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             The Peter Kirk Community Center (PKCC) is committed to providing opportunities for
            people age 50 and over, to create healthy and rewarding lives for themselves and others.

To achieve the goal of promoting wellness of body, mind and spirit, the Com-
                                                                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
munity Center offers a wide variety of activities and services. On any given
day or evening, you will see people participating in fitness classes, Zumba, Tai         General Information ......................61
Chi, Aerobics, Yoga, Ab Lab, a wide range of art and life-long learning classes,         Special Events .................................63
fun special events, intergenerational programs, van trips and charter tours. The         Senior Council Update ..................64
Community Center also provides a wide range of health, legal and financial               Arts & Crafts ..................................65
services, a nutritional hot lunch four days a week and operates the Meals on             Music ..............................................65
Wheels Program, delivering to the homebound.                                             Sports ..............................................66
                                                                                         Literary Arts ...................................66
This drop-in facility offers the opportunity for fun, friendship and socialization       Stage & Screen ................................66
in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The support and tremendous amount of                  Language ........................................66
volunteer hours makes it possible for the Community Center to offer a wide               Dance ..............................................67
variety of activities and services.                                                      Fitness and Exercise........................67
At this time the Center does not provide respite, adult day care, and/or services        Games .............................................68
that would normally be provided by a trained attendant, nurse or personal                Health Enhancement Program ......68
                      caregiver (i.e., incontinence, inability to use the restroom       Computers ......................................69
                              facilities by one’s self, or preventing a participant      Financial Education .......................71
                              from leaving the grounds of the Center). In addi-          Financial & Legal Services .............71
                              tion, the provision of any personal care by staff          Health & Nutrition Education ......72
                               for a participant is beyond our capability and            Health Services ...............................73
                                 cannot be expected. Participants in need of             Caregiving ......................................74
                                   personal assistance are encouraged to partici-        Support Groups ..............................74
                                     pate when accompanied by an escort. Older           Community Resources...................74
                                       adults with special needs may be eligible         Adult Day Centers ..........................75
                                        for other community-based programs,              Adult Respite Services ....................75
                                           such as adult day care (see page 75) or       Chinese & Latino Services .............75
                                             contact Evergreen Care Network at           Volunteer Opportunities ...............76
                                             425.899.3200.                               Employment ...................................76
                                                                                         Transportation ...............................76
                                                                                         Driver Training ..............................76
                                                                                         Center Van Services .......................76
Endorsements Classes, workshops, services and events offered at the Peter                Center Van Trips ............................77
Kirk Community Center are selected for the potential recreational and educa-             Van Trip Policy & Registration .....79
tional enjoyment of, and benefit to, interested participants. We do not endorse          Day & Extended Charter Tours .....79
any products or programs that are presented. Individuals are responsible for
making their own informed decisions.                                                     Center Hours
                                                                                         Monday – Friday ......................8am-5pm
                                                                                         Weekends....................................... Closed
     PARKING PERMIT REQUIRED!                                                            Holidays ....................5/31 & 7/5 Closed
                                                                                         8/21–8/31.......Closed for Maintenance
      Peter Kirk Community Center Participants: If you are at the
     Center between 8am and 3pm, an orange parking permit must
                                                                                         Center Location
           be displayed from your vehicle’s rear-view mirror.
                                                                                         352 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland 98033
            Parking Permits Available from PKCC Staff

                                  See page 11 for Registration Information or Register Online at                     61
                                                                                     Thank You Fairwinds Redmond
                                                                                       for Sponsoring Steppers!

                                                                                        The Super Stepper
      with the Kirkland Steppers!                                                          “Club Card”
                                                                                         Membership has
                                                                                        exclusive benefits:
The Kirkland Steppers are launching into their 7th year of fun
walking opportunities on Tuesdays (June 8–Sept 28) with a                               For $10 you can be a Super
plethora of zany, dedicated walkers age 50+. Waste no time                            Stepper “Club Card” member.
                                                                                    Club Membership has its Rewards!
lacing up your sneakers for an experience only the Steppers
                                                                                    • Exclusive Membership Card
                      can provide.
                                                                                    • Super Stepper Club T-Shirt
                                Becoming a Super Stepper                            • Super Stepper give-aways
                                 “Club Card” member is simple at                    • First priority for registration for
                                                                                      all Special Events
                                  the Peter Kirk Community Center.
                                                                                    • Admittance to “Kick-Off” Celebration
                                  Program details are outlined                        on June 8 (registration required)
                                  in the Club Walk Schedule,                        • Special Event Walks
                                                                                      (registration required)
                                 available March 19.
                                                                                    • Transportation to Special Event walks
                                                                                      (registration required – seats are
                                                                                    • Admittance to the “Finish Line”
                                                                                    • Participation in community merchant
                                                                                    • Reward for the highest number
                                                                                      of walks attended

                                                          CLUB              NON-
            SPECIAL EVENTS                               Member            Member   • Non-Members are encouraged and
                                                                                      always WELCOME to join the walkers
                  Super Stepper’s “Kick-Off”
                                                                                      every week.
 June 8          Celebration Continental Breakfast          –0–              $5
                      sponsored by Fairwinds                                        • There is a $5 fee per event for
                                                                                      all special walks and parties.
                  Bellevue Botanical Gardens
 July 13                                                    –0–              $5     • Registration required for all Special
                        Lunch on your own
                                                                                      Events and opens 2 weeks prior to
                        Bothell Landing                                               event.
  Aug 3                                                     –0–              $5
                        Lunch on your own                                           • Stepper Club T-Shirt available
                           Arboretum                                                  to purchase for $12.
 Sept 14                                                    –0–              $5
                         Lunch on your own
                  “Finish Line” Extravaganza
 Sept 29                                                    –0–              $5
                   Lunch sponsored by Fairwinds

62 City of Kirkland Recreation Classes & Programs Spring and Summer 2010
                                                                                                                                     Age 50+
Special Events                                                 The 8th Annual Peter Kirk Community Center’s
Movie and Popcorn
Join the Peter Kirk Community Center
Advisory Board for a movie and pop-
corn. The Advisory Board has chosen
some old favorites and new releases to
share with you.
   The Proposal         Mon     1pm        Apr 19
                                                               352 Kirkland Ave
    Julie & Julia       Mon     1pm        May 17
  The Accidental        Mon     1pm        June 21
                                                               Wed., July 14 at 9:00 am
  Public Enemies        Mon     1pm        July 19
                                                               Cost: $7.00
     Ghosts of
  Girlfriends Past      Mon     1pm        Aug 9          Reg. deadline: Wed. July 7 • For information: 425.587.3360

                                                                                                               INVITATIONS TO FOLLOW

                             Annual        Volunteer Appreciation Celebration
                                            Thursday April 29 2010 6:00pm–7:30pm
                       The City of Kirkland is thrilled to host the annual Volunteer
                       Recognition honoring all our dedicated 2009 volunteers.             VE
                                                                                         SA THE DATE
Viva Italiano!
The Peter Kirk Advisory Board is creat-
ing a fabulous Italian lunch from some
secret recipes! Dine on this delicious                                            MADISON HOUSE RETIREMENT
authentic meal after enjoying some                                                      & Assisted Living
fabulous entertainment.
                                                               AN INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AWARD-WINNING COMMUNIT Y
Advance Reservations Required by May 7 H Cost $7
    Fri              11 am        May 14       29967                                   Convenient Month-to-Month Rental Includes:
                                                                                       • Great Location – Adjacent to Evergreen Hospital
End of the Summer Sock Hop                                                               Medical Center & Clinics

& Luncheon
                                                                                       • Registered Nurse & Licensed Practical
                                                                                         Nurse with 24-hour staff on premises
Dust off those poodle skirts and saddle                                                • 3 Gourmet Meals Every Day –
                                                                                         No Added Charges
shoes, leather jackets and Levi’s. Plan to                                             • Indoor Heated Pool & Spa
wear them to our Sock Hop and be eli-                                                  • Spacious Apartments with Ample Storage
gible to win fun prizes. Enjoy a delicious                                             • Landscaped Gardens & Walking Path
feast complete with entertainment by                                                   Please join us for a no obligation lunch and tour!
“Buddy Holly”. Contest and entertain-
ment begin at 11am. Register early; this                                                                      
event is sure to sell out fast!                                               425.821.8210                              12215 NE 128th, Kirkland
Advanced registration required by 8/6 H Cost $7
    Fri              11am         Aug 13      29968
                                                                    QUALIT Y ~ REPUTATION ~ LOCATION
                                                                                           ( PA I D A D V E R T I S E M E N T )

                                            See page 11 for Registration Information or Register Online at            63
Age 50+
                                                                                        EDUCATIONAL VIDEO
                                                                                            PROGR AMS
                                                                                    The Kirkland Senior Council (KSC)
                                                                                    undertakes a variety of projects that benefit
                                                                                    residents age 50 and over. To raise com-
                                                                                    munity awareness on a variety of topics and
                                                                                    issues, the KSC produces and distributes
                                                                                    a variety of educational video programs
                                                                                    which air on Klife, channel 75 and can be
                                                                                    seen online at, (go
                                                                                    to Watch on Demand Programming). Cop-
                                                                                    ies are also available to the public on DVD,
                                                                                    for details call Carrie Hite, 425.587.3320.

