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Southampton Airport Magazine summer 2008 2008
Southampton Airport Magazine Late Summer
                                                         Fly to 4
                                                      destin 3
                                                     across ations
                                                     ROUTE urope

                                   Visit the beautiful cities along
                        Discover a differentthe south west coast
                                              side to
                        the popular resort
                                         Walk through the narrow
                                    streets and get in touch with it
                                        varied and fascinating past
                                                      TO FARO
 Escape this summer

 with Southampton Airport

 Visit this beautiful French city

 Business Focus
 The unspoilt beauty of Ireland
 The latest news & events

                                                                                                        contents                        issue2

W                      Welcome to the second edition of Breeze, our new look
passenger magazine for Southampton Airport.
  We hope you like the fresh new breeze through images around the
Terminal. Recently over £3million has been invested to improve facilities for
our passengers including additional check-in facilities, baggage handling and
security systems. Our new Airport “Ambassadors” (page 5) will help make
your passage through the airport as easy, fast and friendly as possible.
  The next couple of months will see the extension to the short stay multi-
storey car park take shape, delivering an additional 330 parking places in the
autumn. Please bear with us while work is in progress and alternative parking
arrangements are in place.
  This edition of Breeze focuses on some great destinations for late summer.
You may be surprised to see a feature on Beijing and even more surprised to
learn you can fly there from Southampton for under £400…(page 35). Check
out what’s on at our destinations (page 6) as well as some fantastic events
here in Hampshire (page 24).
  Southampton Airport welcomes a growing number of cruise passengers en
route to the UK’s busiest cruise departure port. See page 10 for an insight into
the Port of Southampton with its Director, Doug Morrison.
  We’re also celebrating the great work of Southampton Airport staff, whose
community volunteering achievements were recently recognised at the
annual I-Volunteer awards ceremony in London. Our staff won three of the
seven awards, raising a further £24,000 cash for their charitable causes
(page 42).
  Finally, I wish you an enjoyable journey and thank you for your continued                             4     airport in focus
support of Southampton Airport.                                                                         6     What’s on abroad
                                                                                                        8     fLiGht information
 With best wishes                                                                                       10    business Q&a
                                                                                                        12    destination france
                                                                                                        18    business focus
                                                                                                        20    destination verona
                                                                                                        24    What’s on LocaLLy
chris Butler,                                                                                           26    fashion
managing director, southampton airport                                                                  29    destination cork
                                                                                                        35    connections beijinG
 Breeze is published by Newsquest Hampshire. Newspaper House, Test Lane Redbridge, Southampton,
                                                                                                        37    competition air france
                   Hampshire, SO16 9JX. T +[44] 023 8042 4560. F +[44] 023 8042 4928                    38    motorinG Lotus eLise sc
    Editor: Ian Murray. T +[44] 023 8042 4536. Creative Services Manager: Alistair McKinlay-Brown.      40    revieW La vista
                            T +[44] 023 8042 4467. Designer: Steve Matthews.                            42    community neWs
                 Special Publications Manager: Natalie Sprake. T +[44] 023 8042 4447.
                   Southampton Airport information centre T +[44] 0870 040 0009.
          Marketing Department, Southampton Airport, Wide Lane, Southampton, SO18 2NL
     Printed by Southern Print, Poole. All details and information correct at time of going to press.
                                                                                                             LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 3
airport nEws

Be sure to watch out for a number of
developments and improvements that will be
popping up around the airport this year, all of
which are designed to make travelling through
the airport a breeze.

“reaL time” traveL information:
An exciting UK first will see large screens
showing up-to-date rail, bus and highways
information in the baggage reclaim hall for
your onward journey.

increased and improved
car parkinG:
Work has now begun on a 330 space extension
to the short stay car park which is situated just

                                                    nEw FAcILITIEs
a few steps away from the terminal building.
Also you may have noticed improvements to
lighting and surfacing which have now been
completed in the long-stay overflow car-park.

fresh fare:
Catering units both in the terminal and the
                                                    for fast & easy check-in
departure lounge will be getting a fresh new        Southampton Airport has invested £3              a faster, improved service. Incorporating
look. Upgraded menus, graphics, layout and          million in new check-in and baggage              the latest in security technology, the new
uniforms will transform the cafés and bars at       facilities to make checking-in easier and        system can also process double the number
the airport. The new ‘Neo’ outlets will have a      faster for passengers.                           of bags per hour, which means speedier
quality, professional ambience and first-class        Three additional check-in desks are joined     service for the passenger.
fresh food.                                         by a further ten Flybe self-service kiosks,        Dave Lees, Director of Planning &
                                                    including two conveniently located on the        Development at Southampton Airport,
retaiL choice:                                      ground floor of the short stay car park, so      said: “The thirteen new check-in facilities
WH Smith will be doubling its size in the           now you can check-in before you’ve even          will benefit the time-conscious passenger
terminal, offering greater choice in bright new     reached the terminal! These developments         by providing additional choice and
surroundings.                                       have almost doubled the airport’s check-         facilities for check-in. Together with the
                                                    in facilities – and don’t forget you can still   baggage system developments, this helps
taxi:                                               check-in online at home in advance.              us to deliver the easy and fast experience
An enlarged taxi desk will create additional          Behind the scenes, the baggage system has      for passengers that Southampton Airport
capacity to meet demand at peak times.              also been substantially upgraded to provide      is known for.”

4 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
                                                                                                                        airport nEws

traveLLinG is a breeze
With heLp of neW

   ambassadors have the
   freedom to move around
   the terminal building,
   meaning we can offer a
   far more personal service,
   and enabling us to go
   the extra mile with every

Equipped with the latest mobile technology,      move around the terminal building, meaning
local knowledge and a smile, a new team of       we can offer a far more personal service, and
airport ambassadors have taken to the floor at   enabling us to go the extra mile with every
Southampton Airport.                             passenger.”
  Replacing the static information desk, they      As part of an exciting trial the ambassadors
are able to move around the main terminal        are using new iPod iTouch technology to
building providing a warm welcome and            provide passengers with instant information,
immediate assistance wherever it’s needed.       for example, train times, cruise ship
  With the aim of proactively helping            information, and even tourist attractions and
passengers with anything from flight enquiries   weather forecasts for their destination.
to assistance with luggage, the team are           So look out for the roving team in their
proving to be popular with travellers.           distinctive uniform for an easy, fast and
  Jodie Stevens, Airport Ambassador explains:    friendly journey through Southampton
“Airport Ambassadors have the freedom to         Airport.

