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                                                  NO. 1 READ
                                                FOR 15 YEARS

   The global Journal oF airporT & airline securiTy


Principle media sponsor to                     MEDIA
Total circulation breakdown
                                                        Circulation         No. of Countries             Printed Off             Downloaded    Forwarded to Colleagues
PRINT Subscribers                                            4,032                75                                                                   *10,080
Average ONLINE readership per issue                          4,552                119                         1,414                 721                 701
Combined Readership – Online and Print                      8,584                 119                         1,414                 721               *10,781

Online Annual readership (Average past 2 years)             13,698                119                    3,542 (26%)             1,753 (13%)         1,798 (13%)
Excludes Show Distribution (annual)                         8,000 +

The online edition is rapidly becoming the preferred option by loyal readers                                                                                     *estimated

    Who reads ASI?
    By organisation                                                                      By geography
                                5% 2%                                                                             13%
                         9%                                                                             4%
                                                      35%                                      6%                                  42%
                                       34%                                                                            24%

              Airports & Civil Aviation Authorities                                             Europe

              Airlines                                                                          North America

              Suppliers                                                                         Asia

              Governments Agencies                                                              Middle East

              Non-Governement Agencies                                                          Asia Paci c

              Academic, Media & General Interest                                                South/Central America


What readers think of other publications
(TranSec World Expo visitors readership breakdown)
                                                                 International Airport
                                                Airport Business
                                                                          7%                                   Aviation Security
                                                      3%                                                      International (ASI)
                                 Airport Solutions,
                                 Product Services                                                                    23%
                                     & Security
                                        5%                                                                                  Cargo Security
                                   Security                                                                                      10%
                                                                                                                            Jane's Airport
                                        Security                                                                                 8%
                                          11%               Euro Security     Detektor           Lloyds                  Airport Safety
                                                                 8%           Magazine             List                Services Solutions
                                                                                4%                 3%                         3%

Why is ASI read more than any other AVSEC title?
Independent Editorial                              Free Web Based Copy
                • Topics affecting the industry    – Now 13,698 readers
                • Technology insight               This has grown
                • Event reviews                    rapidly attracting
                • Historical analyses of key       new readers from
                  incidents                        far flung regions.
                • Powerful editorial board         • Searchable archive
                • No. 1 choice for media etc       • Download copies
                                                   • Print off copies
                                                   • Forward articles

Breaking News                                      Air Watch
                    First to cover:                                        Listing the very latest:
                    • Chechen suicide bombings                             • Incidents
                    • Sept 11 atrocity                                     • Hijacks
                    • Qantas hijack to Tasmania                            • Unruly Passengers
                    • Mombassa SAM misile attack                           • Sabotage Attacks
                    • Liquid bomb plot                                     • Judgement and Arrests
                                                                           • Threats

Exclusive Interviews                               History
                    • Julienne Busic – hijacker                            For the past 15 years ASI has been

                    • Norman Mineta – US Sec for                           the leading publication.
                      Transportation                                       • Established

                    • Leila Khaled – hijacker                              • Loyal readers
                    • Vesna Vulovic – aircraft                             • Loyal advertisers

                      bombing survivor                                     • Strong media links

Established Editorial Board                        Established Industry Choice
                Sample members                     Principle media sponsor to

What will your clients (our readers) be reading in 2010?
“No other publication focuses on                       “The enormous chanllenges of today’s                      “Like many of my colleagues in
both the technical and the human                       global security environment, can only                     aviation I am inundated with
details of aviation security as well as                be addressed by well informed and                         printed and electronic material on
Aviation Security International does                   educated professionals. ASI should be                     aviation security. In this situation of
in every issue.”                                       an essential tool in the armoury of any                   information overload, I always make
                                                       aviation security practitioner.”                          time for ASI, which over the years has
Tom Jensen, President and CEO
National Safe Skies Alliance
                                                                                                                 continued to offer incisive, in-depth
                                                       Geoffrey D Askew
                                                       Askew Associates
                                                                                                                 analysis for industry leaders in a highly
                                                                                                                 readable format .”
                                                                                                                 Paul Behnke, Director
                                                                                                                 Airport Council International (ACI)

