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Unique Ref No.           COL12                    (Listed as:                                                     NI 39 )
Indicator                NI 115        Substance misuse by young people
Additional Indicators    NI 39 Rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions; NI11 First time entrants to the Youth Justice System aged 10-17
Priority                 (7) Essex is a safe place to live
Essex Target Lead        Clare Butler
Thematic Partnership     Safer Essex Partnership
LSP                      If this is an LSP action plan list LSP here. If this is a County wide action plan please enter "County LSP"
LSP target lead          If there is LSP target lead enter their name here.
Where we are now and where we want to be at the end of the agreement.
District    Year              BAS       BRA       BRE                                                     CAS             CHE            COL         EPP        HAR         MAL       ROC       TEN       UTT         ESSEX
Baseline Baseline year.               0         0                                                     0               0              0           0          0           0         0         0         0           0           20.7
Target      Final target year         0         0                                                     0               0              0           0          0           0         0         0         0           0              0
Partners' existing actions that contribute towards achieving the indicator target.
Action description                                                                                        Delivery Partners              Estimated financial or other input                               EIA       Risk
                                                                                                          (Please put each partner                                                                        completed worksheet
                                                                                                          name on a separate row.)                                                                        (Y/N)     completed
PCT Schools Health Improvement Roadshows (key stages 3 and 4), Healthy Schools input for those            NEEPCT: Schools                Health Improvement Roadshows PCT 18K p/a across North East       not known not known
schools which are engaged in Healthy Schools; one-off initiatives targeted at specific secondary school   Health roadshows;              Essex; Healthy Schools co-funded by Essex DAAT 12K p/a and PCT
year groups i.e. 2Smart, Crucial Crew (both year 7s only). All bar Healthy Schools are for secondary      NEEPCT with ECC:               20K for NEE + ECC meets core costs; Crucial Crew and 2Smart
schools only.                                                                                             Healthy Schools; CDRP          funded by CDRP on an annual basis
                                                                                                          partners: Crucial Crew;
                                                                                                          Essex Police: 2Smart

Impact of existing actions
All existing actions contribute to achieving the targets but not specifically : all bar Healthy Schools are for secondary schools only, and all initiatives focus on a range of health improvement or personal safety issues
rather than on substance misuse specifically. All are 'events' without the capacity for preparatory or follow-on work to ensure that the key messages are still understood and have an impact on young people's
behaviour in relation to drug and particularly alcohol use. The target on alcohol admissions is new and reflects the increase in alcohol consumption by young people and adults, and more preventative work is required
in order to reach this target.

The impact of existing preventative work may be limited as there is currently no follow-up work or broader remit (in terms of reaching the whole school, the staff groups, or parents), and all cover a wider range of healthy/wellbeing and pe
New actions
                                                                                                                                        QA         New self
                                                                                                                                        workshop assessed
                                                                                                                                        Score      score
Quality assurance workshop scores
Effective contribution to LAA indicator targets                                                                                                             1           3
Cross cutting impact                                                                                                                                        1           3
Engagement of more than one partner                                                                                                                         2           3
Delivery of added value from working in partnership                                                                                                         1           2
Clear statements of actions required from individual partners for existing and new activity.                                                                1           2
Compatibility and synergy between existing and proposed activity                                                                                            1           3
Support in addition to PRG from partners base budgets                                                                                                       1           3
Total Score                                                                                                                                                 8          19

1/184                                                                                                                                                                                                                   6/30/2010

Unique Ref No.          COL12                    (Listed as:                                                     NI 39 )
Indicator               NI 115        Substance misuse by young people
Additional Indicators   NI 39 Rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions; NI11 First time entrants to the Youth Justice System aged 10-17
Priority                (7) Essex is a safe place to live
Essex Target Lead       Clare Butler
Thematic Partnership    Safer Essex Partnership
LSP                     If this is an LSP action plan list LSP here. If this is a County wide action plan please enter "County LSP"
LSP target lead         If there is LSP target lead enter their name here.
Action description and start date                                                             Delivery Partners         Financial or other input from partners (Enter estimated value and or    PRG         Capital (c) /
                                                                                              (Please put each          description.)                                                           required    Revenue (r)
                                                                                              partner name on a                                                                                 £s
                                                                                              separate row.)

Employment of a schools liaison worker to provide dedicated, consistent and specialist substance        Essex DAAT, EYDPAS, North East Essex PCT, 2008-09: £23,826; North East Essex PCT        £70,000    revenue
misuse support to primary and secondary school pupils aged 10-13 (from 9 in appropriate settings),      NEEPCT, NEE DARG    2009-2011: £6,000. Financial input may be sought from               over two
providing support over the transition period. Posts (1wte each Tendring and Colchester, both the                            CYPSP/extended schools funding to provide additional support to     years (35K
subject of PRG bids,) to be held within EYPDAS (Essex Young People's Drug and Alcohol Service), or                          parents associated with schools liaison work                        peryear)
with the newly contracted provider of young peoples' services should this change due to the current
EDAAT tender process. Sufficient funding from NEEPCT is available during 2008-9 to fund the service
from January until end March so that postholders are in place before the summer term; therefore staff
will be recruited by January 2009, with PRG funding then sought for the majority of the service cost
from April. For more detail of steps in process see below
Agree service description and procurement process with EDAAT colleagues by end October 2008,                                   EDAAT and NEEPCT commissioning input, will link to CYPSPs        as above
begin recruitment process for workers November 2008

New Action 2 - Describe the key milestones in implementing this project and when each milestone will be achieved.
Prioritise schools for input. Highest priority will be those schools not engaged in Healthy Schools;    EYPDAS, NEE DARG,                                                                       as above
priority will then be accorded to those most recently engaged in Healthy Schools                        CYPSP
New Action 3 - Describe the key milestones in implementing this project and when each milestone will be achieved.
Post will dovetail with outreach services, developing referral pathways signposting where required to      EYPDAS, NEE DARG,   EDAAT and NEEPCT commissioning input, will link to CYPSPs        as above
outreach, specialist outreach or treatment (latter may be pupils or parents). Will initiate a CAF where it CYPSP
is deemed appropriate.
New Action 4 - describe the key milestones in implementing this project and when each milestone will be achieved.
Purpose of post is to support the PHSE agenda, provide preparatory and follow-up work to Crucial
Crew, 2Smart, and Healthy Schools roadshows (where schools are participating in this) and any other
ad hoc initiatives in order to embed key messages. Dependent on capacity, posts will also provide, or
identify the need for and seek provision for, support to parents.

Impact and Added value of new actions
Current preventative work outside schools' own PHSE is limited to secondary schools, in addition these initiatives may be more effective if the key messages are followed-up. PHSE input may vary in content,
consistency of message and quality across schools. NICE guidelines highlight the transitional period as key to identifying and addressing vulnerability to substance misuse. Service providers have identified the need
for input to year 6 and in some cases year 5. Messages around alcohol in particular need to be reinforced over a longer timeframe in order to delay the age at which young people start to drink and to continue
emphasising the behaviour changes needed in alcohol consumption by young people. Project seeks to achieve three key outcomes: 1) reducing the age at which young people start to drink; 2) delaying the age at
whyich young people start to drink; 3) reducing substance misuse amongst young people. in addition it should contribute to three broader objectives: reducing the number of assaults and anti-social behaviour
incidentsrelating to alchol by young people (where young people are instigators or victims), reducing STIs and unwanted pregnancies associated with excess alcohol consumption, and increasing the identification of
young people vulnerable to, or potentially vulnerable to, drug and alcohol misuse with referral on to other services as appropriate.
Diversity and Equality
Please tell us whether an EIA process has been completed for each action in this plan. Explain how the EIA has made an impact on the Action Plan.
EQUIA has been completed for whole proposal

2/184                                                                                                                                                                                                          6/30/2010

Unique Ref No.                COL12                    (Listed as:                                                     NI 39 )
Indicator                     NI 115        Substance misuse by young people
Additional Indicators         NI 39 Rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions; NI11 First time entrants to the Youth Justice System aged 10-17
Priority                      (7) Essex is a safe place to live
Essex Target Lead             Clare Butler
Thematic Partnership          Safer Essex Partnership
LSP                           If this is an LSP action plan list LSP here. If this is a County wide action plan please enter "County LSP"
LSP target lead               If there is LSP target lead enter their name here.
Risk Management
Ensure you have completed the Risk worksheet that is part of this action plan. It can be found by clicking the "Risk - Phase 2 plans only" tab below. Please explain how the risk management process has had an impact

 If posts considered effective at end of PRG funding (2011), funding to continue posts in Colchester and Tendring areas and in other areas covered by Essex DAAT will be sought from health and CYPSPs for
continued provision. If posts not considered effective other approaches to preventative work with young people will be piloted subject to available resources. THe posts should have a positive impact on substance
misuse by young people and on increasing parents' knowledge and support about preventing substance misuse. If there is a reduction in substance misuse by young people this should lead to improved individual life
chances, with wider community benefit in terms of anti-social behaviour, crime, health and wellbeing. In addition with specialist workers for schools liaison, outreach workers should be freed up from existing
contributions to one-off initiatives such as Crucial Crew, therefore there should be more efficient use of resources across the substance misuse prevention field again contributing to achieving set targets.

3/184                                                                                                                                                                                                        6/30/2010

Unique Ref No.                        Col 12
Priority                              (7) Essex is a safe place to live
Essex Target Lead                     Clare Butler
Thematic Partnership                  Safer Essex Partnership
LSP                                   If this is an LSP action plan list LSP here. If this is a County wide action plan please enter "County LSP"
LSP target lead                       If there is LSP target lead enter their name here.

                                                    Risk 1                                      Risk 2                              Risk 3               Risk 4
Risk Event                            insufficient support to                     isolation of postholders from       insufficient funding
                                      postholders on substance                    NEE community
                                      misuse issues

Risk Trigger(s)                       trends in substance misuse                  EYPDAS is a pan-Essex
                                      can change and vcan also ary                provider
                                      by locality, postholder needs to
                                      understand bothlocal and
                                      current situation, and also
                                      know best practice in
                                      prevention                                                                      funding not available
Impact & Consequences                 would reduce impact of work in              potential for staff isolation and
                                      terms of prevention                         associated drawbacks, and
                                                                                  post not being sufficiently well
                                                                                  linked to other key providers       would jeopardise work by
                                                                                  and sources of support to           'spreading it too thin' and not
                                                                                  young people locally                allowing for workers to engage
                                                                                                                      fully in schools needing support
Mitigating Action(s) (which           Using EYDPAS as employer                    Posts may be hosted locally         current bid for 1wte worker in
need to built into the phase 2        will ensure that appropriate                within both Colchester and
action plans)
                                                                                                                      both Colchester and Tendring
                                      professional support and                    Tendring in order to ensure         is thought sufficient and this
                                      recent and relevant information             effective links with local          aspect will be evaluated before
                                      on substance misuse is                      TASCC teams and relevant            further funding sought beyond
                                      available                                   service providers (e.g. The         March 2011
Assessment    Emma Bishon
completed by:
Date:         2nd October 2008

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\[508815f1-75c5-4d09-a312-7634003581ab.xls]Phase 2 Action plan template

Phase 1 Action Plan Register

Ref:      Ref:      Indicator        Action Plan Contact   LSP
BAS       BAS1                       Lucy Payne            Basildon
BAS       BAS10                      Lucy Payne
                    NI 117,112,123,17,39,115               Basildon
BAS       BAS11     LI 7.2           Lucy Payne            Basildon
BAS       BAS2                       Lucy Payne            Basildon
BAS       BAS3      LI 7.2, NI 20,27 Lucy Payne            Basildon
BAS       BAS4      NI 17,195,198    Lucy Payne            Basildon
BAS       BAS5      NI 79,87,117,163 Lucy Payne            Basildon
BAS       BAS6      NI141            Lucy Payne            Basildon
BAS       BAS7      NI 141           Lucy Payne            Basildon
BAS       BAS8                       Lucy Payne            Basildon
BAS       BAS9      NI 112,123,17, Lucy Payne              Basildon
                    115,156, LI
BRA       BRA1      NI 197           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA10     NI 17            Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA11     NI 56            Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA12     NI 120           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA13     NI 123           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA14     NI 163           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA15     NI 166           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA16     NI 186           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA17     NI 188           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA18     LI 2.1           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA19     LI 2.2           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA2      LI 8.2           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA20     NI 156           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA21     NI 191 192       Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA22     NI 195           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA23     N87              Nathan Rowland        Braintree
BRA       BRA3      LI 10.1          Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA4      NI 151           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA5      NI 8             Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA6      NI 79            Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA7      NI 112           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA8      NI 171           Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRA       BRA9      NI 6             Sara Moutard          Braintree
BRE       BRE1      LI 2.1           Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE       BRE10     NI 197           Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE       BRE11     NI 11            Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE       BRE12     NI 56            Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE       BRE2      LI 2.1           Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE       BRE3      NI 6             Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE       BRE4      NI 8             Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE       BRE5      NI 56            Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE   BRE6    NI 123           Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE   BRE7    NI 163 164       Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE   BRE8    NI 171           Steve Sumners         Brentwood
BRE   BRE9    NI 186           Steve Sumners         Brentwood
CAS   CAS1    LI 2.1           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS10   LI 2.1           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS11   NI 4             Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS12   NI 4             Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS13   NI 4             Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS14   NI 4             Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS15   NI 6             Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS16   NI 8             Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS17   NI 8             Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS18   NI 17            Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS19   NI 17            Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS2    see CWOP7
CAS   CAS20   NI 17            Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS21   NI 17            Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS22   NI 47            Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS23   NI 141           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS24   NI 141           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS25   NI 163 164 165   Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS26   NI 186           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS27   NI 192           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS28   NI 197           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS29   NI197            Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS3    LI 7.1           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS4    LI 7.1           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS5    LI 7.2           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS6    LI 7.2           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS7    LI 7.2           Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS8    LI 10.1          Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CAS   CAS9    LI 10.1          Melanie Harris        Castle Point
CHE   CHE1    NI 57            Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE10   NI 151           Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE11   NI 56            Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE12   NI 17            Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE13   NI 17            Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE14   NI 6             Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE15   NI 6             Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE2    NI 56            Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE3    NI 56            Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE4    NI 20            Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE5    LI 5.2           Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE6    LI 2.1           Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE7    ALL              Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE   CHE8    NI 163           Katherine Eglington   Chelmsford
CHE     CHE9      NI 156   Katherine Eglington      Chelmsford
COL     COL1      LI 7.1   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL10     NI 17    Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL11     NI 17    Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL12     NI 39    Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL13     NI 56    Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL14     NI 117   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL15     NI 117   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL16     NI 120   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL17     NI 135   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL18     NI 141   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL19     NI 171   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL2      LI 7.2   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL20     NI 186   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL21     NI 191   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL22     NI 195   Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL3      NI 17    Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL4      NI 6     Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL5      NI 6     Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL6      NI 7     Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL7      NI 7     Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL8      NI 8     Irene Swift              Colchester
COL     COL9      NI 17    Irene Swift              Colchester
CWOP    CWOP10    NI 120   Mike Gogarty             Essex Partnership
CWOP    CWOP11    NI 141   Simon Harneiss           Essex Partnership
CWOP    CWOP5     NI 123   Andrea Atherton          Essex Partnership
CWOP    CWOP6     LI 7.1   Assistant Chief ConstableEssex Partnership
CWOP    CWOP7     LI 3.1   Pauline Stratford        Essex Partnership
CWOP    CWOP8     LI 2.1   Cathy Mitchell           Essex Partnership
CWOP    CWOP9     LI 3.1   Pauline Stratford        Essex Partnership
SEP     SEP6      NI 17    Assistant Chief ConstableEssex Partnership
SEP     SEP7      NI 39    Ben Hughes               Essex Partnership
SEP     SEP8      NI 115   Ben Hughes               Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP12   NI 87    Debbie Holmes            Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP13   NI 56    Chris French             Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP14   NI 57    Kelvin Williams          Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP15   NI 93    Alison Fiala             Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP16   NI 73    Alison Fiala             Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP17   NI 94    Alison Fiala             Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP18   NI 74    Gary Pocock              Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP19   NI 78    Gary Pocock              Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP20   NI 83    Gary Pocock              Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP21   NI 95    Gary Pocock              Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP22   NI 96    Gary Pocock              Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP23   NI 97    Gary Pocock              Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP24   NI 98    Gary Pocock              Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP25   NI 75    Gary Pocock              Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP2   NI 99               Debbie Holmes      Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP3   NI 100              Debbie Holmes      Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP4   NI 101              Debbie Holmes      Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP5   NI 19               Clare Kershaw      Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP6   NI 72               Gary Pocock        Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP7   NI 92               Gary Pocock        Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP8   NI 51               Gary Pocock        Essex Partnership
CYPSP   CYPSP9   NI 87               Debbie Holmes      Essex Partnership
EPF     EPF1     NI 7                Sue Sumner         Essex Partnership
EPP     EPP1     LI 2.1              Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP10    NI 72               Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP11    NI 111              Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP12    NI 135              Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP13    NI 163 164 165      Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP14    NI 166              Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP15    NI 171              Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP16    NI 197              Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP2     see CWOP7
EPP     EPP3     LI 7.2              Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP4     LI 10.1             Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP5     NI 6                Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP6     NI 6                Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP7     NI 8                Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP8     NI 11               Chris Overend      Epping Forest
EPP     EPP9     NI 51               Chris Overend      Epping Forest
GEPF    GEPF1    NI 171              Keith Hughes       Essex Partnership
GEPF    GEPF2    NI 163 164 165      Matthew Fletcher   Essex Partnership
GEPF    GEPF4    NI 151              Louise Aitken      Essex Partnership
GEPF    GEPF6    NI 163 164 165      Matthew Fletcher   Essex Partnership
GEPF    GEPF7    NI 166 LI 8.1 8.2   Peter Cook         Essex Partnership
HAR     HAR1     NI 8                Marina Sherriff    Harlow
HAR     HAR2     NI 56               Marina Sherriff    Harlow
HAR     HAR3     NI 56               Marina Sherriff    Harlow
HAR     HAR4     NI 75               Marina Sherriff    Harlow
HAR     HAR5     NI 112              Marina Sherriff    Harlow
HAR     HAR6     NI 163              Marina Sherriff    Harlow
LOPGS   LOPGS1   NI 8                Emma Russell       Essex Partnership
LOPGS   LOPGS2   NI 11               Miriam Stead       Essex Partnership
MAL     MAL1     NI 7                Lynn Marston       Maldon
MAL     MAL10    NI 135              Lynn Marston       Maldon
MAL     MAL11    NI 141              Lynn Marston       Maldon
MAL     MAL12    NI 141              Lynn Marston       Maldon
MAL     MAL2     NI 163              Lynn Marston       Maldon
MAL     MAL3     NI 4                Lynn Marston       Maldon
MAL     MAL4     NI 6                Lynn Marston       Maldon
MAL     MAL5     N I 17              Lynn Marston       Maldon
MAL     MAL6     NI 17               Lynn Marston       Maldon
MAL   MAL7    NI 56       Lynn Marston             Maldon
MAL   MAL8    NI 72       Lynn Marston             Maldon
MAL   MAL9    NI 134      Lynn Marston             Maldon
ROC   ROC1    LI 7.2      Simon Pitts              Rochford
ROC   ROC2    NI 17       Simon Pitts              Rochford
ROC   ROC3    NI 120      Simon Pitts              Rochford
ROC   ROC4    NI 141      Simon Pitts              Rochford
ROC   ROC5    NI 141      Simon Pitts              Rochford
SE    SE1     NI 197      John Hall                Essex Partnership
SE    SE10    LI 5.2      Liz Saville              Essex Partnership
SE    SE11    NI 156      Malcolm Knights          Essex Partnership
SE    SE12    NI 154      Ian Vipond               Essex Partnership
SE    SE13    LI 2.2      Ian Vipond               Essex Partnership
SE    SE2     NI 112      Michael O'Brien          Essex Partnership
SE    SE3     NI 6        Simon Banks              Essex Partnership
SE    SE4     NI 135      Nanette Wright           Essex Partnership
SE    SE5     LI 5.1      Nick Shuttleworth        Essex Partnership
SE    SE6     LI 10.1     John Hall                Essex Partnership
SE    SE7     NI 198      Richard Gravatt          Essex Partnership
SE    SE8     NI 186      Kevin Jones              Essex Partnership
SE    SE9     NI 188      Kevin Jones              Essex Partnership
SEP   SEP1    NI 47       Rosemary Welch           Essex Partnership
SEP   SEP2    LI 7.2      Sam Grant                Essex Partnership
SEP   SEP3    NI 111      Tanya Gillett            Essex Partnership
SEP   SEP4    NI 18       Alex Bamber              Essex Partnership
SEP   SEP5    NI 20       Assistant Chief ConstableEssex Partnership
SEP   SEP9    LI 7.2      Assistant Chief ConstableEssex Partnership
TEN   TEN1    see CWOP7
TEN   TEN10   NI 120      Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN11   NI 141      Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN12   NI 163      Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN13   NI 166      Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN14   NI 171      Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN15   NI 191      Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN16   NI 195      Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN2    NI 117      Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN3    NI 4        Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN4    NI 6        Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN5    NI 7        Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN6    NI 17       Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN7    NI 72       Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN8    NI 73       Kate Mann               Tendring
TEN   TEN9    NI 115      Kate Mann               Tendring
UTT   UTT1    LI 5.2      Gaynor Bradley          Uttlesford
UTT   UTT10   NI 117      Gaynor Bradley          Uttlesford
UTT   UTT11   NI 166      Gaynor Bradley          Uttlesford
UTT   UTT12   NI 186      Gaynor Bradley          Uttlesford
Defining the Quality of Life spheres

