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					2009 - 2010           ... Antarctic ... Atlantic Islands ... Arctic Latitudes
    Dear Traveler,
    Each year we review our programs to see what are our most
    popular expedition cruises and how can we make them better or
    even introduce something new and exciting.

    This year, we are pleased to offer the programs presented in this
    brochure. As always, our focus is on remote and fascinating
    destinations. We make sure you get the most out of every day with
    us by staffing our expedition team with highly experienced and
    engaging people.

    Through Zodiac cruises and landings you will experience first hand
    and reach destinations that larger ships can only sail by. Our strong
    and able ship (icebreaker hull) is purpose built for the Polar regions
    and well equipped to ply all international waters.

    We hope to help make your travel dreams come true. Imagine
    cruising with whales, watching the antics of penguins, seeing                             Cruise... learn... discover...
    the mighty Polar Bear or seabirds wheeling overhead. From the
    Antarctic to the Azores, UK and Norway, and then on northward
    to Svalbard, Greenland and eastern Canada there are endless
    memories waiting to be created.

                                        Bon voyage.

                                        Martin Karlsen

     IAATO – International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators – A member organization
     founded in 1991 to advocate, promote and practice safe and environmentally
     responsible private sector travel to the Antarctic. www.iaato.org
     AECO – Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators – The objective of AECO is to
     represent companies operating in Spitsbergen, on safety and environmental issues with
     the aim of protecting the unique wilderness values.
     ACTA – Association of Canadian Travel Agencies – An industry-led travel association
     representing the retail travel community in Canada. www.acta.net
     Polar Star Expeditions – member in good standing of above organizations.

                                             Embark on a once in a lifetime journey and
                                             realize your own personal sense of discovery. We
                                                                                                             EXPEDITION CRUISING                            1
                                             create a casual and relaxed atmosphere onboard
                                             and our enthusiastic and helpful staff make you                 PSE Maritime Expedition Outer Shell 2
                                             feel at home. Whether trekking in the wilderness,               The Wellie Program (Boots!)                    2
                                             experiencing local culture, or watching dolphins                Pre-Post Cruise Arrangements                   2
                                             ride the bow wave or albatross wheel overhead                   ANTARCTICA                                     3
                                             - the memories created will last a lifetime.                    Antarctica & Sub-Antarctic Islands             3
                                                                                                             Antarctic Peninsula                        4–5
                                                                                                             Antarctica & Polar Circle                      6
                                                                                                             The Antarctic Adventure Expedition             7
                                                                                                             Antarctica and Sub-Antarctic Islands           8
                                                                                                             ATLANTIC ISLANDS                             10
                                                                                                             The Enchanting Azores                        10
                                                                                                             UK, Eire & Hebrides                          11
                                                                                                             Highlands & Islands – Scotland               12
                                                                                                             Magic of Islands & Fjords – Norway 13
                                                                                                             ARCTIC LATITUDES                             14
                                                                                                             Remote Coast of East Greenland               14
                                                                                                             Steam to Ice – East Greenland                15
                                                                                                             Viking Trail to the Americas                 16
                                                                                                             M/V POLAR STAR                               17
                                                                                                             Information                             17 – 18
                                                                                                             Deck Plan                                Centre
                                                                                                             Ship Information                         Centre

                                                                                                            We have created a variety of expedition
                                                      Properly “geared up” for the day and                  cruises to different destinations from
                                                      armed with the knowledge imparted by                  North to South. For each itinerary we
                                                      our expedition staff, you are fully                   craft a program that provides insight and
                                                      prepared to make the most of each                     access to local cultures and up close and
                                                      day’s adventure.                                      personal experiences with nature through
                                                                                                            incorporating shore excursions, Zodiac
                                                                                                            cruising and lectures by our international
                                                                                                            Expedition Team of experts.

PSE Maritime                                                                                                  Pre and Post Cruise
Expedition Outer Shell                                                                                        Arrangements
	    Our	expedition	outer	shell	jacket	has	been	                                                              	   When	travelling	to	remote	and	exotic	
custom	designed	to	function	as	your	outer	layer	                                                              destinations,	it	can	often	be	a	challenge	to	make	
in	various	conditions.	It	is	uniquely	designed	                                                               connecting	arrangements.	We	have	researched	
to	work	with	the	layering	system	allowing	for	         The Wellie Program                                     our	ports	of	embarkation	and	disembarkation	so	
                                                                                                              that	we	can	offer	connection	services	to	you	for	
environmental	temperature	fluctuations	as	well	
as	changes	in	your	own	body	temperature.	We	           – boots onboard.                                       your	pre	and	post	cruise	planning.	We	are	happy	
                                                                                                              to	assist	with	transfers,	hotel	bookings	and	
are	pleased	to	provide	you	with	our	shell	jacket	      	    Polar	Star	Expeditions	is	pleased	to	provide	
when	you	purchase	your	expedition	with	us.	Your	                                                              some	touring	at	most	of	our	embarkation	and	
                                                       this	complimentary	lending	service	during	your	
reservation	form	provides	a	sizing	guide	and	                                                                 disembarkation	ports.	While	we	are	not	able	to	
                                                       time	onboard.	While	we	make	every	effort	to	
place	to	enter	your	chosen	size.	Your	shell	jacket	                                                           arrange	air	travel,	when	possible	we	will	assist	
                                                       provide	the	best	fit,	we	cannot	guarantee	perfect	
will	then	be	waiting	for	you	in	your	cabin	when	                                                              with	other	pre	and	post	cruise	travel	plans.	If	you	
                                                       fit	and	recommend	that	you	bring	various	socks	
you	board.	Additionally,	our	shop	carries	a	fleece	                                                           require	assistance,	please	contact	us	to	find	out	
                                                       for	layering	to	improve	fit.	We	have	an	ample	
liner	that	can	be	purchased	to	add	the	perfect	                                                               what	services	are	available.	
                                                       supply	and	have	had	great	success	meeting	
insulation	layer	as	well	as	various	other	cozy	        everyone’s	needs	to	date.
items	of	clothing.	                                                                                           pre-post@polarstarexpeditions.com

    Antarctica & Sub-Antarctic Islands
                       PS910-01	Nov	3	(Tuesday)	–	21	(Saturday),	2009	(19	days	/	18	nights)
                       PS910-02	Nov	21	(Saturday)	–	Dec	9	(Wednesday),	2009	(19	days	/	18	nights)
    An expedition cruise to the Antarctic is the trip of a lifetime for many travelers. Add to this, time in South
    Georgia and the Falklands and you have a truly extraordinary experience. Not only is the Falklands history
    fascinating, it is also home to up to five penguin species and at this time of year nesting albatross can be
    found. South Georgia is often described as the gem of the Southern Ocean with its spectacular mountains
    and incredibly large King penguin rookeries. Continuing on to the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland
    Islands, experience sites of historic and scientific interest and bountiful wildlife.

    DAY 1: Nov 21 (Argentina) Embark	in	Ushuaia.
    DAY 2: Nov 22 (At Sea)	This	day	at sea	is	an	excellent	opportunity	to	get	oriented	onboard	and	ready	for	
    the	adventures	ahead.
    DAYS 3 & 4: Nov 23 & 24 (Falkland Islands)	These	remote	and	isolated	islands	have	a	fascinating	history	
    beginning	with	the	European	whalers	and	sealers.	Landings	at	places	such	as	New Island	and	West
    Point Island provide	the	opportunity	to	see	Rockhopper	penguins	and	nesting	albatross	during	the	only	
    season	of	the	year	when	they	come	to	land.	Of	course	a	visit	to	the	Falklands	would	not	be	complete	
    without	time	spent	in	the	picturesque	“capital”	town	of	Stanley.
    DAYS 5 & 6: Nov 25 & 26 (At Sea)	On	this	sea passage	the	ship	crosses	the	Antarctic Convergence	into	
    the	Southern	Ocean	heading	for	South	Georgia.
    DAYS 7 – 10: Nov 27 – 30 (South Georgia)	The	splendour	of	South Georgia	is	hard	to	describe	–	
    stunning	snow	capped	mountain	landscapes,	tousled	tussock	grasses	and	wild	beaches.	Learn	about	the	
    history	of	whaling	and	exploration,	walk	in	Shackleton’s	footsteps	and	be	surrounded	by	thousands	of	
    King	penguins	not	to	mention	other	penguin	species,	an	abundance	of	Elephant	and	Fur	seals,	seabirds	
    and	perhaps	whales.
    DAYS 11 & 12: Dec 1 & 2 (At Sea)	During	these	days	at sea	the	focus	is	on	preparing	for	the	Antarctic	
    with	lectures	on	natural	history,	geology,	exploration	and	the	Antarctic	Treaty.	
    DAY 13: Dec 3 (At Sea, Elephant Island) The	first	landfall	in	Antarctica	is	Point Wild	on	Elephant Island	
    famous	for	being	the	epic	survival	location	of	Shackleton’s	men	when	stranded	in	1916	for	135	days.
    DAY 14: Dec 4 (South Shetland Islands) These	spectacular	volcanic islands	have	steaming	black	sands	
    and	remnants	of	the	whaling	days	at	Deception Island,	and	prolific	wildlife	including	Chinstrap	and	
    Gentoo	penguins,	whales,	seals	and	seabirds.
    DAYS 15 & 16: Dec 5 & 6 (Antarctic Peninsula)	Early	season	in	Antarctica	is	incredibly	dramatic	with	
    magnificent	snow	and	ice	brushed	by	myriad	hues	of	light.	In	addition	to	Zodiac	cruising,	landings	are	
    planned	at	historic	and	wildlife	sites	–	possibly	including	Port Lockroy,	Paradise Bay,	Neko Harbour
    and	Cierva Cove	on	the	Antarctic	continent.
    DAYS 17 & 18: Dec 7 & 8 (At Sea) The	passage	back	crosses	the	famed	Drake Passage	and	into	the	
    Beagle Channel.
    DAY 19: Dec 9 (Argentina) Disembark	in	Ushuaia.

