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									Spring 2009 No. 7
                                                                         Employing Healthcare Professionals

Inside                                               Creating advertisements that work
Effective online recruitment                    2
Giles Guest guides you through                       NHS Jobs is a great success story:             out advert improve the level of talent and
the steps you need to take to make                   here’s how to make it work even                appropriateness of the people applying,
online recruitment a success.                        harder for you.                                it may also reduce time wasted on sorting
                                                                                                    through unsuitable applications.
Creating the perfect advert                     5    This special edition of our newsletter is           With the number of applications for
Giles Guest tells you how to make                    devoted to the world of online recruitment     clerical and admin jobs now up to 8,000 a
your adverts work harder.                            in the NHS and unleashing the power of         week – double the rate of last year –
                                                     NHS Jobs in particular. This toolkit shows     employers need to review their recruitment
Local employment                                6    you how you can make your advertisements       processes to take account of this.
Tony Hyland discusses the value of                                                                       Good quality adverts with the right
                                                     on NHS Jobs work more effectively for you.
Local Employment Partnerships.
                                                          Since the beginning of this decade,       level of detail, will improve the candidate
Sharing good practice                           7    the number of people using the internet        experience. People can deselect themselves
John Bottomley outlines how his                      to search for jobs has grown exponentionally   if they realise the job isn’t right for them so
award-winning trust has put NHS Jobs                 and job seekers are becoming ever more         accurate adverts will avoid them wasting
centre stage in its strategy.                        sophisticated in the way that they access      their time, too.
                                                     and use the internet.                               Some of the problems that Elizabeth
Two trusts share their experience           7&8           The NHS has embraced online               Eddy has encountered with online adverts
of using Local Employment                            recruitment and changed its processes          include ones that don’t describe the post
Partnerships to recruit staff locally.               accordingly. However, there is evidence        properly or that may be only one line long,
                                                     that the quality of online adverts can be      or conversely, so long that no job applicant
Legal issuess                                   9                                                   would ever get through it all. Some jobs
Jacqui Atkinson highlights some                      improved. The evidence from NHS Jobs
of the key pieces of legislation on                  suggests that employers are not being as       don’t even link back to the trust’s website.
discrimination in recruitment.                       sophisticated as they could be in attracting        In other cases, documents still have
                                                     the right candidates to the job.               tracked changes on them, a clear indication
Equality and diversity                          10        Head of workforce e-solutions at NHS      that the advert has not been reviewed before
Gamiel Yafai explains how to recruit                 Employers, Elizabeth Eddy, said: ‘All trusts   publishing.
candidates from a range of different                 in England and Wales use NHS Jobs and               There are also potential legal pitfalls
communities.                                         it is very successful because people have      in terms of what can and can’t be written
                                                     really grasped how to use the service and      on a recruitment advert – and the trust is
Know your audience                              11                                                  responsible for getting this right.
                                                     the benefits of online recruitment.
Giles Guest explores how healthcare                                                                      Elizabeth Eddy said: ‘It’s so important
job seekers use the internet                              ‘But there is clearly a need out there
                                                     for some support on how to produce high        to pay attention to detail and be careful to
Hints and tips                                  12   quality adverts online.’                       avoid these problems.’
Rachel Dean shows you how to                              The key challenge for employers is to          She added: ‘NHS Jobs is a fantastic
get the most out of NHS Jobs.                        realise that there is a difference between     resource and it is saving around £1 million
                                                     advertising on paper and online, and the       a week of taxpayers’ money. We are
                                                     importance of getting the advert right.        listening to our customers, the employers,
                                                          Elizabeth Eddy said: ‘We need to          and continuing to improve the product
                                                     support trusts to better understand the        and keep it at the leading edge.
                                                     importance and impact of the online advert.         ‘NHS Employers and Jobcentre Plus
Published by Chamberlain Dunn Associates Ltd,             ‘The online advert, unlike paper          are delighted to have worked together on
Gothic House, 3 The Green, Richmond TW9 1PL.
T 020 8334 4500                                      media, is like a shop window for their         this toolkit which will lead to improvements
E                             organisation, seen by thousands of             for both recruiters and candidates.’
Editor-in-chief Alison Dunn
Editor Judith Podmore                                people around the world 24/7.’
                                                                                                    Judith Podmore, editor, Employing
Publisher Will Chamberlain-Webber                         Not only may a clear, well thought        Healthcare Professionals.

                                                                                                                           Spring 2009 No. 7   1
This issue: How to recruit online


Top tips for using NHS Jobs
                                                                                               Consistency is the key, so try to create
                                                                                               an in-house style. You can make it easier
                                                                                               for everyone by creating some templates,
                                                                                               which can be supported by a range of
Experts in online recruitment, Enhance Media, offer their top tips for                         opening and closing paragraphs.
making better use of NHS Jobs and developing an effective online                                   These paragraphs can then be mixed
recruitment strategy.                                                                          and matched with different templates to
                                                                                               ensure there is variety and consistency in
Our approach when advising clients is to       six months to look for a job, a figure that      your online copy.
try and get the basics right first. From a      is probably going to rise in the next 12
solid foundation we can then start to          months. That’s a lot of people! Online job      Tip 4: Know your candidates
introduce advanced techniques in               seekers will generally use search engines       It may seem overly simplistic, but the
sourcing quality candidates online.            (more on those later) and/or job boards         better you know your candidates the
                                               to source the best jobs for them. The good      more informed and effective your online
Tip 1: Develop your career site                news is that you have the most powerful         recruitment will be. Collecting this kind of
NHS Jobs ( is the best         and complete market reach job board in the      data may seem like a daunting process,
possible way of generating candidates          UK available to you in the form of NHS Jobs.    but in order to develop a really successful
and pushing applications to your               (NJS Jobs was hitwise number 2 most used        online recruitment strategy, it’s vital you
organisation. You should remember,             online recruitment and training website in      have the right information with which to
however, that if candidates are going to       the UK in 2008).                                work from.
work for you they will want to know a lot          While for some roles there is a case for
more about your structure, rewards, ethos      using complementary attraction methods,         There are some easy wins, for example:
and so on before committing to join. Our       for the vast majority of roles the first place   • As part of the candidates’ application,
research has shown that most candidates        to look should be NHS Jobs.                     ask them to describe what websites they
will investigate an organisation’s careers         If you can use NHS Jobs more                visit and how they go about finding a job.
site before accepting a job offer and many     effectively you will be able to save both       The vast majority of applicants will come
will do so before attending an interview or    time and money in your hiring process.          from NHS Jobs. However, you can still find
even completing an application. Creating       Linking back to Tip 1 if you also make          out a lot of useful information from these
a high quality recruitment section within      your own trust’s organisation/recruitment       people.
a trust website is an essential way of         website better (and therefore your                  For example, how did those people go
increasing the success of your online          organisation more attractive to candidates)     about using NHS Jobs, what searches did
recruitment campaign.                          you are in the best possible position to        they perform to find your role, what was
     Many of the UK’s leading employers        recruit effectively.                            it about your role that attracted them and
have done this and are now reaping the                                                         made them apply?
rewards. It doesn’t matter what size your      Tip 3: Write copy for the web                       For those non-professional high staff
organisation is – in terms of developing       Don’t just copy and paste job descriptions!     turnover roles and highly specialist roles
a long-term online strategy, this should       The advert copy you write for the web has       where other methods of attraction may
be your number one focus. Without it any       a direct effect on the response you get         complement NHS Jobs you can also find
good work you are doing to find and             from your recruitment advertising online.       out what sites candidates used and
attract candidates will be greatly reduced     Candidates read copy differently online.        similarly how they searched and how they
in its effectiveness.                              Also think about when and how candi-        were attracted to the job.
                                               dates look for jobs online.                     • At interview stage you can also ask
The benefits are probably too numerous                                                          similar types of questions.
to mention, but a few of our favourites are:   Generally there are two scenarios:              • Ask people who are already in the
• You can isolate candidates from              1. The candidates are at work and they          organisation how they would go about
    competitors’ jobs both in terms of         only have 30 minutes in their lunch break.      using NHS Jobs and looking for a job. A
    other trusts and the commercial sector     They want all basic information at the top      common error we see HR making is trying
• You have unlimited space to sell the         of the ad; salary, location, job title. They    to figure out the solution all by themselves.
    benefits of your organisation               will be just scanning for relevant ads. Your    In many organisations there will already be
• You can use technology to sell the           first paragraph will have to have an attention   people in the trust who are doing a similar
    benefits of your organisation               grabber as well, so that the ads stand out      role and give you a great insight into how
• A talent pool of candidates can              from all the other ads.                         to write copy and how to best position a
    be created                                 2. The candidates are at home and they          role on NHS Jobs to be attractive to
• Advertising costs will be reduced            have all the time in the world to look for      their peers.
• Activity can easily be measured or           jobs and research organisations thoroughly.     • If you are really serious about your
    assessed.                                  So make sure your ads are well laid out with    online strategy, you can get information
                                               links to information on training, career        not just on your successful candidates’
Tip 2: Use NHS Jobs                            development, organisation culture,              online activity, but also on what people
Data from the British Marketing Research       working locations and so on.                    who didn’t apply think of your careers
Bureau (BMRB) show that 13.5 million               Don’t try and confront the candidate        section and the organisation.
people have used the internet in the last      with all the information in one ad.                 Understanding how the vacancy

