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Wolf Pack Radio DJ Application - DOC


Wolf Pack Radio DJ Application

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									                                       Wolf Pack Radio DJ Application 2009-2010

Wolf Pack Radio DJ Application
Here is the application for a fantastic DJ position here at Wolf Pack Radio.
Please fill out all the information below, as legibly as possible for yourself
and co-host if you plan on a team effort. Any questions can be directed to
wolfpackradio@asun.unr.edu or 775-784-7073. Accepted applications will
    be notified by phone and/or e-mail within a week of the deadline.
   Applications are due Friday, January 29th, 2010 by 5:00 p.m. You can
  submit them at the Joe Crowley Student Union on the 3rd floor, ASUN
                             Student Activities desk.

Name (s) ________________________________________________________

Phone (s) ________________________________________________________

E-mail (s) ________________________________________________________

Year _____________________ Major _________________________________

Top four preferred time slots for shows. (1 hour blocks Monday –
Thursday, no earlier than noon, no later than 10 pm)

What kind of show would you like to host? (This is your chance to tell us
what you’re about – really try to sell it to us)

Who is your target audience?

Top 5 favorite bands:
                                        Wolf Pack Radio DJ Application 2009-2010

How would you promote the station and its shows? How would you
improve the station?

Why do you want to have a show on Wolf Pack Radio?

What music/programming would you like to hear more of on the station?

If applicable, list any relevant experience.

Please make a sample playlist for your hour long show (if talk show, mock
up a script). If you’re feeling especially motivated, make us a mixtape / CD!
                                          Wolf Pack Radio DJ Application 2009-2010

As a Wolf Pack Radio DJ, you’re a part of the family. We ask that you’re not
Responsible for the show, but that you also participate and contribute to the
station and
Its efforts to inform and entertain, in the course of the semester, DJs are required
• Attend the mandatory training meeting (two sessions will be scheduled to try to
accommodate schedules).
• Attend other informative meetings/keep updated via Web site and e-mail list.
• Contribute to the Web site blog at least twice a month.
• Table at least once a semester.
• Attend and/or help promote events (fliering, publicity stunts in good taste,
boarding, subliminal messages, creative solutions).
• Add to the WPR music library.
• Keep logs of your shows that you can upload to the internet.
• When on the air, adhere to FCC standards for radio broadcast.
• Have fun.
• The DJ understands that WPR reserves the right to end its relationship with
said DJ if
standards are not met or rules are violated.

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