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RespID         EngagementExperience                            ReactionstoChallenge
                                                  ClientRecruitment                        FactorsFrustrating
                                                                            FactorsAttracted             SearchEngineAbility
          11                                      It but we confronted because it seemedgood Not applicablethey were have AdWords h
                                                               Nope         1. Relevance - a pretty that our client did not increasing their
                                                                                                         time because
               I wasn't able to attend the meetingwasn't very difficult our enterprise at It is clear clearkeyword advertising has become a
          14                                                   Yes1. A fixed budget ($200) to spend zeroedwas a helpedthe end. But build
                                                                            1. The organizationsname.2. Theupon one in size as 4.2.we r
                                                                                           1. brand and which immense prizes and experien
                                                                                                         The experience completely new in The
                                                  No. We could list a number of google The restriction on minimum teamspeciallyrecognit
          15                                                                               at first our business partner
                                                                            liking of Googleinterest for marketing seemed very egaged an
          16                                      Yes. It is not easy to find To have the experience of being business who doesrestriction
                                                               No           1) client in a The length of were given search 2-page advertisin
                                                                                            Singapore We the survey.2) The engine not alrea
                                                                                                          who runs a of insight Google Adwords
               Right from the start, our enterprise cooperated without tooamuch of1) problem. My utter lackable to useabout the compa
          18                                                                               1. Lack of team member the team leader position p
                                                                                                         Yes, I in online marketing, because I see
                                                                            1. I am particularly interested took upcooperation hindered our b
          21                                        shop had only real time applicabilitysource a team didn't affect my abilitybeofonlineawa
                                                               The the clientThe as its of applicability some code that will to lead 2 yea
                                                                            1. was the Nothingall.. No not of GOMC.2. The thrill made to g
                                                                                           friend      ofits it mate. When they were "minding
               Our enterprise, a local car-repairNot really, sinceword-of-mouthreal-world itofreally..The videos were uploadedused the pr
          22                                      There were two mainhaveI put a plan products online.the e-commercethe business, disc
                                                                that we its services orwas not preparingAfter However:1-experience the
                                                                            1- had The first one I that haveinternational Then, develop
                                                                                              during that frustrated. that much successful ke
                                                                                                         achieving the found and web we in o
               The difficulty was in finding a local businessWell,offer problems.theIpassion of isdid notforanwecampaign.The need tores
          23                                      We did not I did not than The experience size Notheweto cheap the weaknesses and
                                                               have any problems because position able needed. Adwords.2. Assessin
                                                                            1. willing to 1. Thewe working group.2. The some motivation
                                                                                           give      anything with Google
               It was simple to get them on board. They were more expect the average usof wereto be so identifyin lack ofad cases. ot
          24                                      No, will useI adword again. that family of many peopleSo that wasinternet. I wasto Wor
                                                                 didn't thought
                                                                            1 Google certification2 WhenOnline marketing to to speak, othe
                                                                                           1 Final repport ^^2wesurfing on easy contact amaze
                                                                                                         Real       took a decision, the tell
               It was a positive experience, i think i our client was a member ofthey is so a teammate.Client was hard experience3 discu
          25                                       since it opened up a new window of possibilities experience helped a bit, but I felt high
                                                               No            difficulties, Too many chouces; notsearch However, this lack of
                                                                                           namely is the biggest out campaign
                                                                                                          targeting of enough information; experie
               I enjoyed working with adwords, We encountered someThe fact that googlethemyin e-commerce. engine and is the tha
          27                                                   no           Online Marketing.
                                                                                           Not getting Nocustomers
                                                  Yes, we had difficulty understanding the use of adwords.
          34                                     no                         unwilling was something new and challenging
                                                                                          work      no one else first experience with the cha
                                                             teammates the fact it toThis was our instructorswould work, utitlzed the help
          35                                     We had a commitment 1. group project2. Google3.really.notjust helped Class project m
                                                             That we were surprised on about our adwordsit. The professor really helpe
                                                                            from the wasnot the season for Itaccount. money3. and to d
                                                                                         1. how well time2. businesses4. had problems
                                                                                                    Not ads
               It was hard to find customers who wanted our client's products. Itclient notenoughthesmalldid.enoughWeme outneeded un
          36                                                 nothing companies thatnot being able to get in contact hire studentsvery helc
                                                                           the fact       some employers would experience made it mored
                                                                                                    my previous like to with the company
                                                 professor recruited was unexpected, some instructions should have been madeon tothr
          40                                     No, approaching to partecipate. AtThe beginning they are a little the possibilitythatwor
                                                                           I'm very interestes in difficult becouse was the first time to I m
               we contact them by a ex dipendent, then we offer organizations wasthe initial online marketing andwarried, but then wetr
          51                                                               i've learnedpartly about yes (unfair distribution of the tasks)som
                                                                                          a lot team work marketinglearn how to a website
               First the team have some difficulties to find an enterprise with a html website. We had some enterprises withcommunic
          55                                                               - Ability to use real money been of experience certainlybusiness
                                                                                         be beneficial to lack on-line campaign- Working with
                                                                                                    Our him nice us use his work smaller
               I convinced a friend who has started a small business that it would - It would have in an to let if we could small inproved d
          57                                     Our client was given to us by our teacher, wewas not predictthe manual.
                                                             no                          Our client Yes, the experience is invaluable.
                                                                                                     but we read seasonality
               It was easy given the fact that they had to do very little. Teacher made us do it,did slightly unresponsive.
          61                                                  It was the structured, but this wascould with online this classroom marketin
                                                                          I wanted to Igain that it Ia good thing to run over a and to show
                                                                                        thought would only traditional project.
                                                                                                      had have been participate     approac
                                                We considered allless local businesses experience be willingfor advertising longer period
          62                                                  understanding theapproach in strategy fact online marketing
                                                                          A new area of especially in for that already (AdWords)
                                                                                      Initially, the The recent this
                                                                                                     ignorance of
                                                Difficulty in It was a pleasant surprise, business enterprise days tooluse the search eng
          64                                    No. approached campaign from the start.
                                                              The Challenge should have included trial period. We good opportunity fo
               The enterprise was very willing to beI a part of this my father's business because Iabelieved it was a were only able to op
          68                                     Explain thatThe flexibility Working 1. projectfor had surprising, prior experience for(whic
                                                                the challenge is absolutely challenge providedcertain class members isfutu
                                                                             Google Adwords. of interest from by the world total controla w
                                                                                         on a free regarding gradingconsidering that it Go
                                                                                                         the 2 years of and our renowned ov
               The enterprise had no prior experience or knowledge of1. given to theLack ThisI was client with no commitments withcom
          69                                     There wereWe problems.
                                                                no underestimated the complexityI and timeteam leader running change in
                                                                             were excited to real business2. intensity of current campaigns
                                                                                         1. low budget low possibilities2. and had adwords
                                                                                                        was the learning
               My team and I chose the company of my parents - they1. working with atake part -in the a no former
          70                                                                novelty      money
          71                                     there were 3 Organisations teamworkI andto so iweup to to have a couldnt choose future
                                                     was great to choose try lots ofhavent date. to experienceany especia
                                                                            This courseItwas I would didnt us any search for this
                                                                                               from keep love have we of work always had
                                                                                                         work to get started and we in advance
               It was a big success for us. I learned lots during this competition andwascompulsery forhad soLotsteam liketo do in any fo
          73                                                  Initially the Always have liked interested in the and the the company, every
                                                                            company was have thebe sincere, my companions to group did
                                                                                         If I very to I advertising, project, ready Adwords wa
                                                                                                        was not experienced at marketing on-lin
                                                 In the first moment we realize aI previous interview to know more of systemof help ourse
          74                                     I got the knowledge aboutdid very wellgoogle adwordsday, learned was reallyopportuni
                                                              our campaign workingour endwhen exams and onlinebetween and i hv sur
                                                                            The the beginning conducted by "Greatin to read reportstowo
                                                                                           of on termknew started Google" and not face
                                                                                                      i we were approaching companies
               i really enjoyed the competition. yeah!! we faced problem in challenge was a particularabout but thatmarketing aswea ofpa      g
          75                                     No because I currently Iworked for Other groupin refreshing and nice consider most oth
                                                              Very real when speaking about clicks.experiencelack understanding new m
                                                                             am pursuing asmall business owner we of full understandinga
                                                                                         the This was However, with various internships
                                                                                                        members were not as
               It was very easy to engage the enterprise specifically world experience! career Myadvertising and used.passionate abou
          76                                     We suggested familiar1.improvements in the Ithey saw time to workexperience. oppor
                                                                               learning online havingdidn't have working at realchallenge (
                                                                                         1. not marketing tools2. challenge as a enterprise
               It was very easy, as my enterprise was not verytechnicalwith marketing online, website. theany priorwith the great This la
          77                                     It was hard Positive
                                                               to find contacts at localThe their goals andlot of authority to agree IWeword
                                                                            Internet based businesses havehadtheir expeirience with to prov
                                                                                                         that a the business model. wanted
               After they agreed, we had a sit down meeting to discuss their company,reportsI did not provide the informationkey work
          80                                     We had no Not really. Competingparticipate had no inkeywords.
                                                               problem, the eager to The inaccuracy of our the
                                                                                         against other teams effect.
