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Toolbox Foam
All-Foam is capable of producing
toolbox foam drawer liners in three                  ·   Tool box and tool drawer                             ·   Polyurethane foam
different ways:The most popular, and                     foam                                                 ·   Ether & Ester
cost effective method for our custom-                ·   Demo and sample cases                                ·   Flocked foam
ers is to purchase full sheets and                   ·   Foam for sensitive equipment                         ·   Anti-Static foam
then cut them down to the exact
                                                     ·   Repair and calibration kits                          ·   Fire Retardant foam
drawer sizes. Sheet sizes are either
48-inches or 60-inches wide by 108-                  ·   Trade show display cases                             ·   Engineered protective foams
inches long. Density and thickness                   ·   Protective packaging                                 ·   Decorative packaging foams
will vary based upon our customer's                  ·   Book support foam                                    ·   Military specification
needs (see below).The second meth-                   ·   Polyethylene foam                                    ·   Protective foam inserts
od is to have All-Foam cut out the                   ·   Cross linked Polyethylene                            ·   Advertising specialties
exact drawer sizes when measure-
ments are furnished to us. The third,              Information contact : Marvin Steinlauf or Debbie Irlbacker 847-913-9341
and most costly, method is to have                     Sales office :
the customer provide us with either
CAD drawings or the actual hand                Toolbox foam is available in 2-lb. and 6-lb. density, with thickness ranging from
tools and we shadow out the exact              1/4-inch to 3-inches for 2-lb. foam and from 1/4-inch to 2-inches for 6-lb. foam. Our
tool sizes from the foam.                      6-lb. foam is a premium grade and is longer lasting. Your potential customers for this
                                               material is Federal government and commercial/industrial.

                                     2-lb. density cross-linked polyethylene                        6-lb. density polyethylene foam is available
                                     foam is available in blue and black and is sold                in red, black, yellow and blue. It is sold by
                                     by individual colored sheets or as blue and                    individual colored sheets or any two contrasting
                                     black sheets heat-laminated together.                          colored sheets, heat-laminated together.

Most of True Value's Induserve stores are small businesses. According to Federal Government guidelines, 500 employees or fewer
qualifies as a small business. All Foam Products Company is a Federal Government Contractor.
Let us help you develop foam laminated business to sell to the world's largest purchasing department, the United States
GSA, (General Services Administration) and DOD (Department of Defense). Together, they buy over one trillion dollars of products
and services. Your customers are purchasing Tool Box Foam in both stock sizes as well as custom cut sizes, from someone else,
why not from your store or outside sales people ?
                                               Freight terms are FOB factory or Freight Prepaid on $1500.00
                                              Payment terms: 2% 30 days net Alpha Minimum order: $300.00
                               GSA contract # GS-06F-0043N (expires 4/9/08)       email or visit
                                                           A Certified Woman Owned Company.

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