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           “A Day in the life”
• How many unique records does your
  organization create everyday?

• How do these records affect the valuestream
  of your organization?

• How can we streamline the information chain
  in your organization?
   What is the information chain?
• The lifecycle of communications (Documents,
  Voice, Video, etc) required for stakeholders to
  make organizational decisions
  Challenges in information chain
• Information / Documentation is in “Silos”

• People, Process and Technology are out of

• Lack of resources to adequately manage
  records and related information
 Streamline the information chain
• Can your organization pass “The Lottery

• Do you serve as an “Information Conduit” for
  your organization?

• Does your organization support a “Culture of
What is the Lottery Test?
    Questions for your discussion
• Have you documented the tasks and activities
  that you perform everyday?

• Have you documented the tasks and activities
  that are expected of your stakeholders?

• If yes, are the documents usable and available
  for applicable stakeholders?
Are you an information conduit?
    Questions for your discussion
• Does your team have a specific mission,
  philosophy or guiding principles?

• Do your stakeholders know how you
  contribute to the valuestream of your

• What is your method of communicating your
  mission and activities to your stakeholders?
What is a culture of collaboration?
• Does your organization have their “Fiefdoms”
  or Silos?

• Do you participate in Cross-Functional Teams?

• What is the dominant method of electronic
   Tools to enhance collaboration
• Standing cross functional teams

• Online collaboration platforms
  – Webcasting, Instant Messaging , Wiki’s
Streamlining the Information Chain
• Bleeding Edge
• Fast Follower
• Change/Risk Adverse

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