Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Guide to Commission Referred by Takeme


									                     Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
                Guide to Commission Referred Complaints

Initial Conference Call
The Tribunal commences its process by scheduling an initial conference call
within thirty days of receiving the referral of a complaint from the Ontario Human
Rights Commission. During the conference call, the Tribunal will explore the
possibility of mediation with the parties and if the parties agree to mediation, a
date will be set. If the parties do not consent to mediation, the Tribunal will set a
timeline for the exchange of pleadings and disclosure of documents.

In appropriate cases, the Tribunal may assist the parties to resolve their dispute
through mediation. The mediation process explores the possibility of settling all
or some of the issues involved in the complaint. If a hearing is still necessary
following mediation, the information discussed during mediation remains
confidential and may not be raised at the hearing.

Adjudication (hearings)
When parties are not able to resolve their dispute on their own, or through
mediation, a hearing is scheduled, and a member of the Tribunal adjudicates the

Pre-Hearing Conference
The adjudicator assigned to a case may also schedule a pre-hearing conference
to discuss with the parties how the case will proceed. Proceedings may be
streamlined by identifying and dealing with certain issues early in the hearing

Parties can now file their documents with the Tribunal and serve them on one
another by electronic mail, in accordance with the Tribunal's Rules of Practice.
The E-filing address is

Rules of Practice
All proceedings before the Tribunal are governed by the Tribunal's Rules of
A copy of the Rules, including forms, can be downloaded here or requested by
contacting the Registrar.

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