -34D         -35D              -36P
                                                                    Cinnamon        Heather          Thistle     Shell Pink      Evergreen      Ashes of      Rum Raisin English Violet      Burnished
                                                                                                                                                 Roses                                        Bronze

                                                                     -37D               -39D         -40D        -41D         -42D          -43D                 -44M            -45D          -46D
                                                                    Chamois             Slate     Midnight Sky Moon Stone Paradise Blue Desert Sunset          Chocolate       Redwood      Cameo Peach
        Eye Shadow Super-fine milled
        for beautiful application. (3 gr.)
        #303- Deluxe Black Compact
        #304- Two-Piece Platinium Compact
                                                     -47D             -48D           -49D             -50D            -51D          -52P        -53P         -54P          -55P         -56P
        #305- Two-Piece Black Compact               Apricot           Topaz         Jonquil         Jamaican         Emerald    Golden Moss Midnight Blue Blue Celeste Paradise Blue Blue Denim
                                                    Frappe                                            Blue

        -57P           -58P           -59P           -60P              -61P         -62D        -63P                   -64D         -65P         -66P           -67P             -68P       -69D
      Ice Blue     Peacock Blue      Dahlia          Lapis         Silver Taupe Golden Beige Candy Mint               Smoky       Sterling     Platinum      Denim Glace         Pink   Gold Glimmer
                                                                                                                     Amethyst                                                 Champagne

        -70P           -71P          -72M             -73D            -74P              -75D          -76D        -77D              -78P         -79F           -80D             -81D           -82D
     Lilac Glow    Jasmine Glow      Plum           Sapphire         Golden             Pecan        Bronze      Mist Pink      Lavender Silk Blue Violet      Rustique        Sand Coral   Precious Rose

       -83D            -84P           -85P            -86P            -87P        -88P          -89D          -90D                 -91D          -92D           -93D            -94D              -95M
       Pink        Purple Touch    Iced Orchid     Aztec Gold     Grecian Gold Pewter Frost Parisian Blue Rainbow Pink            Midnight   Purple Velvet     Hyacinth        Amethyst           Navy

        -96D           -97M           -98F            -99D           -100M          -101M            -102M        -103M           -104M         -105P            -106F           -107           -108
       Azalea        Rosewood     Passion Pink     Pink Tulips      Paradise      Honey Beige      Sun Beige    Matte White     Matte Black Pink Shimmer        Starfire      Desert Sand    Foxy Brown

        -109            -110
     Aquamarine        Copper

     pencils                                      #202           #203          #204          #205        #206          #207        #208       #209           #210           #211         #213
                                                 Cashew        Pink Rose      Fuchsia      Dusty Rose Cardinal Red     Sienna      Melon      Orange        Amethyst       Chiffon       Red

                                                   #214          #217         #306        #310           #313           #320       #321        #325
                                                 Cashmere        Walnut    Olive Green Voltage Blue      Navy           Black      Brown      Charcoal

                                                                                A. Eye Shadow Duo
                                                                                                                              eyes & powders
                                                                                   Coordinated, fashionable
                                                                                   shades in one easy compact. (6 gr.)
                                                                                   #333- Deluxe black compact
                                                                                   Make your own color combo

                                                                                      #333-01                  #333-02
                                                                                      Enchanted                Timeless

                                                                                                                                                                    D. Eyelightener Fixative
                                                                                                                                                                        Primes eye area and
                                                                                       #333-03                  #333-04
                                                                                        Safari             Evening of Glamour                                       keeps
                                                                                                                                                                       eyeshadow looking
                A                                                                                                                                                   perfect.
                                                                                                                                                                        (5 gr.)
                                                            B          C                  Eyes                                    D                                     #208-1- Black
                                                                                                                                                                        #344-1- Platinum
         -01                -02             -03
         Navy              Brown            Teal                                                                                                               E. Liquid Eye Liner (.33 oz.)
                                                                                                                                                                  #503-01- Navy
                                                                                                                                                                  #503-02- Brown
         -04                -07                                                                                                                                   #503-04- Black
        Black             Eggplant
                                                                                                                                                               F. Eyelash Primer
                                                                                                                                                                  Conditions and doubles the
B. Mascara               C. Brow Fix                                                                                                                              thickness of lashes. (.25 oz.)
   Smudge-proof,             Holds brows in
                                                                                                                                                                  #506-1- Gold cap
   formulated for            place or, use as a
sensitive                clear                                                                                                                                    #517-1- Platinum cap
   eyes. Conditions as       mascara to shape                                              E                                                 F
it                       lashes.
   beautifies. (.25 oz.)     (.25 oz.)
      #504- Gold cap                 #505-01- Gold cap
      #507- Platinum                 #604-1- Platinum
cap                            cap                                     Powder