                                                                                        THE KIRKLAND SENIOR
                                                                                         COUNCIL WANTS TO
                                                                                          HEAR FROM YOU!
    INTRODUCING THE 2010 SENIOR COUNCIL                                                      Share your questions,
  Back Row: Lauren Bolen, Joan Luster, Kathy Iverson (Vice Chair), Dave                 comments and ideas. Contact the
  Wagar, Stuart Ostfeld, Dave Ryan Front Row: Bob McCory, Doris Ford,                     Kirkland Senior Council at
   Sheryl Henry (Secretary), Diana Bottin, Carolyn Kelso, Betty Stevens        
  Not Shown: Rich Allen, Don Bartleson (Past Chair), Penny Kahn (Chair)
                                                                                        Or call Carrie Hite 425.587.3320.

                                                                                                  Sports and
                               Grab Life and Go!                                                   Activities
                               The Northwest Senior Games give people                      Badminton: Competitive & Recreational
                                                                                           Bellevue Badminton Club
                               age 50 and better the opportunity to participate in
                               social, competitive and recreational athletic events.       Mercer Island
                               The goal is to promote an interest in lifetime sports,      Dance: Ballroom & Line Dance
                               recreation and physical activity that helps maintain        Redmond Senior Center
                               and improve health.                                         Fencing
                                                                                           South Bellevue Community Center
                                  Most events will occur in June 2010.
                                                                                           Half Marathon Walk
                               Registration forms available Apr. 15, 2010.                 Gasworks Park in Seattle
                                                                                           Olympic View Ice Arena, Mountlake Terrace
           For information, or to volunteer, call 206.755.3588
           or go online to                                    The Community Center at Mercer View,
                                                                                           Mercer Island
                                                                                           Juanita High School, Kirkland
                                                                                           Table Tennis
                                                                                           Greenlake Community Center, Seattle
                                                                                           Lower Woodland Courts at Greenlake, Seattle
                                                                                           Track & Field
                                                                                           West Seattle Stadium

64 City of Kirkland Recreation Classes & Programs Spring and Summer 2010
                                                                                                                                             Age 50+
Arts & Crafts
Wire Chain & Bead Jewelry                                 Intermediate Watercolor                                     Open Art Studio
Workshop NEW FORMAT!                                      Improve your skills in watercolor and                       Come paint or draw with other artists.
Learn the easy techniques used to fash-                   study principles of art. Create paintings                   The Peter Kirk Community Center
ion silver, gold, brass and copper rings                  from photographs, study other artists                       Art Room is available for drop-ins on
into stunning and enduring bracelets,                     and paint one still life, with demon-                       Tuesday afternoons. Check-in at the
necklaces, earrings and more. Both                        strations by Pat Tuton. For advanced                        front desk. For more information call
novices and experienced jewelry makers                    beginners through intermediate                              425.587.3360.
will appreciate the creative yet simple                   Prerequisite: Beginning Watercolor or Workshop              Per visit fee: Resident $3 / Non-Resident $4
styles. Each new participant will fashion                 H Instructor: Pat Tuton H Location: PKCC                         Tue             1–3pm             Ongoing
and finish a gold or sterling bracelet.                   4 classes H No class 5/21 H Supply fee $3
In addition, there are 70+ designs of                     Resident $40 / Non-Resident $48
finished pieces that you may find enjoy-                      Fri      9:30am–12pm       Apr 30–May 28 29786
                                                                                                                      Needle Craft Group
able to make. This includes Byzantine                                                                                 Have fun, socialize and work on your
and chain mail. Repeat participants                       Drawing with Pastels for                                    hand work.
can bring or order materials and beads                    Beginners                                                   Free H No class 8/25
as needed, costs will vary.                               Learn to use the brilliant, glowing colors                       Wed          10am–12pm             Ongoing
No experience is necessary-tools are supplied             of pastel to draw creatively. Expand
New participants: Please bring a $29 materials fee        drawing skills while learning techniques
the first day of class H Space is limited to 5 students   of this versatile medium. This class is
in this non-soldering introductory workshop
H Location: PKCC H Instructor: John Gray
                                                          designed for beginning students.                            Music
Daytime Resident $15 / Non-Resident $18                   Supply list available H Instructor: Louise Arntson
                                                          4 classes H Resident $20 / Non-Resident $24                 Senior Singers
   Thur        9am–12pm            Apr 15       29773                                                                 All singers welcome to join.
   Thur        9am–12pm            July 15      29779        Wed        10am–12pm           Apr 7–28       29926
                                                             Wed        10am–12pm           May 5–26       29927      Free H No practice 7/2, 8/13 & 27
Evening Resident $20 / Non-Resident $24
                                                                                                                            Fri            1–2pm             Ongoing
   Thur          6–9pm             May 13       29776
                                                          Inter. Drawing with Pastels
   Thur          6–9pm             June 17      29777
                                                          Create beautiful scenes through the
                                                          application of good drawing skills, ideas
                                                          and special techniques of pastel paint-
  Pre-registration required for
                                                          ing. Prerequisite: Drawing with Pastels
  all classes, call 425.587.3360
                                                          for Beginners or prior experience.
                                                          Supply list available H Instructor: Louise Arntson
                                                          4 classes H Resident $20 / Non-Resident $24
Beginning Watercolor
Workshop                                                     Wed           1–3pm            Apr 7–28       29929
This all-day workshop is for students                        Wed           1–3pm            May 5–26       29930
with no experience or those needing
instruction in the basic elements of                      Oil Painting
watercolor painting. This class will cover                If you can hold a paintbrush, you can
basic washes, brush strokes, composi-                     discover how to oil paint. Explore
tion, color, values and planning to make                  composition, color theory, and various                      Video / DVD Movie
a successful painting. There will be a 1
hour lunch break/
                                                          paint application techniques. All abili-
                                                          ties welcome.                                               Checkout
Material list available, please bring materials to        Bring a 16 x 20 canvas to first class, all other supplies   Our movie checkout library has grown.
first class H Instructor: Pat Tuton H Location: PKCC      provided H Instructor: Danielle Barlow                      If you have videos or DVD’s to donate,
H Supply fee $3 H Resident $20 / Non-Resident $24         6 classes                                                   please drop them off at the front desk.
    Fri     9:30am–3:30pm           Apr 2       29785
                                                          No class 7/5 H Resident $46 / Non-Resident $55              Movies are available to check out, free
                                                             Mon        9:30–11:30am      Apr 19–May 24 29932         of charge to view either at the Center
                                                             Mon        9:30–11:30am      June 7–July 19 29933        or at home.
                                                          4 classes Resident $31 / Non-Resident $37
                                                             Mon        9:30–11:30am     July 26–Aug 16 29935

                                              See page 11 for Registration Information or Register Online at                               65
Age 50+
Stage and Screen                             Language                                               Sports
Mondays at 10:30am. Free!                    Introduction to Spanish
Everyone is welcome!                         ¿Habla Español? Learn to speak, read
  April 5    Kauai, Hawaii     Len Steiner   and write Spanish using basic vocabu-
                                             lary in the present tense. Yolanda Von
 April 12
                               Ron Nece      Diesl has been teaching language classes
                                             for over 25 years and is fluent in Span-
             Polar Bears of     James
 April 19
               Churchill       Monahan
                                             ish, French, Norwegian, Italian and
             From Pole to         Ben
 April 26                                    Location: PKCC H 5 classes H No class 7/5
                Pole            Shimbo
             4 Seasons of
                                             Resident $45 / Non-Resident $54                        Softball Recruitment is in
  May 3
                               Len Steiner      Mon        1:30–3pm      Apr 26–May 24 29791        Full Swing!
                Olympic                         Mon        1:30–3pm      June 7–July 12 29792       Our three senior softball teams con-
 May 10                        Ron Nece         Mon        1:30–3pm      July 19–Aug 16 29794       tinue to hit home runs and have lots
              Marquesas         James
                                                                                                    of fun! The two men’s teams, “Moss
 May 17
             Island Cruise     Monahan       Continuing Spanish                                     Bay Hawks”, “Kirkland Owls” and the
                                  Ben        Now that you know the basics, here’s the               co-ed team, “Kirkland Klassics” were
 May 24         Deserts                                                                             all a hit in 2009! After a long winter
                                Shimbo       opportunity to expand your vocabulary
 May 31            Center Closed             and increase conversational skills.                    break, team players are now dusting off
                                             Yolanda Van Diesl is fluent in 6 foreign               their bats to begin practice in March
            Yellowstone and                                                                         2010. Everyone is gearing up for another
  June 7
             Grand Tetons
                            Len Steiner      languages and has been teaching for
                                             over 25 years.                                         fantastic season of league play, May
 June 14      East is East     Ron Nece                                                             through July. These three recreational
                                             Location: PKCC H 5 classes
 June 21    Antarctic Cruise
                                             Resident $45 / Non-Resident $54
                                                                                                    teams love to play the game and enjoy
                               Monahan                                                              the sport of competition. If you are age
                                  Ben           Wed        1:30–3pm         Apr 7–May 5     29797   55+ and have played softball or simply
 June 28       Ice World                        Wed        1:30–3pm        May 12–June 9    29798
                                Shimbo                                                              want to play (no experience required),
                                                Wed        1:30–3pm       June 16–July 14   29799   recruitment for the new 2010 season is
  July 5           Center Closed
                                                Wed        1:30–3pm       July 21–Aug 18    29800   underway!
  July 12    New Mexico        Len Steiner