                                                                                                  LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 5
                                                                      What’son          at our dEsTInATIons




    Register your holiday home or book on-line now!
                Or Call (023) 8081 5315
  Hotspur House, Prospect Place, Hythe, Southampton, SO45 6AU

                                                                                                                                                                4      4

          OFFICE SPACE
     in a modern friendly business centre
            close to Ocean Village
         •   Minimum 2 week inclusive licence
         •   Easy in easy out terms                                                                                                                                    6

         •   Connection to Broadband
         •   On site parking
         •   24 hour access
         •   24 hour recorded CCTV/security
         •   Cafe on site
                 Call Caroline Kendall
               02380 682444                                     1 view of st peter port at sunrise from Le platon. picture courtesy of
                                   2 the canal at singel & brouwergracht in amsterdam. picture courtesy of amsterdam toerisme &
                                                                congres bureau 3 view of frankfurt skyline. picture courtesy of
                           4 aerial view of brussels. picture courtesy of 5 the edinburgh military
                                                                tattoo. picture courtesy of edinburgh & Lothian tourist board. 6 angers. picture courtesy of ian
                    (Day Nursery on site)                       murray 7 sydney harbour bridge

6 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
                                                                     airport cALEndAr oF EvEnTs

        BATAILLE dE cAsTILLon show                        InTErnATIonAL FIrEworks compETITIon
        bergerac, france                                  hanover, Germany
        18th July – 16th August                           August 30th, 13th and 27th September 2008
        Bringing history to life in a spectacular light   Five nations are set to battle it out in a
        and sound show every weekend. Hundreds            feast of explosive colour set against the
        of professional actors, horses, cannons,          stunning backdrop of Hanover’s broroque
        special effects, music, pyrotechnics and          Grober garden. The combination of food,
        explosives create a thrilling re-enactment of     drink, music, theatre, cabaret and of course
        this historical battle over seventeen acres of    fireworks make Hanover the place to be this
        the original battle ground.                       summer.

        BrussELs on sEA                                   guErnsEy InTErnATIonAL AIr rALLy
        brussels, belgium                                 Guernsey, channel islands
        18th July – 17th August                           5th – 7th September 2008
        Straw hats, barbeques and bikinis – not           Exhilarating flypasts, impossible aerobatics
        what you expect to come across in this            and gripping air displays ensure essential
        urban capital, but every year a tropical strip    summer fun for all the family.
        springs up on the banks of the Willebroek
        Canal becoming the place to relax, have fun       AuTumn dIppEmEss
        and be seen. What’s more everything is free       frankfurt, Germany
        from live music to beach sports to sports         12th – 22nd September 2008
        massages!                                         Good old-fashioned fun to keep the whole
                                                          family happy. This gigantic fun-fair attracts
3       A TAsTE oF summEr                                 500,000 visitors each year, and opens and
        angers, france                                    closes with huge firework displays. There is
        July - August 2008                                even traditional apple wine served in rustic
        Foodies will be heading for the tranquil          earthenwear jugs for the adults.
        Loire Valley throughout the summer as
        Anger’s finest restaurants open their doors       grEAT norTh run
        to a hungry public keen to sample the             newcastle, england
        delicious local cuisine.                          1st October 2008
                                                          Get your running shoes on and join the
        EdInBurgh mILITAry TATToo                         47,000 runners testing their bodies and their
        edinburgh, scotland                               persererance in the largest half marathon
        1st – 23rd August 2008                            in the world. The thirteen miles from
        The annual Edinburgh Military Tattoo              Newcastle-upon-Tyne to South Shields
        promises to go off with a bang. Over 800          has seen some famous faces in its history
        performers and 30 horses will perform             including Olympian Kelly Holmes.
        amazing stunts and parades in front of the
        majestic Edinburgh castle. The sights are          7
        diverse – from the traditional haunting
        music of a lone piper to exhilarating combat,
        parachute and aerobatic displays teams
    5   - don’t miss it!

        EdInBurgh FrIngE FEsTIvAL
        edinburgh, scotland
        3rd – 25th August 2008
        This famous, eclectic, arts festival is the
        largest of its kind in the world. With over
        3,000 drama, comedy, music and dance
        performances in 280 venues you could be
        entertained from breakfast time to the early      worLdwIdEevents
        hours.                                            Flights available from Southampton Airport
                                                          with Air France and Brussels Airlines.
        AmsTErdAm cAnAL FEsTIvAL
        amsterdam, the netherlands                        sydnEy InTErnATIonAL BoAT show
        16th – 24th August 2008                           sydney, australia
        This most unusual classical music                 31st July – 5th August 2008
        celebration sees a series of free concerts by     A sun drenched haven for boat lovers. From
        national and international talent performed       jet-skis to yachts there is something here for
        in the houses, gardens and rooftop terraces       everyone from the adrenalin junkie to those
        of canal side residents. And if this isn’t        looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy the
        enough, the festival culminates in a              water.
        magnificent recital performed on a huge
        floating stage.                                   summEr X-gAmEs
                                                          Los angeles, usa
        rock En sEInE                                     31st July – 3rd August 2008
        paris, france                                     Spinning, flipping, climbing, sliding and
        28th-29th August 2008                             generally defying gravity. More than 300 of
        The highlight of the city’s musical calendar      the world’s top alternative sports athletes
        – this year’s bill is topped by REM, Amy          compete for almost $1 million in a variety
        Winehouse, The Streets and the Kasier             of sports including skateboarding, BMX,
        Chiefs. With such well-known stars the two        moto-cross, competitive climbing and
        day festival is proving popular with music        wakeboarding. This has to be seen to be
        fans from all over Europe.                        believed.

                                                               LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 7
traveL InFo

                                         through ...

FLy To 43
Worldwide connections
with air france
via paris and brussels
airlines via brussels
with flybe.

8 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
                                                                                   0871 700 2000

                                                                                                                                      traveL InFo

GettinG to southampton                                                     Airline and tour
airport is easy                                                            operator details
                                                                           aberdeen          eastern airways        08703 669100
AccEss By roAd                                                                               flybe.                 0871 700 2000
The airport is situated just outside Southampton city centre, on the       alderney          aurigny air services   0871 871 0717
                                                                           alicante          flybe.                 0871 700 2000
interchange of the M3 and M27. Passengers should exit at junction          amsterdam         flybe.                 0871 700 2000
5 of the M27. The airport is also easily reached via the A34 from          angers            eastern airways        08703 669100
                                                                           avignon           flybe.                 0871 700 2000
Oxford and Newbury. The motorways leading to the airport clearly
indicate the route to be taken.                                            belfast city      flybe.                 0871 700 2000
                                                                           bergerac          flybe.                 0871 700 2000
                                                                           berne             flybe.                 0871 700 2000
TIckETLEss pAymEnT                                                                           inghams                020 8780 4433
Automatic car park number plate recognition has been introduced.           bordeaux          flybe.                 0871 700 2000
Simply enter your car details on-line and cameras at the car park          brest             flybe.                 0871 700 2000
                                                                           brussels          brussels airlines      0905 60 95 609
barriers will recognise the registration number from information                             eastern airways        08703 669100
entered on-line.                                                      flybe.                 0871 700 2000

