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					                            theBulletin                           27 November 2005 - Issue 54

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    Ruth Kelly
    visits UWE

                              k e e p i n g   y o u   i n f o r m e d

In this
month’s issue                            Secretary of State for Education
2      Ruth Kelly visits UWE             visits UWE
3      Design student wins
       prize for recycling
                                         Ruth Kelly MP, Secretary of State for
       trolley design
                                         Education (pictured right), visited the
3      Frenchay Campus                   Frenchay Campus of the University on 4
       wins car park safety              November and had a series of themed
       award                             meetings with University staff and
                                         students. She met with the Vice-
4      UWE film makers                   Chancellor Alfred Morris, Colin Fudge
       shortlisted for BBC               (Pro Vice-Chancellor), Sheila Newby
       Talent award                      (Assistant Vice-Chancellor) and Richard
                                         Bond, (Deputy Director, CRIGS) to discuss
5      Further Education                 Knowledge Transfer. Rob Cuthbert,
       sector in jeopardy                (Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Sheila Newby,
7      Discarded apple cores             Ron Ritchie (Dean of Education) and
       inspire cycle network             Gaynor Attwood (Associate Dean of
                                         Education) met with Ruth Kelly to talk
                                         about Partnership with Teachers and
8      Exhibition explores               Schools, including UWE’s role as sponsor
       ideas of utopia in                of the City Academy, Bristol.
       Broadmead                         The Student Perspective, including
                                         aspects of the National Student Survey
                                         was the theme of a meeting with the
                                         President and Officers of the Students’
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                                         Ruth Kelly also visited the University of
                                         Bristol and the new ‘Wise Campus’ at
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carried.                                     Rod Coleman - a colleague remembered
Front cover:                                 Tributes are still arriving from colleagues for Rod Coleman, Director of the University
Pictured with Ruth Kelly MP, the             Modular Framework, who died on 21 September. We hope to publish an obituary and a
Secretary of State for Education             selection of tributes in the Bulletin as soon as all contributions have been received and
(centre), are (l to r) Vaisheli Patel,       collated.
Alistair Osborn, Charles Ansell and
Doug Naysmith MP

Design student wins prize for recycling
trolley design
Rob Goode, a Creative Product Design student from CEMS has                   Rob has spent eight weeks on placement with Clares, who
been awarded first prize by the Design Council ‘Inside Track’                currently supply about 45% of UK supermarkets and airports. Rob
placement scheme for an innovative range of domestic recycling               continues, “It has been fantastic to get the chance to work with
trolleys. Tod Burton, Programme Leader on the BSc Creative                   such a successful company and to be involved in extending their
Product Design said, “This is the first time that UWE has entered            product range. I have enormously enjoyed working with a real
the scheme so it is a fantastic validation that the sort of design           company having a tangible challenge to get my teeth into. Clares
skills and understanding that we are providing to our students are           have decided to broaden their product range and the prototype
closely in line to those that the Design Council feel future                 for my design will be ready soon.”
designers will need.”
                                                                             Alan Bromley, General Manager of Clares, praised the students by
The scheme teams up design and business students with the aim                saying, “Working with placement students in this way is good for
of promoting business awareness in design students and vice-                 us as it gives us the chance to access high added value at a
versa. The judges felt that although fraught with difficulties, the          relatively low cost and to look at new market segments. The
issue of domestic recycling is an important one for the future of            students were both very professional and kept working at their
Britain and were pleased that the students had tackled it. They              idea until they got it right. They sourced expertise and we
awarded them first place in this national competition, in                    encouraged them to talk to our customers as getting to
particular highlighting the professional manner in which they had            understand what is needed is critical to the success of any kind of
conducted the design audit and presentation.                                 manufacturing. I’m sure their grasping a clear understanding of
                                                                             customers’ needs helped them remain focused and enabled them
Rob worked with Sarah Levenson, a business student from the
                                                                             to develop a new product that would work. This resulted in their
University of Exeter, on a placement with Clares, a trolley
                                                                             good idea.”
manufacturer based in Wells, Somerset. The students performed a
design audit and made recommendations based on
manufacturing and marketing issues and then developed their
product range.
The prize-winning design is a range of products to fit into
recycling boxes aimed at helping to make recycling more
attractive. The range includes a mobility trolley incorporating
stylish materials used successfully in modern kitchen design
incorporating stainless steel and chrome.
Commenting on his inspiration Rob said, “One of the inspirations
for the design is the Brabantia rubbish bin. The trolleys encase the
plastic recycling ‘black boxes’ supplied by local councils so that the
box sits in the trolley and is therefore hidden from view. The
aesthetics of the box are therefore much more stylish and the
rationale is that if people have an attractive recycling trolley in
their kitchen then they might be encouraged to recycle more
household rubbish.”
                                                                             Robert Goode

   Frenchay Campus car parks win safety award
   The University has been awarded a Park Mark by the Safer                  House Services will be making similar improvements with the
   Parking Scheme for improving safety in car parks on Frenchay              aim of achieving Park Mark status for all car parks on other
   Campus. Blue Park Mark Signs will soon appear in strategic                campuses.
   spots around the Campus car parks.
                                                                             The Safer Parking Scheme is an initiative of the Association of
   John Rowles, Senior Operations Manager with House Services                Chief Police Officers aimed at reducing crime and the fear of
   said “The Park Mark is awarded to                                                                      crime in parking facilities. The
   parking facilities that have                                                                           scheme replaces the Secured Car
   achieved the requirements of a risk                                                                    Parks Scheme and introduced a
   assessment as conducted by the                                                                         risk assessment approach to the
   police. Broadly speaking these                                                                         effective management of crime in
   requirements mean the parking                                                                          all kinds of parking facilities. The
   operator has put in place measures                                                                     scheme is managed by the British
   that help to deter criminal activity                                                                   Parking Association (BPA) on
   and anti-social behaviour. Some of                                                                     behalf of the ACPO and supported
   the measures we have put into                                                                          by the Home Office and Scottish
   action include the installation of                                                                     Executive.
   car park barriers, cctv cameras, car                                                                    John Rowles is presented with Park
   park patrols, a security booth in car                                                                   Mark.
   park 20 and acceptable lighting.”

                                                    Two UWE film-makers
                                                    short-listed for BBC New
  Obituary                                          Talent awards
  Jack Rees 1925-2005                               Two film makers from the Bristol School of Art, Media and Design have
  Jack was born in Port Talbot and qualified        been short- listed for the BBC New Talent awards.
  as a chemist. His career encompassed the
                                                    Lecturer Mark Hewis has been nominated for the New Film Makers Award
  Steel Company of Wales (where he met his
                                                    and Illustration student Karen Cheung has been short-listed for the New
  wife, Maureen) and the Canadian Atomic
                                                    Animation Award.
  Energy Authority. He then became a
  lecturer in Applied Science between 1978          Both films were screened for the first time at the Brief Encounters Film
  and 1990 at St Matthias College, which            Festival in Bristol on Thursday 24 November together with all other short
  became part of Bristol Polytechnic. He was        listed films in both categories. BBC New Talent winners will have their films
  a first class teacher and a loyal and             broadcast on BBC 3 in March 2006 during prime time viewing. The winner
  dedicated colleague who had the ability to        of the New Animation prize may receive funding to develop an animation
  get the best out of students. He was a most       project and the overall winner of the New Film Makers Award will receive
  friendly and gregarious person who always         £5,000. Finalists will also get the chance to pitch for three-minute shorts to
  felt that the problems of others were more        be made in early 2006.
  important than his own. He will be sadly          Mark Hewis is an experienced animator but this is the first time he has
  missed by his wife Maureen, daughter              created a film that includes live action. His film is called The Chihuahua
  Catherine, granddaughter Georgia and his          Messiah and is a live action/animated tale about Kitty and her mother who
  many friends.                                     live on the lonely moors. Kitty is a girl on the brink of adulthood plagued
  Trevor Green                                      by the distant memory of her vacant father. The film cost just £8,500 to
                                                    make and was funded by the Film Council and Film London.
                                                    Mark said, “This film has a dark fairy tale atmosphere but is shot in a

Comenius SW at                                      beautiful setting. The gift from Kitty’s father is a Chihuahua which is
                                                    ominously placed inside Kitty’s stomach giving rise to obvious metaphors
                                                    for sexual abuse. Kitty exhumes her demon memories by vomiting the dog
HLSS                                                out of her mouth onto a blue towel in a stable and the final frame in the
HLSS in collaboration with Comenius South           film shows her with her mother and the dog in a remarkable resemblance
West is delivering a 24 week course in Spanish      to the nativity scene – hence the film’s name The Chihuahua Messiah.
for primary teachers with little or no              Karen Cheung film is called Headache Hotel. Karen said, “The film is about
knowledge of the language. The course will be       what happens when a tune gets stuck in your head and you can’t get rid of
intensive and will be geared towards the needs      it. A little bird arrives at a hotel and gets a piano out of a bag and starts to
of teachers, so the emphasis will be on             play a tune that annoys all the customers. The bird is ejected from the
communicative teaching and activities which         hotel.”
could be adapted for use in the primary
                                                    Karen’s film is made up of 1,800 line drawings and the drawings are based
classroom. There will also be some sessions
                                                    on the musical stave thus enhancing the storyline visually. Headache Hotel
specifically on primary MFL methodology. This is
                                                    is Karen’s first animated film and this is the first time that she has entered a
the first time HLSS has offered such a course,
and nine teachers enrolled so far. It is a major
commitment for fulltime teachers to undertake       Professor Paul Gough, Dean of the Bristol School of Art, Media and Design
a 24 week twilight course so it is hoped that it    said, “This is thrilling news for Mark Hewis and Karen Cheung. Karen’s
will be fun as well as providing a foundation       achievement in reaching the short list for her first animated film is
for the introduction of Spanish in their primary    phenomenal and demonstrates that UWE is nurturing talent successfully.”
schools in line with the DfES initiative to offer   A still from Headache Hotel
foreign languages to all children in primary
schools by 2010.
Staff from local schools and colleges were
invited to join UWE staff and PGCE students for
a glass of wine and some nibbles to celebrate
the European Day of Languages on 26
September and to take the opportunity to see
what the new Resource Centre has to offer.
Irene Wilkie explained how the Comenius
network supports language professionals and
Peter Gold talked about the work of the
Regional Languages Network. The event was
attended by about 40 people and was an
excellent opportunity for professionals from
different sectors to hear about each others
work in a relaxed, informal setting.