 2   Spring 2009 No. 7
EFFECTIVE ONLINE RECRUITMENT                                      Employing Healthcare Professionals

search feature works within NHS Jobs is       revisit NHS Jobs briefly because for the
                                                                                                          Table 1: First time visitors
also vital for writing an effective online    overwhelming majority of roles, NHS Jobs
                                                                                                       - reason for choosing website
advert. NHS Jobs vacancy search works on      is likely to be the ideal choice for sourcing
a keyword basis. Job seekers enter single,    candidates.                                      Reason                                 % users
double or a string of words to which the           When Enhance Media advises
system will match relevant vacancies. To      organisations on choosing media we look          Search engine                                33%
increase the likelihood of job seekers        at four aspects of job boards – market
                                                                                               Link from another site                       24%
selecting to look at your adverts, include    penetration, candidate numbers, specialty
the job title/s and as many key skill words   and cost. Normally a good score on two or        Word of mouth                                14%
as possible in the free text of the advert.   three of those factors would result in us        Advertising                                  5%
This will ensure your adverts are picked      recommending the use of a particular job
up and appear at the top of search lists.     board. NHS Jobs scores highly on all             Other                                        24%
Accurate vacancy information is also          aspects.
essential to ensure your vacancies are                                                             Search engine optimisation (SEO) is
                                              1 Its market penetration is second to
picked up in searches. Job seekers have                                                       a highly specialised skill but in essence
                                              none with 100% of trusts using NHS Jobs
the option to search for vacancies within a                                                   it is the science of getting better results
                                              to post vacancies.
specified salary range and/or location                                                         and a higher ranking in of Google, Yahoo
                                              2 This is then reflected in the candidate
for example.                                                                                  and MSN Live. The two pieces of good
                                              numbers – NHS Jobs is regularly in the
                                              top three most visited job boards in the        news are first that successful optimisation
Tip 5: Be fanatical about measurement                                                         Google can be a very effective way of driving
                                              UK with only Jobcentre Plus consistently
Very simply, if you can’t measure it, you                                                     specialist candidates to your site.
                                              achieving higher candidate numbers.
can’t manage it. You need to put systems                                                           Secondly, it’s essentially free. If you
                                              3 Specialty is another key reason for
and processes in place that will track                                                        build you careers website section correctly
                                              using a job board and while NHS Jobs
and measure all of your activity online.                                                      you can achieve very good rankings in
                                              covers a very wide range of roles, the
The report and statistic section of NHS                                                       Google etc without spending money. We
                                              industry specialism and focus of roles
Jobs gives you access to some fantastic                                                       could write a whole book on what to do to
                                              makes it a very clear and easy demographic
metrics about usage of the site and this                                                      achieve good rankings, and more
                                              to define. What this means in practice
relates both to overall use on a regional                                                     information can be obtained from the
                                              is that the people using NHS Jobs are
and national level and your trust’s specific                                                   Enhance Media website.
                                              relevant, and not simply thousands of
use. Make sure you get this information
                                              people browsing who are not suitable for
and then use it to make every future                                                          However, the basic rules are as follows:
                                              your roles.
advert more effective. Then take the same                                                     • Page submission – make sure you
approach to your own careers web pages.       So while the next two points discuss            submit the main URL to Google, Yahoo,
    The IT department or communications       complementary ways of generating                MSN and other search engines in the
should be able to provide you with good       specialist candidates, the first and foremost    market. If they don’t know about you they
information.                                  place to look and use online has to remain      can’t rank you.
                                              NHS Jobs.                                       • Design – make sure your site is easy to
Both from NHS Jobs and your own site              So what types of roles could you            find, read and navigate.
you need to monitor on a monthly basis:       consider complementary channels and             • Titles – make sure the page has an
• Number of users                             what channels could you consider? It is         appropriate title and that all sub sections
• The pages they view                         our opinion that some non-professional          are well titled. Just like a good press
• Number of times a vacancy has been          high staff turnover roles and some very         article or reference book making the
   viewed                                     hard to fill (scientist and research-led         pages clear and divided into logical
• Number of applications to each vacancy      roles) could benefit from complementary          sections will help enormously.
• Number of interviews                        channels as well as NHS Jobs.                   • Fresh content – adding fresh content
• Number of hires.                                Even here though the emphasis               will increase the site’s profile on Google.
                                              should be on value for money and we             A great way to do this is through a blog
With this kind of data you can start to be    would counsel using two online methods          or regular news updates, though anything
ruthlessly efficient with your online          of candidate attraction that are low-cost       that keeps the site lively and up to date
recruitment both in terms of using NHS        and in one case zero-cost unless results        is great.
Jobs far more effectively and then in terms   are delivered.                                  • Link building – search engines value
of converting as many of those applications                                                   high quality inbound links. This is a more
to actual hires by better use of your own     1   Develop a search engine marketing           specialised area but can be highly
careers website. It is a learning process,        strategy                                    effective in increasing ranking and results.
no one gets it right first time, but you       Achieving a high profile for your career
can’t make informed decisions without         site on a search engine (e.g. Google) is an     2 Use Pay-Per-Click advertising
having the right information.                 effective way of driving specialist and         Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is another
                                              local candidates to your site. This principle   Google and search engine tool. When you
Tip 6: Other online recruitment methods       is supported by data taken from NORAS           see results listed in Google you may
Before we talk about other methods            (National Online Recruitment Audience           notice that the top three are shaded and
of online recruitment it is important to      Survey) (Table 1).                              are annotated as ‘sponsored’ results.

