Embedding Music Across Slides

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					Embedding Music
Across Slides

    TEED 3035
Step 1
 Open a new or existing presentation in
 PowerPoint and navigate to the first
Step 2
 Insert
     Movies and Sound
         Sound from File
Step 3
 Browse for and select the sound file you
  want to use.
 Click OK.
     Select Automatically Play This Sound.
Step 4
 Right click the sound icon and choose
 Custom Animation from the context
Step 5
 In the Custom Animation task pane,
 choose Effect Options from the drop-
 down list next to your sound file.
Step 6
 Click the Effect tab of the Play Sound
 dialog box.
Step 7
 Type 999 in the Stop Playing After
 box. (This tells PowerPoint to play the
 sound throughout your presentation.)
Step 8
 Click the Timing tab.
 Choose After Previous.
 Set the Delay option to 0 (zero)
Step 9 (Optional)
 Drag the sound icon anywhere off the
 slide if you don’t want the icon to be
 visible during your presentation.
Step 10
 Save your presentation.
 Create a 10-slide presentation in which
  you have music that continues as you
  change slides.
 Save this in your portfolio for this class.
s class.