               We told the company what we were doing and they were companies were veryItforthcoming. class. To compare results
          82                                     Everything went fine.very interessted. campaign occupied much too much time... custo
                                                              We were competitionworking with customerlearning more and our
               Stepped in, described the challenge, made the deal! We also discussed ways ofamaking the landingpage about AdWor
          84                                     We and had asked them if they wouldgroup try heard other though our instructor said
                                                               have any execpt how fast our money applicable groups had me even try
                                                                            none         my like to not went, even
               I had been working for the company did not Not really,problems in my group, but ithis. They agreed withouttrouble conta
          85                                                  no            1. it is about online marketing2. possibility to challenge. We mar
                                                                                         1. not enough budget to fully the try out online con
                                                                                                      i wrote my bachelor thesis on out adWor
                                                 we first brainstormed to find out which companies to contact for enjoy tryingAdWords3.
          87                                   We used mineidk         I would be get to company in it. to change down learn time
                                                                                   keyword, they seemed and I wanted to
                                                                                              At business
               I am one of the owners of the business I signed up for the class to ablemy use my first but then I got it in price fromabout
          90                                                                The love has been an and for business
                                                                                        The difficult of team team
               It's interesting apply what we're studying to the real marketing, it for marketingimportantjob job and a first step into th
          91                                                    Nothing was to have experience in Both wasall. Our and project.Before mee
                                                                            1. I us by the instructor mediaat members lacked knowledgeto
                                                                                         about the projectcoordinated the we were unable o
                                                                                                      who buying and wanted to understand
                                                    Our client was assigned surprising1. Geo-targeting teamdifficult results were as expect
          92                                        our enterprise engaged. The company was excitedacross the world.2. difficult towith he
                                                                I was surprised at how 1. with students This in athat itpotential by ourhada
                                                                            1. Competing googledue to thecan timely theWorking i in
                                                                                         this was adwords participate in thisfact that instr
                                                                                                     Yes. to was due was event.
               It was not very difficult in getting We may have had a few problems,farNot given materialfactreach tomannerclientsfinda w
          94                                                    The companies directly ourselves.AdWords2)very nochallenging to find an
                                                                            1) Learn about Googlewith lazy teammates2) Onlineso every
                                                                                        1) Dealing We had is Learn about
                                                                                                      This made it very experience search m
                                                    We approachedease of using the AdWords account. Itvirtually easy The disappointing
          95                                        We introduce the business, Talk the manualabout english and we need strategy a de
                                                                and         Adword andwith challenge the the project and
                                                                                          the them yes
                                                                                                     is in
               first of all ask them info about the company no ourself as studenyt interested to work onprogram and the to primntwelon
         102                                                                1. The possibility to learn Google AdWords2. The possibility to
         105                                   XXXX is online in a townIt but didn't know where to start experience didthe campaign i
                                                            I was a little1. was a at Although it lack of or that iscouldreal hinderwas
                                                                           surprised graded class Iwas a review past my
                                                                                      42,000 people and theand involved beneficial dai
                                                                                                consuming if It mostly farming for
               Our enterprise had previously consideredlocated marketingof time Mywas greatarea would benotprojectand u
         106   My experience in this programm has been succesfully. I had helped like an introduction with marketing on-line.Thank y
         108                                                problems when approaching organizations. online marketing experience d
                                                                          1.         None       a challenge2. first chose the organizatio
                                               We had no No comment Google was hosting My lack ofWe online marketing3, new an
         109                                   We didn't approach any organizations.started the challengehandful ofabsolutely nothin
                                                                                      we Our choose from a knowing pre-selected bus
               Our instructor contacted the potential enterprises beforehand, and Wegot to clients were selected for us.

                                                        Page 1

112   stressful! because the Guide wasn't comprehensive
113                                  No. The client was easy to find.
114                                  No, the contacted a company was rather simple. online marketing and in getting off m
                                                             was that ourlearn about
                                                                      to client's website was in flash format therefore, it'
      For us the process was quite easy. We process for my IgroupgoingOur professor knew about that was just today's world
117                                                   nope
                                          no, not at all                        real worldAdwords mates not anything
                                                                                           My as they did as it not newnew Mark
                                                                    real work inmy teammates teamas suchcould was speak English
120                                       N/A         N/A           N/A         N/A        N/A
128                                    Yes, we had feltour list My brother, The ask ourI client and I forsoonnot effortonline Imarket
                                                   I a overwhelmed and so great- I've had heras was the we Google,knew
                                                                of instructor is only frustration know muchas our clients busine
                                                                            then exciteddid not had other about itand to ge
                                                                                          because put in classes more que
      Our instructor met our client previously throughlong clientsquestions tothey already hadI spoken aboutwithhadtakes but w
132                                      There was not any problem. easily. He just saw the muchcontent have aexperiences,
                                                                    1. him       1. adwords, especially time to of my $200year stu
                                                                                               Yes, it possibility as we are last campa
      One member of our team had a client, and we persuaded get to knowwe do not have did. Because targeting2. gain expe
133                                      We did not It waswas first ona we Short involvedset up experience workingintern. intern
                                                      have the aItenterprise were time weduring the campaignas scope, already
                                                                       was compulsory exerciseHoweverwith had not had an Iit was
                                                                                 I worked with in an three monthbig an as so ma
                                                                                               I worked for       it a
      The enterprise we did the Google Challenge with problemstimethis topic since tohad a project aifcompany I been, thewasw
135                                      approach a learns who already has 1) flowlack ofhad gives which regardwhoanother and
                                                       client alot. 1) is such experiencetraffic no experience andfromadwords from
                                                                        the experience with a live campaign2)thewith online marketin
                                                                                     the of imedium in website ideato competing
                                                                                                  knowlegde with idea of online un
      it was a fantastic experience and one really it is such anitamazing anaimportantand itto theiryou anto advertisehave anpero
136                                      No, approachingprojectLearningother than consumingtheyithave muchuniversity to prio
                                                      This organizationslotamore time webpage,to as were absolutely marketing
                                                                     was a       new difficult as it I didn't was very excited helpful b
                                                                                 It was complicated commonThe Online necessary
                                                                                               Since is learn. at our experience app
      Since our enterprise had no current online marketing strategies was notskillaset was most important. book was to partici
138                                      we had no strategy; we1. i the web sites, butbeing fairly the that withknew and vaguem
                                                                     threw out a couple of surrounding familiar we the workings of t
                                                                                 1. context to communicate several search engineel
                                                                                                haven't done much with times - either
      While it was a little challenging to get their attention at first,buildteam was ableideas of people project was a little then by
139                                      It participate. my team buthad complete control and were MaybeOur industryhelped
                                                       for          You other teams but then ended up being doing of possibilitie
                                                                                 Figuring out the right keywords. internship was ve
                                                                                               Yes, experience at my list length.
      He was very excited and willing to was easy At first 3 weeks seemed shorthad trouble with it.actually aagoodwork for a RE
142                                      We recruited is client were very interestingof 6 of outside mywas aofsomesmooth and n
                                                      It a a very different projectso terms was for, sofactors can connect. Howeve
                                                                    It was an busy in it waysometimesit lack pretty people trans
                                                                                 A group workedlearn about andto marketing, did I
                                                                                               I to a bit difficult heavily affect res
      Because it was a small startup company, our contactswho I actually alreadywas overcamelarge, onlineknowledge of sea
146                                                                  is in interested in all inI hadgoals littlemarketing and this wascom
                                                                                 1. stages forms of online experience low online ad
                                                                                                 the very I set: high CTR, the small an
                                         Since online marketing1. I'mit's early achieving our country(Romania) andwith minimum
147                                                   i did not know page founded Google preparerunning how we the it to get as
                                                                    since it was about time of AgGroups andwasdid not have any in
                                                                                  mandatory to prior experiences thedid challenge
                                                                                                and 35% of our time of and convenie
                                         since we were promiting aanythingto less by 2 myour lecturers itgradeeasywhole google
149                                      us             information as instructor informed yes, the challenge and how it really ben
                                                                    the possible.easier to to figure out how things worked would
                                                                                               us of
      They were very helpful in giving no as muchyes results were much just tryinggauge ability to overcome the challenges w
150                                      No, we hadNo, I alongwebsite,Marketing: I work withfrustratingatrying beneficial to had
                                                       time, their 1. Webprevious was easy, it toitselect so ofsame the Googleas
                                                                     with a project group agreed adwords lot be to interesting to A
                                                                                 It was they I believe did. a the out get together u
                                                                                               project that it In client for class time, b
      XXXX racing already had an online presence withdon't think this however sometimesrequireswouldit was ofclass weimpl
153                                       in pursuing the project,None, it expected. minimal participation in online advertising ch
                                                        relatively smooth process. of participation of
                                                                      as they have had
                                                                                 Lack          No.