Our people                             Describe the impact the project will have on personal wellbeing

                                       Some points to consider:
                                          Health – (mental / physical)
                                          Families– (parenting, work-life balance)
                                          Engaging activities and achievements (training, leisure, cultu
                                          Access and opportunities (access to services, jobs, housing

Our community                          Describe the impact the project will have on community wellbeing

                                       Some points to consider:
                                          Sense of belonging and community cohesion
                                          Provision of social support and engagement (access to soc
                                             services, voluntary sector)
                                          The ability of individuals and communities to influence decis
                                          Crime and the fear of crime

Our world                              Describe the impact the project will have on environmental wellbein

                                       Some points to consider:
                                          Quality of the local area (built and natural environment)
                                          Essex’s carbon emissions
                                          Our own environmental impact
                                          Waste and opportunities for reducing, reusing and recycling

Our economy                            Describe the impact the project will have on economic wellbeing

                                       Some points to consider:
                                          Skills levels and opportunities for training
                                          Employment opportunities
                                          Business investment
                                          Links with business partners
 e on personal wellbeing

 ments (training, leisure, culture)
ss to services, jobs, housing)

 e on community wellbeing

unity cohesion
 engagement (access to social care

mmunities to influence decisions

 e on environmental wellbeing

nd natural environment)

ucing, reusing and recycling

 e on economic wellbeing

or training
                        District            BAS       BRA      BRE     CAS       CHE       COL       EPP      HAR     MAL     ROC       TEN      UTT
NI 4         Baseline   2006/07, %          25.2      28.2     33.9    30.2      31.8      24.6      28.7     26.5    28.4    29.1      24.2     24.3
NI 5         Baseline   2006/07, %           65        79      84       73        84        77        78      65       75      82        78       87
NI 7         Baseline
NI 79        Baseline   2006/07 AY,
NI 87        Baseline
                        2006/7 AY, %
NI 87a       Baseline
                        2006/7 AY, %
NI 117       Baseline   2006/7 FY, %        7.4       9.2      2.1     5.4       3.5       4.4        2       5.2     7.8      3.5      11.6      2.9
NI 134       Baseline   2005/06             0.5       0.27     0.5     0.44      0.27      0.53      0.36     0.36    0.27    0.44      0.53     0.36
NI 135       Baseline   2006/07, %
NI 141       Baseline   2007/08, %           78        71      68       78        68        71        68      68       71      78        71       68
NI 154       Baseline   Houses built
                        per year 2001-
                        7)                  234                                  681       980                161
NI 156       Baseline   4th Quarter 2007    311        57      87      124        82       248        93      226      53      31       187       27
LI 2.1       Baseline   Baseline
LI 2.2       Baseline   Baseline (2002-6) 110          84      12       7        149        99        53      40       6       25        21       73
NI 51        Baseline   2007/8
NI 56        Baseline   2006/07, %          14.9      14.9     9.7     14.2      14.9      16.2      19.4     18.8    14.9    11.8      16.7     13.1
NI 112       Baseline
NI 120       Baseline   2004-06            1187.68   1147.89   N/A    1231.59   1066.68   1118.25   1450.39   N/A    1103.64 1114.52   1211.56   1060.1

NI 123       Baseline   (2006/07)
LI - NI 59              (2006/07, %)
LI - NI 60   Baseline   2006/07, %)
LI 3.1       Baseline   (2006/07)            13        88      13       13        88        88        88      88       88      13        88       88
NI 72                   (2006/07 AY,
             Baseline   %)                  34.3      41.8     56.7    35.9      45.6      40.2      40.1     36.6    38.1    39.2      35.7     48.8
NI 73                   (2006/07 AY,
             Baseline   %)                  63.8      68.2     82.7     72       76.2      72.1      74.1     64.8    73.2    74.9      65.3     83.3
NI 74    Baseline   (2006/07 AY,
                    %)              58.3       60.3       77.8       71.5       76.3        71.6        69.2        63.8       67         75.9       59.8        75.4
                    (2006/07 AY,
NI 75               %)              38.7       44.1       55.3       47.8       58.8        51.4         46         33         44.3       55.6       37.1        59.1
                    (2006/07 AY,
NI 78               %)                     3          1          1          1           1           3           2          3          0          0           3          0
NI 83    Baseline   (2006/07 AY, %) 65.3       75.8       82.2       74.3       82.7        74.4        73.6        64.5       73.8       81.5       66.6        80.5
                    (2006/07 AY,
NI 92               %)              38.3       37.1       34.8       34.2       38.2        37.3        37.5        41.9       36.2       32.6       42.2        33.2
                    (2006/07 AY,
NI 93               %)              83.9       87.1       87.2       83.4       90.6        89.1        87.6        85.9       88.5       84.3       88.1        93.1
                    (2006/07 AY,
NI 94               %)              83.9       87.1       87.2       83.4       90.6        89.1        87.6        85.9       88.5       84.3       88.1        93.1
         Baseline   (2006/70 AY,
NI 95               %)              20.7       26.2       22         22.6        30         30.2        27.6        28.2       31.7       34.3       21.2        36.3
                    (2006/07 AY,
NI 96               %)              52.5       59.3       71.2       55.8       65.5        57.6        57.5        51.5       58.1       63.1       44.6        64.8
                    (2006/07 AY,
NI 97               %)              42.2       49.3       64.4       52.9       56.3        58.9         53         46.6       50.1       67.3       55.6        63.3
                    (2006/07 AY,
NI 98               %)              28.3       23.4       30.2       30.4       38.7        31.4        29.5        18.2       21.1       35.5       26.1        31.4
         Baseline   (2006/07 AY,
NI 99               %)
                    (2006/07 AY,
NI 100              %)
                    (2006/07 AY,
NI 101              %)

NI 47    Baseline   1994-8         107.8       134        66.8       45.2       135.8       112.4       188.2       54.4       57.4       50.8       132.6       93.6
NI 198              (2006/07, %)

LI 5.1   Baseline
LI 5.2   Baseline
LI 5.3   Baseline
NI 6
NI 6
NI 8     Baseline   (2005/06, %)    18.1       21.3       22.9       19         21.1        23.4         21         18.6       21         20.2       16.6        23.1
NI 11         Baseline
NI 17         Baseline   (2006/07, %)           32.9     20.4          16.8        21.1     14.8          18.9     21.1       26.9           24    16.7     23.9      15.2

NI 18         Baseline   (2006, %)
NI 20                    (2007/08)           1215           652        376         373         987     1338           643        758        298     268    1023        222

NI 39         Baseline   (2007/8)

NI 111        Baseline
NI 115        Baseline   (2006/07 AY, %)
              Baseline   (2006/7 and
NI 195                   2007/8, %)        13          21         24          16          25         25          27         22         19         33      18         17
LI 7.1                   (2007)                 787         397        197         345         559        721         395        522        126     176        704        86
LI 7.2                   (2007/08, %)           31.3     44.6          55.7        46.8     48.7          35.8     48.1       29.4       50.7      49.9     49.6      62.2

NI 163        Baseline   (2006, %)

NI 164        Baseline   (2006, %)

NI 166                   (2007, £)

NI 171        Baseline   Baseline
LI - NI 151              (2006, %)         78.4        79.4       74.2        77.3        82.5       73.7        71.7       86.2       78         74.2    70         82.4
NI 165                   (2006, %)

                         (2004-7 3
LI 8.1                   year average)      0          101         3           0           9          9           4          3          0          0       0         36
LI 8.2        Baseline   None
                         (2005, per
                         capita CO2 in
NI 186                   tonnes)           7.07        7.49       8.11        4.59        7.14       6.69        6.69       7.1        6.35       5.66    5.85       9.14

NI 188        Baseline   (2007/08)          0           0          0           0           0          0           0          0          0          0       0          0
NI 191                   (kg)              775         615        646         725         774        614         593        661        616        813     572        543
NI 192                   (2006/07) (%)     27.4        35.4       31.2        25.7        32.3       30.9        37.1       21.3       32.9       17.2    23         42.8
NI 197    Baseline   (2007/08)   12   56   18   5   36   19   29   8   8   9   18   29

LI 10.1   Baseline   2007/08     0    0    0    0   1    2    2    0   1   1   0    1
  30           40        40      40       40        40        40              40      35.5           40         40        40
  78           82        82      84       82        84        82              82      82             82         82        82



 6.6          7.2       8.1      1.9     4.6       3.2       3.9             1.5      4.2            6.3       3.5       10.5
 0.42         0.46      0.24     0.46    0.42      0.24      0.48            0.34     0.34          0.24       0.42      0.48

  71           80        80      80       80        80        80              80      80             80         80        80

              535                                  880                955                    400
 1526         240        57      25      100        57       170             100      170            52         20       160

 679          300       100      41       50       160       136              45      263            32         50        25
 15.3         14.5       14      9.3     14.1      13.9      15.2            18.9     18.3          13.9       11.8      16.6

1173.21      1122.75   1082.96   N/A    1166.66   1001.75   1053.32         1385.46   N/A          1038. 71   1049.59   1146. 63



 101           16        22       7       9         9         9               13      13              9         9         27

 40.8          39        45      60      40.5      50.5       46             45.5     40             44         44        42

 71.3         75.5      80.5     86.5    77.5      82.5      79.5             77      72.5          78.5       81.5      75.5
 68.6    66.5       75.5       81.5       75.5       80.5       78.5       77.5       70.5       75.5       79.5       68.5

 47.1    43.5       50.5       64.5       52.5       62.5       57.5       54.5       41.5       48.5       61.5       43.5

  18            0          0          0          0          0          0          0          0          0          0          0
 74.5    70.5       80.5       86.5       78.5       84.5       83.5       80.5       73.5       79.5       85.5       74.5

 37.9    35         32         30         29.2       34         31         30.2       35         30         27         35

 81.7    86.5       92.5       91.5       86         93         92         90         89         91         91.5       90

 81.7    86.5       92.5       91.5       86         93         92         90         89         91         91.5       90

 26.8    29.5       34.5       29.5       35.5       44.5       42.5       33.5       30.5       38.5       37.5       32.5

  58     54.5       64.5       61.5       62.5       74.5       69.5       67.5       57.5       67.5       69.5       58.5

 54.6    56.3       58.7       73.2       62.4       70.7       67.7       67.1       46.7       56.5       71.4       57.8

 29.7    26.1       29.4       37.1       30.5       40.8       33.9       35.5       24         29.5       38.8       30.9





 20.2    22.6       24.3       25.9       23.5       24.1       26.4       24         23.1       24         24.7       21.1
     21.5          30          18.4         15.5          19          13.3           17          19          24.2         21.6          15          21.5


  8153           1105          586          356          336          888          1204         579          682          268          241          921



 22         10           16           18           12           18           18           20           17           14           24           16

  5015            708          357          187          311          503          649          355          470          113          158          634

     44.9         37.2         50.8          59          52.9          55          42.2         53.9          35          57.3         56.4          56





6.82        6.3          6.5          7.2          4.1          6.3          5.8          5.9          6.3          5.5          5.1          5.1
 0           3            3            3            3            2            3            3            2            3            3            3

788         651          495          548          585          659          508          554          579          593          679          586

34.2        39           47           42           40           40           40           42           29           36           32           24
247   27   131   59   15   81   63   81   13   33   21   43
 8    3     3    2    2    4    5    5    2    4    4    3
  40        40
  87        82



 2.1        5
 0.34      0.39

  80        71

  20      1171

 130       1332
 12.7      14.7

995. 15   1108.28


  9        152

  53        50

  88       80.5
83.5       78.5

65.5       53.9

       0    0
87.5       82.5

28         30

94         90.5

94         90.5

43.5       38.5

77.5       72.5

66.8       63.4

44.7       33.4





26.1       24.2
      13.7           19.4

      200            7366

12            16

       77            4522

      67.8           50.8




8             6

 3            3

421                  670

57                    43
113   679
 4    41
           C1. Effective               C2. Positive or          C3. Engagement of         C4. Delivery of Added
           Contribution to LAA         Negative on Other        more than one partner     Value from working in
           Indicator Targets           Indicator Targets                                  Partnership

Unique     C1 Score C1              C2 Score     C2            C3 Score   C3              C4 Score
Ref. no.            Comments                     Comments                 Comments
BAS1       2        Will contribute 1            Possibly link 1          No other        1
                    to overall                   with 20                  partners
                                                                          refers to
                                                                          Police as
                                                                          local partner
BAS10      2         NI56? How         3         Evidence       3         Could           2
                     Year 6                      genuine                  consider
                     children?                   impact                   Countywide
                     NI2.2 - How?                                         approach?
                     Evidence from
                     pilots of
BAS11      2         No baseline       2         Very health 1            Again, no link 1
                     data. Not                   centre                   to other
                     available on                although                 partners, ie
                     table to                    aligned in a             Police,
                     assess against              cross County             Probation
                     it (could
                     assess other
BAS2       2         Could be more     3         Covers 3        3        Potentially   2
                     explicit about              indicators.              also schools?
                     how the                     Possibly also
                     project will                link to NI 115,
                     meet the                    NI 111, NI 5,
                     targets and the             NI 87?
                     overall benefit
                     to citizens
BAS3       2         Needs more        3         Fear of crime 3          Useful to      3
                     detail on plans             - impacts on             add/mention
                     to tackle                   wellbeing/eng            benefit of
                     alcohol/'hate'              agement of               other partners
                     crime issues.               communities              using
                     Is there                                             messages, eg
                     evidence                                             health/??
                     community tv
                     impacts on 2
                     from other
                     CDRPs. Fear
                     of crime
BAS4   2   Impacts target 3    Impacts a      3   Various         3
           indicated           number of          partners
                               diferent           involved, all
                               targets.           providing

BAS5   3                  3                   3                   2

BAS6   3   Range of       3    Very positive. 3   Good range      3
           actions and         The action         of partners
           projects that       plan impacts       involved
           will clearly        on 6               offering
           engage young        indicators         interventions
           people and          and could link     that
           address             also with NI       complement
           antisocial          57                 those of all
           behaviour -                            partners
           pregnancy and
           career options
BAS7   3   Intervention   3    Is described   3   Actions by      3
           proposed.                              individual
           Impact on a                            partners
           large number                           detailed - plus
           of LAA targets                         their
                                                  contribution to
                                                  the scheme
BAS8   2   Will contribute 1   Possibly 47,   2   Are there       1
           to overall          17, 18, 20         other groups
                                                  Who is
BAS9    2   Several' LLA2 2     As above       2    Assuming      3
            Priorities,                             Social
            'Cross-cutting'                         Inclusion
            LLA2 Indicator                          Partnership
            - not specified                         represents
            in heading.                             range of
            Confused                                partners
            given under
            followed by
            how fits with
            ECC corporate
            tenuous links
            to Nis and
            LAA - could
            include more.
BRA1    1   Final target is 1   No reference 2      A wide range 1
            less than           to impact on        of partners
            baseline. It is     any other           from various
            difficult to        indicator.          sectors. It
            judge how the       Perhaps link        would be
            plan is             to LI 10.1          helpful to
            contributing to     'Living             understand
            the indicator       Landscapes'         the role of
            as there is                             these
            very little                             individual
            detail/content,                         partners and
            particularly in                         their particular
            relation to new                         contribution
BRA10   3                   2   Impact to       3                 3
                                date - facts to
                                existing work -
                                factors built
BRA11   2   Need more     3     Well          1    Only stated    1
            detail about        referenced         BBC and
            what these                             'appointed
            projects. Lay                          agencies' -
            person can't                           needs to be
            see. Health &                          clearer if
            Wellbeing                              more partners
            park good                              are involved.
            idea. Why                              Responsibiliti
            geographical                           es need
            target rather                          detailing -
            than JSNA?                             Healthy
                                                   Transport to
BRA11   1   Not enough     2    Sounds        2    More           1
            information         promising.         information
                                More               needed
BRA12   3   Wide range of 2     Our people.   1    Yes, but      1
            current actions     Our                linked to
            to target           community          health

BRA13   1   Target given is 1   Not specified. 1   Existing work 1
            Essex but this      No new             certainly does
            is just             actions
            Braintree, so
            what is
BRA13   1   Single issue    1   Only one NI 1      Would benefit 1
            focus NI 123        shown -            from inclusion
                                could add          of VCS
                                others? NI         organisations
BRA14   1   The new         1   under Impact 1
                                Again, further     Some           1
            actions may         detail             partners
            well contribute     required           names.
            to LAA              which              However it
            indicator           demonstrates       would be
            triggers. This      impact             helpful if
            needs to be         across             'cover
            more specific       indicators         partnership
                                                   working' had
                                                   greater detail
BRA15   2                  2    Possibly     3                    2
                                focuses to
                                much on just
                                g sector

BRA15   2   Need to         2   NI 171,       2    EXDRA need 1
            demonstrate         possible LI        to be
            link to             8.1 re             engaged re
            earnings target     business           manufacturing
            and to the          retention          support action
            sector support
            action in the
BRA16   2   Should impact 2     Some other    3    Current and 3
            target,             targets            future
            although no         identified         partnership
            data provided                          arrangements

BRA17   2   Has potential 1     None          2    Predominantl 2
            to impact           identified,        y limited to
            target, no data     other than         District &
            supplied            vague              County
                                references to      Council

BRA18   3   The work       2    Reference is 3     Involves a     2
            described           made to            wide range of
            would               other NI that      local partners
            effectively         are impacted,
            target the          but some of
            indicators          the links
            specified           seem rather

BRA19       Not explained 1     Not explicitly 3   Substantial     1
            to say. No          made or            delivery
            specific            identified.        partners
            reference to        Very BDC           although it is
            106 policies?       central            only within
                                                   local authority
BRA2        2   Could                1   Reference to      1   Only one             2
                potentially              multiple              partner
                impact LI                indicators            named, plus
                target,                  which could           potential to
                although no              be impacted,          work with
                specific data            although no           other districts
                has been                 specific              (no specifics
                provided                 indicators            given)
                                         named and
                                         no data
BRA20   3       Clear and        2       Could be     2        Just needs       1
                stated targets -         made clearer          clarification of
                needs to be                                    who the
                clearer in                                     partners will
                activities                                     be

BRA21   1       The projects     1       Does refer to 2       The plan       1
                would clearly            the potential         makes
                contribute to            to increase           reference to
                the delivery of          employment            exploring
                the LAA                  which would           partnership
                target, but it           have a                funding with
                would be                 positive              Essex County
                beneficial to            impact                Council and it
                the plan to see                                therefore
                this clearly                                   could be said
                indicated in                                   that the
                the context of                                 engagement
                the national                                   of more than
                indicator target                               one partner
                and the actual                                 criteria has
                target for                                     been met.
                Braintree                                      However, it
                                                               also indicated
                                                               a contribution
                                                               and it will be
BRA22   2       Will have       2        Could        2        Engagement 2
                impact, no               potentially           of various
                figures                  impact other          partners,
                provided                 targets,              although
                                         although              predominantly
                                         none                  public sector
                                         identified            (some
BRA23   2   Sound            3   A number of    3   Multilpe        3
            reasoning for        indicators         partners
            why this will        which would        involved
            impact the           be affected
            indicator, but       by this plan
            no specific          have been
            data given.          identified.