Further Education sector in jeopardy
Transforming Learning Cultures in FE
A groundbreaking study investigating teaching and learning in               teaching approaches; (d) taking a cultural understanding of
the Further Education (FE) sector in the UK has hard hitting                learning – that is, not seeing learning as something that is only
messages for the Government. The report coincided with the                  about individuals and their acquisition of new knowledge and
release of the Foster Report on FE that was presented at the                skills. Professor James adds “Our findings have great practical
Association for Colleges conference on 15 November 2005.                    significance, and also the capacity to put more flesh on the bones
                                                                            of the Government’s policy of promoting ‘personalised learning’.
Better funding, greater professional autonomy and fewer
                                                                            More important, we have evidence that a lot of good teaching
government-led prescriptive mandates are just a few of the
                                                                            and learning is currently surviving against the odds, in
radical changes identified as critical to the future of FE in the
                                                                            unsustainable circumstances. This has to change, and soon.”
largest ever research project conducted in this area.
                                                                            For a copy of the report summary please go to the Project website
Entitled Transforming Learning Cultures in FE, the four year study
was carried out by a consortium involving researchers at four
universities UWE, Exeter, Warwick and Leeds), and four FE                   Project summary briefing available from
colleges (City of Bristol, St Austell, Park Lane in Leeds and City
                                                                            Transforming Learning Cultures in FE was funded by the Economic
College in Coventry). It shows that teaching and learning in the
                                                                            and Social Research Council’s Teaching and Learning Research
FE sector is under threat because of unstable national policy,
inadequate funding and narrow models of management, and
that the professionalism of tutors and managers is being
progressively undermined.
Professor David James (EDU) underlines the report findings. He
said, “Our research is the first of its kind – a large, independent,
rigorous study that included FE practitioners at every stage, even
during design. The report points to a desperate need for a new
approach to the improvement of teaching and learning in the FE
sector. In place of the one-size-fits-all approach we keep seeing
in policy at the moment, this would use research-derived
principles to guide development. It is clear that simplistic ideas
about ‘what works’, together with crude measures of retention
and learning outcomes, are not up to the job.”
“The FE sector caters for lots of people who do not have much of
a voice in the power structures in society. It is also very
comprehensive, in ways that can be difficult to understand for
people only familiar with schools and higher education. In an FE
college it is not unusual to find the most recreational of courses
next door to the most vocationally-focused, or study at a very
high vocational level adjacent to basic skills or academic study at
a range of levels.”
The study used a large questionnaire survey but took as its main
focus a series of ‘learning sites’ based in four FE colleges.
Through repeated interviews, observations, shadowing and
diaries it built up detailed pictures of different learning cultures,
the factors that shaped them, and how they allowed or inhibited
different kinds of learning.
Professor James continues, “We have strong evidence that FE
tutors are hemmed in by targets, with a narrow set of definitions
used to measure the quality of their work, and that this is stifling        Professor David James
their energy and enthusiasm and also their performance and
effectiveness. Our research shows that good teaching can be one             Professor James’ own career exemplifies a key benefit of FE. He
thing in one place, but quite different in another. Learning itself         left his secondary modern school with a moderate clutch of
is defined quite differently within different educational provision,        examination passes, and worked for a time as a musician and for
and legitimately so. But we also found that improving learning              local government. Several years on, a fellow musician sparked his
has to be about more than the how, about more than just trying              interest in sociology and encouraged him to return to learning in
to make it more effective. In other words, any attempt to                   an FE college. He went on to study social sciences as a mature
improve learning also has to wrangle with what is being learnt              student at the University of Bristol, gaining a first class honours
and whether it is valuable, and to whom.”                                   degree, then completed an FE teaching qualification before
                                                                            working in colleges in Southwark, Bath and Gloucester. The rest,
Whilst recognising some major issues of social inequality that              as they say, is history. As David puts it, “there is a dominant,
surround FE practices, the research concludes that there are four           middle class assumption that FE is for ‘other people’s children’,
main drivers for improvement within the FE sector. They are (a)             but if allowed to flourish it can serve a wide range of people and
taking student interests more seriously; (b) recognising and                interests in the community. If ‘lifelong learning’ means anything,
supporting tutor professionalism; (c) fostering diversity in                this is it.”.

                                                 Developing collaborative links in
                                    NEWS         Vision with Auburn University USA
                                                 Following a successful six week visit by a US research student in June 2004, Dr

A crisis of                                      Abdul Farooq, of the Machine Vision Laboratory, part of the Centre of Innovative
                                                 Manufacturing and Machine Vision Systems (CIMMS) (CEMS), has taken part in the

professional                                     second phase of a reciprocal exchange programme with Auburn University (AU),
                                                 USA in September.
expertise?                                       This now long standing relationship with AU was initiated by Dr Lyndon Smith, Co-
                                                 director of CIMMS, during his time as Director of Computer Simulation in the P/M
The Faculty of Health and Social Care
                                                 Lab at the Pennsylvania State University in 1998. Following a successful EPSRC
together with the Centre for Critical
                                                 grant application, a team from the UWE Machine Vision Lab visited AU and had
Theory will be holding a one-day
                                                 further discussions with Professor Alice Smith, Chair in Industrial Engineering at AU,
conference on Wednesday 18 January
                                                 and her team.
2006 at the Glenside Campus.

                                                 The Industrial Engineering Department at AU offers courses and undertakes
These are confusing times to be a
                                                 research in a broad range of engineering topics but, as yet, has not been able to
professional. Two particularly high-profile
                                                 branch out into the field of machine vision. Abdul delivered a well-received
challenges to the notion of professional
                                                 programme of lectures on the topic of machine vision. Material included an
expertise are i) the evidence-based
                                                 introduction to the fundamentals of machine vision, examples of industrial
practice movement and ii) the rise of
                                                 applications and an insight into some of the pioneering research and consultancy
interprofessional working. Are there
                                                 work carried out within the Machine Vision Lab at UWE. A DVD of two of the
common understandings of these
                                                 lectures is available on request. Abdul also explored opportunities for promoting
challenges among and between different
                                                 collaborative teaching and research activities between the two institutes as well as
professional groups or does each group
                                                 investigating new funding opportunities. Particular mechanisms discussed for the
experience the challenges differently?
                                                 exchange of specialist knowledge were live broadcasting and interactive video
How do/should professionals respond to
                                                 conferencing during which Abdul was given a tour of the impressive AU video
the challenges? Should we embrace or
                                                 conferencing facilities.
resist the changes wrought in professional
life by these challenges?                        The visit has resulted in firm plans for a number of new collaborative teaching and
                                                 research initiatives, including the development of a vision based spinal curvature
We invite interested colleagues to join the
                                                 measurement device. A joint grant application has already been submitted to The
debate on the crisis of professional
                                                 Leverhulme Trust UK with respect to developing a prototype device in collaboration
expertise. Two keynote speakers will
                                                 with AU. A second US National Science Foundation research proposal is currently in
provide the impetus for a sharing of
                                                 preparation aimed at using machine vision and artificial neural networks in
experiences about negotiating challenges
                                                 modelling the evolution of microscopic structures in metal alloys. It is also hoped
to professional expertise. We hope that in
                                                                                                                        that further
joining us we can start to build up a
                                                                                                                        discussions will
picture of how professionals are learning
                                                                                                                        take place
to live with a crisis of expertise.
                                                                                                                        aimed at
This one-day conference will be of                                                                                      setting up pilot
particular interest to professional                                                                                     programme for
practitioners and educators working in                                                                                  collaborative
business, education, health and social care,                                                                            teaching.
and the built environment disciplines.
                                                                                                                       Dr Abdul Farooq
The conference is free of charge but you
are required to reserve a place. Please visit
                                                                                                                       Associate,                                                                                         Machine Vision
/cct/conf.shtml for additional information                                                                             Lab, UWE) and
and registration form.                                                                                                 Professor Alice
If you would like to attend, please                                                                                    Smith (Chair in
complete a form and return to Rose West,
                                                                                                                       Engineering, AU)
CCT Administrator,

New Christmas Park and Ride from Frenchay Campus
The University is facilitating a Park and Ride Scheme to ease congestion in the city during the busy Christmas period. The scheme,
jointly delivered by the Bristol Alliance, First Group and UWE with support from Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire
council, started on 19 November. Buses will run every 12 minutes from Frenchay Campus to Broadmead via the M32.
Operated by First Group, the new service is available on weekends from 19 November to 15 January and during the week before
and after Christmas. Based at UWE’s Frenchay Campus car park, the service will cost £1.20 for a return ticket, with accompanied
children under 16 travelling free of charge.
Full timetable information available at

Bristol universities welcome new international students
New international students who have just started their studies in
the city were invited by UWE and University of Bristol to attend
the fifth annual Welcome Reception at the Wildwalk, At-Bristol
on Wednesday 19 October.
The Rt Hon The Lord Major of Bristol, Councillor Peter Abraham
welcomed the almost 400 international students as part of the
community of the city of Bristol. Students were also greeted by
the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol, Professor Eric
Thomas and UWE Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Rob Cuthbert.
Kristina Nink, who helped to organise the event for UWE says,
“We not only wanted to welcome students at the respective
universities, but also wanted to make them feel part of the wider
community of Bristol, outside the universities, and encourage
them to become involved.
“International students studying at the two universities come
from over 120 countries, from China to Nigeria and from the
Netherlands to Mexico. We welcome the cultural diversity they
bring to our institutions and to the city.”
During a light buffet, new international students got a chance to
meet and speak with their respective Vice-Chancellors and various
representatives of their universities. At the Wildwalk, students
were also able to join a guided tour of this wonderful interactive
museum of life on earth.                                                    Professor Eric Thomas (left), The Rt Hon The Lord Major of Bristol,
For questions or more information contact Kristina Nink at                  Councillor Peter Abraham (centre), Rob Cuthbert (right) pictured with or on 0117 32 82010.                                international students from both universities.

   Discarded apple cores inspire cycle network signs
   Art and the Travelling Landscape                                         Elizabeth Turrell describes the signs, she said, “The signs
                                                                            resemble the enamelled signage found in railway waiting
   National Cycle Route 24 Bath- Radstock –Frome
                                                                            rooms and stations. The signs are etched onto copper plate
   Travellers discarding apple cores from train windows have                and enamelled using a process that gives a weathered
   provided the inspiration for a series of signs that will decorate        appearance to the edges of the signs creating a textural
   part of the national cycle network designed and created by               contrast to the boulders. It was important that we created
   enamelling experts Elizabeth Turrell, Imi Maufe and Ed                   robust signs capable of withstanding extreme weather
   Silverton (BSAMD).                                                       conditions and potential vandalism.”
   UWE is working with Sustrans                                                                            UWE artists have also worked
   to create a ‘linear orchard’ to                                                                         with school children to design
   enhance the national network                                                                            bike templates that have been
   of cycle paths, much of which                                                                           embedded into the path. The
   runs along old railway tracks.                                                                          designs are an interesting take on
   Part of the wider ‘Art and the                                                                          the standard signs used to mark
   travelling landscape’ project                                                                           out bike lanes on main roads. The
   organised by Sustrans, the                                                                              Sustrans designs are drawn by
   signs depict names of ancient                                                                           children presenting a fun
   apple varieties. Etched and                                                                             alternative to the standard signs
   enamelled onto weathered                                                                                which have then been cut out
   copper plate, the signs will be                                                                         using thermoplastic material
   embedded into granite                                                                                   called ‘Premark’ and embedded
   boulders to mark out trails.                                                                            into the ground.
   The orchard idea stems from when train travellers used to                Katy Hallet, Sustrans’ Director of Art and the Travelling
   throw their apple cores out of the window resulting in a                 Landscape said, “We are delighted with this project. The linear
   plethora of unusual orchards seeding along railway                       orchard and succession of signs provides continual interest
   embankments.                                                             along the route and are perfectly in keeping with our aims to
   Unusual varieties of apple have been immortalised in the series          create landmarks, celebrate local characteristics, bring local
   of beautiful enamelled signs and include apples rarely heard             communities together and make for enjoyable, memorable
   of now like ‘Ellison’s Orange’, ‘Autumn Pearman’, ‘Michelmas             journeys.”
   Red’ and ‘Chivers Delight’. It is also apt that the signs are used       Apple core signs (above)
   to decorate a section of the path running through Somerset
   which is famous for cider apples.