                                              Antarctic Peninsula
                   PS910-03	Dec	9	(Wednesday)	–	Dec	19	(Saturday),	2009	(11	days	/	10	nights)

It can be a lifelong ambition – to reach the Seventh Continent. It is certainly one of the most unique
places on earth – where nature rules and where mankind has collectively agreed to manage this vast
continent through the Antarctic Treaty in pursuit of peace and science. The wildlife and astonishing
landscapes will amaze even the most seasoned traveler. This Classic itinerary cruises the Southern
Ocean to the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula seeking some of the best historic and
wildlife sites of the Continent.

DAY 1: Wednesday, Dec 9 (Argentina)	Embark	in	Ushuaia.
DAYS 2 & 3: Thursday – Friday, Dec 10 & 11 (At Sea)	The	ship	heads	across	the	Drake	Passage	crossing	
the Antarctic	Convergence.	While	at sea,	take	time	onboard	to	learn	about	Antarctica,	the	wildlife	and	the	
Antarctic	Treaty.	
DAYS 4 – 6: Saturday – Monday, Dec 12 – 14 (Antarctica)	For	three	days,	explore	the	west	coast	of	the	
Antarctic	Peninsula	with	continental	and	island	landings	as	well	as	Zodiac	cruising.	During	this	time	in	
this	untouched	wilderness	expect	to	see	Gentoo,	Adelie	and	Chinstrap	penguins,	possibly	Fur,	Weddell,	
Crabeater	and	Leopard	seals,	as	well	as	Minke,	Humpback	and	other	whale	species.	Visits	are	planned	
to	sites	such	as	Petermann Island,	Port Lockroy,	Paradise Bay,	Pleneau Island,	Neumeyer Channel,	
Lemaire Channel	and	Neko Harbour.
DAYS 7 & 8: Tuesday – Wednesday, Dec 15 & 16 (South Shetland Islands)	Landings	are	planned	at	
Whaler’s Bay	and	Half Moon Island.	Here	rookeries	are	inhabited	by	Chinstrap	and	Gentoo	penguins.	
The	landscape	is	volcanic,	its	appearance	a	dramatic	combination	of	steaming	black	lava	sands	and	vast	
expanses	of	permanent	ice.
DAYS 9 & 10: Thursday – Friday, Dec 17 & 18 (At Sea) Heading	back	to	Ushuaia,	take	time	while	at sea	
to	review	recent	experiences	and	learn	more	during	informative	lectures.	
DAY 11: Saturday, Dec 19 (Argentina) Disembark	in	Ushuaia.


    Antarctic Peninsula – Christmas
                    PS910-04	Dec	19	(Saturday)	–	Dec	30	(Wednesday),	2009	(12	days	/	11	nights)

    Although it is the Austral Summer, it may seem to be a Winter Wonderland and the perfect place to
    celebrate Christmas and the Holiday Season. On this magical journey explore the World’s largest
    wilderness with historic sites and wildlife – see penguins, seals, seabirds and whales in their natural
    environment. Each day will also celebrate one of the different holiday traditions from around the world.
    This seems fitting while in a land effectively owned by no one, yet collectively managed and protected by
    the Antarctic Treaty Nations.

    DAY 1: Saturday, Dec 19 (Argentina)	Embark	in	Ushuaia.
    DAYS 2 & 3: Sunday – Monday, Dec 20 & 21 (At Sea)	As	the	ship	steams	across	the	Drake Passage,	the	
    program	of	informative	lectures	begins	and	a	constant	watch	for	birds	and	marine	wildlife	is	kept.
    DAYS 4 – 7: Tuesday – Friday, Dec 22 – 25 (Antarctica) Cruise	amongst	the	islands	and	in	the	fjords	and	
    bays	watching	for	whales	surfacing,	seals	basking	on	ice	floes	and	penguin	activity	along	the	shores.	
    There	is	excellent	Zodiac	cruising	in	places	such	as	Neko Harbour and	Paradise Bay.	Landings	are	
    planned	at	historic	and	wildlife	sites	such	as	Petermann Island,	Port Lockroy	and	Vernadsky.
    DAYS 8 & 9: Saturday – Sunday, Dec 26 & 27 (South Shetland Islands)	At	the	top	of	the	Antarctic	
    Peninsula,	these	islands	are	well	known	for	penguin	rookeries	and	the	black	lava	sands	of	Whaler’s Bay
    on	Deception Island.	Landings	in	these	islands	may	also	include	Hannah Point,	Arctowski	and	Penguin
    DAYS 10 & 11: Monday - Tuesday, Dec 28 & 29 (At Sea) Time	at sea is	filled	with	lectures,	recaps,	
    watching	for	wildlife	and	time	to	relax.
    DAY 12: Wednesday, Dec 30 (Argentina)	Disembark	in	Ushuaia.

                                         Antarctica & Polar Circle
                                       PS910-06 Jan	24	(Sunday)	–	Feb	4	(Thursday),	2010	(12	days	/	11	nights)
                                       PS910-07 Feb	4	(Thursday)	–	Feb	15	(Monday),	2010	(12	days	/	11	nights)
              Just being in Antarctica is a personal triumph. All of our programs cross the Antarctic Convergence into
Weddell Sea
              the Southern Ocean via the fabled Drake Passage. This program also strives to go south of the Antarctic
              Polar Circle at 66°33’ that for many is the ultimate accomplishment. As the ship’s Captain navigates deep
              south along the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, there will also be the opportunity for additional
              rarely visited landings.

              DAY 1: Jan 24 (Argentina) Embark	in	Ushuaia.
              DAYS 2 & 3: Jan 25 & 26 (At Sea) Leaving	the	Beagle	Channel,	begin	the	Drake Crossing	and	keep	a	
              watch	for	the	first	signs	of	ice	and	Antarctic	wildlife	as	the	ship	passes	over	the	Antarctic Convergence.	
              Lectures	and	other	onboard	activities	are	scheduled.	
              DAYS 4 - 8: Jan 27 – 31 (Antarctica) The	ship	first	heads	south	along	the	west	coast	of	the	Antarctic	
              Peninsula	to	attempt	an	Antarctic Polar Circle Crossing	in	Crystal	Sound.	Visits	to	deep	south	sites	
              including	Detaille	and	The Gullet	are	planned.	The	ship	then	turns	north	and	travels	the	coastal	and	
              island	waters	with	landings	and	Zodiac	cruising	at	historic	and	wildlife	sites	such	as	Vernadsky	base,	
              Petermann Island,	the	Lemaire Channel,	Port Lockroy,	Neumeyer Channel,	Neko Harbour	and	
              Paradise Bay.	Watch	for	Chinstrap,	Adelie	and	Gentoo	penguins,	various	seal	species	including	Leopard	
              seals,	a	multitude	of	seabirds	overhead	and	hopefully	whales	in	the	waters	we	navigate.
              DAY 9: Feb 1 (South Shetland Islands)	Before	heading	home	spend	a	day	in	these	unique	islands	of	
              volcanic	origin.	These	islands	are	home	to	teeming	wildlife	and	a	striking	landscape.	Visit	historic	
              Deception Island,	with	geothermic	heated	waters	and	an	abandoned	whaling	station,	and	enjoy	a	final	
              expedition	landing	amongst	the	penguins,	a	great	finale	of	this	expedition.
              DAY 10 & 11: Feb 2 & 3 (At Sea) As	the	ship	heads	for	Ushuaia,	while	at sea the	program	concludes	with	
              lectures	and	presentations	and	time	to	reflect	on	the	recent	days	of	adventure.
              DAY 12: Feb 4 (Argentina)	Disembark	in	Ushuaia.


    The Antarctic Adventure Expedition
                       – Exploratory
                           PS910-08 Feb	15	(Monday)	–	Feb	28	(Sunday),	2010	(14	days	/	13	nights)

    For the early travelers, an expedition to the Antarctic was fraught with the unknown. Today this is seldom
    a factor as expedition cruise ships are well equipped to deal with the challenging environment. However,
    for many the idea of adventure is still the strongest appeal. This expedition is specifically designed to take
    a more exploratory approach to the program with the plan to perhaps make a” first ever” landing and to
    delve deep south to the rarely traveled areas. Of course, the program will also still include visits to some
    of the more popular sites on this lengthened and enhanced program.

    DAY 1: Monday, Feb 15 (Argentina)	Embark	in	Ushuaia.
    DAYS 2 & 3: Tuesday – Wednesday, Feb 16 & 17 (At Sea)	Leaving	the	Beagle Channel behind,	the	ship	
    heads	south	into	the	Drake Passage	crossing	the	Antarctic Convergence	where	the	warmer	Atlantic	
    waters	meet	the	cold	Southern	Ocean.	Time	onboard	is	well	spent	preparing	for	the	days	ahead	with	
    lectures	and	other	presentations.
    DAYS 4 & 5: Thursday – Friday, Feb 18 & 19 (South Shetland Islands) The	first	landfall	of	the	Antarctic	
    region,	these	islands	are	well	known	for	their	prolific	wildlife	–	expect	to	see	Chinstrap	and	Gentoo	
    penguin	rookeries,	haul	out	sites	for	Fur	seals	and	perhaps	Elephant	seals	and	a	multitude	of	seabirds.	A	
    fascinating	geological	aspect	is	the	black	sands	and	fumeroles	in	the	active	volcanic	caldera	of	
    Deception Island.
    DAYS 6 – 10: Saturday – Wednesday, Feb 20 - 24 (Antarctica)	As	the	ship	heads	south	visits	are	planned	
    to	some	of	the	well	known	highlights	of	Antarctica	such	as	Port Lockroy,	Petermann Island,	Lemaire
    Channel,	Neko Harbour,	Paradise Bay and	others.	Crossing	the	Antarctic Polar Circle	at	66°33’S	we	
    plan	to	visit	the	British	Rothera	research	station	(pending	permission)	and	then	steam	as	far	south	as	
    Marguerite Bay	and	possibly	Stonington Island.	If	weather	and	conditions	permit,	the	plan	is	to	make	
    some	truly	exploratory	landings	to	relive	the	sensation	of	anticipation	that	earlier	explorers	experienced.
    DAY 11: Thursday, Feb 25 (Antarctica/At Sea) Before	heading	back	to	sea	for	the	return	voyage	a	morning	
    continental	landing	is	planned,	possibly	at	Prospect Point	and	the	Fish Islands.	
    DAYS 12 & 13: Friday – Saturday, Feb 26 & 27 (At Sea) Once	back	at sea	the	program	concludes	with	
    lecture	programs	and	reflection	on	the	experiences	of	our	extended	time	in	Antarctica.	
    DAY 14: Sunday, Feb 28 (Argentina)	Disembark	in	Ushuaia.