BRA3    1   Does this plan 1     No other       2   Essex Wildlife 1
            contribute to        targets            Trust not
            NI 197 or LI         mentioned          included. Not
            10.1?                                   clear how the
                                                    contribute to
                                                    NI 197
BRA4    1   Only Tendring 1                     2                  1
            has been a
            target for

BRA5    2   Good existing 1      Could be      2    No              3
            actions - very       more explicit      engagement
            little extra         about              of voluntary
            planned (low         possible           sector (not a
            ambition)            impact on          requirement
                                 volunteering       but could be
                                 (NI 6)             more
BRA6    2   Good ideas.  2       But doesn’t 3                      3
            No measures.         say how
            No evidence          links, eg how
            to support           does street
            statements           cleanliness
                                 and recycling
                                 link to
                                 of antisocial
BRA7   2   It seems to be 1   No, it only  2     BDC,          2
           mainly about       really only        Connexions,
           setting up a       affects this       Young
           letter             OC. Others         People?
           satisfaction       are                Church
           base and a         mentioned in       groups?
           training shop      passing            Parental
           to 'better                            engagement?
           understand'                           Mid Essex
           young                                 PTC. More
           people's views                        groups. Link
           and not much                          to other teen
           on stopping                           pregnancy
           TPs                                   schemes
BRA7   2   Successful     2   Cuts across 3 1    All statutory 2
           outcomes           Nis                bodies might
           would                                 benefit from
           contribute                            support
                                                 through VCO

BRA8   3   I am assuming 3    Refers to a    3   A range of    2
           that because       number of          partners
           registrations      other targets.     involved?
           count only         There may
           count after        be more not
           businesses         identified on
           have survived      the form
           a given length
           of time, that
           the advice on
           survivors will
           assist NJ171

BRA9   2   No baseline    1   Several      2     Yes, more      1
           given. No          indicators         than one
           target given       mentioned -        partner
                              N118 not           included, ie
                              clear, N1151       Essex Vol
                              not clear,         Centres,
                              N17 serious        Estic, PCT,
                              cross cut          Braintree DC
                                                 organisation -
                                                 latter not
BRE1    1      One project is 1    No             3   Number of     2
               not going to        information        partners
               deliver a new       provided to        involved is
               service whilst      links to other     adequate
               project 2           indicators
               appears to be
               linked to the
               indicator but
               should be LA
BRE10   2                      2                  3                 3
BRE11   1      Cult Festival - 2   References 2       Good on local 1
               2012 is             to healthy         plans. Could
               beyond LAA2         living - but       link ECC as a
               timescale.          not explicit.      PMR building
               More detail of      Link to NI 6       on
               timings. Is the     (volunteering)     EastMeetsWe
               test to begin       . Link to          st
               before 2012         Priority 4.
               but a major         C&YP could
               event to            be
               celebrate the       referenced
               When is
               launch of
BRE12   2      More clarity    2                 3                  2

BRE12   2      Links to other 2    Potential for 2    Key partners 1
               indicators.         greater            have been
               Have been           impact if          identified -
               referred to.        linked with        could
               Greater detail      other key          establish
               on how these        partners.          tangible links
               links may work      School grant       with Healthy
               would be            partnership        Schools team.
               useful. Also        Healthy            Local school
               more detail on      Schools team       support
               the targeted        etc                partners
               Healthy Living                         NGBs. Local
               programme                              services,
               would benefit                          volunteers etc
BRE2    2-3?   Priorities 2 - 1                  1    Unknown       1
               more people
               supported to
               5 - safer less
BRE3   2   More detail    3                 3                   3
           required on
           plan will be
           Phases. Show
           link with NI7
           for attracting

BRE3   1                  1    Could impact 1    CVS driving    1
                               on other          to get other
                               targets but       partners on
                               need to be        board?
                               more specific
BRE4   3                  3                  3                  3

BRE5   1   It's not a bad 1                 2                   1
           scheme or
           idea in itself,
           but will have
           no impact on
           childhood duty
BRE6   3   Local target    2   Please show 3                    3
                               if PCT has
                               Need to
                               check this is
                               not eligible
                               for statutory
                               Need to
                               specify other
                               targets, eg
BRE6   1   Focuses on       1   Slightly      1     Only            1
           only one area -      referenced.         references
           smoking.             Could include       CPV, PLT
           Cessation            NI 120, NI          and BBC.
           classes.             115, LI 5.1         Need to
           Omits other                              consider VCS
           initiatives with                         business,
           Trading                                  county,
           Standards,                               joining up with
           businesses,                              youth groups
           schools etc.                             etc
           Not innovative
BRE7   1   Only first step 1    May impact 2                       1
           in upskilling        on earnings
           staff and only       but probably
           aimed at retail      not in lifetime
                                of LAA
BRE8   3   There is a      2    Impact on       1   Says it will   2
           clear impact         earnings            improve
           on NI 171            (positively or      partnership
                                negatively)         working -
                                and                 presumably
                                employment -        through
                                but this is not     increased
                                drawn out in        liaison and
                                the plan            referrals to
                                                    business link,
                                                    but not stated

BRE9   3   Is a             2   There is a     3    The proposal 2
           community            real potential      within the
           focused              within the          action plan
           initiative and       proposal to         appear well
           therefore has        contribute to       networked
           the potential to     LAA                 and well
           make a real          indicators in       owned at a
           contribution.        relation to NI      local level
           Good                 56 Obesity
           engagement           among
           with schools,        primary
           parents etc …        school aged
                                children in
                                Year 6. NI
                                198 Children
                                Travelling to
                                indicator 5.2
CAS1    2   The initiatives 2    Links to a   3    Existing     3
            in the plan          number of         partnership
            would                other             arrangements
            contribute to        indicators        are strong.
            the target,                            This would
            although no                            enhance them
            figures have                           further
            been provided

CAS10   3                   3                 2    Will          2
                                                   nd as
                                                   of CP Home
                                                   Safety &
CAS11   2   Will contribute, 3   Can if        3   All key       3
            however              managed,          partners
            needs to be          significantly     listed. Would
            more explicit        influence         like greater
            as to what the       other targets     influence of
            outcomes will                          voluntary
            be and what                            organisations
            will happen as
            a result
CAS11   1                    2                1                 2

CAS12   2   Needs spelling 2     Could be     3    Good         2
            out                  spelt out
CAS13   3   LAA target is 2    Needs          3                 2
            empowerment        clearer
            and this           description of
            contributes to     how the
            that - see         project will
            comment            work -
            below              including
                               outcomes, eg
                               the 3 aims of
                               t for the
                               community -
CAS13   1                 1    knowledge      3                 3

CAS14   1   Limited       1    Potentially - 2                  1
                               but not

CAS14   1   It's not about 1   Not clear     3                  2
            the community
            directly, ie
            giving them
            skills and
            resources to
            make local
CAS15   2   There is       2   Claims        2    There is clear 2
            evidence of        significant        indication
            contribution.      impact on          other partners
            However more       others.            are involved.
            detail about       Again, how         However not
            how this will      this will          a lot of
            happen would       happen is not      definition of
            be good            clear              roles
CAS16   2   A dedicated      2   Not clear how 3    Reference        2
            sports               the role will      missing to
            activator will       impact on          active Castle
            clearly              other actions,     Point in the
            contribute to        for example,       list of partners
            meeting the          NI 57
            targets for NI 8     reducing
            but how and          antisocial
            what will the        behaviour
            outcomes be?

CAS16   2   No information 2     More          2    Not clear what 1
            about activities     specifics          role of other
                                 needed             partners
                                                    would be.
                                                    Post CBC
CAS17   2   Links           2    Would impact 2     Links to PCT 2
            established          on obesity,        GPs surgery,
            with and             general            volunteers,
            contribution to      health and         physical
            adult sport and      wellbeing          activity etc.
            volunteers                              Could expand
                                                    on GP
                                                    surgery links

CAS17   2   Need to          2   Perhaps        3   Where is      1
            identify             demonstrate        reference to
            outcomes             link to the        active Castle
            expected and         indicators for     Point, the
            the percentage       older people       Community
            increase of          (NI 2.1) and       Sport
            adults               childhood          Network?
            participating in     obesity (NI
            an active            56)
            lifestyle. How
            many people
            will be
CAS18   1     Bullying        1                  1    Clear re       1
              doesn’t feature                         Trainers and
              in this                                 Teachers -
              indicator. ->                           could usefully
              Different                               draw links to
              indicator. Link                         other activity
              to the                                  but not sure
              'Achievement'                           this is really
              targets?                                partnership
                                                      testing - more
                                                      funding of
                                                      partner and
                                                      provide a
                                                      service to
CAS19   2     Contribution     2   Cross-cutting 3    Recognised 2
              difficult to         impact
              quantify             recognised -
                                   also links to
CAS2    3     Programme        2   Other          3   Engagement     2
              should               indicator sets     of various
              sinificantly         identified.        partners,
              impact the           Impact             encouraging
              indicator            slightly           joined-up
              identified           questionable       service

CAS20   1/2   Seems            1   Project could 2    Identified, but 2
              questionable         potentially        needs to be
              how it               contribute to      clear
              contributes to       other LAA          how/what
              achieving            targets, but       each partner
              target               this needs to      will contribute
                                   be drawn out
CAS21   2     Contribution    2    This has      2    Seems to       2
              recognised,          been               have been
              though               recognised.        identified
              measurement          Again              successfully
              of contribution      measurable
              could be             impact could
              developed            be developed
CAS22   2     More meat on 3                     3                   3

CAS23   3                      2   Needs to be 2      Only 2         1
                                   specific/detail    partners.
                                   ed                 Could more
                                                      be actively
                                                      involved to
                                                      increase the
CAS24   1   Only one               No            2    Only two       1
            indicator listed       information        partners.
                                                      other partners
                                                      be involved

CAS25   3                      2   Needs to     2                   2
                                   show how the
                                   across the

CAS25   1   Not clear how 1        Not clear how 1    Need           1
            the actions will       this is cross-     evidence that
            lead to                cutting            LSP head and
            qualifications -                          thematic head
            NVQ 2, 3, 4                               for NI 163,
                                                      164 & LI 165
                                                      discussed this
CAS26   2   Would go       2       Positive       1   Limited added 1
            some way to            impact with        value
            delivering             RSLs and
            grant targets,         private sector
            not sure if            landlords,
            £100 big               private sector
            enough                 business
            incentive to
            promote take-
            up in light of
            s what
            additional can
CAS26   1   be found?
            Would like     1       Could impact 1     Could have  1
            more detail            on a number        engaged PCT
            around                 of indicators
            programme,             including NI
            numbers of             120, LI 2.1,
            schools,               NI 141.
            community              Focus could
            groups                 be diluted as
            covered -              trying to
            unclear what           cover too
            the impact             much
            would be
CAS27   2     Not enough      1    No           3   Schools,        1
              detail               detrimental      libraries,
              regarding            effect on        nurseries,
              number of            other            private sector,
              schools              indicators.      local council
              visited, pupils      Unquantiifed
              attending            positive
              promotion            impact
              events -
              'Pester Power'
              difficult to
              qualify impact
              on targets
CAS28   3                     3    Crime. Local 2   Too much        2
                                   cohesion         contracted

CAS29   3                     3    Community    3                   3

CAS3    2     Would be       2     Needs        2                   2
              good to have         clearer
              more                 linking to
              description of       other NI
              the support          priorities
              context in
              which the safe
              rooms are
CAS4    3     implemented 2
              Yes, raises          Needs to be 3                    3
              awareness            more clearly
                                   stated -
                                   CYPSPs, not
CAS5    1/2   Contribution to 1    Implied, but 2                   2
              target difficult     limited clear
              to qualify to        link
              realistic level
CAS6    3     Consistent       2   Displacement 3   Clear           3
              and coherent,        of individuals   engagement
              practical and        may be a         with
              innovative           consideration    partnership,
                                   - need to        consultation,
                                   specify          problem
                                   precise          solving and
                                   actions (ie      delivery
                                   during use)
CAS7    2                   2   Could        2                    2
                                address more
                                targets than

CAS8    3                   3   Antisocial    2    Too much id 3
                                behaviour          down to
                                through            contractors -
                                increased          what are the
                                security           actual
                                                   going to do?
                                                   ung people
CAS9    3                   3   Antisocial    2    Could/should 1
                                behaviour          include
                                                   schools -
                                                   Why are you
                                                   doing this

CHE1    2   Aimed directly 2    Tangible       2   Could link in 2
            at disability       links with         with volunteer
            sport across        NI57 ECC           and national
            wide age            application        governing
            range from          for Essex          bodies of
            young people        Carrying the       sport
            to adults.          Flame
            Could link to       Games. Links
            volunteers,         to obesity,
            obesity etc         inclusion,
                                school sport
                                Essex, adult
                                sport etc

CHE10   2   Sound logic     2   Would affect 3     A number of    3
            for impact on       a couple of        partners are
            target but no       indicator          identified
            baseline or         targets.
            target data
CHE11   2   Measure how       1   Not stated.   2    Engages with 1
            it sits in with       Extra was          three
            NI120                 needed             partners, but
                                                     need more

CHE12   1   Limited detail 1      Limited detail 2   Limited       1
            on the targets        on cross           number of
                                  cutting/contri     partner
                                  butory targets     engagement.
                                                     No voluntary
                                                     eg Boys
CHE13   1   Doesn’t detail 1      Not covered   1    Three         1
            how project                              detailed.
            will contribute                          Project
            to targets                               involves more

CHE14   2   Contributes      2    Very cross- 2      Plenty of      2
            very effectively      cutting but        partners, but
            to several            connections        not very clear
            targets but           are not            who does
            needs to know         specified.         what
            how. Also not         Should 'other
            stated and            indicator
            therefore not         targets'
            clear, what           include or
            area precisely        exclude the
            is covered and        four listed
            whether it is a       here?
            living                Sometimes,
            landscape             eg antisocial
            area in terms         behaviour,
            of W10.1              could be
CHE15   1   Not clear how 2       Potential to 2     Should look to 2
            this delivers         improve if the     involve
            LAA targets.          project is         coaches from
            How will young        aimed at right     local cricket
            people be             client groups.     clubs -
            selected?             Could              perhaps using
                                  engage with        funding from
                                  health issues      MCC scheme
                                  as well

CHE2    3                     3   Cuts across a 2    Need more      1
                                  number of          information on
                                  Nis                how the
                                                     partners can
CHE3   3                     3   Also            3                   3
                                 in sport,
                                 travel to
CHE4   3   Delivery of       3   Spreads         2   It is clear this 2
           projects              across a            post will link
           through a             number of           with various
           dedicated co-         targets and         partners
           ordinator is          there is            though could
           vital                 potential to        better
                                 further             evidence how

CHE5   2   Lack of data,     3   Significant    2    A number of     2
           although the          cross-over for      partners are
           lpan should           a number of         identified
           certainly             targets
           impact the


CHE7   1   Not specified     1                   2   The project     1
           which target                              specified
                                                     would work
                                                     with ??
                                                     partners in
                                                     the specific
CHE8   1   Need to           2   Not stated   2      field but aider 2
           establish             but could           partnership
           current               appoint             possible
           activities, the       NEET
           business to           challenge;
           support               L2 @ 19 plus
           activity              skills if
CHE9                                                 What's each

COL1    2   Could be         2   Sanctuary       3   Shown            2
            improved             scheme - link
            across LAA           to reduce
            (eg housing,         respect
            red                  victimisation -
            homelessness         useful to
            ) but links to       show link
            'safer' priority
            areas noted
            but would be
            value in
            drawing out
COL1    2   Yes - to a       3   Must show       2   Explain role of 2
            range.               how this            each partner
            Doesn’t detail       impacts on
            existing             the indicator
            actions              targets (and
                                 which ones)
COL10   3   New project      3                   3                    3
COL11   2   Some detailed 3      Impacts a       3   Strong      2
            information          number of           partnership
            abuot how it         national and        engagement.
            aims to mipact       local
            the targets, but     indicators
            no figures

COL12   1   No data         1    No further      2   Partners       1
            supplied             indicators          mentioned,
                                 identified          but not
COL13   3                   3    Could impact 2      Only involves 2
                                 on school           two partners -
                                 attendance,         role of
                                 mental              schools,
                                 health, travel      children's
                                 to school,          centres? If
                                 congestion,         so, should be
                                 sport               stated
COL13   2   Diet is only    2   Could impact 2     Can't see how     2
            one part of the     on school          others are
            problem             attendance,        involved -
                                mental health      seems just a
                                                   PCT post
COL13   2   Explain mend 1      No others      2   Yes. Key          2
            scheme. Not         listed. More       partners
            clear how           information        listed, but
            scheme will         please             usual signals -
            work. Assume                           not reaching
            they know                              outside.
            what they are                          Healthy
            doing                                  schools.
                                                   Welcome to
COL14   2   No figures     3    Impacts a      2   Involves a        2
            provided            number of          number of
                                indicators         partners, but
                                                   delivery is by
                                                   a single
COL15   2   Could have an 1     No other       2   Some              1
            impact, but no      indicators         partnership
            figures             identified         working
            provided, also                         identified, not
            limits                                 much detail
            programme to
            100 families,
            which might
            have a
            impact on
COL16   1   Need to                            3   All LSP           3
            expand on the                          partners
            many other
            indicators this
COL17   2   Potential       1   Needs to be    2   More detailed 2
            needs to be         spelt              plans may be
            worked on.          out/more           able to
            No real detail      explicit           involve/see
            as to what the                         potential for
            positive                               more partner
            programme                              involvement
COL18   1   Not clear        1   Energy          3   There are     1
            mechanism            efficiency          many existing
                                 advice and          sources of
                                 installation?       debt advice.
                                                     What value
                                                     comes from
                                                     this project?
COL18   1   The action       1   There is      2     There is      1
            plan does not        reference to        engagement
            include a            NI156, L3.1 &       of more than
            description of       6 but does          one partner.
            how it will          not                 However
            contribute to        demonstrate         roles are not
            indicator            impact              defined
            target. Lacks
COL19   2   Will this        1   Can't see in    2   Support from 1
            grant/support        lifetime of         partners but
            mean more            LAA                 not convinced
            business                                 engaged
COL19   1   convinced!
            Assume NI        1   Not enough      1   Have partners 1
            171 - not            information         committed to
            stated                                   this project,
                                                     eg Be East
                                                     not been
COL2    3                    2   Clear links to 3                  2
                                 the targets
                                 but need to
                                 be identified
COL20   2   Could have an 1      No other       2    Some          2
            impact on the        indicators          partnership
            targets, but no      identified          working
            data supplied                            identified

COL21   3   Target         2     Some cross- 2       Some          1
            identified and       over, but           partners
            likely impact        limited to v.       identified
            supported by         similar field
            prior research

COL22   2   May impact     1     No other        2   Partners      2
            target, but no       targets             identified
            data provided        identified
COL3   2   Should impact 3      Cross-cuts a 3     Range of      3
           indicators           number of          partner
                                other national     organisations
                                & local

COL4   1   Lack of detail   1   Lack of detail 3                  2

COL4   1   Main target of 1     No reference 2     ME              2
           NI6 only             to other           Partnership
                                indicators or      (Tendring and
                                targets            Colchester).
                                                   Could detail
                                                   who is on the
                                                   and who is
                                                   ho does
COL5   2   Yes it will     2    I am sure it   1   Only            2
           contribute but       will               Volunteer
           it is not clear      contribute.        Centre is
           what                 However            identified with
           contribution         these              actions.
           will be made         contributions      Need to
                                to other           specify what
                                indicators are     other partners
                                not specified      will do
COL6   2   Certainly, but   3                  2   Lots of VCS 2
           not really                              partners

COL7   3                    3                 2    Partners       2
                                                   being profiled
                                                   is clear, but
                                                   will other
                                                   partners, eg
                                                   Council and
                                                   ECVYS, have
                                                   role in
COL7     1   Further work 1      NI6 - expand. 1     No partners   1
             needed to           NI5? NI4            listed. Value
             demonstrate                             to other
             this will deliver                       partners?
             through 3rd                             Voluntary
             Section                                 groups etc?

COL8     3   Will be good 3      Impact on       3                  3
             resource so         mortality rate,
             long as             childhood
             comprehensiv        obesity,
             e and kept up       mental health
             to date
COL8     3   Cost is a clear 3   Impact on       1   Only CB        1
             barrier to          mortality rate,     Council
             participation       childhood
                                 mental health
COL9     3                  2    Could clearly 2     A number of    1
                                 positively          partners are
                                 contribute          mentioned
                                 into others         (see below)
                                 but better
                                 evidence of
                                 this could
                                 the bid

CWOP10 2     Very clear     3                   1    Very few       1
             actions for SW                          actions do
             PCT, Mid PCT                            this and the
             not very clear                          majority are
             actions for NE                          limited to
             PCT. Nothing                            health
             for SE or West
CWOP11 2     Needs more     1    Not spelt out 2   Should others 1
             detailed                              be involved?