explores ideas of
utopia in
Jonathan Mosley, artist and architect
(FBE), recently teamed up with fine art         Sponsors and organisers of UWE’s £19,500 Business Plan Competition at the launch
sculptor, Sophie Warren, to create a            event on 26 October, pictured from left: Professor Norman Ratcliffe of last year’s
timely installation entitled Blue Sky           winning team AlarmGas; Neil Higginson, Business West; Rohan Master, Business
Thinking at Plan 9 Gallery in Broadmead         West; Anna Keeling, Osborne Clarke; Alan Fry, Royal Bank of Scotland; Christine
that explores ideas of utopia against the       Storry, Bristol City Council; Dr Dave Brennand, Centre for Research, Innovation and
                                                Graduate Studies; Professor Colin Fudge, Pro-Vice Chancellor; Alison Clarke,
reality of where we really live.
                                                Haseltine Lake; Andrew Braithwaite, Osborne Clarke, and Simon Rees, Haseltine
The exhibition presented an installation        Lake. Deadline for entries is 28 November 2005. For further information on the
of an imaginary model world constructed         competition, visit, e-mail or
within an empty shop in Broadmead that          call Nick Markovits on 0117 32 82808.
has been renamed Plan 9 Gallery: the
shop is due to be demolished for city
centre redevelopment.
Jonathan said, “Blue Sky Thinking brings
                                              New integrated porter and security
the remains of a consumer age into a          service for Frenchay Campus
playful collision with the utopian and the
                                              House Services has been working towards integrating porter and security roles at
                                              the Frenchay Campus in preparation for the need for a 24/7 service when the
“The exhibition is about the design and       student village opens in September 2006.
aspirations for cities and suburbs,
                                              John Rowles, Senior Operations Manager with House Services, explains, “Following
exploring ideas of utopia against the
                                              consultation with House Services Management, Personnel and Trade Union
reality of places where we live. The entire
                                              representatives we have introduced a new role called ‘Combined Service Operative’.
show is constructed from cardboard boxes
                                              We have been working towards an integrated porter and security service for some
of domestic products. Plan 9 Gallery and
                                              time and already provide 24/7 gatehouse/ reception cover and support for library
most of Broadmead will be demolished
                                              services in the 24 hour opening initiative. When the new student village opens in
and redeveloped so the ideas of the
                                              2006 this will create more demands on CSO services so we are making changes to
exhibition are particularly relevant to the
                                              gear up for the changing needs in an effort to support University initiatives to
local area as well as being relevant to
                                              enhance the lives of students who will be living on campus.”
most schemes of development.
                                              Six new CSOs were appointed in January 2005 and now all have been trained in
“Three grids act as tectonic plates for
                                              aspects of the service traditionally facilitated by the Porters and Security. In line
three landscapes. One holds a city of
                                              with the department aspiration to achieve Hospitality Assured status CSOs have also
towers, one the extremes of suburbia, one
                                              been given training in customer care, gatehouse/reception duties, departmental
a sublime mountainous terrain. Discarded
                                              Health and Safety induction and external security training courses in line with
cardboard boxes of consumer goods are
                                              nationally recognised qualifications. A further six CSOs were recruited in August
adapted into modular building blocks and
                                              2005 to bring the team to full strength. Existing porters will now take positions on
stacked to form expansive vertical and
                                              other campuses.
horizontal landscapes. The buildings are
fragmented compositions of text, logos
and brand imagery. The blue of light or
sky catches the surface of the towers and
slips across the city panoramic, revealing
an urban landscape built on the leftovers
of commerce. The installation both
reflects an image of the way we live and
questions our desires and aspirations for
the architecture around us.”
Blue Sky Thinking is the third piece in a
body of new work which has been
informed by a research visit to Mexico
City in 2003. The research trip was
supported by the Faculty of the Built

2005-6                                                            Calling all UWE staff
                                                                  and students!

Business Plan
£9,500 Open Prize
£4,500 Student Prize
£5,500 Social Enterprise Prize

Why enter?
Try out the ideas you only talked about till now.
Have you got what it takes to start your own business?
Find out…

Competition Schedule
Round One entries close              28 November 2005 (12 noon)
Round One winners announced          15 December 2005

Managed by
Centre for Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies
University of the West of England, Bristol
Telephone: 0117 32 83272
Fax: 0117 32 82688
                                             UWE’s Profile e-portfolio system being
                                   NEWS      used at Bristol University
                                             Profile is a web-based, password controlled, electronic portfolio system for tracking
                                             and assessing students on placement. The system was devised by Drs Dave Lush and
                                             Stephen Gomez (FAS). The development of Profile is being funded with a £150k
UWE experts to                               grant from HEFCE and as such is available to all other universities in the HE Sector.

help high-tech Bath                          Profile is proving to be highly popular and is currently being used or trialled by
                                             about 40 universities in the UK.

engineering firm                             A recent success is that Profile is being used by the University of Bristol to deliver
                                             PDP (Personal Development Planning) to its first year undergraduate students. Dr
Bath engineering manufacturers Polamco       Tracy Johnson from the Learning Development Unit at Bristol University said, “Our
Ltd are set to benefit from the input of     Skills and Progress Files Working Group (SPFWG) was asked to consider the tools
UWE’s technical expertise. The family-       available to support PDP and choose appropriate systems for the University. After
owned business, employing 90 people, has     seeing demonstrations of Profile, it became clear that this system would be
a well-earned reputation for designing       appropriate for our use for several reasons:
and manufacturing high-precision             • the system is simple for students to use
components for aerospace, military           • being web-based means fewer storage problems
communications and mass transportation       • the fact that the web-forms and content are completely customisable means
industries. It runs a sophisticated               that Profile can be adapted to suit the needs of different departments and
manufacturing facility on the western side        programmes – this has been a key selling point to academics
of Bath, including a modern, highly-         • it is secure and content remains confidential
computerised machine shop.                   • working with UWE fosters regional collaboration
Polamco Ltd is looking to improve            • the financial costs of getting the system up and running were low, as is the cost
competitiveness against low-wage global           of ongoing support.
rivals by reducing the time needed for       “We are offering Profile to academic departments on a pilot basis until Christmas
machining equipment to be changed over       and are encouraging the adaptation of the system to suit different programmes.
from one batch of components to another.     We have been demonstrating Profile at committee meetings, as well as at specific
The link between the company and the         events for staff, and are offering one-to-one demos with interested academics.
School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and      Profile will be demonstrated at Faculty-level meetings as part of talks on PDP
Aerospace Engineering (CEMS) is designed     implementation during the autumn term.”
to improve manufacturing efficiency.
                                             So far several departments and support services at Bristol University have expressed
Project supervisor Farid Dailami said his    an interest in Profile so far including: Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Veterinary
team would be exploring innovative ways      Nursing, Student Development Unit (Students’ Union) and the Careers Advisory
to increase the speed of setting-up times,   Service.
ensuring that batches of components are
made even more efficiently and idle-times    The Veterinary Nursing programme have also expressed interest in using the system
are minimised.                               both to support PDP and as an assessment tool. The other departments are
                                             currently discussing potential use of Profile. Its usage and any feedback will be
“We are keen for Polamco to use its high-    collected as part of the PDP4Life evaluation exercise.
technology equipment even more
productively, and this will help solve the   Tracy said, “In the long-term, our intention is that Profile will be one of three
problem of lost capacity,” said Farid.       electronic tools available to support PDP at Bristol University, including one
                                             specifically aimed at supporting postgraduate researchers”.
UWE and Polamco have just been awarded
a government-supported Knowledge             Dr David Lush who wrote the Profile program said, “I’m delighted by the uptake of
Transfer Partnership to fund a graduate      Profile by Bristol University as well as by many other universities in the Sector. In
engineer to investigate the latest machine   addition to the features mentioned by Tracy, Profile has a life-long logon which
set-up reduction techniques in               makes it ideal for supporting continuing professional development.”
collaboration with the Faculty of            Pictured from left to right front row – Dr David Lush, Holger Andersson, Karen Croker and
Computing, Engineering and                   Jaya Mistry. Back row – Dr Stephen Gomez, Chris Wright and Sue Linsley
Mathematical Sciences.
Polamco’s Production Director John
Stephenson said: “This two-year
partnership gives us the opportunity to
build on work the company is already
undertaking with the West of England
Aerospace Forum under its continuous
improvement programme. We are very
excited at the potential outcomes of the
project although we recognise there is a
lot of hard work ahead of us.”
For more information on Knowledge
Transfer Partnerships, contact Clare
Rowson on or

EU Commissioner for Research meets UWE
European Union Commissioner for Research Janez Potocnik visited                EU and complimented the South West on its effective
the South West recently and met with Higher Education                          collaborations and innovative research base.
Institutions to discuss the European Research agenda. Professor
                                                                               For more information on EU-funded research projects, contact the
Colin Fudge represented UWE at the meeting at Bristol University,
                                                                               Centre for Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies, e-mail:
where Professor Neil Avent (FAS) and Dr Tim Jones (FBE) explained
the EU-funded projects, Bloodgen and VIVALDI.
Presentations to demonstrate the depth and breadth of South
West HEI collaboration were given by Kevin Edge, Pro-Vice
Chancellor of Bath University who chairs HERDA-SW Research
Special Interest Group, and Fern Urquhart, Business Interface
Team Manager of UWE, who chairs the Business Relations SIG.
There were also contributions by Gordon Kelly of Combined
Universities in Cornwall and Dr James Murray from the SW
Regional Science and Industry Council.
Commissioner Potocnik also visited the Composites Centre at
Airbus and met representatives from the South West Regional
Development Association (SWRDA), local councillors, and Graham
Watson, MEP. The Commissioner has responsibility for all aspects
of research at the EU-level, including the Framework 7 research
programme; the European Research Council; the European
                                                                               Kevin Edge, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Bath University and Fern Urquhart,
Research Area; Marie Curie Fellowships; and the connection                     Business Interface Team Manager from CRIGS during the visit from
between research and economic development. He explained the                    Commissioner Potocnik
development of policy on research and knowledge transfer in the

What’s my company worth?
Putting a value on a new business is one of the hardest and most                  School of Economics
important issues an entrepreneur could face. The question - What
is my company worth? - was considered from a range of                             moves to BBS
viewpoints during a business seminar led by UWE at the
                                                                                  As of 1 August 2005 the School of Economics transferred
Watershed. The panel of speakers included Alan Bristow, founder
                                                                                  from the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social
of ICON Corporate Finance and Dr David Bence of BBS. The two
                                                                                  Science (HLSS) to the Bristol Business School (BBS).
other guest speakers were Derek Swift, a partner in Richardson
Groves accountants, and Charles Grimsdale, director of Eden                       The move, initiated by the economists and supported by
Ventures UK.                                                                      the BBS and HLSS Executives, was approved by the
                                                                                  Directorate and the Board of Governors during the
Introducing the four speakers, Linda Skinner, Director of the
Centre for Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies, said:
“Entrepreneurs need to gauge the value of their companies at                      Richard O’Doherty, Head of the School of Economics said,
critical stages in their development. These stages include the                    “The rationale for the move includes the fact that BBS and
start-up phase, and when seeking external funds, as well as when                  the School of Economics have collaborated successfully for
negotiating a sale.This seminar offered strategies for success from               many years in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching
people who have made their living getting such deals right.”                      and in research. It was widely accepted that the field of
                                                                                  economics provides a significant part of the academic
The seminar was one of a series organised by the Bristol
                                                                                  underpinning for business and management and
Enterprise Network in conjunction with the CRIGS, and was co-
                                                                                  accounting and finance subjects. In fact many UK business
sponsored by Business West, Knowledge West and Bristol
                                                                                  schools already include economics as part of their
University. Membership of the network is free of charge and
more information can be found on
                                                                                  “Furthermore, as BBS has internationalised its teaching
                                                                                  and research, it has become clear that the majority of
                                                                                  international business schools have an economics
                                                                                  department and benefit significantly from it.”
                                                                                  “It was felt that the transfer of Economics to BBS, which
                                                                                  should enable closer working relationships, would be in
                                                                                  the best interests of the University, its students and its
                                                                                  staff. It will enable new joint programmes to be developed
                                                                                  and existing ones to be improved. It will make
                                                                                  international and research collaboration easier and enable
                                                                                  BBS to meet the requirements of international accrediting