                                                                           chambery          crystal ski            0870 160 6040
shorT sTAy cAr pArk                                                                          flybe.                 0871 700 2000
The multi-storey short-term car park is next to the airport terminal                         thomson ski            0870 606 1470
building. This allows travellers to leave their cars, and be at check-in   cork              aer arann              0800 587 2324
within 60 seconds.                                                         dublin            flybe.                 0871 700 2000
                                                                           dusseldorf        flybe.                 0871 700 2000
Long-TErm cAr pArk
                                                                           edinburgh         flybe.                 0871 700 2000
A long-term car park is located at the edge of the airport site, and is
well sign-posted as you approach the airport. A shuttle bus operates       faro              flybe.                 0871 700 2000
between the car park and the terminal building, taking just a few          frankfurt         flybe.                 0871 700 2000
minutes. The shuttle bus leaves the long-term car park every ten           Geneva            crystal ski            0870 160 6040
minutes.                                                                                     flybe.                 0871 700 2000
                                                                                             inghams ski            020 8780 4433
contact detaiLs                                                                              thomson ski            0870 606 1470
Meteor Parking 023 8062 7259                   Glasgow           flybe.                 0871 700 2000
                                                                           Guernsey          blue islands           08456 202122
                                                                                             flybe.                 0871 700 2000
AccEss By rAIL
Southampton Airport has one of the closest plane-to-train link of          hanover           flybe.                 0871 700 2000
any European Airport–just 99 steps! The airport is served by both
                                                                           innsbruck         inghams                0208 7804433
South West Trains and Virgin Trains. There are frequent services           inverness         flybe.                 0871 700 2000
to many destinations including London, Basingstoke, Reading,               isle of man       flybe.                 0871 700 2000
Winchester, Bournemouth, Poole, Oxford, and Fareham.                       isles of scilly   skybus                 0845 710 5555

contact detaiLs                                                            jersey            flybe.                 0871 700 2000
South West Trains 023 8021 3600
                                                                           Lapland           canterbury travel      01923 822388
Virgin Trains     0870 789 1234                La rochelle       flybe.                 0871 700 2000
National Rail     08457 48 49 50                Leeds             eastern airways        08703 669100
                                                                                             flybe.                 0871 700 2000
                                                                           Limoges           flybe.                 0871 700 2000
AccEss By Bus
Two operators serve Southampton Airport to Southampton City                majorca           flybe.                 0871 700 2000
Centre.                                                                                      thomson holidays       0870 550 2555
                                                                           malaga            flybe.                 0871 700 2000
Unilink route U1C operates every 15 minutes during the                     manchester        flybe.                 0871 700 2000
week and every 20 minutes at weekends and public holidays.
First Group bus 14 operates approximately every hour                       newcastle         eastern airways        08703 669100
                                                                                             flybe.                 0871 700 2000
Monday - Saturday until 1300 and offers 2 additional services              nice              flybe.                 0871 522 6100
later in the day.
                                                                           paris             air france             0870 142 4343
contact detaiLs                                                                              flybe.                 0871 522 6100
Unilink        023 8059 5974                  perpignan         flybe.                 0871 700 2000
First Group    023 8022 4854   
                                                                           rennes            flybe.                 0871 700 2000

FLyBE EXEcuTIvE LoungE                                                     salzburg          flybe.                 0871 700 2000
Flybe Economy Plus passengers can enjoy Flybe’s executive                                    inghams                0208 7804433
                                                                           sardinia          holiday options        0870 013 0450
lounge which provides WiFi access, a plasma TV screen, a flight
information screen as well as complimentary refreshments.                  verona            inghams                0208 7804433
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                                                                                                      LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 9
business q&A

                                                 from school in 1968. I worked in ports            for the container terminal which will see an
    Doug Morrison, Port                          administration for 11 years before moving to
                                                 the operational side as a trainee supervisor.
                                                                                                   investment of some £150m.
                                                                                                   At the same time, our ever-increasing cruise
   Director for the Port of                      Within 10 years, I was responsible for all port
                                                 operations at Ayr & Troon. I became Port
                                                                                                   business will continue to benefit the city
                                                                                                   region, with employment and attracting
   Southampton, talks to                         Manager in 1998 and was then promoted to          tourism. You can look forward to seeing
                                                 the position of Port Director, Hull & Goole, in   hundreds more spectacular cruise ships,
                                                 2003. I took control of Southampton in March      from all the big names such as Cunard, Royal
                                                 2005.                                             Caribbean and P&O.
                                                                                                   Southampton cannot afford to stand still.
                                                 professional high point                           We need to grow existing business while
                                                 Business wins are always a highpoint for          attracting new customers and trades to
                                                 the team and me, especially when it leads to      the port. Southampton’s location, with its
name and role at Associated British              an upgrade of the port’s facilities for future    excellent transport links and unique double
ports (ABp)?                                     business growth.                                  tide, puts us in a privileged position, it is
Doug Morrison is Port Director for the Port                                                        therefore down to us to make the most of it.
of Southampton, one of the UK’s busiest and      professional low point
most important ports. He also sits on ABP’s      I try to remain upbeat no matter what
Holdings Board, and is responsible for Hams                                                        who are the significant people in your life?
                                                 happens. Southampton is very fortunate            My wife Margaret, my daughter Lee, son Iain
Hall, a rail-freight facility in the Midlands,   in that, due to its location, facilities and
plus two other ABP operations at Dover and                                                         and my new son-in-law, Dave.
                                                 supporting infrastructure there are always
Finningley.                                      opportunities around the corner, making any
                                                 lows rapidly disappear.                           Favourite Tv?
company overview                                                                                   Any sporting event.
ABP owns and operates 21 ports around the        what keeps you going?
country, of which the Port of Southampton is     Here at the Port we have an excellent             Favourite film?
often regarded as the “jewel in the crown”. It   workforce, and I am fortunate to have             Recently, I enjoyed Last King of Scotland.
is the departure port for over 90% of the UK’s   a committed team who share the same
cruise business, with over 950,000 passengers    objectives as me.                                 Favourite book?
and 256 cruise ship calls this year. We handle                                                     Difficult to pinpoint a favourite but a recent
in excess of 42 million tonnes of cargo          what does the year ahead bring for ABp            favourite is A Thousand Splendid Suns by
annually (7% of the UK’s entire seaborne         southampton?                                      Khaled Hosseini.
trade) and are the main gateway for Far East     We have a number of exciting projects ahead
imports. We specialise in cars, containers and   of us. To give you an idea of the scale of our    hobbies & interests?
cruises but anything at all can be handled       investments, here are some figures: we are        Golf and football
here. As such, it is an incredibly varied and    investing £19million in the fourth cruise
exciting place.                                  terminal, £6m in a new facility for Channel
                                                 Islands imports and exports, £4m in the bulks     For further information, contact:
professional Background                          terminal and £8m in the third multi-deck
I have worked for ABP for my entire career,      terminal for cars destined for export. On top
joining the Port of Ayr & Troon direct           of this, we have sustainable expansion plans      Tel: 02380 488 800

10 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
destination FrAncE


                                                                                                 Want to visit one of france’s beautiful cities
                                                                                                 along its southern atlantic coast but can’t
                                                                                                     make up your mind where to go?
                                                                                                                           words ian murray
                                                                                              pictures courtesy of office de tourisme de bordeaux, office de tourisme
                                                                                                         de La rochelle and office de tourisme de Limoges

  1 bourdeaux. pictures courtesy of office de tourisme de bordeaux. 2,Limoges. pictures courtesy of office de tourisme de Limoges.