      ASI              Dec Jan             Feb Mar             Apr May               Jun Jul           Aug Sept                Oct Nov                Dec/Jan

  Cover Story                                 tbc                 tbc                  tbc            Airport Coasts              tbc                    tbc

                                          Giants in                                                   AVSEC Leader
 NEW sections                                                                                                                                      Buyers Guide
                                          Screening                                                 Company Profiles

                                                                                                                                                  Industry Outlook
    Reports            Training            Uniforms               tbc              Screening               tbc            Secure Documents

                         CCTV          Secure Documents       Stowaways          Airport policing          tbc               Airport Posts       Airport Surveillance
& access control

 manufacturer                           Nordic Countries    West Coast USA             UK            East Coast USA       Australia & Far East           EU

  Passenger,                                               Explosives (beyond
                                                                                                     Cabin baggage            Controlled
baggage & cargo    Liquid explosives          tbc           plastics/liquids),   Metal detection                                                        Cargo
                                                                                                       screening              explosives
   screening                                                 Internal threats

Event Previews
                                         CTX Preview                             Transec Preview                             Avsec World
  & wrap Ups

                                       Secure Document
                                                                                                      Transec World
     Show                              World (8-10 Feb),   CTX (14-15th Apr)                                                 Avsec World
                                                                                       tbc             (14-15 Sept)                                      tbc
  Distribution                         Cabin Safety Symp        London                                                        venue tbc
                                           (8-11 Feb)

   Deadlines          27th Nov             22nd Jan           26th March            14th May             30th jul             24th Sept               26th Nov

“At I-Sec we regularly read ASI to keep on top of what’s going on in the industry. ASI never lets us down. It is a must read for every
aviation security professional.”
Adan Morik – I-Sec (Advertiser)

Advertising opportunities                                                                                                  Example intro page/flash banners
DISPLAY                                                                                 $ (USD)             £ (GBP)
Outside back cover                                                                         6,950              4,250
Inside front cover                                                                         6,500              3,950
Inside back cover                                                                          6,300              2,900
Barn Door – Gate Fold Front Cover                                                         10,000              5,950
Double page spread                                                                         9,500              6,450
Full page                                                                                  5,800              3,495
Half page                                                                                  3,500              2,150
Quarter page                                                                               2,900              1,750

1”                                                                                            255              200
2”                                                                                            460              350
3”                                                                                            675              520
4”                                                                                            865              660

BUYERS GUIDE (Print and Online)
Standard 2 line entry                                                                         200              150
Enhanced Entry with Logo                                                                      250              190
Existing Advertisers (min 4 adverts in any 12 month period)                                                         0

ONLINE (Digitised Publication & Website)
Intro banner – Contents page of the online digitised format
(12 months) (1 of 6)                                                                      10,500              7,500
Main website banner (pcm)                                                                  1,400               950
Sponsorship on monthly e-shot (40K contacts)                                               2,200              1,500
Dedicated e-shot to 40K database                                                           3,000              2,000

DISCOUNTS (against R/C only)
Agency                                                                                                         15%                  banner fixed for 12 months and
4-6 series bookings                                                                                            20%                   READ by 13K+ online viewers
Prepayment                                                                                                      5%