  July 19       India I
                                             Literary Arts                                          For more information call Dick Hansen,
                                                                                                    425.455.5376 or Bob Kamuda 425.803.9843
 July 26      Great Plains
                                             Mystery Book Club                                      Golf Instruction
                                             Participants will select a-book-of-the-                Learn to play golf in the comfortable
  Aug 2       Cambodia         Len Steiner
                                             month and then meet to share their                     atmosphere of the Redwood Golf Cen-
                                   Al        reading experiences. Join us and bring                 ter in Woodinville. A PGA instructor
  Aug 9        Indonesia
                               Van Rennes
                                             along your favorite mystery. Everyone                  teaches group lessons. Learn basic golf,
 Aug 16         India II
                                James        welcome!                                               grip stance, swing, rules and etiquette.
                                             Group meets the 1st Wednesday of each month,           By the end of this 4-part series you will
                                             1–2pm                                                  be able to play on the golf course. Bring
                                                                                                    your own clubs or try the Golf Center’s
                                             Shakespeare Amateurs                                   demo clubs.
                                             To savor the work of Shakespeare, join
    ATTENTION! Peter Kirk                    Prof. Saunders and this lively discussion
                                                                                                    Location: Redwood Golf Center
                                                                                                    13029 Redmond-Woodinville Rd NE, Woodinville
 Community Center Participants:              group as they go through the Canon,                    Min 6 / Max 12 H 4 classes
  If you are here between 8:00am             piece by piece. All amateurs welcome!                  Sr Resident $89 / Sr Non-Resident $107
  and 3:00pm an orange parking               Group meets the 2nd Monday of each month,
                                                                                                    Non-Sr Resident $97 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $116
   permit must be displayed from             September–May, 10am–12pm                                   Fri       10–11am          Apr 9–30    29619
   your vehicle’s rear-view mirror                                                                      Fri       10–11am         May 7–28     29620
                                                                                                        Fri       10–11am         June 4–25    29621
                                                                                                        Fri       10–11am         July 9–30    29631
                                                                                                        Fri       10–11am         Aug 6–27     29632

66 City of Kirkland Recreation Classes & Programs Spring and Summer 2010
                                                                                                                                   Age 50+
Dance                                                  Fitness & Exercise
Line Dancing                                           Chair Yoga           NEW!                             Meditation Asana
Line Dancing is a great way to exercise                Chair yoga is for those                               This meditation/yoga class uses visual-
your body and mind while meeting                       who aren’t able to get                                izations and slow movement to relax,
new friends and listening to some great                up & down from the                                    find inner joy and to gain greater health.
music. With the endless stream of new                  floor but still want all                              Regular yoga postures will be done in a
dances coming out there is always some-                the benefits yoga has to                              meditative and calm state. This class will
thing new and challenging to learn. All                offer. All movements                                  give level options to meet the needs of
abilities welcome! Join Joe in this fun                will be seated in a chair                             all students and encourage growth and
and friendly class. This class will not be             or using the chair for                                awareness.
pro-rated.                                             support.                                              Instructor: Paula Wilson H Location: PKCC
Beginner class includes basic line dance instruction   Instructor: Paula Wilson H Location: PKCC             5 classes H Resident $44 / Non-Resident $53
and the opportunity to test your coordination skills   5 classes H Resident $44 / Non-Resident $53              Thur      1:30–2:30pm    Apr 29–May 27 29940
H Location: PKCC H Instructor: Joe Mraz                   Mon      12:45–1:45pm    Apr 26–May 24 29936
6 classes H No class 6/1 H Resident $30 /
Non-Resident $36                                                                                             Qigong & Taiji             NEW
                                                       20/20 Fitness              NEW                        Have fun learning Qigong and Taiji-
   Tue         10–11am       Mar 30–May 4 29735
   Tue         10–11am       May 11–June 22 29736
                                                       Look amazing, feel even better and get it             quan. These practices use smooth, even
   Tue         10–11am       July 6–Aug 10 29741
                                                       all done in one workout. 20 minutes of                flowing movements to increase harmony
                                                       fun non and low –impact salsa moves to                of mind and body. Class begins with a
                                                       burn fat and 20 minutes of body sculpt-               variety of Qigong warm-up exercises and
  Pre-registration required for                        ing on the floor using bands. Finish with             then proceeds to learning a symmetrical
  all classes, call 425.587.3360                       5 minutes of relaxing stretch.                        short form of Yang style Taiji.
                                                       Bring a mat to class H Location: PKCC                 Class appropriate for students with little or no
                                                       7 classes Resident $47 / Non-Resident $56             experience H Instructor: Debbie Doyle H 4 classes
                                                                                                             Resident $35 / Non-Resident $42
Beginning Tap                                             Tue       12:15–1pm      Apr 13–May 25     30156
                                                          Thur      12:15–1pm      Apr 15–May 27     30160      Thur      8:45–9:45am    Apr 15–May 6      30057
Margie Meillon teaches easy-to-learn
                                                          Tue       12:15–1pm      June 8–July 20    30161      Thur      8:45–9:45am    May 13–June 3     30058
basic tap combinations, such as time
                                                          Thur      12:15–1pm      June 3–July 15    30157      Thur      8:45–9:45am    June 10–July 1    30059
steps, soft shoe and paddle turns. Learn
                                                                                                                Thur      8:45–9:45am      July 8–29       30065
complete dance routines.                               5 classes Resident $35 / Non-Resident $41
Bring tap shoes H Min 4 / Max 20 H 6 classes              Thur      12:15–1pm      July 22–Aug 19 30159
Resident $24 / Non-Resident $29                        4 classes Resident $27 / Non-Resident $32
   Thur      9:30–10:30am     Apr 22–May 27 29747         Tue       12:15–1pm      July 27–Aug 17 30158
   Thur      9:30–10:30am      June 3–July 8 29748
   Thur      9:30–10:30am     July 15–Aug 19 29751     Pilates for Beginners
                                                       A g reat workout that tones the
Basic Intermediate Tap                                 entire body while focusing on core
Focus is on time steps, Broadway tap and               strength. Yoga stretches are incorporated
Cash steps. Learn Wings, Pullbacks,                    to increase flexibility, balance and range
Bells, Running Heels and Military.                     of motion while improving posture,
Bring tap shoes H Prerequisite: must have              reducing risk of injury and stress. Pilates
had basic tap training H Instructor: Margie Meillon    is effective for all ages and fitness levels
H Min 4 / Max 20 H 6 classes                           through simple yet effective movements.
Resident $24 / Non-Resident $29
                                                       Wear comfortable clothes and bring a
   Thur     10:30–11:30am Apr 22–May 27 30047          mat to class.
   Thur     10:30–11:30am June 3–July 8 30048
                                                       Location: PKCC
   Thur     10:30–11:30am July 15–Aug 19 29753         7 classes Resident $61 / Non-Resident $73
                                                          Thur    10:30–11:30am Apr 15–May 27 29903
                                                          Thur    10:30–11:30am June 3–July 15 29904
                                                       5 classes Resident $45 / Non-Resident $54
                                                          Thur     10:30–11:30am July 22–Aug 19 29905

                                            See page 11 for Registration Information or Register Online at                       67
Age 50+
Fitness & Exercise                                                                                             Games
Yoga for Beginners                                       Enhance Fitness II                                    Ping Pong (Table Tennis)
With 30+ years experience teaching                       Join this fun and friendly program                    Open to players of all abilities.
Yoga, Dorothy teaches the basics of                      developed by the U of W and Group
Hatha Yoga. She will introduce pos-                      Health Studies which incorporates                     Sign up at front desk or call 425.587.3360
tures, breathing and relaxation. When                    non-jumping, low impact aerobics with
                                                                                                               Checkers, Chess, Scrabble,
practiced regularly, yoga improves flex-                 weights. Work at your own pace to move                Backgammon and Cribbage
ibility, muscle tone, posture, balance,                  and feel better.
breath awareness and the ability to relax                                                                      Enjoy any one of these games that are
                                                         Instructor: Marilyn Johnson H Resident $45 /          now available, ask for the playing pieces
and release stress.                                      Non-Resident $54 H No class 6/1, 8/24, 26 & 31
                                                         H Lifetime is a covered benefit for persons covered
                                                                                                               at the front desk.
Bring mat or rug H Instructor: Dorothy Sims
4 classes H Resident $35 / Non-Resident $42              by Medicare Part A and B and enrolled in a Group
                                                         Health Medicare + Choice (M+C) plan H Class           Drop in Pinochle
   Wed         10–11am           Apr 7–28      30074     meets 2 times a week: Tues and Thurs, 9–10am          Pinochle is open to players of all abilities.
   Wed         10–11am          May 5–26       30075     H 15 classes per session H Call 425.587.3360 for
                                                         session dates H Bring a mat to class
                                                                                                               Make new friends and find compatible
   Wed         10–11am          June 2–23      30076
   Wed         10–11am       June 30–July 21   30079
   Wed         10–11am       July 28–Aug 18    30080                                                           Join the fun on Tuesdays at 12:45pm