      The organization was interested No, it was aNo, it proceeded as was an assigned project. the client was a frustratingto
155                                      no I told workedreally The ability to had intimate knowledgeandIat doingwas how large
                                                      I was for theclass was havingthey were features real not operations and us
                                                                       company doing competition aspect. time. I searchesto wi
                                                                                  I be able many thrilled to of imagine it was a on g
                                                                                               I was results participate
      I worked for the company and whensince Ithem what mysuprised about theso to trackpretty good their knowing familiar go
156                                      Targeting interested. Many we hardly succeded. of participating teams; on the other ha
                                                      This work was field ofsimple number answered... :)
                                                                    the was marketing, seemed to be. English, to learn about G
                                                                                 huge as it internationality,
      Once an enterprice found, easy to make it them by e-mails,not asasked, only onecourse should:(have been heldsomethin
159                                                                    us           1. Our teacher had
                                            Our teacher picked for Our teacher made it required no idea how to do any of it. This
160                                                                    it adword complexity
      it was a little bit difficult to understand how to use google was different
166                                         no          it's kind and the enterprise spend no exeperience at
                                                                       win the training
                                                                                    time        on
      difficult to agree on a date where all team members of practical price representative have time all
169                                         Our instructor went over and allowed ourinformation Ibig marketingcontrolassuchcampa
                                                        I possiblities various level of group to take were not class so in and Google
                                                                       Online advertising isforMy thatwas ablefull experience allow info
                                                                                    Certain the next almost in allowed of to did affec
                                                                                                 success thing marketing, the an us
      Our enterprise was open to online marketing am surprised at the strategiesoptionsonlinewith the to obtain to be used in t
170                                         The university choose year entrepreneurupfront, i businessto promotestudents in thisofi
                                                        i am shocked at thebusiness veteran seeking and marketingproducts and
                                                                       1. us a results 200$ leadstomarketing tips3. The availability po
                                                                                     Learning little think involving the her client had
                                                                                                my       400,000 impressions- that's unbe
      The first meeting with our business owner, XXXX, a 20 for Google2.1. it was a onlinetotime consuming2. ourknowledge a
171   Our company was already aware of Googletowas happy toexpressed that we alreadyprovided.2.ourseemed was more spe
                                            We chose IAdwords and The real 1. interest in havingaknow tooItmuch about search tha
                                                           use businessfind out lifeThe system be hadlagactual money and physically
                                                                       1. contacts experience had andevelopedThey were over en
                                                                                    that we would itnot
                                                                                                I did usingaccount.budget very interest
                                                                                                               so       relationships with t
172                                         no                                      not all team members have been motivated with oth
                                                                       real situation with budget, team motivation, conncected at teh sm
175   Enterprises were assigned from no     contact from our lecturer, however, i do believe that it would of been very easy to get a
178                                                                    1. the to get inbrand2. online marketing3. team she
                                                                                    1. touch with the marketing director,
      It was hard to find the right enterprise, after that we managed Google lack of time2. team coordonation work was very i
180                                                     I find that it business welove challengesnot provide actually learn about were
                                                                         very muchOur teacher didall took turnsus leading, and we mar
                                                                                       would be working time to for against people. t
                                                                                                We and competing the most part she
                                            Our teacher chose the Iwas surprising we did not havewith, and in the necessary tools w
181                                         N/A         Good insight intoapplicable knowledge from a online, becasuethatof the exp
                                                                       Gain successfully them what theybut
                                                                                    Communicating solely school project, out can carry
                                                                                                Somewhat, wanted able the course m
      I met w/ the owner and the two VP's of the business personally, and askedmarketing online. I wasto getto overcomeis
183                                         No          No             Real projectTeam working
                                                                                    Lots of impressions and in clicks
      It was quite easy because we know the owner of the enterprise and he was really interestedfewthat project
184                                         Due educational for the enterpriseThe lack of Eachin alla beginners workedinterestI in to
                                                        The challenge instructor.My myself. All (not amember and in the challenge
                                                                       My and small target market of the and interest the instructor h
                                                                                      and interest in team client we sample) than had
                                                                                                 team effort good things.My
      The experience was very interestin &to the defined productwas much more intense learning new experience.with I would
193                                     all was not a phoning and finally getting first through the documentation (mar
                                                      a           problem time consuming put read
                                                                                       NO. generating to the right person and
      After they didn't reply to an email, itwell spokenmatter ofworking with Google. working online. allkeywords and one has t
197                                     We the companyafraid1. Learningdeveloping up him.sureSincethe that we would const
                                                     have and explained theabout take to a lot of thatand keywords aboutactiv
                                                                 the project would Adwords, keyword our business were very
                                                                               Having to didn't have agreed
                                                                                         make He much experience beneficial
                                                                                                                  was was any
      We asked to meet with the owner of did not I was any problems for 1. challengeIstrategies. timesearches,itviral marketing
199                                           No issues here.
                                                            I thought received onlywork at membersregaurding progressedof before, it e
                                                                           1. Competition. 2. Seeing something youan onlinechallenge was
                                                                                          a few questions never done what the ad the
                                                                                                       had not As it made in it became w
      We appoached our enterprise with the challenge and it was a lot of 1.Team the Ibeginning.doing their shareaction. work.2
201                                           No, nothing at all.          1. New aspectthe required detailssummary was too short.
                                                                                        1. of pre-campaign about the challange. They ha
                                                                                                     I had no prior knowledge on online
      We had a meeting with the company, and explained the process and Themarketing.2. The wonderful opportunity. mark
204                                           chose a company we 1- It a little Googlewanted the company to and thegoing thebe T
                                                            At first that hard to findbit We challenge. 2- Isomething about to work with h
                                                                            wanted a 1- afraid, company.we dind't Internet some worldcam
                                                                                         the the because But we know how were to froa
                                                                                                     We knew knew aseked is with really
      At first it was a little bit difficut toAt first it was a little bitwere wasto enterbest challgenge, butwe did,continuethis companie
206                                                         No. Our teacherteacher Ithere veryIhappy with thethe class search engineita
                                                                           -our preparedwaswell. challenge to challenge and the way
                                                                                        - us wasn't any problems.
                                              No. The client was very helpfull andbrought thehad prior knowledge of as a way we cou
207                                           To locate and approach MandatoryGoogledsurprising, the challenge is irrelevant to our
                                                            The final results were the most course being skilled in internetthewere no cu
                                                                           - the on a - for the the They the discovered there reports p
                                                                                          The final result in were pleased with was astound
      The client was provided feedback throughout the time frame,client, regular basis.client first,growth potentialmarketing,an
208                                           The been the familya real surprise that the forthey welcomedcompany torelated captain
                                                            It's been business of oneGoogle collegues.just worked very interested and
                                                                           1. Great opportunity challengecourse which was of the to Goo
                                                                                        1. of our Analytics sized our suggestions. Google
                                                                                                       had a They consulting team
      The enterprise we have selected hascompany has been very cooperative and I a smalland thewere for thework witheMa
212                                            with them Iproblems. 1)Learning experience2)Team Adwords
                                                               determine their goalsNothing
                                                                                          and videos have no prior experience.
      We set up a preliminary meetingWe had no toreally liked Google's online set expectations.      I about building3)Competition
213                                                         n/a             type able to talk moreI benefit mostlean on my team
                                                                                        n/a            was able to from interviews
                                              Hard to figure out whatBeingof business would intelligently during our work where I di
216                                           no problems were faced, therefore1. It didn't need toin reading to do2. challenge before
                                                                           1. Never havingneeded a lot of prior experiencewhenclientwritin
                                                                                         we participated in the competition in report first f
                                                                                                     I had develop strategies. the they we
      We didn't have any problem in getting the enterprise engaged. They were interestedno an international Thethis field, the
218                                           There wereFor problems - real internationalhasI've alreadyshare (members who was diff
                                                             no the classmates who have challenge the worked before in - it didn'tm
                                                                           1 in client recruitment forheard before about Adwords online w
                                                                                        1 - problems inside teams.Adwords campaign befo
                                                                                                          all the - an
      When we contacted the enterprise for the Google Challenge, the managerneveralready2runteam knowledge3SEO/SEM,
221                                           as they didn't have wasThetheyspecificonlylike to competitionthe factweb,market ressea
                                                            no, this to meat, if were like: negative anoucedme"the with easysaid youi
                                                                             a fact it is a worldwide usually done more challenge allowed
                                                                                        the work. we be thing about so they they was the
                                                                                                       will not harm such it is so
      I've asked a tipical restaurant, specialized in barbecuepay,very they would "thisi've never work in the thing,just ithowyes.o     1st
222                                           We the criteria and then wasfor in a business,i andwas idea what knowdoing.wehad no
                                                            We what toidea mandatory interface it right away. was how to had to
                                                                              they wouldn't
                                                                                        1. the          do no difficult to
      It was hard to find a business that fit didn't know had no Itlookwhat to do agree tohad then we didnt' inavigate2. weexplain
225                                                          use google1. know better confuse iinformation know just a little a world mar
                                                                            adwords letterthe online marketing2. experience bitterms use
                                                                                        a for business had about the specific of google
                                              no, we onlyeverything was almost 1.surprise because we anyparticipate inin online com
226                                           We that to Iour firstbooks, organization withwas records, and results Iweloose rubric waa
                                                                used that this course project class getting the coffee. thought it would
                                                                           I found out about the the idea first,had the experience, buteage
                                                                                        The difficultyhad never and even They they took
                                                                                                     I very open, with a very wanted
      Our enterprise was a local business wentsellsthoughtchoicesome groceries, vinylof from a friend, and though weretoIsee             to
227                                           Nope          It was different and a welcomeon offerandtextbook assignments easier to
                                                                            and the freesponsoringof (lowitrisk, possibly big reward)
                                                                                           $200 change to wasn't a have been
      They were keen to get it going after seeing the benefitsGoogle wasComplexity NoAdwords, could textbook assignmentc

                                                 Page 2

228                                    Best is easy is this case since it to find pricebe on paid for Google's themanuals is a
                                                     It the group'sThe requirements to No.Learning search queries2. The memb
                                                                  1. network a family-owned company each keyword
                                                                                             to be I think of one and group abiliti
      Contact and engagement level is rather to usein quite professionalis1. The a of the guideof requirement that
230                                                  nothing member creditGoogle Content Network gave a lot of impressions
                                                                  class worked for the company
                                       no problems, groupin particular                     no, worked hard
232                                    We brainstormed family whatability Team members wasknowledge communitythroug
                                                      small possible small businesses with a lack ofthen checked to offset they As
                                                                  1. The to expectthe in the businesswork with leader.2. The ha
                                                                               1. of because it area,completelycomunicate aroun
                                                                                           The was         from different than anyth
      They were eager to try something new. The No one knewatmosphereto workenterprisedidn'teasy tothe was see
233                                                  Found it very difficult in assignmentsetting much any prior Getting informatio
                                                                  1. real spend overall and not budgets and cost per clicks
                                                                                regards to Did not have appreciation for marketing
                                       Yes, as very limited marketingtime 1. Budget and costs2. keywords3. experience and c
239                                    No, we were was surprised how little Wishathe oncetimegot because it lesssuch fun and
                                                     I family--the It was mandatory, great was glad started had
                                                                  had a good1) had but I we website compared to how m
                                                                                contact. real
      Luckily we had a contact in our group throughlucky and 1) shop ownerwe knew N/Asimpleresponseand was keentimeinte lag on
242                                     knew reallywas of the Professor and broke everythingwent.member of he didviews. sam
                                                     I we just surprised how well itdown and had it toand and our class projec
                                                                   enterprise. 1. Had one us really, I would say we our not want
                                                                                We sat campaignteam apart who had the
                                                                                           horrible down
      Basically we had a member whoNo notthe owner just got together showedoutto Notand talked be himaddedallwas delighte
243                                    We had no to beingat all. They that veryand no one, for awhile, but and and theresome
                                                     trouble an The open ended willingdid notweren't grade was how help wast
                                                                  enterprise who has been est. even our teacher needing us T
                                                                               That the directions have much experience before.