                                                                                                                        Spring 2009 No. 7     3
This issue: How to recruit online


Getting into these results requires payment
and that is where PPC comes in. Essentially               Box 1: Keeping up-to-date with new developments
PPC works by ‘bidding’ on a phrase. So,
for example, I might say I am willing to         1. Employee blogs – personal online diaries
pay 30p for every time a local chef clicks       They are like ‘personal profile pages’ only better. OK it’s going to take some resource to
on my job advert. If another organisation        manage them and you need sensible people in your organisation to write them. But it is
bids 35p you will be shown second in the         a great way for candidates to get a true understanding of what the people are like in your
list, if another organisation bids 25p you       organisation. They also help with your search engine optimisation. Check out the PwC
will come top. The great thing about PPC         employee blog and Hill and Knowlton’s argument for employer blogs.
is that it costs nothing to show an advert
and you only pay when someone clicks             2. Online videos
                                                 The next ‘big thing’ in our industry. You only have to look at the Youtube phenomenon to
on the link. There’s a lot more to PPC than
                                                 understand how popular and accessible videos are online. Career sites can also be text
just sponsoring an advert, and with NHS
                                                 heavy, one dimensional and pretty dull to be frank. Putting a (well created) online video
Jobs being so good at generating                 on your career site can give candidates first-hand experience of the culture of your
candidates it is something that should be        organisation, the working environment and the people.
used sparingly and in special circumstances,
but it can be a powerful way of sending          3. Podcasts
candidates to your careers section.              In our opinion, the jury is still out with this one. But you should check out the West
                                                 Midlands Police ‘Plodcast’ to see how an organisation is being innovative. Another site
Here are our top four tips for creating a        worth looking at is Bornpodcast for all the latest online recruitment news.
successful PPC strategy:
• Be creative – your adverts must stand          4. Social networking sites
out from the competition. Make sure you          Five years ago they didn’t exist, now everyone seems to have a facebook, myspace or LinkedIn
include the search term within the title or      account. Again this area needs careful management, but can provide a rich vein of quality
body of the advert.                              candidates.
• Are you paying over the odds for the
top spot? It is better to aim for your adverts   5. Mobile technology
to be shown in position two to four. This        All large employers (and recruitment consultancies) are going to need to develop a mobile
way you won’t be stuck in an ego bidding         strategy in the next 18 months, due the mobile providers developing better and more
                                                 sophisticated ways in which mobiles can be used for business purposes and the
war just to get to number one.
                                                 emergence of phones such as the i-phone. Using your mobile to access the internet will
• Test and test again! Try different ad
                                                 just be a normal everyday occurrence for the vast majority of the working population. A
copy, positions, keywords, match type            whole host of companies have already registered their .mobi sites; some job boards have
and landing pages and evaluate what              even developed .mobi sites. If your candidates are not sat in front of a PC all day every
works and what doesn’t.                          day, a mobile strategy is going to really help you target these sorts of candidates.
• Targeted landing pages – the destination
link should take visitors to the exact page
you want them to see, not to your home
page. It should take less than two clicks                                   Key facts about NHS Jobs
for them to find what they’re looking for.
                                                 • NHS Jobs, launched in 2003, is part of the NHS modernisation programme to improve
Tip 7: Keep track of all the new stuff           efficiency and reduce trusts’ recruitment advertising spend. Provided by NHS Employers,
As if you haven’t got enough to do, Tip 7        the employers’ organisation for the NHS in England, it is the dedicated online recruitment
is keeping track of all the new stuff. Not       site for the NHS.
easy, but companies and agencies are
                                                 • With 4.5 million visits and 250,000 job applications each month, NHS Jobs is by far the
developing some really innovative,
                                                 largest public sector shared e-recruitment service in the country.
effective ways in which you can promote
your employer brand and target those             • NHS Jobs has made savings of £40m per year, a success which was rewarded in 2008
elusive passive candidates online.               with a prestigious Personnel Today award for its role in delivering ‘excellence in HR through
    If you are truly dedicated to reducing       technology’.
your cost and time to hire, differentiating
your online employer brand and developing        • A confidential ‘Gateway 5 review’ (improving Government procurement) in 2007
innovative ways to attract candidates to your    confirmed that NHS Jobs was already delivering financial benefits 10 times its original
                                                 business case target of £24 million over five years.
career site; these are some things you
should be looking out for (see Box 1 for         • Every NHS trust in England and Wales is now using the service to advertise vacancies
more details on this).                           (90% of all applications). Every type of job, both medical and non-medical, is posted on
                                                 the site and NHS Employers estimates that its recruitment website saves the NHS around
                                                 £1 million every week in advertising expenditure.

                                                 • NHS Employers holds twice-yearly regional user groups organised in partnership with
                                                 each of the 10 strategic health authorities to ensure it remains customer-focused.
Giles Guest, director, Enhance Media ltd,        • More than eight in 10 adverts receive applications within three days of being included in
                                                 the daily ‘jobs by email’ alerts.

 4   Spring 2009 No. 7
CREATING THE PERFECT ADVERT                                               Employing Healthcare Professionals

Making online job ads                                                                                   4. Make your opening words eyecatching
                                                                                                        A good start is vital. Remember that when