Intermediate Yoga                                                                                              Drop in Party Bridge
Dorothy will help you take it to the next                                                                      Party Bridge is open to players of all
level with more advanced techniques of                                                                         abilities. Make new friends and find
Hatha Yoga. When practiced regularly,                                                                          compatible partners.
yoga improves flexibility, muscle tone,                                                                        Join the fun on Thursdays at 12:45pm
posture, balance, breath awareness and
the ability to relax and release stress.                                                                       Cards
                                                         Aquatic Exercise Program                              Come use our card rooms for a
This class is for experienced students
Bring mat or rug H Instructor: Dorothy Sims              Are you an adult age 50+ that routinely               friendly game; available days and some
4 classes Resident $35 / Non-Resident $42                suffer from stiffness, joint pain and or              evenings.
                                                         limited range of motion? Experience                   Call 425.587.3360 for more information
    Tue      8:30–9:30am         Apr 6–27      30084
                                                         positive changes in flexibility, muscle
    Tue      8:30–9:30am        May 4–25       30085
                                                         strength and energy through water
    Tue      8:30–9:30am        June 8–29      30086
                                                         exercise. Combine the buoyancy of
    Tue      8:30–9:30am        July 6–27      30090
                                                         water and the soothing warmth of a
3 classes Resident $26 / Non-Resident $31                heated pool (84° F) to make an ideal
    Tue      8:30–9:30am         Aug 3–17      30091     environment for relieving stiffness.
                                                         Water supports joints to encourage
Enhance Fitness                                          free movement while restoring or
This unique, comprehensive program                       maintaining muscle strength. The pool
developed by the U of W and Group                        is also available for open swim except
Health Studies is safe for adults age 50+                during scheduled aquatic classes. The                 Pool
with a wide range of physical abilities.                 facility includes a jetted spa, changing              Three tables are available for drop-in
Program includes stretching, low-impact                  rooms with showers, towels and food is                pool.
aerobics, walking, balance training,                     available through the restaurant. This                All are welcome to join the fun in our Pool Room
strength exercises and motivation.                       program is for adults 50+.
Instructor: Marilyn Johnson H Resident $45 /             For details call Fairwinds Redmond, 425.558.4700.
Non-Resident $54 H No class                              Location: Fairwinds – Redmond, 9988 Avondale            Pre-registration required for
5/28, 5/31, 7/5, 8/20, 23, 25, 27                        Road NE H Fairwinds Redmond Aqua Club Card:             all classes, call 425.587.3360
& 30 H Lifetime is a covered                             10 Punch $35 / 20 Punch $60
benefit for persons covered by Medicare Parts A and       Aqua Movement      Tue            1–1:40pm
B and enrolled in a Group Health Medicare + Choice
(M+C) plan H Class meets 3 times a week: Mon,               Aqua Cardio      Thur           1–1:40pm
Wed and Fri H 15 classes per session H Registration                                         7am–9pm
                                                            Open Swim        Daily
begins 2 weeks prior to the first class of the session                                  ( non–class time )
H Call 425.587.3360 for session dates and times
68 City of Kirkland Recreation Classes & Programs Spring and Summer 2010
                                                                                                                              Age 50+
  COMPUTER CLASSES                                   Microsoft Vista
   H $5 lab fee is collected at the time of
  registration H All classes taught on PC's
                                                     Introduction to Vista                              Internet & E-Mail
                                                     See one of Vista’s new protection fea-
                                                     tures that do not allow viruses to make            Facebook Overview                   NEW
                                                     changes to your system without your                Facebook is ranked as the most used
                                                     knowledge. Discover Windows defender               Internet social network. Learn how to
                                                     that protects your PC from spyware.                set your profile, control who can see
                                                     Enjoy the cosmetic overhaul thanks to              your information, find friends, add a
                                                     a new design scheme called Aero. Learn             friend, block out someone, translate
                                                     defragging, cleanup, control panel and             into another language, and write on a
                                                     copy, move and delete commands.                    friend’s wall.
                                                     Instructor: Doris Ford H 5 classes
Computer Basics                                      No class 5/31 or 7/5 H Min 3 / Max 5
                                                                                                        Instructor: Doris Ford H Min 3 / Max 5
                                                                                                        Sr Resident $15 / Sr Non-Resident $18
                                                     Sr-Resident $44 / Sr Non-Resident $53              Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36
Introduction to Computers                            Non-Sr Resident $63 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $76
                                                                                                           Wed      8:45–10:45am       Apr 14      30138
For beginners with little or no com-                     Fri     8:45–10:45am    Apr 16–May 14 30102       Wed      8:45–10:45am       July 21     30139
puter experience. This class covers                     Mon       10am–12pm      May 17–June 21 30103
fundamentals of hardware and software,                  Mon      12:15–2:15pm    June 28–Aug 2 30104
                                                                                                        Twitter Overview                 NEW
terminology, operations, keyboard                                                                       Share and discover what’s happening
and mouse skills. Learn the difference               Introduction to Word Vista                         anywhere in the world using Twitter.
between word processing, spreadsheet                 Learn what’s new in Word Vista.                    Learn Tweets to communicate with
and database software.                               Become acquainted with the Ribbon                  older adults. Tweets are sort of instant
Instructor: Doris Ford H 5 classes H Min 3 / Max 5   and how to use it easily. Understand               messaging, blogging and maybe even a
H Sr-Resident $44 / Sr Non-Resident $53              formatting options, thumbnail and                  bit of sending a stream of telegrams. You
Non-Sr Resident $63 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $76        document map commands: see what                    can restrict communication to those in
   Mon       12:15–2:15pm    Apr 12–May 10 30099     is going on behind the scene by using              your circle of friends or family.
                                                     the Reveal Formatting task pane, and
Computer Basics Overview                             review copy, move, print and spell check           Instructor: Doris Ford H Min 3 / Max 5
                                                                                                        Sr Resident $15 / Sr Non-Resident $18
NEW   Learn the proper way to turn on                commands.                                          Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36
and shut down the computer, review                   Instructor: Doris Ford H 5 classes                    Wed      8:45–10:45am       May 12      30141
how to use the mouse and keyboard,                   H No class 5/3 H Min 3 / Max 5
                                                                                                           Fri      8:45–10:45am       July 23     30140
review hardware, software and file types,            Sr-Resident $44 / Sr Non-Resident $53
and how to find files. You will resize,              Non-Sr Resident $63 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $76
move, arrange, and close windows.                       Mon       10am–12pm      Apr 12–May 10 30106
                                                                                                        Flickr Overview               NEW
                                                        Mon      12:15–2:15pm    May 17–June 21 30107   Learn how to organize photos using
Instructor: Doris Ford H Min 3 / Max 5
Sr Resident $15 / Sr Non-Resident $18
                                                                                                        tags, sets or groups of photos that fall
Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36        Intro to Excel Vista                               under the same heading which allow
                                                                                                        searchers to find photos related to
   Wed       8:45–10:45am        Apr 28      30162   Learn what’s new in Excel Vista. Become
                                                                                                        particular topics, and how easy it is to
   Fri       8:45–10:45am       June 18      30163   acquainted with the Ribbon and how
                                                                                                        share photos with family. Flickr provides
   Wed       8:45–10:45am        July 7      30164   to use it easily. Discover the ability to
                                                                                                        both private and public photo storage
                                                     handle massive spreadsheets up to 1
Backing Up Data                  NEW                 million rows long and 16,000 columns
                                                                                                        and photos can be marked as viewable
This class will examine backing up data                                                                 by friends and/or family only.
                                                     wide, create formulas, use autofill, and
on your PC. What should you back up,                 review move, copy, print, and spell check          Instructor: Doris Ford H Min 3 / Max 5
how often, and types of backups, will                commands. See actual thumbnail images              Sr Resident $15 / Sr Non-Resident $18
                                                                                                        Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36
be discussed. You will practice doing a              of open documents on the taskbar.
simple backup to a CD during class.                                                                        Wed      8:45–10:45am       May 26      30142
                                                     Instructor: Doris Ford H 5 classes
                                                                                                           Wed      8:45–10:45am       July 28     30143
Instructor: Doris Ford H Min 3 / Max 5               H No class 7/5 H Min 3 / Max 5
Sr Resident $15 / Sr Non-Resident $18                Sr Resident $44 / Sr Non-Resident $53
Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36        Non-Sr Resident $63 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $76
   Wed       8:45–10:45am        Apr 21      30169      Mon       10am–12pm      June 28–Aug 2 30109
   Wed       8:45–10:45am       June 30      30170