CWOP5    3   Projects       1    No reference 3    Good partner 3
             appear well         to other          engagement
             linked to           indicators
CWOP6    3                  3    Not specified 3                     2
                                 in bid

CWOP8    1   Only one            None others   3   Well done         3
             target - are        listed
             there any
CWOP9    2   Lists 5 or 6   2                  3   However
             indicators but                        needs to be
             could possibly                        more explicitly
             link to more                          about which 5
                                                   areas are
                                                   involved? Are
                                                   all LSPs

CWOP9    3   Good focus on 1     Ref         3     Good - NHS,       2
             employment -        EssexWorks.       ECC, VCS,
             existing. New -     Doesn’t           probation,
             volunteering -      reference         DAT etc
             paid - training -   other Nis

CYPSP1 2   Obviously the 1     Not brought     3   Could more    2
3          actions are         out in plan         partners be
           targeted at                             involved
           obesity - but
           will the
           evidence be
           that they have
           had the
           desired effect?
CYPSP1 2   Essex schools 3     N156          3                   2
4          carrying the        (Obesity,
           flame games.        Year 6), N18,
           Sustainability?     N111
           Only 2 events
           so contribution
           to targets need
CYPSP1 2   Carrying the    2   NI56 -          3   Good range 2
4          flame event         obesity.            of delivery
           position. ?         Evidence of         partners
           post funding        meeting             although
           also requested      several             number not
           to co-ordinate.     priorities in       yet specified,
           More detail         Corporate           as well as a
           needed              Plans but           number of
           (number/role/i      limited in NI       others
           mpact)              targets             awaited

CYPSP1 3                  2    Only Care       2   Not clear how 2
5                              Leaver              partners will
                               targets             be involved in
                                                   helping to
CYPSP1 2                  2                    2   TASCC and 1
5                                                  CYPSP - how
                                                   would they
                                                   help to
CYPSP1 3   Should have a 2     Should be     3     Partners       2
6          significant         some cross-         include
           impact on the       cutting, but        schools and
           indicators          might be            existing
                               limited to          partnerships
                               specific area

CYPSP1 2   Programmes 3        Impacts on a 2     Partners      2
8 - 25     should impact       range of           identified
           targets             indicators
           although no
           figures have
           been provided

CYPSP2 3   Enhances        3   Abundant      2    Predominantl 3
           existing            cross-cutting      y concerns
           services and        across             PCTs &
           sounds like an      around 10          schools.
           effective           targets, some
           strategy to         stronger than
           target the          others.
           various NI sets

CYPSP3 2   A wide ranging 3    Yes, lots of   2   Yes, relevant 2
           plan but little     targets found.     partners
           focus on            Very broad         mentioned -
           improving           approach           with
           Maths per se.                          commitment?
           training and co-
           English NOT

CYPSP5 2   Developing      3   Yes and       3    Yes all the   2
           more local          targets found      expected
           flexible                               partners
           provision is
           good, but what
           is it and where
           is it to be
           found. Explain
           how KCC
CYPSP6 3   If used, should 1   Not listed    3    Good          2
           have good                              partnership
           effect                                 spread
CYPSP7 2    Sound           3    Mention of    3   Engagement     2
            reasoning, no        some other        with a range
            data to support      national          of partners
                                 targets that
                                 could be
                                 impacted by
                                 this plan
CYPSP8 2    Sound logic     2    Not           2   Reference to 2
            for impact on        specifically      a couple of
            targets, but no      mentioned,        partners
            figures              but should
                                 into a number
                                 of different

CYPSP9 2    Plan should    1     No other      3   Partnership   3
            impact target.       indicators        working in
            No data or           identified.       effect
            anticipated                            presently and
            figures                                would
            provided                               continue

EPF1    1   N17 indicator 1      Not          2    Should speak 2
            only. No cross-      evidenced in      to Braintree
            cutting of other     Phase 1           Compact.
            indicators or                          Much of the
            contribution                           work has
            evidenced                              been done.
                                                   partners could
                                                   be improved
EPP1    3                    3                 2                  2

EPP10   2   Only one NI      2   Need to       3                  2
            included, but        include other
            sure it covers       NIs the
            a few more           project
                                 impacts on

EPP11   2   Could have     2     No reference 2    Existing work 2
            impact, but no       to other          is done in
            figures              indicators,       partnership
            provided             although this
                                 work could
                                 targets in
                                 similar areas
EPP12   2   No figures       1   None          2    Examples of     2
            provided             specified          partnership

EPP13   1   Doesn’t way to 3     Will impact   3    Good            3
            what level, if       on N1 117
            any,                 (NEETS),
            participants         earnings,
            will gain a          employment
            qualification in     rate
EPP13   1   Doesn’t say to 3     Will impact   2                    1
            what level, if       on NEETS,
            any,                 earnings,
            participants         employment
            will gain a          rate
            qualification in
EPP13   1   Not enough       1   Not enough 1       Only Essex      1
            information -        information -      ACL
            what courses,        what
            what level?          courses,
                                 what level?
EPP14   2   This plan        3   Although not 3     Significant     2
            should have          specifically       partnership
            an impact on         referenced,        working
            the indicators       this plan
            identified,          would impact
            although no          a wide
            figures are          number of
            provided             indicators,
                                 relating to our
                                 economy, our
                                 people & our
EPP15   2                    3   Would impact 3     Strong      2
                                 a wide-range       partnership
                                 of indicators      engagement.

EPP16   2   Clearly meets 1      Not stated.    2   Some             2
            target - but         There would        partners listed
            target can be        be positive        would not be
            seen as              effects, eg on     relevant if this
            process rather       identification     is for Epping
            than outcome.        with area,         only
            How will             mental
            quality and          health,
            maintenance          obesity
            of LOWS be
EPP3   1   Not sure how 2       Not stated    2    Should         1
           many older will                         involve/consul
           read booklet                            t with local
           or website for                          Age Concern
           SCP would                               and other
           empower older                           pensioner's
           people                                  voluntary
                                                   groups, day
                                                   centres etc to
                                                   make sure
                                                   booklet is
EPP4   2   Yes for this     1   No reference 3     Yes            2
           indicator/target     to any other
           , not targets        targets/indica

EPP5   2   The project     1    There is       2   The plan       2
           aims to              insufficient       identifies
           provide 1:1          information to     those who will
           support to help      identify what      refer service
           people get           other targets      users - but no
           back into work       could be           sense of
           through              achieved           partnership to
           volunteering         through this       develop the
                                project            project

EPP7   1   Indicator       3    Cuts across 1      No other       1
           states 30 mins       mental             partner listed
           exercise for at      health,
           least 3 days a       mortality,
           week. This is        independent
           for once a           living,
           week session.        satisfaction
           Also only for        with area
           U3A members
EPP7   3                   2    Cuts across 1      No evidence 1
                                mental health      of partnership
                                and possibly       working - list
                                others             organisations
                                depending on       where
                                volunteering       volunteers
EPP7    2   Only for U3A 2      Impact on      1   Only states   1
            members (?)         mental             U3A
            Not sure who        health,
            video will go to    independent
EPP8    2   Good for NI 11 2    Also link to   2   Need to        2
            but could           NI 6               calculate this
            reference           (volunteering)     more fully
            indicators          , NI 7
            suggested           (thriving 3N
            below               section), NI
                                people and
EPP9    2   Only one NI     2   living)
                                As above       3   Statutory and 3
            stated but                             voluntary
            could relate to                        engagement

GEPF1   3   Making the      3   166 -         3    Engaged with 3
            most of             workplace          ECC,
            existing start-     earning; 163,      EXDRA,
            up support and      164, 165           Business
            stimulating         skills; 151 -      Help East,
            businesses to       employment         EDOs, most
            take up             role; 186 -        LSPs. FSB
            business            CO²                often involved
            support to          reduction          in LSP
            secure and          (advice to         economic sub-
            grow their          businesses to      groups.
            businesses          go green)          Would be
                                                   Chambers of
GEPF1   3                  2    Project        2   Commerce
                                                   Not sure       3
                                indicates it       enough
                                contributes to     information
                                a number of        has been
                                NIs, but           provided
                                which ones?
GEPF2   2   Could impact   2    Limited to      3   Good           3
            indicators          indicators in       examples of
                                the same            partnership
                                area                engagement

GEPF4   3   Good           2    employment      2   Includes JC+ 2
                                (skills) VCJ        although
                                                    member of
GEPF4   2   Further impact 1    Equality/gend 2     Priorities      2
            of PMi actions      er/Diversity        identified - JC
            to be               issues to be        Plus (critical)
            expanded            increased           not included.
                                                    Same under
                                                    LSP priorities

GEPF4   1   Voluntary       2   By reference 1      Inference     2
            sector. Is a        to projects         rather than
            cross-cutting       which also          explicit
            there. Specific     appear ?            statements of
            projects            skills, it          partnership
            referred to         suggests
GEPF4   1   Limited        2    Elderly/disad 2     Partners to be 1
            evidence of         vantaged            better
            inaccuracy/imp      gaps/skills         identified
            roving the
GEPF6   3   Evidence       2    More            3   Lots of        2
            included in         information         evidence
            application         needed.
GEPF7   3   Good            2   Creation of   3     Good           1
            prospects for       jobs -              partnership in
            high value          attracting          place and
            added               inward              committed
                                investment -
                                specify other
                                LAA targets
GEPF7   3   Good           2    Clean         3     Good           1
            prospects/high      technology          partnership in
            tech and good       so carbon etc       private sector
            value               and skills -
GEPF7   2   More clarity    2   Specify       2     Business      2
            over                                    group
            contribution to                         involvement
            N1 166
GEPF7   1   Tenuous - may 2     Impact on       3   Good partner 2
            be more             skills targets,     list - notes
            relevant to         possibly            need
            skills targets      others under        clarifying
                                the 'Our
                                there too
GEPF7   3                       L1 8.1 FDI      3   Good
HAR1    3   Good links     3    Evidence of 3       Very good     2
            across a range      links with          range of
            of indicators       QOC spheres         partners
                                of the LAA

HAR1    3   This project    3   Evidence of 2       Evidence of 2
            has the             positive links      wide ranging
            potential to        between             number of
            impact on a         existing and        delivery
            wide range of       proposed            partners.
            indicators as       new action          Good spend
            objectives                              on cultural
                                                    and volunteer
                                                    aspects for
                                                    new action
HAR1   2   Could identify     1   No reference 3      Multiple       3
           how target will        to other            partners
           be met with            targets -           involved in
           clearer                could include       project
           outputs, ie            NI 120 - all
           how many               age all cause
           more people            mortality
           participating in       rates
HAR2   1   All about          3   NI 8, 186,     2    PCTs?          2
           cycling not            5.1, 5.3
           targeted at
           N156 - NI
HAR3   3   Need to check      2   Not much       3    What about     2
           if MEND or             information         schools
           MINI-MEND if
           Early Years
HAR4   2   Learning           2   Focus is        2   HEC, ECC,       2
           champions              NI75. Could         voluntary
           (10) to target         also link to NI     sector
           approaches             101?                (detail?) - but
           for pupils at                              targets
           risk or of not                             Harlow. Links
           securing                                   to other
           Maths or                                   districts and
           English                                    the work they
           GCSE. Mark                                 are doing
           Hall and                                   around this
           Stewards                                   indicator?
           target pupils.
           Contribution to
           NI75 for

HAR5   2   Should impact 2        None           3    Strong      2
           the indicators,        specifically        partnership
           more data              mentioned,          engagement.
           required               but could
                                  mipact a
                                  range of
HAR6    3   Clearly         3   I would       1   Obviously     2
            impacts on          regard these      several
            these targets       three targets     partners
                                as one - but      involved -
                                there are         needs to say
                                other fingers     who is doing
                                in education,     what though -
                                employment        in template
                                and               merely refers
                                volunteering      to LSC

LOPGS1 1    Doesn’t state 1     No            1   No              1
(v1)        how                 information       information
            improvements        supplied          supplied
            will be brought
LOPGS1 3    Sound           3   Would impact 3    Very strong     2
(v2)        reasoning,          a number of       partnership
            backed-up by        other             working
            data and            indicators.

LOPGS2 2    Could identify 1    No reference 3    Range of      2
            measurable          to other          partner
            outputs - eg        targets           organisations
            participation in
            arts activity -
            so many per
MAL1    1   Not clear that 1    An improved 1     Looks like       2
            the proposals       centre for        activity is only
            would actually      Maldon CVS        by one
            deliver             and partners      partner, ie
            improved third      would also        Maldon DVS
            sector              benefit N16
                                but not

MAL10   2   Needs more      2                 2                   1
MAL10   1   Requires           1   This initiative 2   No mention of 1
            much more              will impact         involvement
            detail on how          across a            of
            this proposal          number of           PCT/hospital/
            will work              indicators          primary carer

MAL11   2                      1   Links to other 3    Is there the   3
                                   indicators not      potential for
                                   clarified           the new
                                                       building to
                                                       include any
                                                       partners, eg
                                                       Fitsteps co-
                                                       ers etc, One
                                                       Stop Shop for
                                                       sector and
MAL11   2   Need more          2   Potential to 3                     3
            detail                 cut across
                                   Access to
                                   Indicator 5.1
MAL11   1   Needs to link          Needs to link 3                     2
            project to other       project to
            relevant               other relevant
            indicators             indicators
MAL12   3                      1   Not stated     3    Voluntary and 3
                                                       statutory mix
MAL2    1   Can't tell as   2      Also may       3                  1
            text cuts off -        impact
            what courses?          earnings
            What level of
MAL3    2   Explanation     2      Explanation    1    Just interact   2
            needed as to           needed
            how this will
            lead to greater
            impact on
MAL4   2   No information 2      Not sure -     3    12+ partners   2
           on formal or          information         engaged in
           informal              isn't clear on      delivering
           volunteering          delivery            action
           split                 relating to
                                 other targets

MAL5   3   Targeted       1      It does cut   2     No voluntary   3
           geographically        across a            agencies
           . Prevention          number of           mentioned
           of escalation         indicator
                                 targets but
                                 this needs to
                                 be stated in
                                 Action Plan
MAL6   2   Not clear that 1      Not stated    2                    1
           this is part of a
MAL7   1   Some link to      1   No other        2   Partnership   2
           indicators            indicators          working in
           suggested, but        identified          effect
           no data                                   presently and
           provided and                              would
           requires more                             continue
MAL8   1   The children's 1      In a sense,     3   I am          1
           centres are           success in          assuming the
           laudable in           this target         Pre School
           their own right -     impacts on          Learning
           but there's no        success in          Alliance is a
           statement             other               bona fide
           about how             educational         partner
           educational           targets - but
           attainment will       not brought
           be improved.          out on plan
           What are the
           referred to?
MAL9   1   While it is       1   Not             1   2 partners     2
           clear that this       evidenced           and 2 PCT.
           could link and                            However
           contribute to                             roles not
           indicator, there                          defined
           needs to be
           more detail
MAL9   2   Unclear what 1       Confusing.   1     Good           1
           existing project     Ref NI 134         involvement
           is - is it Home      and 2.1 but        of VCS.
           from Hospital?       unsure which       Existing
           If so, supports      is 'driver'.       actions.
           the indicator        Wendy's lead       Need to write
           well. Spell it       for 134,           partners into
           out for people       Cathy's lead       new action.
           who don’t            for 2.1            Who'll deliver
           know what it is                         the new
                                                   reference to
ROC1   3                    2   Needs to be 3                     3
                                more clearly
                                stated -
                                police not
ROC1   2   A reduction of 2     Yes this       2   Roles of        1
           18 incidences        would.             partners need
           of domestic          These need         to be clarified
           violence is          to be outlined
           targeted - is        and
           £40k. A              explained
           mic amount to
           spend for this

ROC2   2   Is this action   1   Not stated    2                   1
           part of a co-        but has
           ordinated            potential to
           County               contribute to
           approach?            other safer
ROC3   1   Not clear what 1     No reference 2     Needs some     2
           additional           to other           expansion of
           actions are          indicators         role of
           proposed and                            partners
           how they
           affect the
ROC3   2   Clear link to NI 1   There is        2   Already well   2
           120                  every chance        established
                                that this
                                will positively
                                benefit other
                                areas but this
                                needs to be
ROC4   3                   3                    2   Points not     1
ROC4   3   Providing an 2       Reduces       2     Key partners 1
           essential            need for a          not
           telecare             wide range of       mentioned, eg
           service which        emergency           RRAVS,
           doesn’t exist in     services,           Basildon SLP
           Castle Point         hospital care       etc. Surely
           and Rochford         etc - but not       responsibility
                                specific            of working
                                enough              more with
                                                    others, eg
                                                    sector to
                                                    take up
ROC5   1   Actions need 3                      3                   3
           detailing and
           Link to NI 163
           & 135.
           Describe in
           detail how
           indicators will
           be achieved
ROC5   1   Only lists one       Needs more     2    Only two       1
           indicator            information         partners

SE1    2   Not very clear 1     Not very      2     Perhaps other 2
           what partners        clear how the       partners could
           are actually         work impacts        have more of
           going to do -        across other        a role -
           Essex Wildlife       indicators          districts take it
           Trust is doing                           in turn to lead
           a lot of the                             workshops for
           work                                     example
SE10   3   Direct          2   More            1    Not specified 1
           contribution to     information
           traffic             needed
           measures to
SE11   2   I'm not clear   1   Could link      2                  2
           on if this in       with some
           south or            other Nis

SE12   3                  2    More detail      2   Links with     2
                               on how               health/transpo
                               development          rt
                               s would be
                               given to
                               people can
                               be supported
                               in own home
                               s that
SE13   3   Very          3     Clear links to 3     Clear links to 3
           comprehensiv        other priority       all partners
           e take on LAA       areas for the
           and relevant        County
           targets             Council and
                               partners -
                               could be
                               made clearer
SE2    2   Good strategic 2    Linked to        3   TPB, ECC,     2
           approach and        substance            Acute Trusts,
           has actions         abuse and            Social Care,
           with chance of      STI reduction        Voluntary
           having direct       strategies           Sector,
           effect. Rising                           schools
           resource bit
           'top down'
SE3   1     There is no     1   Clearly       3    This bid      1
            evidence/com        placing            aspires to
            ment of which       volunteers         engage many
            indicators this     across the         partners
            will impact         public sector      across the
            upon. There         could have a       public sector
            is a mention of     positive           … but see
            'impact' about      impact but         below
            ones it may         there is no
            link to             evidence to
                                support this
SE4   2     Strong case     3   Other         2    Other         2
            for impact on       national &         partners
            indicators          local              identified

SE5   3     Indicator and 3     NI 171, NI     2   Needs further 3
            target not set      141, L1 2.2,       definition.
            yet but robust      NI 6               Voluntary
            actions to                             sector could
            address                                be engaged
            access to
SE6   3/2   Effective in    2   Wider         3                  3
            delivering          positive
            target as           effects are
            defined (but is     specified but
            that an output      not linked to
            rather than an      actual
            outcome?)           indicators
SE7   3                     3   More clearly 3     Could also     3
                                state linkage      link to RCCE
                                to obesity,        (and local
                                CO² targets        community
                                etc                groups),
                                                   District LSPs
                                                   (could Harlow
                                                   Bike It be
                                                   spread in
                                                   Specific buy-
                                                   in from Health
                                                   n Cycle
                                                   Action Plan
SE8    2   Would like       1   New Action 5 3      New Action 6 - 2
           priority section     with home           are libraries
           of actions           visits could        best focus for
           which are            be cross-           this? What
           likely to be         cutting? LI         about private
           most effective.      2.1                 sector? New
           Lack of                                  Action 8 -
           information                              private sector
           provision -                              involvement?
           need action                              Groundworks/
           mechanisms                               estate agents
           to be clearer
SE8    2   Further work 2       Will help with 3    Number of      2
           required to          other LAA           partners
           identify clearly     targets.            across the
           how particular       Would               agencies
           actions will         require             included,
           contribute to        further detail      would require
           the LAA              as to how this      comprehensiv
           Indicator target     would be            e research
                                actioned and        and
                                co-ordinated        engagement
                                                    to ensure full

SE9    2   No data         1    None           2    Some            1
                                mentioned           Partnership
                                                    but majority of
                                                    work is done
                                                    by ECC
SEP1   3                   2    Needs to        3                   3
                                identify the
                                indicators it
                                contributes to
SEP2   2   Should impact 3      Various         3   Mix of         3
           target               targets             Council,
           indicators,          identified that     Police & local
           although no          could all           partnerships.
           specific data        feasibly be

SEP3   2                   1                   2                   2
SEP4   3   Extensive        3   Extensively 3                    3
           actions              noted on plan
           covering key
           factors relating
           to adult

SEP5   3                   2    This bid only 3                  2
                                refers to
                                N120 yet
                                after just one
                                read it is
                                apparent it
                                touches on
                                others within
SEP6   2   Should impact 2      Not            3   Good          3
           target, but no       referenced,        example of
           specific data        but cross-         partnership
           provided             cutting is         engagement

SEP7   1   LAA has no     3     Not specified 3    Seems to      1
           baseline and                            engage all
           no targets.                             partners
           unclear in
           seeing how
SEP7   1   Is it is clear 1     No reference 1     Looks sound, 2
           that this is         to other           although
           very focused         areas -            more detail
           on the target        training and       welcomed,
           but also             teaching           including
           obvious that         aspect.            breakdown of
           little can be        Could be           groups such
           done with this       brought out        as EDAAT,
           amount of            more -             JCG. Where
           money                schools?           VCS?
SEP7   1   No mention - 1       EYOH -        1   EYOH - links 1
           which schools        impacts on        with
           / age groups.        crime/percept     police/busines
           Other work to        ions fear of      s (night time
           ETCH [sp?]           crime/obesity     economy)
           consumption,         targets           police/youth
           eg brief                               and
           interventions                          Connexions/
           in primary care                        schools/GPs/t
           What does                              eaching
           local ETCH                             standards
           harm reduction
SEP8   2   Sound            1   Can this work 3   Yes -         2
           campaigns but        be built into     evidence in
           how will they        other             Action 1.
           be developed?        initiatives, eg   Working
           How will we          supporting        across the
           know that they       particular        county with
           have the             communities/      partners to
           required             vulnerable        ensure parity
           impact?              groups (NI        and inclusion
           Building on          111, 31, 123)
SEP8   2   ?? doesn't       2   Again, needs 3    Might want     2
           mention Year         other targets     some slight
           6 - needs            fleshing out      additions (eg
           clarification as     (Youth            Probation,
           to how it will       Offending,        Surestart etc)
           be measured.         School
           Otherwise            achievement
           good                 s, etc)

TEN10   2   Current        2    Should        3     District        2
            activities are      contribute to       council, ECC,
            targeted. Is        other               PCT etc plus
            this done with      outcomes            other potential
            reference to        across many         partners
            the JSMA (I         targets.            including CVS
            assume yes).        Should
            Plan is             explain how
            underdevelope       and name
            d, milestones       these
TEN11   2                  3    Good           3    Good links    3
                                description of      with partners
                                related target      and voluntary
                                support             sector

TEN12   3   Clear links     3   Impacts on a 3      Job Centre        1
            shown with the      range of            Plus, LSC,
            various new         indicators          Princes Trust,
            actions                                 District
            proposed -                              Council,
            although you                            Federation of
            might question                          Small
            why the                                 Businesses
            journey in                              all referred to -
            Action 1 hadn't                         may need to
            been evident                            be more
            before                                  specific

TEN13   3   Targeted       2    NI 151 - skills 3   Good range 3
            based on                                of partners -
            needs analysis                          private
TEN13   1   Unclear         3   Regeneration 2      Not very clear 2
            contribution.       has multiple
            Is money for        impacts but
            merger or           role not clear -
            'looking at         contribution
TEN13   2   How will this   2   Probably       2    More detail      2
            improve             good but            needed
            earnings            more detail
            exactly             needed

