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					Benefits of ATPO Membership &
 Value of JCAHPO Certification

              Donna M Applegate, BSC, COT
Who is JCAHPO?

 JointCommission on Allied Health
  Personnel in Ophthalmology
 Comprised of 15 ophthalmic and
  ophthalmic allied health societies
JCAHPO ~ Mission Statement:

Enhance the quality and availability of
ophthalmic patient care by promoting the
value of qualified allied health personnel,
and by providing certification and
continuing education
Purpose of Certification
 Validates  an individual’s knowledge, skills, and
  experience in the given profession1
 “Participation in JCAHPO certification represents a
  conscious commitment to embrace the professional
  standards of ophthalmologists.”2
 “Commitment to professional standards promotes
  effective team building.”2
 1Simpson,   K.R. (1990). A Specialty Certification Incentive Program: Costs Versus Benefits. Journal of
    Nursing Staff Development, 6 (4), 181-185.
   2 JCAHPO White Paper: “Certification of Ophthalmic Medical Personnel: Invisible assets, Tangible
    benefits” March 2002.
JCAHPO Certification Levels
   COA® – Certified Ophthalmic Assistant
   COT® – Certified Ophthalmic Technician
   COMT® – Certified Ophthalmic Medical
   CCOA® – Corporate Certified Ophthalmic

   Subspecialty – Surgical Assisting
   ROUB (Registered Ophthalmic Ultrasound
JCAHPO Continuing Education
   Annual Continuing Education Program
   Regional CE programs
   Learning Systems® computer-based training and
   Ophthalmic Coding Specialist Certificate of
   Others: Refinements, Audiotapes, etc.
Value of JCAHPO Certification
   Higher salary           • Acts as a recruitment tool
   Credibility             to attract experienced
   Improves self-esteem    ophthalmic allied health
   Personal growth         professionals
   Improves patient care   •Promotes professionalism
   Validates clinical
Earn College Credits for Exam
   American Council on Education (ACE)
   Recommends college credit for the 3 core
    JCAHPO certification exams
     – COA®        12 college credits
     – COT®        16 college credits
     – COMT®       18 college credits
     – TOTAL 46 credits
JCAHPO Certification Communicates
   Knowledge of ophthalmology
   Pride in your profession
   Desire to be recognized for skills and knowledge
   Commitment to high quality patient care
   Enhanced skills that open doors to new job
Why Certify?
   Proof of meeting academic and clinical
   Confirm successful completion of written and
    practical exams
   Increase confidence from patients
   Earn more respect from co-workers and physicians
   Increase job opportunities, benefits, and bonuses
ATPO National Salary & Benefits
Report 2002

Category   #a     Avg      Min      Med      Max

 COA       552   $14.81   $8.00    $14.50   $28.50

 COT       197   $17.85   $9.50    $17.45   $52.26

COMT       44    $23.80   $15.00   $24.31   $48.00
Who is ATPO?

 Association of Technical Personnel in
 Professional Association for OMP
 Similar to role of AAO to ophthalmologists
 Approximately 1200 members and growing
ATPO ~ Mission Statement:

To provide, expand, and support scientific
and educational opportunities for allied
health personnel in ophthalmology, and to
act as an advocate for its members and the
What’s In It For Me?
   FOUR FREE CE CREDITS              Opportunity to mentor
    per year!                          other professionals, or be
   Network with colleagues            mentored
   Local Chapters                    Reduced fees for national,
   Participate in special             regional and online
    interest groups                    continuing education
   Vote, hold office, and serve      Viewpoints newsletter
    on committees                     Membership Directory
   Participate in legislative        Bulletin Board job ads
    activities                        Membership card &
   Regional Buddy Network             certificate
ATPO Represents You
as the Voice of OMP
   JCAHPO certification
   National legislative issues
   Bureau of Health Professions
   Within allied health
   American Academy of Ophthalmology
   Other ophthalmic related organizations
   In educational program settings
Legislative Action
Alert to legislation that threatens the profession, like:
 Connecticut
    – require professional licensure to instill any eye drops.
 California
    – prohibit an assistant in a physician’s, surgeon’s, or optometrist’s
        office to perform subjective refraction and visual field testing other
        than “automated” visual fields
    – “an optometrist shall not permit ancillary personnel to collect data
        requiring the exercise of professional judgment or skill of an
        optometrist, perform an subjective refraction procedures, perform
        any contact Tonometry…”
 New York
    – approve a freestanding ambulatory surgical center to be built at the
        college of optometry of the State University of New York
2004 CA Medical Advisory ruling
“…Section 2544 states that an ophthalmic technician may
perform a nonsubjective auto refraction in connection with
subjective refraction procedures performed by an
ophthalmologist or optometrist…it is clear that assistants may
not perform subjective refraction examinations. Rather,
assistants are authorized to administer nonsubjective refraction
that do not require patient interaction. When the test involves
asking a patient if his or her eyesight has improved with the
changing of the dial-in lenses, we (the California Medical
Board) believe the subjective refraction test has commenced,
and that test may only be performed by a physician and
surgeon or an optometrist.”
Get Involved
   Volunteer as committee chair
   Committee member
   Make welcome telephone call to new members
   Board member of a Local-State-Regional (LSR)
   Write an article for continuing education credit
   Lecture a continuing education course
   Take ATPO online continuing education course
As a Result of ATPO membership
   Name recognition
   Work at a higher level within the organization
   Ability to affect the working conditions of OMP
   Enhance communication and leadership skills
   Work with prominent ophthalmic leaders
   Travel
By joining ATPO and obtaining
JCAHPO certification you will…
   Protect our career
   Improve patient care
   Validate experience and increase credibility
   Command higher pay
   Increase skill competence
   Achieve recognition at national level
   Promote personal growth and self-esteem
Joint Commission on Allied
    Health Personnel in      Association of Technical
      Ophthalmology        Personnel in Ophthalmology


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