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       American Express®
       Corporate Meeting
       Card Program
       All Benefits and Services

Whatever kind of event you might be planning – the
new American Express Corporate Meeting Card offers
you a means of payment tailored especially to the
requirements posed by the organization of events.
This card facilitates the administration of event-
related expenses for companies, event managers and
participants across the world – wherever you see the
American Express sign.

Important Information about Your
Corporate Meeting Card Program                 4
A Card for All Events
Plan Events Flexibly

We’re Here to Help You                          6
Around the Clock
Manage Your Account Online
For Your Security

Insurance                                       7
Insurance Coverage
Travel Accident Insurance
Insurance of Luggage and Personal Belongings
Global Assist

Express Cash                                    9

Important Phone Numbers                        10
24-Hour Customer Service
Global Assist
Loss or Theft of Card

Important Information about Your
Corporate Meeting Card Program
A Card for All Events
A single means of payment for all events – the American Express
Corporate Meeting Card is especially tailored to managing your expenses
for conferences, congresses and other events. By using the Corporate
Meeting Card you can keep track of your company’s outgoings for events
at all times.

This information is not only useful for event planning but also enables you
to negotiate better conditions with your service providers and at the same
time specify purchasing guidelines.

The American Express Corporate Meeting Card essentially works like a
normal credit card: You can use it with all American Express contracting
partners to pay for practically all expenses incurred in connection with
conferences, congresses and trips, including advance payments, hotel
bills, on-site expenses, flight bookings and event gifts.

If you have any questions about your new Corporate Meeting Card, please
contact our customer service at +41 (0)44 659 69 99.

American Express Corporate Meeting Card

Plan Events Flexibly
Would you like to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the new
American Express Corporate Meeting Card? It couldn’t be easier:

• You can use the card wherever you see the American Express sign.
• Whether you’re organizing a small staff gathering or a major client
  event, the spending limit of your Corporate Meeting Card is geared to
  your requirements. Together with you and your company, we set an
  appropriate amount.
• The Corporate Meeting Card facilitates the settlement of your
  expenses. You no longer need to pay your service providers individually
  – American Express settles up with them directly.
• You or a person specified in advance receive a detailed account

We’re Here to Help You
Around the Clock
As a leader in the business cards sector, we’re aware of the individual
service requirements of Corporate Meeting Cardholders. That’s why our
24-hour service team is also available to you on the weekend and during
the night. Do you have a query regarding your bill? Simply call us at any
time. You can also contact us with questions about our services, to notify
us of address changes (permanent changes and temporary addresses
abroad), or whenever you need any kind of advice.

Manage Your Account Online
You can call up your current statement as well as your transactions and
charges over the past three months conveniently online by simply logging

For Your Security
Your card is missing – what now?
• If you have lost your Corporate Meeting Card or it has been stolen, call
  us and you’ll receive a free replacement card, usually within 24 hours. 1
• The lost or stolen card will be blocked and your liability in the event of
  misuse will be limited to a maximum of CHF 100. 1
• Please report the loss immediately by calling our 24-hour hotline at
  +41 (0)44 659 69 99.

    Provided that you carry out your duty of care.

Insurance Coverage
As an event organizer, it’s important for you to ensure that those taking
part in your event are well insured. The Corporate Meeting Card provides
you with comprehensive coverage: All participants whose travel costs are
paid for by American Express Corporate Meeting Card are automatically
insured along with their luggage and personal belongings.

Travel Accident Insurance
This insurance coverage is automatically provided to all participants
whose journey is paid for using the Corporate Meeting Card. It offers
protection in the event of death or disability due to an accident during
transfer by public transport and the ongoing journey.

Insurance of Luggage and Personal Belongings
If the costs of a trip abroad are paid for using the Corporate Meeting
Card, the traveler’s luggage is insured against loss, theft or damage from
the time of departure from the home or office until the time of return.

Global Assist
The Global Assist Service offers worldwide support in the event of
an emergency during a trip abroad: swiftly, around the clock, and, of
course, in English. The support ranges from medical advice through to
arranging a hospital stay. In emergencies, urgently required items such as
prescriptions or contact lenses can be sent out, messages passed on to
relatives or business partners, and contact established with embassies,
consulates or lawyers. The service number (+41 (0)44 342 45 70) is
available to all travelers whose journey has been booked by American
Express Corporate Meeting Card.

You’ll find further details about insurance coverage and Global Assist in
the separate terms and conditions of insurance. A PDF is available for
download at

Express Cash
With the Corporate Meeting Card and a personal identification number
(PIN) you can withdraw cash 24 hours a day, seven days a week from
over 550,000 Express Cash ATMs worldwide. You can withdraw up to
CHF 2,000 per week in the local currency. Most major banks have now
joined the global Express Cash network. Simply ask your program
administrator whether you can also use your Corporate Meeting Card for
Express Cash.

The card may be used to obtain cash at ATMs only with a personal
identification number, which must be requested from the card issuer.
If the card issuer has issued a PIN for the card, the card may be used
to withdraw cash at specified ATMs subject to applicable national

When withdrawing cash from ATMs, the cardholder must use his PIN
rather than his signature. By signing the sales slip or entering the PIN,
the cardholder acknowledges the transaction in the amount shown
and recognizes the resulting financial liability. The cardholder thereby
irrevocably instructs the card issuer to credit the amount for payment
to the contracting parties. In the case of company cards, the company
recognizes the liability thus acknowledged, or instructions given, as
binding upon itself, irrespective of the internal legal relationship between
the company and the cardholder and regardless of any representation
agreements to the contrary.

For every cash withdrawal made at an ATM, a commission, currently
amounting to 4% of the amount withdrawn, will be charged (but no less
than CHF 5 per cash withdrawal).

Important Phone Numbers
24-hour customer service
Phone                                            +41 (0)44 659 69 99
Fax                                              +41 (0)44 659 64 15

Global Assist
Phone                                            +41 (0)44 342 45 70

Loss or theft of card
Phone                                            +41 (0)44 659 69 99


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       Fax +41 (0)44 659 64 15

       American Express Cards, issued in Switzerland by Credit Suisse under licence of American Express
       TRS Co. Inc., processing services provided by Swisscard AECS AG.

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