                                           See page 11 for Registration Information or Register Online at                  69
Age 50+
Bebo Overview               NEW
Bebo is a worldwide social media                             Windows 7 classes                           Computer Assistance
network where friends and family can
share their lives. You will learn how to                       are available
                                                                                                        Baffled by your software program?
post photos and blogs, and draw on your                       upon request.                             Uncomfortable asking questions
own and other member’s lives. Turn                           Call 425.587.3360                          in class? Can’t figure out that new
chaos into order by delivering real time                                                                digital camera? Need to create a cus-
chronological updates from all of your                                                                  tomized database or query? Enjoy
family or friends.                                                                                      one-on-one tutoring with Doris
Instructor: Doris Ford H Min 3 / Max 5             Scanning, Editing &                                  Ford! Here is a fabulous oppor-
Sr Resident $15 / Sr Non-Resident $18
Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36      Creating                                             tunity to improve your computer
                                                                                                        skills and enhance your equipment
   Fri      8:45–10:45am        June 4     30144                                                        knowledge.
   Wed      8:45–10:45am       June 23     30145
                                                   Windows Photo Gallery
                                                   Photo Gallery imports photos to your                         Resident $24 / Non-Resident $29
                                                                                                               Advanced registration required, call
G-Mail                                             pictures folder; organizes, tags, rates                               425.587.3360
                                                   them, crops, edits, auto adjusts less
You will create a free Google g-mail               than perfect photos, alleviates red eye,
account, add names and a group of                  offers you the opportunity to scale down
names to the address book, copy a                  large photos for e-mail and produces a             Genealogy
document and/or a picture to the e-mail,           slideshow.
attach a file, save a file, and delete a file.                                                        Online Genealogy
You will compose an e-mail, reply to an            Instructor: Doris Ford H Min 3 / Max 5
                                                   Sr-Resident $15 / Sr Non-Resident $18              Learn how to research online and orga-
e-mail, change fonts and font sizes, and           Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36      nize it into meaningful groups. Follow
add color to the text, and understand
                                                      Wed         3–5pm           June 16     30151   the trailblazers of genealogy who have
why you do not see the files or photos
                                                      Fri      8:45–10:45am       June 25     30152   developed time tested ways to stay orga-
sent to you as an attachment.
                                                                                                      nized. Download pedigree charts and
Instructor: Doris Ford H Min 3 / Max 5                                                                family group sheets from the internet.
Sr Resident $15 / Sr Non-Resident $18                                                                 Take a detailed tour of excellent web
Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36
                                                                                                      sites that can jumpstart your search for
   Wed      8:45–10:45am        June 2     30148                                                      ancestors.
                                                                                                      Instructor: Doris Ford H Location: PKCC
Google/Picasa                                                                                         Sr Resident $15 / Sr Non-Res $18
Google’s free download of Picasa                                                                      Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36
instantly finds and edits all pictures.                                                                  Wed          3–5pm            May 19         29813
Basic fixes of crop, remove red eye, fix                                                                 Fri       8:45–10:45am        July 16        29815
contrast and color, and enhances photos
easily and fast. Quickly sorts all pictures
by dates, or file names. Picasa prints             Getting to Know Your Digital
wallet size, 4x6, 5x7, or full page photos.        Camera
Discover all of Picasa’s advanced editing          In this class work with your own
made simple.                                       equipment to determine which settings
Instructor: Doris Ford H Min 3 / Max 5
                                                   provide the most satisfactory results.
Sr Resident $15 / Sr Non-Resident $18              Transfer your pictures to the computer,
Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36      edit and print them.
    Fri     8:45–10:45am        July 9     30146   Prerequisite: Ownership or access to a
                                                   digital camera with 3.2 or more mega pixels
                                                   H Bring your camera, extra batteries and
                                                   your camera/computer connection to class
                                                   Instructor: Doris Ford H Min 3 / Max 5
                                                   Sr-Resident $15 / Sr Non-Resident $18
                                                   Non-Sr Resident $30 / Non-Sr Non-Resident $36
                                                       Fri     8:45–10:45am       May 21      30153

70 City of Kirkland Recreation Classes & Programs Spring and Summer 2010
                                                                                                                          Age 50+
Financial                                       Financial Services
  Advanced registration required
         425.587.3360                           Income Tax Assistance                             Clearpoint Financial Services
                                                Volunteer Tax Advisors will help you              (Formerly Solutions Consumer Credit
        These workshops are presented by                                                          Counseling)
                                                prepare your 2009 tax return.
                                                                                                  Provides counseling, money man-
                                                Appointments available Fridays from 9am–2pm,
                                                Feb 5–April 9 H No fee H Appointments required,
                                                                                                  agement assistance, advice on debt
Are You Prepared for                            call 425.587.3360 H Appointments can be made      reduction and the wise use of credit.
Market Recovery? NEW!                           after Jan 2, 2010                                 Call 800.634.2227 or go to
While you can’t control when the                Retirement Check-up
market and economy may improve,                 Inundated with retirement planning                Property Tax Benefits
you can take control of your financial          information? Unsure what to do? Senior            Program
future. Learn how to prepare your               Services volunteers offer one-on-one              To receive a property tax exemption, a
portfolio for a recovery, regardless of         assessments of your retirement plan.              taxpayer must be age 61+, own and occupy
when it occurs. Free                            They can help you evaluate your retire-           their residence and have an annual income
  Fri     10:30–11:30am     Apr 9     30166     ment portfolios, develop an investment            that does not exceed $35,000.
                                                plan and discuss strategies for reaching          To see if you qualify, call 206.296.3920
You Could Live to be 90!                        your financial goals. Senior Services
NEW! Retirement can be an incredible            is a non-profit organization that does            Social Security
time of your life-but it can also last          not provide any investment advice or              Open 7am–7pm weekdays
20 or more years. It is important to            endorse or recommend any company                  Call 1.800.772.1213 or go to
consider if your retirement income              or product.
will last as long as your retirement.
When it comes to retirement savings,
                                                There is a suggested donation of $25 per hour
                                                H For more information call 206.448.5720
                                                                                                  Legal Services
it’s best to have as much information           Attorney General’s Consumer                       Senior Rights
as possible so you can make the right           Protection Web Page                               A volunteer program that provides free
financial decisions for your individual                                                           information, referral and support on
situation. Free                                 Contact the Washington State Attor-
                                                ney General’s office regarding privacy            health insurance, legal and consumer
  Fri     10:30–11:30am     May 7      30167    protection, online complaint forms,               issues. They also sponsor the Elderlaw
                                                and getting off phone solicitor and junk          legal clinic with the Washington Bar
Do You Want More Control                        mail lists.                                       Association.
Over Taxes You Pay? NEW!                                                                          For more information call 206.448.5720 or go to
There are several strategies to help            html                                    
reduce your tax burden. Choosing                                                                  Eastside Legal Assistance
tax-advantage investments is just                 Financial & Legal                               Program
one of them. Learn how you may be
able to lower your taxes through tax-             Class Policy                                    ELAP provides lawyers to answer your
                                                                                                  legal questions Fridays, 2–4pm.
advantage investments. Free                       The Peter Kirk Community Center
                                                  offers a variety of financial and legal         No fee H Appointments required H To qualify, call
  Fri     10:30–11:30am     June 4    30168                                                       425.747.7274
                                                  classes but does not endorse any
Are You Ready for a Simpler                       speaker. Presenters have been asked             Wills Project
Approach to Investing? NEW!                       not to call or solicit any students             Are you worried about being kept on
                                                  and to give information only. Our               life support against your will? Should
If you have financial goals and are               class lists are never given to anyone.
looking for a disciplined way to man-                                                             your loved ones have to go to court to
                                                  We suggest you listen to a variety
age your investments, an advisory                 of presenters before making any                 take care of you? A volunteer attorney
program may be a good alternative                 financial or legal decisions. This is           through the Eastside Legal Assistance
for you. Knowing different ways to                an educational opportunity only. No             Program (ELAP), a non-profit legal ser-
manage your investments can help you              marketing is allowed. Report any vio-           vice program, will prepare simple wills,
choose the method that makes sense                lations to Betsy Maxwell, Recreation            durable power of attorney for health care
for you. Free                                     Coordinator. Advance registra-                  decisions and living wills. Clients must
                                                  tion is required for all programs.              meet eligibility guidelines.
  Fri     10:30–11:30am     July 9     30155      Call 425.587.3360.                              No fee H Call 425.747.7274

                                      See page 11 for Registration Information or Register Online at                   71
Age 50+
Health & Nutrition
Diabetes: The Facts                                     Are Your Affairs in Order                        When the Diagnosis is
It is important for those with diabetes                 A realistic look at what legal documents         Alzheimer’s
to monitor and manage it properly. Find                 are needed for peace of mind in the              Where can you turn to when the
out what can be done to help those with                 event of a serious injury or death. Topics       diagnosis is Alzheimer’s disease? Learn
diabetes remain living healthy.                         covered will be durable power of attor-          more about the prognosis of Alzheimer’s
Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free                  ney, health care surrogate, living wills,        disease, available treatment options
                                                        disability programs, wills, nomination           and current research. Information on
    Fri     12:45–2:15pm         Apr 2          29908
                                                        of guardian and trusts.                          resources and support for you and your
                                                                                                         family will be shared.
Matter of Balance                                       Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free
                                                            Fri     12:45–2:15pm       Apr 30    29972   Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free
If you have fallen or are afraid you may
do so, this class is for you! This 8-week                                                                   Fri      12:45–2:15pm       June 4    29994
program will change your thinking
and will allow you to practice easy
exercises to increase flexibility, strength                                                                Pre-registration required for
and safety.                                                                                                all classes, call 425.587.3360
Please pre-register, 425.587.3360 H 8 classes
Instructor: Lee Gresko, RN H Free                                                                        Are You “D”eficient?
   Tue       10am–12pm        Apr 6–May 25 29909                                                         Vitamin D2 or D3?
                                                                                                         Learn the role of vitamin D in improv-
Breast Healthy Habits                                   Managing High Blood                              ing your immune system, helping
Learn how to do a proper breast self                    Pressure NEW!                                    prevent certain cancers and numerous
exam and about the myths and realities                  Get the low down on high blood pres-             other benefits. Discover the types,
surrounding breast cancer and mam-                      sure, including the risk factors and             sources, requirements and relationships
mography.                                               current treatment options. Learn how             of the “Sunshine Vitamin” to other
Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free                  you can manage high blood pressure.              nutrients. Bring your questions. Pre-
                                                                                                         sented by Barbee Tucker-Pigott, PhD,
    Fri      12:45–2:15pm        Apr 9          29910   Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free           RD (retired).
                                                            Fri     12:45–2:15pm       May 7     29973   Location: PKCC
“Bone” Appetite
                                                                                                            Mon       12:45–2:45pm      June 7    29999
Join a registered dietitian to explore                  Cholesterol / Diabetic Screen
foods and recipes that can help                         Screening will include fasting full panel
strengthen bones and slow the effects                   cholesterol test and glucose. Results will
                                                                                                         What You Need to Know
of osteoporosis.                                                                                         About Strokes
                                                        be given before you go home! Limit 25
Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free                  participants, must register for time slot.       Find out about preventable risk fac-
                                                                                                         tors and steps you can take to prevent
    Fri      12:45–2:15pm        Apr 16         29970   Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free           strokes. Learn stroke signs and symp-
                                                            Fri     8:30–10:30am       May 14    29974   toms, along with crucial first responses
Upset Stomach:                                                                                           to these signs.
A Naturopathic Approach                                 What’s Great on Your                             Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free
NEW!                                                    Summer Plate NEW!
Take a closer look at common digestive                                                                       Fri     12:45–2:15pm       June 11   30002
                                                        With summer upon us, there will be
problems such as constipation, diver-                   many parties, barbeques and other
ticulitis and hiatal hernia. Find out why               gatherings that will offer new challenges
they increase with age and how you can                  for maintaining healthy lifestyles. Learn
calm an upset stomach.                                  healthy eating strategies and discover
Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free                  quick, fun and easy menu choices as
    Fri      12:45–2:15pm        Apr 23         29971   well as tips for appropriate food safety
                                                        for those warm summer days.
                                                        Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free
                                                           Fri      12:45–2:15pm      May 21     29976

