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                                Sonya® Translucent Powder
Sonya Translucent Pressed Powder is enhanced              AVAILABLE IN 3 SHADES:
with the world’s finest micronized powders to give                                  167
it a sheer, silky and luxurious finish suitable for all
skin types.                                               Medium                    168

                                                          Deep                      169

                                                                                          • Non-drying to the skin

                                                                                          • Sonya Translucent Powder may be used
                                                                                            alone or over Cream to Powder Foundation
                                                                                            for a radiant and long lasting
                                                                                            makeup application

                                                                                          • These powders may be applied to the darkest
                                                                                            of skin tones as they blend in easily

                                                                                          • Easy to use for touch-ups throughout
                                                                                            the day

                                                                        Version 1

                                                                        Mauve 163

                                                     Sonya® Blush
Add a natural, healthy glow to your cheeks with      AVAILABLE IN 11 SHADES:
Sonya’s pure colour blush collection. Soft-to-the-                                  156
touch and kind to your skin, these elegant powders
glide on evenly to define your cheekbones and        Sienna                         157
enhance your complexion.                                                            158
TIPS                                                 Rosewood                       159

                                                     Flare                          160
• Blush should be exactly what it implies,
  a gentle touch of colour                           Rose Petal                     161
• Smile to find the “apples of your cheeks”. Then    Berry Rose                     162
  apply blush outward and upward
                                                     Mauve (pictured)                     • Rich coloring pigments
• Colour builds easily from soft and natural
  to dramatic                                        Wildberry                      164   • Warm and cool tones to compliment
• Blends effortlessly and lasts for hours
                                                     Sunset                         165     foundation, eye shadow and lipstick

                                                     Brick                          166
                                                                                          • Finely micronized for longer wear

                                                                                          • 11 shades to choose from

                                                                        Version 1

                    Sonya® Colour Concealer Wheel
No one is perfect, but with Sonya’s unique 5-in-1     Light Beige:
Colour Concealer Wheel, you will come close.          To conceal imperfections – makes an
The exceptional quality of these correcting and       excellent highlighter
neutralizing colours will let you blend away
imperfections and even out skin tone for a natural,   Medium Beige:
flawless finish.                                      To conceal imperfections

Green:                                                DIRECTIONS:
Neutralizes redness – perfect for sunburn             After applying Sonya Cream to Powder Foundation,
and rosacea                                           apply Concealer with your ring finger or sponge.
                                                      Pat lightly around the eye area. Set Concealer in
Yellow:                                               place with the Sonya Translucent Powder of your
                                                                                                          • Convenient and easy to use
For darkness – excellent for under eye dark circles   choice for a flawless finish.

Lilac:                                                                                                    • Mix colours together or use just one —
Brightens yellow skin – highlights the eye lid area                                                         be creative!
— perfect as an eye shadow base
                                                                                                          • Recommended for all skin types

                                                                                                          • Excellent for dark circles, freckles, blemishes
                                                                                                            and all imperfections

                                                                                                          PRODUCT #184

                                                                         Version 1

             Sonya® Cream to Powder Foundation
Looking beautiful comes naturally with these 12       HOW TO APPLY:
true-to-life shades of foundation. Formulated to      Prepare your skin for foundation application by
enhance your own unique skin tone, the fine texture   first cleaning, toning and moisturizing with the
in the Sonya Cream to Powder Foundation will          Aloe Fleur de Jouvence skin care regime. Sonya
give every woman a smooth, flawless finish and is     Cream to Powder Foundation should be softened
ideal for all skin types.                             before applying. This may be done with a sponge
                                                      and will ensure a flawless application.
                                             107      TIPS:
                                                      • Use the Sonya Foundation Selector as a guide
Soft Ivory                                   108        to select the perfect shade
                                             109      • Convenient and easy-to-use elegant, black
Rose Beige                                                                                               • Suits all skin types and colors
                                                        compact – perfect for touch-ups throughout
Sunset Beige                                 110        the day
                                             111      • Foundation may be applied as full or             • Cool and warm tones
                                                        sheer coverage
Butter                                       112      • Sonya Cream to Powder Foundation glides on       • Aloe Vera-based
Golden Sun                                   113        like silk for a flawless complexion
                                                      • Helps moisturize, soften and smooth skin         • Natural cover
Mocha                                        114

Raisin                                       115                                                         • Handy-to-carry compact

Chocolate                                    116
                                                                                                         • 12 shades to choose from
Natural Beige                                182