Linda Skinner, Director of CRIGS, (centre) with speakers at the Bristol           In the short to medium term the School of Economics will
Enterprise Event (from left to right) Derek Swift (Richardson Groves              remain in their current location at Frenchay.
Accountants); Dave Bence (BBS); Alan Bristow (ICON Corporate
Finance) and Charles Grimsdale (Eden Ventures)

                                                John Noble’s party of a lifetime
                                   NEWS         John Noble, Head of Printing and Stationery, has raised over £2,500 for the
                                                Motor Neurone Association and the local St Peter’s Hospice through a party
                                                held in Bristol this month.
Technology,                                     Diagnosed 18 months ago with the incurable illness himself, John
                                                characteristically threw a black-tie party for 120 of his friends and family at
Utopia, Affect                                  the Hollywood Tower, Cribbs Causeway, which was formerly the residence of
                                                the founder of Bristol Aeroplane Company.
seminar series                                                                             The party was attended by the Vice-
The School of Cultural Studies is running a                                                Chancellor and colleagues across the
series of research seminars on the theme,                                                  University. Keith Hicks, Head of
Technology, Utopia, Affect at St Matthias                                                  Marketing and Communications, who
Campus. Entrance is free and all are                                                       attended the party commented, “It
welcome. Speakers include academics                                                        was just typical that John would do
from the School of Cultural Studies and                                                    this for his friends and family. Despite
several visiting speakers who will talk                                                    his illness John is continuing to work
about their research and practice in                                                       and support his colleagues at Printing
media, cultural studies, journalism and                                                    and Stationery. John is a real
film. A series of forums following on from                                                 inspiration and his team in Printing
the talks will give researchers, theorists                                                 and Stationery have responded with
and practitioners the chance to explain                                                    the affection he deserves by raising
and compare their diverse interests in a                                                   nearly £1,000 for John’s cause. Many
specific topic.                                                                            people across the University have
                                                                                           been very supportive in helping John.
The talks kicked off on 9 November with                                                    Kate Ishmael in Personnel and Mark
Kieran Kelly from UWE who presented,                                                       Bagnall in Estates along with his
‘The World’s Music in Your Pocket: The                                                     colleagues in Printing and Stationery
Development of the Apple Ipod’. There                                                      have worked very hard to make it
will be a total of 13 talks.                                                               possible for John to continue working
7 December 2005                                                                            and get around.”
Ronald Inden (University of Chicago)            John is pictured with his granddaughter Emily, wife Sally, stepson James and
‘Images of Utopia and Dystopia                  daughter-in-law Debbie at the party he organised
in Bollywood Films’
14 December 2005
Richard Hornsey
‘Harry Beck’s Tube Map:
                                              Environment Agency benefits from
The Everyday in 1930s London’
Michelle Henning                              creative thinking
‘From Froebel to Fluxus:                      The Faculty of Applied Sciences has been granted funding from HEFCE through the
Cybernetic Serendipity and                    HEIF 2 programme to devise and deliver a series of workshops that use creative
Learning through Play’                        problem-solving techniques to enhance research effectiveness and collaboration.
Followed by Cybernetics Forum
                                              On 7 November, as part of this programme of events, Dave Cowell, Helen
18 January 2006                               Featherstone and Laura Collier ran the third in this series of workshops entitled
Matt Briggs                                   ‘The Application of Genomics Technologies to the Environment Agency’. This
‘Rethinking Meaning in Children's             workshop explored the possibility of applying ‘-omics’ to the work of the
Media Cultures: From a Pedagogy               Environment Agency (EA) in the hope that the technology can improve the
of Effects to an Affective                    sampling and monitoring techniques used by the Environment Agency and so
Pedagogy’                                     improve the efficiency and accuracy of their work. The lively discussions on 7
Gillian Swanson                               November generated many ideas which will hopefully be actioned over the coming
‘Serenity and Psychosis’                      months by the Environment Agency.
Followed by Affect Forum
                                              The next workshop to take place as part of the HEIF2 programme is entitled: ‘The
25 January 2006                               Science and Management of Aging’. It will be led by Dr Julie McLeod and will take
Dr Stuart Allan                               place on 1 February 2006.
‘Online Journalism: Old Principles,
                                              Those in attendance at
New Priorities’                               the workshop were
Professor Michael Chanan                      (from left to right, back
‘Report on Report from Madrid’                row first): Helen
Followed by Information Forum                 Featherstone (UWE), Neil
                                              Willey (UWE), Dave Bird
For information on the full programme of
                                              (UWE), Mark Everard
talks and forums go to
                                              (EA), Heather Macdonald              (UWE, Bob Davison (EA),
Talks will be held on Wednesdays in room      Lyn Newton (UWE), Dave
M30 at St Matthias Campus at 14.00.           Cowell (UWE) and Kerry
                                              Walsh (EA)

International project looks at role of NGOs in new policy
Professor Marilyn Taylor (FBE), Dr Chris Miller (HSC) and Joanna             stakeholders, inquiry groups, a web-based knowledge exchange
Howard (FBE) met with their Bulgarian and Nicaraguan partners                and an inter-site video conference. The research will also analyse
for the first time in November at the initial meeting of an                  quantitative material in the research sites and countries to
important new international project.                                         contribute to country- specific databases of non-governmental
Non-Governmental Actors in New Governance Spaces: Navigating
the Tensions – is a project led by Professor Marilyn Taylor of Cities
Research Centre (FBE) with Dr Chris Miller and Joanna Howard. It
is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of
the new Non-Governmental Public Action research programme. It
runs for two years from October 2005.
Joanna Howard says, “The aim of the research is to build and
share knowledge about the increasing international trend to
include non-governmental actors in both the development and
implementation of policy. This involvement can be seen both as
opportunity and a source of tension, if NGOs - (non-governmental
organisations) - are to maintain their autonomy and legitimacy
with respect to funding bodies, members and users. This project
will explore how NGOs experience these dilemmas in three
countries with contrasting histories of governance and non-
governmental action - Bulgaria, Nicaragua and the UK – and the
strategies they adopt to address them.”
The research will be conducted in collaboration with partners at
the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria and the University           Pictured from left to right are; Joanna Howard, Research Fellow at
of Central America in Managua, Nicaragua. Four locality case                 Cities Research Centre, UWE; Marilyn Taylor, Director of Cities Research
studies will be developed, each set within their national context,           Centre, UWE; Luis H. Serra Vásquez, Universidad Centroamericana,
to explore together with participants from NGOs the challenges               Nicaragua; Rumen Goranov Petrov, Bulgarian Institute for Human
they face and their strategies for working in these new spaces.              Relations and Chris Miller, Director of the Centre for Local Democracy,
The research methods will include interviews with a range of

Cambridge University Press have published a collection of essays,
edited by Mike Richards (History, HLSS) and Chris Ealham, that                  Suffragettes in Bristol and
attempts to re-think the way in which the Spanish civil war of
the 1930s is interpreted by historians. The Splintering of Spain:               Bath: Rethinking Militancy
Cultural History and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 explores
the ways in which the ordinary men and women who were the
                                                                                Talks@Watershed – Wednesday 14 December 2005
real protagonists of the conflict understood their situation,
                                              absorbed the                      Historian June Hannam (HLSS) will give a talk as part of the
                                              ideologies                        Talks@Watershed series, organised by UWE’s Centre for Critical
                                              surrounding it, and               Theory about Suffragettes in Bristol and Bath: Rethinking
                                              assimilated the                   Militancy on Wednesday 14 December 2005 at 18.30.
                                              suffering that it
                                                                                June said, “My talk will focus on the Blathwayts of
                                              caused. With
                                                                                Batheaston, who were active in the militant suffrage
                                                                                movement in Bath and Bristol. The family left extensive diaries
                                              coming came from
                                                                                and a unique collection of photographs of leading
                                              scholars in Spain,
                                                                                suffragettes. These provide a new lens through which to
                                              the US and Britain,
                                                                                explore many important questions: what inspired women to
                                              the book is the first
                                                                                take part in militant action? How did it change their lives?
                                              treatment in any
                                                                                Why did suffrage activists make different choices over time?”
                                              language to apply
                                              the methods of                    June Hannam, Associate Dean, (HLSS) teaches labour history
                                              cultural history to               and women’s history in the nineteenth and twentieth
                                              the civil war. The                centuries. Author of Isabella Ford, 1855-1924 (Blackwell, 1989)
                                              project, part-funded              and (with Karen Hunt) Socialist Women: Britain c 1880s to
                                              by the Arts and                   1920s (Routledge 2002), she has also written a series of articles
                                              Humanities                        on aspects of the nineteenth century women’s movement in
                                              Research Council,                 the provinces and on the Independent Labour Party and
                                              the British Academy               feminist politics.
                                              and the Catalan                   Tickets for the talk are free but places are limited.
                                              Ministry of                       Call Watershed box office on 0117 927 5100 or for more
Education and Science, represents an initial step in a broad                    information call the Centre for Critical Theory at UWE on
programme of research by Mike Richards on public and private                    0117 32 84321, or e-mail
memories of the war in Spain.

                      The Centre for Critical Theory presents

                   The Alternative Series 2005

The World We have Won:
Reflections on the Sexual
Revolution of our Time
Professor Jeffrey Weeks
London South Bank University
Jeffrey Weeks is one of Britain’s leading
experts on the history and sociology of
sexuality and intimate relations, and has
published many books and articles on the
topic. The most recent books include
Making Sexual History (2000), Same Sex
Intimacies (2001), Sexualities and Society:
A Reader (2003) and Sexuality (2nd
edition, 2004). In this lecture Jeffrey
Weeks weighs up the losses and gains of
the unprecedented transformation of
sexual mores over the past generation,
offering new insights into the ways we
live today.

Tickets £6.00                                 Tuesday 6 December 2005, 19.00
(concessions £4.50)                           Watershed Media Centre, Bristol

                Tickets available in advance from the Box Office,
             Watershed Media Centre, 1 Canon’s Road, Bristol BS1 5TX
                                Tel 0117 927 5100

               For further information about the Centre for Critical Theory
                        Tel 0117 32 84321 E-mail
John Shyne presented with                                                  Care and custody:
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award                                               health care in prison
John Shyne (IT Services) was presented with the Gold Duke of
                                                                           Gill Hek (HSC) is leading a large Department of Health funded
Edinburgh Award at St James Palace on 19 October 2005 in the
                                                                           research project looking at Primary Care Nursing in Prisons. The
presence of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.
                                                                           study involves interviewing a sample of prisoners in 12 prisons in
John said, “This was the end of a journey that started when I              England as well as interviews with nurses working in the selected
was thirteen. Together with lots of my friends we embarked on              prisons. Prison health care has recently transferred from the
the Bronze Award, completing the expedition, gaining                       Home Office to the National Health Service where it is
navigation and first aid skills and starting new sports. Silver was        commissioned and serviced by local NHS Primary Care Trusts. The
next and fewer of us took up the challenge as it became more               study considers the perspectives of both patients (prisoners) and
demanding. There were only five of us when we started to work              nurses working in secure environments.
towards the Gold Award.
                                                                           In September Gill spoke at the International Care and Custody
“The expedition section, fifty miles over four days, was a real            Conference on the Nurse's Role in the Criminal Justice System in
test but an experience I'll never forget. For the skill section I          Saskatoon, Canada. Gill spoke on the topic of the changing
studied Japanese. For the residential section I crewed on a Sail           nature of prison nursing in the UK to an international audience
Training Association tall ship from the Azores to the UK. I have           of mostly American and Canadian nurses. There is great interest
fond memories of sighting a pod of whales from the T'Gallant               in what is happening to health care in the UK's justice system
                                    (top of the mast). My physical         including prisons, and the conference provided opportunity to
                                    recreation and service were            compare models of health care, in particular nursing. Of
                                    karate which I still do now as         particular interest is the notion of caring in a custodial setting,
                                    the Sensei of the UWE Karate           and the challenges for nurses today. Furthermore, the role of
                                    Club.                                  health care in prisons and its relationship with reducing re-
                                   “The Award ceremony                     offending is topical, with many prisons suffering from
                                   brought back all the                    overcrowding and poor conditions for both prisoners and health
                                   memories, fun and sense of              care staff.
                                   achievement of doing the                Gill co-ordinates the Prison Health Research Programme on which
                                   Duke of Edinburgh Award and             is one strand in the Clinical and Health Services Research Network
                                   I would highly recommend it             of the Faculty of Health and Social Care. She would be delighted
                                   to all young people.”                   to hear from anyone at UWE who is interested in joining the
                                   John Shyne with his Duke of             Prison Health research programme, or discussing ideas for
                                   Edinburgh Gold Award                    collaborative research bids (e-mail