work harder for you
                                                                                                        they first search for jobs, most job seekers
                                                                                                        are not trying to locate their ‘perfect’ role
                                                                                                        instantly. They are probably trying to
                                                                                                        select a shortlist of possible roles, so it’s
Giles Guest tells you all you need                  – the one that you took so much time to
                                                                                                        vital that your first couple of sentences
to know to make sure your ad is                     craft in the first place.
                                                                                                        help you achieve this first step. Your
the one that potential candidates                   2. Be clear about your requirements
                                                                                                        opening words should be designed to
will notice.                                                                                            entice, impress, tease, attract, amuse or
                                                    For the same reason be clear about your
                                                                                                        in some other way achieve an emotive
                                                    requirements for the job. A good ad will
The good news is that online recruitment                                                                reaction that prompts the job hunter to
                                                    not only attract the best possible candidates
is prospering, with traffic levels to major                                                              read on.
                                                    to your role, it will also help to filter out the
boards such as NHS Jobs enjoying a                  unsuitable candidates who can drain your
steady increase, and more companies                                                                     5. Check your grammar and spelling
                                                    resources and stretch your application
using the internet as a means of filling                                                                 I’m always amazed at the number of ads
vacancies.                                                                                              I see with simple errors in spelling or
                                                       A bad ad, on the other hand, will
   The bad news for professional recruiters                                                             grammar. I even see ads with the author’s
                                                    discourage the best quality applicants,
is that this growth in activity means even                                                              notes still embedded - ‘insert headline’
                                                    while also sending out encouraging
more competition within a job board, with                                                               etc. All of this extra work places a strain
                                                    messages to the hopeful dreamers and
more and more employers trying to tempt                                                                 on the reader, and of course doesn’t
                                                    potential timewasters.
the best applicants to their offer, rather                                                              present a very professional image for your
                                                       If you think you will be swamped by
than your own.                                                                                          organisation, yet it’s easy to correct. Make
                                                    applications, then be more robust in
   This means that every time you post a                                                                sure you check and review every single ad
                                                    listing the qualities or skills you seek. If
job ad online, it has to work as hard as                                                                before it gets posted. Improving your
                                                    you suspect you’ll be short of candidates
possible to achieve the results you want.                                                               writing skills is a question of attitude as
                                                    on the other hand, then you can ease off
Most online recruitment ads can be                                                                      much as your actual technique.
                                                    slightly with your demands.
dramatically improved by taking some
very simple and straightforward steps,                                                                  6. Stay positive and focussed
and these will make an instant difference                 Most online recruitment ads                   Don’t think of the ad as a chore, but view
to the success of your next recruitment                                                                 it as your one chance to hook the perfect
                                                         can be dramatically improved
campaign.                                                                                               applicant, and concentrate on that
                                                        by taking some very simple and                  single goal.
1. Don’t just repeat the job description                straightforward steps, and these
                                                                                                        Giles Guest, director, Enhance Media Ltd.
The primary objective of every single job                will make an instant difference      
ad is quite simply to attract the highest                  to the success of your next
number of good quality well-matched
applicants, while filtering out the                            recruitment campaign.                                  Box 1 Top tips
(growing) number of unsuitable job hunters.
   A job ad won’t achieve this if you simply
repeat the job description, as this is really                                                            My simple tips for improving
                                                    3. Use natural and conversational                    responses are:
a technical specification, designed for a            language
different purpose. The job description is           Job seekers are confronted with a                    • Keep it short
essentially created to inform and guide a           terrifyingly huge number of job ads
worker, while the online recruitment ad             online. It’s important that you make it              • Use natural, direct, approachable
exists purely to attract interest in both           easy for them to read about your opportunity.          language
the vacancy and in your organisation as             Your language should be simple, natural and
a potential employer. Listing every single          conversational, so that they can identify            • Organise the information and don’t
element of the job role, the hiring organisation,   with the opportunity and think about how               rush the writing
or even the details of your internal H&S policy     they might approach their application, or
will not attract any interest!                                                                           • Avoid ‘HR speak’, or any overuse
                                                    even the job itself.
   While the job description may be useful                                                                 of jargon
                                                       After all, where many very similar jobs
for providing some of the building blocks           are advertised, it’s sensible to assume that         • Put yourself in their shoes. What would
for your job ad, it often uses the language         the one with the most engaging voice, or               attract you?
of ‘HR speak’, which can bore, confuse,             interesting angle, is the one that will interest,
or just fatigue the reader. In reality many         or even excite, the better applicants. Too           • ALWAYS check the ad before posting
applicants will turn off at the first sign of        often, the nature of the job is so disguised           AND again when it is published on the
impenetrable HR or NHS jargon, and will             with typical recruitment language that you             website.
never click through to read the whole ad            need to translate the copy as you read it.

                                                                                                                              Spring 2009 No. 7     5
This issue: How to recruit online


How Jobcentre Plus works
                                                                                               to look at establishing two-way feedback
                                                                                               mechanisms that meet our mutual needs.
                                                                                                 Local account managers will also be

in partnership with the
                                                                                               able to pull in highly effective pre-
                                                                                               employment training support to help
                                                                                               meet your needs – the Skills for Health
                                                                                               healthcare routeway being a good

NHS on local employment                                                                        example – while they will also be able to
                                                                                               offer support via their work with the
                                                                                               National Employment Service, and
                                                                                               provide post employment support with
Local Employment Partnerships are helping local communities to                                 mentoring, train to gain initiatives etc.
successfully access job opportunities in the NHS. Tony Hyland reports.                         This is all part of the Government’s
                                                                                               intention to integrate employment and
                                                                                               skills and provide a joined-up service.
What are Local Employment Partnerships?         promoted to our priority customers and
The Government launched Local                   badged as LEP opportunities.                   Summary
Employment Partnerships (LEPs) in                 As a result, we now receive around           Jobcentre Plus will be launching a
October 2008 expressing its desire to see       18,000 vacancies per month from the NHS        vision for success to coincide with these
all employers enter into strategic and          as a whole and around 1,000 customers          effective recruitment events and are
operational relationships with Jobcentre        have gone into work as a result of specific     willing to run through the number of good
Plus to ensure that priority customers          Local Employment Partnerships – we             practice case studies that already exist.
within all local communities can more           know we can significantly improve on this
successfully access employment opportunities.   by working more closely with you.              There have been a number of innovative
   These partnerships can be tailor-made                                                       ways of working more effectively
to ensure they meet local needs. This           Action                                         in partnership:
means it is envisaged that any specific          However, it is clear that if we are going      • Job brokerage models
measures or options are considered              to support all local customers properly        • Pre-employment training
by both Jobcentre Plus representatives          we really do need to establish tailored        • Work trials
and employers to ensure that all local          Local Employment Partnerships at an indi-      • Secondments between organisations etc.
priority customers can potentially access       vidual NHS organisation level and explore
local opportunities. Priority customer          more effective and successful means of         The vision pulls in some elements of good
groups include jobless lone parents and         working together.                              practice while also building on the
those in receipt of an inactive benefit, for                                                    structural changes taking place within
example, due to a health condition or                 At a local Jobcentre Plus level
                                                                                               Primary Care Trusts in particular.
disability (see             there are a number of account
                                                                                                  The establishment of new Workforce
for a full description).                              managers who can work with               Planner posts within Primary Care Trusts
   These measures could include, for                   individual hospitals/Primary            gives Jobcentre Plus a good opportunity
example, pre-employment training, work              Care Trusts and help carve out a           to build links and plan for future recruitments
trials, open days and Jobcentre Plus                  local partnership agreement.             – by working alongside the Primary Care
support for matching and screening etc.                                                        Trusts in more effectively coordinating
                                                   If you are not already working locally      recruitment activity and allowing both
The NHS and Jobcentre Plus                      in partnership with Jobcentre Plus we          organisations to prepare local customers
Working with NHS Employers we have              encourage you to contact your local            within local Health Economies for work.
established a download facility with NHS        Jobcentre Plus office or contact me directly       Jobcentre Plus in the West Midlands will
Jobs whereby all Band 5 and below (Band         (see below for contact details).               be piloting this approach with Birmingham
7 and below for Admin & Clerical and               At a local Jobcentre Plus level there are   East and North PCT in the near future and a
Estates & Ancillaries staff groups) are         a number of account managers who can           full evaluation with take place.
downloaded at our call centre in Exeter,        work with individual NHS organisations            It is important to note, however, that
which updates the information available         and help carve out a local partnership         we will ensure that we will work with you
to Jobcentre Plus advisors. Additionally,       agreement.                                     locally to produce a partnership that may
vacancies are input onto our Job Ware-             They are experts in the local labour        include some bits of good practice already
house system ensuring all NHS vacancies         market and will understand the needs of        in existence but a partnership that also
are readily accessible to our customers.        local jobseekers and be able to tailor the     meets your specific needs.
   The Department of Health, ministers          infrastructure to help you meet your
and the NHS Chief Executive have made           recruitment needs.                             Tony Hyland, senior account manager,
                                                                                               Jobcentre Plus
a commitment to working with Jobcentre             They will be your door to a whole range
Plus and providing Jobcentre Plus with          of Jobcentre Plus services and will want        E:
all vacancies and supporting our Local          to work closely with you to evaluate how        Tel: 020 7391 1850
Employment Partnership agenda. As a             successful we are in attracting the right       W:
result, all vacancies received now will be      customers for your jobs – we will also want     W:

 6   Spring 2009 No. 7
SHARING GOOD PRACTICE                                                Employing Healthcare Professionals

How to cut costs and attract good candidates
John Bottomley outlines how his                 the new employment check standards also          material can be used more flexibly. The
award-winning trust put NHS Jobs                gave further opportunity to change and           trust now includes a variety of literature
centre stage in its recruitment strategy.       now the trust has more efficient references       with its jobs, little of which would have
                                                and CRB checking processes.                      been sent with a paper application.
South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust provides         • Work on process mapping has enabled            • Use of NHS Jobs has enabled spend on
health care from two main sites. The            the department to meet increased de-             advertising to be significantly reduced.
James Cook University Hospital in               mands. Last year it dealt with an average        This has allowed the recruitment budget
Middlesbrough is a tertiary referral centre     of 67 posts and 1,000 applications per           to be reduced by 80 per cent, releasing
for around 274,000 people. The Friarage         month. This has now increased to an              valuable savings back into the trust.
Hospital in Northallerton is a district         average of 97 posts and 3,000 applications       • The trust is revising its recruitment
general hospital for 124,000 people.            per month.                                       methodologies. Filter questions for
  The trust employs 6,800 staff and in          • Recruitment in hard-to-fill specialties         applicants ensure only appropriate
2007/08 the total income was £409m. It          is a key priority. Regular meetings with         applications are received. However, the
was named the Dr Foster Acute Hospital          clinical managers take place to resolve          trust is piloting changes to the methods
of the Year and the HSJ Acute Trust of the      any recruitment issues. As a result, many        used for consultant and therapist recruitment.
Year in 2007. The trust was also named a        of the recruitment issues are now under          • The recruitment team has begun to
top Healthcare 100 employer in March 2009.      control. Bigger issues are being handled         implement a ‘choose and book’ system for
                                                using focus groups and new e-media to            allocation of interview slots to minimise
Recruitment strategy                            improve the quality of the adverts and           the number of ‘DNAs’.
The Trust’s recruitment strategy was            supporting information on NHS Jobs.
agreed in November 2007. As a result a          • The trust moved to a completely paperless      Summary
number of initiatives were started:             application system in October 2008, which        The new changes have resulted in greater
• A new recruitment policy and procedure.       has reduced multiple duplication of entry.       efficiencies, savings and improved quality of
The policy was supported by a ‘how to do’       It also helps the trust analyse data from        applicants. The trust is aiming for further
booklet covering all aspects of recruitment     its applicants, which has been used in the       improvements including retention
within the trust, from vacancy to appointment   Single Equality Scheme Monitoring report.        interviews and scheduled advertisements.
in a user-friendly guide to ensure that         • The trust has made progress in enhancing
all recruitment activities are conducted        its employer brand. The move towards             John Bottomley, recruitment and staff
efficiently and appropriately. Incorporating     using NHS Jobs has meant that the                benefits manager, South Tees NHS Trust.

Helping people to access local NHS jobs online
Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust explains             computers and computer training if required.
how they used Local Employment Partnerships to recruit staff               Jobcentre Plus concentrates on entry level vacancies and
locally and identifies the benefits of signing up to the initiative.     gives potential candidates access to the internal hospital website
                                                                       where they can search for job descriptions. They then work with
The organisation                                                       each candidate on a one-to-one basis.
Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides                 Homerton Hospital is particularly proud of the 26-week
general hospital services to Hackney and the City of London. It is     placement scheme for lone parents, as many who entered the
one of the largest employers in the area, employing 2,500 people.      programme secured full-time positions within the hospital, often
                                                                       before their probationary period ended.
What we did and why
With London winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympic and               Results and next steps
Paralympic Games and Homerton having been chosen as the                Jobcentre Plus provided the additional resource needed by
designated hospital for the Games, the use of Local Employment         Homerton Hospital to coordinate high-volume recruitment.
Partnerships (LEPs) provided a route to increase staffing levels by         Through employing individuals from the local community
using local skills and talent.                                         who may have previously had difficulty in accessing the labour
    Since signing up to a LEP, Homerton Hospital has worked in         market, the overall economic health of the area is supported and
partnership with Jobcentre Plus and Groundwork East London, an         improved and the hospital now reflects the diverse make-up of
environmental charity with specialist local knowledge, to make         the community it serves.
sure that suitable candidates are aware of vacancies and are               The hospital appointed a lone parent who had not worked
prepared for working life in the hospital.                             for 10 years. She now has a job as a receptionist after successfully
                                                                       completing a 26-week placement. Jobcentre Plus and Groundwork
How we did it                                                          East London helped the applicant by advising her on her CV and
Jobcentre Plus arranged open days to attract people to consider        giving her useful tips for her interview.
working at Homerton Hospital.                                              During her trial period at the hospital, she was given a buddy
   Jobcentre Plus and Groundwork East London helped to ensure          and treated as a full member of staff.
that suitable candidates had the necessary skills, assisted them
                                                                        For further information please visit
with their applications and CV and provided them with access to

