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									                                     RICK JONES
              Fort Smith, AR 72903       (479) 484-5814

                  Process Analysis / Project Leadership / Process Control
Versatile management/engineering professional accomplished in spotting cost reduction
opportunities and leading continuous improvement efforts. Certified in Lean Management, with
expertise in production, assembly, packaging, and distribution. Demonstrated success in using
analytical, observational, and questioning skills to develop and to implement process
improvements. Adept at communicating with management, vendors, and associates at all levels to
develop common goals.

               Lean Management Certification               Statistical Process Control
               Employee Training                           Capacity Optimization
               Waste Reduction/Value Stream                Multi-Functional Teams
               5 Why – Root Cause Analysis                 Capital Project Support

                              PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
              INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER AND HACCP MANAGER, Aug 2009 – Oct 2009
                           FREMONT BEEF COMPANY, Fremont, NE

Worked two months for this company, which produces seasoned ground pork and IQF sliced pork
bellies for export to Japan, beef and pork tongues, and beef and pork livers. Accomplishments
        Developed a revised process & format for product cost models
        Redesigned the machinery layout allowing improved tracking of pieces inspected by
           each worker, and potentially increasing the number of possible inspectors.
        Conducted testing to determine dispersion of seasonings within the ground pork, and
           designed a system to improve dispersion.
        Designed the layout for a new sliced belly product, conducted trials, and developed the
           standard cost.
        Oversaw the Quality department while learning HACCP requirements and procedures.
        Developed the groundwork for a detailed product specification system.

                   CORPORATE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER, Feb 2000 – Nov 2008
                             OK INDUSTRIES - Fort Smith, AR

Supported process improvement & cost reduction activities for this $500 million integrated
poultry producer/processor. Through process flow analysis, calculated and maintained labor,
yield, and production standards for all finished products, and reported production cost variances.
Served as gatekeeper for all capital projects, providing analysis of potential savings and
highlighting impacts on other departments. Calculated actual ROI after completion to provide
lessons learned.
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Selected Contributions:
       Provided Sales / R&D/ Operations with projected cost models for over 700 proposed
          new products, using time study and historical records to determine best process flow
          and standards for line speed, yields, and labor.
       Led QA team in Kaizen style design and installation and implementation of a wireless
          QA data collection system, reducing labor costs, providing real-time feedback, and
          improving product tracking by eliminating paper forms.
       Developed Statistical Process Control program for fully cooked products and trained
          line operators in SPC principles. Measurable improvement in finished product
       Led drive to install electronic vision based measurement devices to standardize and
          speed up product testing. Saved $200,000 labor and improved QA records.
       Joined with facilities engineer in designing the entire process layout for a proposed new
          plant (frozen fully cooked chicken). Mapped flow of all products to develop space and
          traffic requirements for all areas.
       Coordinated byproduct sales for multiple plants. Developed contracts for over $14
          million. Oversaw logistics for pickups essential to avoid plant shutdowns.

                    SENIOR INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER, Jan. 1988 – June 1999
                              CONAGRA FOODS - Omaha, NE

Supported continuous improvement and product development activities as engineering liaison
between headquarters and eight production & three distribution facilities. Projected production
bottlenecks and determined alternatives, coordinated R&D plant testing activities, supplied labor
standards for new products, implemented or assisted numerous cost saving projects.

Selected Contributions as Sr. Industrial Engineer:
       Facilitated transfer of over 400 new products from R&D prototypes to full production.
          Over $5 million costs avoided by innovative recognition of product changes.
          Developed front end loading documentation setting out process requirements and
          parameters – supporting a stage gate product development protocol.
       Designed changes in material flow at plant freezer and commercial warehouse that
          saved $120 thousand annually and provided basis for new warehouse proposal.
       Developed capacity modeling system to optimize asset utilization among five
          manufacturing locations. Included a listing of all plant primary capabilities and
       Researched and discovered “hidden” costs for introducing new products and
          maintaining existing ones. Eliminated over 400 items, saved over $5 million.
       Served as management consultant to a sister company (seafood) experiencing low
          product outputs. Determined sources of the problem, trained supervisors to recognize
          and attack causes. Production increased 32% after implementation.
       Received awards for team contributions to introductions of Healthy Choice Entrees and
          Kid Cuisine meals. Personally recognized for assistance to Butterball and Banquet
          Chicken products.
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                    PLANT INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER, March 1982 – Dec 1987
                                CONAGRA FOODS - Batesville, AR
As Plant Industrial Engineer, led continuous improvement and waste reduction efforts for
integrated poultry operation (processing, cooking, packaging and distribution). Yield and labor
improvements during this time totaled over $6 million vs. baseline.

Selected Contributions as Plant Industrial Engineer:
       Improved product flow and weight control in high speed frozen dinner assembly.
       Designed material handling system for ingenious new poultry cutting system. Tested
          prototype, reengineered department layout and installed five new lines resulting in
          annual savings of $900,000 on a capital cost of $400,000.
       Developed integrated cost model to calculate bottom-line impact of up to forty-five cost
          and production variables. Reduced decision-making time yet improved confidence.

                              EDUCATION & CREDENTIALS

Master of Business Administration (Management)                    University of Arkansas

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management                              University of Arkansas

Senior member of Institute of Industrial Engineers                since 1990

CERTIFICATION IN LEAN MANAGEMENT,                                 Jan 2009
Gained this certification through an online course of study followed by testing.

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