        Choosing the best cruise for you!

        This is an important and sometime difficult question
        to answer. It depends on your interests. At the
        beginning and end of each season we schedule a
        longer program that includes South Georgia and the
        Falkland Islands where the summer season is
        considerably lenthened. This is truly the complete
        experience. For those who are most focused on
        reaching Antarctica or who have time constraints,
        the shorter programs will certainly provide the
        experience you seek. In this season we have now
        included a new and more exploratory program for the
        slightly more adventurous.
        We do not cruise here in the Antarctic winter - when
        it may be as cold as -80°C with howling winds.
        Summers in Antarctica typically range from -5°C to
        +10°C – quite comfortable for expedition cruising.
        In November, the ice is at its most spectacular and
        it is a time of mating and nesting for penguins and
        other birds. It is also a time when the dominant male
        seals establish their harems and territory. December
        and January bring the longest days of the summer
        with penguin chicks hatching and nestled by their
        parents. February and March is a time of great
        wildlife activity with penguins molting, chicks moving
        through the adolescent phase and the clear waters
        even more busy with increased whale activity.

                                         Antarctica & Sub-Antarctic Islands
                                                                  PS910-09 Feb	28	(Sunday)	–	Mar	18	(Thursday),	2010	(19	days	/	18	nights)

                                           Throughout this expedition witness wildlife and their young in varied stages of their cycle as they prepare
                                           for the oncoming winter and a Polar landscape softened by the summer months. It is also a particularly
                                           good time for whale encounters. Having experienced the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands,
                                           the ship steams to the remote South Orkney Archipelago, before heading to South Georgia, the Falkland
                                           Islands and then back to Ushuaia. The tales of history, wildlife activity, spectacular scenery and the
                                           awesome Antarctic environment have a deep impact on all who visit.

                                           DAY 1: Sunday, Feb 28 (Argentina)	Embark	in	Ushuaia.
                                           DAYS 2 & 3: Monday – Tuesday, Mar 1 & 2 (At Sea)	During	this	sea passage	relax,	attend	lectures	and	
                                           watch	for	wildlife	from	the	bridge,	outside	decks	or	from	the	panoramic	observation	lounge.
                                           DAY 4: Wednesday, Mar 3 (South Shetland Islands)	These	wild	islands	are	in	stark	contrast	to	the	rest	of	
                                           this	Antarctic	region	as	they	are	of	volcanic	origin.	Landings	are	planned	at	Deception Island	and	
                                           Hannah Point	to	see	the	penguin	rookeries,	seal	haul	out	sites	and	many	seabirds.
                                           DAYS 5 & 6: Thursday – Friday, Mar 4 & 5 (Antarctica)	Throughout	the	overall	program	plan	on	Zodiac	
                                           cruising	and	landings	with	some	trekking	possible.	During	these	two	days	explore	the	northern	region	of	
                                           the	Peninsula	and	perhaps	into	the	Weddell Sea.	Cruise	amongst	the	dramatic	ice	and	land	at	historic	
                                           and	wildlife	sites.	Penguin	species	include	Gentoo,	Adelie	and	Chinstrap,	and	there	are	several	whale,	
                                           seal	and	bird	species	to	be	seen.	Landing	sites	may	include	Paulet Island,	Brown Bluff,	Devil’s Island	
                                           and	possibly	Snow Hill Island.
                                           DAY 7: Saturday, Mar 6 (At Sea) This	day	at sea	provides	an	opportunity	to	attend	lectures.
                                           DAY 8: Sunday, Mar 7 (At Sea, South Orkney Island) During	this	day,	with	weather	cooperating	and	
                                           permission	granted,	plan	to	visit Signy Station,	an	important	British	research	base.	This	remote	island	is	
                                           also	home	to	Weddell,	Fur	and	Elephant	seals.
                                           DAY 9: Monday, Mar 8 (At Sea) Enjoy	a	day at sea	with	onboard	lectures,	presentations	and	free	time.
                                           DAYS 10 – 13: Tuesday – Friday, Mar 9 – 12 (South Georgia)	These	islands	are	almost	indescribable	
                                           in	their	beauty.	With	a	stunning	backdrop	of	snow	topped	mountains,	dancing	tussock	grass	and	long	
                                           beaches,	it	is	a	spectacle	enhanced	by	the	crowds	of	thousands	of	dramatically	coloured	King	penguins	
                                           and	other	wildlife	including	Gentoo	and	Macaroni	penguins,	seals,	a	multitude	of	seabirds	and	whales.	
                                           During	this	time	the	plan	is	to	land	at	Prion Island,	Cooper Bay,	Fortuna Bay,	Stromness Harbour,	
                                           Salisbury Plain	and	Grytviken	–	where	Sir	Ernest	Shackleton	is	buried.
                                           DAYS 14 & 15: Saturday – Sunday, Mar 13 & 14 (At Sea) Relax	at sea,	attend	lectures	and	watch	for	
                                           marine	wildlife	as	the	ship	steams	in	a	westerly	direction	to	the	Falklands.
                                           DAYS 16 & 17: Monday – Tuesday, Mar 15 & 16 (Falkland Islands)	Two	days	in	the	Falkland	Islands	
                                           completes	the	Odyssey.	Plan	to	visit	Stanley,	New Island and	West Point Island –	to	gain	some	insight	
                                           into	these	remote	yet	very	historic	and	still	well	populated	islands	and	visit	Rockhopper	and	Black-browed	
                                           albatross	colonies.
                                           DAY 18: Wednesday, Mar 17 (At Sea)	This	final	day	at sea	is	a	time	to	reflect	on	the	voyage,	share	photos	
                                           and	gather	memories.
                                           DAY 19: Thursday, Mar 18 (Argentina) Disembark	in	Ushuaia.

Please note that these are our planned itineraries – actual execution is subject
to weather, ice and IAATO Ship Scheduler limitations. PSE reserves the right to
adjust the itinerary as needed without recourse.

    The Rest of the Year “At A Glance”
                  The Enchanting Azores – Island life is often described as more laid back and indeed time
                  spent on these islands seems to take you back a little to the more simple days when there was
                  time to just relax and enjoy. The Azorean archipelago has an intricate culture affected by many
                  other parts of the world. This combined with its remote location mid-Atlantic makes it both
                  isolated yet worldly. It is a strategic transit point for both mariners and aviators. There is a
                  history of pineapple and tea plantations, wine once bottled solely for the Russian Tsar, intricate
                  scrimshaw, whaling, volcanic activity and waves of emigration. This archipelago is a natural
                  gathering place for whales, dolphins, migrating birds and seabirds. This year the cruise has an
                  added day to allow more time in São Jorge – visiting all nine islands. Page 10

                  Islands on the Edge – UK, Eire & Hebrides – From the south of England to the Hebrides
                  – this is a journey of cultural and natural history delights. For the avid birder there are many
                  opportunities to see large numbers of gannets, fulmars, kittiwakes, cormorants, guillemots and
                  puffins. Almost daily are new archaeological experiences from Bant’s Carn to blackhouses in
                  St. Kilda. The rugged coast was a challenge for man and nature alike to eke out an existence
                  and shows the adaptability of both man and nature. This expedition cruise takes place in
                  spring – a time of abundance, hope and growth. Page 11

                  Highlands & Islands – Scotland – Continue the exploration of the Hebrides and then cruise
                  around the northern shores of Scotland to Orkney, Shetland and Fair Isle. So many of these
                  places are difficult, if not impossible, to access by land. Spring in the Scottish islands and
                  coastal regions is a fantastic time for birds. As well the archaeological sites of St. Kilda, Dun
                  Carloway broch, Ring of Brodgar and Jarlshoff, to mention a few, tell the story of a complex
                  and tenacious history. These remote areas are a delight to wander through as the lifestyle here
                  seems to have managed to retain some of the slower pace of yesteryear. Page 12

                  Magic of Islands & Fjords – Norway – Experience significant variety during this expedition
                  cruise as the ship follows spring northward. From the warm spring days off the coast of Scotland
                  and fjords of Norway to the midnight sun of Svalbard – the light will astound. This time of year
                  there is significant bird activity, both migrating and nesting. Reaching farther north, it is
                  possible to see reindeer, the majestic Polar bear and other Arctic wildlife. This program is also
                  a human story with archaeological sites and charming coastal northern communities. Page 13

                  Remote Coast of East Greenland – The Polar Regions naturally remain some of the most
                  remote regions on earth. East Greenland is a special area, now protected as a National Park.
                  Its treasures include stunning natural landscapes, shy and elusive Arctic wildlife, and fantastic
                  stories of mankind’s exploration and settlement in harsh conditions. This is an incredible
                  opportunity to see all of this and feel the immense grandeur of the wilderness with Arctic wildlife,
                  dramatic fjords, pack ice, late summer icebergs and endless tundra – truly stunning. Page 14

                  Steam to Ice – East Greenland – From Iceland steam north to explore the incredible coastline
                  of East Greenland – countless fjords, snow capped mountains, late summer icebergs, glaciers
                  and the elusive Arctic wildlife. The first landfall in East Greenland is at the beginning of the
                  High Arctic and from there the ship cruises south. Explore through shore landings, treks and
                  Zodiac cruising. A new addition to the program this year – before completing the expedition
                  cruise – visit Westmann Isles off the southwest coast of Iceland before disembarking in
                  Reykjavik. Page 15