   David completes epic trek
   David Devine-Harper, (MICE Team Leader, in EDU) has recently            Dave says the trek was a once-in–a-lifetime experience, “I feel
   returned from an epic seven month 2,000+ mile trek across the           very privileged to have been able to fulfil my ambition to
   famous Appalachian Trail in the eastern United States.                  complete this trail. It was a very positive experience – there is
                                                                           huge community spirit between the hikers on the trail, and the
   Although he doesn’t classify himself as a keen hiker, Dave
                                                                           astonishing beauty of the vistas, as well as the physical
   spent five years planning and saving for the trip after he was
                                                                           challenge of the trip have left me with some wonderful
   inspired by the Bill Bryson novel A Walk in the Woods. The
   Appalachian Trail is a 2,174+ mile continuous footpath crossing
   14 states from Georgia to Maine which is maintained by                  Details of Dave’s and other hikers trips can be found at
   volunteers.                                                    Dave’s journal can be found by
                                                                           searching under the nickname he was given on the trek –
   The AT is a truly international attraction with hikers from
   around the world completing the trail. Dave, who finished the
   trail on 27 September, joined the 9,000 people worldwide to
   have completed its entire length, and was one of a smaller
   number to complete it non-stop (known as ‘thru-hikers’). He is
   also the first (known) Welsh thru-hiker to finish.
   Dave’s trek involved, hiking through forests, dealing with the
   cold and snow, camping and spending the night in a variety of
   lean-tos and shelters – all built and maintained by volunteers -
   as well as climbing a number of mountains such as Mount
   Katahdin (5,268 feet). The highest summit on the trail was
   Clingmans Dome in the Great Smokey Mountains, North
   Carolina/Tennessee, at 6,625 feet. He also crossed the summit
   of Mount Washington (6,288 feet) in the Presidential range of
   the White Mountains in New Hampshire which holds the
   highest recorded windspeed in the world. The lowest
   elevation on the trail was crossing the Hudson River in New
   York at 124 feet.                                                       Dave on top of Mount Katahdin

Talks@Watershed - Autumn 2005
CCT presents a series of informal talks at Watershed
by UWE academics whose work has a strong local
dimension. All the talks in this series concern aspects
of identity, including the sense of community, the
legacy of slavery and the birth of feminism. Come
and join in the debate.

Reader in History, UWE

Suffragettes in Bristol and
Bath: re-thinking militancy

14 December 2005 18.30
June’s talk focuses on the Blathwayts of Batheaston,
who were active in the militant suffrage movement
in Bath and Bristol. The family left extensive diaries
and a unique collection of photographs of leading
suffragettes. These can provide a new lens through
which to explore many important questions. What
inspired women to take part in militant action?
How far did it change their lives? Why did suffrage
activists make different choices over time?

Ticket details – Talks@Watershed Autumn Series
2005 is FREE – but please book a ticket from
Watershed box office as places are limited on
0117 9275100
For more information, please contact CCT on
0117 32 84321, or e-mail
New Bristol ‘hub’ for national physiotherapy research
A new network bringing together physiotherapy experts has been         professionals. We hope that research will enhance the scientific
launched at the University with the aim of encouraging research        basis for physiotherapy and more effective treatments may mean
and sharing the latest information on effective treatments for         fewer visits to the physiotherapist for patients. At the end of the
patients.                                                              day any research that is undertaken will be about improving
                                                                       patient care.”
The Bristol Regional ‘Hub’ of the National Physiotherapy Research
Network was launched on Thursday 10 November at the Glenside           The network was launched with a special event on 10 November,
Campus. The National Physiotherapy Research Network is an              to which local physiotherapists and health professionals were
initiative of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy which wants       invited. Guests were welcomed by Professor Robin Means (HSC)
to expand research in this area.                                       and heard talks by Professor Ann Moore of the University of
                                                                       Brighton, Dr Dennis Martin of Sheffield Hallam University.
Dr Shea Palmer (HSC) who is jointly leading the research hub in
Bristol with Dr Fiona Cramp (HSC) says the aim is to encourage
more physiotherapy research which will ultimately benefit
patients, “The network is basically about bringing people
together and facilitating any physiotherapy-related research work.
We hope that any research work should be directly relevant to the
needs of patients. For example physiotherapy colleagues are
already working on studies to assess whether treatments such as
electrical stimulation (often known as ‘TENS’ and used for women
in labour) and exercise, might be beneficial in the treatment of
osteoarthritis. Other members are researching the effectiveness
of exercise and taping in the treatment of ‘movie-goers’ knee,
and a further research project will look at fatigue in those with
cancer and whether exercise could help build up tolerance to
activity. Additional work includes falls in the elderly and
professional football injuries.
“We will be setting up a database of research to share                 Dr Fiona Cramp and Dr Shea Palmer who are leading the Bristol hub
information between physiotherapists and other health                  of the National Physiotherapy Research Network

   World Radiography day
   The School of Allied Health Professions took part in the World          As well as a display at Glenside Campus on the day, local
   Radiography Day on 8 November 2005. This is an international            schools and career centres in and around the region were sent
   initiative to raise the awareness and interest in Radiography as        information packs about radiography as a career and
   a career backed by the Department of Health and the College             radiography training at UWE. Clinical link lecturers also
   of Radiographers. It encourages training centres and hospitals          provided support to hospital department events and displays.
   to actively promote the profession to address the shortage of

‘Crisis of Jamaican Masculinity’
The new Research Unit on Racism and Ethnicity, in collaboration            crisis of violence and aggression in Jamaica. The talk located its
with the School of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (HLSS)          source within a Black masculinity, tracked its root causes to the
were pleased to hold a lecture on The Crisis of Jamaican                   new world order called globalisation and compared its
Masculinity in the new Globalisation. The lecture took place at            development with a similar crisis under the first globalisation.
The Octagon, UWE on Wednesday 9 November.
                                                                           Dr Marie-Annick Gournet (HLSS) invited Professor Chevannes to
The talk was by Professor A Barrington (Barry) Chevannes from              present this paper because of his tremendous contribution to
the University of the West Indies, who presented a paper on the            research and teaching in the areas of Afro-Caribbean religions,
                                                                           Caribbean culture and identity, male gender issues, crime and
                                                                           violence, values and ethics and social integration.
                                                                           Professor Chevannes, a former Dean of Social Sciences at the
                                                                           University of the West Indies, has also worked on several research
                                                                           consultancies in topics ranging from the cultural identity of
                                                                           returning residents to the long-term effects of cannabis use in
                                                                           Jamaica. He also chairs the Council of the Institute of Jamaica, is a
                                                                           member of the Peace Management Initiative and is responsible
                                                                           for creating a Centre for Crime and Justice in the University of the
                                                                           West Indies.
                                                                           Dr Steve Garner (HLSS), Dr Marie-Annick Gournet (HLSS) and
                                                                           Professor Barry Chevannes

                                                 Students ‘Leap into Health’
                                                 Year 12 students from across the sub-region have been learning about health and
                                                 higher education at an Aimhigher ‘Leap into Health’ programme at the Faculty of
                                                 Health and Social Care in collaboration with the United Bristol Health Care Trust and
                                                 Brunel Training.

E-Learning                                       Organised by the Area Coordinator for the Health Care Strand, Miss Alison Swales,
                                                 the programme is funded by a grant awarded by HEFCE through Aimhigher Summer
supported by the                                 Schools. Alison said: "The Summer School has been a truly collaborative venture.
                                                 There has been a visit to the United Bristol Health Care Trust to experience the
new University                                   science behind health and Brunel Training hosted a workshop introducing the
                                                 Operating Department and the professions within that environment."
Copyright Scanning                               The 15 year 12 student designates from local Colleges and Sixth Forms came to UWE
Licence                                          to experience a three-day long ‘autumn school’ which offered a real taste of
                                                 University life. The aim of the programme has been to allow students who may be
The University has signed the Copyright          thinking of a career in health or a related profession to experience different aspects
Licensing Agency’s trial licence for             of University life, to sample practical workshops involving science and health studies
photocopying and scanning to take effect         and to work alongside health professionals in both a hospital and academic settings.
from 1 August 2005. This licence extends         The programme also aimed to raise awareness of the range of different professions
the existing blanket photocopying licence        within health not just the ones we always think about – doctors, nurses and dentists.
to include the scanning of certain UK            One participant commented “Although I came into this thinking I just wanted to get
published materials for making available         into social work, the workshop on Occupational Therapy was really interesting and
to students via a secure network. This is a      something I am planning to look into further.”
welcome development, not least because
                                                 In addition, Alison commented, “The programme has targeted young people
it will support e-learning activities.
                                                 without any family experience of higher education who are studying vocational
The same ‘extent’ limits apply for scanning      courses. We know that young people who come from backgrounds where their
as for photocopying, ie in the case of a         parents did not go to university and young people on vocational courses are often
book, one complete chapter, in the case of       less likely to consider it an option and we want to show these students in particular
an article in an issue of a serial publication   that they should go for it.”
or conference proceedings, one whole
                                                 The Leap into Health school concluded with an afternoon of bowling and a
article, etc.
                                                 celebratory Graduation and Award Ceremony. The students were presented with a
It is necessary to keep a record of what         Certificate of Attendance and a book voucher by Sue Hatt, Aimhigher South West
has been scanned, and to this end each           Regional Manager. Awards for ‘most improved student’, ‘most enthusiastic student’
Faculty has been asked to nominate a                                                   and ‘team player’ were also awarded to
member of staff to monitor the scanning                                                nominated students.
in order for the required twice yearly
                                                                                         The schools and colleges taking part include
returns to be sent to the CLA. The Library
                                                                                         City of Bristol College, Backwell
will be collating these returns and is
                                                                                         Comprehensive, Nailsea Comprehensive, Sir
offering a central scanning service that
                                                                                         Bernard Lovell, St Brendan’s Sixth Form
                                                                                         College, Weston College, Gordano School
• check that any material to be scanned is
                                                                                         and the SW Bristol Post 16 Centre.
  covered by the licence
• create a text PDF file from the print                                                  Student from St. Brendans Sixth Form with
                                                                                         Rebecca Lee, teacher from Brislington Enterprise
                                                                                         College (Prize for Most Improved Student)
• store the material in the Digital
  Collections so that a link can be made to
• advise on linking to the text if the
  library already owns a digital copy
                                                    ESRC seminar with practitioners
• ensure the correct procedures are in
  place for cover sheets, etc, in order to
                                                    and policy advisers
  comply with the licence                           The latest in a series of six ESRC-funded seminars on New Femininities and
                                                    Sexual Citizenship took place at the St Matthias Campus on 16 September.
• in the event of a request not falling
                                                    Organised by the Head and the Associate Head of the School of Cultural
  under the licence, endeavour to clear
                                                    Studies, Jane Arthurs and Estella Tincknell, the day brought academics from a
  copyright and digitise using other
                                                    range of disciplines together with practitioners involved in work with young
                                                    women. These included a speaker from the Policy Studies Institute, Lesley
Please see the website indicated below for          Hoggart, an agony aunt for a range of online magazines, Petra Boynton,
further details and contact                         Professor Debbie Epstein of Cardiff University, who is researching the impact,                        of education policy on young Somalian women’s experience of schooling, and or                            a speaker from within the School of Cultural Studies, Kathrina Glitre, who has for further advice          just completed a book on contemporary romantic comedy. The day was highly
or information.                                     productive, with some important connections between topics and experiences                  being identified. This was the fourth of the six seminars, which will culminate
academic/digitise.htm                               in an international conference at the LSE in 2006.

