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February 2009                                                                       John R. Woodward, M.D.
                                                                                      Gynecologic Endocrinology

      Estrogen Loss                                         Metabolic Syndrome

A                                        M
                                                    etabolic Syndrome (see the article in Menopausal Medicine,
            small percentage of                     Vol. 16, number 3 – August 2008 by Drs. Shauna McKinney
         women require increasing                   and Cynthia Sites) is also known as Reaven Syndrome or
         amounts of estrogen             Syndrome X. Diagnostic factors include increased waist circumference,
because they excrete the estrogen        high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, elevated triglycerides, low
(estradiol) too rapidly in urine. A      HDL cholesterol, a blood ferretin over 40, and obesity. Caucasian
tiny amount of cobalt (600               women are equally at risk with Caucasian men, but Hispanic and
micrograms) daily helps prevent          African-American women are at higher risk than their male counterparts.
this and maintains the effectiveness     Metabolic Syndrome hikes the risk of peripheral artery disease (PAD).
of the estrogen replacement              Another form of Metabolic Syndrome occurs in younger women and
therapy program. After the blood         is called PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It is associated with
estradiol level stabilizes, the cobalt   anovulation, abnormal menses, and infertility. Treatment is similar.
can be stopped. See page 45 of
Suzanne Somers’ new book,
                                                  Fast Food                         Statins Safe?
   Lift Your Posture
                                         O                                    S
                                                    besity in China is                ide effects related to statins

                                                    becoming         more             such as Lipitor, Mevacor,
        trap Perfect concealer clip                 common. More than                 Pravachol, and Crestor
        is a small gizmo that            25% of adults in the country are     occur more commonly than
        connects bra straps in           overweight. The increase of 1.2%     reported in randomized trials.
back. It lifts the breasts and           per year in men is higher than in    Muscle symptoms (pain) can occur
improves posture, both of which          the U. S., U. K., and Australia.     in the absence of an elevated blood
enhance appearance. It can be            The reason is the increase in fast   creatinine kinase (CK). Another
bought via the Internet. The cost        food, increasingly Western diet,     concern about statin use and
for two sets of three (with one free)    and sedentary lifestyle. So says     cognition has been recently raised,
is $28, which includes shipping          The Wall Street Journal of July 8,   as well as postoperative delirium.
and handling.                            2000. The situation has worsened     This group of drugs may well prove
                                         since then.                          more harmful overall than
                                                                              beneficial according to OB-GYN
                                                                              News, January 2009.
                         Hormone Help

          ew data from Dr. Susan Davis in Australia indicate that
          testosterone supplementation in post-menopausal women                    John R. Woodward, M.D.
          provides a modest but meaningful improvement in libido,                7777 Forest Lane, Suite A338
                                                                                     Dallas, Texas 75230
even if used alone, but addition of estradiol and progesterone gives an
                                                                                       (972) 566-7870
even better response.

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