                  Viking Trail to the Americas – Follow in the footsteps of the early explorers as they headed
                  west to the New World. This expedition cruise presents a fascinating history of the early
                  explorers and the life of the Greenlandic and Inuit today and in the past. There are also
                  remnants of Pre-Dorset, Thule and Moravian Brethren. From Iceland to Greenland and on to
                  Canada – Baffin Island, Labrador and Newfoundland, the northern landscapes are bathed in
                  the warm autumn light and the flora brushed with vibrant autumn colours. Hike in the
                  wilderness, enjoy spectacular vistas, and keep a keen eye watching for wildlife – birds and
                  perhaps caribou, whales and Polar Bears. At this time of year it is also possible to see the
                  mystical northern lights (aurora borealis). Page 16

                                    The Enchanting Azores
                             PS910-10	Apr	22	(Thursday)	–	Apr	30	(Friday),	2010	(9	days	/	8	nights)

DAY 1: Thursday, Apr 22 (Saõ Miguel)	Embark	in	historical	Ponta Delgada.
DAY 2: Friday, Apr 23 (Graciosa)	The	first	day	of	island	hopping	is	to	the	tranquil	island	of	Graciosa	to	visit	
a	cave	of	sulphur,	Furna do Enxofre	and	the	charming	town	of	Santa Cruz.	Later	Zodiac	cruise	around	
the	volcanic	coastal	cliffs	and	islets.	
DAY 3: Saturday, Apr 24 (Flores & Corvo)	Start	the	day	on	Flores,	often	considered	the	most	beautiful	
island	but	also	of	notable	geological	interest	–	fajãs,	basalt cliffs,	and	valleys	and	lakes	created	by	
volcanic	activity.	The	afternoon	visit	will	be	to	the	tiny	island	of	Corvo,	basically	comprised	of	one	large	
caldeira.	The	ship	will	circumnavigate	the	island	or	if	conditions	permit,	a	landing	will	take	place	to	visit	
the	one	small	village	and	walk	the	rim	of	the	caldeira.
DAY 4: Sunday, Apr 25 (Faial) Faial	has	been	a	haven	for	sailors	throughout	time.	A	visit	to	Ponta dos
Capelinhos	gives	an	insight	into	the	impact	of	the	1957-8	eruption	on	the	community	and	environment.	
The	scenic	drive	back	to	Horta	will	take	in	views	of	nearby	Pico’s	mountain	and	a	visit	to	the	Botanical
Garden.	Back	at	Horta	enjoy	the	Scrimshaw Museum	and	wander	the	town.
DAY 5: Monday, Apr 26 (Pico) This	stunning	island	is	physically	dominated	by	a	dramatic	volcanic	peak.	
Learn	more	about	the	local	wine	industry	through	a	visit	to	a	vineyard	/	wine	museum	and	the	UNESCO	
designated	Lajido Acros.	A	drive	will	provide	the	opportunity	to	see	more	of	the	dramatic	peaked	
landscape	and	then	on	to	the	museum	in	Lajes do Pico	that	tells	the	story	of	the	past	whaling	in	the	
DAY 6: Tuesday, Apr 27 (Saõ Jorge)	This	largely	rural	island	has	many	more	cattle	than	people	and	is	
known	for	its	strong	cheddar-like	cheese.	It	is	of	geographical	interest	with	its	cliff	shoreline	marked	
with	flat	fajãs	sweeping	to	the	sea.	After	visiting	the	charming	old	world	harbour	town	of	Velas,	the	ship	
cruises	the	coastline	to	find	a	tranquil	fajã	for	a	Zodiac	landing.
DAY 7: Wednesday, Apr 28 (Terceira)	The	UNESCO	site	Angra	do	Heroismo	has	a	delightful	waterfront	
area	and	Mediterranean	feel.	A	walking	tour	takes	in	the	Convent do São Francisco,	Misericorda	
church,	public	gardens	and	museum.	In	the	afternoon,	there	is	time	to	hike	to	Monte Brasil	to	see	the	
fortification	and	view,	or	relax	and	wander	the	historic	town.
DAY 8: Thursday, Apr 29 (Santa Maria) Dramatic	waterfalls,	lava	tube	caves	and	terraced	cliffside	
vineyards	create	a	stunning	coastline	on	this	island,	the	only	one	that	is	both	sedimentary	and	volcanic.	
Sea	conditions	will	dictate	the	day’s	schedule	but	possibilities	include	a	visit	to	São Laurenço or	Maia,	
a	Zodiac	cruise	to	see	marine	life	and	the	sea	caves	or	a	circumnavigation	of	the	island	and	on	to	the	
Formigas	(Ant	Islands).
DAY 9: Friday, Apr 30 (Saõ Miguel)	Disembark	in	Ponta Delgada.

Optional Land Excursion:	April 30 – (09h00 – 16h00) This	optional	day	gives	you	an	opportunity	to	see	
the	rest	of	Saõ	Miguel	island.	The	program	includes	a	visit	to	the	thermal	springs	and	steaming	geysers	

                                                                                                                   Island Mysteries of the Atlantic
at	Furnas,	a	tea	plantation	and	pottery	factory.	A	highlight	of	the	day	includes	a	volcanically	cooked	lunch	
(cozido	nas	caldeiras). Price per person $70.


     Islands on the Edge – UK, Eire & Hebrides                                                                        Kilda
                                                                                                                          Iona &
     PS910-11 May	4	(Tuesday)	–	May	16	(Sunday),	2010	(13	days	/	12	nights)                                                            Rathlin Is

     DAY 1: Tuesday, May 4 (England) Embark	in	picturesque	Dartmouth.                                                          Ireland
     DAY	2:	Wednesday,	May	5	(Isles	of	Scilly)	These	surprisingly	sub	tropical	islands	are	located	southwest	
     of	England’s	mainland	and	here	you	will	find	the	amazing	Abbey Gardens	of	Tresco,	Iron	Age	Halangy                       The Skelligs
     Village,	charming	island	of	St.	Mary’s	and Bant’s Carn,	a	Bronze	Age	village	site.                                                                 Dartmouth

                                                                                                                                     Isles of Scilly
     DAY 3: Thursday, May 6 (Ireland) Skellig Rocks,	a	UNESCO	site,	is	a	remote	formation	of	pinnacles	of	
     rock,	home	to	an	abandoned	cliffside	beehive	monastery	and	fantastic	Gannet	colony.	From	there	the	ship	
     heads	to	Dingle Peninsula	for	a	tour	ashore	that	provides	spectacular	views	and	relics	that	speak	of	the	
     Potato	Famine,	Celtic	and	early	Christian	times.
     DAY 4: Friday, May 7 (Ireland)	The	ship	cruises	along	the	Cliffs of Mohar	in	the	early	morning	en	route	to	
     the	Aran	Islands.	Land	at	Killronan	on	Inishmore	to	explore	–	dramatic	limestone	pavements,	charming	
     stone	walled	fields	and	a	Bronze	Age	fort,	Dun Aengus,	dramatically	perched	atop	a	90	metre	cliff.
     DAY 5: Saturday, May 8 (Ireland)	In	County	Donegal	first	set	off	to	Glencolmcille	to	see	examples	of	rural	
     Irish	homes	throughout	the	ages	and	then	back	to	explore	Killibegs	independently	–	perhaps	the	carpet	
     factory	or	a	music	session	in	the	local	pub.
     DAY 6: Sunday, May 9 (Northern Ireland)	The	Giant’s Causeway	is	an	interesting	formation	of	basalt	rock	
     formed	by	volcanic	activity.	The	afternoon	is	spent	exploring	Rathlin Island,	known	for	fantastic	bird	cliffs	
     and	sites	of	archaeological	interest.
     DAY 7: Monday, May 10 (Scotland, Inner Hebrides)	Enjoy	the	morning	light	in	the	gardens	of	Achamore
     House	on	the	island	of	Gigha.	Time	on	the	Isle	of	Islay	is	divided	between	a	visit	to	the	Ardbeg Distillery
     –	a	whisky	noted	for	its	“peaty”	flavour	and	a	visit	to	Kildalton Cross	and	Chapel.	The	cross	is	a	
     wonderful	eighth-century	Celtic	ringed	cross.	
     DAY 8: Tuesday, May 11 (Inner Hebrides) One	of	the	wildest	and	most	mountainous	islands	of	the	Inner	
     Hebrides,	Isle of Jura	is	home	to	deer,	mountain	hare	and	eagles.	Explore	Loch	Tarbert	featuring	
     intriguing	raised	beaches	and	caves.	On	the	Isle of Colonsay	plan	to	land	in	Kiloran	Bay	to	enjoy	the	
     miles	of	sandy	beach	and	a	walk	to	Colonsay House	whose	original	owner	Malcolm	MacNeil	made	his	
     fortune	building	the	Canadian	Pacific	Railway.	Leaving	the	island,	cruise	along	the	sharp	escarpment	
     watching	for	kittiwakes,	cormorants	and	guillemots.
     DAY 9: Wednesday, May 12 (Inner Hebrides)	With	high	hopes	for	a	calm	day,	the	visit	to	Fingal’s Cave	on	
     Staffa	could	be	on	foot	or	by	Zodiac.	Nearby	Iona	is	home	to	a	grand	abbey	and	burial	ground	for	62	
     Scottish	Kings.	It	was	the	starting	place	for	the	spread	of	early	Christianity	through	northern	Europe.
     DAY 10: Thursday, May 13 (Inner Hebrides) Tiree	remains	an	excellent	example	of	the	traditional	lifestyle	
     of	“crofting”	and	was	once	known	as	the	breadbasket	of	the	Inner	Hebrides	due	to	its	abundant	corn	
     crops.	“Pudding”	or	“Spotty”	houses	as	well	as	white	houses	(tigh	geal)	and	traditional	blackhouses	(tigh	
     dubh)	can	be	seen	on	this	island.
     DAY 11: Friday, May 14 (St Kilda)	Once	described	as	“the	edge	of	the	world”	the	remote	island	of	St. Kilda	
     has	UNESCO	World	Heritage	status	for	both	natural	and	cultural	significance.	Inhabited	since	the	Bronze	
     Age,	the	resourceful	St.	Kildans	lived	by	harvesting	the	seabirds	in	this	harsh	environment.	Blackhouses	
     and	other	remnants	still	remain.	The	St.	Kildan	archipelago	is	home	of	the	world’s	largest	northern	gannet	
     population	(65,000	breeding	pairs)	as	well	as	St.	Kilda	wrens,	Arctic	skuas	and	Fulmars.	Enjoy	the	
     afternoon	cruise	around	the	sea stacks to	see	this	wildlife	spectacle.	
     DAY 12: Saturday, May 15 (Outer Hebrides) Learn	the	story	and	see	the	real	setting	of	the	highly	
     entertaining	film	“Whisky	Galore”	at	Eriksay.	Inhabited	until	1912,	Mingulay	is	now	home	to	an	
     abandoned	settlement	and	impressive	sea	stacks	and	cliffs	with	a	multitude	of	birds.
     DAY 13: Sunday, May 16 (Scotland)	Having	navigated	the	Sound	of	Mull	through	the	night,	disembark	in	
     the	charming	highland	town	of	Oban.


