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									Resource Planner

                        Presented By:

        Frank Gresh              Jonathan D. Washko, BS-EMSA

   Chief Information Officer        Director of Deployment – REMSA
   Paramedics Plus / EMSA        President – Washko & Associates, LLC
                                   HPEMS & Public Safety Consulting
                               Partner – Stout Solutions, LLC & FirstWatch
Resource Planner

 • Discussion Topics
   – What is Resource Planner?
   – How Can It Help Your Organization?
   – What Kind of Results Have Other’s
     Experienced With This Tool?
   – Live Demonstration of Functionality
  Resource Planner

What is Resource Planner
  – Powerful tool specifically designed for HPEMS that was
    originally developed by a military contractor (ISERA) with
    strong Operations Research (OR) / Systems Engineering
    background and experience
  – Program builds and optimizes Peak Load Staffing shift
    schedules based on patterns of demand
  – Multiple input variables allow for complete user control of all
    parameters including SOS / EOS Down Time, FTE’s, Asset
    Availability, Budget Constrains and more…
    Resource Planner

How Can It Help Your Organization?
   – Enables organizations to easily match supply and demand (thus
     improving effectiveness and efficiency) with shift schedules that meet
     patient care, employee and budgetary needs
   – Saves money and time by allowing for instantaneous schedule
     development, fine tuning and what-if scenario building
   – Can be used to optimize resources based on FTE or Budgetary
     constraints (versus demand) thus ensuring optimal performance of
     limited resources
   – Provides a visual picture of supply & demand thus enabling easy
     decision making for changing employee shifts or monitoring for
     changes in demand that may alter optimal performance
   – Can be used to model RFP response data to ensure an accurate
     budgetary pro forma
Resource Planner Results

• Frank Gresh
  – EMSA
    • Employee Morale
    • Time and Effort Savings
    • Scheduling Efficiency
    • Overall UHU Improvement
  – Elsewhere
    • What If Scenarios
  Resource Planner Results

What Kind of Results Have Others Had
  – Jonathan Washko
    • Used this software since it’s birth in 1999 (when it cost a
      LOT more)
    • Have used it in multiple agencies for Field and
      Communications Schedule Development and RFP Pro Forma
    • Has saved my employers / customers hundreds of thousands
      of dollars over my career along with saving untold lives by
      ensuring proper supply to demand matching
    • Give it my stamp of “Must Haves” as it is the only software
      of its kind in the marketplace
Resource Planner

   Live Demonstration of Functionality

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