Vanilla Bisque                               183

                                                                         Version 3

                                               Sonya® Eye Pencil
Refine your style instantly by giving a subtle new   AVAILABLE IN 4 COLOURS:
definition to your eyes. Creamy and smooth, our                                    174
                                                     Midnight Black
exclusive Aloe Vera formulation delivers a perfect
application every time.                              Burnished Brown               176

                                                     Jazz                          178

                                                     White Clarifier               180

                                                                                         • Creamy, smooth formula glides on easily

                                                                                         • Long-lasting, stay-in-place colour

                                                                                         • Sharpen with the Sonya Pencil Sharpener
                                                                                           for a perfect application every time

                                                                       Version 1

                                         Sonya® Eyeshadow
Highlight, define and accent your eyes naturally   AVAILABLE IN 24 SHADES:
with Sonya’s soft powder eye shadow collection.                                   131
Available in a complete range of 24 colours from
shimmery pearls to velvety mattes that will take   French Vanilla                 132
your eyes from sheer to dramatic and everywhere                                   133
in between.
                                                   Mink                           134

                                                   Linen                          135

                                                   Blue Bayou                     136

                                                   Barely There                   137

                                                   Cool Breeze                    138   • This gentle Aloe Vera based formula
                                                                                          soothes and calms the delicate eye area.
                                                   Maple Syrup                    139

                                                   Fudge Brownie                  140   • Eye shadows may be applied with a small
                                                                                  141     brush and a touch of water to achieve a
                                                   Cactus Green
                                                                                          liquid eyeliner effect
                                                   Satin                          142
                                                                                  143   • Eye shadows work perfectly to define
                                                                                          the eyebrows
                                                   Wildberry                      144

                                                   *Sterling                      145   • Apply shadows with a damp brush for
                                                                                          increased colour intensity and longer wear
                                                   Purple Rain                    147

                                                   *Crystal Waters                148   • Shadows blend easily and effortlessly

                                                   *Moonlight                     149

                                                   *Pot of Gold                   150

                                                   *Glacier Ice                   151

                                                   *Hologram                      152

                                                   *Sunfire                       153

                                                   Whipped Cream                  154

                                                   Charcoal                       155

                                                   *Indicates Shimmer Shades

                                                                      Version 1

                                   Sonya® Eyeshadow Trios
Uncover the secrets to perfect beauty with Sonya Eye Shadow Trios. The           SPRING TIME TRIO 203
shimmery formulas with added Aloe Vera reflect the most current trends in        These three irresistible shades work with every eye colour. Shimmer Yellow
fashion. A versatile range of colours can be used to shade, shadow, and define   may be worn as a highlighter on the lid and brow bone to brighten up the
– creating any look you desire.                                                  eyes. Apply Frosted Pink on eyelids as a base colour, a perfect shade for when
                                                                                 the sun is shining. Use Soft Green to add depth to your eyes when used in
Two perfect combinations make looking beautiful as easy as 1, 2, 3, and may      the crease area. May also be used as eyeliner for defined eyes.
be used dry for a soft look or wet for increased intensity or lining the eyes.
Combine colours from each Trio to create your own unique combinations.           SEDONA TRIO 204
Many looks are possible - it’s all in your imagination!                          Use your imagination to create the perfect look with these three complimenting
                                                                                 shades. A beautiful arrangement of Plum, Light Blue, and Taupe create the
                                                                                 ultimate look. Apply Taupe on eyelids as a base colour or on brow bone to
                                                                                 brighten up the eyes. Light Blue may be worn as a base colour or as eyeliner.
                                                                                 Plum adds depth to your eyes when applied in the crease or adds further
                                                                                 definition when applied as eyeliner.

                                                                           Version 1

                               Sonya® Glamour Showcase
The Sonya Glamour Showcase is a unique tool for        *Disposable Lip Brushes (7045), Disposable
building your FLP beauty business. This professional   Mascara Wands (7047), Disposable Foam
quality demonstration case makes it easy to conduct    Applicators (7049), Disposable Sponges (9699),
Sonya Beauty Clinics and teach others how to look      Foundation Selector (7051), Pencil Sharpener
and feel their best. It contains everything you need   (7052), Sonya Full Line Colour Brochure (9693),
to be successful with the Sonya Colour Collection.     Face Chart – English (7215) or Spanish (7217),
                                                       Sonya Cosmetic Brush Collection Brochure (55810)
• 12 Cream-to-Powder Foundations
• 1 Colour Concealer Wheel
  (includes 5 corrective shades)
• 3 Translucent Pressed Powders
• 11 Blushes
                                                                                                          • The perfect way to demonstrate the Sonya
• 24 Eye Shadows
                                                                                                            Colour Collection
• 4 Eye Pencils
• 2 Mascaras
• 1 Brow Fix                                                                                              • Elegant and professional presentation
• 14 Lipsticks
• 5 Lip Pencils                                                                                           • Easily refillable — simply replace
• 6-piece Sonya Cosmetic Brush Collection                                                                   individual items as needed
• Sonya Literature available in English or Spanish*