                         Fair Isles
                                                                      Highlands & Islands – Scotland
 Isle of Lewis        Orkneys                                                PS910-12	May	16	(Sunday)	–	May	28	(Friday),	2010	(13	days	/	12	nights)

                                                   DAY 1: Sunday, May 16 (Scotland) Embark	in	the	charming	highland	town	of	Oban.
Kilda            Scotland                          DAY 2: Monday, May 17 (Inner Hebrides)	Located	on	the	Isle	of	Mull,	Duart Castle	stands	proudly	on	a	
                  Oban          Dundee
    Iona &
                                                   cliff	top	historically	guarding	the	Isle	of	Mull	for	the	clan	MacLean.	At	the	exit	from	the	Sound	visit	the	
                                                   charming	waterside	town	of	Tobermory	and	its	whisky	distillery.
                                                   DAY 3: Tuesday, May 18 (Inner Hebrides) The	lure	of	Fingal’s Cave	on	Staffa	has	brought	travelers	from	
                                                   around	the	world.	Weather	permitting,	Zodiac	cruise	or	walk	into	the	cave	to	perhaps	experience	what	
                                         England   inspired	Mendelssohn.	Iona	is	recognized	as	the	birthplace	of	Christianity	and	still	today	has	an	
                                                   overwhelming	sense	of	peace	and	tranquility.
                                                   DAY 4: Wednesday, May 19 (Inner Hebrides) On	the	south	coast	of	Isle of Skye	visit	Loch	Scavaig	to	
                                                   search	for	a	seal	colony	and	to	see	dramatic	views	of	the	Cuillins,	long	felt	to	be	the	spiritual	heart	of	
                                                   Skye.	The	afternoon’s	visit	to	Rum	is	light-hearted	with	a	visit	to	the	quirky	Kinloch Castle.
                                                   DAY 5: Thursday, May 20 (Outer Hebrides) The	harsh	lifestyle	of	the	crofters	who	live	on	St. Kilda	is	
                                                   apparent	throughout	the	village.	The	last	of	the	St.	Kildans	were	evacuated	in	1930,	but	still	today	the	
                                                   birds	remain	–	including	Puffin,	Fulmar,	Kittiwake,	Guillemot	and	Razorbill.	In	the	sea	stacks	of	
                                                   Boreray	and	the	other	islands	of	this	archipelago	are	65,000	nesting	pairs	of	northern	gannet.	This	
                                                   double	UNESCO	world	heritage	site	is	one	of	the	most	remarkable	on	the	planet.
                                                   DAY 6: Friday, May 21 (Inner Hebrides) Reaching	the	northern	coast	of	the	Isle	of	Skye,	come	to	
                                                   Dunvegan Castle,	seat	of	the	clan	MacLeod.	Off	the	northwest	of	the	Isle	of	Skye	lies	the	small	island	in	
                                                   Loch	Dunvegan,	Isay,	abandoned	during	the	Highlands	Clearance	to	make	way	for	sheep	grazing.	Eider	
                                                   and	Shelduck	may	be	seen	in	these	waters.
                                                   DAY 7: Saturday, May 22 (Isles of Lewis) Landing	at	Stornoway,	the	focus	today	is	on	archaeology.	Visit	
                                                   the	standing	stones	of	Calanish,	the	Dun Carloway broch	and	the	traditional	blackhouses	of	
                                                   DAY 8: Sunday, May 23 (Scottish Highland Coast)	Across	the	water	from	Poolewe	is	Interewe Gardens	
                                                   with	surprising	flora	at	this	northern	latitude	due	to	the	Gulf	Stream.	Further	north	along	the	coast	lies	the	
                                                   island	of	Handa,	managed	by	the	Scottish	Wildlife	Trust	with	over	200,000	birds	returning	each	year.	The	
                                                   high	cliffs	of	the	sandstone	Stack	an	Seabhaig	(hawk’s	stack)	is	the	most	densely	populated	area.
                                                   DAY 9: Monday, May 24 (Orkney Islands) The	Orkney	Islands	are	home	to	many	bird	species,	fine	local	
                                                   craftsmanship	and	exquisite	archaeological	and	historic	treasures	–	plan	to	visit	Ring of Brodgar,	
                                                   standing	stones	of	Stennes,	Skara Brae,	and	more	recent	13th	Century,	Magnus Cathedral	in	the	town	
                                                   of	Kirkwall.
                                                   DAY 10: Tuesday, May 25 (Shetland Islands) Foula	(population	30)	is	one	of	Britain’s	most	remote	
                                                   inhabited	islands	and	leaves	a	lasting	impression	on	everyone	who	visits.	The	crofting	townships	on	the	
                                                   narrow	coastal	strip	are	dwarfed	by	the	island’s	five	dramatic	peaks.	Just	off	the	west	coast	of	the	
                                                   mainland	island	is	the	small	island	of	Papa Stour	with	the	most	impressive	sea caves	of	Britain	along	
                                                   with	rock	arches,	stacks	and	skerries.	It	is	also	an	internationally	important	colony	of	Arctic	tern,	is	often	

                                                                                                                                                                     Island Mysteries of the Atlantic
                                                   visited	by	seals	and	has	several	archaeological	sites.	As	with	all	these	coastal	areas,	there	is	a	possibility	
                                                   of	whales	and	porpoises	in	the	surrounding	waters.	
                                                   DAY 11: Wednesday, May 26 (Shetland Islands) The	day	starts	with	an	early	morning	visit	to	Mousa Broch.	
                                                   Landing	on	the	mainland	of	the	Shetland	Islands,	visit	the	archaeological	sites	of	Jarlshoff	and	Old
                                                   Scatness.	There	is	time	after	this	to	amble	the	cobbled	streets	of	Lerwick.
                                                   DAY 12: Thursday, May 27 (Fair Isle) Occupied	since	the	Bronze	Age,	today	about	60	crofters	work	the	
                                                   land	of	this	most	isolated	inhabited	island.	It	is	also	home	to	a	permanent	bird	observatory.	Fair Isle	is	
                                                   famous	for	its	knitted	jumpers	(sweaters).	
                                                   DAY 13: Friday, May 28 (Scotland)	Disembark	in	the	“City	of	Discovery”	(Scott’s	exploration	ship),	Dundee.

     Magic of Islands & Fjords – Norway
     PS910-13	May	28	(Friday)	–	June	11	(Friday),	2010	(15	days	/	14	nights)
     DAY 1: Friday, May 28 (Scotland) Embark	in	Dundee	where	Scott’s	ship,	Discovery	was	built	and	is	now	a	
     DAY 2: Saturday, May 29 (Orkneys)	The	ancient	mysteries	are	not	fully	explained	which	perhaps	makes	
     the	Ring of Brodgar,	standing	stones	of	Stennes	and	Skara Brae	even	more	intriguing.
     DAY 3: Sunday, May 30 (Shetlands)	An	early	morning	visit	to	Mousa Broch	provides	heightened	bird	
     activity	and	interesting	light.	Then	from	Lerwick	set	off	to	explore	the	archaeological	sites	of	Jarlshoff	
     and	Scatness.	There	is	also	time	to	visit	Sumburgh Head	to	see	seabirds	and	the	Stevenson Lighthouse.
     DAY 4: Monday, May 31 (Norway)	The	ship’s	first	landfall	in	Norway	is	the	culturally	rich	city	of	Bergen.	Of	
     particular	note	are	the Hanseatic Houses	and	the	home	of	composer,	Edvard	Grieg.
     DAY 5: Tuesday, Jun 1 (Norway) Join	the	early	morning	Zodiac	cruise	to	experience	the	din	of	half	a	
     million	birds	around	Runde	Island.	Then	it	is	on	to	Ålesund	to	learn	about	the	local	sea	life	at	the	
     aquarium	and	wander	amongst	the	Art Nouveau architecture	of	the	town.
     DAY 6: Wednesday, Jun 2 (Norway)	From	Trondheim,	take	a	very	short	ferry	ride	to Monk Island	for	an	
     early	morning	visit.	Exploration	of	the	city	includes	the	Folk Museum	(collection	of	traditional	Norwegian	
     buildings),	11th	Century	Nidaros Cathedral,	and	also	some	free	time	to	wander	the	city.
     DAY 7: Thursday, Jun 3 (Norway) Hear	the	legend	of	the	“hole	in	the	mountain”	and	enjoy	the	countryside	
     with	a	leisurely	stroll	or	make	a	more	active	hike	through	the	“hole”	of	Torghatten Mountain.	In	the	
     evening,	celebrate	crossing	the	Arctic Polar Circle	at	the	island	of	Vikingen	where	the	Polar	globe	
     serves	as	a	marker	for	the	Arctic	Polar	Circle	position.
     DAY 8: Friday, Jun 4 (Norway) The	ship	cruises	into	Holandfjorden.	From	the	shore	it	is	a	short	walk	
     through	a	birch	and	willow	woodland	to	the	edge	of	a	lake	from	where	the	Svatissen Glacier	can	be	
     seen.	For	the	more	energetic	a	four	mile	walk	reaches	the	base	of	the	glacier	for	a	closer	view.	
     DAY 9: Saturday, Jun 5 (Norway) The	Lofotens	are	unbelievably	picturesque	with	dramatic	mountain	
     peaks,	charming	sheltered	coastal	communities	and	tranquil	sheep	pastures.	An	evening	cruise	in	
     Trollfjord	is	a	dramatic	end	to	a	lovely	day.
     DAY 10: Sunday, Jun 6 (Norway) Tromsø	is	considered	the	“Gateway	to	the	Arctic”	and	is	home	to	
     interesting Polar Museums	and	the	Arctic Cathedral.	A	ride	up	in	the	cable	car	to	the	tundra	high	above	
     provides	an	excellent	view	and	a	chance	to	walk	the	tundra.
     DAY 11: Monday, Jun 7 (Norway) Zodiac	cruising	around	Gjeasværstappen	is	a	fantastic	way	to	see	
     kittiwakes	and	guillemots	overhead	or	puffins	in	rafts	on	the	water	or	nesting	on	the	shore.	Later	the	ship	
     rounds	Nordkapp	(North	Cape)	at	70°N,	considered	the	northernmost	point	of	mainland	Europe.
     DAY 12: Tuesday, Jun 8 (Bjørnøya) En	route	in	the	Norwegian	and	Barents	Seas	the	ship	reaches	Bear
     Island.	Weather	permitting	there	will	be	a	Zodiac	cruise	along	the	bird	filled	cliffs	and	caves	and	a	visit	to	
     meteorological	station	if	conditions	allow.
     DAYS 13 & 14: Wednesday – Thursday, Jun 9 & 10 (Svalbard) The	last	two	full	days	of	the	cruise	are	
     spent	exploring	Spitsbergen	in	the	fantastic	Norwegian	Arctic	archipelago	of	Svalbard.	It	is	early	spring	
     here	and	time	to	keep	a	constant	watch	for	wildlife	–	walrus,	whale,	seal,	reindeer,	Arctic	fox,	Little	auk,	
     kittiwake,	Ivory	gulls	and	of	course,	the	mighty	Polar	Bear.
     DAY 15: Friday, Jun 11 (Svalbard) Disembark	in	the	charming	Arctic	town	of	Longyearbyen.