72 City of Kirkland Recreation Classes & Programs Spring and Summer 2010
                                                                                                                            Age 50+
Health & Nutrition                                                                                  Health Services
Avoid Brain Drain               NEW!               Tai Chi for Back Pain                NEW!        Foot Care
Improve your mental health with                    Easy to learn movements matched with             Foot care service is provided by a nurse
memory boosting foods such as fruits,              breathing and visualizations. Learn the          on Wednesdays. Fee $25.
vegetables and even coffee. Be sure you            first few movements of this program              For appointments, call 425.587.3368 between 9am
remember to incorporate them into                  to help reduce and relieve back pain,            and 3pm on Wednesdays.
your diet!                                         strengthen and protect the spine, and
Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free             improve health and well-being.                   Meals on Wheels Program
    Fri     12:45–2:15pm       June 18    30005    Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free           Nutritional frozen meals are available
                                                       Fri     12:45–2:15pm       July 23   30009
                                                                                                    for the homebound. Liquid supplements
Good Night, Sleep Tight
Are you one of more than half of adults            Getting What You Want from                       For info call 425.587.3360.
over 55 who has trouble sleeping? Learn            Healthcare
how aging, illness or medication can               Make sure you are prepared for your              Lunch Nutrition Program
affect your sleep patterns and get tips            next physician’s visit by learning impor-        Nutritious meals served at 12pm, Mon,
that may help you sleep through the                tant questions to ask, what services you         Tues., Wed and Friday. Check-in is first
night.                                             should request, and how to ensure that           come, first served starting at 11am.
Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free             you are informed of all medical options          Lunch is $3 donation for persons 60+ and their
                                                   available to you. Take control of your           spouse H All others $5.75
   Fri     12:45–2:15pm       June 25     30003
                                                   health care by effectively communicat-
                                                   ing with your provider.                          Evergreen EnhanceWellness
Chinese Medicine                                                                                    Get the peer and professional support
                                                   Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free
Traditional Chinese medicine is one of                                                              you need to meet your health goals.
many different types of complementary                  Fri     12:45–2:15pm       July 30   30178   Manage a chronic condition; break
and alternative medicines. It promotes                                                              through your isolation, or just live
lifestyle changes to empower oneself to            Healthier Smile, Healthier                       better day-to-day. Participation in the
live a healthier and happier life. Learn           You NEW!                                         program is for six months and includes a
how Chinese Medicine can be applied                Learn about the importance of oral               comprehensive health assessment, a per-
in your life!                                      health to total health. Information on           sonalized plan and ongoing support.
Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free             tooth decay, nutrition and gum disease           Tuesdays by appointment H Call Lee Gresko, RN,
                                                   and how they relate to heart disease,            425.587.3360 or 206.268.6740
    Fri     12:45–2:15pm       July 2     30006
                                                   stroke and pneumonia will be covered
                                                   Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free           Health Care & Insurance
Building a Healthy Body                                                                             Assistance
from the Inside Out NEW!                               Fri     12:45–2:15pm        Aug 6    30015
                                                                                                    The third Monday of each month, a
Do you struggle with getting the                                                                    Senior Rights Health Insurance Special-
daily requirements into your diet?                 Deep Breathing for Life                          ist will assist with Medicare Billing and
Learn easy techniques and methods                  Relax, cope, energize, meditate, and             Advanced Directives for health care.
for sneaking in those vital nutrients              visualize. Prevent respiratory complica-
and appropriate vitamin supplements.               tions from colds, flu, and pneumonia.            Appointments required, call 425.587.3360
Recipes included.                                  You can do all of these by learning this
                                                   simple deep breathing technique.
                                                                                                    Widowed Information &
Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free                                                              Consultation Services
    Fri     12:45–2:15pm       July 9     30007    Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free           WICS offers group support to men and
                                                       Fri     12:45–2:15pm       Aug 13    30016   women who are coping with the death
Living Well with Parkinson’s                                                                        of a spouse/partner.
NEW!  Join an expert from the Booth                                                                 Call 206.241.5650 or go to
Gardner Parkinson’s Care Center for                                                       
an informational lecture on redefining
wellness for Parkinson’s patients.
Sponsored by Evergreen Hospital H Free
    Fri     12:45–2:15pm       July 16    30008

                                         See page 11 for Registration Information or Register Online at                 73
Age 50+
                                                                                                    Support Groups
     CAREGIVING – A ClosER look                                                                     Caregiver’s Support Group
                                                                                                    Facilitated by Stefanie Bonigut, MSW,
                                       This 2-part video presentation is a close                    learn about community resources, tech-
                                       examination of the challenges faced by fami-                 niques and skills for keeping yourself
                                       lies coping with caregiving issues. Family and               well, dealing with stress and guilt.
                                       professional caregivers, persons who receive                 Monthly, 2nd Monday, 1:30–3pm
                                                                                                    Call 425.587.3360 H Free
                                       care and influential experts participate in
                                       an engaging dialogue about an issue that                     Managing Life Changes
                                       affects nearly one in every household! FREE                  Facilitated by Lee Gresko, RN. Meet
                                                                                                    and share experiences, learn strategies
                                       And Thou Shalt Honor:                                        and helpful hints regarding emotional
                                       Caring for Our Aging Parents,                                and health changes, losses and making
                                       Spouses and Friends                                          new adjustments.
                                       The struggles and rewards of caregiving are given            Monthly, 3rd Tuesday, 1–2pm H Call 425.587.3360
                                       equal treatment in this thoughtful documentary.              Free Drop-ins welcome
                                       It is poignant and celebrates the circle of life.
                                       Northwest Caregiving Town
                                       In this presentation, members of the National
                                       Governors Association from around the country,
                                       including Gary Locke give compelling testimo-
                                       nies of their own caregiving experiences.
                                       These free video presentations are
                                       available to check-out — stop by the
                                       front desk or call 425.587.3360.

Community Resources
Senior Information &                                Benefits Check Online                         Family Home Share
Assistance                                 is the first of its   Creating living arrangements for women
Information and referral on a wide                  kind, web-based service designed to help      and seniors.
variety of senior related issues.                   seniors and their families and caregivers     Call 425.284.2220
Call 206.448.3110 or go to   find the right benefits programs to meet
                                                    their needs. A fast, free and confidential    Club 24: Seniors Living
Bridge Ministries for                               screening tool to determine eligibility       at Home
Disability Concerns                                 for nearly 1,000 unique state and federal     Helps older adults stay at home. Ser-
Services for persons with disabilities.             programs. Now, consumers can find out         vices from this non-profit agency include
Free used durable medical equipment,                what their options are under the new          housekeeping, running errands, delivery
guardianship services and consultation.             Medicare plans.                               of hot meals, yard/garden work, home
Call 425.828.1431 or go to
                                                                                                  maintenance and a daily telephone
                                                    Senior Care Connections                       check-up.
Evergreen Care Network                              Services and information for seniors.         Call 206.547.2424 or go to
Helps older adults remain independent.              Call 425.688.5800                   
Call 425.899.3200 or go to                         AARP Area Office
                                                    American Assoc. of Retired Persons.
                                                    Call 206.526.7918 or go to

74 City of Kirkland Recreation Classes & Programs Spring and Summer 2010
                                                                                                                            Age 50+
Adult Day Centers                                   Chinese, Latino & South Asia Services
These certified centers provide safe,               Educational & Recreational Programs Accessible to Chinese & Latino Seniors
well-supervised therapeutic, activities,
programs and services for adults with               Programs and services available to all seniors are now more easily accessible to
cognitive and/or physical disabilities.             Chinese and Latino seniors at the Peter Kirk Community Center. Through the
For more information call:                          presence of a bilingual staff worker, they have the opportunity to participate in
                                                    social, recreational and educational activities and daily hot lunch. Traditional
Northshore Adult Day Center
                                                    program components such as outreach and advocacy are also provided.
Eastside Adult Day Center
                                                    Chinese Services: Tuesdays                       Latino Services: Wednesdays
                                                    For more information call Cathy at the Chinese   For more information call Clemencia Robayo at
Respite Care Program                                Information & Services Center, 206.624.5633,
                                                    ext 4123.
                                                                                                     Sea Mar Community Health Center, 206.764.8044.