TEN13   2   Be clear about 2    Not very       2    Other districts 2
            contribution        clear but           should be
                                good                involved and
                                potential           HGP
TEN13   1   Actions too     1   Other targets 3   Clear links to 1
            general to          listed but not    partners
            demonstrate         clear how         included
            link to NI 166.     actions would
            Unlikely to         impact on
            have an             them
            impact in the
            LAA2 timeflow
TEN14   3   Basing this     3   Could         2                 2
            score on work       contribute to
            done by town        overall
            centre              satisfaction,
            manager             access to
            known to            services,
            assessor            earnings,
TEN14   1   It does not say 3                 3                 2
            what the
            SSCF action
            plan is or how
            it will be
TEN15   1   In terms of the 1   Promotion of 2    Identification 1
            recycling           energy            of voluntary
            target this will    efficiency        partners
            help to meet        may deliver       would ensure
            the target.         less carbon       comprehensiv
            However             emission but      e
            unsure of how       not clear         engagement
            it will meet the    linkage and
            fuel poverty        understandin
            target              g how this will

TEN16   2   Sound          2    Multiple      2   Only 2        3
            reasoning,          indicators        partners
            backed up by        mentioned,        working
            some facts          although          together
                                restricted to
                                one specific
TEN2    1   Potentially     1   Appears only 1    No additional 1
            limited impact;     to impact one     partners
            the lpan states     area              identified
            that 15 pupils
            would be
            included in the
            project, which
            may not be a
            large enough
            number to
            affect the
            target at all.
TEN3   1   Not clear how 1     Not clear how 3                    1
           the training        this is cross-
           would actually      cutting
           lead the public
           to feel more
           able to
TEN4   3                   3   Positive on    3   Several         3
                               several            existing

TEN5   2   Not clear to    2   Will support   1   Clear that     2
           me what the         N16 also           many partners
           '100' target is                        are engaged
           and why this                           but not so
           has been                               clear what
           achieved from                          each of them
           0                                      is setting out
                                                  to achieve

TEN5   1                  2    Only if it     2                   1
                               Need to
                               identify other
                               targets NI 6
TEN6   3   Good cross-     3   Holistic       2   Detail of       3
           cutting of          approach           partners
           LAA2 targets        made to            involved, but
           in existing and     cross-cutting      not who is
           new actions         targets            responsible
                                                  for what or
                                                  who is the

TEN7   3                  1    Doesn’t seem 2                     2
                               to link to
                               other Nis
TEN7    2   Only links to  1    No other     1    No other       1
            this target.        indicators        parties
            Limited action      mentioned in      identified, eg
            descriptions        plan              what about
TEN8    1   No links made 1     No links     1    No other       1
            to other            made to           partners
            indicator           other             identified.
            target. Very        indicator         Links with
            limited action      targets           schools
            description -                         electricity
            existing action.                      service?
            New action bit
            more detailed

TEN9    2   No data         3   Number of    2    Partners      2
            provided,           various           identified
            although            indicator
            reasoning is        targets
            sound as to         identified
            the impact this
            plan would

UTT1    2   Directly        1   None         3    Engagement    2
            impacts local       identified        of various
            indicator, but                        partners
            data regarding
            significance is
UTT10   2   Some data       2   None          3   Multiple      2
            provided,           specified,        partners
            although            although          mentioned
            needs               there is          and already
            validating          potential for     working in
                                this plan to      partnership
                                impact other
UTT11   2   Whilst there's 2   It will          3   A range of    2
            a need for the     presumably           partners is
            journey and        increase             quoted
            there is a         earnings by
            contribution to    improving
            LAA targets,       profitability of
            there is no        the
            indication         companies -
            about what will    passed on to
            be done with       the
            survey             employees?
            information        This is not
            when available     stated.
                               Would it have
                               been more
                               focused on
                               feeling sure
UTT11   1   Need more      2   Crime         2      Be East      1
            information on     mentioned            engaged plus
            downstream         but not clear        EXDRA
            actions            how this will
            resulting from     impact on
            the survey         crime target

UTT12   3   Good clear    1    No clear       1     Limited -     1
            description        indications of       could be
                               which other          expanded
                               targets could
UTT13   3                 1    Not sufficient 2                   1

UTT2    3                 2    Has the         3                  2
                               potential to
                               across a
                               number of
                               needs to be
                               included in
UTT2   1     Needs to         1   No reference 3      Cross-range 2
             demonstrate          to other            of partner
             planned              indicators          organisations
             outputs for                              also include
             participation in                         active
             exercise, eg                             Uttlesford
             how many
             for 30 minutes
             3 times a
UTT3   1     The indicator 1      No link       3                  2
             requires             demonstrates
             people to have       - possibly NI
             engaged in           6 and 7, NI
             arts activity at     195, NI 5, NI
             least 3 times        4?
             in a year. Not
             sure if and
             how this
             activity will
UTT4   2     deliver this
             Scuold have      2   None            3   Strong sense 3
             impact,              identified, but     of partnership
             although             it stand to         working
             limited to           reason that
             around 5             other
             families per         indicators
             year                 would be
UTT5   1     Limited         1    Broadly         2   Some         2
             evidence             acknowledge         engagement.
             provided             d but limited       Value in
                                  detail              others being

UTT6   1/2   Contribution to 1    It is          2    Not clear how 2
             NI17 target is       suggested           all partners
             implied but          but cannot          contribute,
             difficult to         see clear link      though
             qualify to any       to other            implied
             realistic level      targets             through LSP
UTT7   1   Plan already 3        Positive        2   Consultation 2
           comments              impact on           with disability
           further               targets re          groups could
           investigation         carbon              also be
           required to           emissions.          beneficial and
           establish             Sustainable         other user
           costs.                transport           groups should
           Presume other         identified in       be considered
           actions will be       plan. Can't         (maybe they
           forthcoming           envisage            already have)
           for other             negative
           areas/hotspots        impacts if
           in Uttlesford if      finances
           any exist             available
UTT7   1   How good are 1        Further         2   How will this 1
           current access        clarification       project be
           routes? What          required            supported by
           will the impact                           the partners if
           be?                                       it is only
                                                     ? Who will do
UTT8   3   Feel this could 3     Can only see 2      Other           3
           be a very good        this can have       councils/youth
           way to                a positive          centres etc
           educate young         impact              should also
           people and                                be involved to
           that it could be                          enable roll out
           rolled out to all                         across the
           schools (or at                            County
           least all
           youth centres
UTT8   1   Would be          1   How?            2   Is this        1
           better to agree                           happening
           this County                               elsewhere?
           wide. Could                               Could this be
           this duplicate                            linked with
           efforts?                                  'Crucial
                                                     Crew'? Have
                                                     other partners
                                                     How about
                                                     PAAT teams?
UTT9    2   Some            2   Although      2   Other           2
            reasoning as        none are          partners are
            to the impact       specified,        involved,
            upon the            there could       although
            targets,            be some           specific
            although no         cross-over to     division of
            specific data       other             responsibilitie
            given.              indicators.       s is not
CWOP5   3   5 x stop        2   NI 120, N     3   provided
                                                  Although        3
            smoking             18? LI 5.1.       could include
            services.           Although not      vis, eg cancer
            Environmental       directory         charities -
            Health Offices.     referenced        could do
            Work in                               vocal
            schools - good                        marketing.
            but doesn’t                           Tobacco
            impact on                             alliance
            target. Would                         includes all
            get 6th form                          partners -
                                                  need to state
C4. Delivery of Added    C5. Clear statements of      C6. Compatibility and     C7. Support in addition to
Value from working in    actions required from        synergy between           PRG from partners' base
Partnership              individual partners for      existing and proposed     budgets
                         existing and new activity    activity

          C4             C5 Score C5 Comments         C6 Score C6               C7 Score C7 Comments
          Comments                                             Comments
          No other       3         Very clear as to   3        Work already     3         Most costs
          partners                 intent                      taking place               covered by
          identified                                           but this will              police time

                         1                            3                         2         Costing. £25k
                                                                                          per annum

          No apparent 2            Too vague and      2         Some,            2        30% from
          or identifiable          lacks baseline               although what             partners.
          partnership              data                         is the link (how          Greater detail
          benefit                                               is it made)               would have
          outside of                                            between GP &              been beneficial
          Health                                                A&E?

          More about    2          See above          3         Clear           2         More on police
          PCT                                                   development               and PCT -
          involvement                                                                     sustainability -
          but obviously                                                                   3106k pa is a
          there is a                                                                      big ask

          Perhaps         2        Perhaps more       3         Builds on       3         £58k from
          helpful to gain          detail would be              existing                  partners. PRG
          further detail           helpful on links                                       £70k
          on when                  between
          Basildon                 communication
          community                leads of different
          TV will be               organisations on
          'delivered'              issues affecting
                                   quality (including
Detailed       3   Actions clearly    1   This appears    1   Slightly unclear.
description of     defined                to be a new         Although it
partnership                               initiative          appears that
working                                                       partners are
                                                              resources, it
                                                              seems that PRG
                                                              is the sole
                                                              source of
              2                       2                   2   funding detail
                                                              Could you
                                                              rather than
The facility  3    Demonstrated by 3      Good balance 3      Funding has
will be open       the added value        of existing and     been secured
to any             and resources          new activity        from other
organisation       and funding                                sources and
at no cost         provided by each                           PRG is required
thereby            partner                                    to contribute to
adding                                                        an overall
genuine value                                                 project cost
to the

Holistic      3    Stated             3   New actions     2   No value given
approach                                  build on            to partners
identified                                existing            contributions

Police only   3    Very clear as to   3   Work already    3   Most costs will
seen to be         actions                taking place        be police time
involved. Is                              but this will
there                                     enhance
potential for                             further
Potential       2   Clear statements 2      Existing      3    Clear
partners listed     relating to EX          actions too        statements of
under Impact        Savers but not          brief for          how funding will
& Added             for Social              comparison.        be used -
Value               Inclusion               New action         detailed
                    Partnerships            indicates
                                            of original

Whilst          1   Little detail       1   Needs to be    1   There is no
partners are        provided, very          significantly      indication of any
clearly             high level so           expanded to        additional
identified,         again, difficult to     understand the     funding from
their               judge                   link between       partners, either
contribution to                             existing           cash or in-kind
the plan is not                             activity and
explained.                                  new
Are any
resource to
the plan?

               2    KPIs with          3                  3
                    targets to
See above      1   See above         1    They're very  1      Could work with
                                          different            other thematic
                                          projects,            partnerships, eg
                                          although             CWOP and
                                          there's              CWBC
                                          Needs further

Not enough     1   No information    2    But needs       1    No information
information                               more

Unknown.       1   No clear          1    No proposal      3   No funding for
There is no        statement of           for new activity     future actions
reference to       actions but a                               requested
partners           range of
outside of the     interventions
Health             outlined
Service of LA
N/K            2   Only there for     1   N/K             1    Potentially
                   existing, none for
                   new were visible

As above       1   No details given 1     As above        1    Nothing noted
                   for new
                   activities, only

Difficult to   1   Limited - clear   2    Evidence of   1      Evidence of £1m
assess this        basements              existing             for existing
aspect with        would be useful        actions would        actions - would
the                re actions             be helpful to        be very helpful
information        required               know how they        to have detail re
available                                 link to new          financial or other
                                          actions. Also        input from
                                          any impact           partners
                                          data from
Need more     2      Good for existing 3                   1   No existing
information          actions but                               support
on the impact        lacking clear                             identified in the
the new              statements of                             new action
action will          actions required
bring and            for the new
more                 activity
on added
Not clear     1      Not clear          3    Clear links  1    Plan recognises
about role of                                demonstrated      that this needs
partners                                                       to be worked up

Private and      2   Limited             3   Compliments   1   Unclear how
public sector        information on          existing          much £ is
working in           specific activities     activities        required and
partnership                                                    whether any
                                                               would come
                                                               from sources
                                                               other than the
Reference     3      Detailed actions 3      Links to      1   PRG
                                                               Not clear how
made to              provided                existing          much funding is
benefits of                                  activities        required, where
partnership                                                    it will be spent,
working &                                                      or whether any
best practice                                                  funding is
                                                               available from
                                                               other sources
Partners are 1       Insufficient data 2     Assessments 2     Projects are
listed, and          regarding               are ongoing,      ongoing, with
there is some        actions                 but it appears    funding and
detail of                                    that the          support of
added value                                  proposed work     partners
but more info                                would support,
could be                                     and enhance,
added.                                       existing
Not explicitly   1   No linkage for     3    Appears to be 0   No link to
made, more           partners                transferability   partnerships
detail               although do they        across            contributions
required             contribute in this                        and then difficult
                     field?                                    to establish if
                                                               could be made
Partnership       2   Some                   1   No existing        2   The plan links to
working could         information                arrangements           the Inward
be effective in       provided on what                                  Investment
this area.            the resulting                                     project
                      actions will be

Needs more 2          Needs more         1       Good - but     3       Clear resources
specific detail       specific detail in         inefficient
in the next           the next stage.            rather than
stage. Why            Why additional             efficient
additional pod        pod is added
is added              value, rather
value, rather         than 'more of the
than 'more of         same'
the same'
The potential 1       It does have a     2       The intention 1        Yes, support
is inherent but       limited indication         is good and            from Braintree
needs more            within the plan            there is               DC is indicated
focused               but would benefit          definite               as being made
articulation.         from expansion             synergy                from both
For existing                                     between                efficiency saving
action, it does                                  current and            and absorbed
refer to                                         new that sees          costs. No costs
working with                                     progress and           are, however
??                                               improvement            indicated
                                                                        against new
                                                                        Actions 1 and 2
                                                                        and the plan
                                                                        would be
                                                                        strengthened by
                                                                        their inclusion

Positive    2         Actions         3          Compliments    1       No additional
engagement,           described, but             existing               funding from
shared                not broken-down            activities             other sources
priorities,           by partner
added value           organisation
is evident
Different      2   Actions          2    Extension of   2     Other funding /
partners           described             existing work,       resources
engaged,                                 although             committed from
facilitating                             should posibly       partner
joined-up                                form part of         organisations
service                                  ongoing work
delivery                                 rather than
                                         specific one-
                                         off project
Not specified 1    Not clear        3                   2     Only on-off time
                                                              mentioned - not

Needs more     1   No evidence      2                    1
information        given

               2   Review of         3                   2    No request for
                   accessibility'                             PRG money!
                   could be                                   Be more
                   clarified. How is                          ambitious
                   this a plan for
                   new actions?

               2   No measures of 2      But no           3
                   success               evidence, eg
                                         'project will be
                                         targeted at
                                         hotspot areas'
                                         (where from?)
No one       2     Yes               3    Yes, will       1    ?? PCT giving
outside the                               complement           small amount
usual                                     this
young people
may help

A range of     1   Statements         2   Existing         2   Needs more
organisations      clear. However,        actions              detail added
to engage          jump from              described too
with young         mothers to             briefly,
people, but as     parents as             although new
above              though                 actions appear
                   recognition of         to fit with them
                   male impact is         and develop
Added value 2      Refer to existing 2    The             1    Glad the PRG
being brought      specialism             implication          money would be
by Business        expertise              seems to be          clear. No
Development        provided by            that there           reference to
Services -         different partners     hasn’t been          existing budgets
presumably in      but no clear who       sufficient
specialist         does what              emphasis in
advice - what                             the past on
is 'special'                              helping 'young'
about the                                 and
advice                                    developing
                                          businesses. If
                                          that is the
                                          case, there is
                                          a clear
Nothing       1    General           2    existing and
                                          Appears to      2    Part-time
mentioned          statements only -      extend and           member of staff
                   not sure that          build on             exists and paid
                   each would know        existing             for. Marked with
                   what to do             activity             additional part
                                                               time staff.
                                                               £1,000 existing
                                                               + staff time.
                                                               Seeks £30,000
Added value 1      Information on     2    Expansion of   1    Projects are
could be           partner's activity      existing            seeking core
improved           could be                services            funding to cover
through            expanded                                    deficit in existing
showing                                                        service. No
funding from                                                   information from
other partners                                                 Brentwood BC
in relation to                                                 as to in-kind or
proposals                                                      other funding for
                                                               project officer
              3                        3                   3
Not           1    Needs filling out - 1   Existing        2   Could include
articulated        how will PMS            actions are not     indication of
very well          work individually       really actioned     what the
                   to contribute and       but statements      financial input is
                   how will it join        of what is plan     from partners -
                   up?                     needs to be         even if notional
                                           more explicit       value of in-kind
                                           about the           support
                                           connections -
                                           who will
                                           participate and

              1                       2                   2    Qualify
                                                               from other
Needs to be 2      Further          2      Natural link - 1    Envisage a
expanded in        expansion of            however             great deal of
second phase       how it would            needs more          support in kind -
of application.    actually work           detail to get       greater detail
Re impact on       would help this         clearer             would explain
children.          application.            understanding       this process
Could also         Could be a good
act as pilot for   project,
other district     especially
borough.           'catching' young
What is            people at this
baseline?          age

Unknown       1    Limited            3    The number of 3
                                           years funding
                                           required is not
                                           However, it is
                                           not an entirely
                                           new action
               1    Actions of      3                  1    What is core
                    partners not                            finding, core
                    clear                                   funding of CVS
                                                            what added
                                                            value would
                                                            there be?

Project         1                   2                  1    CVS staff
involves CVS
doing their job

               2    Action 1 doesn’t 2   Not always     2   What is £10k
                    need to be           clear what the     needed for, for
                    applied for -        EWPA               advertising, if it's
                    already funded       scheme is or       already being
                    centrally            how it relates     done to some
                                         to existing        extent
                                         activities. No
                                         posters OK
                                         but there is
                                         already a
                                         website so
                                         another isn't
               2                    3                   1

Please show 2                       3                  3
if PCT has
Need to
check this is
not eligible for
See above     1    Clearly stated   1    See below.       1   No new actions
                   who will deliver      No new project       identified.
                   the classes.          could                Relaunch of
                   Unclear who will      evidence the         existing service
                   do publicity and      success of           with publicity
                   make free Essex       existing project
                   links                 so then
                                         further as a
                                         new action

Only skills    2   Text cuts off    2    Fills a gap but 1    None stated
smart delivery                           only aimed at
                                         retail sector

Presumably 2       It is clear what  3   The synergy is 2     There is a
there is           business link do      there -              reference to
evidence that      and will do with      particularly in      other budgets
more referrals     the actions - but     terms of             but information
will increase      what is and will      survival of          needs
start ups -        be the role of        businesses -         expanding
needs stating.     other partners?       but would            considerably
Survival and                             employment
rescue impact                            target have
is clear - but                           been more
aren't they                              appropriate?
registered in
any event?
The delivery 2     Needs a bit more 3    There is         3   Support is
of 'Added          articulation          absolute             indicated in the
Value' is                                synergy              action plan
inherent, but                            between
could be                                 current and
more overtly                             new actions
expressed,                               and they
for example,                             complement
improvement                              perfectly - both
to the                                   should operate
highway                                  in tandem as
network is the                           new proposed
prime action,                            actions better
but the                                  facilitate the
package is                               delivery of
delivery of                              current actions
robust school
travel plans
Journeys to
Partnership    2   Actions given,   3     Extension of   3    Commitment &
working is in      more information       services            funding already
evidence and       could be               already             in place. The
almost             provided               provided            PRG would
certainly                                                     support this.
contributes to
As             2                     2    Extension of    2   Needs to show
extension/exp                             existing link -     commitment to
ansion of                                 meeting need        new project
current                                                       (gives only
activity not                                                  existing funding
clear/could be                                                details)
clearer, what
extra added
value beyond
thuis setting?
Clear          2   Needs working, 3       Will enhance   3    Matched
                   especially what        community           thoroughly
                   will happen as a       forums

              1                      1    The actions in 2
                                          my opinion will
                                          not impact as
                                          it should

Needs          1   Apart from in-     3   Operation of   3
spelling out.      kind and               existing
Implied rather     financial              schools
than printed       information and
                   ction of each
                   partner not
                   stated - expand
             2    No clear           3   Complements 2
                  statements of          existing
                  actions from           projects and
                  partners               extends

             1    Needs to define 1                       1
                  each individual
                  partner's activity
Needs further 1                      1   Not clear what 3      Needs further
working                                  is core funding       working
                                         and what is
             1                       2                   1

This will    1    There is little    2   I think this will 3   There is match
increase          information on         happen. Plan          funding from a
activity          exactly who will       needs to              considerable
                  do what                explain how           number of
Could be      2     Needs to be       1    There seems 3        Funding has
made clearer.       expanded and           to be some           been sought via
What is the         more detail            confusion in         SportEssex from
role of each        about partners         the action plan      Sport England
partner?                                   as an activator      East. Is the
                                           is identified in     PCT contributing
                                           the existing         any resources?
                                           section, yet
                                           this is a new
                                           role. In this
                                           section it
                                           would be
                                           better to
                                           highlight CSN
                                           Action Plans
                                           re work being
                                           delivered by
No             1    No information    1    No information 2     Sport England
information                                                     match, but what
                                                                about other

Would be        2   Clear intention to 2   Would be         2
useful to have      expand                 interesting to
case                volunteer base -       know the
study(ies)          helpful to know        number of
from existing       what the training      walkers and
action to           is?                    how these
show impact                                numbers
on walker's                                increase over
general                                    time
The role and 1      See above         3    Very clear that 2    Office time and
value of each                              the new              volunteer time
partner needs                              activity is an       identified but
to be more                                 expansion of         demonstrate the
fully                                      the existing         value (in-kind) of
explained,                                 Walking for          this resource
particularly in                            Health
the new                                    programme
Clear re       3    Could perhaps      2   Suggestion is 2       Needs specific
Trainers and        be a little more       that providing        information on
Teachers -          explicit               it for teachers       expected partner
could usefully                             will be adding        activity
draw links to                              to the current
other activity                             systems
but not sure                               (providing to
this is really                             children)
testing - more
funding of
partner and
provide a
service to
Rather         2    Actions identified 2   Links identified 1    Unclear what
questionable        but 'joining-up' of    but 'joining-up'      budgeting
how the             actions limited        compatibility         contribution
partnership                                could be              partners are
demonstrates                               expanded              giving
added value

Partnership     2   The description 2      Not directly     2    Appears that
working is          is mainly about        related to            some budget is
beneficial in       the training           existing work,        available, but
this area.          programmes and         but a clear           reliance on PRG
                    it's benefits          programme of          funding appears
                    rather than            projects exists.      to be heavy.
                    actions required.