AHRC visit to UWE
UWE recently hosted a visit by Dr Gail Lambourne, Programme Manager with the
                                                                                       Tourism, Leisure
Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).                                           and Socio-Spatial
Dr Lambourne gave an overview of funding opportunities available and, together
with her colleague Joanna Montgomery, discussed AHRC funding priorities,
                                                                                       Change Research
schemes and assessment processes. She also provided tips on successful bid             Group
                                                                                       School of Geography and
The event was attended by staff from all nine faculties at UWE as well as              Environmental Management
colleagues from the University of Bristol. According to event organiser, Mandy
                                                                                       The Tourism, Leisure and Socio-Spatial
Donoghue (CRIGS), “the visit provided a valuable opportunity to raise issues and
                                                                                       Change Research Group (FBE) undertakes
queries on all aspects of AHRC funding as well as an insight into future priorities.
                                                                                       interdisciplinary research that
These include a new focus on the themes of arts, humanities and science; cultural
                                                                                       investigates and explains the place of
policy; the interactive mind; and stages of life.”
                                                                                       tourism and leisure in shaping wider
The audience also heard what it was like to be an AHRC grant holder from Dr            social, cultural and spatial relations
Chris Alford and Luke Jerram (both Faculty of Applied Sciences), who gave an           within society. The group’s research
overview of their current AHRC-funded project. The project bridges the art/science     focuses on developing both critical
divide by investigating how different forms of music can influence the onset of        theory and theoretically informed
sleep. They also answered questions on the mechanisms involved in being an             applied research that contributes to
AHRC grant holder and on project management.                                           policy-making in tourism and leisure.
                                                        If you would like to receive
                                                        a copy of the presentations,
                                                        or further information on
                                                                                       Seminar Series 2005/06
                                                        AHRC, please contact           7 December 15:00 Room 2R002
                                                        Hannah Neate in CRIGS on       ‘Rural Leisure and Tourism: Policy
                                                        extension 83672 or by e-       Research and Impacts’
                                                        mailing                        Professor Nigel Curry, UWE
                                                      Professor Cara Aitchison, UWE
                                                        Pictured from left to right    25 January 15:00 Room 2R002
                                                        Joanna Montgomery (AHRC),      ‘Social Exclusion in Leisure, Sport and
                                                        Gail Lambourne (AHRC) and      Tourism: Theorising ‘Race’ and Class’
                                                        Mandy Donoghue (CRIGS)         Dr Scott Fleming, University of Wales
                                                                                       Institute, Cardiff
                                                                                       Dr Scott McCabe, Sheffield Hallam
  New European thematic network in                                                     University

  social work                                                                          22 February 15:00 Room 2R002
                                                                                       ‘Regenerating British Coastal Resorts:
  Liz Frost, HSC, Director of International Developments, visited Cozenza,             Economic, Social and Cultural
  Southern Italy in October for the opening of the new European Thematic               Development’
  Network in Social Work. The project, a network with more than 100 members            D Tim Gale, UWE
  and a budget of nearly one million Euros over three years (380 thousand from         Dr Sheela Agarwal, University of
  the EU) involves all of the current EU countries in developing the knowledge         Plymouth
  base of social work in Europe and promoting it to the rest of the world.
                                                                                       Current research projects and research
  UWE have particular reasons to be proud of the birth of ‘EUSW European               students within the Tourism, Leisure and
  Platform for Worldwide Social Work’. Liz Frost is one of the four founding           Socio-Spatial Change Research Group
  members who launched the initiative, and built this successful EU proposal           focus on:
  from previous networking in Europe. Although Professor Annamaria
                                                                                       • Critical theory in tourism and leisure
  Campanini, working in both the Universities of Parma and Cozenza, chairs the
  initiative, Liz Frost, as the only native English speaker, put a considerable        • Social, cultural and spatial policies of
  amount of energy and initiative into both the proposal and into devising               inclusion and social justice
  strategies for the realisation of the networks aims.                                 • Rural and coastal development policies
  Over three years the network will research and publish books and papers,               of regeneration and sustainability
  train workers and students, develop a web-site and a data bank. All of these         • Mobility, migration and new forms of
  initiatives will draw on and be developed in the various regions of the whole          tourism experience
  European continent. Liz Frost, was a guest lecturer to the sociology faculty at
                                                                                       All are welcome
  Cozenza prior to the beginning of the Network meeting, and also gave the
  keynote lecture at the network launch.                                               Venue: University of the West of
                                                                                       England, Bristol, Faculty of the Built
                                                                                       Environment, Frenchay Campus,
                                                                                       Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1QY
    Centre for Psycho-Social Studies 2005-06 seminar series                            Telephone + 44 (0) 117 32 83102
        A New Look at Values - Paul Hoggett and Jem Thomas                             For further information e-mail
                       14 December, Room 3E24, 13.30 -15.00                  
                   For further details contact Julia Long 32 81311

                                                                                                                              News in Brief
N E W S   I N     B R I E F

     Research                                              Florence. Using examples taken from his recent        poverty, and building links with African
                                                           book Between Stalin and Hitler: Class War and         organisations.
     Professor David James (EDU) visited Riga in           Race War on the Dvina, 1940-46 (Routledge
                                                                                                                 Professor Cara Aitchison (FBE) presented the
     October to explore new research and exchange          2004), Professor Swain explored the tensions
                                                                                                                 opening invited plenary presentation at ‘On
     opportunities with the University of Latvia, the      which developed within the collaborationist
                                                                                                                 Voyage: New Directions in Tourism Theory’, a
     Teacher Development Centre of Riga City               regime in the eastern part of Latvia, when the
                                                                                                                 conference on critical tourism studies organised
     Council and the British Council. David said “We       Gestapo wanted to deport Old Believer Russians
                                                                                                                 by the University of California, Berkeley in
     have very strong links already with key figures in    as ‘partisan supporters’ and therefore a security
                                                                                                                 October. Cara then went on to the University of
     the Latvian education world, not least because        threat, while the civilian administration saw the
                                                                                                                 California, Davis (UCD) where she was hosted by
     some of them are holders of a UWE MA in               Old Believers as hard-working farmers who
                                                                                                                 the Women’s Resource Centre and presented a
     Education. Our past work built up a lot of trust      loyally served the German anti-Bolshevik crusade.
                                                                                                                 paper within a series of lectures on
     in UWE. This visit was about growing new
                                                           The Research Unit on Racism and Ethnicity             ‘Cosmopolitanism’ to staff and students from
     initiatives, including a major piece of research on
                                                           (RURE) has held its first events. Professor Barry     University of California, Davis and Sacramento
     educational management and leadership.”
                                                           Chevannes of the University of the West Indies        State University.
     Whilst there, David was also invited to contribute
                                                           spoke on ‘The Crisis of Jamaican Masculinities
     to the University Doctoral programme. Other
     high-points included an evening with Latvia's
                                                           and Globalization’ on 9 November (jointly             Publications
                                                           organised with the School of Languages and
     leading rock band Livi and his first experience of                                                          Dr Steve Garner (HLSS) has recently had
                                                           Area Studies). On 23 November, Professor Bill
     a traditional Latvian Pirts (sauna).                                                                        published, 'The Racialisation of Mainstream
                                                           Peterman of Chicago State University gave a talk
                                                                                                                 Politics' in Ethical Perspectives 12(2) 2005;
     Professor Liz Towner, Dr Mariana Brussoni             on racially mixed housing areas in the USA. For
                                                                                                                 ‘Guests of the Nation’ Irish Review, Vol. 33,
     and Dr Jane Powell (HSC), have been awarded           further information on the Unit, please contact
                                                                                                                 2005; and with Dr Simon Clarke - ‘Fieldnote:
     £91,440 by the Office of the Deputy Prime             Dr Steve Garner, HLSS, e-mail
                                                                                                                 Psychoanalysis, Identity and Asylum’
     Minister to evaluate (including economic     or tel +44 (0) 117 32
                                                                                                                 Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society, Vol. 10.
     evaluation) the Community Fire Safety Innovation      81332.
     Fund Programme. The UWE team through                                                                        Ben Highmore (HLSS) has had published
                                                           Dr Simon Clarke and Dr Steve Garner (both
     Professor Towner will lead this research and will                                                           Cityscapes: Cultural Readings in the Material and
                                                           HLSS) presented some preliminary findings of
     collaborate with researchers at University College                                                          Symbolic City (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005).
                                                           their ESRC-funded project on Identity and
     London, the University of Nottingham and the
                                                           Community at a very well attended talk in the         Estella Tincknell (HLSS) has had published
     Child Accident Prevention Trust.
                                                           Centre for Critical Theory’s ‘@ the Watershed’        Mediating the Family: Gender, Culture,
     Conferences                                           series on 12 October.                                 Representation (Edward Arnold, 2005).

     Ann Marie O’Sullivan (FBE) presented a paper          The School of Politics is jointly organising a        Rehan Hyder’s (HLSS) book Brimful of Asia:
     titled ‘Creating tourist space: Hyperreality          mini-conference on Politics and Ethnicity with        Negotiating Ethnicity and Authenticity on the UK
     converges with heritage at the London Bridge          RURE. This will take place on 16 January. For         Music Scene (Ashgate 2004) received the only
     Attraction’ at the Recent Development in              further information on this event, please contact     Special Mention by the jury of the 2005
     Tourism Research Conference. This international       Dr Kate Flynn. ext 81316         International Association for the Study of Popular
     conference was held at the University of Algarve,                                                           Music Book Award.
                                                           Anne Jackel and Dr Horst Claus (HLSS) have
     Portugal, 6 - 8 October.                              been invited to present their joint paper on the      Dr Mark Bould’s (HLSS) first two books were
     Claire Doherty (BSAMD) gave the following             German, French and English versions of the film       published this summer: Film Noir: From Berlin to
     papers; 20 October, Plymouth University,              operetta Der Kongress Tanzt (1931) at the             Sin City (Wallflower), and co-edited with Michelle
     ‘Making it happen here: A symposium to                Filmfest (annual festival of German Film Heritage)    Reid, Parietal Games: Critical Writings By and On
     consider the future of photography in the South       in Hamburg in November. Dr Horst Claus will           M. John Harrison (SFF).
     West’. 22 October, Serpentine Gallery, London.        also present a paper on the German film
                                                                                                                 Dr Stuart Allan (HLSS) is pleased to report that
     Talk on Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: The House of         company Ufa's policies towards MLVs at the
                                                                                                                 Matthew Briggs enjoyed a successful PhD viva on
     Dreams 28 October,         annual Filmhistorischer Kongress in Hamburg. In
                                                                                                                 17 October. The thesis title is: 'Television, Play
     Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. May You Live in         October, he has been awarded a special medal at
                                                                                                                 and Affect: An Auto-Ethnographic Study of a
     Interesting Times: Festival of Creative Technology    the annual Giornate del cinema muto in
                                                                                                                 Toddler's Teletubby Play.' The supervisory team
     Chairing afternoon of first day of conference:        Pordenone & Sachile (generally regarded as the
                                                                                                                 was Dr Stuart Allan (Director of Studies), Dr Josie
     Locative Media and Emplacement                        foremost international festival of silent cinema)
                                                                                                                 Dolan and Dr Ben Highmore.                 for his restoration work in collaboration with the
                                                           Federal German Film archive in Berlin on the          Martin Sullivan’s (BBS) book Understanding
     Professor Clara Greed (FBE) was an invited            silent films of Hans Steinhoff and for opening up     Pensions published last year by Routledge is
     speaker at the World Toilet Organisation (WTO)        new directions for the study of the                   being included in a new online resource
     conference in Belfast in September 2005, one of       interrelationship between politics and film during    'economicsnetbase' an online electronic
     the first main events to be held in the western       the period of the silents.                            referencing system published by Routledge. The
     hemisphere by the WTO. Clara (pictured) also                                                                website is
     attended the Institution of Civil Engineers Award     Dr Diana Jeater (HLSS) spoke to the Regional
     Ceremony on 25 October to receive the Frederick       South West Unison Black Members' conference           Professor Cara Aitchison (FBE) published the
     Palmer Prize for her paper on public toilets          in Taunton on 15 October, about putting the           following in September: ‘Feminist and gender
     published in the Municipal Engineer.                  current crisis in Zimbabwe in historical and global   research in sport and leisure management:
                                                           perspective. This was part of a day of events         understanding the social-cultural nexus of
     From 13-14 October Professor Geoffrey Swain           involving Unison reps from Gloucester to              gender-power relations’, Journal of Sport
     (HLSS) took part in the conference on ‘War Time       Plymouth, aimed at fostering better                   Management 19: 4, pp.422-441 and ‘Feminist
     Collaboration in Nazi Occupied Europe, 1939-45’       understanding of the background to African            and gender perspectives in leisure and tourism
     organised by the European University Institute in