12 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
W         ell why not enjoy the best of many
worlds and take in more than one fabulous
destination in one trip.
  With flights from Southampton to La
Rochelle, Limoges and Bordeaux, you truly
are spolit for choice. So why not hop on a
flight to one city and after enjoying the sights
pick up a car and set off on a journey of
  But where to start?
  There’s little you could want that La Rochelle
couldn’t offer. Creaking with history, it’s a
schoolboy’s dream, with cannons, turrets
and towers galore; a shopper’s paradise with
catwalk outfits at basement prices and nearby
plenty of gentle, sandy beaches to thrill the
trickiest toddler.
  Check out the sharks at the Aquarium, sniff
top scents at the Museé du Flacon or simply
stop and stare at the sheer wealth afloat at
Europe’s largest marina.
  In fact, La Rochelle is reckoned to be the
most attractive and unspoilt seaside town in
France. Most of this is thanks to the foresight
of its Mayor in the 1970s, who saved the
17th century centre and waterfront from the
clutches of developers and banned traffic
from the historic old town - a policy which
caused outcry at the time but which is now
widespread town-planning practice across
  La Rochelle’s glory is her harbour, flanked
by two impressive lookout towers, Tour de
la Chaîne and Tour St-Nicolas. In fact three
medieval towers in the vieux port are open
to the public. The Tour de la Lanterne is by
far the tallest with an angular Gothic spire,
which served not only as a nautical landmark
but also as a prison. Inside, it is covered with
centuries-old graffiti from British and Dutch
  This is a place to discover on foot. Even in
summer, when thronging with tourists, it
has a wonderfully glamorous feel. Lunching
in the port under a cloudless sky, strolling
around its cobbled streets, snapping up an


  LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 13
destination FrAncE
  3                                                                     4                              4



  7                                                    8

impulsive French bargain, make this one of                  Why not hop on                             If you’re feeling peckish, you’re spoilt
the most relaxed, enjoyable resorts to visit.
What’s more it’s so conveniently quick to          a flight to one city and                          for choice. Les Halles, a covered market, is
                                                                                                     perhaps the best place for local colour or
reach.                                             after enjoying the sights                         shopping for culinary delights. Stalls are
  Then there’s Limoges.
  Limoges’ exquisite chinaware is famed the        pick up a car and set                             laden with fresh cheeses, meat, fish, just-
                                                                                                     baked breads and pastries, the aromas alone
world over, but it’s also a fascinating city in    off on a journey of                               are enough to have you drooling at the mouth.
its own right. Packed with ancient buildings,
quaint old streets, museums, gardens and
                                                   adventure.                                        The alleyways inside are full of atmosphere,
                                                                                                     noise and bustle, a mouth-watering
galleries, it continues to be a Mecca for                                                            cornucopia of French life at its best.
archaeologists who are still unearthing                                                                And don’t forget the beer. This town takes
Roman relics.                                                                                        it seriously, until 1940 there were no fewer
  This is the capital of the Limousin                being a university town, boasts plenty          than 49 breweries. There are still plenty to try
department and lies on the banks of the River      of youthful joie de vivre. It’s always been       today, the Brasserie St Martial on place Denis-
Vienne, 95 km north-east of Périgeux. The          synonymous with luxury, even back in the          Dussoubs brews seven varieties alone.
Limousin stretches south to the Dordogne           sixth century one of its saints, Eloi, was          And finally Bordeaux.
valley and includes the beautiful towns of         a goldsmith, but it is the manufacture of           Bordeaux is synonymous with some of the
Brive and Tulle. This is spectacularly beautiful   porcelain and enamel that put it on the world     world’s greatest wines but even teetotallers
countryside, wooded and hilly and dotted           map in the 1760s. The trade and its proceeds      will find the city and its surrounding
with the famous red-tinged Limousin breed          have lavished wealth upon Limoges and             countryside packed with appeal.
of cattle. There’s a handy mountain rail line      given it an elegant beauty, just take a look at     As the capital of Aquitaine, Bordeaux
linking Limoges with Ussel if you want to          the porcelain mosaic fountains, small artisan     became English through royal marriage and
explore the region, and although it is one of      boutiques and delicate carvings in the Gothic     stayed that way for several centuries. The
the quietest areas in France, there are plenty     cathedral.                                        links are still strong, particularly in the wine
of pretty villages well-stocked with hotels for      The town also offers visitors a number          trade and several fine museums spotlight the
travellers.                                        of other pleasant surprises for lovers of art     connection.
  Historic heart of Limoges town is la Cité,       and culture. High above the Vienne river,           Bordeaux’s wines, grown on the riverbanks
charming to stroll around with lots of half-       the Museé Municipal de l’Eveché houses            of the Garonne and Dordogne, are some of
timbered buildings and cobbled streets.            Gallo-Roman frescoes, rare examples of            the best in the world. Without them, the city
Bizarrely, the most interesting and attractive     Celtic writing and a collection of impressive     might never have survived and wine remains
area concerns the trade of butchers, indeed        Romanesque tombs. The massive Gothic 13th         at the heart of this city’s raison d’être. It hosts
a road, museum and chapel are dedicated            century cathedral is another must-see. Built in   a wine festival each summer and is the base
to their art and it is all a great deal prettier   Flamboyant style, the north transept is totally   for tours of the world-class vineyards of St
than it sounds. Especially worth a visit is the    overblown with elongated arches, clusters         Emilion, Médoc, Sauternes and Graves. This
Maison Traditionnelle de la Boucherie, the         of pinnacles, ornate windows and gallery.         year, the tourist office has launched a new
museum dedicated to the prestigious butchers       Just behind it is another old chapel, now a       programme of excursions for wine-tasting at
who have wielded power here since the 1200s.       craftsmen’s museum where some of France’s         some of the most famous châteaux. Perfect if
  Aside from its thriving porcelain industry,      finest examples of carpentry, cabinet-making,     you’re on a short break.
the town has more than 30 breweries and,           metal and stonework are on show.                    Set on the River Garonne, which runs into

14 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008

                                                                                                                                                  Fly | Direct



                                                                                                                                                         Fly direct from
the Gironde estuary with its rich oyster
beds in the Bay of Arcachon, Bordeaux was                                                                                                          Southampton
a thriving port until the late 19th Century.
Wine merchants’ warehouses still line the
quays of the Chartrons while their sumptuous                                                                                                       6 days a week
townhouses vie for grandeur with imposing
public buildings of the city’s 18th Century
boom years.
  As a university town and with a population
of 280,000, Bordeaux has a youthful
atmosphere and a great nightlife. The small,
elegant centre is particularly attractive with
                                                  La rochelle. pictures courtesy of office de tourisme de La rochelle. photo : francis Giraudon

plenty of good value places to eat, sleep and
shop. It has recently undergone extensive
reconstruction and now has a tramway
with three lines open. Line C goes from the
train station to the city centre (Place des                                                                                                        for a stress free
Quinconces). The price: is €1.30 (one hour) and
€4 for the day. This ticket can also be used on                                                                                                    start to your
                                                  bourdeaux. pictures courtesy of office de tourisme de bordeaux.

  Beyond the town and its vineyards, are
                                                  Limoges. pictures courtesy of office de tourisme de Limoges.

the pine forests of Les Landes opening onto
the windswept sands of the Côte d’Argent
and Arcachon, an easy-going, unpretentious
resort-town, home to Europe’s highest sand
dune. Well worth a day-trip.
  Which ever city you choose as your starting
point, you’re certain of one thing: a fabulous
break in a marvellous part of France.

           traveL InFormATIon
                                                  & sylvain roussillon

  for more details on all these destinations,
  contact flybe on 0871 700 2000 or visit alternatively visit your
  local travel agent


                                                                                                                                                                 LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 15
business Focus


  AurIgny best’
  voted ‘one of the
Aurigny has been voted 4th best short-haul
airline in a new poll published by Which?
consumer magazine.
  In a survey of 30,000 Which? members, the
publication looked at 71 airlines and asked
readers to rate each carrier for check-in,
cabin staff, comfort, cleanliness, food and
entertainment. In the short-haul category
Aurigny positioned 4th with an overall score
of 72%.
  Malcolm Coupar, Aurigny’s Commercial
Director is delighted with the results: “This is
further confirmation that Aurigny’s customer
service policy really works. We have an
excellent team of staff in all areas and their
contribution to our 72% customer satisfaction
score has been huge.”                               Air France is financing a major
  The survey awarded Aurigny five stars             project run by GoodPlanet to
for its pre-flight service and four stars for its   fight deforestation in Madagascar,
cleanliness, comfort and value-for-money.           committing over 5million euros to the
                                                    scheme which will protect or restore
                                                    500,000 hectares of forest, starting July
                                                      Destruction of the forests accounts
                                                    for some 20% of manmade emissions
                                                    of CO2, and the project will save 60-70
                                                    million tonnes of CO2 being released
                                                    into the atmosphere.