Ditto. Added 2      Ditto              2   Has been          2   Not clear exactly
value can                                  implied but           what each
then be                                    could be              partner is
identified                                 expanded              contributing

Links          2    Clarity on       2     Could be          1   Not clear what
identified but      statements could       improved,             partners
quantification      be expanded            particularly in       contribution is
of added                                   relation to
value working                              synergy on
could be                                   activity
               3                       3   Clearer           2   Will require
                                           differences           extra finance.
                                                                 Where will it
                                                                 come from?
Needs to be 1       No detail          2   Explanation of 2      In existing
spelt out - not                            provision             budgets - no
stated                                                           new money
Needs to be   1    Needs more       1    Need to          1    No new money
spelt out          thought and           explore what is       and in-kind
                   detail needs to       there already         contributions not
                   be supplied here      (even if not the      clear
                                         same or as
                                         good as final
Yes, but need 1    Very little       1   Lacks            1    Very little
to know how        information in        information           evidence. More
(however           the existing          and support           information
can't see all      actions and how                             required
of the             the partners are
information)       going to
                   contribute to the
                   new actions
Not clear how 1    Not made clear 1      Not clear         1   Not clear
partners will
work together
to add value

Assess         2   Good synergy     1    Limited match 1
implications       between existing      funding
of recent          and new
Government         initiatives
nts regarding
grants to
of tenure and
target groups

Added value 1      Improved clarity 1    Limited           1   Limited match
not                of purpose, links     synergy               funding
demonstrated       to existing health    between this
                   promotion -           and existing
                   arrangements          activity - this
                   unclear               post covers
                                         too much
Limited added 1    Baseline and       3   Complementar 1       Limited match
value,             projected              y to existing        funding,
predominantly      performance            actions              opportunities to
Council            going. Identify                             involve
function to        links to                                    cleansing and
promote            curriculum-                                 grounds
recycling          added value for                             maintenance
                   schools                                     contractor

Current        2   Needs more on      3                   3    Existing staff
actions do not     partner input
contribute to
Too much
Multiple       3                      3                   3    Existing staff to
ownership of                                                   write plan. Sign
site - needs                                                   writing
Would be       2                      2   Extension of    3
good to                                   existing work
understand                                to meet
how the                                   demand
partners will
interact with
each other to
add value
               2   Could be better    3   Good.           2    In kind - staff
                   description of         Extension of         hours
                   how each               activity to
                   partner will           secondary
                   contribute             schools

Difficult to 2     Difficult to see   2   Some, but        1   No evidence
see evidence       evidence of this       difficult to see
of this                                   full extent

Although third 2   Existing activity 3    Again,         3     Core business
sector and         clearly outlined -     consistent and       of partners
youth service      future actions         co-ordinated.        underpinned
provision may      would benefit          Considerable         with nominal
enhance            from slightly          existing work        PRG capital
product            more detail            being
                   (actions)              undertaken in
                                          the localities
               3                      3    Result of      2    Staff time
                                           with residents
                                           which was part
                                           of existing
Biodiversity  1    No statements      3                   1    Not clear
does not           from individual
currently          partners
contribute to
site so added
value will be

Site already 1     Not very clear - 3      Very good -     1   Existing work
has a              everything is           improving           has been funded
management         contracted out -        existing work       by the Wildlife
plan - need to     what are                                    group. Not very
say more           individual                                  clear if they are
about how          partners going to                           funding anything
this plan          do?                                         under new
needs to be                                                    actions
updated to
meet N1 197
Great          2   Needs clearer    1      Difficult to   1    Could apply for
potential to       statements of           assess due to       further match
link with          how partners can        lack of             funding from
above              actually work           information re      Sport England
partners as        together                existing            through
well as                                    activity            partners. From
competition                                                    children on
managers for                                                   school view
young people                                                   could link with
in schools.                                                    county games in
Also link to                                                   National School
further                                                        Sports Week.
education                                                      Need to explain
through                                                        where any extra
further                                                        funding could
education                                                      come from - as
sports co-                                                     Sport England
ordinator                                                      funding due t
Partnership    1   Some actions        2   Would        2      Limited detail
working in         listed, but limited     compliment          provided,
this area          detail provided         existing            although the
would create                               arrangements        work does
better, and                                                    compliment
more                                                           existing
sustainable,                                                   arrangements
Very little     1   Lacks            1    No existing     1      PRG funding
information         information           actions                included but
given                                     included               nothing included
                                                                 on how the
                                                                 partners will
                                                                 support the
Limited. No 1       Existing activity 1   None detailed. 1       No costings
mention of          detailed - very       No                     evidenced at all -
how actions         short. How this       evaluation/sus         PRG
would provide       will link             tainability of         requirements,
added value         in/complement         existing or new        matched funding
                    other indicators?     activities

Very limited.   1   Limited. No plan 1    No existing      1     None detailed
Normally            of when, who,         projects/cross
funded by           how young             cutting activity
Fire or             people are            detailed
CDRP?               chosen

Demonstrable 1      Not enough on    1    No doubt there 2-Jan   It is clear from
added value,        who does what         is synergy but         the proposal that
but more                                  existing               it will be
detail would                              activity is not        supported from
help                                      identified             base budgets,
                                                                 but there are no
                                                                 financial details

Potential if    1   More detail      2    Needs more      1      Looking for input
clients             needed about          detail about           from partners
signposted to       project               process in
training,                                 plan
add colleges
and LSC to
partners and
Very little     1   Needs clear       1   Lacking in      1      No information
information         statements from       existing
                    the partners.         activity
                    How are the           information
                    partners going to
               1    More information 1     Doesn’t seem 1       Council will host.
                    needed. New            to be any            Assuming all
                    action will be a       existing action.     revenue
                    new post within        Is the new
                    Council                post in
                                           addition to the
                                           plan for part-
                                           time post?
This clearly    1   This bid would     2   This is a key 1      No evidence of
will add value      benefit from           area for the         additional
but the brevity     showing what           bid. Strong          support and
of the              work is being or       evidence of          how this post
proposal fails      failing to be          work this role       could be
to show in          achieved and           could have           maintained in
any detail          how the                enhanced and         the longer term -
how                 proposed role          new work             'sustainability'
                    will enhance           which could be
                    partnership            achieved will
                    working and            significantly
                    improve its            aid this
                    effectiveness          application
Not           2     Some actions       1   New role         1   New role to be
specifically        provided, but          required, some       created.
referenced,         lack of detailed       links to
but there           information.           existing
would be                                   programmes
benefits from
a joined-up

               1    Nothing          1     No existing      1   No money (PRG
                    specified other        action to            or otherwise)
                    than the funding       compare to           specified

               1    Current            1   Existing         2   LSC funds noted
                    status/activity        activity to be
                    not identified         further
Not stated          Not stated            Existing
                                          actions aren't
                                          Impossible to

Would be       2    Would be useful N/A   No existing   3      Clearly shown
useful to have      to provide some       actions shown
more details        wider context -       on this
about 'added        though once put       template so
value'              with other plans,     can't respond
                    this may be           to this one

Explain what 1      Existing actions? 1   ?! Current       2   Yes, but what
value will be       What will each        activity             will PRG funding
added (it is        partner do?                                help with?
implicit at this

CUCST           3                     2   Doesn’t show     2   Not completely
brings                                    how new              clear
partners                                  actions have
together to                               evolved
add value
Partners        2   Some              1   New project      3   Money and
identified, but     information                                resources
more                provided, more                             secured for the
information is      detail could be                            project. The
needed on           provided.                                  PRG would be
roles and                                                      match-funding.
value added.
Insufficient    1   Very limited      1   New role         1   New role,
information         information                                appears to be
                                                               relying 100% on
                                                               PRG funding

               1    Doesn’t go into 1     Cannot          3    Although doesn’t
                    enough detail as      comment as           say who is
                    to what the           doesn’t go into      giving what
                    scheme involves       enough detail
                                          as to what the
Again -         1   No details        1    Cannot            3   Although doesn’t
unsure of the       included               comment as            say who is
partnership                                no details            giving what
working                                    included
Good ideas      1   Not clearly       1    No existing       3   Yes - seem to
but not clearly     explained              activity listed       be about 50%.
explained                                                        Need to say
                                                                 where ? from

This plan is    1   Very little        1   Unclear         1     Appears to be
the result of       information            whether this          dependent on
joined-up           about the              plan is a new         PRG grant,
policy.             programme or           project or part       although there is
                    the steps              of a larger           insufficient detail
                    required to            programme.            to confirm.
Insufficient    1   create it.actions, 1
                    Unclear                Appears to be 1       Requires
detail to           lack of                a whole new           funding from
confirm.            information            project               PRG to

All LSP         1   Need to expand 2       Some existing 2       Support
partners            on this                synergy               mentioned but
                                                                 there should be
                                                                 a breakdown

Potential here 1    Needs further     1    Not sufficient 1      In-kind
to build            work                   detail and            contributions not
relationships                              either existing       costed
and see                                    or proposed
carers.                                    activity
Holistic way
needs to be
expanded in
Not clear how 1     The gardening     1      Not clear how 1       Difficult to
- added value       DIY element              the plan builds       assess this
is contributed      seen as a                on existing           without existing
                    strength. Plus           activity              activity
                    energy efficiency

As there is no 1    Not present          1   Not evidenced 1       Not
detail on                                                          demonstrated
actions, I
assess added

Not really    1     Not enough           1   No existing       2   Good financial
partnership         information              activity listed       input but doesn’t
working -                                                          say how much
delivery by                                                        from whom
Business Link

Not enough     1    None mentioned 1         None provided 1       £60k mentioned -
information                                                        no indication of
                                                                   which partner

               1    Need to explain      1   None listed       1   What is the
                    what is going to                               budget for?
                    be here                                        Partners do
                                                                   have a budget
Partnership     1   Very little detail   1   New activity      1   Requires
working to          on actions                                     funding from
identify best       required                                       PRG to
practise / pool                                                    commence.
resources &
Limited         3   Actions clearly      2   New project, 2        Match-funding
information         defined                  although links        required. ¼
on added-                                    to previous           from distric
value of                                     initiatives and       council, ¼ from
partnerships                                 overall               County Council
                                             departmental          & ½ from PRG
Some           1    No detailed          1   Appears to be 1       No additional
reference to        actions                  a whole new           funding from
expertise of                                 programme             other sources
partners and
benefts of
Very strong    2      Description of    1    Unclear. It    2    Some limited
arguments for         actions limited        appears this        funding from
added value                                  will be a new       other sources
of partnership                               post, but will      and a comment
arrangements                                 likely build        that funding will
                                             upon existing       need to come
                                             work by the         from partner
                                             relevant dept.      org's in order for
                                                                 the project to be
Lack of detail 2      Actions not listed 1   Does not       1    Need
                                             demonstrate         information on
                                             how                 specific costs
Good          1       No existing       1    None           1    No details on
outcomes              actions detailed,      evidenced           funding required
detailed but          only new actions                           on match
nothing about                                                    funding.
levels of                                                        Sustainability
numbers of                                                       mentioned but
BME within                                                       has not been
Colchester                                                       implemented
and Tendring

There is       1      Only the          2    Yes there is an 1   Support not
obviously             Volunteer centre       obvious             identified partner
more written          has specified -        extension of        in terms of
here that is          the other partner      existing to new     matched funding
not printed on        actions need           action
the form              specifying

VCS               3                     2    Must be, but   1    Not likely from a
partnership                                  not really          smallish VCS
clear, rest                                  specified           organisation
less so
It will clearly   2   Clear what       2     Will be        1    Not applicable
provide               CCVS should do         synergy but         for a smallish
added value           - other partners       not really          VCS agency
but not clear         less so                stated
that it's from
working in
Not enough 1        Fuller details of   1   No information 1    None identified
information -       action needed           re how this
could give                                  adds to
details of how                              existing
and which                                   activity since
partners                                    none given
would benefit -
VCS group?
                1   No existing     1       Not enough     2
                    actions given.          information
                    Doesn’t say who
                    will do what in
                    new action

Only CB        1    No existing     1       No existing    3    CB Council
Council             activity                activity            match funding
                    mentioned. Only         mentioned
                    CB Council

It is not clear 1   Within the          2   Will clearly    1   A small
what value          'Impact' column         enhance             contribution
the partners        there is a long         existing work       could be sought
will add to         list of what            but more detail     but little
what would          aspirations this        could               indication of
be either           bid has but it          strengthen this     further funding
police              needs to show           area                towards a
(PCSO) or           how individual                              significant
local authority     partners will                               application.
(CSW?)              contribute                                  There is no
workers. This                                                   indication of how
needs more                                                      these posts
evidence                                                        could be
Very few      2     Very few actions 1      N/A - no       1    Not clear re ££
actions             evidence this           existing            requested. Only
evidence this                               actions             a few mention
                                                                cost and they're
Working       2      Actions only       1   Moving           1    No additional or
already with         against some           service away          new money for
these people.        partners               from contract         partners
Needs to be                                 management -
specific -                                  is this really a
more detail                                 realignment/im
                 2   More information 3     Appears well 1        More
                     needed to              linked                information
                     explain roles in                             needed on value
                     more detail                                  of partner
Unclear who      2   Ditto re DVAs.   3                       2   support
                                                                  See comments
was                  Other actions                                re partnership
employing            non-specific at                              contribution
DVAs and             this stage
how they
contribute to
Well done        1   No existing            No existing       1   Not clear
                     activity listed?       activity listed

                                                              3   Lots of existing
                                                                  activity and

Not stated,      3   Well spelt out     3   Very good      1      Not clear how £
although it is       and costed for         progression           is split out -
implied.             new actions.           from                  existing. What's
Make it              Well spelt out for     employment            each £ for?
explicit             this activity          placements to         New - well
                                            volunteering -        documented.
                                            employment            Also shows
                                            and retention         input from
                                                                  although not
Working in     3    Who does what      2   The synergy is 2    There is support
partnership in      is implied but         there although      but the total
this instance       perhaps could          I'm not clear       seems low in
clearly makes       be stated              from the action     comparison with
it easier to        categorically          as to whether       overall total
promote the                                the children        required. Is too
activities.                                know why            much being
This could                                 existing            asked of from
have been                                  actions are         PRG?
drawn out in                               undertaken
the plan
Cultural link? 3                       3   Logical         2   Other County
                                           progression         information
                                           from strategy       missing.
                                           and pack            Quantify other

See above,      2   No detail yet as   3   Use of school 2     Applying for
though need         to clear actions       sport               match funding
to be more          to deliver the         partnerships        from Sport
overt about         projects, but          and sports          England
how these           initial ideas          colleges as to      funding, from
partners will       positive               continuing          Essex Olympic
add value           (inclusions are        partners.           2012 Legacy
                    BME, disabled          Development
                    childcare etc)         from 'Essex
                    certificates           carrying the
I'm not clear - 1   Not clear          3                  2
there is much

                2                      2                   2

Benefits of  2      Actions            2   Large number 1      Unclear.
partnership         described in           of existing         Appears PRG is
working             detail, but do not     actions that        sole funding
require more        always specify         link to the         source, but
detail.             which partner          proposed plan       reference is
                    undertakes                                 made to the
                    which element of                           schools paying
                    work                                       the costs.
Some joined- 3     Actions identified 2   Appears to     2     Some funding /
up                 and described in       match existing       resources
partnership        detail                 programme of         available, but
working, but                              work                 reliance on PRG
service                                                        funding
appears to be
independently 2
Already            More detail on   3     Proposed     3       Long-term
working in         required actions       activity             programmes in
partnership.       could have been        enhances             place
Seem aware         included               existing
of                                        arrangements
advantages to
be gained
from jioned-
up working
education &
PCT in
relation to

Not clear      2   Not clear who     2    Assume ?? in 2       Some would be
what will be       does what              but not clear        done anyway
delivered -
need tidying

Not sure you 1     None mentioned 2       Yes it blends 2      Assured' not
would not be                              in well with         committed
doing this                                what you are
anyway due                                already doing -
to the P4-19                              too well? Top
agenda. See                               down drawer
new diploma
designs -
what's new?

Needs to be    2   Yes, says what - 1     I think -        1   Not itemised
qualified -        but not how            current activity
outcomes                                  is jargony and
(target)                                  difficult to
Partner         2   Some actions       1   Appears to be 1    No information
relationships       described, but         a completely       that funding will
crucial to this     lacking in             new initiative     come from
plan.               specific, detailed                        anywhere other
                    information.                              than the PRG

Partnerships 3      Actions defined 2      Supports       2   Some funding
very strong in      and described in       larger             and resources
some areas          detail.                programme of       identified, others
of the plan,                               work, but          elements of
but weaker in                              some               work appear to
others                                     elements are       require 100%
                                           one-off            funding by PRG.
                                           outside the
Good          2     Actions            2   New role       1   Appear to
example of          identified, lack       required, some     require 100%
joined-up           some info.             links to           funding from
working                                    existing           PRG
between a                                  programmes
number of
Some          2/1   Not clear from   1     No existing   1    No hard cash
detailed but        bid the                actions            matched
not in too          requirements/res       evidenced          funding. Limited
much depth.         ponsibility of                            costings on
Box for added       partners. Clear                           matched
value not           actions. No                               funding. No
completed           existing actions                          total requested
                    evidenced                                 from PRG or
               1    Is it dynamic    2                   2
                    enough? Is it
                    doing something
Information    2    More information 2     Lacks the      2
needs to be         required               synergy - more
included on                                information
how the                                    required
partners will
add value to
the project
Lacks detail, 2     Actions lack       2   Compliments   2    Resources
but mention         detail around          existing           provided from
of benefits of      who is                 activities         elsewhere, PRG
partnership         responsible for                           £ would fund
working             each element                              additional
Some            1   Insufficient      2   Some link, but 1      Fully funded by
effective           breakdown of          new role              PRG
examples of         activities by
added value         organisation
                1   Not enough        2   Will fill a gap   1   Unsure as to
                    detail on courses                           whether asking
                    and who will do                             for PRG

Seems           1   Not enough       2    Will fill a gap   1   Unsure as to
delivery just       information                                 whether asking
by Epping                                                       for PRG
College (?)