                                                                                                                        Spring 2009 No. 7    7
This issue: How to recruit online


Using pre-recruitment courses                                                                             Public Service
                                                                                                        Agreement targets
and job shops
                                                                                                Do your online recruitment campaigns
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust signed up to a Local Employment                              support the PSA (Public Sector Agreement)
Partnership to encourage a more diverse group of people into the NHS.                           fairness and opportunity for all targets?
The organisation                               support with the first step to permanent
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is a        employment.                                      The Government’s key strategic
large and busy teaching hospital which                                                          priorities on employment (2008 – 2010)
provides a range of medical, surgical,         Job shops                                        aim to maximise employment opportunity
maternity and emergency services to            The second initiative involves Salford           for all.
almost 400,000 people in Salford. It is        Royal NHS Foundation Trust running
one of the major employers in the area,        monthly job shops on the last Friday of          That means:
employing 4,200 people.                        each month (except August and December).         • Ensuring that those who lose their
                                               The purpose of the job shops is to support       jobs and are looking for work in the
What we did and why                            the local population to obtain work within       current economic downturn get the support
The development of new primary care            the trust and a number of routes into            they need to move back into work
centres meant that the trust had a number      employment are promoted. The events
of vacancies to fill and was actively looking   proved very successful with an average of        • Tackling child poverty by increasing
to encourage applications from the             70 people attending each month and               the number of lone parents in
diverse local community. They used             they continue to attract prospective             employment
various LEP initiatives to successfully        employees.
increase the workforce. One initiative           The local Jobcentre Plus offices promote        • Increasing employment opportunity
was with Eccles College to provide a           the job shops and provide applications           for people with a health condition or
pre-recruitment course and the other           where appropriate. Support and guidance          disability and helping to prevent
was a monthly jobs shop, supported by          are also provided for the online recruitment     people from falling out of work
Jobcentre Plus advisers.                       process, including how to set up an email        because of ill-health
   The trust developed a good working          account in order to apply for jobs using
relationship with Jobcentre Plus who           NHS Jobs.                                        • Ensuring that employment
provided information on their customers                                                         programmes and policies meet those
and supported recruitment initiatives in       Results and next steps                           who are disadvantaged in the labour
line with local community needs.               There are three courses within the Eccles        market by offering targeted back-to-
                                               College project and the first one was             work programmes, and separately
How we did it                                  completed in November. It proved very            monitoring the employment rates of
Pre-recruitment course                         successful with 25 registrations, 16 course      disadvantaged groups
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust             places, 11 interviews and 7 posts offered
piloted a project in conjunction with          within the trust. The project provides follow-   • Sustainable employment and
Eccles College to provide a five-week           up help for those who weren’t successful         progression, reducing the amount
pre-recruitment course with a guaranteed       and they have been offered volunteer             of time people remain on out-of-work
interview for completers. The course is        posts or career advice. The trainees are all     benefits, and promoting progression in
targeted at people who are considered to       from the local community, which allowed          employment by improving the integration
need additional support to enable them         the trust to provide employees who reflect        of employment and skills services
to meet the application and interview          the community it serves.
standards.                                        The trust has also encouraged other           • Working with employers to open up
   The course was designed to help             organisations working with the hospital to       more jobs to long-term benefit claim-
people obtain an interview for working         use the job shop facility to recruit locally.    ants and to build equality in the
in a healthcare environment. It covers         This has increased the variety of jobs on        workplace.
personal development and assertiveness         offer, for example, construction jobs from
techniques and in addition an informal         the current rebuild and refurbishment and
advice and guidance interview is pro-          patient support via Patientline.
vided to support the choice of career. The                                                                 Apprenticeships
course is targeted at individuals who wish
to return to work after caring for children                                                     Your organisation may wish to consider
or relatives or may be returning to work         For advice please email Lesley Moss,           apprenticeships to maximise employment
after a long period of illness and allows                                                       opportunities for all. As an employer there is
                                                 human resources services manager
people to bring their life experiences and                                                      a whole range of information at
                                                 at Salford Royal NHS Foundation       to help you
skills that are required for a caring role.      Trust at               decide if apprenticeships are the right route
Lone parents and people in receipt of in-                                                       for your trust.
capacity benefit often need that help and

 8   Spring 2009 No. 7
LEGAL ISSUES                                                        Employing Healthcare Professionals

Avoiding discrimination:
                                                                                               • Alternatively issue an explanatory note
                                                                                               detailing the impact of these issues to
                                                                                               those involved in recruitment and selection.

are you up to speed?                                                                           • Adopt a policy that requires line
                                                                                               managers to check advertisements with
                                                                                               their HR department/medical staffing
Jacqui Atkinson highlights some                 conditions which make it difficult for          officers to ensure that the language is
of the key pieces of legislation on             workers in other Member States to              appropriate and does not give rise to
                                                comply with those requirements. For            discrimination issues.
discrimination in recruitment.                  example, a requirement for NHS experience
                                                could be seen as discriminatory unless         • Check whether your recruitment policy
There are numerous strands of EU and UK
                                                followed by ‘or equivalent’. The remedies      or grievance procedure sets out a clear
discrimination legislation (Box 1) which
                                                available for breaches of this nature          complaints procedure for unsuccessful
impact on recruitment and advertising in
                                                include proceedings directly by the            external and internal applicants.
the UK. The use of electronic communication
                                                European Commission against public
to recruit people saves money and is faster
                                                authorities and/or member states.              • Ensure that any training programmes on
than other recruitment methods but the
                                                                                               diversity and equality include a reference
legal framework remains the same.
                                                Amendments to the definition of indirect        to EU- as well as UK-based discrimination
   In order to ensure that your organisation
                                                discrimination in the RRA                      legislation and that staff are updated
is not at risk of a successful discrimination
                                                On 22 December 2008 the Race Relations         regularly regarding changes in the law.
challenge, healthcare organisations need
                                                Act 1976 (Amendment) Regulations 2008
to ensure that those involved in recruitment
                                                came into force. The Regulations amend         As always, prevention is better than cure
and selection are constantly kept up to
                                                the RRA to ensure that ‘deterred appli-        and legal health checks for your policies
speed on case law and legislation
                                                cants’ who are put off from applying for a     are a good way of ensuring that all of the
                                                job by a discriminatory provision, criterion   nuances of the law are fully embraced
                                                or practice (‘PRP’) would be protected by      within your recruitment practices.
Discrimination challenges in recruitment
                                                the RRA.
The current strands of unlawful discrimi-
                                                   Therefore, where individuals can show       Jacqui Atkinson, associate, Capsticks LLP,
nation are race, colour, nationality, ethnic
                                                that they intended and were otherwise
or national origin, sex, disability, age,
                                                qualified to apply for a role but were
religion/belief, sexual orientation and
                                                ‘put off’ by a PCP, they can bring a claim
gender assignment. It is also unlawful
                                                in the ET.
to discriminate against fixed-term and
                                                   We would suggest an explanatory note          Box 1: Legislation speed read
part-time workers on the grounds of their
                                                of these provisions is provided to those
fixed-term or part-time status.
                                                who are involved in writing or placing          • EU Treaty of Rome (Right to the
   A job applicant can bring a discrimina-
                                                advertisements for jobs within your               Freedom of Movement of Workers)
tion claim against a potential employer
                                                organisation to ensure compliance with          • EC Race Directive (2000/43)
for discrimination in the arrangements
                                                current UK legislation and compliance           • Race Relations Act 1976
made for recruitment (including adverts),
                                                with EU discrimination law.
discrimination arising out of the terms of                                                      • Race Relations Amendment Act 2000
employment offered and for discrimina-                                                          • Race Relations Act 1976 (Statutory
tion due to a refusal or deliberate failure                                                       Duties) Order 2001
                                                Direct race discrimination
to offer employment.                                                                            • Race Relations Act 1976 (Amendment)
                                                In 2008 the European Court of Justice
                                                (ECJ) considered the case of Centrum v            Regulations 2003
Key awareness points for recruitment                                                            • Race Relations Act 1976 (Amendment)
                                                Firma Feryn in which an employer made a
managers                                                                                          Regulations 2008
                                                statement during a recruitment drive that
                                                ‘he would not employ Moroccans’. The            • Sex Discrimination Act 1975
The right to the freedom of movement for        ECJ held that this statement was likely to      • Disability Discrimination Act 1995
EU workers                                      strongly put off certain candidates from        • Fixed Term Employees (Prevention of
The recent media attention surrounding          applying, hindering their access to the           Less Favourable Treatment)
wildcat strikes in an oil refinery reminds       labour market which would constitute              Regulations 2002
employers about the impact of EU law.           direct discrimination. This case will have      • Part time Women’s (Prevention of Less
The right to the freedom of movement            implications for individuals who wish to          Favourable Treatment) 2000
of workers in the UK is enshrined in EU         challenge directly discriminatory adverts.      • The Employment Equality (Religion or
law (Article 39 of the Treaty of Rome) and                                                        Belief ) Regulations 2003
ensures freedom by outlawing discrimina-        Practical tips                                  • The Employment Equality (Sexual
tion based on nationality between work-         • Review and update your recruitment &            Orientation) Regulations 2003
ers who are citizens of member states.          selection policies to ensure there is           • The Employment Equality (Age)
   This includes indirect discrimination        reference to the Right to Freedom of              Regulations 2006.
by one Member State, which imposes              Movement of Workers.