18 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             business Focus

                                                  EsprIT skI
                                                  Esprit Ski will begin operating ski tours from
                                                  Southampton Airport in December for the
                                                  08/09 winter season. Specialists in family-
                                                  friendly snow getaways with family deals and
                                                  services including nurseries and ski-lessons,
                                                  Esprit Ski will operate a weekly Saturday
EAsTErn AIrwAys                                   service from Southampton to Chambery.
rated uk’s most                                   For further information or to make a booking,
punctuaL airLine                                  visit or call Esprit on
                                                  01252 618 300.
Eastern Airways has been named the UK’s
most punctual scheduled airline, taking pole
position after being second overall in the UK
in 2007.
  Civil Aviation Authority data revealed
that over 89% of Eastern Airways services
departed within 15 minutes of the scheduled
time with any delays averaging just over 6
minutes (January to March 2008).
  “This tremendous achievement is down
to the sterling efforts of our pilots, cabin
attendants and ground staff,” said Chris
Holliday, Eastern Airways’ chief operating
officer. “Being on time is very important to
                                                  AIr FrAncE Wins With
our business customers and we always aim to
                                                  neW technoLoGy
provide the most punctual service possible.”                                                                                                                                                     FLyBE – Quick, easy
                                                  ‘Widget’, the award-winning new online
  Eastern Airways provides high frequency
                                                  tool from Air France, has been described by
day return services from Southampton to
                                                  Travolution Awards judges as “innovative,
Leeds Bradford, Newcastle and Aberdeen,                                                                                                                                                          Ten new Flybe self-serve kiosks allow you
                                                  slick, well-designed, convenient and fun”. It
as well as regular flights to Angers Loire in                                                                                                                                                    to check-in in moments, without joining the
                                                  allows passengers to register for the latest
France.                                                                                                                                                                                          main queue for check-in.
                                                  offers and information on destinations of
                                                  their choice, book flights, access destination
                                                                                                                                                                                                 l Touch screen to begin.
                                                  guides, videos, weather forecasts in addition
                                                                                                                                                                                                 l Select your flight.
                                                  to advance check-in and printed boarding
                                                                                                                                                                                                 l To log in either:
                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Type in your six digit booking code
                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Scan your passport barcode in the reader
                                                                                                                                                                                                   above the screen
                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Place your credit card in the slot below the
                                                                                                                                                                                                   screen and then remove.
                                                              Bournemouth to                                                                                                                     l Touch your name on the screen.
                                                              Southampton Airport                                                                                                                l Confirm your seat number. You can change
                                                              to Malaga
                                                              Another way to get away
                                                                                                                                                                                                   your seat at no extra cost.
                                                                                                                             Surbiton to
                                                                                                                                         pton Ai
                                                                                                                                                                                                   (Subject to availability).
                                                                                                                            to Paris            rport
                                                                                                                            Another                                                              l Answer the security questions using the
BLuE IsLAnds increases
                                                                                                                                    way to
                                                                                                                                             get away

                                                                                                                                                                             am Ju
                                                                                                                                                                                                   touch screen.
fLiGhts to Guernsey
                                                                                                                                                                     to Alic ampto to
                                                                                                                                                                          er wa
                                                                                                                                                                               y to
                                                                                                                                                                                     n Air
                                                                                                                                                                                                 l The kiosk will print your boarding card.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 l Take any pre-paid* hold luggage to the
Channel Islands based airline Blue Islands is                                                                                                                                                      QBuster fast bag drop desks to
introducing an additional twelve flights per                                                                                                                                                        your right (1-3).
week to Guernsey from 10th July in response                                                                                                                                                      l Go straight through to security and the
                                                                                                                                                                                                   departure lounge.


to constant growth in passenger demand.
The additional flights run in the middle of
                                                  19349 SW Trains_Final_6-sheets_AW.indd 1                4/6/08 11:15:40

the day, supplementing Blue Island’s highly       souTh wEsT TrAIns                                                                                                                              *Pay at the Flybe ticket desk if you have not
                                                                                                                                                                                                 already pre-paid.
successful morning and evening schedule.
  Paul Sabin, Managing Director of Blue           South West Trains and Southampton Airport
Islands says: ‘We are delighted to offer          have partnered on a major campaign to                                                                                                          It’s so easy, once you’ve used it you’ll be
passengers an additional choice of flight         promote the incredible “train to plane”                                                                                                        a convert for life. Flybe staff and Airport
times. We hope that our attention to customer     connection at Southampton Airport Parkway                                                                                                      Ambassadors are on hand to help if you need
service, teamed with Blue Islands fully           - just 99 steps to check-in. Excellent rail links                                                                                              them. And remember you can also check-in
flexible fares, will continue to help stimulate   mean fast access between the Airport and                                                                                                       online before you travel, at
the market bringing new customers to this         numerous destinations including frequent fast
Channel Island route.’                            trains to London Waterloo in just 66 minutes.
                                                  Pick up a train timetable from the Help Point
                                                  in the terminal, visit www.southwesttrains.
                                         or call National Rail Enquiries
                                                  on 08457 48 49 50.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 19
destination vEronA

                                                 everyone knows verona of course.
                                           immortalised by that bloke shakespeare as the
                                                setting for his most famous love story
                                          - perhaps the most famous love story ever told.
                                                                words ian murray
                                             pictures courtesy of - the italian Government tourist board

20 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
r                     omeo and Juliet were
fictional characters of course, but that doesn’t
mean you can’t seek them out if you decide to
visit this glorious city and region.
  For the past two thousand years and
more, the city walls enclose a unique
and breathtaking range of artworks and
  Recently awarded the status of a “World
Heritage Site”, Verona has delighted painters,
poets, travellers and celebrities for centuries.
  Verona is a work of art in itself: a fascinating
cross-roads of historical periods and cultures
(both classical and Germanic), a blend of
both Nordic and “Mediterranean” influences;
the city is at the same time both ancient and
  A walk through its narrow streets allows
you to get in touch with its varied and
fascinating past: traces of its splendid Roman
origins, its prevailing medieval structure
dating back to the time of knights and castles,
its magnificent Renaissance palaces as well as
the impressive fortifications which protect it.
  As far as the quality and the preservation of
its Roman antiquities are concerned, Verona is
second only to Rome.
  Its luminous marble monuments will take
you two thousand years back in time: its
famous Amphitheatre, the Roman Theatre
Ponte and the Arco dei Gavi erected to
celebrate one of the most influential families
of the city.
  You will be able to see the monumental
gateways which greet the visitor - Porta
Borsari and Porta Leoni and which testify to
the grandeur of the Roman Empire.

  LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 21
destination vEronA

  A simple walk along Corso Cavour, Corso
Portoni Borsari and Corso Santa Anastasia
                                                               recently awarded                          the furniture of a typical fourteenth century
                                                                                                         aristocratic household, enhanced by a wide
practically leads you along the ancient Roman         the status of a “World                             range of medieval ceramics. Antonio Avena’s
Via Postumia which ended up in the Roman              heritage site”, verona                             masterful restoration (carried out in 1935)
Forum, now Piazza Erbe.
  Below street level, the fascinating remains         has delighted painters,                            brought to life the elegant frescoes within, and
                                                                                                         which highlight inlaid wooden chests, brick
of Roman villas and mosaics have come to              poets, travellers and                              fireplaces, wooden staircases and landings.
light, giving a glimpse of the magnificence of
Verona’s Roman past. For a journey back in            celebrities for                                      At the far end of the courtyard stands Nereo
                                                                                                         Costantini’s bronze statue of Juliet visited by
time a visit to the Scavi Scaligeri or the Villa at   centuries                                          thousands of tourists every year from all over
Valdonega is an absolute must. The rule of the                                                           the world.
Scaligeri transformed Verona’s appearance,                                                                 Romeo’s house is situated in “Via Arche
with its fortifications, the beautiful                                                                   Scaligere”. It is an authentic medieval house
Castelvecchio and its nearby Ponte Scaligero,                                                            which belonged to the 13th century Counts
Cangrande’s palace and other palaces of the             and fortresses guard the city, and both civil    of Cagnolo Nogarola. The latter were part
Della Scala Family (Lords of Verona), the             and military architecture flourishes (Palazzo      of the Della Scala entourage. The archway is
Domus Mercatorum and Piazza Erbe and last             Barbieri and the Arsenal).                         gothic and is enclosed by crenellated walls.
but not least, their splendid intricate funerary        But what of Romeo and Juliet?                    The Montagu family is said to have occupied
monuments, the “Arche Scaligere”.                       “There is no world without Verona walls”:        these rooms. The façade bears an inscription
  Even the period of Venetian domination              the pen of William Shakespeare has lent            with the famous words: “Oh Romeo, Romeo!
has left its mark on the city - the palaces of its    Verona fame and immortality with his tale          Wherefore art thou Romeo?...” “Tut! I have lost
nobles, the artworks of its great painters in         of two star-crossed lovers, Romeo Montecchi        myself; I am not here: This is not Romeo, he’s
the Castelvecchio Museum and the churches             (Montagu) and Juliet Capuleti (Capulet).           some other where.” (Act 1, scene 1)
of the city. The Renaissance Palaces of noble           The story of their tragic love is set in two       Live the love story of Romeo e Giulietta.
families line the streets - Palazzo della Gran        precise locations - Juliet’s house and the tomb.   Visit
Guardia, Palazzo Pompei, Palazzo Maffei, the            The Capulet House, best known as “Juliet’s
“Loggia del Consiglio” and the Domus Nova             House”, dates back to the thirteenth century.
in Piazza dei Signori (“Lords’ Square”).              It is tower-shaped and belonged to the Dal
  The figure of a great architect dominates this      Cappello family, whose coat-of-arms is visible
particular period, that of Michele Sanmicheli         above the inner archway of the courtyard.                traveL InFormATIon
who designed the gateways to the city - Porta         The brick façade is decorated by elegant
Nuova, Porta Palio, Porta San Zeno and Porta          gothic windows standing on either side of the        for more details contact inghams on
Vescovo. During the period of Austrian                famous balcony on which Juliet is said to have       020 8780 4433 or
domination, Verona becomes the lynch-pin of           spoken to Romeo.                                     alternatively visit your local travel agent
a perfect defensive system of fortresses and            The house has several storeys and tickets
walls known as the “Quadrilatero”. Bastions           can be bought to visit it. The interior contains

22 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 23
hampshire dAy’s ouT

  What’s on
     this summer


 2                                                                TwEnTy20 cup FInAL                               souThAmpTon InTErnATIonAL
                                                                  rose bowl, southampton                           BoAT show
                                                                  26th July 2008                                   mayflower park, southampton
                                                                  To the dismay of the traditionalists this        12th – 21st September 2008
                                                                  shorter version of the domestic game seems to    The largest on-water boating display in the
                                                                  have taken the world of cricket by storm. With   world and a mouth watering must see for all
                                                                  the top four teams battling it out to become     boating enthusiasts. Along with the latest
                                                                  Twenty20 champions spectators can be sure of     marine innovations, there will be lots of
                                                                  a day filled to the brim with excitement.        interactive fun to be had with ‘Try-a-boat’
                                                                                                                   and ‘Try-a-dive’ exhibitions, and all just a few
                                                                  JImmy cArr                                       minutes travelling time from the airport.
                                                                  mayflower theatre, southampton
                                                                  27th July 2008                                   AnImAL wIndFEsT
                                                                  The hilarious Jimmy Carr returns to              sandbanks, poole
                                                                  Southampton for one night only. With a show      12th – 14th September 2008
                                                                  set to include never heard before material,      The UK’s premier wind and kite-surfing
                                                                  the British comedy award winner is all but       championship. Featuring a vast array of
                                                                  guaranteed to put on a riotous show.             exciting sports including windsurfing,
                                                                                                                   kitesurfing, wakeboarding, biking and
                                                                                                                   volleyball, and all topped off with a fabulous
                                                                  cowEs wEEk                                       beach party.
                                                                  cowes, isle of Wight
                                                                  2nd – 9th August 2008                            porTsmouTh And souThsEA FEsTIvAL
                                                                  One of the U.K’s longest running and most        castle field, southsea
                                                                  successful sporting events. Over 100,000         9th – 12th October 2008
                                                                  spectators and 8,500 competitors from world      A mud free British music festival is a rare
                                                                  class professionals to weekend sailors come      thing. Held in a tent big enough for 8,000
                                                                  to enjoy a week of nautical fun. There is        people this local festival is certain to be fun
1 the start of the rolex 2007 fastnet race, cowes Week. picture   a fantastic mix of competitive sailing and       whatever the weather. Featuring local and
courtesy of Lloydimages 2 Luke jefferies, 9, from hedge end, on   parties. So come and soak up the unique
the beach on the opening day of the southampton boat show                                                          international talent there will be rock, indie
3 twenty20 cricket at the rosebowl                                atmosphere.                                      and dance music, and a family fun day too.

