7 Ways to Make Direct Marketing Work Today by ProQuest


Try to narrow the list down so it is hitting only the prospects you want. Don't mail "everyone you can" Rather, be choosy and have a strategy, like "penetrating a new area" or "building client density" or "bringing in higher-end clients" Direct mail also works for gaining new commercial accounts.

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                   growth-minded landscape companies
                   g                                                                                                 By Jeffrey Scott

    PART 4           7 Ways to Make Direct
                     Marketing Work Today

                                       ith all of the hype and focus on           a new area” or “building client density” or “bringing in
                                       Internet marketing, I am happy to                              .
                                                                                  higher-end clients” Direct mail also works for gaining
                                       say that direct marketing still makes      new commercial accounts.
                                       money for many contractors. The fol-          Two of my peer group members get their residential
                   lowing are specific examples of where direct market-           lists from postal carrier routes. A third gets his list from
                   ing works, along with seven tips you can use to ensure         the Tax Assessor’s office. You can usually buy mailing
                   your success.                                                  lists from printing companies that offer a full-service
                      Postcards Need Pictures and Hot Buttons –                   approach. There are both national companies and local
                   Postcards are highly effective, whether you are selling        ones in your state that offer this service.
                   million-dollar projects or small residential lawn care.           Maximize Upsales, Maximize ROI – Return on
                   Ideally, postcards should have both:                           investment (ROI) is calculated by adding up all of the
                      • A “fall in love” picture, to capture the emotional side   profits you make from new clients (brought in by your
                        of the prospect’s brain                                   direct marketing effort), and then dividing that number
                      • A clear, simple marketing message, to capture the         by the cost of the marketing effort. So if you brought in
                        analytical side of the brain.                             $20,000 in profits, and the marketing cost you $5,000,
                      One of my peer group members, John Dominy of                then your ROI is 400%.
                   BestYard.com in Parker, CO, has exceptionally beautiful           The key is to make sure you are maximizing your
                   postcards and a specific strategy to make his direct mail      ROI by maximizing the upsales and cross sales you are
                   stand out. Email him if you want to learn more.                making to your new clients. So when you get a new
                      Your postcard wording should focus on your target           client, track what/how much you are selling them, and
                   customer’s hot buttons. A good way to identify their           take actions to sell them more services.
                   hot buttons is to ask a recent customer: “What did you            Sometimes yo
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