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									Chemeketa Community College
4000 Lancaster Drive NE
P.O. Box 14007
Salem, OR 97309-7070

                                                                  Chemeketa/Courthouse Conditioning
Spring 2010                                                               PE185CA (51255 Beginning Conditioning)
                                                                            Workout Dates: March 29 through June 6
                                     Course Description:
Lori Clark                               Welcome to the Courthouse/Chemeketa program, a partnership between the student, the Courthouse Athletic
HPE Instructor                           Club and Chemeketa Community College. Students may register for this one credit class at www. chemeketa.edu,
503.399.2559                             become a member (if not) in person at any Courthouse location, or at www.fitfx.com/chemeketa, and execute their
Lori.clark@chemeketa.edu                 individual conditioning program at any Couthouse location.

                                         Conditioning students can use any combination of exercise for their workouts (aerobics, basketball,
Office Hours:                            cardiovascular, Pilates, racquetball, spinning; swimming, weight training, or yoga.) Students that register for a
MW 10:30-11:30pm                         specialized class must spend their class time in the individualized area (Weight Training, Aerobics, or Swimming.)
TR 10-11:30 pm                           Initial instruction will be provided on facilities, safety, and exercise techniques to help students develop and
Office Location: 7/103F                  execute strength and conditioning program to meet their individual goals. Non-Courthouse members may take
Fax (503) 503.399.5496                   this course as long as they are a full time Chemeketa student.

                                     Course Objectives:
                                         1. Demonstrate full participation in a 45-minute workout, 3-5 times per week. See total visits required below.
                                             Only one workout per day is allowed. The total number of visits is double for students taking two sections.
                                         2. Demonstrate basic knowledge and correct execution of conditioning exercises.
                                         3. Improve or maintain physical fitness.

                                     Course Requirements:
                                         It is the responsibility of the individual student to complete each of the following steps, the required workouts,
                                         and turn in their test to receive their grade. Direct club questions to Courthouse Athletic Club staff. Grading
                                         questions may go to the Chemeketa instructor.

                                         1.  Register for Chemeketa credit at www.chemeketa.edu.
Chemeketa Mission                        2.  Become a temporary member of the Courthouse (if you are not) at www.fitfx.com/chemeketa or in person
To inspire people to achieve                  at any Courthouse location (membership department.) Receive course materials, review rules, fees, log in, and
intellectual growth, personal                necessary program instruction.
fulfillment and career success           3. Receive Chemeketa Course Materials: Chemeketa syllabus, test, and sign the Chemeketa wavier at the
through a lifetime of learning.          Chemeketa website or in person.
                                         4. Additional Orientation: New members may schedule an additional orientation with a Fitness Coach at the
Chemeketa Creed
                                             Courthouse for an introduction to club resources, further instruction, or to ask other questions.
Chemeketa provides an
environment that celebrates the          5. Workouts: Complete on your own, making sure you log into the computer at the front desk each visit (see below
freedom to learn and the                     for required number of visits). You may work out at any of the Courthouse locations. You may wish to keep
freedom to teach. In that                    your own record of visits on the back of the syllabus. Only one workout is allowed per day. It is recommended
celebration of teaching and                 you complete 3-4 workouts per week.
learning, it is appropriate that         6. Questions: Direct club questions to the Courthouse staff and grading questions to Chemeketa Instructor.
individuals and groups be                7. Written test: Mail or deliver test to Chemeketa instructor, Building 7, Room 103; received before or by
viewed with regard to their                  Thurs, BEFORE Final’s week. Total visits will be reduced by 2 if a written test is not received. The test
potential to contribute within
                                             can be mailed in or delivered to Chemeketa, Health and PE Dept., Building 7-103 between 7:30 am and 2:30pm
the learning environment. Each
has dignity and value.                       Monday through Thursday, any time before finals week.
                                         8. The Courthouse Athletic Club will turn in visit report to Chemeketa instructor on Monday of Final’s week.
If you feel you may need an          Grading:
academic adjustment for any              Your grade is based on the number of completed 45+ minute visits and written test. Only one workout is
type of disability, please see the       allowed per day. Visits will be reduced by two if no written test is received. Students may audit the class for no
instructor during office hours or        grade if they turn in an audit form during the first month of class. Please inform the Chemeketa instructor if you
contact Services for Students
with Disabilities at 503.399.5192
                                         use a different name at the Courthouse. This course is based on the honor system. Please fulfill the requirements
                                         above and complete all workouts fairly. The instructor has the right to fail a student that abuses this honor.
Diversity                            Grade Based on Visits (Total visits will be reduced by 2 if written test is not received by Thursday before finals week)
We are a college community                A = 27 or more visits + test                D = 18-20 visits + test
enriched by the diversity of our          B = 24-26 visits + test                     F = Less than 18 visits + test
students and staff. Each                  C = 21-23 visits + test                     I = Incomplete work (students must request I)
individual and group has the
potential to contribute in our
learning environment. Each has           Chemeketa Instructor:                               Courthouse Chemeketa Advisors:
dignity. To diminish the dignity         Lori Clark, Health & Physical Education Dept.       Battlecreek Courthouse: 503.364.9029, Tyson Cox
of one is to diminish the dignity        503.399.2559, lori.clark@chemeketa.edu              South Courthouse: 503.364.8463, Gary McSmith
of us all.                               4000 Lancaster Drive NE; Salem, OR 97309            Keizer Courthouse: 503.391.5220, Shelly Carlson
                                         Fax #399-5496, Secretary: 503.399.5082              West Courthouse: 503.581.3171, Drew Baker
                                                                                             Lancaster Courthouse: 503.585.2582, Phil Crock
                                                                                                                                       3-2592 JN 6/30/10
Chemeketa/Courthouse Conditioning Record                                              Name___________________________
Workout Dates: March 29 through June 6                                                Phone (If instructor has ?)_________________________
Use this space to remind yourself and have a back-up record of the visits you make to the Courthouse Athletic Club. The goal is to get three,
45+ minute workouts per week. Please make sure to check into the computer each workout to receive full credit. You may complete only one
workout per day for class credit. The Chemeketa instructor will base your grade on the Courthouse records. Get ahead early!
Date                       Location                                   Activity                                     Time
if no test: 28
if no test: 29