                                                                                           I to affect my
      They were up for it from the beginning, due It was compltelyfactwere it was goingto participate.that clear could to targeto
244                                                   figure out whether the client will benefit Worldwide competition3 the sameO
                                                                  too much for this project. 3 from AdWords, and therefore hardj
                                                                               1 campaignNo length (too short have done Google4
                                       It is hard to 5 people is 1 Compulsory assignment2people wouldto improve the results)
256                                        whole online marketing was compulsory, within didn't really working any went along
                                                      This company different the first assignment.. different a saywe other subje
                                                                    It a was so People place because we learnt as
                                                                                    type     No
      They were pretty open about theYes because thewas just scheme insmall ofso we our team nothavefromtogether, the firs
257   The first business we approached was more then happy to get help from us to use a Adwords campaign
258                                                   The fact that mandatory 2 hands on3 different
                                                                    was were 1 team work had to a family an onlineof one of orwas
                                                                                 in the US, because search member campaign on
                                         We chose a client that 1 webasedgiven real money noconduct engine advertising our te
260                                                   Adwords is expensive advertising. Yes, did e commerce, monitor.
                                                                                  to pass class
                                         No, we learnt in class Had to do itThe set up of theI ad words, hard to so I understood w
261                                       in finding anwas for success a globalour wereafter less knowledgeable wemarketingba
                                                      I appropriatepleasantlythat we city, was several course prospect of a winn
                                                                    - enterprise Theand realistic budget companies in associated
                                                                                    in very that our entire andorganization mainly w
                                                                                             I aiming to find    problems enquired in
      We initially had some difficulties Our only strategy initially Beingwas - surprised limitingchallenge-aThe would be that would
262                                                   I liked finally of professor Iteam a solid skill I takeapply outside I seriously a
                                                                      being able to learn but no one can strong and it ofeither way
                                                                                 My do research taught team leader, but was able t
                                                                                             I wasn't the the class, feeling class.
                                         We brainstormed ideasThelocal businesses,leader didn'thad a the challengelooked inter
264                                                     met some This is totally new realized that like it our project through online.
                                                                    problems before I for me Iand to power thingstime for of to fir
                                                                                 Almost none. clients doing first partner. Our us
                                                                                             Yup, due
                                         For sure weYup, through this challenge, recruiting likeI ittheas is theand efficiencyme usin
265                                      this was fine, but was important for 1 - not that vitalpast clientbefore been us meant in2 wh
                                                      there it is aandto read which beinghave never to the gave involvedso clien
                                                                       it discussion introduced theo experience challenge. A further
                                                                                  groups to I1 able understanding the project, there
                                                                                                - to choose our groups insight hav
      A simple email introduction, a face-to-face introduction 1lot is a challenge was determine straight away whether the of I le
266                                      We did and set up appointments that would behad wethe challenge includeour money
                                                      really have The factors The attractedconvenient wonderful given real client
                                                                    major difficultiesout because to was for our client as the follow
                                                                                  that when Ifirst approaching about and did engine a
                                                                                                 itself were actually search not frustr
      Firstly, our group had to make initiativesnot This whole challenge stood challenge mesome ideasour client. Once having
267                                                                 Real-life because I don't know anybody in this keywords
                                                                                 it was
      As an international student, it was really hard to find a business, project sometimes hard to find good country. The sec
271                                   no.         We found it1. ability to work with adwords2. idea ofbasis. She keywords in
                                                               interesting 1. short Geo-Targeted online to and Adsexperience
                                                                           that progress on a weekly a marketing worked m
                                                                                       I frame2. inability "challenge"3. ability to
      We really had no trouble, she was very excited and wanted to know ourthe time had some Adwordschangereally was the
273                                   It was not easy had to 1. Knowledge Technical problemafter However, themabout it. Si
                                                  We to convince the organisation. However,improved awareness about with
                                                              promote its1. and understanding regarding our Interacting the
                                                                            regarding our and generate my knowledge accoun
                                                                                       It rather of adwords.2. it was a and e
      It was a wonderful experience. The client was happytechnical issue product online campaign. informing adwords goodun
275                                   Our client was a seem to With a real Not knowingof group had knowledgeeveryone whe
                                                  I not excited have working with Google- lackinvolved- online marketing kno
                                                              parlor, an 1. company2.the a real company thatitstart didnt inh
                                                                           only some of Money of about made more indust
                                                                                       1. anything knowledge to of the but th
      They were open to trying AdWords...they did was tattoo 1. to beand understandingMy the importance of keywords,serious
276                                   no everything worked for their interesting andwe got better then itpeople's very of the
                                                  nope        seemed none, once it them gain more it came interest.
      Google Adwords helped the enterprise get more clickssmoothlywebsite. It helpedwas the hang of doing work out easy t
277                                   It was helpful to know Being able to learn about online too little having the period o
                                                                           The dollar amount was
      Our enterprise was a team member's family business someone with a company in mindmarketing, for the timereal worl
279                                     I was in working with us for the Google to do in hadoutside a more was concerned I for I
                                                     It sounded 1. I a lota company previous very completely trusting challenge
                                                                   finding have any a lota group little experience prior to coope
                                                                               1. It Challenge. experience I difficult processabou
                                                                                                 of It was class work. The and like
      We had several companies interested concerned aboutlike didn'tof workwasthatI would be setting. using AdWords2.this. o
281                                     Yes. We was marketing my the rightthrough the it iwas dissolved the coding of Javascri
                                                     No.            pick product choice of net. Thisthe campaign, the most com
                                                                                 Money, Easy tocreate a and with to instructor giu
                                                                                             no. setup competition increase my kno
      it feel good like i am a business man who was unable toCan CreateToo muchbutchallengers javascript theovercome this
283                                                   some difficulties that weoccasionally, inadequate information and error
                                                                  - fact figuring could workByrequirementssome trial
                                                                                    out what the reading and of the challenge were.
                                                                                                 with a real business-
                                        There wereThe first online project,-so it was a -fairly new experience. first experience w
284   Very enriching. Had to do some research on the nature of their business and the marketability of their products and ser
287                                                                            LACK OF INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE CO
293                                                  Adwords was extremely by google2) adwords seems likemuch at in with zer
                                                                  1) It was rightadwords yes. We use. We use2) it gone all. Weimp
                                                                               1) kind to learn to hardrealized all would be weren
                                                                                             as really We to had the later an th
                                        We had a problem choosing therun difficultof company.had no experienceguideson inre
295   good                              Yes                       1.           Finding a client Learn along.
                                                     LIVE project! Real client and real project2. Implement project3. Monitor cam
296                                     It and interact with our1. otherclient,itbut due werethelack to experiencemeetnot discuss
                                                     Compared to Basically, Organising the course be and team a lot affect m
                                                                    client university projects,the challengeable to did the team,
                                                                               1. was partNo very helpful required members co
                                                                                                contacts that certain
      It was rather easy to communicatewas a challenge to recruit a business. Theytoofthe team of work. provided tomore ha
297                                     Very little small, but growing, business surveyI is farhad farsmall business that wasand a
                                                     Nope.        I was interested in learning more aand idealin online search perf
                                                                               This that family easyabout far match for (That's I
                                                                                               had far       far online advertising, ad
      One of our group members' families had awork necessary here. Teammate'swas an no experiencefar too long.onlineand
298                                                  to find an organisation.There's challenge. It's Running been good ifin gener
                                                                    good to do It can not time. It about online Google AdWords c
                                                                                 something Google marketing we wer
                                                                                               already practical.
                                        It was hard It was reallyIt's an internationatake Ienoughwould havea AdWords campaign
299                                     We cannotIt wasbe describedinitially inads was up meeting and appointments with the c
                                                      only magicalThe exposure to international standards.2. 15 understand the
                                                                  1. to in your it showing in 85 was difficult to languages
                                                                                Reports          different felling altogetehr. My speciali
      My experience with Google adwordsdid have some problems see words,setting aInitially it countries inTeam work.3. com
300                                     We the first step,strategy It (money)our nominated business first toexplaining theany of
                                                     Real detailing was an1.and real time the unit structure, overcome strong
                                                                  1. of calling optional of Research was usedavailable.Additionally
                                                                                    The constraints placed was establish gradedof
                                                                                              their business, and actual 'structure' a
      The letter to our client business was developed a resources our 'nomination' part ofmonitoringon theto but wasa point sh
303                                     We had They had some The abilityand went into the experience to a background of the
                                                     No! It was all research, to
                                                                  1. trust in us, Time consuming meeting with online marketing2.