King County can provide Respite servic-
es to caregivers in need of a break from            Mandarin Tai Chi Sharing
the demands of care giving for someone              Group
who is chronically ill or disabled. Goods           This Tai Chi exercise sharing group is
and services can be purchased for                   open to everybody and is facilitated
functionally impaired older adults with             in Mandarin. Meet once a week and
funds through Seattle-King County                   bring your favorite Tai Chi movement
area agency on Aging and Disability                 to share. If you don’t know any Tai Chi,
“Client Specific Program”.                          you will learn the 13 and 24 simplified
For more information call Senior Information &      Tai Chi Chaun postures.                          Strategy for a Healthy
Assistance 206.448.3110 or Evergreen Care Network   $1 Suggested Donation                            Longevity (in Spanish)
                                                         Tue           10–11am            Ongoing    Learn how to improve your health and
Respite Care Services on the                                                                         slow the aging process. Dr. Miguel
Eastside                                            Mandarin Support Group                           Alvarado will discuss key elements that
                                                    Share daily experiences with others.             will enhance quality of life and advance
In-home respite care provided by volun-
                                                    Facilitated in Mandarin/Cantonese                your well-being. Free
teers is available to help with care giving
on a short–term basis.                              language. New topic each month. Free              1st Wednesday      10–11:45 am      Monthly
Evergreen Community Home Health & Hospice                Tue         11:15–12:15pm        Ongoing
425.899.3300                                                                                         E.S.L. for Latino Seniors
Faith In Action                                     E.S.L. for Chinese Seniors                       English as a second language is offered
425.391.2817                                        English as a second language is offered          for non-English speaking adults.
Visiting Nurse Services Extra Care                  for non-English speaking adults.                 Designed for those with limited or no
1.800.449.2221                                      Designed for those with limited, or no           English. Free
Volunteer Chore Services (Catholic Comm. Srvcs.)    English. Free                                        Wed          10:45–11:45 am    Ongoing
                                                         Tue            1–3pm             Ongoing
Jewish Family Services
                                                                                                       Pre-registration required for
                                                                                                       all classes, call 425.587.3360

                                          See page 11 for Registration Information or Register Online at               75
Age 50+
Volunteer                                            Transportation                                          Daily Van
Opportunities                                                                                                Transportation
                                                     Metro Bus ID              NEW DAY!
Center Volunteer                                     Reduced fare passes for ages 65+ and disabled           The Center’s van operates Monday-
Opportunities                                        Fee $3                                                  Friday. Transportation to and from the
The Center’s continued success is                        Thur           10–11am              Apr 15          Center for city residents only.
directly related to our hard-working and                 Thur           10–11am             June 17          Call 425.587.3363 no later than 5pm the previous
dedicated corps of volunteers. Currently,                Thur           10–11am             Aug 19           day H Suggested donation of $2.00 each way.
there are a variety of volunteer opportu-
nities at the Center, they include:                                                                          Grocery Shopping
                                                                                                             The Center provides weekly transporta-
• Delivering Meals on Wheels to home-                                                                        tion to and from local grocery stores.
bound seniors in Kirkland • Preparing                                                                        Shopping days and times are determined
lunches • Dishwashing • Front Desk                                                                           by the geographical location of your
Greeter • Coffee Bar • Slide show pre-                                                                       home.
senter, share your travels
                                                                                                             To receive a schedule or make an appointment, call
For more information call 425.587.3360.                                                                      425.587.3363
Employment                                           Transportation to appointments, gro-                             April 2 & 5                Safeway
                                                     cery shopping and the Community                                 April 9 & 12                  QFC
                                                     Senior Center. To schedule, call 206.205.5000
Employment Service                                                                                                   April 16 & 19             Bridle Trails
                                                     or toll free 1.866.205.5001.
Low income seniors looking for part-                                                                                 April 23 & 26             Fred Meyer
time work.                                           Volunteer Transportation for                                 April 30 & May 3               Safeway
Call Senior Employment Service/AARP, 206.624.6698    Seniors                                                          May 7 & 10                   QFC
or go to                         Personal transportation to medical and
                                                                                                                     May 14 & 17               Bridle Trails
                                                     other essential appointments. For rides or to
Employment Resource Center                           be a volunteer driver, call 206.205.5000 or toll free           May 21 & 24               Fred Mayer
This service provides assistance to people           1.800.282.5815 or go to              May 26 & June 1                Safeway
55+ seeking an opportunity for employ-
                                                                                                                      June 4 & 7                   QFC
ment. Co-sponsored by the Seattle                    METRO Information
Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens.                  24-Hour R ider Information. Call                                June 11 & 14              Bridle Trails
For more information, call 206.684.0500 or go to     206.553.3000 or toll free, 1.800.542.7876. TTY:                 June 18 & 21              Fred Meyer            206.684.1739.                                                   June 25 & 28                Safeway

Driver Training                                      HOPELINK                                                     June 30 & July 7                 QFC

                                                     Transportation to medical appoint-                               July 9 & 12              Bridle Trails
AARP: 55 Alive                                       ments for individuals with Medicaid                             July 16 & 19              Fred Meyer
Driving Course                                       coupons. Call 1.800.923.7433 or go to www.                      July 23 & 26                Safeway
This driver training course takes into     
                                                                                                                   July 30 & Aug 2                 QFC
consideration physical changes of the
mature driver and identifies ways one                Share a Ride & Meet a New                                        Aug 6 & 9                Bridle Trails
may compensate for these changes. The                Friend                                                          Aug 13 & 16               Fred Meyer
course also provides information that                Do you drive to the Peter Kirk Com-
                                                                                                                        Aug 20                     QFC
may improve your driving behavior.                   munity Center for lunch or other
Insurance rate reduction for seniors                 activities? Are you available to provide                           Aug 25                  Top Foods
taking this course.                                  a ride for an older adult who needs
Fee $12 for AARP members / $14 for non-members,      transportation? As a volunteer, drive
please bring AARP membership card to class           your vehicle and choose the days you
H Make checks payable to AARP on the first day of    are available. Through Senior Services
class H To register call 425.587.3360                Volunteer Transportation Program you
 Wed & Thur 12:30–4:30pm       May 5 & 6     30017   receive reimbursement for mileage and
                                                     supplemental liability insurance. For more
                                                     information, call 206.448.5740.

76 City of Kirkland Recreation Classes & Programs Spring and Summer 2010
                                                                                                               Age 50+
Center Van Trips
Out For Lunch Bunch                          Seattle Premium Outlet Mall                  North Bend Outlet Mall &
Thursdays                     11am–1:30pm    Thur, April 29   30040          10am–4pm     Snoqualmie Casino
Resident $12 / Non-Resident $15              Thur, July 22    30042          10am–4pm     Thur, May 27     30049          10am–4pm
Bring lunch $                                Resident $27 / Non-Resident $32              Resident $27 / Non-Resident $32
                                             Bring lunch $                                Bring lunch $
         Barlee’s        Apr 15   30019
        Chinook’s        May 6    30020      A mix of shopping, dining, and gam-          A mix of shopping, dining, and gam-
      Italianissimo     June 10   30021      bling… the van will provide a shuttle        bling…the van will provide a shuttle
         The Keg         July 8   30023      between the Seattle Premium Outlet           between the North Bend Outlet Mall
         Azteca         Aug 12    30024      Mall and Tulalip Casino.                     and Snoqualmie Casino.

Casino Caboose                               South Seattle                                Northwest Trek
Tuesdays                        10am–4pm     Community College                            Thur, June 3     30050          10am–4pm
Resident $27 / Non-Resident $32              Thur, May 13     30044      9:45am–1:30pm    Resident $21 / Non-Resident $25
      The Skagit        Apr 13    30027
                                             Resident $18 / Non-Resident $22              Animals roam free on 435 acres of this
                                             Bring lunch $                                723 acre park. A tram will take you
     Muckleshoot        May 11    30028
         Tulalip        June 8    30029      We’ll begin with a spring-time stroll        through the free-roaming area. The
   Angel of the Winds   July 6    30032      through the arboretum, followed by           remainder of the park has exhibits and
    Northern Lights     Aug 10    30033      lunch at Alhadeff Grill. Finish with a       trails that you are free to explore on your
                                             visit to the school’s bakery before head-    own. Bring $14 for senior admission ($12 with
Salty’s at Redondo and                       ing back home.                               AAA or military ID). Pack a lunch, or purchase a
The Commons                                                                               meal at the concession stand.
Thurs, April 1   30037 10:15am–4:15pm        Sequim
Resident $27 / Non-Resident $32              Sat, May 15      30045        9am–5:45pm
Bring lunch $                                Resident $49 / Non-Resident $59
Enjoy a delicious meal at Salty’s followed   Bring lunch $
by shopping in Federal Way.                  Enjoy an entertaining drive through the
                                             Olympic Game Farm in Sequim. You
Chuckanut Manor and                          are welcome to bring bread to feed the
Anacortes                                    animals through the windows. Watch
Thur, April 8    30038       10am–5:30pm     the bears crazy antics as they compete
Resident $34 / Non-Resident $41              for your attention. Lunch will be at
Bring lunch $                                Three Crabs restaurant. Bring $22 to cover
Enjoy a scrumptious meal at this water-      ferry fare and park admission.               Bloedel Reserve & Winslow
front restaurant. After lunch, you will                                                   Thur, June 17    30051        8:45am–4pm
have the option of either shopping           Ride the Ducks                               Resident $59 / Non-Resident $67
on your own in Anacortes, or stay on         Thur, May 20     30046          10am–3pm     Bring lunch $
board for a scenic drive across Decep-       Resident $49 / Non-Resident $54              Hop a ferry to Bainbridge Island and
tion Pass.                                   Enjoy a raucous 90 minute tour of            work up an appetite while exploring 150
                                             Seattle on an amphibious vehicle fol-        acres of botanical splendor at Bloedel
Kiwanis Salmon Barbecue &                    lowed by lunch at the Old Spaghetti          Reserve. Lunch on your own while
La Conner                                    Factory. Sign up before April 20!            exploring the town of Winslow. Ferry
Thurs., April 22 30039       10am–4:30pm                                                  fare, garden admission and van trans-
Resident $29 / Non-Resident $35                                                           portation included. Sign up before May 12!
Bring $12 for lunch
Enjoy this tasty barbecue at this popular
annual fundraiser followed by your
choice of shopping in La Conner or
strolling through Roozengaarde’s tulip
garden. If planning to visit the garden,
bring $4 entrance fee. Sign up before
April 7!