Only Essex      2                    1    Don’t know        1   Unsure as to
ACL                                                             whether asking
                                                                for PRG

Partners        2   Detailed list of  3   The plan          3   Funding has
identified, but     actions required,     supports and          been secured
limited             but not specified     enhances a            from a number
description of      at individual         number of             of other sources,
added value         partner level         existing              PRG would
                                          projects.             compliment this

Some           2    Detailed actions, 3   Supports       1      Uinclear. Needs
evidence /          although not          existing              further info. &
info. provided      broken down by        arrangements          clarification
                    partner               and activities
Some           2    Some partners 3                      3
statements of       listed are not in
how                 Epping
would work,
but benefits
of partnership
could be
teased out
              1                       1   Doesn’t follow 1     Not stated
                                          on from

              1    Too much detail 2                      3
                   about the
                   process and not
                   enough about
                   the outcome.
                   (It's not clear
                   what a living
                   landscape is)
Not identified 1   The existing     1     There is no    1     This has not
clearly            activity has not       information on       been identified
                   been clarified         the existing
                                          action from
                                          which to

No other       3   Yes, but only      3   New action     3     Trainer already
partner listed     because one            appears to be        funded
                   partner listed!        a new activity
                                          for U3A

Can be        1    No existing        1   No existing      1   None listed
contacted and      activity listed.       activity listed.
organisations      Not enough             Not enough
where              information for        information for
volunteering       new action             new action
Only states       1   No existing        1   No existing     1    None listed
U3A                   activity listed.       information
                      Not enough             listed. Not
                      information for        enough
                      new action             information for
                                             new action

Needs more        3   Shows good       2     Need to         15   Good idea.
detail                progression from       demonstrate          Needs
                      existing project       matching or in-      development to
                                             kind support         clearly
                                             and funding          demonstrate its
                                                                  value to the LAA

As above          2   Clear statements 2     Existing       1     Funding
                      for thematic           actions              tendered
                      partnership, not       recognise the        through thematic
                      individual             impact of            partnership
                      agencies/organis       adult's mental       rather than via
                      ations                 health on            organisations
                                             children, not        individually
                                             mentioned in
                                             new action
Flexibility for   2   Further            3   Links well     3     PRG will
LSPs to add           explanation            demonstrated         catalyse the
value by              needed of              between              value of existing
working with          partner                existing and         inputs from Be
Be East               contributions          new actions          East and

Demonstrates 3                           3                  2     More
how it will                                                       information
bring added
value through
Some            2   Actions            1    Unclear.         1   Appears that
examples of         described,              Appears to be        PRG will be the
the benefits        although not            the recruitment      sole source of
of jioned-up        concisely               of new roles,        funding.
service                                     although may
delivery                                    link to existing
                2   Identified actions 3    Provision        1   Further
                                            areas of             clarification
                                            achievement          required

Agreed main 1       Insufficient detail 2   No reference 2       Limited support
partners as         - actions to be         to existing          identified, ie
significant to      expanded.               actions.             inferred from
delivery - but      Timescale (2/3          Linkage with         statement.
how                 days)                   LSP partners         Impact and
                    questionable            crucial. Future      added value
                                            aspirations          supportive
                                            based on LSP
                                            meeting offer
Enables co-     1   Further detail     2    Synergy of      1    None identified
ordination of       required                action
effort                                      identified

Further         2   Identify more      1    New activity    1    Specific action
evidence            specifically the                             identified by one
required            actions are                                  partner
                    undertaken by
                    which partner

Need to be    2     Needs more       3      There is        3    Evidence of
clearer how         information on          compatibility        other partner
you are going       what each               between the          funding
to add value        partner is              new actions          streams/in-kind
through             actively doing.         and the              support
partnership         Need more detail        existing
work                about specific          actions.
                    actions                 Would be
                                            helpful if data
                                            was included
                                            to help support
Existing      1     Not clear what is 3    Continuation   3    Capital bid for
project. What       required from          of exciding         £0.5m of a £8m
is the added        partner                projects            project

What is         1   Unclear of action 3    Good            3   £2.5m (seeking
added value         needed                 compatibility.      £0.5m capital)
being brought                              Feasibility
by                                         already
partnership?                               underway
What is the     1   No detail of      3    Build on        3   50% from IFM,
added value         partner                existing            26% from GU
that the            contribution           support to this
partnership                                sector
Unclear what 1      Not clear         2    Seems          1    Not quantified
this looks like                            reasonable

                                      3    Builds on    1      Not provided
                                           INVEST Essex
Be useful to 3      Clear roles        3   Again        3      Match funding
have target         established -          comprehensiv        £6,156 Sport
group with          with evidence          e detail            English and
specific            from similar           merges new          HABC
background          sports projects to     action with         contributions
and to              draw on                existing
measure                                    actions
input on this
group over
time in terms
rate or
Would be      2     Intent is clear   3    Comprehensiv 3      Application
helpful to          with explicit          e detail            evidences in
have update         research detail.       merges new          existing areas
on existing         Specific roles of      action with         how funding and
actions to          partnership            existing            in-kind
date which          should become          actions             actions/input is
demonstrates        clearer in Phase                           obtained from
impact -            2 of application                           key partners
those with an
end date of
October 2009
Clear links      3   As above       3    Support         3   Sport England
between                                  previous            match funding
partners and                             initiatives         provided
the role they
will play in the

Unclear about 1      Lack of detail  3   Fits with       1   No information
real added           beyond steering     Harlow cycle        (apart from
value being          group               network etc         existing)

More            2    More detail    3    Develop on      2   More
explanation          needed              from existing       information
needed but                               activity            would be good
seems OK                                                     to break down
How will the 1       Broad statement 1   How does this 1     (also fairly
                                                             Human potential'
voluntary            of actions only.    build on the        only - funding?
sector be            Detail?             research
used? If                                 projects (2)
accommodati                              and (4)? What
on and                                   impact will the
training from                            outcomes of
HEC,                                     these projects
expertise                                be in
from other                               developing
key partners.                            Learning
Summary                                  Champion
agenda - but                             approach?
Harlow focus                             What will they
only. What is                            do?
happening in
other parts of
Essex to
meet NI?
Some           1     More detail    3    Extension of    3   Funding
evidence /           required            existing            provided from
info. provided                           activities          other partners in
                                                             addition to PRG
Does this add 2     Synergy          1     Limited          1
value or is it      probably there -       reference
merely more         but would repeat       other (or any)
of the same.        comments re            budgets
Need to state       need to show
what it is that     added value
is additional -
the 30 extra
will bring
with now
No              1   No information    1    No information 1      No information
information         supplied               supplied              supplied

Good           2    Detailed actions, 3    Strong links     3    Financial and
partnership         not always             with existing         other support
working,            broken down by         and future            from wide range
although            organisation           plans                 of other partners
reference to
the benefits
of such an
Could          2    Could provide      3                    3    Match funding
demonstrate         clearer outline of                           and support in-
why                 role of individual                           kind provided by
partnership         partners                                     partners
working will
add value

The project    1    Not clear what    2    Existing facility 1   £12,500 asked
specifically        existing level of      has limited life.     for. Difficult to
asks for            support is nor         Locating new          determine if this
engagement          what each of the       facility would        is well matched
of other            partners is            extend life.          by existing
partners            contributing           How would             support
                                           this be
                                           supported at
                                           the end of LAA
                                           - is it
                    Needs more        2                          Existing funding
                    information                                  was only for a
                    about how                                    three month pilot
No mention of 1     No mention of      1   C carers link   1    Not identified
how working         how this links         worker will
with wide           with partners          help to
number of           agencies               address
partners will                              community
bring added                                issues - no
benefited for                              existing
carer, eg                                  activity
what about                                 mentioned
health of
carer         3                        3                   2    Not clear if
                                                                existing partners
                                                                would be able to
                                                                also find

                2   Actions need       3                   1    Not shown

Not explicit 1      Needs more         2   Will build on    1   Not explicit
enough about        information on         existing project     about other
added value         sites for access                            support provided
                3                      3                   3

Only          2     Need more          1   Not enough       2   Need more
delivered by        information - text     information in       information on
LOTA training       cuts off               existing and         amounts
                                           text cuts off in
                                           new action
Based on        2   Headline only      3                    1   Not clear
participation       provided so far
of peer
Large number 2      Could be          1    Existing action 2    No reference to
of partners         expanded               information is       existing funding
bringing extra                             poor and is          or potential
skills to new                              more of a            partner
project.                                   critique of          allocations
Could be                                   what is not
expanded to                                being provided
show how                                   rather than
each partner                               explaining
is involved                                existing
                                           actions in
Would           2   Needs more         3   Maldon
                                           Improves        2    Funding is being
strengthen          details of actions     current patchy       sorted. Staff
partnership         from partners          mediation and        time?
objectives in       and how they           targets private
hotspots            would fit together     properties
                                           which aren't
Not clear       1   Not clear         1    Not clear       1    Not stated

Referenced,     2   Insufficient     1     Similar         2    Some other
but little          information on         scheme in            revenue
specific            what is required       place, but this      mentioned, but
information         to be done.            plan is for a        more specific
provided                                   new project          information is

Needs to be     2   Do outreach       2    Says core        1
stated              services add           funding - but
                    value or are they      not stated
                    mainly add on?         what and by
                    You could argue        whom
                    added value in
                    rural areas

Maldon PCT 1        Not present       1    References       1   Not evident
is mentioned.                              other activity
However                                    but does not
lacks detail                               demonstrate
None           1    No. As above    2    A continuation 1   Not taken down
mentioned.                               of same            or detailed what
Speak more                               project.           the money's for
about holistic                           Shows no
approach and                             development/i
how all                                  nnovation
partners are
required to
deliver this.
Who does

               2    Needs better    3                   2

Apart from      1   Not given.       2   There is a     1   Apart from
getting PRG,        Could this be        clear              CORD and
this is unclear     targeted funding     development        Victim Support,
                    for specific         here; detail       this is not
                    families             the role of        mentioned and
                                         each partner       what the impacts
                                                            are is not
                                                            outlined. Speak
                                                            to target lead to

Not clear how 1     Not clear       1    Not clear      1   Not clear
partners will
support this

Needs          1    Needs more      2    Shows          2   Some in-kind
clarifying          detail               development        funding implied
                                         of existing        but not detailed
                                         project, but
                                         needs to be
Clearly works 1    Just mentions          Same thing -    1   Needs to be
well already       funding and not        need more           much clearer
but again          specific actions       justification
could be                                  why we're
brought out                               carrying on
more                                      with same

Not shown     1    Actions not        3   Not existing at 3
                   described              present
Not stated    1    No detail          2   Completes a 2       Not contributing
                                          service for CP,     to new initiative
                                          Basildon and
                                          Rochford but
                                          might be
                                          stepping on
                                          toes of

              2    Further          3                     1   Not shown
                   information on
                   actions could be

Not sure that 2    Needs more             No existing     1   Not listed
RDC's role or      information            activity
input is           about who will
                   receive the calls
                   from GPS and
                   distribute the
Could be       1   No statement of 3                      3   Staff time from
improved -         actions from                               partners
Wildlife Trust     individual                                 included
is doing a lot     partners
of the work
Not specified. 1   Not specified    2    Link specified 1     Not clear. No
Freight                                  between              justification for
Transport                                existing Action      PRG bids
Association?                             4 and new
Chambers of                              Action 1
More link with 2                    2                    1    Not clear

As above.      2                    3                    1    Only PRG
Benefits from                                                 identified
additional ??
from other
action - also
to take into
h facilities

Benefits of   3    Very clear -      3   obvious links   1    It would be
working with       although there        through the          useful to get an
partners such      are a few project     details, also        idea of what
as housing         areas where           new actions          other monies
associations       improvements          very much            are being put to
made very          are needed            aligned to           this
clear                                    economic

Some will be 1     Actions are       3   Will build on    2   Some 'tacit'
done anyway        'required' or         existing, but is     agreed funding
(new strategy)     'tacitly agreed'.     not a stop
but a lot of       Should be             change
good work.         clearer and more
Some items         ??
are a bit
'naval gazing'
Have partners 1     This bid appears 1     There appears 1   Is the £50,000 a
been                to describe            to be no          partnership
consulted and       placing                existing          contribution or
do they agree       volunteers with        actions           what is sought?
or, is there        public sector
evidence that       organisations but
there is a role     makes no
for volunteers      mention of what
which would         is required for
add value?          partners

Partners        2   Activities could   2   Part of       1   Appears to be
identified, but     be described in        ongoing           wholly
limited             more detailed          strategy /        dependent on
description of                             programme         PRG funding
added value.
appears to be
lead by single
Demonstrated 2      Will be worked 2       Further       2   Needs more
through             up in developing       information       quantification.
village agents      the village            required          Consideration
pilot in            agents pilot                             needs to be
Braintree                                                    given to
                                                             increasing the
                                                             PRG bids

               3                       3                 3

               2    Which partners     3                 3   Mostly ECC and
                    would do what?                           DFT. Would be
                                                             nice to see other
Lots.           2   Potential - but     3   Lots of         2   Would like to
Potential           needs to                potential again     see more detail
needs more          summarise               - what are
clarification       existing activity       partners
                    that could be           doing?

Existing        2   Further detail      2   New actions    1    Not easy to
actions             would be                will build on       identify from
identify only       required from           these existing      completed
some support        individual              actions of          action plan
from LAA            partners to             developing an
partners.           identify actions        effective
Requires            with milestones         framework.
clear                                       Would require
statement of                                clear linkages
intent from all                             and feedback
partners to                                 between new
deliver added                               and existing
value                                       actions
Limited value 2     Actiones         2      Supports       1    Funding from
identified          identified, most        existing work       PRG, although
                    fall to Essex CC                            mention of use
                                                                of existing

                3                       3                   2   Needs clarity re
                                                                total requested -

Detailed       3    Detailed list of  2     Links with      1   Unclear how
description of      actions required.       existing work       much £ is
partnership                                                     required and
working                                                         whether any
                                                                would come
                                                                from sources
                                                                other than the
Needs to be     2                       1   More detail   1     PRG
clearer                                     about what is
                                            already done,
                                            ie actions
               2    At next stage, far 2   Clear link -    2    Some
                    more detail to be      existing =           information
                    added for new          probation            provided (like -
                    activity column -      areas of             existing PRE =
                    how it will be         responsibility.      'Safer Essex'
                    achieved? But          New =                shared post)
                    overall activities     partnership
                    clear and easily       added value to
                    understood             key areas
Clearly there 1     This is the key    2   Clearly there 3
but could           area for this bid      but could
benefit from        and significant        benefit from
better              work is required       better
evidence/expl       to show how            evidence/expl
anation             partnerships will      anation of how
                    work together          moves from
                    and contribute         Alcohol and
                                           DV to knife
                                           crime and
Good          2     Some actions     2     Sclose          1    Difficult to tell.
awareness of        described, some        synergy              Appears PRG
how                 less clear;            between              funding is
partnerships        particularly           existing and         required, but no
can add value       where money will       future actions       detail on where
                    be spent                                    or how it will be
See above.     2    See above.         1   See above      1/2   See above
Partnership is      Implicit but
there but           needs more
added value         work
is unclear

Slightly        1   Not at all clear   2   Clear link     1     Not specified in
unclear but         how indicators         between              new actions
also clear that     link to partners       problem
none of this                               (existing) and
could happen                               training (new)
without PCT
Needs to start 1    how does this       1   No mention of 1     £70k required
impact of all       link with the local     what in
other               Alcohol Harm            community
agencies            Reduction               being
                    Strategy                undertaken

Yes - helps to 2    Yes - but how    2      Is the resource 2   Nil
ensure parity       will it be              fully
and inclusion.      developed? Will         accessible and
Also include        it involve              relevant to all
children/youn       consulting with         groups (eg
g people as         young people?           disability, poor
partners?           (resource pack).        readers,
(focus group        How will you            BME)? Some
etc)                measure                 evidence
                    impact? Will you
                    ask the young

Clearly         1   Needs further      1    Needs          3    Support critically
implies this.       clarification.          clarifying          is in activity, not
Can only be         Needs clarifying                            moves - but
done through        how this will link                          needs to be
the Network -       with current                                made more
could perhaps       outcomes                                    effectively
further clarify
how the
agency might
add value
Action plan      1   More required - 2    The Multi-      2    Large PCT
needs to             what will be done    agency Centre        contribution.
explain how          to achieve vision    will unite and       This needs to be
objective will                            build on             unpacked to find
be delivered                              current              clear steps
more                                      activity. There      which will allow
effectively                               needs further        for the delivery
through                                   clarification        of the target
working in                                here

New             3    Clear statements 3   Development     3
partnership                               of existing
which would                               project - Sam
seem to                                   Hall
deliver added
Numerous        2    Says what is     2   There may      1     Little mention
partners             going to be done     well be links        apart from
referred to but      - but not always     between what         Tendring DC's
little mention       who and how          is happening         comment
of how they                               now and what
will work                                 is proposed
together                                  but these are
                                          not clear from

Multi-agency 2       More detail good 3   Good link to     1   Not clear
approach                                  sailing activity

Unclear.       1     Very limited    3    Link to HGP     2    Unclear what
Already on           information          funding and          contribution
sticking point                            programme            specifically for
                                                               this post

More detail      1   Not enough      3    Seems to tie in 2    Good evidence
needed               information          with other           re HGP but what
                                          activity and         about other
                                          funding              partner?
Not very clear 1     Lack of         2    Expands         1    No information
                     information          sailing
Not          1     Not clear         1    Not clear      3     But it appears
demonstrated                              linkages where       that the actions
                                          PRG sought           will go head
                                                               without PRG

               1   More work         2    Will put into    2   How much of
                   required to say        practice the         that goes into
                   who will do what.      BDP report.          post?
                   Not sure exactly       Existing
                   what the PRG           activities do
                   will pay for           not mention
                                          town centre

Need more      1   Need more         2    Need more        3
information        information            information

As above.      1   Need to identify 1     Existing and     1   Unsure from
More details       what                   proposed             form as to
required of        communications/        action for the       existing
voluntary          promotions             re-use of            provision from
partners           would be               electrical           partners base
involved           undertaken and         goods, is            budget
                   how this would         comparable,
                   make an impact         unsure as to
                                          with fuel
Good          2    Limited detail    1    New role         1   100% PRG
reasoning for      provided                                    funding

No additional 1    Little information 3   Extension to     3   The programme
partners           provided               existing             is already in
identified         regarding              arrangement          place and could
                   actions                                     be extended
                                                               with PRG
Not clear     1                    1                   1    In-kind
which                                                       contribution
which added

              3                    3    Just extending 3

Added value 1      Existing actions 2   It does appear 3    Existing
is reasonably      well detailed and    that the new        resource staff
well set out       with significant     action came         time +3,500,
                   funding and with     as a                +50,000,
                   several partners     development         +95,000, +
                   mentioned            of existing         voluntary centre.
                                        actions             New funds
                                                            84,00 + 6,000 +
                                                            40,000 seems
                                                            like good value
              1                    2    Are existing   2
                                        carrying on?

Form not       3   Covered quite   3    Matched         3   Quite a good
printed out        well                 funding             bid. Some more
property -                              identified from     detail required
missing                                 CDRP.               on partner
data/informati                          Sustainability      engagement,
on                                      and self            monitoring,
                                        funding             evaluation and
                                        covered             clear points on
                                                            added value. Is
                                                            business crime
                                                            an issue taken
                                                            from the
                                                            Assistant. If so,
                                                            to support the
              2                    2                   2    bid?
               2    Not sure how       2    New action      2   Some support
                    much the pilot          builds on           identified. Full
                    overlaps with           extending the       financial details
                    new action              existing action     not given
                                            which was a

No             2    Identifies activity 1   Can't judge   1     Can't tell. No
partnership         that can help           what level of       financial
working             with English.           input is made       information
identified          What about              in existing
                    Maths?                  action and
                                            how much the
                                            new action
                                            enhances this

Joined-up       2   Actions            2    Extending       1   Creation of new
working             provided, little        existing            role.Complete
would               detail around           programme           funding by PRG
increase likely     role of partners        into new area
Lack of data
Partnership     2   Activities        2     Extension of    1   None specified
working does        described, but it       existing
add value to        is unclear where        activities
this plan           the PRG £ would
                    be spent

The majority 2      Actions            2    Extension of    1   Unclear,
of work will be     specified, but          existing            appears that
delivered by        include "devise         programme           funding will be
one                 action plan"                                entirely from
organisation                                                    PRG.
Not clear     1     There is a       2     At present       1   Not stated
enough -            statement about        there is limited
which partner       the collective         action locally -
will do what?       value of the           that is stated
                    contributions of       in the plan - so
                    working in             synergy
                    partnership but        comparisons
                    not a clear            are between
                    statement of           what is
                    actions required       happening
                    from individual        now in
                    partners               Uttlesford and
                                           what is

Not clear      1    Not clear         1    Not clear how 1      Nothing listed
                                           the crime
                                           survey carried
                                           out earlier
                                           would link to
                                           the business
Limited -      3    Action required 3                     2     Could be
could be            clear - but                                 explained more
expanded            partnership                                 fully
It is not clear 1   Appears to be      2   Does not say 1       See 4. Not clear
what is core        clear action - but     what work has        what split
business and        all down to            been going on        between existing
VDC and             VDC?                                        resource and
what is new                                                     new resource.
Lacking in      2   Lacks             2    Few existing    1    Lacks
evidence on         statements of          actions              information on
how the             actions from                                how the partners
project will        individual                                  will contribute
add value           partners
through the
Could          2   Could provide a 3     Reflects        1   No reference to
demonstrate        clear outline of      previous            match funding
why                project               activities
improve the

Could          1   Needs            3    Is a            2   Needs
develop this       expanding             progression         expanding and
more                                                         clarifying

Good          3    Detailed actions 2    New role, but   1   Requires full
understandin       provided              links to            PRG funding
g of benefits                            existing
& imoprtance                             activity
of joined-up

Difficult to   1   Some actions      2   Would be        1   Limited
ascertain          but in terms of       useful to
from               others, eg            understand
information        method for            wider context
provided           deployment -
                   evidence based
                   service would do
                   on existing
Link between 2     Not clear how all 1   No evidence     1
education and      partners              of links
partners           contribute,
services           though implied
                   through LSP
              1   Very broad       3     Natural       1   No additional
                  action which has       progression       funding yet
                  to be expanded                           identified

Unclear and   1   Existing action = 3    There is      1   Not identified
what is the       same to future         synergy but
£30k for?         action (very           the areas
                  unclear). Project      above must be
                  actions need to        addressed to
                  be explained           give a good

              2   Allocation of      3                 2   Possibility of
                  actions - who will                       matched funding
                  manage/appoint                           from partner
                  the consultant?                          budgets, eg
                                                           Essex Police?

              1   What will each  2      It is         1   Not specified
                  partner do? How        developmental
                  will it be
Joined-up       2   Summary of       1   New project   1   Requires
partnership         required actions                       funding from
working is          provided                               PRG to
central to this                                            commence.