                                                                                                          *Showcase Foundation Refills are sold as Sonya
                                                                                                          Literature items
                                                                                                          English Literature Inserts PRODUCT #9600
                                                                                                          Spanish Literature Inserts PRODUCT #9601

                                                                          Version 1

                                               Sonya® Lip Gloss
Awaken your lip colour and give your lips a soft   AVAILABLE IN 4 SHADES:
feel as well as a long-lasting shine with Sonya                                                190
                                                   Crystal Clear
Lip Gloss.
                                                   Vanilla Pearl                               191

                                                   Sunglow                                     192

                                                   Berry Mauve                                 193

                                                   KEY INGREDIENTS:
                                                   Aloe Vera Oil Extract – a mixture of Soybean Oil
                                                   and Aloe Vera Gel. This combination provides
                                                   moisturizing, soothing and non-irritating proper-
                                                   ties. Vitamin E – a great antioxidant that also     • Easy-to-use wand applicator
                                                   helps seal in natural moisture. Marine Extracts –
                                                   contains Algae and Carrageenan Extracts that are    • Sonya Lip Gloss may be used alone or
                                                   rich in vitamins A & E and other minerals with        over your favorite Sonya Lipsticks
                                                   excellent moisturizing properties.

                                                                      Version 1

                                               Sonya® Lip Pencil
Creamy and smooth, the Sonya Lip Pencils glide      AVAILABLE IN 5 SHADES:
on easily to line and define your lips with ease.                                173
Complete your look with your favorite shade of
Sonya Lipstick and Sonya Lip Gloss.                 Cocoa                        175

                                                    Mystique                     177

                                                    Grapevine                    179

                                                    Golden Shimmer               181

                                                                                       • Sharpen with the Sonya Pencil Sharpener
                                                                                         for a perfect, precise application every time

                                                                                       • For longer-lasting lip colour, fill in entire
                                                                                         lip area with Lip Pencil, then add your
                                                                                         favorite Sonya Lipstick

                                                                     Version 1

                                                           Sonya® Lipstick
Colour your lips luxurious with Sonya’s creamy,            AVAILABLE IN 12 CREAMY MATTE AND
rich lipstick collection available in a range of colours   4 SHIMMER* SHADES:
from sheer to dramatic to suit your every need.                                           117
                                                           Sheer Peach Fuzz
                                                           Coffee Cream                   118

                                                           Barely Pink                    119

                                                           Sheer Bliss                    120

                                                           Sheer Chocolate Kisses         121

                                                           Almond                         122

                                                           Pink Champagne                 123
                                                                                                • Long-lasting, non-drying colour
                                                           Dusty Rose                     124

                                                           Brandy Ice                     125   • Contains vital ingredients to protect and
                                                                                                  moisturize, keeps lips soft and supple
                                                           Wineberry                      126

                                                           Deepest Love Red               129   • When applying lip colour, best results are
                                                                                                  achieved by using a lip brush
                                                           Porsche Red                    130

                                                           *Hologram                      127   • Try mixing 1 or more lipsticks together,
                                                                                                  be creative
                                                           *Solid Gold                    128

                                                           *Crystal Plum                  201

                                                           *Pink Reflection               202

                                                                              Version 1

                                           Sonya® Mascara
                                         and Sonya® Brow Fix
SONYA MASCARA                                        SONYA BROW FIX
Your lashes will be magnificent with our exclusive   Give your eyebrows a sophisticated look with
mascara containing Aloe Vera that conditions and     Sonya Brow Fix. This crystal clear, conditioning
lengthens while leaving lashes soft, supple and      formula with Aloe Vera is the perfect way to
luxurious. Water resistant, this unique mascara      finish and set your brows.
was formulated especially for sensitive eyes.
                                                     Brow Fix Clear (172)
Black                                         170

Brown/Black                                   171      • Helps lift and accentuate the brow shape

                                                       • The wand applicator delivers a precise
                                                         look that keeps its shape all day
  • Never pump your mascara brush up and
    down in the tube, as it may cause the              • Keeps unruly brows in place
    mascara to dry out

  • 2 light coats are always better than 1 thick
    coat. Let dry a minute between applications

