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									                                             Town Hall News                                   Official Publication of
                                                      Keeping It Country                      The Town of Fairview
                                                                                                    May 2010
                                          500 S. State Highway 5, Fairview, TX 75069   Official Website:
                                                      Phone: 972 562-0522                        Fax: 972 548-0268

               Message from the Mayor                       for Memorial Day. Please remember those who
                       Sim Israeloff                        fought and died for our freedoms.

          Arts of Collin County
          We are watching with interest the debate                     Fire Station Open House
          in Frisco over selling voter-approved
          bonds to begin construction of the ACC                 Please join us for an open house at the new
          performing arts hall while costs are              Fairview Fire Station #2, on Saturday, May 1 and
          down but budgets are tight.                       Sunday, May 2, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The
    Fairview began looking at the ACC in                    station is located at 1200 East Stacy Road
December 2004 and became the first non-owner                adjacent to the newest water tower just east of
city to join the ACC as a Member in September               Country Club. Please take a moment to stop by
2005. Joining the ACC reflected our belief that             and see YOUR new station.
what is good for our region is good for everyone,                Apparatus housed at the new station will
and that a regional partnership can accomplish              include a paramedic equipped ambulance
something that no one city could afford on its              (previously positioned at station # 1) a fire
own. A world-class performing arts hall on a par            engine, and a rescue truck. Station #1 will still
with the Myerson and the Bass Hall in Fort                  remain operational and will house the town’s
Worth will be an outstanding amenity for our                newest fire engine, a ladder truck, and a brush
residents and for the whole county.                         truck. The new engine was specifically built to
    As a Member, Fairview contributes a share               allow paramedics to operate out of this engine
of the ACC’s annual maintenance and operating               thereby allowing for quick paramedic responses
expenses in proportion to our population.                   to both sides of town.
 Membership will entitle local arts groups and
schools preference in scheduling the facility
behind the Owner cities. Fairview’s financial               Business of the Month: The Energy Attic
support is tiny in comparison to the Owner cities                                Ray Dunlap
that will fund the cost of construction, but we
hope that our leadership encourages other                        The Energy Attic, located at 990 S. Highway
communities to become Owners or Members.                    5, Suite 102, was founded in 2007 by Kent and
This is a fiscally prudent approach because it will         Amy Patterson. Kent and Amy were looking for
diversify the ACC’s financial base and spread               a way to make their own home more energy
the operating costs over many participants.                 efficient, and after trying several products, they
    Fairview sees the ACC as a long term                    discovered the foil radiant barrier system that
commitment. We recognize the financial                      made the most significant change in the overall
challenges facing everyone right now, but are               comfort of their home while also producing
hopeful that each of the Owner cities will decide           tremendous savings on their energy bills.
in the near future to issue the bonds and begin                  The technology that they discovered is a
construction. But whenever the bonds are                    reflective, double sided insulation system that is
issued, Fairview will remain an enthusiastic and            composed of 99% pure aluminum and installed
committed participant in this regional showpiece.           under the rafters and crawl space covering areas
                                                            of the home. This radiant barrier acts like a
                                                            shield and can radiate back up to 97% of the
              Town Hall Closed                              heat, reducing energy costs by as much as 40%.
                                                                 After their personal success with the product,
    Town hall will be closed Monday, May 31                 they began fielding questions from friends and
neighbors about radiant barrier insulation. The       credit for qualified plug-in electric drive vehicles
knowledge they accumulated led them to                purchased after Dec. 31, 2009. To qualify,
eventually start The Energy Attic in Fairview.        vehicles must be newly purchased, have four or
They now have installed their product in over a       more wheels, have a gross vehicle weight rating
1,000 locations in the DFW Metroplex and last         of less than 14,000 pounds, and draw propulsion
year expanded into the Austin area.                   using a battery with at least four kilowatt hours
                                                      that can be recharged from an external source of
                                                      electricity. The minimum amount of the credit
  Incentives for Home Energy Efficiency               for qualified plug-in electric drive vehicles is
                Adam Wilbourn                         $2,500 and the credit tops out at $7,500,
                                                      depending on the battery capacity.
