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Cool wordpress plugins


									                        Cool wordpress plugins for everyone !
OK, let we have use some time about cool wordpress plugins that sould be on every
Wordpress junkie list. Since they do not appear on most of the lists available on the Internet,
I decided to give them a go...

After The Deadline – Adds a contextual spell, style, and grammar checker to WordPress.
Write better and spend less time editing. Why using proofing tools when you have this !?

Freebie Images: Free Stock Images Plugin – Spice up your blog with high quality free stock
photos & images created by professional photographers and illustrators: Easy to use search
interface with advanced filtering and Drag & Drop functionality. Too bad that only linking is

SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 – The purpose of this plugins is to strengthened our on page
SEO by adding new internal linking to the blog post using the most popular keywords used
by visitors to find the blog post from search engine ( incoming search terms ). If you get over
4k hits per day there is reports of this plugin causing high CPU usage, so handle with care .

Smart 404 – Rescue your viewers from site errors! When content cannot be found, Smart
404 will use the current URL to attempt to find matching content, and redirect to it
automatically. Smart 404 also supplies template tags which provide a list of suggestions, for
use on a 404.php template page if matching content can’t be immediately discovered. Must
have for every cool wordpress site available...

WP Greet Box – Show a different message to your visitor depending on which site they are
coming from. For example, you can ask Digg visitors to Digg your post, Google visitors to
subscribe to your RSS feed, and more! Best of all, this plugin is compatible with various cool
WordPress plugins and themes.

Tweet Old Post – Tweet Old Posts randomly picks your older post based on the interval
specified by you. The primary function of this plugin is to promote older blog posts by
tweeting about them and getting more traffic.

Author Box Reloaded – It allows also the author to define links to the external websites like
Twitter,, Facebook, Netlog, LinkedIn, Drupal Association and Wordpress.Org
(included). Those external websites are very simple plugins and you can check the included
ones to see how to make your owns. At the front-end those will appear as clickable icons.

Thank Me Later – a plug-in which will automatically send a thank you email to readers after
they post a comment. It can be set to send the message a time after the comment was
posted (an hour, day, week, month, etc). It is effective as it will remind readers of their
comments and gets them engaged with future discussion and your blog.
Share and Follow – Designed for average users to use, ideal for developers who want to save
time, this plugin gives links to the most prominent Social Networking sites for sharing and
following, presented in many different formats. Similiar cool plugin for same purpose is

Caffeinated content – use it for automatic submission of content you like based on
keywords and from several sources. Good for refreshing your cool wordpress blog with
content that matter.

WordPress-to-Lead – This has been recently released and I see a ton of value in this. I’ve
been using (and still do because I don’t have the need to get leads through my website) a
regular contact form through a WordPress plugin. I’m disappointed because often times it
gets sent to spam or something I just completely ignore the messages all together.
WordPress-to-lead is a plugin that integrates with the Salesforce CRM to create an awesome
CRM system. When the customer fills in the form using WTL, it will automatically pull all the
customer information and place it into the Salesforce CRM. This is especially useful in
eliminating human error when copying and pasting into whatever CRM you may be using. I
personally haven’t tried it but I’ve seen it in action. If you aren’t currently using the
Salesforce CRM and can’t integrate it, but are curious as to what it does without actually
signing up for it, you can see it in a quick video.

Cute Profiles – Cute Profiles adds all your Social Profile icons vertically on left or right side of
your pages, which will remain visible all the time though the page is scrolled and without
consuming the sidebar space

Would you like to know more ? Visit and find out. OR search
various article websites or forums. My recommendation would be to check out:

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