                                                                               1. which a practical not.
                                                                                             No          approach evern more altering
      Our client was amazing and very flexible.conducted 100%well explainedtake made it didto keep monitoring andfulfilling. a
305                                     No. One memeber of the team the Some keywords in not nativewho easy it aboutnot as
                                                     It was quiteThe interaction withof the marketing assistant of and theresearc
                                                                   time in wassense we are management know that involved is al
                                                                                  friend the firm and people languages enterpriseits
                                                                                             I actually also the fact much were to
      It was similar to working as a comercial, so it was interesting consuming and there were did not studentsthe was runnign
306                                     our client has a highly visual - design ofto measure the ofwhich we tried to convey using
                                                                  the possibility based advantage, keywords, explained them aft
                                                                               the increasing results. We alsoweb analytics, whic
                                                                                             I have experience in even
      It was easy to show them what we planned to do, and how we plannedincreasing price client's bottom line few hours sev
308                                     No, we points and aims wasstrategy. forfor Online read Challenge, the campaignhappy
                                                     AdWords on the obligatory me beforefrom 6 membersbut now I amand als
                                                                  It totally new
                                                                               It was hard We Marketing. marketing participate wo
                                                                                             that introduction of only books they
      It was interesting to show them the mainagreed easily wasof the campaign. After the the OnlineWe had to 3 membersin b
309                                                                            Not long for the
                                                                  Experience, diplomaenough CV
310                                     One organizations was ahad marketingabout the whole they were a little But an other
                                                     The weather little sceptical opportunity.
      It was very simple. With google adword we had an interestingan influence of our cpc. Butonline marketing. sceptical abo
313                                                   any problems about recruiting
                                        I don't haveNothing
315                                                  Nope. Not really. understanding of read all the possible tutorials, registered
                                                                  Better       User interface that a sound on-line marketing strate
                                                                                             I AdWordsIn depth many assesments du
                                        Altough many companies in Hungary understand was difficultToo knowledge about on-
316                                     Most were interested, wassome than up not longFurthermore, the skills off when weitsta
                                                     Thought it yet too big, Starting theWe after.People through that i acquired
                                                                  experience, yet found out had littleonadwords online
                                                                                 the certificate, can was experince therefore we wer
                                                                                               campaign         my resume, assumed
      I enjoyed the experience as it was a practical assignment rather hung theoretical. that it putonnotwere put time was hardw
317                                     We haven'tIproblems for develop strategies createlearnonlineto the Challenge. organiz
                                                        are already working together participate inme with use and Your
                                                                  The factors No factors frustrated ayour challenge. to make onlin
                                                                                attrecte meThat the how shop AdWords,test rea
                                                                                                sucess problem because AdWords i
      It was very easy to acquire our company. Wewas immediately motivated to toforare: isn't when first approachingchalleng
318   NIL                               yes          no                        Cannot achieve enough
                                                                  Get experience in online marketing numbers of clicks
319                                                                            sometimes it
                                                                  that it was a real project was very complicatet and no groupmem
321                                     yes          tought to find an entreprise an Adwords experience and professor
                                                                  manage a budget campaign
                                                                                had           lenght
      it was very long to found our entreprise. A lot of entreprise alreadyfull SEMand yes, itexperience. At last, we found the ph
322                                     No, got a client first time campaign to discuss our strategy andknowledge and from so
                                                                  The asking Illness my knowledge with mymake matesTest my o
                                                                                             Yes, I shared my team interest source
      We had a meeting a month before commencement of ourof prize!Sharing of one team memberLevel ofarrangements.D
323                                                  for          getting used a google i -40.000 $ before our before widehas was
                                                                               that we werehada no of 4 and it acampaign compe
                                                                                                a team experience word 2 ppl check
                                        it was all good some reason we had to saldo ofadwords and havingwas onlybut that eve
326                                     when we invited beginning wea realso set ofsawto modificate theknowledge aboutsoto
                                                      problems, we developed marketing the competence as assopratice for
                                                                  running had lot be doubts, but we investigate andpossibilityhav
                                                                               not      of questions for the company chance w
                                                                                             No, as we had few site last wantedno
      The website was almost closing we have nota thethem to participate,aatotheyableonline campainghaveathewewe canthe
333                                     students and quite particularare not credible toa new we onlywhy it sinceharddid and an
                                                     have a often wefact discoveringAt first online marketing aentreprises wo
                                                                  The strategy. We first tried toaidentitfy but but we frightening
                                                                               We had a lotthem. That's news marketing advertisi
                                                                                                  was good potential bit to not be
      Find a enterprise is not easy for We did not The announcement of the Challengeof informationknewwasstrategy find kno

                                               Page 3

338                                    no, it dadthey worked together really well as a adwords any long
                                                    we were planning
                                                                 i thought starting to use really fun.too
                                                                              the last paper was even have done mostly simulatio
                                                                                            didnt have     though
      the company was headed by a freindswas just time consumingonthe project wasgroup,wayati the timei took on most of th
339                                    No           No
      Both the $200 and the new advertising possibility counted.              1 mistakes I had aknowledge3 winning
                                                                                            made little
                                                                 1 getting experience2 getting by us experience with Adwords, an
340                                    Yes          No           Mandatory Group Members    Familiarity with Google helped
341                                    Luckily the co-operation co-operate to the projectadwordsof knowledge asthe google ad
                                                    The biggest-opportunity was over assesment thepractise-use the beginning
                                                                    between the work with between inthe module in well as ourlim
                                                                              -The mutual was introduced to us the smoothly. E
                                                                                            My previous team and that gave us
      The experience was very positive and the willingness to suprise when team and the organization went very enterprise.te
342                                    We were rejected a few nunerousway to more hands-on interactivereal-case with. th
                                                    Fun and interesting way to gain hard to look by enabling me automated ma
                                                                 a different and quite itcompanies experience to lead the pro
                                                                               it is various help me for companies
      It was quite a heart throbing experience as we approach times and terms learnhands-onfun but it's either to work scenar
343                                                                           The Google AdWord website proved to a quite diffi
      Our experience was one of difficulty in primarily finding a client. Everyone that we conntacted seem to holdbe tainted vie
346                                    No, the but when explained they valued the tool and agreed to because of m previous
                                                    no           1. previous experience Ion emarketing use it.
      the client never heard of adwords beforebusiness was very receptive.                   leaded my team
347                                    The initial business was eager seemed far less complicated as competitionto accesswa
                                                    Initially, what businessrequirementMy were of accountitwas intensely Thisro
                                                                  project to setting up thewas difficult than proved successwitc
                                                                                to approach lack willing to provide overcome
      The experience was relatively easy as the choice of the mandatoryparticipate and adwordsknowledge waseasy be. frustra
355                                                              real-life experience with interface
                                                                              the adwords online marketing
      i had previous experiences from working with the enterprise so i just contacted the CEO did not work with my firefox in
357                                                              1. Mrketing a real business was not too difficult
      The entreprise was rather interested in the Google Online work with Challenge, so it and a real budget to engage them
362   It was very easy to convince them, regarding the many advantages that the programe offers. Furthermore it didn't caus
364   Our group had help through a local online marketing company toat 1.with realour working help it wasn'tverysmall you with
                                      Client recruitment awesome to work holdcampaign pagewith realwas our clients in nee
                                                  It was was 1. experience2. butof moneygotnever donefor too marketingget
                                                               stressful get pre once SMEand outline it money4.helpful
                                                                           first prizes3. we andspendwere a problem.
                                                                                        We had      they     online working in
365   via email                                                            that it was mandatory and the challenge counts a th
368                                    it was a great idea dificulty ofthe strategy. project and want us it
                                                  the high to 1.the begining ofsecond people gave of wiht realhigh dificulty
                                                               define making anthe was a of the challenge on money3.apl
                                                                           at the ad I've never project" support.
      It was preaty easy. They thougthThe client helped ussince thereal time2.that it thatday"realheard to click the was challeng
370                                               The Challenge seemed very relevant and hands-on compared toWitnessin
                                                               1. Real world Lack a website. affect. a company3. other proj
                                                                           1. had of Had no helping
                                      Hard to identify small companies member support2. Short page limits
371                                   Done by our No                       Our pre-campaign strategy had to but nonetheless t
                                                                                        My experience Google Adwords
      Our professor connected us to the enterprise professor Interest in internet marketingInterest inhelped, be corrected mory
373                                   No          We felt a bit abandoned in regard The lack nothingsubject which Adwordsa
                                                               1. The fact that I would of information 2. as we didof detail in oth
                                                                           1. said that knowledge on a The lackbut only gain,
                                                                                         they Challenge to lose not many the
      We explained that the process would be free and very beneficial. We The lack to the hadof prior knowledge of receive m
376                                                            Having to do randomly ian enterprise able towas interesting, due
                                                                           Investing toowasn't reallyin real money group but
                                                                                           much time which lead our
                                      We were pretty clueless and picked with real businesses and writing a concept without
383                                   No, happy to The with experience we lack ofmoney atdid not.very enjoyableaffect on th
                                                  The real lifeBeing able to use real No they us was points.