   Remote Coast of East Greenland
                      PS910-14	Aug	27	(Friday)	–	Sept	8	(Wednesday),	2010	(13	days	/	12	nights)
DAY 1: Friday, Aug 27 (Svalbard)	Embark	in	Longyearbyen,	the	main	community	of	Spitsbergen	in	
DAYS 2 & 3: Saturday – Sunday, Aug 28 & 29 (Spitsbergen)	Before	heading	west,	explore	the	Arctic	nature	
and	wilderness	–	it	is	possible	to	see	walrus	and	the	mighty	Polar	Bear.	Possible	landing	sites	include	
Alkehornet,	Freskvannsbukta Fjord,	Magdalenefjord	and	Amsterdamøya.	Time	permitting	the	ship	
will	also	cruise	near	Moffen Island.
DAYS 4 & 5: Monday – Tuesday, Aug 30 & 31 (At Sea)	These	two	days	at	sea	allow	time	to	relax,	attend	
lectures	and	keep	a	vigilant	watch	for	wildlife	and	pack	ice	from	the	decks	and	observation	lounge	as	we	
cross	the	Greenland Sea.
DAYS 6 – 9: Wednesday – Saturday, Sept 1 – 4 (East Greenland) The	ship	steams	as	far	north	as	the	ice	
allows	–	and	every	day	is	a	new	adventure	as	we	explore	this	remote	and	spectacular	National	Park	with	
landings,	trekking	and	Zodiac	cruises.	It	is	a	rugged	world	with	tundra,	fjords,	icebergs,	waterfalls	and	
glaciers	but	the	tenacity	of	mankind	is	seen	in	remnants	of	explorer’s	huts,	Greenlandic	(Inuit)	settlements	
and	the	Danish	Sled	Dog	Patrol.	With	a	long	history	of	being	hunted,	the	wildlife	is	shy	but	it	is	possible	to	
see	Polar	Bear,	Musk	oxen,	seals,	whales	and	the	Iconic	Gyr	falcon	to	name	a	few.	Destinations	we	may	
make	landings	at	include	Shannon Island,	Hansa Bay,	Daneborg,	Dead Man’s Bay,	Wordie Glacier,	
Myggbukta,	Blomsterbukten,	Isfjord	and	King Oscar’s Fjord.
DAY 10: Sunday, Sept 5 (East Greenland) Spend	a	day	exploring	Scoresbysund Fjord,	considered	the	
largest	in	the	world.	The	scenery	is	stunning	as	the	ship	cruises	into	the	fjord	–	imposing	granite	walls,	
mountain	peaks,	glaciers	and	icebergs	beautifully	carved	by	the	glaciers.	
DAY 11: Monday, Sept 6 (East Greenland)	Visit	Ittorqqortoormitt	in	the	morning.	It	is	the	most	northerly	
permanent	settlement	in	East	Greenland.	The	museum,	Women’s	House,	weather	station,	church	and	
other	public	facilities	are	open	for	visits.	There	is	a	walking	tour	of	this	colourful	settlement	with	Inuit	
residents	and	many	sled	dogs.	The	ship	sets	off	for	Iceland	in	the	afternoon.
DAY 12: Tuesday, Sept 7 (At Sea) This	day	at sea	provides	time	for	wrap	up	lectures,	to	finish	journals	and	
then	gather	for	the	final	recap	and	Captain’s	farewell	function.
DAY 13: Wednesday, Sept 8 (Iceland) Disembark	in	Reykjavik.

                                                                                                                  Arctic Discoveries

     Steam to Ice - East Greenland                                                                                           Greenland
                                                                                                                                                 Scoresbysund Fjord

     PS910-15	Sept	8	(Wednesday)	–	Sept	19	(Sunday),	2010	(12	days	/	11	nights)
                                                                                                                                        Nansen Fjord

     DAY 1: Wednesday, Sept 8 (Iceland)	Embark	in	the	vibrant	city	of	Reykjavik.                                                 Hungerlussuaq

     DAY	2:	Thursday,	Sept	9	(At	Sea)	During	this	time	at sea,	the	lecture	program	begins	and	there	is	also	                                                              Iceland
     time	to	read,	relax	and	wander	the	decks.	During	the	voyage	it	is	possible	to	see	perhaps	White-beaked	                 Tasiilaq                                   Reykjavik

     dolphin,	Humpback	or	Minke	whale	and	birds	such	as	kittiwake,	gannet,	guillemot,	fulmar	and	razorbill.
                                                                                                                                                                Westmann Is.
     DAY 3: Friday, Sept 10 (East Greenland)	Entering	Scoresbysund	Fjord,	the	first	stop	is	at	Ittorqqortoormitt,	
     the	most	northerly	permanent	settlement	in	East	Greenland.	The	museum,	Women’s	House,	weather	
     station,	church	and	other	public	facilities	are	open	for	visits.	There	is	a	walking	tour	of	this	colourful	
     settlement	with	Greenlandic	(Inuit)	residents	and	many	sled	dogs.	From	there,	the	exploration	of	the	fjord	
     itself	begins.
     DAYS 4 & 5: Saturday – Sunday, Sept 11 & 12 (East Greenland)	With	two	more	full	days	to	enjoy
     Scoresbysund Fjord,	there	is	ample	time	for	a	more	in-depth	exploration	of	this	network	of	fjords	
     reaching	inland	towards	the	ice	cap.	The	landscape	is	impressive	with	basalt	peaks,	walls	of	granite	and	
     icebergs	calving	from	the	glaciers.	It	is	considered	the	beginning	of	the	High	Arctic.
     DAY 6: Monday, Sept 13 (East Greenland)	Often	ice	laden,	Nansen Fjord	provides	spectacular	views	of	
     Christian	IV	Glacier	and	Gunnbjorn	Fjeld,	the	highest	mountain	above	the	Arctic	Circle.	The	watch	for	
     wildlife	continues.
     DAY 7: Tuesday, Sept 14 (East Greenland)	Greenland’s	widest	ice-free	zone,	Kangerlussuaq Fjord	
     still	boasts	spectacular	glaciers	and	icebergs	and	a	coastline	of	sheer	cliffs.	A	landing	is	planned	at	an	
     archaeological	site	with	remains	of	Thule	dwellings.	Caribou,	Musk	Ox,	Polar	Bear	and	the	timid	Ivory	gull	
     have	been	seen	here.
     DAY 8: Wednesday, Sept 15 (East Greenland)	This	is	a	day	of	“gunkholing”	a	term	used	by	sailors	when	
     they	poke	along	the	shore	during	a	cruise.	The	day	will	include	a	foray	into	Kangertigtvatsiaq Fjord	with	
     either	a	landing	or	Zodiac	cruise	planned.
     DAY 9: Thursday, Sept 16 (East Greenland)	Tassilaq Fjord and community	were	formerly	known	as	
     Ammassalik.	The	town	is	located	on	an	island	and	the	fjord	runs	up	from	the	west	side.	At	the	top	end	
     is	Sermilik Fjord	where	a	shore	landing	is	planned.	The	town	of	Tassilaq	is	larger	than	Scoresbysund	
     and	gives	a	real	insight	into	life	in	the	north.	Witness	daily	life	and	see	Greenlandic	dogs,	winter	houses,	
     traditional	carvings	and	the	local	museum.
     DAY 10: Friday, Sept 17 (At Sea) Crossing	the	Denmark Strait	to	Iceland,	keep	a	vigilant	watch	for	
     wildlife,	attend	lectures	and	relax.
     DAY 11: Saturday, Sept 18 (Iceland)	Along	the	southwest	coast	of	Iceland	lies	the	world’s	youngest	
     archipelago,	Westmann Islands.	Because	of	their	youth,	many	consider	them	to	be	the	most	ruggedly	
     beautiful	islands	in	the	world.	There	are	sheer	cliffs,	lava	fields,	a	crater	area	and	only	one	populated	
     town,	Heimey	on	the	largest	island	Heimey.	It	is	an	important	fishing	center.	Whales	may	be	seen	in	the	
     surrounding	waters	and	there	are	large	echo-filled	sea	caves	to	explore.
     DAY 12: Sunday, Sept 19 (Iceland)	Disembark	in	Reykjavik.