                                                                                                                     Spring 2009 No. 7      9
This issue: How to recruit online


Putting ‘inclusivity’ into                                                                        Box 1: Strategy for diversity

online recruitment                                                                              • DO think ‘inclusive’ rather than any
                                                                                                  one particular diversity strand.
Gamiel Yafai explains how to recruit candidates from a range of                                 • DO believe that content and
different communities.                                                                            navigation are crucial to your success.
                                                                                                • DO accept that offline programmes
In 2006, a milestone was quietly reached       engaging with your audience. NHS Jobs              such as Ambassador Programmes
– and quickly passed. For the first time,       carries out equality impact assessments            can inform your online success.
more money was spent in online recruitment     on your behalf to ensure maximum                 • DO embrace high achievers as well
than in the traditional press-based media.     accessibility. It is just as important as the      as disenfranchised individuals.
  In 2009, a total of £18.5 billion will be    ‘message’ you deliver.                           • DO maximise the potential of proven
spent on internet ads (an uplift of 29 per       Get the method and the message right,            innovations such as Diversity On
cent over 2007).                               and you’re an authentic organisation or            line, to retain employees through
  Where will this lead us? Building the        employer of credible substance. If method          best practice in diversity and equality
best content and creating the most             and message don’t align, you’re ‘not real’.        of opportunity.
interactive communications is ‘the             The experience doesn’t match the process.        • DO use the equality and diversity
future’. And it’s already being seen in the    You don’t have a believable ‘employer brand’.      reporting functionality on NHS Jobs.
recruitment sphere, where interactivity
and consistency of communications              Reaching diverse communities off-line           Wireless on trains. At their seat on planes.
between all stakeholders is vital to attract   But what about engaging with communities        In the car. On the street.
and engage with active and passive             who simply aren’t ‘connecting’? The barrier        Many potential candidates from the
candidates.                                    may be one of perception of you as an           diversity communities have G3-enabled
  But how ‘inclusive’ are these interactive    employer, or it could be a cultural,            ‘always-on’ mobile devices, software-
communications? What is the best way           community, economic or wider issue.             driven radio band selections and satellites
to recruit candidates online from              Overcoming such obstacles requires              in their pockets. They’re networked through
communities as diverse as Black and            influence within the communities themselves.     Linked-In, they Facebook and they Twitter,
Minority Ethnic (BME), Lesbian, Gay               At Diversity Marketplace (see back           as well as networking in their communities.
Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) and            page for contact details) we’ve found           At work they’re au fait with posting
disability? Do cultural and economic           that Ambassador Programmes within the           employee video profiles, taking virtual
factors disenfranchise certain sections of     communities – influencing the influencers         office tours, delivering online presentations
the community?                                 – really work in engaging the community         and undergoing online aptitude tests.
                                               and getting them to explore an organisation        Your online recruitment strategy needs
How can you reach diverse                      as an employer. We’ve worked with the NHS,      to embrace them, every bit as much as
communities online?                            emergency services, government, private         someone who may not be tech-savvy or
Online is like any other medium of             sector and third sector clients and all         have limited access to the digital world.
communication. It’s open to most people        have found that Ambassador Programmes              Online recruitment in this wider
but there are barriers that NHS recruiters     break down the barriers and can                 diversity context doesn’t mean dumbing
need to be aware of. It’s both empowering      convincingly bring a url to an hitherto         down or playing to the lowest common
to some candidate populations but also         disengaged audience.                            denominator. It means empathising with
needs to be positioned carefully to reach         Build an Ambassador Programme in, for        and respecting the life experiences of all
certain communities. The key is under-         example, a BME or Faith community and           candidates, from all backgrounds. It’s
standing the communities you are trying to     those communities will be far more              diversity, in the truest sense of the word.
reach and show a genuine empathy with          inclined to go online.
them, through the recruitment channels            NHS Employers – through its 20 lead          Gamiel Yafai, managing director,
you offer.                                     sites who champion equality and diversity       Diversity Marketplace,
   There has been very little research on                                            
                                               for them across the country – also offers
the exclusion of communities from the          practical support and guidance to trusts
various jobsites that are out there, so it     who need it (see www.nhsemployers.
                                                                                                             Useful links
is impossible to say that jobsites ‘do’ or     org/EmploymentPolicyAndPractice/                 NHS Employers
‘don’t’ exclude. It is therefore probably      EqualityAndDiversity/Pages/Equality-and-         Employment policy & practice: Equality
safest to assume that there is a degree of     diversity-lead-sites.aspx for details on         and diversity
inaccessibility – and look to counter it.      good practice in this area).           
   Navigation and content (for both                                                             EmploymentPolicyAndPractice/
jobsites and the NHS websites) are clearly     Know your audience                               EqualityAndDiversity/Pages/Home.aspx
critical to ensuring access and engagement.
                                               Equally, don’t assume that online
The content needs to be relevant to all                                                         Jobcentre Plus
                                               ‘inclusivity’ should just target ‘disad-
communities and the amount of                                                                   Recruitment advisory service: Diversity
                                               vantaged’ groups. Some of the highest
information needs to be right.                                                        
                                               achievers (and most valuable skill-sets) in
   And the ‘way’ you present the                                                                Employers/advisoryservices/diversity
information so that everyone can navigate      the UK reside in the ‘diversity’ communities.
easily around the site will be critical to     To them, Broadband is everywhere.