                                  See page 11 for Registration Information or Register Online at          77
Age 50+
Center Van Trips
Whistlin’ Jack Lodge                                “Fly Day”                                     Poulsbo & Port Gamble
Thur, June 24    30052          9am–5pm             Sat, July 17     30073 8:30am–4:30 pm         Thu, Aug 5       30088        9am–5:15pm
Resident $35 / Non-Resident $42                     Resident $61 / Non-Resident $67               Resident $44 / Non-Resident $53
Bring lunch $                                       Bring lunch $                                 Bring lunch $
Enjoy the majestic beauty of Chinook                We’ll begin with a visit to the restora-      We’ll drive across the Narrows bridge
Pass as we travel to Whistlin’ Jack                 tion center, which houses about 3 dozen       enroute to the Nordic town of Poulsbo,
Lodge. Dine at this rustic mountain                 aircraft in varying states of restoration.    where you can explore, shop and eat on
lodge alongside a babbling creek. Time              Next we’ll visit the Flying Heritage          your own. We’ll return via the Kingston
permitting; we will stroll around scenic            Collection, which showcases the spec-         ferry after a stop in the historic town of
Lake Tipsoo on the way back home.                   tacular warbirds and technologies from        Port Gamble.
Sign up before June 1!                              1935-1945. On Saturdays, they often
                                                    schedule demonstration flights at noon,       Coupeville Arts
Dollar Stores and More                              so there’s a good chance you’ll get to        Sat, Aug 14      30094          9am–5pm
Tue, June 29     30053       10am–2:30pm            see one of these historic birds in the air.   Resident $47 / Non-Resident $57
Resident $21 / Non-Resident $25                     We’ll then shuttle over to the Future of      Bring lunch $
Bring lunch $                                       Flight museum, where you’ll have time         Enjoy a scenic drive across Deception
Browse this favorite Dollar Store in the            to dine at the café and shop at the gift      pass as we head to Whidbey Island
Shoreline area, then check out liquida-             shop before the final tour at the Future      for Coupeville’s annual art event.
tion and overstock specials at Big Lots.            of flight museum. Home of the Everett         We’ll return via the Mukilteo ferry.
Lunch on your own at Central Market.                production line for the 747, 767, 777,        Bring $4 ferry fare.
                                                    and 787 you will have the opportunity
Everett Aquasox                                     to see planes in various stages of assem-
Sun, July 11     30055          1–5:30pm            bly. Be prepared for 21 steep stairs and
Resident $29 / Non-Resident $35                     3 miles of walking. All tour and admis-
Enjoy a day at the ballpark watching                sion fees are included in the above price.
                                                    Sign up before May 19!
the minor leagues in Everett. Pack a
lunch or bring money for concessions.
Admission included in registration price. Sign up   Ballard Seafood Festival
before June 8.                                      Sat. July 24     30078          10am–3pm
                                                    Resident $38 / Non-Resident $46
                                                    Bring lunch $
                                                    Feast on barbecued salmon, explore
                                                    craft booths and shops, and enjoy live        Seattle Waterfront & Pike
                                                    entertainment at this popular annual          Place Market
                                                                                                  Thur, Aug 19     30095       10am–3:30pm
                                                                                                  Resident $25 / Non-Resident $30
                                                                                                  Bring lunch $
                                                    Edmonds                                       Begin working up an appetite while
                                                    Thur, July 29    30083 10:30am–3:15pm
                                                                                                  strolling through the sculpture park
                                                    Resident $23 / Non-Resident $28
                                                                                                  at Elliot Bay. From there we’ll shuttle
                                                    Shop, explore and eat on your own in          further down the waterfront where
                                                    this charming waterfront community.           you’ll have an opportunity to shop and
Langley                                                                                           eat on your own. Finish off the trip with
Thur, July 15    30056          9am–5pm                                                           a shuttle to Pike Place Market for more
Resident $44 / Non-Resident $53                                                                   shopping before heading home.
Bring lunch $
Enjoy a leisurely day strolling through
the galleries in the charming town of
Langley on beautiful Whidbey Island.
Lunch on your own.

78 City of Kirkland Recreation Classes & Programs Spring and Summer 2010
                                                                                                           Age 50+
Center Van Trips
Dam Good Dinner Tour,                       Van Trip Registration &
Lake Diablo                                 Policy
Thur, Aug 26     30096        8:30am–8pm
Resident $124 / Non-Resident $136           1. Cancellations requested more than one
                                               week prior to the Van Trip are subject
Enjoy a drive to Newhalem at the foot          to a $10 processing fee. Cancellations
of the North Cascades. You will be             requested less than one week prior to
provided with snacks to enjoy along            the Van Trip receive a 50% credit on the
the way. Once in Newhalem, you will            account, less a $10 administrative fee.
be treated to a fully escorted tour and        Cancellations requested Van Trip day
                                               receive no refund or credit.
                                                                                            with the Kirkland
boat cruise followed by an all-you-can-
eat dinner of hot crispy baked chicken,     2. Pre-purchased tickets are non-refund-
mashed potatoes, and gravy, vegetarian         able. This includes all special events.
spaghetti, veggies, fruit gelatin salad,       (Theater, movies, cruises, etc.)                   June 8–Sept 28
dinner rolls, beverage and home-made
pie ala mode. You won’t want to miss
                                            3. All van trips depart promptly from the       The Kirkland Steppers are
                                               west side of the Peter Kirk Community
this all-inclusive scenic extravaganza!        center. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to    launching into their 7th year
Sign up before June 29!                        scheduled departure, as no refunds will
                                               be issued for missed rides.
                                                                                            of fun walking opportunities
Lake Tipsoo Picnic at                                                                       on Tuesdays with a plethora
                                            4. Van trip return times are estimated and
Chinook Pass                                   may vary depending on traffic, etc.          of zany, dedicated walkers
Thur, Sept 2     30097          9am–5pm
Resident $59 / Non-Resident $71             5. Home pick-up and take-home is avail-         age 50+. Waste no time lacing
                                               able for Kirkland residents who live                       up your sneakers
Enjoy a visit to this pristine paradise        within the City limits, if requested in
near Mount Rainier for a picnic and            advance. A donation of $2.00 each way                        for an experi-
self-guided hike. The trip includes a          is suggested. To request home pick-up,
sack lunch, lovingly made from scratch         call 425.587.3362 no more than 2 weeks                        ence only the
by your devoted driver.                        before the trip and no later than 24 hours                    Steppers can
                                               in advance. Driver will call one day
                                               before the trip with your pick-up time.                       provide.
                                               All others meet the bus at the Center.
                                            6. Trip participants must be independently
                                               mobile or accompanied by a caregiver on
                                               all van trips. Caregivers must register      • Becoming a Super Stepper
                                               and pay the same applicable van and            “Club Card” member is simple at
                                               admission fees. Wheelchair space is            the Peter Kirk Community Center
                                               limited. If you require wheelchair or
                                               walker accommodations, please specify        • Our $10 Club Card gives you
                                               at time of registration.                       great benefits
                                                                                            • Program details are outlined in
                                                                                              the Club Walk Schedule, available
Yakima Fruit and Wine                                                                         March 19
Sat, Sept 11     30098        8:30am–6pm        Day & Extended
                                                 Charter Tours
                                                                                            • Special Events start June 8
Resident $50 / Non-Resident $60
Bring lunch $
Enjoy this popular jaunt to Yakima.              A variety of exciting and
We’ll begin with a stop at the Thorp           affordable day and extended                       See Page 62 for
fruit stand, followed by lunch in Yakima.     charter trips are available this
                                             Spring and Summer through the
                                                                                                  all the details.
After lunch, we’ll visit a few wineries
                                              Peter Kirk Community Center
along with one more fruit stand before                                                          COME JOIN US!
heading back home.

                                  See page 11 for Registration Information or Register Online at   79

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