research’ in Tourism Research Methods:                Professor Cara Aitchison (FBE) has been              Madge Dresser (HLSS) was interviewed by BBC
Integrating Theory with Practice (edited by B         elected to the Executive Committee of the            Radio Bristol about the late civil rights
Ritchie, P Burns and C Palmer), Oxford, CAB           Feminist and Gender Studies Association (UK          campaigner Rosa Parks.
International, 21-35.                                 and Ireland). She returns to the Committee
                                                                                                           Dimitrios Konstadakopulos of the Centre for
                                                      having previously been Secretary before taking
                                                                                                           European Studies (HLSS) was recently
Appointments                                          on the role of Chair of the Leisure Studies
                                                                                                           interviewed by Radio Kerkyra (Corfu) on the aims
                                                      Association between 2001 and 2004.
Dr Stuart Allan (HLSS), previously a Reader in                                                             of the international workshop entitled 'Common
the School of Cultural Studies, has been                                                                   European Heritage', organised by Dimitrios and
promoted to a chair. His teaching and research
                                                      Staff in the media
                                                                                                           his colleague Sarah Blowen (HLSS). The
revolved around journalism studies, which he          Professor Martin Plant (HSC) gave a Science in       workshop was also widely reported in the local
took the lead in developing with colleagues in        Society lecture at the University of Ulster, in      and regional press of the region of Epirus
the School. He is the author of News Culture          Coleraine on Tuesday 25 October. His talk was        (Greece), in which it took place.
(Open University Press, 1999; second edition,         covered by an article on page 10 of the Belfast
                                                                                                           Shawn Sobers (BSAMD) was a studio guest on
2004) and Media, Risk and Science (Open               Telegraph 26 October. Professor Plant was also
                                                                                                           Radio Ramadhan 87.7fm on 15 October,
University Press, 2002). His edited collections are   interviewed BBC Radio for Northern Ireland on
                                                                                                           discussing issues related to the representation of
Theorizing Culture (UCL Press, 1995), News,           28 October 2005. Martin was also featured on
                                                                                                           Islam in the media, and possible ways the
Gender and Power (Routledge, 1998),                   The Long View on 18 October on BBC Radio
                                                                                                           Muslim community could create their own media
Environmental Risks and the Media (Routledge,         Four.
                                                                                                           platforms as a strategy of redressing the balance.
200), Journalism After September 11 (Routledge,
                                                      Paul Pilkington (HSC) was interviewed on GWR         The radio programme was produced by former
2002), Reporting War: Journalism in Wartime
                                                      Radio on 28 October on his research on the           Media Foundation student, Adnan Ahmed.
(Routledge, 2004) and Journalism: Critical Issues
                                                      health impact of smoking by customers in
(Open University Press, 2005). He is the founding                                                          Adrian Sargeant (BBS) was interviewed by BBC
                                                      casinos on casino workers. The interview was
editor of the ‘Issues in Cultural and Media                                                                Asian Network and BBC Radio Greater
                                                      related to the recent bill calling for a ban on
Studies’ book series for Open University Press (27                                                         Manchester on 1 November about charity
                                                      smoking in all public places. Paul argues that the
books published to date), and serves on the                                                                fundraising.
                                                      ban needs to include private member clubs as
editorial boards of several refereed journals. His
                                                      workers in places like casinos are also at risk of   Fiona Cramp (HSC) was interviewed by Star FM
research has attracted external funding, most
                                                      smoke inhalation related illness.                    on 10 November for a piece on the National
recently from the AHRC, the British Academy
and the ESRC. At the moment, he is writing a                                                               Physiotherapy Research Network.
                                                      Lisa Harrison (HLSS) was interviewed by BBC
book about online news for Open University            Radio Bristol on 4 November about David
Press, and one on journalism history for Polity.      Blunkett’s resignation.
                                                                                                              Bulletin deadlines 2006
Dr June Hannam (HLSS) has been promoted to            Chris Alford (FAS) was interviewed on BBC
                                                                                                              Month/Issue      Copy deadline
chair. June's promotion reflects her very high        Radio Five Live on Monday 24 October talking
standing and numerous publications in the areas       about SAD (seasonal affective disorder) giving          January/55       Tuesday 3 January
of women's and labour history and her record of       tips on how to beat the ‘winter blues’.                 February/56      Wednesday 1 February
academic leadership in the University. June has                                                               March/57         Wednesday 1 March
been especially successful in disseminating the
findings of her research both inside and outside
the academy. June will also be known as a
former Head of the History School and as the
current Associate Dean in HLSS (Research and              West of England and South Wales Women’s
Staff Development).
                                                           History Network 12th Annual Conference
Dimitrios Konstadakopulos of the Centre for
                                                            23- 24 June 2006 University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
European Studies (HLSS) was recently awarded
the 'Nikolaos Nitsos' certificate by the Society of                                            Call for papers
the Folklore Museum of Tsamantas. The award                               Single Women in History: 1000-2000 Plenary Speakers
was in recognition of his contribution in focusing
international attention on the unique cultural                            Amy Froide, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
heritage of the historic community of Tsamantas                                    ‘The Spinster and the Old Maid:
in northwestern Greece.                                           Representations of Never-Married Women in Early Modern England’
Martin Lister (HLSS) has been elected to Chair                             Katherine Holden, University of the West of England
of the Faculty Board of Humanities, Languages
                                                              ‘The Shadow of Marriage: Defining the Single in Twentieth Century Britain’
and Social Sciences from 1 November 2005 to
31 August 2008.                                                     Please send abstracts by 31 January 2006 to Kath Holden, e-mail:
Professor Cara Aitchison (FBE) held a Visiting
Faculty position at the University of Wageningen           For further information and details of how to join the network visit our website
in the Netherlands during September where she            
taught 50 students on the MSc Leisure and                   or write to Dr Katherine Holden, Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social
Environments programme. The programme,                      Science, University of the West of England, St Matthias Campus, Oldbury Court
sponsored by World Leisure, and linked to                         Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 2JP tel +44 (0) 117 32 84395, e-mail:
UNESCO, is designed for students from                        or fax +44 (0) 117 32 84417.
developing countries.

                                                                        Multifaith            Staff Association -

                                                                        Chaplaincy                 Christmas Panto
                                                                                                  Saturday 10 December
                                                                                                   Glendinning Theatre
                                                                                                        £4 per ticket
                                                                                           This Chaplin’s panto is for children and
                                                                                             or grandchildren of Members only.
                                                                                            Children must be accompanied by an
                                                                                             adult. Children also receive interval
                                                                                           refreshments and a chance to speak to
                                                                                               Father Christmas. Tickets can be
                                                                                           ordered from

                                                                                        Annual General Meeting 2005
                                                                                        The AGM held on Wednesday 26 October,
                                                                                        was well attended but unfortunately we said
                                                                                        goodbye to the outgoing Chair, Treasurer and
                                                                                        Vice Chair. Thank you to Gill Samways, Pat
                                                                                        Chair and Di Luff for their hard work over the
                                                                                        past few years. The following committee was
                                                                                        duly elected for 2005/06.

            University Carol Service                                                    Chair:
                                                                                        Vice Chair:
                                                                                                       Gill Weadon
                                                                                                       Celia Maber - elected
                                                                                                       Jean Bowles - elected
                                                                                                       No nominations

                by Candlelight
                                                                                        Committee:     Derek Ashley, Samantha
                                                                                                       Jewell, Jeanette Hunt, Clare
                                                                                                       Gardner, Gill Fox, Val Ashley

                                                                                        Unfortunately we did not receive a

              Bringer of Justice                                                        nomination for Treasurer. We would ask any
                                                                                        member who might be prepared to help us in
                                                                                        an honorary position for the coming year.
                                                                                        Please contact us

                           Wednesday 14 December 2005                                         Christmas Buffet and
                                                                                                  Grand Raffle
                                    at 20.00                                               Thursday 15 December, 12.30-13.45
                                                                                             Room 4E13, Frenchay Campus
                                                                                          Entry is by free ticket. More information
                              Bristol Cathedral, College Green                            about where members can obtain their

                           With UWE Singers, Chamber Choir and                            tickets from will be sent out separately.
                                                                                          Raffle tickets will also be available from
                                    Symphony Orchestra                                    our representatives in each Faculty –
                                                                                          save time for eating and purchase yours
                                                                                          in advance!
                           Guest Preacher: Revd Dr Judith Rossall
                            Southern Theological Education and                                        Coach Club
                                     Training Scheme                                                3 December
                                                                                               Dunster by candlelight
                                                                                                  Leave UWE at 15.30
                                        Mulled Wine and mince pies                        Members £8, non-members £9, child £5

