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									Calloway Laboratory
    Pee for Profit
   Company History
   The Architects of Calloway
   Operations
   Quest For New market
   SWOT Analysis
   Five Forces
   Questions
   Financial Analysis
   Recommendations
          Company History
 Est. Sept 2003

 Substance Abuse screening & Alcohol
  Treatment centers

 No Income for a Year

 2006 ,57,28,120,160, 20mn.
         Arthur Levitan -CEO
   Young Entrepreneur

   Education (Engg-2yrs & Mgmt Degree)

   Achievements:
       - Physical Therapy Business
       - Board Of Directors Of AIA
       - CEO of Calloway
                Kim Mayyasi
   Entrepreneur
   Education - MIT Graduate
   Achievements:
    – Co-founder of Cellular one
    – CEO of Vialog (Teleconferences Services
    – Managing Partner at Hill Holiday (Ad agency)
        Calloway Operations
      The Four Major Activities.
 Specimen Collection

 Testing

 Reimbursement

 Sales

                        Operations Video
         Specimen Collection
 A service offered by very few of its
 Owning this component reduces tampering
  issues – a major area of concern
 Building fleet of collectors on available labor
  and gradual upgradation
 Satellite tracking of its delivery vehicles
  ensuring schedule adherence
       State of the Art Testing
 Mr. Mayyasi incorporated use of cutting
  edge instrumentation and automation of the
  testing process

 Use of software interfaces to communicate
  more efficiently with consumer end systems

 Using up to date industry standards relating
  to testing procedures
 Received reimbursement from third party
  insurers, taking over the entire billing
  process and using accurate methods

 Conducted testing even for uninsured

 Relied on volume sales for profitability

 Working with government institutions
             Sales Strategy

 Identifying the major market demands and
  addressing them specifically
 Aggressive account acquisition on behalf of
  Calloway Labs
 Merging use of accessibility via the internet
  and providing security for sensitive
  information – Pioneering provision of results
  over a secured proprietary site
     Quest For a New Market
 The Pain care Management Market offers a
  profitable new avenue.
       -9 million patients abusing pain
       -Dire need for medical professionals
        and insurance companies to monitor
        the abuse and decrease the
       downstream costs
       -Majority Of patients being insured
    Strengths and Weaknesses
 Strengths:
 In-depth Market Knowledge
 Used State of the art Technology to gain
 Sustainability
 Innovative Marketing strategy
 Strategic Alliances with pharmaceutical
  companies and medical directors

   Handicapped- Accessibility of doctors
   Troublesome revenue forecasting
   Big competitors threat
   Financing Calculations
           Overall Strategy
            (Start up Phase)
 Identifying a unique underserved market
 Understanding the demands and needs of
  the industry and tailoring the basic setup
 Complete ownership of the entire process
  chain hence acquiring better control over
  quality and time management issues
 Enlisting specific experienced individuals
  who would help exponentiate the growth of
  a startup organization
           Overall Strategy
 Efficient use of available resources and
  harnessing cutting edge technology.
 Concentrating on markets which provide no
  direct confrontation with the big players.
         Advanced Strategy
            (Growth Phase)
 Identifying and entering a unique market –
  Pain Care Management which exhibits
  immense growth potential
 Watching the current political and ethical
  trends to identify new profitable markets-
  Growing Incidence of Prescribed drug abuse
 Future proofing Calloway Labs by
  forecasting definitive service areas-
  Buprenorphine Treatment Protocol
Competitive              Substitute Products: Calloway holds
                         the edge providing Comprehensively

Forces .                          superior services.

Suppliers: Retains all          Rivalry: In its                Buyers: Third Party
its accounts and                Unique Market                   Insurers, Medicare
equipment vendors               position                                ,Medicaid ,
through exemplary                                              large Corporations.
performance and                 Calloway has no
                                                               These require basic
eventual payment.               direct                         operating standard.

                           New Entry: Hazardous owing to
                             federal regulations political
                            circumstances and calloways
                           immense hold on servicing the
                                treatment care market.
 Calloway’s growth contrary to current
  circumstances-Work Culture & Strategy or
  Pure Chance ?
 Capital needed for growth internal
  generation of funds (gradual) vs External
  Funding (Immediate).
 Levitan’s Ask –I want my money back-how
  fair is it ?
Calloway Quarterly Income Statement
                             FY2005    Q1 2006     Q2 2006
Substance Abuse Tests

Total Revenue            10,797,739   4,071,900   4,320,000
Gross profit              7,995,889   2,697,323   2,824,818
Net income                4,833,273   1,517,345     360,728

 Aggressive growth using VC money.
 Work with government and other corporate
  entities, identifying and influencing future
 Implementation of physician relationship
 Extend its operation to different
  geographical markets.
          We Conclude . . .
Almost pretty sure of the fact that every time
any person in the New England area pees in
a plastic specimen cup , It sure will be
putting a smile on Mr Levitan’s Face.

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