10   Spring 2009 No. 7
KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE                                                 Employing Healthcare Professionals

How do healthcare staff
                                                                                                internet use and habits and is not specific
                                                                                                to recruitment topics. The total sample
                                                                                                size included in this analysis is 7,749; of

use the internet?
                                                                                                these 174 worked in the medical/health
                                                                                                   How ‘e’ are you? uses a unique system
                                                                                                to give respondents an e-score of
Giles Guest explains the online               might suggest that although they are              between 0–100, with those scoring more
behaviour patterns seen in health             focused in terms of searching for jobs,           highly being more e-savvy. The e-score
and medical job seekers.                      they are less likely to have applied for a job.   is determined by analysing 30 online
                                                 However, they are more likely to               activities that respondents have or have
There are two survey companies which          have applied by completing an online              not completed.
collect useful data on medical/health job     application form – this is unusual and
seekers: NORAS and How ‘e’ are you?           is probably a function of the application         Findings
                                              method used by job seekers in this sector.        • The average e-score of those working
NORAS (                          Medical/health job seekers are also            in the medical/health area is 55.7. The
NORAS 2008 uses a sample size of 40,601       less likely to have obtained an interview         average e-score of all respondents (ALL)
online job seekers from 25 commercial job     as a result of an online application.             was 62.4. This suggests that professionals
boards. Of the 40,601 sample size, 2,680      However, they are as likely to obtain jobs        working in medical/health are less e-
worked in the medical/health sectors and      once they get to an interview.                    savvy than average.
1,048 worked in a medical/health role.           In terms of age, medical/health job            • Medical/health internet users are more
                                              seekers are older (this tallies with also         likely to cite shopping sites as one of their
Findings                                      having more work experience). Forty eight         top three websites than ALL internet users
Compared to typical job seekers medical/      per cent of typical online job seekers            (Ebay 20 per cent vs 13 per cent, Amazon
health job seekers are more likely to be      are 35 or over, compared to 57 per cent           12 per cent vs 9 per cent and HotUKDeals
actively looking for a job.                   of online job seekers in this sector and          4 per cent vs 1 per cent). They are less
   They are also less likely to be looking    58 per cent of online job seekers in a            likely to include social networking sites
for a full-time job on a permanent basis      medical/health role. They are also more           (Facebook 19 per cent vs 11 per cent) and
and more likely to be looking for jobs on a   likely to be female.                              news sites (BBC News 7 per cent vs 3 per
part-time permanent basis.                       Medical/health job seekers are online          cent) in their list of top three sites than
   Medical/health job seekers visit less      less often. Sixty one per cent of typical         ALL internet users.
sites. Sixty nine per cent of typical job     online job seekers are online every day,
seekers visit between one and five job         compared to 51 per cent of online job             The exponential growth in the use of the
boards compared to 72 per cent of job         seekers in this sector and 47 per cent            internet as a source of jobs means that
seekers in the medical/health sector and      in a medical/health role. They are less           it is vital for NHS managers to make the
78 per cent of job seekers in an medical/     likely to have access to some key items           most of the opportunities offered by
health role. They are also less likely to     of technology – for example, 74 per cent          online recruitment, and in particular how
make direct approaches to employers and       of typical job seekers have access to a           to exploit the power of NHS Jobs most
use recruitment consultants. Instead they     desktop PC compared to 68 per cent in a           effectively.
are more likely to use internal bulletin      medical/health role.
boards and employer intranets.
                                                                                                Giles Guest, director, Enhance Media ltd.
   Medical/health job seekers are more        How ‘e’ are you? (       
likely to be currently in a permanent         How ‘e’ are you? is a survey of general
part-time role and they have more work
experience. Fifty three per cent of typical
online job seekers have more than 10
years’ work experience, compared to 58                                                    Advertising • Research • Strategy • Training
per cent of medical/health job seekers.
   Between 35 and 36 per cent of
medical/health job seekers say they
only visit a job board to look for jobs,          Improve your online recruitment
compared to 32 per cent of typical job
seekers. They are therefore less likely
to perform some additional activities            e   Enhance your skills
on job boards; such as making salary                 - Online copy writing training, recruitment training            Contact us
comparisons, registering for jobs via
email and registering CVs. This shows that
                                                 e   Enhance your online approach                                     for a free
                                                     - Develop and improve your recruitment website
the job search functionality should be at
the centre of any job board/careers site in      e   Enhance your candidate attraction
this sector.                                         - Pay per click and search engine optimisation
   Medical/health job seekers are less
likely to have applied for a job they’ve
seen online than a typical job seeker. This               Tel: 020 7731 9640 • email:

                                                                                                                      Spring 2009 No. 7     11
This issue: How to recruit online


Did you know?                                                                                           Useful contacts

Are you confident that you and your organisation are getting the most
out of NHS Jobs? Rachel Dean, senior customer adviser at NHS Jobs,                            NHS Jobs
shows you how.                                                                                E:
                                                                                              T: 0113 306 3035
1. You can prepare your advert, including      6. If you are actively looking to              W:
all the accompanying documentation well        recruit, or would consider, newly qualified
in advance and place it in the holding         applicants for your vacancy then you can
area until you are ready to post it on the     more accurately target this group of           Jobcentre Plus
website.                                       job seekers by checking the ‘suitable for      E:
                                               newly qualified applicant?’ box when            T: 020 7391 1850
2. You can use the job pack feature            adding the vacancy. This will ensure that      W:
within the ‘Admin’ section to collate a        the vacancy appears when job seekers
number of links and documents together         search for vacancies that are ‘suitable for
to create an online job pack for               newly qualified applicants’.                    NHS Employers
prospective applicants.                                                                       E:
                                               7. You can display a number of symbols         T: 0113 306 3046
3.    To increase the likelihood of            on all your adverts including the Positive     W:
job seekers selecting to look at your          About Disabled People (two ticks) symbol
advert, include the job title/s and as many    and/or the Investors in People (IiP)
key skill words as possible within the free    symbol. This can be done within the            Enhance Media
text of the advert. This will ensure your      ‘Admin’ section of the site under              E:
adverts are picked up and appear at the        ‘Employer Details’.                            T: 01483 719 020
top of search lists.                                                                          W:
                                               8. You can create ‘headers and footers’
4.     You can use the in-built messaging      within the ‘Admin’ section to automatically
system to feedback to applicants. For          appear on all the adverts which your
                                                                                              Diversity Marketplace
those applicants who are not shortlisted       organisations post on NHS Jobs.                E:
it is good practice to send a polite regret                                                   T: 07764683338
message. This will help manage the             9.   You can create a vacancy bulletin         W:
applicant’s expectations, improve the          within the ‘Reports’ section which contains
applicant’s experience and will also help      direct web links to current vacancies within
to discourage those unsuitable applicants
                                               your organisation. Why not circulate this to
from applying for similar vacancies in                                                        E:
                                               internal staff and raise awareness of NHS
the future.                                    Jobs within your organisation?                 T: 020 8780 2211
5. When adding a vacancy to the website,       10.  Job seekers have the facility to
if you select to include the ‘Tier 2’ and/or                                                  Health Workforce Bulletin
                                               search for vacancies on NHS Jobs within a
‘UK Professional Registration’ statements                                                     E:
                                               specified salary range and/or location
the auto-filtering (greying out) feature will                                                  T: 020 8334 4500
                                               radius, so accurate salary information
be activated. This means that depending on
                                               and full location details on the advert are    W:
the applicant’s answers to the correspond-
                                               essential if you want your vacancies to be
ing questions on the form, they may be
                                               seen by as many job seekers as possible.

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12   Spring 2009 No. 7

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