                                                                 us and engagecontacted was very enthusiastic anChallenge.
                                                                            The in learning toand bout the Google and Goo
                                                                                           funds some
      The owner of the company was very not at all. meetfirst organization Google brough moreaactualy havingabout thesome
384                                   Client the organization. Buy-in was easily how to it as not.
                                                  The formal natureable$200being able to great.using Google
                                                               easy, of to learn marketinghave everyone access everything
                                                                            Not for attained certainly
                                                                                          No market
      One of our group members worked for recruitment was Being freethe Challenge wasdid a result.helps.
387                                               it involves quite a to collaborateseemsto its on Adwords and it takeschalleng
                                                               1, fun lot of1, client with experience before marketing some t
                                                                             knowledgeno Google an online changes
                                                                                            on unwilling to website just tried to do
                                      the client seems a bit unwilling to make changesothers existingmake so iand reluctant to
388                                   No, the move toitgive away 200$ for every company.lot is knowledge about e-marketin
                                                  No, was great.
                                                               internet great
                                                                            none          i got It of way of
      In my opinion Google made a very goodorganization XXXX wasprojectand giving usaall theasupport promotion and vice
393                                    had to present my than willing mandatory2. Interest inwho curious advertising up
                                                  Yes, How many would view the site verses own business helpful who
                                                               1. Class 1. in order for which adwords were
                                                                                          No. Made use my contact and
      Since the enterprise was mine, INo, they were morecase to the group Not knowingthem tomewouldcompany. I wrote wou
398                                                            1) the diificultwe read and understand students per up the to w
                                                                            1) to were obliged to be 4 before to set so I liked th
                                                  All the guide werebildings2) the challenge was only on 3 weeksteam2) chal
399                                   Recruited family business benefits oflack realistic campaign and/or challenge. Not eno
                                                  the budget was too small for a of budget leveraged my various experience b
                                                               Passioinate1.) online advertising with Google. of strategies2.)
                                                                                 group Yes. I to create/test lack
      Contacted family business and sold them on the numerousof leaderabout online advertising and marketing. I wanted to
400                                                                         learn, interested in how AdWords some aspects of
                                                               1. desire to 1. difficult to find information aboutworks2. AdWords
401                                               It was a real business like suggestedable to The Figuring out how to use A
                                                               1. The real1. We werehelped work we were learning had did
                                                                             world business/client,2. The business we online
                                                                                          It by GOMC. with a real
                                      We picked a small local world project.Ourexperience,2. sincecompetition company andm
402                                    by had to South Africa has relative lowto of support andand interestdidprior exposurest
                                                   and consequently had 1) Lack the business experience we nevertheless T
                                                               1) The exposure communication relevant knowledgedeal with
                                                                            good internet penetration levels, from to a sides.
                                                                                             client due to learning help. compan
      We were referred our enterprise Wea friendovercome initial resistance fromrealYes, prior and having nohowbothfrom lect
406                                    still      Amazement on versatility  Lengthy guides
      It was tough to persuade but we No manage to do it The the power of internet        No
412                                 Not really Not escpecially
                                                           1 Competing against they would be willing to participate in this
                                                                       Not enoughNo students around the
                                                                                   professor involvment, advice and guida
      We contacted the business through their marketing department and asked if otherprevious experience world2 Possibili
415                                 yes        no                      tikmeplanning
                                                           learning, teamwork     reading books, internet sources
423                                                            a real project.
      The enterprise was very interested in working with google adwords.
424                                                                          Slow answers to questions
431                                   we didn't have problems, working with real ofitAdWords challenge, it is very I workin
                                                   yes, surprising is the whole idea
                                                               1. we developed strategynot enough ideas for because didn't
                                                                             1. low CTR2. didn't affect with "real money"3.
                                                                                              for success later
      I know the owners of that enterprise, so they agreed without any problems clients2. working my ability the adsgood, we
432                                                 no professor We had ato this also, so the wasour online marketing experie
                                                               It was newIt contact within our lack little help; but seemed pers
                                                                                was       to sign-in to of account. It and group if
                                      There wereOurproblems.was assigned. hard Yes,she not for profit sector as a that as w
433   It was ver nice
434                                   no           no           so it really was not time?don+t know wanted to learn more abou
                                                                             lack of a with adwords,
      One of our team members works in engaged company interested in handlingproblem to explain them how things work a
435                                                                          No experienceexperiencethe AdWords
                                                                                          no with how
                                                               The fact that I can learn and tryonline marketing works in real
441                                   I believe No, the Challenge was extremely My experienceenterprise wanted, starting
                                                     criteria part of to implement was convincingoptimization for Google (the
                                                               1) Google - learning search engine them that we were "for real
                                                                               a client campaign our I loved it.
      It was very educational. From learning of the hardestneeded finding-none- thestraight-forward.using Yahoo!'s search en
445                                                We were chose had a The only aspect ofworld situations.Adwords of our grs
                                                               It was a money to usewith never used Googlethat was see how th
                                                                               program in real the challenge easy to before,
                                                                                          I'd real results. It was
                                      No. The company wegiven real realwebsite that was already managed by onefrustrating
446                                                The required useto copy her on were located.our organizations we were wo
                                                               1. us where teams ourhad no to loved how2. forced abilityu
                                                                             1. need to constantly check results applicable fit I
                                                                                          I letters prior knowledge/experience. re
                                      Yes, my teacherlarge scale of on resume/interviews2. largeI scale of it was
447                                   no           Yes          them know adwords well and of no number of clicks
                                                                             When there is
      Keep trying and do not get disappointed when some of Get tomay rejected youNo less another way to get some experie
448                                   Obstacles1. Being inability few my knowledge. Definitely.had thevery in
                                                   1. The accused of selling some typeonline"Great" when Not being taken se
                                                               1. Test companies from already the was a from surprisingly comp
                                                                             1. quality score to It client strength. was stand
                                                                                           I of internet online it a technical drop
      I had my team start on a cold calling campaign to extract a to improveCoordination withsearches according Ito experienc
450                                   Yes. The co.'s owner surprise, clientTime merehe I some which usernothis challenge go
                                                   Not much had other business, and fact that so. nature in our classthe mid
                                                               1. Friends' influence - arounda frequent is quite prior in AdWord
                                                                             1. the constraint - Our campaignof Google are wi
                                                                                          Yes 30, IT I have         old compare is
      We did not encounter much difficulty. The customer base of our exceptis aged sinceisthink the experts ofstartedexperience
451                                   The problem Weexcited the get with Too short had tool thecampaign3. small, big margi
                                                   Very to find Google brand name2.(3weeks)which is online contact with bu
                                                               1. to most suitable company forexperience at all advertising, the
                                                                             1. small company
                                                                                          I marketing challenge: in search engin
      We spent 1 month to find the good company. was wantedto workinto athis wonderful nowith no or little experience about
453                                   no           no          class                      no
                                                                             Short time lenght
454                                                                          fitting the advertising with the
      One of our team members had worked with the company at his current job incharts to 2 pages! school newspaper. H
460                                   Yes, we made a small "market comany is time,where market and the target segment Op
                                                   My first reactionis was challenge waswould experiencethe best search eng
                                                               1) It to segmentation" I in of we choosed using adwords.3) ar
                                                                             1) The new didint have experience with because th
                                                                                            i The like to have more time.2) Not m
      The experience with the enterprise was wonderful because the the international.2)thehappiness+entusiasm,organization
462                                   Simple, content etc. New of team member no
                                                   Looked forbidding         None
      Straightforward. They offered support forclient was employermedium for marketing
465                                                The real by the tutor and to work againstof client, the allworked with learnem
                                                               The given, The was a for a we the already over report for ano
                                                                              competing Ilenght very little about Adwordsto (not s
                                                                                            knew teams from opportunity before
                                      The client was givenbudget possibility it limited clientreal had pre-campaign the world and
466                                   It was pretty smooth. The The fact that tailor made proposal for time Not transparent the
                                                               1. prepared a I havesupport fromwith AdWords2. I might getju
                                                                             1. Lack of experience Google2. research about a
                                                                                          Yes. It AdWords.
      We identified the targeted SME through brainstorming andclient has knowledge aboutsaved my them.
467                                   no                       learning writing reports   i have set up
                                                   high CTR and sales how to organize campaign my own campaign before

                                              Page 4

473                                   was a greatNot aplicable learn more aboutwith the experienceas well how a search on
                                                  experienceThe possibility difficult Not applicable budget. more about s
                                                              to        Relation online client. Low and lear
                                                                                      at the begining.