24 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
                                                                                  destination cork

  When visiting another country the temptation is to
  go straight for the capital, however, as the second
largest city in the republic of ireland, cork city is well
                 worth some exploration.
              words Gemma bradnack
           pictures courtesy of

                                                                LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 29
30 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
                        destination cork

          ituated in the Southwest corner, it
is the principle city of one of the most scenic
counties in Ireland, County Cork.
  The city is a pedestrian’s paradise. Divided
by the River Lee, it is a maze of bridges and
hilly streets, and in a city notable for its
impressive buildings, it is the best way to soak
up its charm.
  Marvel at the French Gothic architecture of
St. Finn Barre’s Cathedral, and visit the tower
of Shandon Church, which dominates the
skyline of the north side of the city.
  You can also experience the grandeur of the
City Hall, a relatively modern building that
plays host to several concerts, festivals and
functions in its fine concert hall.
  Meandering through the streets the voices of
the local Corkonians accompany the beautiful
sites with their distinctive accent. As the
most talkative of the Irish, you cannot but
feel welcome as you experience the county’s
thriving culture. As Ireland’s Jazz capital,
Cork hosts its jazz festival in October this
  Yet, whilst County Cork is often recognised
as the ‘festival centre’ of the Southwest, it is
also well known as Ireland’s gourmet county.
  It boasts some of the best seafood and
shellfish, reflecting the Mediterranean
influence of old Spanish fishing boats that
visited the local harbours long ago, along with
the more traditional dishes such as Irish stew,
made with only the best beef and pork.
  These mouth-watering meals are to be found
in an endless list and range of restaurants in
Cork City, from friendly, local, family owned
pubs to award-winning gourmet restaurants
offering the best in fine cuisine.
  Or why not learn to cook it all yourself
outside of the city in Skibbereen’s ‘Island
Cottage Restaurant and Cookery School’?
  If you enjoy a more active holiday, then the
choice remains just as endless. The county
plays host to some of the most picturesque
golf courses in Ireland, such as Charleville
Golf Club, which although 40 minutes from

  LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 31
destination cork

                                                                                                                   it boasts some of
                                                                                                          the best seafood
                                                                                                          and shellfish, reflecting
                                                                                                          the mediterranean
                                                                                                          influence of old spanish
                                                                                                          fishing boats that
                                                                                                          visited the local
                                                                                                          harbours long ago

Cork City, is situated at the base of the          021-4309090.                                           Rolling Meadows to the sea, will serve as your
Ballyhoura Mountains and undoubtedly a               From the lively centre of Cork City, to the          guide as you explore this delightful County.
treat for the eyes.                                sweet tranquillity of Mizen Head, County                 While the lively arts and music culture will
  Nearer the coast, however, take advantage of     Cork is a study in contrasts.                          make your heart beat faster, the beautiful
the miles of sand and coastline on a horse-          As Cork is the largest county and city in            scenery and world-class dining will give you
riding adventure, taking in the view of the        Ireland, there is certianly no shortage of             plenty of reason to kick back and relax.
North Atlantic. Or take to the water itself        things to do and see. Explore the Regions and            There are more than sixty towns and large
in the array of water sports provided, be it       see how each in its own way, is so different,          villages in County Cork.
kayaking, sailing or deep-sea diving!              yet perfect — you won’t be able to pick your             Each one is individual and unique. Each
  There is no better way to see Cork City          favourite!                                             has its own special places of interest, original
than the “Hop On, Hop Off” Tour. See all of          County Cork is situated in the South West of         things to do and see, and welcoming places
Cork’s famous sights such as the Cork City         Ireland, it is the largest of all the Irish counties   to stay. In fact, so alluring are they that many
Gaol, St. Finbarr’s Cathedral, the Crawford        and in many ways the most varied.                      well-known artists, writers and actors from
Municipal Art Gallery, City Hall, the English        Rich farmlands and river valleys contrast            around the world have made their homes
Market, City Library, the Triskel Art Centre,      with the wild sandstone hills of the west, and         here.
Cork Opera House, St. Anne’s Church, the           above all there is the magnificent coastline             Actor Jeremy Irons, and the director of
Shandon Butter Museum, the Custom House,           scooped and fretted by the Atlantic into great         Chariots of Fire, David Putnam, have both
City Library, the Courthouse, Museum &             bays and secret coves, strewn with rocky               fallen for the charms of Skibbereen and
Fitzgerald Park, & Elizabeth Fort. With a ticket   headlands and long soft golden sands.                  settled there. Nearby, in Ballydehob, poet John
that is valid all day, you can get on and off as     One moment you are in the midst of a world-          Montague and painter William Crozier have
often as you wish. A complimentary map and         class shopping expedition, and the next, you           second homes, while soccer pundit, Eamon
discounts off certain admissions is included.      are pausing to absorb a spectacular seaside            Dunphy has chosen Castletownshend as his
  For more information on the best way to          vista. All of which makes County Cork a                haven of West Cork tranquillity.
see the city of Cork, contact the Tourist Office   unique and delightful area to visit. The Rivers          Across the county in Ballycotton, Angela
on the Grand parade or Cronin’s Coaches on         Lee and Blackwater, flowing through gently             Lansbury (of Murder She Wrote fame) owns a

32 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008
                                                        • Chiropractic
                                                    • Colonic Hydrotherapy
                                                           • Massage
                                                     • Hot Stone Massage
                                                    • Nutrition & many more
                                                      For free brochure please ring
                                                              023 8058 2245

cottage overlooking the sea. Nor is she the first
actor to have fallen in love with East Cork.
Marlon Brando spent time here in the 1990s            Email:
when filming the ill-fated Divine Rapture.
  Politicians are invariably attracted to West
Cork’s peace and quiet too. Former British
Prime Ministers from James Callaghan in the
                                                      22 Grosvenor Road
Seventies to Tony Blair more recently both
favoured Glandore for their holidays.               Highfield Southampton
  From the bustling streets of Cork City to the
tranquil scenery of the county’s suburbs, Cork            SO17 1RT
is a treat for the senses and with direct flights
from Southampton the question should really

                                                    023 8058 2245
be ‘why not?’

      traveL InFormATIon

  for more details contact aer arann on
  0800 587 2324 or
  alternatively visit your local travel agent

                                                             LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 33
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WorLdWide connections BEIJIng
1 the forbidden city, beijing 2 tiananmen square, beijing 3 the olympic stadium, nick-named the bird’s nest


                                                                                                                                            With the olympic Games being staged in china this
                                                                                                                                          year all eyes have turned towards its capital city beijing.
                                                                                                                                                                        words ian murray

