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					               Working Together

                                          Meeting Minutes
                                           November 19, 2008
In Attendance: Brooke Addley, Erica Bozentka, Judi Cimino, Christine Davis, Diane Davis, Nancy
Fahey, Cindy Kennedy, Louise Ligi, Kenneth Motichka, Jane Oswald, Maria Pappa, Sharon Quinn,
Kathleen Radkiewicz, Cheryl Rutkowski, Tammy Sadavage, Jim Simoncelli, Michele Smith,
Jessica Spangenberg, Bonnie Urzen, Sr. Ann Walsh, IHM, Adelle Zavada, Jeanne Brolan, Melinda
1. Welcome and Call to Order – Jane Oswald, President
2. Secretary’s Report – Cindy Kennedy, Secretary
   Members were asked to review the minutes. Motion made for approval of minutes by Maria Pappa
   Scranton Area Foundation, seconded by Judy Cimino. Membership Sign-in Sheet was circulated
   and members were asked to indicate they are present and to check that their contact information is
   correct and note. Membership Applications are available online, via email; fax or we can snail-mail it
   to you.
3. Treasurer’s Report – Judi Cimino, Treasurer
   Balance as of November 10, 2008.                                          $1071.75
4. Roll Call, agency announcements and updates- Jane Oswald distributed new Agency
   Announcement Forms. In an effort to save time on agency announcements and to receive
   accurate information concerning upcoming events, members were asked to fill out the new forms and
   forward them to Cindy Kennedy, IAC Secretary, at the end of the meeting. Roll call was taken.
   Announcements and Updates: Catherine McAuley Center is having their “Adopt A Family
   Program” For anyone who has not been able to sign up for the program which is now closed we will
   be offering a “walk-through” for families in December. Anyone interested should contact the agency
   in December for date and time. Also anyone interested in adopting a family can contact Brooke
   Addley or Eileen King at 342-1342.
   Serving Seniors, Inc. – Serving Seniors currently has an “Operation Friendship 2008” Campaign
   underway. Operations Friendship provides Holiday Greeting Cards for residents of Nursing and
   Personal Care Homes. They are looking for people/groups to purchase, sign and deliver in person if
   possible, the holiday cards to nursing facilities. If you or you know of an interested group to help with
   this program please call Louise Ligi at 344-3931 or e-mail
   Lackawanna County Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse – A Holiday Vigil is held each
   year for the remembrance of victims of drivers under the influence. The date for the vigil is
   December 1st at 6:00 PM at the Charles Luger Outpatient Clinic at Allied Services, Moffat Entrance.
   The even is open to the public. For more details call Michele Smith at 586-1964.
   Penn State Worthington Scranton – Bonnie Urzen is working with Lackawanna State Park to
   create a program for 13 low income middle school aged students from Lackawanna County. Mostly
   urban kids from Scranton to camp out over overnight at the park kayak and participate in a variety of
   environmental and fun activities and to learn how to prepare for college, as they get ready to enter
   high school. In anyone is interested in helping find kids for this program please call Bonnie Urzen at

   Roll Call, agency announcements and updates continued
   North Penn Legal Services - Adelle Zavada of NPLS distributed a Self-help Handbook for Tenants.
   This Book is intended to assist people with their legal rites who are facing eviction. For a copy or
   more information e-mail NPLS at
5. Program – Jessica Spangenberg, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services.
   Jessica Spangenberg gave a presentation on DATS, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services located
   at 116 N. Washington Ave., Scranton. DATS is an outpatient treatment facility. Programs offered
   include Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Program and Adolescent IOP after School
   Program, Traditional Outpatient Program and Relapse Prevention Program. The traditional
   outpatient program provides substance abuse outpatient counseling. Programs consist of individual,
   group and family counseling sessions and an individual comprehensive treatment plan is designed
   for each patient with the goals of achieving and maintaining a chemical free, healthy lifestyle. DATS
   is a Non Profit agency. DATS works closely with schools, CYS, inpatient rehabilitations units and
   community organizations. DATS also provides the ATS program or alternative to suspension TEEN
   course for tobacco cessation and school infractions. Potential clients can self refer or be referred.
   For complete information on DATS Programs contact Jessica at 961-1997 or at e-mail address
6. Old Business- Jane Oswald
   Holiday Project
   Suggestions were brought before the council for a vote. Projects presented were the Scranton
   Rescue Mission, Adopt a Family through Catherine McAuley Center and the Holiday Bureau through
   VAC. There were 5 votes for the Holiday Bureau and 12 votes for the Adopt a Family Program
   through Catherine McAuley Center. By a majority of the vote, the Adopt a Family Program will be our
   holiday project. Brooke Addley of the McAuley Center said she would pick a family and forward their
   family Christmas list to Jane Oswald who would arrange volunteers with Brooke to purchase the
   family Christmas presents. Available finds for the adopt-a-family is $ 571.75.
   Holiday meeting place – The Lupus Foundation offered to provide the holiday gathering site again
   this year. Members were asked for any other suggestions. All agreed to have the holiday gathering
   at the Lupus Foundation on Jefferson Ave. A Refreshment sign up sheet was distributed. We
   will use this meeting time as a holiday gathering to wrap the Christmas presents for our adopted
   Holiday Meeting Date – The holiday meeting date was discussed. Dates available were December
   10th and 17th at 9 AM. Jane will send members a Google Date Preference Poll to determine final
7. Nominations for 2009 Officers- Jane Oswald
   Jane indicated that she has thoroughly enjoyed being President of the IAC for the past 2 years. In
   accordance with the by-laws, she will be unable to serve another year. Nominations for President
   were solicited from the members present. Adelle Zavada was nominated for President by Jane and
   seconded by all and she accepted to serve as President for 2009. Remaining officers, Nancy
   Fahey, VP, Judy Cimino, Treasurer and Cindy Kennedy, Secretary agreed to remain for another year
   in their current council positions and were voted in for another term.

8. New Business-Jane Oswald
   Announcement of Mini-Grant Awards – The selection committee had the very difficult task of
   reviewing several well deserving applicants for the mini grants. She commended the committee for
   their due diligence in assisting with the grant award process. Selection Committee members were
   Maria Pappa, Chris Davis, Bonnie Urzen, Nancy Fahey, Judi Cimino and Jane Oswald. $200
   grants were awarded to Saint Joseph’s Center, and the Lupus Foundation, Sr. Ann Walsh of St.
   Joseph’s said the grant money will be used to purchase diapers for their baby pantry. Diane Davis,
   Lupus Foundation indicated the money will be used for their new Patient Educational Library. A $100
   grant was awarded to Maternal & Family Health Services NFP Program, Cindy Kennedy, indicated
   the money will be used towards the NFP annual children’s Christmas Party to held on December 12th
   at Circle of Care from 3-6 pm. Maria Pappa of the Scranton Area Foundation presented
   matching grant awards to all three grant recipients.
9. Next meetings - December Holiday Meeting at the Lupus Foundation – Either December 10 or
   17th at 9 AM. January Meeting – January 21st. Tentative speaker Terri Stocki of Consumer Credit
   Counseling Services. February Meeting - February 18, 2009 – Tentative speaker Tony Delonti,
   American Lung Association
10. Motion to adjourn- Moved by Judy Cimino, seconded by Cindy Kennedy.


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