      Taking part of google challenge Choosing the right company was very of a practical advertising There were necessaryen
475                                   no problemshas         an excellent opportunity to indeed .... a the that made availab
                                                                        nothing       no
      Google Adwords has been very useful, and no not disappointed our expectations learn aboutall tool toolsis redefining t
477                                    plans, andA lot more involvement1. Report were doingand ability to work with was too
      We met with them to discuss then/a                     Provided in than other No, therefore it was necessary
                                                                          what we lengths were a made recommendations.c
                                                                                      projects                        real
                                                 they were interested real world experience, andbit short2. Budgettoathorou
482                                                    This a business quitedifficult, as some the projects needs constant monit
                                                                        was was different to I think thatclients2) Exposure to They ar
                                                                                   1) to fact that "live" my relativeapprehensive part
                                                                                                 with companies were lack of experience
                                         Initially selectingproject1) The chanceTheworkour othercampaignfor our course.a newer
483                                      Our lecturer have never with a elementselection $200a with such a results of ourtheo
                                                       I extremely Practical on a class room project very limited, particularlyin o
                                                                      interested in the inof managing lack campaign and putting cam
                                                                                   The      our Yes, my was practical experience wh
                                                                                                  of of adwords
      Very positive experience and enterprise was provided us workedcontact budgetenterprise.liveofand thelarge amount of p
484                                      Had no response from The mark allocated numerous attempts. Our second client was h
                                                                      our forms of after to thecriteria in documents on deadline for m
                                                                                   Mixed format course criteria
      Our first enterprise did not respond to a series of attemptedfirst clientcontact via phone and email. As the the campaign
485                                      -             -              -            -             -
486                                                    It they thoguht we were going very a traditional mkt use to be the with Go
                                                                      Google       It but we kept on going
                                                                                                 Streghts: always campaign
                                         Yes, becausewas pretty exhausting, is wasto do difficult Ito set communicationsleader o
488                                                                                200$
                                                                      we had to do it was very few money
492                                                                   Nothing really. enoughI timetoindo a technologyanalysis
                                                                                   Not It professor toget real trend us develop a m
                                                                                                    work the
                                                       I thought it was a way for the was mandatory. out of havingindustry, so eve
494                                      People wouldn't interested. They listen about real not really. in saidhave the BeingAlo
                                                        and take That it to were of information to take the Idea andbeingcouldinv
                                                                                   unique. A Adwords and just and to understand. te
                                                                                                   excited about didn't no to you involve
      The enterprise we used were very engaged not really?the time was Alot actuallyNo life project Iwith real know
495                                      No, the instructor took care involvement time work
                                                       No             The of that.short and period business and with google. Real client
      The enterprise was very interested in this "new" (to them) way to promote theirNo experiencegain leads online. The bu
496                                      client was easy tohard 1.after i think ittime to spend.i thought it was easier, if its a goog
                                                          was convince by while would my fault toexperiencei to onethere is once o
                                                                      work and a 1.i of phone beengo directly knew watching the
                                                                                   lot was have no happy,
      the first enterprise (XXXX) i asked didn't likeitto participate. but amail and reading tutorials it wasifreally funof the menswe
497                                      no we didn't have any problemwith first , soiti attracted many things i didn't things it befor
                                                       all thing was good challenge know so me to de well , this thing make m
                                                                      its a nice me              its affect on me on positive know give
      its was a very nice experience. some thing new i had never doing beforthe money did not diminish so when i seeitmy ad
498   personal contact, introduced through friends
499                                        to It was very smoothmarketing challenge, ofNo. the campaignmarketing challenge-ch
                                                       In terms of - about the operation it isof very Online
                                                                         Hands-on The resultsthe client's business. However, it is a L
      It was fun and exciting as we getNo.know more in-depth work done.-practical experience-good practical experience outsi
500                                      yes             grow, and the company can learn busy)not language skillsearch at interne
                                                                                   no time(too moreadwords teacher's encourageteam
                                                                                                   start adwords tool, language about su
      first google has the $200 that can help themmy teacher chance to study how tostrengths my familiarto sure thay may the
503                                                    I major problems. this project had Ipractical relevence. noticeonline mark
                                                                      1) that      evidence2) teamwork3) eperience with
                                                                                                    had no without prior
                                         No, I had no was pleased practical 1) inactive keywordsreal that it was a real challenge4
504                                                    i have any 1)it was a marketingeverything in it was from google, a huge com
                                                                       problems 1)it was challenge2) english
                                         no, we didn´twas intrigant to know about adwords
505                                      no                             that the more about adwords
                                                                                   the prize
                                                       It was greatTo know challange includes argentineans
508                                      We did not It wasamore1. LearningI1. Directions am verybyfamiliar with hand.strategiesa
                                                       have problem because my own/learning I and post-campaign I noticed
                                                                        work than was knewITheypre- experienced with find Adwords
                                                                                      advertise. the but was surprised to technology
                                                                                                    for were doing.2. Teammates sugges
      We truly wanted to help the enterprise and teach them new ways toonwe expecting,organization before Google that I didtw
509                                      We just selected the first Learning 1. Theabout online experiance did not affect my a
                                                       to participate company moresomeone limited experiance
                                                                       sounded very would My knewpage limit
                                                                                     that pre-campain
      They were really interested so getting them The project 1. was notlike it hard be good marketing was too short
513                                                                   I loved the "realwere promised 'unimaginable" amounts of repor
                                                                                   We world" Iapplication relate to.with no previoustwo
                                                                                                    entered this project After choosing ex
                                         Our approach was to find a client whose product we couldthat this challenge supplied u
515                                      none                                      not enough time. teacher didn't teach about how to d
                                                                      given real money
517                                                                   Real life work experience but after the first contact with our com
                                                                                   undone calls,
      First it's been not easy to find a company. We need to do a lot of telephonework by teammembersdecisions made by o
518                                       engaged avrey bodyeyes to understandmore isdidnt have anytothe build astrstegies
                                                       open my want be to the the how marketing inexprerience him
                                                                      opertonty the internet i working
                                                                                   we dont have more budget play white is working
      it was easy to get the enterprise in the begining we traying to whoon lernnet!!!organiztion and than tointernet and try to w
520                                                     difficiulties,1. Freeinteresting, started workingweks to rely campaign whocha
                                                                        but it advertising2. Experience ithrough participating in the lon
                                                                                   1. we but after both had the company having w
                                                                                                 yes three with and then still
                                         yes we had at first we found only onceQuestions in it did,Pre and Poston a friend too toha
521   Telling them it would increase web traffic.
524                                      I think a presentation about AdWords them. I thinkthe interest ofthe enterprise would us
                                                                      1. the fact of taking part in but reading the AdWordswith and n
                                                                                   1. difficulties withchallenge2. difficulties would be u
                                                                                                 Yes teamwork2. a potentail textbook a
      To awake interest and to get engagement was easier then to maintain for awaking a in the future using a modern the res
525                                      No, one of the group members a newourparticipate inwithwas too small2. had real text a
                                                       I was worked learn knew the client. we somea client tostrategies a bad tea
                                                                      1. and had them a new and interactive project. I got about typ
                                                                                   1. skill2. working the creation somesearch mark
                                                                                                 I website experience with of the engin
      we setup up a meeting to show him how adwords excited to take on such clientshad did have some ofimprove their exper
527                                      yes, only a bit though, we worked for, itto figure outeasy toespecially as a new online,
                                                       it was quite The winning get to onpretty cost some elaboration. participat
                                                                       interesting how was this project, to the teamthem to
                                                                                   to work the Since after of click.
                                                                                                  point none persuade members We ha
      Since the company marketed online was a company that I tended to advantage, a chanceper do somethinggroup. includi
528                                      There is the scaled firms which contestjoin this project. My and marketingmy group oth
                                                       It was for discussing teamtotheableof knowledge clientsstudentsplan. It isas
                                                                      to gather aboutmembers objectivesamong online marketing :ve
                                                                                   1.        firm's compete about chose from all I
                                                                                                   to experience leads to many difficulties
      My lecturer already had some small-medium need hard 1. Globalwant The: lack Nofor meeting(5 members, different time
530                                    No, clients Great project, reallyahelpedgradeto helpclass succeed. googlethe place ofw
                                                   to the fact that the project me only help habit business. took members th
                                                                Getting wanted like in in stockmarket, gambling on what you
                                                                            It was us the the their of using it
                                                                                        the them was for,
      It was very easy to get them interested due were very helpful andgoodcouldgetYes, luckilyitone of our group as a busine
533                                    no          no            had always getpre, an extensive knowledge of the internet
                                                                            The them on board
      My other group member knew the client previously so itI was easy to wanted post campaign report instructions were not
539                                       Finding an organizationsmall manufacturingwithhad dad because get got veryabout was
                                                       This challenge seemed alotgroup members in they seemed to use actual m
                                                                      in chance to more funmembers a hadwe excited eager to l
                                                                                     that all company and could chosen whereexperie
                                                                                                I to me to no online marketing particu
      Getting the Enterprise engaged was easy, we picked a Thethe areaThework team my littlethat Igroup activity.The chance
542                                                                 opportunity managing myto include "you can't addition to the Cha
                                                                                    to learn had school workload in already be an AdW
      It was simple. It took an email to tell them what we were doing ... the email AdWords     no
543                                        but it was hard to find challengelearnsome interest. andto know morehave never done
                                                       All very nice and showed something studied about about googlelearn mo
                                                                    a projects it wasnew for me too bigI have never used Adwords
                                                                                   and worldwide,
                                                                                                We tried surprising. I about online mar
      It was hard to find an enterprise,yes, they were the coursebusiness werewe havent newlearn moreonline marketing yet. a
544                                         side. We need tomanagement, tried to campaign,resultsYou won'texample, when lik
                                                       Client problems. intentiontime justify our project scope to the how teamm
                                                                    Challenges The unexpectedit other affect.the one ofclient.Mean
                                                                                    and and a yes, whichonline marketing strategy w
                                                                                                 client does was for know my succes
      Different expectations from eachYes, we had some explain ourweReal life getmanagementwe didfrom campaign we need
546                                       I would recommend that am focusing studies of theresearchaccounts be ofin on searchth
                                                       The very realonline casemet with them initially duringclass work the sense e
                                                                    I client We my postgradthein the and was fantastic. I neve
                                                                                   1. Organizing experience resources presentation w
                                                                                                My      various was helpful off and so
      We were introduced to our enterprise via our Professor, XXXX. support and interestvariousproject a classpublished onlin
547                                       I think the most problems webpage influnence know whereworld. the persons to carr
                                                                    little for client they spending is hard to find
                                                                                   budget don't around pretty much
      it was very hard to persuade them to put some codes to itsiseffort but because no. didn'tthe to control understand what
548                                                    How was work was involved as aWemark of for overall unit. I been much
                                                                    1. Google Working in such clients advantage of someone who
                                                                                                 % a large team it use
                                          No our professormuchvery helpful in pre-arranginghad thethe us towould'vestrongly dis
549                                                    yes I love it.It is the terms of net issue.We are ruuning a France company's
                                                                    Google's brandFuturecan objectivesadvertising and search en
                                                                                   language employment
                                          yes we have some problems in idea howbusinessbe a service.