                           Collection for international, national and local charities             14 January
                                           Service will be BSL signed                     Portsmouth, Gunwharf Quays
                                                                                        This trip is a shoppers delight for the January
                                                                                          Sales – but if you don’t want to shop why
                                                                                         not take advantage of the other attractions
                                                                                        that Portsmouth has to offer. Members £10,
                Admission by ticket FREE from the Octagon,                                             non-members £11.
                     Frenchay Campus, 0117 32 82334,                                     If you are interested in a trip please contact
                                                                                         ext 83001 (and leave a message), or e-mail
    and from Campus SU offices                              
Hall of fame                                                                                                   UWEsport News
Isabel Palmer – Hockey Business Studies, 1998-2001
Izzy came to the University in 1998 as one of the most experienced hockey players we
have had. Her record below indicates the standard which she achieved both before                             New Sports Centre
becoming a student and during her time here. Izzy narrowly missed selection for the                          The new Sports Centre is progressing well
2004 Athens Olympic Games, but today she is captain of Clifton Ladies National                               and is on schedule to open during August
League Team.                                                                                                 2006. When this facility is available we will
England under 16 Squad 1996 (Captain) - European Championships, Paris, position 4th                          be developing our Health Awareness Weeks
                                                                                                             into a scheme entitled Active Workplace. This
England under 18 Squad 1996 – 1998 (Captain) - European Championships, Cologne
                                                                                                             scheme is being encouraged and pursued by
1997, Bronze medal; European Championships, Milton Keynes 1998, Bronze medal;
                                                                                                             many large organisations, including
South Africa Tour 1996
                                                                                                             universities, and will hopefully motivate the
England Senior Indoor Squad 1998 - European Cup, Silver medal                                                nation into a healthier lifestyle.
England Under 21 Squad 1997 – 2001 - Junior World Cup, Argentina 2001, position 8th;                         For more information please visit these two
Junior World Cup, Seoul 1997, position 7th; 4 Nationals Cup, New York 2000, position                         websites: and
2nd; European Indoor Championships, Prague 1997, Bronze medal; European Indoor                     
Championships, Czeske Budovic 1999, Bronze medal
Clifton Ladies Hockey Club - National Premier league runners up 1998/99; English                             British Universities Sports
Hockey Association Cup Winners 2000                                                                          Association
Henry Cripps – Rugby Built Environment Studies, 1998-2000                                                    The BUSA competition is now well under
Henry was an ever present member of UWE Men’s Rugby 1st XV and was an                                        way. To see how UWE teams are performing
outstanding centre. In 2000, Henry’s final year of student Rugby, he was a member of                         visit
the victorious UWE team in the BUSA Knockout Shield competition. He joined the ranks
of other UWE student rugby internationals, such as Simon Shaw and Kieran Bracken,
when he was selected to play for England in the World Seven’s series in South Africa
                                                                                                                NEW: In preparation for the opening of
                                                                                                                the new sports centre we are now able
and Dubai in November 2000.
                                                                                                                to offer staff the opportunity for staff to
Rachel Burgin - Squash Physiotherapy, 1996-1999                                                                 pay for their Centre membership on a
Rachel was captain of UWE women’s squash team during her time at University and                                 monthly basis, through payroll. We hope
soon proved herself to be one of the top student Women squash player in the country                             that this will encourage more staff to
in individual BUSA competition. In 1998 she represented English Universities at the                             join the Centre and begin to work
British Universities Games and in 1999 went to the World Student Games in Palma,                                towards a more active lifestyle.
Spain, as an assistant Physiotherapist.

Centre for Performing Arts Theatre Club
A Man for all Seasons                   Mahler - Symphony No 2                     These party bookings are made by           total payment. NB No booking fee
Starring Martin Shaw                    (Resurrection)                             the Centre for Performing Arts in          required if you have enrolled as a
Friday 9 December at 20.00              BBC National Orchestra and                 order to achieve considerable              member of the Centre for
Bath Theatre Royal                      Chorus of Wales                            discount on ticket prices. They are        2005/06. Tickets from Mrs Vicki
Tickets: £19.50                         Friday 10 February 2006 at                 open to all students and staff of          Jones, Centre for Performing Arts,
(front grand circle)                    19.30, St David’s Hall, CARDIFF            the University and all members of          Room 2D53, Frenchay Campus.
                                        Tickets: Staff/Friends £15.00,             the CPA. You may buy any number            Cheques made payable to UWE
                                        students £6.00                             of tickets (subject to availability) for   Bristol. Telephone 0117 328 2067
                                        (Coach from UWE campuses                   any number of performances.                or e-mail to check
                                        £4.50 extra)                               Please add £1 booking fee to your          availability.

                                        en Flac. The apartment offers              Spain – Apartment to let                   To rent: Pleasant one bed garden
Staff Ads                               affordable home to home                    Cabo Roig, Costa Blanca, Spain.            flat in Hotwells, available for
                                        relaxation. Transfer from and to           Fully furnished 2-bed ground floor         Semester 2 (Jan to May/June).
Apartment to let in
                                        airport can be arranged. Prices            apartment with separate kitchen,           Furnished, with gas central heating.
Mauritius: A modern and
                                        from £39 per night for the                 balcony plus front and tiled rear          Convenient for Bower Ashton,
comfortable apartment within a
                                        apartment. For further information,        garden and communal swimming               Spike Island, City centre. £500.00
peaceful complex on the south
                                        please contact Michel on 01275             pool. Satellite Sky TV, radio/CD           pcm, inclusive of council tax and
west coast of Mauritius. Two
                                        866233 or e-mail                           player, washing machine.                   water rates. For further information
double and one twin air-
                                                       Fridge/freezer, microwave,                 please contact
conditioned bedrooms. The master
bedroom has ensuite facilities.                                                    hairdryer, etc. The apartment is very or
                                        Reliable and reasonable
Additional family shower room,                                                     close to local beaches, bars,              telephone 0117 3735902
                                        experienced plumber
fully equipped kitchen, spacious                                                   restaurants, supermarkets (walking
                                        and general builder                                                                   For sale for £50. Bunk beds
living/dining room and balcony                                                     distance). There are three
                                        available to work throughout                                                          suitable for children or adults. Cost
overlooking large pool. Satellite TV,                                              championship golf courses just a
                                        Bristol and the surrounding areas.                                                    about £240.00 from Homeplan
24/24 hour security, maid service.                                                 short drive away. Murcia airport
                                        Also, extensive range of kitchens                                                     about 5 years ago. Made of wood
The complex also includes a free                                                   approximately 30 minutes, Alicante
                                        and bathrooms designed, supplied                                                      they are very stable and in very
tennis court and a small gym. Close                                                45 minutes drive. Available weekly,
                                        and fitted at competitive prices.                                                     good condition. Contact Dave
to banks, supermarket, pharmacy,                                                   mid-week etc to suit local budget
                                        Call Didi on 01454 312535 or                                                          Patton on ext 82534 or David
restaurants and bus routes. Five                                                   airlines. Tel 01454 270261 or e-
                                        07974 769801. E-mail                                                        
minutes to the golden beach of Flic                                                mail:
                                                                                   for further information.

                                                                          To submit a UWE event to the Bulletin
                                                                          please use the form at

100 years of Council Housing                   Cinderella                                      UWE and Bath University Big Bands in
25 November 2005 - 8 December 2005             2 December 2005 - 3 December 2005 (19.00        concert
(9.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00 Mon, Tues, Wed &     with a Saturday matinee at 14.00)               9 December 2005 (19.30)
Fri; 9.30-13.00 Sat; closed Thurs & Sun)       Venue: The Olympus Theatre, New Road,           directed by Ian Holmes
Venue: Filwood Library                         Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8QT (behind         Venue: Bath University
Contact Jennie Walmsley                        Filton High School)                             Contact Centre for Performing Arts
Telephone 0117 32 83379                        Admission £8, £5 concs (£2.50 for under-12s)    Telephone 0117 32 82067
E-mail              Contact Centre for Performing Arts              E-mail
Visit         Telephone 0117 32 82067                         Visit
100years/                                      E-mail                            A Man for All Seasons starring Martin
                                               Visit                         Shaw
The Tempest
29 November 2005 - 30 November 2005            Music from the Movies and A Night at            9 December 2005 (20.00)
(19.45 with a Wednesday matinee at 14.00)      the Opera                                       Venue: Theatre Royal, Bath
Venue: The Olympus Theatre, New Road,          3 December 2005 (19.30)                         Tickets £19.50 - special offer from CPA
Stoke Gifford, Bristol                         University Singers and Symphony Orchestra       Contact Centre for Performing Arts
Admission £8 with £5 concessions               Venue: Bristol Cathedral                        Telephone 0117 32 82067
Contact Centre for Performing Arts             Admission Tickets £10, £8, £6, £5               E-mail
Telephone 0117 32 82067                        (concessions available)                         Visit
E-mail                           Contact MusicBox Telephone 01275 349010         100 years of Council Housing
Visit                        Visit                         9 December 2005 - 30 December 2005
Environmental Management at UWE                Faculty of Applied Sciences Seminar             (9.30-16.30 Tues-Fri; closed Mon; plus
30 November 2005 (13.30 - 14.30)               5 December 2005 (12.30 - 13.30)                 10.00-16.00 first two Saturdays of month)
Mark Webster                                   Dr Lynn Myers                                   Venue: Bristol’s City Records Office
Venue: Room 1L1, Frenchay Campus               Venue: Room 1K15, Frenchay Campus               Contact Jennie Walmsley
Contact Rebecca Williams                       Contact Rebecca Williams                        Telephone 0117 32 83379
E-mail             E-mail              E-mail
Visit              Visit                Visit
INCOSE UK Chapter - Bristol Local              Launch of ‘Thinking of the Outside’
Group ‘Contract Compliance and                 book                                            DNA Biosensors for Hybridization
Fitness-for-Purpose’                           6 December 2005                                 Detection
30 November 2005 (18.00)                       Venue: Arnolfini                                14 December 2005 (13.30 - 14.30)
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1N5, Frenchay           Contact Lucy Badrocke                           Professor Marco Mascini from the
Campus                                         Telephone 0117 32 81459                         University of Florence
Admission Free Contact Terry Winnington        E-mail                   Venue: Room 1L1, Frenchay Campus
Telephone 0117 32 82156                        Visit                   Contact Rebecca Williams
E-mail                                                              E-mail
                                               ‘Travelling inquiry’ Tensions and
Inaugural Professorial Lecture                 possibilities in participative
‘Preventing Childhood Injuries –               re-presenting of research insights              Talks@Watershed Autumn Series 2005 -
the Search for a Broad Perspective’            6 December 2005 (10.00)                         Suffragettes in Bristol and Bath:
1 December 2005 (18.30 - 20.30)                Susan Weil and Dianne Walsh, SOLAR,             re-thinking militancy
Professor Elizabeth Towner, Professor of       University of the West of England               14 December 2005 (18.30)
Child Health, UWE                              Venue: Conference Room A, Building 650,         Centre for Critical Theory presents June
Venue: Glenside Campus                         Bristol Business Park                           Hannam
Contact Abi Kibble                             Admission £40 Contact Maria Moore               Venue: Watershed Media Centre
Telephone 0117 32 81138                        Telephone 0117 32 81115                         Admission £6 from Watershed Box Office tel
E-mail                E-mail                    0117 927 5100. Contact Rose West, CCT
                                                                                               Administrator - 0117 32 84321
Philip Pullman's ‘Aladdin and the              PB Design
                                                                                               E-mail E-mail
Enchanted Lamp’                                6 December 2005 (18.00)
2 December 2005 - 28 January 2006              Venue: Lecture Theatre 1N5, Frenchay            University Carol Service
Venue: Bristol Old Vic, King Street, Bristol   Campus                                          14 December 2005 (20.00)
Admission £5-£20 (discounts for UWE staff)     Admission Free Contact Sarah Stewart            Venue: Bristol Cathedral
Contact Bristol Old Vic Box Office             Telephone 0117 32 83317                         Admission Free
Telephone 0117 987 7877 or group bookings      E-mail                  Contact Helen Russ
0117 907 4907                                                                                  Telephone 0117 32 82334
                                               Alternative Series 2005 - The World We
Visit                                                                E-mail
                                               have Won: Reflections on the Sexual
                                               Revolution of our Time                          Visit
UWE Saxophone Group and friends in
concert                                        6 December 2005 (19.00)                         The Nativity
2 December 2005 (12.30 - 13.30)                Centre for Critical Theory presents Professor   17 December 2005 (10.00; 11.30)
Venue: The Street, S Block, Faculty of         Jeffrey Weeks, London South Bank                Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
Education, Frenchay Campus                     University                                      Venue: Bristol Old Vic Main House
Admission Free                                 Venue: Watershed Media Centre                   Admission Tickets £5
Contact Centre for Performing Arts             Admission £6.00 from Watershed Box Office       Contact Bristol Old Vic Box Office
Telephone 0117 32 82067                        tel 0117 927 5100. Contact Rose West, CCT       Telephone 0117 987 7877
E-mail                           Administrator - 0117 32 84321                   Visit
Visit                        E-mail

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