     Many homes and properties within Fairview             Plug-In Electric Vehicle Credit (Section
are equipped with energy efficient equipment          1142): New law has created a special tax credit
purchased by current owners. These items              for two types of plug-in vehicles. These include
usually require more upfront investment on the        certain low-speed electric vehicles and two or
part of homeowners. Energy savings received           three wheeled vehicles, such as motor scooters.
leads to monetary savings over time. However,         The amount of the credit is 10 percent of the cost
energy saving equipment refunds and incentives        of the vehicle, up to a maximum credit of $2,500
have been established at the state and federal        for purchases made after Feb. 17, 2009, and
levels to help defray the costs associated with       before Jan. 1, 2012. To qualify, a vehicle must be
these green investments. If you have already          either a low speed vehicle propelled by an
made purchases or plan to in the near future I        electric motor that draws electricity from a
recommend that you look into the following tax        battery with a capacity of 4 kilowatt hours or
credits so that you can receive money                 more or be a two or three wheeled vehicle
specifically set aside by the government for your     propelled by an electric motor that draws
environmentally friendly investments. Some of         electricity from a battery with the capacity of 2.5
the following are tax credits made available          kilowatt hours.
through     the     American     Recovery      and         Conversion Kits (Section 1143): New law
Reinvestment Act to homeowners who purchase           provides a tax credit for plug-in electric drive
energy efficient products.                            conversion kits. The credit is equal to 10 percent
     Residential Energy Property Credit               of the cost of converting a vehicle to a qualified
(Section 1121): This credit has been increased to     plug-in electric drive motor vehicle and placed in
30 percent of the cost of all qualifying              service after Feb. 17, 2009. The maximum
improvements and raises the maximum credit            amount of the credit is $4,000. The credit does
limit to $1,500 for improvements placed in            not apply to conversions made after Dec. 31,
service in 2009 and 2010. Some examples of            2011. A taxpayer may claim this credit even if
qualifying products are insulation, energy            the taxpayer claimed a hybrid vehicle credit for
efficient exterior windows and energy-efficient       the same vehicle in an earlier year.
heating and air conditioning systems. These                Treatment of Alternative Motor Vehicle
types of products are usually verified by             Credit as a Personal Credit Allowed Against
manufacture certifications or Energy Star labels.     AMT (Section 1144): Starting in 2009, new law
     Residential Energy Efficient Property            allows the Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit,
Credit (Section 1122): This is a nonrefundable        including the tax credit for purchasing hybrid
energy tax credit that will help individual           vehicles, to be applied against the Alternative
taxpayers pay for qualified residential alternative   Minimum Tax (AMT). Prior to the new law, the
energy equipment. Some examples of qualifying         Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit could not be
products are solar hot water heaters, geothermal      used to offset the AMT. This means the credit
heat pumps and wind turbines. A recent change         could not be taken if a taxpayer owed AMT or
to this credit by the IRS allows for homeowners       was reduced for some taxpayers who did not owe
to receive 30 percent of the cost of qualifying       AMT.
property.                                                  For further information on the tax credits or
     Plug-in Electric Drive Vehicle Credit            on how you can take advantage of these
(Section 1141): New law modifies this particular      opportunities, see the link provided below:
75,00.html.                                           Viburnums, Mexican Buckeye and finally Eve’s
                                                      Necklace. But this is not the end, at least not in
                                                      Fairview as summer grows closer, trees fill out,
        When Is a Permit Required?                    Soapberry and sumac trees begin their flowering,
                                                      which at times overlap, but last several weeks.
     Permits are required when building,              Small flowering trees are not all there is to offer.
remodeling or enlarging a building. Permits are       Starting from Highway 5 one can enjoy trees,
also required for other improvements to your          canopying over the occasional spot along the
property such as decks, accessory buildings,          route, large Pecans, Hackberry, Bois d’arc, Cedar
water heaters fences, air conditioning, pools and     Elms, Green Ash, Red, Bur, Chinquapin Oaks
spas. Projects that are strictly cosmetic, such as    and scattered amongst them, Toothache, Honey
painting, wallpapering, carpeting, cabinets, and      Locust, and native White Mulberry trees.
trim work do not require permits. Additionally,       Approaching Sloan Creek, American Elm,
permits are not required when replacing fixtures      Cottonwood and Sycamore become the more
on existing wiring or plumbing.                       prevalent species soon to transition as the soil
     Accessory buildings include permanent or         changes to caleche too, Red and Bur Oak with
portable storage sheds, garages, sunrooms,            one of the more rare species the Bigelow Oak.