Get ahead                  Fall workout dates:
                           March 29 through June 6
                                                                      Exam: Completed & sent to
                                                                      Chemeketa Instructor by Thursday,
                                                                                                                   Get ahead early!

early!                                                                June 3 or before

My Honor: I have indeed completed at least 45 minutes of activity for each of the above dates. I give my honor
that these records are accurate. Sign and date: _______________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                              3-2592 JN 6/30/10
Chemeketa/Courthouse Written Test                                         Name_______________________________________
Chemeketa Community College                                               Term_______________________________________
4000 Lancaster Drive NE                                                   Main Courthouse Location (circle one)
Salem, OR 97309                                                        Lancaster/ South / West / Keizer / Battlecreek

Thank you for taking the Chemeketa/Courthouse one-credit activity class. This test is on basic fitness information.
You may use any resource for the answers. Some useful sources are found on 2 hour reserve under Lori Clark, in the
Chemeketa library (Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellenss by Hoeger & Hoeger).

              It is your responsibility to complete and return this test to the Chemeketa instructor.
                The number of workout visits will be reduced by two if no written test is received.

              Complete and send by mail or deliver no later than the Thursday before final’s week to:

       Lori Clark, Building 7-103                                             Phone: (503) 399-5082
       Chemeketa Health & PE Department                                       Fax:     (503) 399-5496
      4000 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem OR 97309                                    lori.clark@chemeketa.edu

   A well-balanced conditioning program should include work on each of the following four areas of physical
 1. ________________________________________        3. ______________________________________
2.    ________________________________________           4.    ______________________________________
5.    The area of fitness that is most linked with preventing cardiovascular disease is _______________________.

According to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
The recommended minimal guidelines for cardiorespiratory fitness are:
 6. Days per week: __________________ 8. Intensity:      ___________________________
 7. Minutes:       __________________ 9. Type activity: ___________________________
The recommended minimal guidelines for muscular fitness are:
10. Days per week:                                            12. Number of exercises:                     __________
11. Number of repetitions:                                    13. Number of sets:                          __________

Since many Americans don’t meet the recommended above guidelines for cardiorespiratory fitness, fitness experts
have issued an additional easier option for maintaining health and preventing disease.

The Surgeon General recommends that all Americans include a moderate amount of physical activity on most days to
maintain health. The goals are to:
14. Expend ___________ calories a day or __________ calories a week or accumulate _________ minutes of daily activity.

15.   How can regular exercise affect your blood fats? (HDL & LDL cholesterol, triglycerides) ____________________
16.   Each pound of muscle you add requires (burns) approximately ______________ additional calories each day.
17.   Name one method to measure body composition (body fat). _______________________
18.   Recent estimates suggest that approximately __________% of Americans are overfat.
19.   What percent body fat is recommended for men? _________%
20.   What percent body fat is recommended for women? _________%
21.   What is your body fat (if known)?__________%
22.   What is the approximate point for "overfat" in men? _________%
                                                                                                            3-2592 JN 6/30/10
23.     What is the approximate point for "overfat" in women? _________%
24.     People who tend to gain body fat in this area ___________________ are more at risk for heart disease than those that
        gain body fat in the hips.
25.     How many calories are equivalent to one pound? _______________
26.     I can burn approximately this many calories during a 30 minute walk? _______________
27.     A 30 minute run?______________
28.     What type of exercise seems to be the best “fat burning” activity?___________________________
The recommended immediate treatment of minor soft tissue injuries R.I.C.E. includes:
29.     R: _____________________
30.     I: ______________________
31.     C: _____________________
32.     E: _____________________
33.     A persons resting heart rate does what with increased fitness? (circle one)                                 increase or decrease
34.     About how much extra water should a person intake for every 30 minutes of exercise? __________________

Directions: Circle "T" if the statement is true or "F" if the statement is false.

      T F 35.         Individuals who schedule exercise into their day at a regular time have better compliance than do those who exercise “whenever convenient”
      during the day.
      T F 36.         In order to improve in strength, cardiovascular fitness or flexibility, the body must be overloaded with an above normal amount of physical

T F        37. Breath holding during weight training is preferred.
T F        38. Activities sustained at about 60% of one's training heart rate rely primarily on sugar (glycogen) for the
               source of energy.
T F       39. Regular exercise is associated with increased feelings of wellbeing and self-esteem.
T F       40. Sitting in the sauna is a good way to burn body fat.
T F        41. A person who wishes to develop muscular strength should lift a heavy weight about 25 times each set.
T F           42. Performing a lot of abdominal strength exercises (“crunches”) will help a person to lose body fat
              around the middle.
T F       43. It is beneficial to increase muscle temperature before stretching.
      T F 44.         Beginning exercisers should exercise at least five days a week at vigorous intensity to improve their cardiorespiratory fitness.

Please share your comments with your Chemeketa instructor on your Chemeketa/Courthouse class:

45.-46. A good thing about the Chemeketa/Courthouse class:

47.-48. A frustration about the Chemeketa/Courthouse class:

49.-50. Other comments about this conditioning class:

                                                                                                                                                  3-2592 JN 6/30/10

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