                                                                                                                       lways a city of mystery, excitement,     west, the Great Hall of the People. In the
                                                                                                                       adventure and culture, Beijing is        middle of it stands the Monument to People’s
                                                                                                                       now closer than ever for Hampshire       Heroes, to the south of which is Chairman
                                                                                                              visitors thanks to links from Southampton         Mao’s Memorial Hall.
                                                                                                              International Airport.                              The Palace Museum, former home to the 24           2
                                                                                                                The attractions of this amazing city are        Ming and Qing emperors, is also known as
                                                                                                              numerous, but some always spring to mind:         the Forbidden City. Completed in 1420 during
                                                                                                              Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City and          the Ming Dynasty, it occupies a total space of
                                                                                                              the Palace Museum.                                more than 720, 000 square meters. Apart from
                                                                                                                Tiananmen Square lies at the cross-section      the complex of palace buildings, the Palace
                                                                                                              between the central axis of Beijing. When         Museum houses over 1.5 million items or sets
                                                                                                              it was first built in the 15th year of Yongle     of relics.
                                                                                                              (1417), it was called Chengtian Gate. It was        Ancient architectural relics and other
                                                                                                              twice destroyed in the Ming Dynasty, once         cultural relics fall into 25 categories, which are
                                                                                                              by lightening, once by war. In 1651, or the 8th   further divided into 69 sub-categories. Those        3
                                                                                                              year of Emperor Shunzhi’s reign in the Qing       used for government affairs and daily life are
                                                                                                              Dynasty, the Emperor named Fulin had it           displayed in their original places; such works
                                                                                                              rebuilt on a large scale and changed its name     of art as porcelain, paintings and calligraphy,
                                                                                                              to Tiananmen. Imposing and magnificent, it        jewellery, clocks, stone drums, and bronze
                                                                                                              stands out among ancient city gates in China.     wares are kept in special halls. There are also
                                                                                                                Tiananmen was the place for important           halls for short-term exhibitions. The museum
                                                                                                              ceremonies during the Ming Dynasty and            is open to the public all year round.
                                                                                                              Qing Dynasty, when imperial edicts were             With first class hotels, an amazing food
                                                                                                              issued for coronation of Emperors. Tiananmen      culture, and the exuberance of the capital
                                                                                                              has witnessed many important events in            city of the world’s most populace nation: who
                                                                                                              China’s modern history.                           could resist Beijing!                                 Passengers have the choice of 2 flights per
                                                                                                                To its east is the National Museum; to its        But it’s not all history in this one of the        day to Beijing when connecting in Paris
                                                                                                                                                                world’s most important capital cities.               Charles de Gaulle Airport.
                                                                                                                                                                  Food in Beijing is superb as you would              Air France has been flying to China for
                                                                                                                                                                expect. As well as the traditional teahouses,        over 40 years. On board flights to China,
                                                                                                                                                                the restaurants in the capital are first class and   Air France serves both traditional menus
                                                                                                                       the attractions                          offer a marvellous array of dishes, especially       as well as special dishes designed and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     prepared by Chinese chefs. Lead in fares from
                                                                                                              of this amazing city are                          the Mandarin cuisine, including of course the
                                                                                                                                                                famous Peking roast duck.                            Southampton-Beijing start from £377.80 per
                                                                                                              numerous, but some                                  Beijing has a flourishing nightlife with           person including all taxes.

                                                                                                              always spring to mind:                            clubs, bars and restaurants springing up to
                                                                                                                                                                accommodate all tastes including the famous
                                                                                                              tiananmen square, the                             Beijing Opera.                                              traveL InFormATIon
                                                                                                              forbidden city and the                              So whether it’s the old or the new Beijing you
                                                                                                                                                                seek, or a mixture of the two, there’s ample             for more details contact air france on
                                                                                                              palace museum                                     reason to head off to the Chinese capital from
                                                                                                                                                                Southampton International Airport.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         0870 142 4343 or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         alternatively visit your local travel agent
                                                                                                                                                                  Air France flies to 4 destinations in China;
                                                                                                                                                                Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong & Shanghai

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 35
                        competition AIr FrAncE

      a pair of
      fLiGhts to
      paris With
      AIr FrAncE
            aris has so much to offer – no wonder it’s
            one of the most filmed, photographed
            fêted and painted cities in the world.
      Whether you’re looking for a romantic
      getaway, a cultural break or a gourmet’s
      delight, Paris won’t disappoint.
        The City of Light is packed with history
      and culture, picturesque buildings, boutique
      hotels, attractive pavement cafés and
      riverside walks, bustling markets and elegant
        Away from Paris’s busy centre, discover
      mediaeval Chartres, Chantilly and
      breathtaking Versailles as well as the thrills of
      Disneyland Paris.
        Air France operates 18 flights a week from
      Southampton direct to Paris Charles de
      Gaulle, and onward connections to its global
      network. For further information visit www. call 0870 142 4343 or visit your
      local travel agent.

      how To EnTEr:
      For your chance to jet off to Paris, simply
      answer the following question online at

      How many flights per week
      does Air France offer to Paris
      from Southampton?
      TErms & condITIons: 1. Closing date for entries
      Wednesday 1 October 2008. 2. A prize winner will
      be selected at random. 3. No purchase necessary.
      4. Taxes included. 5. Flights subject to availability,
      non-transferable and non-refundable. 6. No cash
      alternative. 7. All travel must be completed within 12
      months of competition closing date. 8. By entering the
      prize draw all participants will be deemed to have
      accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms and

         LATE summEr 2008 southampton airport 37
community nEws
                                                                                                                                 1                                                   2


1 katie bridgland hr coordinator with work experience students 2 mike barringer at the opening of sophie’s place at Winchester county hospital 3 marathon runner jason sugden.

AwArd wInnIng voLunteers
£24,000 won For LocAL chArITIEs And proJEcTs

       t Southampton Airport we are proud of                        Academies Trust and improvements in                                  treats around 400 sick children every single
       the time and effort our staff contribute                     GCSE exam results have been demonstrated                             month. The judges said, “This man continues
       to their local communities. Last year                        throughout the duration of the partnership.                          to astound us every single year.”
almost a quarter of our staff volunteered                             Each year, over twenty initiatives are                               Mike Barringer, Airside Operations Manager
their time to a cause or charity. The BAA                           generated, many supported by funding from                            at Southampton Airport, commented:
Communities Trust, BAA’s own charity,                               the BAA Communities Trust, these include                             “I’m absolutely astounded to have won the
recognises this through it’s annual I-Volunteer                     Enterprise Days with a Dragons’ Dens style                           I-Volunteer Awards for a second time. The
Awards. These awards are for staff across all                       finale, a full work experience programme, and                        £5,000 prize can now fund 40 sick children
seven BAA airports: Aberdeen, Edinburgh,                            regular public performances at the airport.                          and their families to have a 3 day rest-bite
Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, Southampton                               The £5,000 prize money has been invested in                        holiday in the New Forest, and I would like to
and Stansted, that have made a special                              a minibus to transport pupils to extra circular                      thank the Trust for making this possible.”
contribution to others.                                             activities such as school trips and sporting
  This year Southampton Airport won a                               activities.
staggering three awards out of a possible                                                                                                most supportive manaGer:
seven, winning £24,000 for 25 local projects                        fundraisinG individuaL:                                              JAson sugdEn, AIrporT FIrE sErvIcE
and charities! Here is a summary of our                             mIkE BArrIngEr, AIrsIdE opErATIons                                   Jason was nominated by no less than five
extraordinary winners:                                              Mike submitted an entry for his fundraising                          colleagues as a supportive manager. He is
                                                                    work for The Sophie Barringer Trust, which he                        a keen volunteer and fundraiser himself -
voLunteerinG team:                                                  and his wife Lin founded in 2003, following                          and ran the London marathon last year.
AIrporT-wIdE TEAm                                                   the diagnosis of their daughter Sophie with                          His nominees praise his support for their
Southampton Airport has developed a                                 Wilm’s Disease. This cancer of the kidney,                           fundraising and volunteering activities, as
strategic partnership with local Bitterne Park                      claimed the life of Sophie in 2004, aged just                        well as the way he uses these activities to
School, which involves more than 90 staff                           6, and Mike and his team have continued to                           build team spirit at work. One said “ As I
from across the airport, including Gayle                            raise over £100,000 to help many other sick                          decided whether or not to not to jump out of a
Callaway, Head of Human Resources, in a                             children. This year, Mike and the charity have                       plane, my station manager used all his skills
governors role.                                                     opened a new children’s assessment centre                            to persuade me it was the right thing to do!”
  The partnership is now recognised as                              at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in                            Jason donated his £5,000 prize to Cancer
best practice by the Specialist Schools and                         Winchester called ‘Sophie’s Place’, which now                        Research UK.

42 southampton airport LATE summEr 2008

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