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									                               MANAGING IN THE MILLENNIUM
                             Integrity to prevent tragedy
                             I      n 1993, Greg Taylor was convicted in a
                                    North Carolina court of killing prostitute
                              Jaquetta Thomas two years earlier. At the time
                                                                                      cases like Taylor’s that need to be reexamined?
                                                                                      Were the lab’s procedures flawed? Is there crimi-
                                                                                      nal culpability and, if so, who are the ones that
                              of his conviction, Taylor was a drug addict with        should be held liable? And finally, what should
                              little going for him, but as it turns out, his pro-     be done to ensure that there are no more Greg
                              testations of innocence were true. After spending       Taylors in the future?
                              nearly two decades in prison, Taylor was recently           The state’s attorney general, Roy Cooper, has
                              exonerated based on evidence gathered by the            hired two former FBI agents with deep connec-
                              North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission.            tions to labs and their operations, and charged
                                   The commission — the first agency of its kind      them with sorting through this mess. It’s a
                              — is charged with reviewing cases with substan-         demanding but extremely important task: How
                              tial evidence the perpetrator may not be guilty.        can the citizens of the Tar Heel State feel con-
Carole Moore                  Taylor’s case is also precedent setting: He is the      fident in their criminal justice system if a vital
                              first inmate whose conviction has been reversed         component is broken?
                              following an investigation by the commission.               State officials in this case should be com-
                                   When the decision was announced, Taylor            mended for moving with speed and decisiveness
Integrity … is the            walked free for the first time in many years. He is     to correct the problem, but this incident has cer-
  most important              getting to know his grown daughter and finding
                              out what technology is all about. He asked the
                                                                                      tainly left its mark on North Carolina’s criminal
                                                                                      justice system. Until the study is completed and
    quality the               governor for a pardon, which, if granted, would         preventative procedures are implemented, it is
                              make him eligible for up to $750,000 in compen-         unlikely that public confidence will be r
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