Whole edition sponsorship (web, online e-version & print)                                 10,000              7,700
Giants in Screening (Feb/Mar 10)                                                                on application
Buyers Guide (Dec/Jan 11)                                                                       on application
AVSEC leader profiles (Aug/Sept)                                                                on application
Inserts          Page rate + cost of mailing (up to 4 pgs or 20g – on application after this)
Tip On                                                         Page rate plus production/mailing cost
 MECHANICAl SPECS                                            • Trapping must be completed prior to creating final       Owner/Publisher:
                                                               TIF or PDF. Trap at 0.2 pt and overprint black.
 The Publisher accepts only digital advertising                                                                         Adrian Broadbent on
 materials. please follow the instructions                   ACCEPTED MEDIA                                             Tel: +34 91 804 2577
 outlined below.                                             • Zip (100 MB)                                             Fax: +44 (0) 208 090 6211
                                                             • DVD
 Questions regarding specs?
                                                             • CD-ROM
 Production Manager                                                                                                     Editor:
                                                             • FTP file transfer upload
 Email:                                                                                  Philip Baum on
                                                             Contact production manager for instructions.
 ACCEPTED DIGITAl FORMATS                                                                                               Tel: +44 (0) 20 8255 9447
                                                             PRODUCTION CHARGES
 • TIF hi-res (300 dpi min)
                                                             Ads that do not meet the specs listed above or
 • PDF hi-res (300 dpi min) press/print optimised                                                                       Advertising Manager:
                                                             requests for changes to digital ads are subject to
    – all fonts embedded/all graphics high-res and                                                                      Sam Stokes on
                                                             production charges. Contact the production manager
    linked properly.                                                                                                    Tel: +44 (0) 208 123 7909
                                                             for details on production charges.
 We cannot accept native application files, such as
 QuarkXPress or InDesign.                                    MEDIA lAbEllING/IDENTIFICATION
 Film ads will incur a conversion charge.
                                                             Please include the following with ad submissions:
                                                             • Magazine and issue date                        
                                                             • Advertiser and/or agency name, contact and
 • Set up documents to be final ad size (same width
                                                               phone number                                             Customer Services:
   and depth as mechanical size).
 • Files for full page ads should be set up for bleed size
                                                             • File name                                                Calle Mar Mediterraneo 64,
                                                             Contact the production manager for details and specs       Tres Cantos 28760
   (220 mm (w) x 290 mm (h)).
                                                             on spread ads.                                             Madrid Spain
 • Do not compress linked graphics when preparing
   TIF or PDF.                                               INSERTS                                          
 • All files must be converted to CMYK – not RGB.            Contact the production manager for specs and               Tel: + 34 91 804 2577
   Two colour ads must be CMYK builds.                       shipping instructions for all inserts.

  Space ReSeRvation Fax back to adrian Broadbent at +44 (0) 208 090 6211
                                                                                                   n Contract                    n Show Daily                 n New Customer

                                                                                                   n Revision                    n Card Deck                  n Existing Customer

                                                                                                   n Cancellations               n Special Issue              n Address Change
                                       A trading arm of ASI Publications Ltd
                                       Tel +34 91 804 2577                                         n Full                        Rep

 Advertiser:                                                                                   Email:
 Contact:                                                                                      Title:
 City:                                                                                         State:
 Zip:                                                                                          Country:
 Post Code:                                                                                    Web Site:
 Tel:                                                                                          Fax:
 Agency:                                                                                       Email:
 Contact Title:
 City:                                                                                         State:
 Zip:                                                                                          Country:
 Post Code:                                                                                    Web Site:
 Tel:                                                                                          Fax:

Frequency:                                         Agency Commission:

Rate Card:

n Bill Agency Net                                n Bill Agency Gross                               n Bill Company Net                               n Bill Company Gross

 Issue Month              Size         Shape Colour Gross Cost                    Net Cost        Materials Due                              Shows                            Web Site
 Oct/Nov ’09
  Dec/Jan ’10
  Feb/Mar ’10
  Apr/May ’10
   Jun/Jul ’10
  Aug/Sep ’10
  Oct/Nov ’10
  Dec/Jan ’11


Pick-up from:                                                                                         Date new art will arrive:

                                                 Special instructions – do not put close to co-operative industries

          Upon approval please sign and fax to Adrian Broadbent @ +44 (0) 208 090 6211 or email to
                                                     Thank you for your business!
ASI Publications holds both the advertiser and its designated agency responsible for paying all duly authorised advertising inserted in or attached to its publication. Publisher will not
be bound by conditions appearing on insertion orders or copy instructions which conflict with provision of the rate card. No advertisement may be cancelled after the specified closing
deadline. Advertiser or authorised agency must forward all materials to Henry, email: in accordance with the current rate card. In signing, the advertiser agrees to
abide by the contract as stated in the rate card. If this contract is terminated prior to fulfilling commitment, advertiser and/or agency will be short rated.

Print Name:                                                                                           Date:

Authorised Signature:                                                                                 Publisher’s Approval:


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