                                                                          Photo	Credit:	Jacques	Marais	–	Greenland	Tourism

                   Viking Trail to the Americas
                        PS910-16 Sept	19	(Sunday)	–	Oct	7	(Thursday),	2010	(19	days	/	18	nights)

DAY 1: Sunday, Sept 19 (Iceland)	Embark	in	the	vibrant	city	of	Reykjavik.
DAYS 2 & 3: Monday – Tuesday, Sept 20 & 21 (At Sea) Crossing	the	Denmark Strait,	the	program	gets	
underway	with	lectures,	still	leaving	time	to	relax,	read	and	watch	for	birds	and	marine	wildlife.	While	at	
sea	it	is	possible	to	see	whale	and	dolphin	and	perhaps	late	season	icebergs.
DAY 4: Wednesday, Sept 22 (Greenland) The	first	impression	of	this	frozen	island	is	at	Prins Christiansund
Fjord	–	the	cruise	here	is	often	remembered	as	a	scenic	highlight.	From	there	the	ship	goes	to	the	
picturesque	town	of	Nanortalik	to	explore	the	community	and	visit	the	museum	and	open	air	market.	
While	in	the	Arctic	Region,	birds	to	watch	for	include	kittiwake,	fulmar,	Arctic	tern	and	eider.
DAY 5: Thursday, Sept 23 (Greenland) The	first	Christian	church	in	Greenland	was	established	in	
Brattahlid	by	Erik	the	Red’s	wife	and	today	there	is	a	replica	village.	In	the	afternoon,	walk	to	Igaliku,	to	
see	the	ruins	of	Gadar	(Cathedral	of	the	Fjords).	This	was	once	the	religious	epicentre	of	the	Local	Viking	
DAY 6: Friday, Sept 24 (Greenland) The	best	preserved	Viking	ruins	(1300’s)	are	found	in	Hvalsey	
including	a	church	where	the	last	religious	ceremony	was	performed	in	1408	before	the	people	of	the	
area	mysteriously	vanished.	Enjoy	a	walking	tour	of	Qaqortoq	with	its	brightly	coloured	homes	and	large	
scale	Scandinavian	stone	sculptures	throughout	the	town.
DAYS 7 & 8: Saturday – Sunday, Sept 25 & 26 (At Sea) The	ship	now	heads	for	Canada	crossing	the	
Davis Strait,	also	known	as	“iceberg	alley”.	Attend	lectures	and	watch	for	wildlife.
DAY 9: Monday, Sept 27 (Nunavut, Canada)	After	customs	clearance,	it	is	time	to	explore	the	capital	of	
the	newest	territory	of	Canada,	Iqaluit	–	visit	the	arts	centre,	museum	and	park,	and	enjoy	an	Arctic	
DAY 10: Tuesday, Sept 28 (Nunavut) This	day	is	spent	exploring	Frobisher Bay in	the	Canadian	Arctic	
wilderness.	Throughout	the	time	spent	in	the	Arctic	and	far	northern	regions	a	keen	watch	is	kept	for	
Polar	Bear,	seals,	whales	and	seabirds.
DAY 11: Wednesday, Sept 29 (Nunavut)	Cruise	in	Ungava	Bay	where	Akpatok Island	lies.	This	largely	
sandstone	plateau	is	home	to	walrus,	Polar	Bear	and	Thick-billed	murres.	This	island	and	the	coast	of	
Labrador	are	known	for	fine	examples	of	flint.
DAY 12: Thursday, Sept 30 (Labrador, Canada)	The	Inuit	believe	that	the	spirit	world	overlaps	our	own	in	
the	Torngat Mountains.	Today	it	is	a	UNESCO	site	and	National	Park.	It	may	be	possible	to	see	Polar	Bear	
on	the	coast	of	northern	Labrador	and	also	Black	bear,	caribou	and	Peregrine	falcon.	Cruise	into	Nachvak
Fjord	where	mountains	tower	almost	6000	feet	above	the	magnificent	coastline	and	wilderness.	The	
remote	fjords	were	carved	by	glaciers	and	today	cascading	waterfalls	and	ancient	burial	grounds	can	be	
DAY 13: Friday, Oct 1 (Labrador)	Early	in	the	morning,	cruise	Saglek Bay,	located	at	the	mouth	of	a	
fantastic	fjord	system,	and	where	the	cultural	remains	of	Maritime	Archaic,	early	Paleao-Eskimo	and	
Dorset	Eskimo	periods	have	been	found.		The	untouched	landscapes	are	breathtaking.	Later	in	the	
morning,	visit	Hebron,	a	former	Moravian	mission	that	was	the	northernmost	settlement	in	Labrador.	The	
mission	disbanded	in	1959.
DAY 14: Saturday, Oct 2 (Labrador) Hopedale	is	a	largely	Inuit	community,	transformed	by	the	arrival	of	
the	Moravian Missionaries	in	1782	and	today	remains	a	small	but	thriving	community.	Remnants	of	the	
Hopedale	Mission	include	a	church,	mission	house,	storehouses,	workshops	and	other	smaller	buildings.		
In	the	afternoon,	visit	the	community	to	learn	about	the	past	as	well	as	life	today.
DAY 15: Sunday, Oct 3 (Labrador)	Groswater Bay	is	home	to	a	fascinating	array	of	archaeological	sites.	
Located	at	the	mouth	of	the	longest	inlet	on	the	Labrador	coast,	aboriginal	people	have	been	here	for	
at	least	7,000	years	likely	taking	advantage	of	the	natural	resources	present	–	nesting	seabirds,	seals,	
whales	and	the	abundant	terrestrial	fauna	and	flora.	Learn	about	these	ancestors	as	well	as	the	Vikings	
and	later	whalers	and	traders	through	exploring	the	islands	at	the	edge	of	the	Labrador	Sea.                     Arctic Discoveries
DAY 16: Monday, Oct 4 (Labrador) Williams Harbour	is	a	living	example	of	an	“outport”.	Battle Harbour	
was	originally	settled	by	Europeans	in	1770	and	was	famous	as	a	key	base	for	the	Labrador	Schooner	
Fishery.	Today	it	is	an	excellent	restoration	of	an	“outport”.
DAY 17: Tuesday, Oct 5 (Newfoundland, Canada) From	St.	Anthony	set	off	for	a	day	steeped	in	Norse	
history.	Visit	Norstead	(a	re-enactment	of	a	Viking	settlement)	and	then	L’Anse aux Meadows,	the	only	
authenticated	Viking	settlement	in	North	America	and	a	UNESCO	site.	Time	permitting,	visit	the	home	of	
Sir Wilfred Grenfell,	whose	life’s	work	to	relieve	the	fishermen’s	plight	led	to	the	first	hospital	ships.	
DAY 18: Wednesday, Oct 6 (Newfoundland)	During	the	afternoon	in	Bonavista	visit	the	replica	of	John	
Cabot’s	ship,	Matthew,	a	restored	lighthouse	and	Ryan Premises	that	commemorates	the	role	of	East	
Coast	fishery	in	Canadian	history.	In	the	evening	the	ship	sets	off	to	cover	the	remaining	few	miles	to	St.	
DAY 19: Thursday, Oct 7 (Newfoundland) Disembark	in	St. John’s,	North	America’s	oldest	city.

         Year at a Glance (Nov 2009 – Oct 2010)                                       Ship Features/Amenities
                                                                                      Panoramic observation lounge
           2009-2010 SEASON                                                               (with bar/refreshments)
           TOUR ID             DESTINATION                                            Full lecture seating
           (#days/ #nights)    (Dates)                                                Open bridge policy
           PS910-01            Antarctica & Sub-Antarctic Islands                     Excellent deck viewing
           (19/18)             (Nov 3 – 21, 2009)                                     Dining open seating, one sitting
           PS910-02            Antarctica & Sub-Antarctic Islands                     International cuisine
           (19/18)             (Nov 21 – Dec 9, 2009)
                                                                                      Spacious functional cabins
           PS910-03            Antarctic Peninsula
           (11/10)             (Dec 9 – 19, 2009)                                     Onboard shop
           PS910-04            Antarctic Peninsula                                    Onboard doctor
           (12/11)             (Dec 19 – 30, 2009)                                    Polar Bar and library
           PS910-05            Antarctica & Sub-Antarctic Islands (NA)                Fitness facility
           (26/25)             (Dec 30, 2009 – Jan 24, 2010)
           PS910-06            Antarctica & Polar Circle
           (12/11)             (Jan 24 – Feb 4, 2010)
           PS910-07            Antarctica & Polar Circle
           (12/11)             (Feb 4 – 15, 2010)
           PS910-08            The Antarctic Adventure Expedition – Exploratory
           (14/13)             (Feb 15 – 28, 2010)
           PS910-09            Antarctica & Sub-Antarctic Islands
           (19/18)             (Feb 28 – Mar 18, 2010)
           PS910-10            The Enchanting Azores
           (9/8)               (Apr 22 – 30, 2010)
           PS910-11            Islands on the Edge – UK, Eire & Hebrides
           (13/12)             (May 4 – 16, 2010)
           PS910-12            Highlands & Islands – Scotland
           (13/12)             (May 16 – 28, 2010)
           PS910-13            Magic of Islands & Fjords – Norway
           (15/14)             (May 28 – Jun 11, 2010)
           PS910-14            Remote Coast of East Greenland
           (13/12)             (Aug 27 – Sep 8, 2010)                                                                    Our ship’s crew and expedition
           PS910-15            Steam to Ice – East Greenland                                                             team welcome you onboard and
           (12/11)             (Sep 8 – 19, 2010)
           PS910-16            Viking Trail to the Americas
                                                                                                                         are pleased to look after your
           (19/18)             (Sep 19 – Oct 7, 2010)                                                                    needs and answer all your
                                                                                                                         questions. It is your time to relax
     Polar Star Expeditions Team                                                                                         and absorb the incredible views
                                                                                                                         and experiences – enhanced by
     Captain and Crew: Our Captain and crew are dedicated to smooth
     operations and safe navigation. We have some of the best in the industry                                            the onboard lectures and guiding
     with the experience required to inspire confidence. Much of their work is                                           ashore.
     behind the scenes but you will also find them on the bridge ready to discuss
     routing and navigation or participating in events when time allows.