  • As a general rule, replace your mascara
    once a month

  • Water resistant, ultra-conditioning formula

                                                                         Version 1

                                                       Sonya® Palettes
Take the guesswork out of looking beautiful with       BARELY PINK (103) – Colour your world softly
our professionally formulated colour-coordinated       with pastels, taupe and natural accent colours
palettes for lips, cheeks and eyes. The versatility    Pressed Powder - Translucent 1; Blush -
and flexibility of the Sonya Palettes allow you to     Rosewood, Bashful; Eye Shadows – Barely There,
create many special looks for every occasion, night    Cool Breeze, Blue Bayou, Linen; Eye Pencil –
or day.                                                Jazz; Lip Pencil – Mystique; Lipsticks – Sheer
                                                       Bliss, Barely Pink; Mascara – Brown/Black
SHIMMERS (100) – Shimmery shades for eyes,
cheeks and décolleté Pressed Powder - Translucent      DUSTY ROSE (104) – Go classic with this medi-
2; Eye Shadows – Sunfire, Hologram, Moonlight,         um depth, cool tone collection Pressed Powder -
Pot of Gold, Sterling, Glacier Ice; Eye/Lip Pencils    Translucent 3; Blush – Berry Rose, Rose Petal; Eye
– White Clarifier, Golden Shimmer; Lipsticks –         Shadows – Wild Berry, Birch, Cool Breeze, Satin;
                                                                                                            • Convenient and easy to use – everything
Solid Gold, Hologram; Brow Fix - Clear                 Eye Pencil – Midnight Black; Lip Pencil –
                                                                                                              you need in one palette
                                                       Grapevine; Lipsticks – Pink Champagne, Dusty
AUTUMN HUES (101) – Reflect the warm, rich             Rose; Mascara – Black
                                                                                                            • All items are refillable
colours of fall with this classic collection Pressed
Powder - Translucent 2; Blush – Nature, Flare;         PLUM ‘N BERRY (105) – Deep hues and rich
                                                                                                            • Perfect for travel
Eye Shadows – Cactus Green, Fudge Brownie,             jewel-toned shades for day and evening Pressed
Maple Syrup, French Vanilla; Eye Pencil –              Powder - Translucent 3; Blush – Wildberry,
                                                                                                            • Each palette contains a light, medium and
Midnight Black; Lip Pencil – Cocoa; Lipsticks –        Mauve; Eye Shadows – Crystal Waters, Satin,
                                                                                                              deep shade eye shadow plus an accent
Sheer Chocolate Kisses, Almond; Mascara – Black        Sterling, Purple Rain; Eye Pencil – Midnight
                                                                                                              colour, to create a variety of styles and looks
                                                       Black; Lip Pencil – Grapevine; Lipsticks –
NIGHT ON THE TOWN (102) – Classic reds                 Wineberry, Brandy Ice; Mascara – Black
with black and white accents create a dramatic
look Pressed Powder - Translucent 1; Blush –           SUMMER’S KISS (106) – Radiate the light,
Brick, Sunset; Eye Shadows – Sterling, Whipped         sunny warmth of summer
Cream, Moonlight, Charcoal; Eye Pencil –               Pressed Powder - Translucent 2; Blush – Nature,
Midnight Black; Lip Pencil – Mahogany; Lipsticks       Sienna; Eye Shadows – Ginger, Mink, Phantom,
– Porsche Red, Deepest Love Red; Mascara – Black       French Vanilla; Eye Pencil – Burnished Brown;
                                                       Lip Pencil – Cocoa; Lipsticks – Sheer Peach Fuzz,
                                                       Coffee Cream; Mascara – Black

                                                       For color swatches see individual pages

                                                                          Version 3

               Sonya® Aloe Eye Makeup Remover
This gentle, lightweight Aloe Vera gel formula    INGREDIENTS:
works quickly and gently to thoroughly remove     Aloe Barbadensis Gel (Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel),
eye makeup. Aloe Barbadensis Gel (our own         Water, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Polysorbate
Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel), provides the caring,   20, Sucrose Cocoate, Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino
conditioning and soothing benefits suitable for   Acids, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol
the delicate eye area.                            Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Disodium EDTA.

                                                  Saturate a small cotton ball with remover. Apply
                                                  to closed eyes and gently wipe off makeup. Repeat
                                                  if necessary.

                                                  CONTENTS                                            • Gently conditions and moisturizes eyelashes
                                                  4 fl oz (118ml)
                                                                                                      • Leaves no residue – you may immediately
                                                                                                        apply eye makeup after use

                                                                                                      • Do your skin a favor: never go to bed
                                                                                                        with makeup on. Clean skin is healthy skin

                                                                                                      • Unique, oil-free formulation

                                                                                                      PRODUCT #186

                                                                     Version 1

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