                G                                                                                                    H
                        G. Loose Face Powder
                             Super fine and super sheer. (.75
                        oz.)                                                                                              H
                                                                               -01         -02            -03
                             #803- Black cap                                  Light       Medium          Dark
                             #801- Platinum cap                                                                            H. Pressed Translucent Powder
                                                                                                                              For a matte finish. Superfine sheer
                                                                                                                               pressed powder gives a flawless finish.
                                                                                                                              (13 gr.)
                 -45             -46               -47          -48            -04         -06          -07
                Light           Medium             Dark         Pink       Medium Dark Light Bronze Dark Bronze               #323- Deluxe black compact
                                                                                                                              #324- Deluxe platinum compact                                    15
                    Creme Rouge

 blush                                                             #405-01
                                                                                               Terra Cotta
                                                                                                                                              Sunset Red
                                                                                                                                                              Wild Pink
                                                                                                                                                                             Susina Red
                                                                    Beauty        Pecan                                          Peach

                                                                   #405-12      #405-13    #405-14             #405-15         #405-16        #405-17         #405-18         #405-20
                                                                  Antigua Pink Ombra Rose Burnt Sherry        Strawberry       Coroshelle    Deep Orchid       Aperol        Plum Wine
                                                          A. Creme Rouge
                                                                                                                   S hades
                                                             Hard-to-find creme rouge.                       Pearl
                                                             Moist and creamy with glide-on application.
                                                             (5 gr.)
                                                                                                                                #415-01        #415-02        #415-03         #415-04
                                                             #404- Platinum container creme shades                              Sparkling       Mauve        Brown Sugar      Raspberry
                                                             #405- Black container creme shades
                                                             #414- Platinum container pearl shades
      A                                                      #415- Black container pearl shades

                                                                                                                                #415-05        #415-06        #415-18      #415-19
                                                                                                                               Champagne       Golden       Orchid Crystal Nu-Bronze
                                                                                                                                 Peach          Mauve
                                                                                        B. Pearl Facial Gloss
                                                                                           An exciting highlighter. (5 gr.)
                                                                                           #420- Black Case
                                                                                           #424- Platinum Case

Powder Blush                                B

                                                                                                                           -01           -02               -03           -04              -05
                                                                                                                         Coraline     Brownberry      Antiqua Pink      Mocha         Glazed Coral
                                                        C. Powder Blush Triple-milled sheer,
                                                           smooth , long-lasting color. (3.8 gr.)
                                                           #313 - Deluxe black compact.
                                                  C        #314 - Two piece platinum container.
                                                           #315 - Two piece black container.              -06             -07             -09             -10            -11               -12
                                                                                                       Blushberry        Bronze         Peachglo        Golden        Mauvescent           Shy
                                                                                                                                                         Sand                             Rose

        -13           -14         -15          -16           -17            -18          -19             -20                -21            -22            -23             -24             -25
     Tame Pink   Contour Blush Ombra Rose   Blue Rose      Rio Rose     Toasty Peach Pink Azalea       Red Rose         First Blush   Sherried Pink     Rosebud      Perfectly Plum    Raspberry

        -26          -27          -28          -29           -30            -31            -32            -33              -34            -35             -36         -37                -38
     Elite Red   Apple Kissed Moody Mauve     Dusty      Plum Fantasy     Autumn          Cocoa       Paris Peach      Angel Amber      Imperial      Gentle Peach Mauve Plum         Sheer Bliss
                                            Burgundy                     Woodrose                                                        Coral

       -39            -40          -41           -42         -43            -44           -45             -46             -47              -48           -49             -50           -51
      Apple       In The Pink   Primrose        Spice      Southern      Plumwood       Rose Kiss      Pouty Pink      Pink Cloud      Light Berry    Sugar Plum      Natural Tan Gilded Bronze

                                     C                                            G


  A. Eye Shadow Angular Shader 4-        F. Sponge Applicator
  1/2ý                                      8 pack.
     #604                                   #663
  B. Eye Shadow Fluff Brush 4-1/2ý       G. Blush Brush 2-1/2ý                    H
     #603                                   #608
  C. Retractable Lip Brush               H. Brush Kit 8-Piece Brush Kit
     #605- Silver                           #606- Black Matte Handles F
  D. Powder Brush 6-1/2ý                 J. Disposable Lip/Eyeshadow
      #602- Black Matte Handle           Brushes (25)
  E. Blush Brush 6-1/2ý
     #601- Black Matte Handle            K. Disposable Mascara Brushes (25)

displays, applicators, etc.


 L                                            M
L. Pencil Counter Display
M.Lip Gloss, Disguise Wands,
  Liquid Eyeliner Counter Display
N. Mascara, Eyelash Primer
   Counter Display                                                                        R
P Lipstick Display
 .                                   P
                                         R. Foundation Display                Q
Q. Eye Shadow Palette with Easel             #M659
   Contains all eyeshadow shades.        S. Skincare Display
   #M661                                     #M656
   Blush Palette with Easel
   Contains all blush shades.

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                         ~ f 973.423.2317
            p 800.828.2676

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