     Hotel Department: Onboard the M/V Polar Star everyone is treated to
     superior, warm service and gracious hospitality like a time-honoured guest
     of the sea. The needs and comfort of all passengers are the priority of the
     hotel department. The Hotel Manager and team are committed to making
     everyone feel at home with an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

     Expedition Team: Each day our Expedition Leader and Team work closely
     with the Captain and Hotel Manager to plan the day. Our Expedition Leader
     is ably assisted by a group of naturalists, lecturers, guides and Zodiac
     drivers. Specialists onboard are chosen from a selection of ornithologists,
     mammalogists, botanists, marine biologists, anthropologists, volcanists,
     archaeologists, geologists, glaciologists and others – according to the
     focus of the expedition. Onboard through lectures and presentations, and
     ashore through guiding, they will ensure that you get the most out of every

     Head Office: At head office we work hard to make sure that all details
     are looked after from developing the best itineraries to assisting with your
     travel preparation. We are located in Halifax, Canada. When not in the office,
     we are in the field researching destinations, working within the industry or
     onboard making sure your experience is the best possible.

Notice to Travelers                                                                                     General Information
The itineraries, routes, dates and prices published in this brochure and accompanying pricing           Reservations/Payment
sheets are accurate at time of printing in August 2008. Actual details could vary, please check         To confirm a reservation, a non-refundable deposit of $500 USD per person is required at the time
with operator listed on back cover.                                                                     of booking. Payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard, cheque or wire transfer. The remaining
Itinerary                                                                                               balance of fees is due no later than 60 days prior to departure and each passenger must provide
                                                                                                        completed reservation and medical forms at the time of confirmed booking. PSE reserves the right
Exact implementation of itineraries is weather (and ice) dependent and subject to change.
                                                                                                        to cancel the booking if payment is not received on time. Reservations made within 60 days prior to
The captain and expedition leader will set the daily sailing plan with the goals to maximize the        departure must be accompanied by full payment. The ticket is non-transferable by the passenger to
experience and ensure safety. Polar Star Expeditions (PSE) expressly reserves its right to change       another person.
the tour and to change or shorten itineraries, without prior notice and for any reason whatsoever,
whether before or after the tour has departed, all without liability on the part of PSE or Karlsen.     Cancellations/Refunds
PSE also reserves the right to cancel any departure up until the date of that departure due to          Cancellations by passengers/tour operators/agents must be made by mail, fax, or email to PSE’s
circumstances beyond the control of PSE that prevent the operation of the tour. Neither PSE             head office. Passenger/tour operators/agents must record confirmation of receipt by PSE. The
nor Karlsen nor its agents are responsible for costs or penalties related to air transport or other     following cancellation fees apply:
                                                                                                                a.    Cancellation more than 60 days prior to departure: $500 USD per person.
services that are cancelled.
                                                                                                                b.    Cancellation between 46 and 59 days prior to departure: $1000 USD per person.
Fuel Surcharges                                                                                                 c.    Cancellation 45 days or less before departure: 100% of total tour price.
Pricing is accurate as of March 2008. Significant fuel price increases will result in the issuance of   Refunds to passengers are made through the tour operator/agents, if applicable.
a fuel surcharge. A provisional fuel surcharge is in effect as prices have already escalated since      Medical and emergency evacuation insurances are mandatory at a minimum
cruise prices were set and this provisional fuel surcharge may be further adjusted up until 90 days     amount of $50,000USD. PSE strongly recommends that all passengers
prior to cruise departure date.                                                                         purchase cancellation, trip disruption, baggage and personal property insurance
Smoking Policy                                                                                          coverage.
PSE is pleased to provide a smoke-free environment and as such smoking is only permitted in             Included
designated outdoor deck areas. This is strictly enforced. Smoking is not allowed in the Zodiacs.        Cruise only; accommodation onboard; meals, coffee, tea and juice throughout duration of
In protected areas including the Antarctic, smoking is not allowed during any part of the shore         cruise; onboard lectures and activities; complimentary boot rental, complimentary expedition
excursions.                                                                                             shell, service charge, port charges and all shore excursions unless specifically stated.
Single Travelers                                                                                        Not Included
To guarantee single occupancy, the passenger is required to pay a single supplement of 1.6 times        Air transport and transfers to and from M/V Polar Star; visa, passport, vaccination charges and
the double occupancy rate (not available in K1 or K7 cabin categories). Single passengers may           airport departure taxes; pre and post cruise activities; hotels and meals not included in the
book to share in K1, K2 or K3 cabin categories and will be guaranteed the share rate whether or         ship cruise itinerary, emergency evacuation charges, and personal expenses including laundry,
not a cabin-mate is found.                                                                              postage, personal clothing requirements, medical expenses, personal travel insurance and items
                                                                                                        of a personal nature such as bar charges (alcohol, bottled water, sodas), communication costs
Special Offers                                                                                          (phone, fax, email) and shop purchases.
Loyalty Program: As an enrolled member and past M/V Polar Star passenger you qualify for
various travel incentives for future voyages. Please inquire.                                           Responsibility
                                                                                                        Karlsen Shipping Company Limited c.o.b. as Polar Star Expeditions (PSE) operates the M/V
Consecutive Tours Discount: 5% discount on total. (Antarctic expeditions exempt.)                       Polar Star under time charter from its owner, Karlsen Shipping Norway A/S (Karlsen) and acts as
Early Booking Discount: If you book more than 15 months in advance, you qualify for a                   agent on behalf of Karlsen only in procuring the protections afforded to Karlsen in these terms
discount of 5%.                                                                                         and conditions. PSE acts only as agents on behalf of other service providers included in the
NOTE: Under no circumstances may special fares or discounts be combined, only one may be                program, and is not liable for circumstances affecting services or accommodations that are not
used.                                                                                                   under the direct control of PSE, or other failures incurred by circumstances beyond PSE’s control.
                                                                                                        Neither PSE nor Karlsen is liable for personal injury, death, property damages, delays, or any loss
                                                                                                        that does not arise out of its negligence or that of its crew, servants, employees, or agents. The
                                                                                                        published price is based on current prices, exchange rates, duties and taxes as known to PSE
                                                                                                        at the time of publication of materials and at the time of travel confirmation. PSE reserves the
                                                                                                        right to change the agreed price (on the grounds of among other things, unforeseeable increases
                                                                                                        of e.g. exchange rates, duties, taxes, port fees and fuel prices) if considered necessary by PSE.
                                                                                                        PSE will inform passengers, tour operators or agents at least 30 days prior to departure. In the
                                                                                                        case of a price increase of more than 5% of the total price of the trip, passengers, tour operators
                                                                                                        or agents are entitled to cancel the trip without incurring any costs. PSE reserves the right to
                                                                                                        alter or cancel any departure for reasons such as, but not limited to, low enrolment and logistical
                                                                                                        problems such as force majuere, government intervention, weather situations, transportation
                                                                                                        interruptions or other. Passengers accept full responsibility for their own health and safety and by
                                                                                                        participating in the program declare that they are fit and able to participate. PSE maintains liability
                                                                                                        insurance as an operator of these programs, including full P&I insurance for the M/V Polar Star.
                                                                                                        Onboard medical personnel are independent contractors and work directly for the passenger. Any
                                                                                                        medical services are provided at the posted rates to be paid by the passenger. Treatment is at
                                                                                                        passenger’s own risk, without any liability on the part of PSE or Karlsen. In the case of passenger
                                                                                                        detention by authorities or refusal of permission to land, passenger shall bear all risks and
                                                                                                        additional expenses incurred. The passengers must comply with the regulations and instructions
                                                                                                        given by the expedition staff and/or Master (Captain) on behalf of PSE. PSE reserves the right,
             Totally Green – Paper made with 100% totally                                               at any time, to refuse to accept a passenger of any tour, or parts of it, who may be considered
             chlorine-free (TCF)                                                                        a health or safety liability or who behaves in such a way that he/she is disruptive to personnel
                                                                                                        or other passengers on the trip. Passengers that are asked to leave a program will be solely
             Contains recycled material – 50% recycled fiber and                                        responsible for the associated costs. Furthermore, the passenger is 100% liable for damage (to
             post consumer material                                                                     self, other passengers, ship, staff or other) caused by improper behaviour. All claims or actions
                                                                                                        against PSE or Karlsen shall be brought in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia or the Federal Court
                                                                                                        of Canada and shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Nova Scotia and the federal laws
 Printed in Canada, August 2008                                                                         of Canada.
                                                                                                            Detailed Terms and Conditions are available upon request and are automatically included with
                                                                                                        booking correspondence. In case of discrepancy between these partial terms and conditions and
Photo Credits: Polar Star Expeditions would like to thank and credit the                                the full version of the Terms and Conditions, the full version takes precedence.
following for their photographic contributions: Nina Bailey, Jad Davenport,                                 Payment to PSE by the registered passenger is construed as agreement by passengers to be
Mary Filbee, Gary and Joyce Kochert, Hannah Lawson, Jaques Marais                                       bound by all provisions of the above and full version of the terms and conditions.
– Greenland Tourism, Arne Naevra, John Sparks and our fine Expedition Team.

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