ECC, NHS,           Can't read it   3    Continuation 1    Unclear
prisons,                                 of stop
schools etc -                            smoking
'denormalisati                           services and
n' and control.                          diversification
Clearly                                  of function
expressed                                targeting. This
                                         ?? schools
                                         doesn’t help
  Total      Total   Overall Comments
Validation   Score
              14     Could have been included with

              16     Bigger pilot scheme to see

              12     More detail, less waffle, greater
                     links between alcohol and
                     community, ie crime/schools/adult
                     with injury/domestic
                     violence/ASD. No backup data

              19     Good plan - perhaps a bit more
                     detail for the initiatives

              19     NI 20 - looks at assaults - it's
                     aggravation as proxy for
                     alcohol/DV. May be useful to
                     include a little bit more
                     information NI 27 - ACL/people's
16   16   Clearer financial information

     17   Is there evidence this will achieve
          results? Has it been piloted
          elsewhere? Looks interesting,
          but needs reformatting



     15   Could have been included with
16   Would benefit from priorities and
     indicators being listed on
     headings. Other information
     needs restructuring as difficult to
     find, but is there

8    The £30k requested from PRG
     needs to be broken down into a
     more detailed budget

19   Make links to Parenting
10   Very ambitious. New action given
     the timescale unrealistic? Use
     existing facilities and co-ordinate

10   Lack of information generally.
     How will it impact on Year 6?

12   Does not link to the Countywide

8    No mention of new actions. No
     reference to other specific
     indicators. No detail re 'our
     people'. Action plan needed even
     if no funding required

7    Existing actions listed only. No
     reference to new actions

8    The application would benefit by
     expanding on a number of issues
     as outlined above. Especially
     when applying for such a large
     15   More detail needed


16   16   Lacks financial info.

14   14   Financial info. required

15   15   Sound plan, but could use more
          data. Cross-indicator target
          claims should be reviewd

     9    New Action 1 - does a new
          strategy not currently exist? How
          are they delivering need housing
          cuts across a raft of areas, wider
          consideration of police, probation,
          drugs intervention programme.
          Greater supporting of people in
          the wider community would b
     11   Lack of data to support plan

     14   Needs to explore possibility of
          working beyond an area - or
          putting more proposals in for
          other areas

     9    The basis of the plan as an
          expression of interest, which was
          the intention of this initial
          submission, is sound. It just
          requires additional information as
          the final submission of a fully
          completed action plan.
          Engagement with business on
          cost savings

14   14   Some more detail required
17   17   No £ figure provided for how
          much they require. Also, the
          work sounds as though it should
          form part of their normal working,
          rather than being a one-off

     11   Link with County wide target LI
          10.1 not explained

     9    Little information

          Not valid. LI 151 only applies in
          Tendring DC. New Action 1 more
          relevant to GEPF Action Plan 171
          and new Action 2 should relate to
          GEPF Action Plan NI 163, 164
     15   Ask for some money. Have plans
          to develop existing activities.
          Very few details on what more is
          being planned and what it will
          cost. Worthwhile project but AP
          needs improvement. Definite
          possibilities for this in principle

     18   Acronyms - JAG NAP? Needs
          more evidence of measures and
          benchmark. Explain target links
13   Demographically, is teenage
     pregnancy really so bad (above
     16 obviously!). The real problem
     is the poor customer young
     parents advice. Supporting this
     maybe helps. Also I am of moral
     contact approach. This plan does
     not directly ?? this

12   Young people who are parents at
     risk of becoming pregnant
     (female only). More recognition
     of male impact needs to be
     identified. NOT at risk of
     becoming parent (both male and


11   Main difficulty appears to be that
     there are no baseline nor targets
     so nobody is clear what they are
     trying to achieve
11   Target information missing.
     Funding should not be allocated
     to cover a deficit in existing
     provision. No reference to links
     to other indicators or funding from
     other partners. No reference
     made to other L1 2.1 action plan
     seeking funding for community

10   No reference to EastMeetsWest
     as an existing action. Scenes
     based on what I see written in the
     plan and do not reflect on
     concepts and plans themselves.
     Basically more detail and
     expansion is needed. Not really
     ambitious enough

14   Numbers of children to go
     through process? What will kids
     use? What are activities?

12   Has potential to have a good
     impact on Year 6 children in the
     Brentwood area. Greater detail in
     part 2 of application phase needs
     to demonstrate clearer intent and
     impact on Year 6 children

12   On the face of it the funding
     required is small and reasonable.
     This is very difficult to judge the
     impact without knowing more
     about the overall plan. Also does
     not fully tie into other plan
     submitted for the same target
16   17

     8    This is just about increasing (ie
          increasing membership) the role
          of the CVS and not a partnership

     18   Refer to NI 8 Countywide plan re
          funding for participation in EWPA
          scheme. Also, junior fitness
          facility must apply for funds now -
          next PRG in 2011. Impact
          section - refer to Active Living
          survey, certain key groups under-
          engaged in activities. Also A


     19   How will they relaunch? Does
          publicity material already exist?
7    Please reference the County wide
     123 plan and tie up some of the
     ideas from there

10   Good staring point but doesn’t go
     far enough to deliver indicator


18   Really positive initiative and
     should be pursued to delivery
18   Strong application, supported by
     sound logic but lacking some
     data. Supports existing
     arrangements and should impact
     target NI.


19   Needs to be clear about what the
     benefits are to community 'So
     What Factor'

10   Need to be clear what the
     questions on questionnaire and
     how are you going to use the
     outcomes. Tap into existing
     events - if the CAS14 works with
     existing groups, this plan would
     link to CAS11

     11   Under wrong target

     10   Is this not work that should be
          carried out under existing slab
          with local district council?
          Consider linking CAS11?
     10   If the action is read in conjunction
          with the N14 test it can be seen
          that it would not necessarily have
          a direct impact on that

14   16   Could be good when worked up
15   The outcomes of the action plan
     could be more explicit. Exactly
     how will this role increase adult
     participation in sport and active
     reaction? How many more
     people? What delivery will the
     activator undertake? Give
     examples of the type of projects

11   Needs information re existing
     activity and about what the co-
     ordinator would actually be doing

15   Would be useful to know current
     figures of participants and who
     they are -older persons, mums,
     toddlers etc and how often they

14   More information about the
     benefits of the programme would
     help to strengthen the bid
11     Perhaps need recording into a
       'bid' via the CYPSP (and under
       the bracket 'Staying Safe'
       agenda) or could direct other anti-
       bullying initiatives at Castle


16     Appears to be a sound
       programme, but further
       information is required on the
       numbers involved and likely
       impact on targets, as well as
       confirmation of how much the
       PRG funding contributes to the
       total cost of the project.
12.5   Seems worthwhile project.
       Partnership element needs to be
       developed. Also think the extent
       of contribution to LAA targets is
       questionable (though could be

14     Benefit of the project reasonably
       clear. Measurable outcomes
       could be improved. Unclear how
       this is a joint project


7    Needs clearer description of how
     project will work

12   Lacks information

7    Suggested that Castle Point LSP
     engages with the thematic head
     for NI 163, 164, LI 165



18     All Castle Point biodiversity plans
       are essentially the same but need
       consistent information hence
       difference in scores


15     How will the effectiveness of safe
       rooms on domestic violence be

18     How does this relate to similar
       work in other LSPs?


19     A credible plan with clear local
       direction, control and need.
       Minor amendments only of
       technical issues, no doubt
       identified in future actions
16   Not sure how effective one speed
     gun will be! How many
     community speedwatchers will be
     established? Safety precautions
     for public involved?


14   Would like to know exactly what
     partners are going to do. Would
     like to know more about an
     education programme

12   Some prose appears to be

15   Sound logic, but lack of detail.
  9      Significant extra work needed.

  8      Significant work needed on the
         plan in all areas. Very much a
         stand alone bid. No evidence of
         how this will be measured or how
         this activity will address
         perceptions of ASB. This type of
         approach is already used/in place
         through organisations such as N

  7      Not a new project. No clear link
         into how will affect/contribute to
         targets. No costings. Limited
         partner involvement. No
         evaluation or exist strategy
11-Jan   The kernel of a very good idea

 11      Will cricket club membership be
         paid? Should it be other sports
         too? Involve schools? Youth
         clubs? Community Sports
         Outreach workers exist in

 12      Application lacking information
         and evidence

14   This could be a strong bid.
     Community Safety teams are vital
     to delivery. The lack of detail and
     sustainability could undermine the
     application unless clear evidence
     is provided. The author of this
     sheet has knowledge of the type
     of role applied for an

13   The plan should impact the
     indicator target, but there is heavy
     reliance on PRG funding for the

7    This plan bears no relation to
     anything. Needs to be completely
     revisited and revised

     7    Would recommend that a score of
          0 is awarded. Very hard to score.
          Existing actions aren't detailed.
          New action - unclear if this is new
          build contract with housing
          association, private landlord?
          Does it have supporting people
          support? Young offenders
     14   Proposal very similar to proposal
          from CP (also scheme already
          operates in other areas, eg

     13   Current activities must be

     19   More information about target
          areas and groups needed

16   16   Strong plan, with solid
          demonstration of partnership
          working. Needs more info
          whether the project is dependent
          on PRG funding

8    8    Insufficient detail

     15   No existing actions included or
          their impact. Only had Phase 2
          action plan - perhaps existing
          actions were on Phase 1?
     13   No existing actions included or
          their impact. Only had Phase 2
          action plan - perhaps existing
          actions were on Phase 1?

     12   Needs a lot more explanation and
          supporting evidence to get plan to
          be accepted

12   12   Lack of detail, no figures or

9    9    Insufficient information; no details
          of the programme, partnership
          working, data, etc.

     12   Good initiative. Just needed
          more detail

     9    No existing action but clear is
          already some County transport
          provision which is being
          expanded/increased. Difficult to
          follow the forum. National
          partners would expect - where are
          Maldon and Colchester carers
          and Crossroads?
     9    More details needed

     8    Lacks detail. Did not follow


     7    Suggest that Colchester LSP
          engages with Be East as target
          lead for NI 171 and other
          economical target leads

     13   This needs to be worked much
          more effectively - just a bid for
          money without any indication of
          what it is for
10   10   Requires much more information

15   15   More partnership info. required

10   10   Limited information makes
          marking dificult.
16   16   Sound and strong application,
          requires more info. relating to
          funding & links to existing actions

     11   Project needs much more work to
          develop into an action plan

     9    Could be an interesting and
          positive project. Data on BME
          communities and projected
          growth would be useful. Existing
          action and costings needed.
          Would crosscut other indicators,
          but not evidenced in the bid. No
          financial details

     11   Impact of existing actions not
          detailed. Phase 2 Action Plan
          form used - at this stage it was
          intended that Phase 1 form
          should be used. Concern that
          this is not really partnership





12   Is this application for PCSOs or
     CSWs (and what are they)?

10   Are there any existing actions at
     all? Need to check this out with
     LSP action plans on same target.
     Doesn’t identify impact under 'Our

7    This is not the L1 13 Action Plan
     final submitted. I have at least 4
     existing actions listed and 3 bids
     for new activity

16   Information hidden on application
     so unable to read all actions


9    Need more information please,
     details very limited

17   Good proposal - just need more
     information about how LSPS will
     receive and distribute the funds -
     how it's going to work

16   Action 3 - uncosted

     New actions appear to be a
     duplicate of CYPSP9


     16   If successful in gaining funding '2'
          becomes a '3'

     16   What is AFI strategy? Action 2
          spelling check. New Action 1 -
          what is SSET? New Action 2 -
          MGP? LDG?


15   15   Need clarity around finances

          New actions appear to be a
          duplicate of CYPSP16
16   16   Requires expert analysis as the
          descriptions of actions and
          existing programme are quite field-

     19   Plan supplements existing
          arrangements & relates to a
          number of different national

     15   Needs more detail on who does
          what and expected outcomes.
          Also specific tasks (?? line copy
          of another with Maths put in for

          New actions appear to be a
          duplicate of CYPSP2
     15   Specific actions need to be
          sharpened up. Why do you need
          £100k capital? Are you building
          something? I assume this refers
          to 'completion of identified work'.

     15   Target? Needs more work to
          identify outcomes and who does
14   14   Lacking some key data, requires
          more detail.

15   15   Some elements of the plan are
          detailed and display good
          partnership working and buy-in
          from other partners. Other bits of
          the plan require more information.

14   14   Requires more detail and possibly
          financial support from partner

     9    Not clear in a county wide
          position statement has been
          undertaken on the proposed
          'mainstreaming' at Compact
          across Essex. No existing
          actions identified in the bid. No
          overall project cost of matched
          funding provided. Speak to
          Braintree Compact. Need
     15   Is this just Unite taking advantage
          of PRG funding. Do the older
          people want this?

     15   Project just lacks information

14   14   Needs more detail & clarity
11   11   Some good elements, more detail



     8    Why Theydon Bois in particular

18   18   Very strong application, detailed
          information, existing initiatives
          and funding in place, which would
          be supported by PRG funding.

16   16   More info. re. funding required

     15   A very clear statement of how
          target will be met, but would be
          instructive to have some
          indication of assessing real
          impact. Headed as Epping LSP,
          but appears to be Essex wide

          Duplicate of CAS2


10   The Phase 2 Action Plan has
     been used. There is insufficient
     information to be able to judge
     the impact of the project and it is
     not shown to link in to an existing

     This submission is an exact
     duplication as the submission for
     Tendring - but is seeking funding
     for the whole county. It is a good
     submission but I think these
     should be looked at closely by
     theme lead

10   Should be under N16 -
     participation in regular
9    Probably should be under N1 11 -
     engagement in arts

15   No breakdown of spends. Needs
     recognition of impact of
     parents/carers on preventative
     aspect of children's mental health
     as in existing actions

20   LSPs need to be engaged in
     adding value to this County wide
     action plan to meet the business
     registration target and business
     support simplification programme

14   14   Clarity required around actions
          and funding. The whole plan
          would benefit from being more





16   Existing project so need more
     understanding of the added value

16   Need to clarify the added value
     and what will be different to
     what's already happening


12   Capital project in Maldon LSP are
     - would it be marketed at County
     wide client base? If so is
     Burnham the best location?

10   Need full information on p10 of
     action plan & school

20   Good idea to focus on 'sporting'
     element for long term retention.
     Also would strongly advice
     looking at 'Boxercise' project
     which would link with the 'sporty
     physical' aspect with no body
     contact with gloves

19   A project which has the potential
     to impact on family groups which
     could well have a most proactive
     impact on social issues for this
     18   To effectively demonstrate
          outputs relevance to the indicator,
          it would be useful to specify for
          example, how many adults
          participate in moderate intensity
          sport for at least 30 minutes ???

     13   More focus on NI

     17   Need to clarify MEND versus
          MINI-MEND. Links to other


16   16   Sounds like a good idea, needs
          more info on actions and detail
          around partnership added value


19   19   Strong application, excellnt
          partnership working and
          coordinated funding.


     9    No impact or added value given.
          How will it be sustained beyond
          the LAA

     9    Needs more detail
8    This would be a valuable scheme
     - need more information on
     existing help, partnerships, health
     of carer, identification of other
     services to support carers


16   Should be wider range of

10   Good idea but needs more detail



     14   Existing actions should be
          expanded. The impact sections
          have not been completed.
          Should be linked to training
          indicators and information
          completed on what training is
          delivered, eg NVQ? Target
          information missing

     16   Would Maldon District Council
          Safety Partnership monitor and
          evaluate progress of Action Plan
          and report?


11   11   More detail required. No clear
          information on the impact this
          plan would have on the


     7    Just no detail
7    Need much for detail. Good idea
     for this indicator. Does it build on
     existing Hospitals from Home

18   How does this relate to other

11   Unfortunately I do not have the
     expertise to know whether the
     PRG bid (£40k) represents value
     for money (and therefore an
     effective contribution) or not.
     Could this be more ambitious?
     How does the targeting of young
     people (17 years old?) result in

9    Does this link to County initiative
     in Thematic Partnership action
     plan for NI 17?

11   Impact section not completed.
     Needs a lot more detail in order to
     explain new actions. Target
     section not completed
9    The 'additionality' brought about
     by PRG really needs to be made
     clear. This plan is relatively weak
     but has a sold base for
     improvement. Any more ideas?




7    Needs more information

14   Overall very detailed but the
     partnership element could be
     improved further. Align with LSP
     partners biodiversity plans
11   Congestion information may be
     more effective on SATNAV rather
     than by website

12   Most authorities have a rent
     deposit and/or damage scheme -
     is this an additional County bid?
     More actions to prevent ??
     Happy to discuss - Jo Albini -
     Braintree DC (01376) 551414


15   Sounds good but is high trend
     strategic approach and not co-
     ordinated to local plans. Also
     needs finer refinements
     9    This bid appears to be an
          aspiration to place volunteers into
          public sector organisations. It
          needs to demonstrate a
          commitment from partners as to
          how they will be used and how
          this will contribute to achieving
          targets. There must be evidence
          of where

14   14   Clarification needed around
          partner financial contribution.


     20   Very clear and sets out
          partnership arrangements.
          Possible weakness that target
          measures process rather than
          actual biodiversity or landscape
          quality (but that is how the target
          is defined)
     15   Needs prioritisation. Need to co-
          ordinate with LSP projects.
          Partnership with private sector?

     14   Themed lead needs to discuss
          with LSP partners to identify
          actions and to avoid duplication

11   11   Confusion over why this funding
          is needed and whether this plan
          should be part of everyday work
          of the apropriate dept. Limited
          partnership working.


17   17   Very strong plan, but lacks any
          detail around how much £ is
          required and what the £ would be
          spent on

     9    Delivery group - are resources
          available to co-ordinate meeting
          etc. Needs more detail. New
          actions - how? List three new
18   21   Strong plan - details required re
          specific actions key issues - lack
          of baseline data - ability to

     16   This bid appears in the first
          instance to focus on Harlow then
          moving to Chelmsford and
          Colchester. However, on further
          reading it appears to be a County
          wide initiative and needs clarity
          including placing County LSP at
          the beginning if this is the case.

15   15   Good example of partnership
          working. More financial info

     14   Fundamentally weakened by lack
          of data re current position and
          where the target is. Should link to
          existing service in Basildon

     9    Need more narrative in action
          descriptions - not clear (especially
          in existing actions) what is being
          done. Who training? Make
          reference to a dashboard on the
          problem areas? How is work
7    Very little detail supported


14   Overall the issue of how this will
     be different to (and adding value
     to or replacing) current activity

     I have concerns that these have
     been submitted without reference
     to the target lead plan. The
     central plan which I have
     submitted includes bids which
     cover mental health awareness
     training extending an existing
     successful pilot. The new action
14   Overall objective strong. Actions
     must be broken down. What is
     expected of each partner?
     Where will it be based? Location
     must be specified. Give out
     criteria for action plans ahead of
     this day



7    All of these actions are included
     in Thematic Partnership Action
     Plan NI 151 and NI 163, 164, LI
     165 (good local support for these
     action plans)

14   Needs much more information
     including specification such as
     contributions from other partners.
     What type of jobs are being

14   More specifics required to assess

     11   Good links with Thematic
          Partnership action plan NI 151.
          The actions are too general - not
          specific about how PRG would be
          used to deliver NI 166.



     8    Maybe this could be run as two
          separate projects. The existing
          project appears to be very good.
          Maybe the existing project could
          also be increased to include
          certain client groups, eg mental

13   13   Requires greater partnership
          working and financial support of

11   11   Insufficient detail
9    Training for LSPs is worthwhile,
     but how will this engage a
     broader cross-section of the
     community? The resources
     inadequate for one stop shop

21   No targets. Print has missed bits
     of text. This submission mirrors
     that sent in for Epping - but seeks
     funding across the county. The
     theme lead needs to co-ordinate
     these submissions
13   Will it be sustained beyond the
     life of the LAA?



13   Why only 14 schools - is this 75%
     of schools. Why only Tendring?
     Should it across county? CLLD?
     78 points - what does this mean?
     Actions of the group. Is this
     development of an existing
     11   In new actions not all information.
          The box cuts off text. Don't know
          what CLLD stands for. The
          impacts identified do not make
          any links to LAA priority areas. Is
          this restricted in partnership
          because of the narrow focus?

     8    The impacts identified do not
          make any links to the LAA priority
          areas. Is this restricted in
          partnership because of the
          narrow focus?

14   14   Reasonable plan, but lacking
          some data. Heavy reliance on
          PRG funding.

13   13   It sounds as though this plan
          should be part of their everyday
          work, rather than a specific
          project. It is unclear what the
          money is to be used for and how
          it would impact the targets.
14   14   Figures suggest this programme
          could have a significant impact on
          target, need verification.

9    Proposal for a business survey is
     sound but confusing to include a
     crime survey. No indication of
     how business survey results
     would be acted upon to meet the
     earnings target

14   Needs more partnership

10   Pilot project to role out across
     Essex - after private sector
     involvement. Business
     involvement - efficiency savings -
     impact - sustainability?

     13   Further clarity around planned
          actions - how it will impact on
          LAA indicator

     13   Not a very appropriate project to
          meet NI II. Need to demonstrate
          how this will improve and
          increase participation in the
          medium to long term

16   16   Would benefit from some
          financial support from other

     10   ASB indicator is about
          perceptions - limited link to this.
          Difficult to assess this scheme
          proposal without the wider context
          of unified partnership work.
          Could be the case that for a
          relatively small amount -
          significant benefit as part of
          existing wor

13   There must be many other plans
     relating to NI 47. Would have
     been useful to have assessed all
     together. What evidence is there
     this is a traffic hotspot?

10   Existing actions appear to be
     identical to future actions. There
     is a bid for £30k (to conduct the
     review) and then outline this as
     ECC responsibility (this makes no

18   Internet based - possess different
     versions for different age groups

9    Will this be sold? Is there a
     computer resource already out
     there? What is the previous
     impact of the board game?
     Could this be more effective if
     delivered ahead of Year 11,
     ahead of people getting mopeds
     at 16? Are there any national
     resources? Can'
12   12   New project, but some sound
          reasoning for impact to targets,
          requires more data to support


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