gazebos, carports, patio covers, pergolas, arbors,    These trees grow in clusters and are found in
trellises, screens, etc.                              very few parts of the metroplex. Then Post Oak,
     For more information, p[ease log on to           yes, I said Post Oak; only a few remain but you under online forms              can actually see them in River Oaks and
“WHEN IS A PERMIT REQUIRED”, or call                  Oakwood Estates. The color has not stopped as
Permits & Inspections at 972-562-0522 ex 239.         fall comes on the Persimmon turns yellow like
                                                      no other yellows you’ve seen, Red oaks and
                                                      Sumacs red, as the Buckthorns and Possum
      Cardboard Recycling Drop-Off                    Haws set bright red fruit that last throughout the
                                                      winter until the migrating Cedar Wax Wings
    Please remember to recycle corrugated             feast on them. This is yet typical of a street in
cardboard boxes. We have a drop-off container         Fairview, Texas.
behind town hall for that purpose, located just
behind the paved parking area.
                                                              New Tech Pages on Website

               Trees of Fairview                          Thanks to some local volunteers, we have a
              Rick G. Zampino, BSF                    new Technology page on the town’s website. Be
                                                      sure to check it out.
    A bastion of tree diversity; what a great
place to live truly, especially if you desire
Arboricultural diversity. In Fairview you can                    Boards & Commissions
find almost every tree listed in “Ricks Tree List”
and even a couple more that some folks believe             Each summer, the town council appoints and
cannot possibly survive here. Traveling along a       reappoints volunteers to serve on the various
road such as Meandering Way one can’t count           citizen boards, commissions, and committees
the species, but being an Arborist for thirty years   that help the town with their advice, hard work,
I did just that. You’ve always wondered early in      and special knowledge and skills. Volunteer
the spring what those small white and red             groups include the parks & recreation advisory
flowering trees are out there in the country          board, planning & zoning commission, zoning
growing amongst larger trees or in small groves.      board of adjustment, technology advisory
Those trees are Mexican Plums and Red Buds            committee, environmental management advisory
and are only the first of many flowering trees.       committee, and EDC/CDC boards of directors.
To follow in the coming days/weeks you will           To find out more about what these groups do,
be viewing our native flowering rough leaf            when and how often they meet, and how you
dogwoods, Chittamwoods, Rusty blackhaw                might be able to get involved, please contact
Town Secretary Michelle Lewis Sirianni.             pavement to help make sure fire engines, school
                                                    buses, and garbage tracks can get by safely.
                                                    Vegetation must be at least eight feet above
          New Peddlers’ Ordinance                   walkways and sidewalks. Failure to do so is a
                                                    code violation and can result in a fine.
    On April 6, the town council approved a new          Please remember watering restrictions, too.
ordinance revising our old one governing door to    It is unlawful to water between 9:00 a.m. and
door sales. Our ordinance requires all such sales   7:00 p.m. April through October, to allow
to be permitted though the town, which will run a   overspray onto impervious surfaces, to water
background check on all people in the field         during a rain event, to water your lawn more than
before issuing such a permit. The ordinance also    twice per week, and to wash your auto unless
requires the posting of a bond, the carrying of     using a hose with a shut-off nozzle.
proper identification, and other restrictions.
Details on placing signs on your home to prohibit
solicitors are also included in the ordinance. If              Town Council Election
you are visited by an unlicensed peddler or
solicitor, please contact the town so that we may        On April 6, the town council was able to
take enforcement action. Religious and political    cancel this year’s election due to the fact that all
organizations, school kids, etc. are generally      three seats that were up had only one person each
exempt for the ordinance.                           file for that office. As a result, after May 8 Jim
                                                    Cunningham and Mary Price will be auto-
                                                    matically reelected to new two-year terms on the
             Spring Code Issues                     council. Henry Lessner will be sworn in as the
                                                    council’s newest member, replacing Michael
    Please remember to keep trees and bushes        Pezzulli, who decided not to run again after eight
trimmed to at least fourteen feet above the         years in office.
Town of Fairview
500 S. State Highway 5
Fairview, Texas 75069

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