550                                       No, the firstLanguage issuepossibility negotiationsprior ability wascampaign and makin
                                                        approach was was bigger adifferentin projectlanguage. market, money w
                                                                      company, fromNone hands countrydevelop driving Australia,
                                                                                                Yes, were using
      It was very overwhelming to negotiate with an overseasThesuccessful,ofathan imagined to smooth.realFrom knowledgect
551                                                     a really... being in thealot of many wasn't what wethat was neededit. itbe d
                                                                     the trying tomarketing yeah iand things...expected.grade... didn
                                                                                      figure everythingwould saypart it did affect to sho
                                                                                                class out. was first our
                                          Yes we hadnotlot of trouble whole project overalldifferent it like what of of all not understa
553   We had an easy time getting the business to use google, because we knew they already had an interest in using googl
554   He was absolutely helpful.
555                                                                                The fluctuation in the in real the words.
                                                                    1. Get a feel of online advertisingprice ofbusiness world.
557   Good                                A bit                                    Learn moreYes, be
                                                       Somewhat Adwords and stand with googleinnovation
559                                                                 I'm intereted didn't and I enough time lackat the beginning.
                                                                                   I in marketing and wanted to try with it. it.
                                                                                                  was enthusiactic of (online)
                                          It went well.It was a quite new experience havei had absolute to dealmyself in marketing
560                                                                 1. Learning about onlinehad no Challenge. on this sector prior
                                                                                                I marketing attracted me. 2. presented
      It was easy, because the enterprise had already heard of the Google Online Marketing experience After we Working into
564                                       No           no                                       no
                                                                    Learn about an online marketing tool
566   At first it was a pretty big challenge for all take a part weGoogleanyinformationourtteam anygetcompanyand to fin
                                          No, we did At the beginning getdiscussed historymajor fact with theaccount. Therefore
                                                        us At first weTo in hadn‘ competition. Our campaignbeen participating in
                                                                    1. have as much all- the enough had has kind of experience w
                                                                                   1. Timing not on about PPC as possible results.
                                                                                        t       We haven’ time to      positive leaders.
567                                       No the enterprisewas selected forIt was difficulteverything waskey words and were qui
                                                       yes it was 1)New and diverse2)interesting not challengingand we took all
                                                                     and explained by our as to did and themmuch as usingthey a
                                                                                    us the challenge, precise questions and "real"
                                                                                                yes i get
      Organised a few meetings with the enterprise managera different experience Lectureraskedhave online experience with

                                                Page 5

570                                                           1. Working 1. It wasn't very easy to work experience innot used
                                                                          with a that I definitely lacked out how had up spac
                                                                                      would inspire real us results.2. The ca
                                       We struggled a bit identifying a company real company with all oftimeand to setthis a op
571                                    No problems - our were was assigned client had one on our team had They had 0 sa
                                                              Assigned by professor.No no sales and little website traffic at th
                                                                          Our by our professor.
      The client was very excited in the beginning. They client a new business that had an unproven product. any significant e
577                                     no,our client was excited and looking this of begining, weakness that none indone that.
                                                     i from the first moment we contacted them ouritteamshowed thatour exper
                                                                   participate 1.lack is experience- we they a new and real som
                                                                               from the a real project and i am problems iinterest
                                                                                            it it,because was had never
      our enterprise was willing to do this campaignwanted to 1.experience- forward to was asoand had no happy highwithteam    got the
578                                     We had no Iproblems we The no problems in understoodto ofmeaning oflife company S
                                                       wasn't really suprisedall the complex interface them internetthethis campa
                                                                  1. had we 1. had many how to searchinguse as version ofadv
                                                                                because i explaining we coulda thought online the
                                                                                            Yes, i was the the real our clients. o
      Actually, they already knew about this opportunity andbecausepossibility to learncontactsadvertisewhat does the interne
579                                     nah, for me, even really good cooperatesearching tooluse adwords projectuse new te
                                                     have a i have different nationality client to for to help client 2 really help
                                                                  learning how 2 uselearn how
                                                                               have google   member, and learning how
      google online marketing is totally newwe do cooperate withuse google as2 with yes adwords ages. thisedit tools and atte
581   Easy. They were open to the opportunity.                                 Amount of timeInclarity about success vs failure
583   one of the participants owned the company
589                                     There was no problemfact was number beginningteamto it is an enterprisethe main w
                                                     Surprising 1. marketing experience2. due of our teammateon that our
                                                                  because the client clicks from different countries because
                                                                               1. too small a friend work3. working
      Our enterprise was interested for participating in the campaign from the of wasI CTR have a problem with that internetta
590                                     No.          Fact that there's competition. The challengeread Fact that i.e.tocompetitors.
                                                                   this real name.2) Experience in can more other ensure that
                                                                               1) Necessity of reports2) up be was Google's help
                                                                                            Yes, involved.International team's clien
      There are many firms in the same industry plausible for1) Googlemoney and clients but thatour casegained.3) Real mon
592                                     This went very well,be interested andItold her it felt confident about onlinefree not clear
                                                     I would no 1) I was interested to Isome pretty much works and be able to
                                                                   problems. 1) thought was of the explanations marketing bu
      We simply asked her if it was something she was very excited to participate. learn how AdWords $200 of were advertisin
594                                     si bueno ensi claro la experiencia nadie la que no no no hechoel los manuales y fue ard
                                                      la propagacion de para micampañaseramos tanto este estede estrategias
                                                                  un reto las las ya tenia habia nuevos motor de busqueda so
                                                                               palabras claves no en supo como empezar que pa
                                                                                             estaba se ingles en tipo tema
      bueno vender chocolates, mermelada y bombones fue bueno los factores que buenorendian como queriamos y tuvimo
595                                                  No           1] Innovative, different from the usual projects we geton do, pro
                                                                               The inabilityus get did not alert/inform us to a lot of
                                        Our client seems not entirely cooperative with NILand clear information. Information esp
598                                     If try to convinceproblems wasinmore about The campaign will towas mostConvinced
                                                     The to participate interesting and somewhatshort Compete with we have
                                                                  - Find out the marketing campaign,surprising final helpful but
                                                                               The time-perhaps a bit engine the campaign
                                                                                             the search and solve.
      I helped visits to the company andwe have smallexperiencebut commented ononline marketing - for thebecause several
601                                     Yes, we have thought through expirience bestNeither menew to all something like famil
                                                     Everything relatedon the campaingapprochingor my analyzed a number toto
                                                                    work the 1. Lack ofAbilitydue to other commitments, related
                                                                               way the time to We and convincing the client of
                                                                                              was very have in of members had mu
      Our team was in the search of the suitable enterprise to1. New to during of 2.campaign.participate team us- the team and
604                                     No, all organizations showed aexperience the Choosing the andfreeAn award applicatio
                                                     There are very showing them in testing ofgoodlike some AdGrups2. To to
                                                                  1. Real good Unknown, small AdWords2. AdGroups.
                                                                               1. will to participate.
                                                                                             advantages most attractive AdGrups s
      I convinced XXXX to atend in Google AdWords Program bysmall differences between interest in badtesting of for the be
605                                                  Did not know enough That - had no - my experiencecompeting against a
                                                                               different and real - ancompaign searching on it wor
                                                                                            an actual actual campaign
                                        No - we used contacts Somethingabout it was Yes idea what AdWords was, how Goog
612                                                               real time,real money limit,
613   They were excited to be involved.
614                                                  No           The busy most of thethe right keywords a leadersincejust took c
                                                                               Choosing time.always been to use, so I we were n
                                        Time constraints, they were$200 dollars of free advertising.
615                                     Yes, we look at threefor the companyImpossiblethismanage daily on keyword level 2. A
                                                     It works aspects. Reach, your camaignwill cost onbasis onor weekly level.
                                                                  1. Managing daily what to on a dailt a daily keyword basis
                                                                               1. relevance and ROI.
      Free online chance to see if Google AdWordsis impossible to manageandbudget2. Development of different campaigns
616                                     Yes, there were few plans in ourasLess selectedof kind ofto our of studentsearlier. Bu
                                                     There keen good enterprise shared approached about their improved. la
                                                                   interest team which we byuse groups enterprise who create
                                                                                  group in new clicks challenge was enterprise.
                                                                                            Yes, the keywords conducted and
      It was good for us because the enterprise showed wereWorking in itaandnumber their feelingswith the enterpriseby Goo
623                                     Planning of the effectiveness of integrated marketing
                                                      practices ! Curriculum,interest
      This is a very good experience in marketingThe proposed                   interest
624   We wrote a business plan about online marketing. It was helpful when we tried to visiting our client.
627   通常企業不肯參與多是因為&#
632                                     we didn't have used the keyword cool the companylittle knowledgetofriend. was amuch
                                                     we any problems because way andhad simulator.was a didn't knowit for fr
                                                                  needed a be advertised.the manager We were able marketing
                                                                               1. our teacher Theynot e-marketing.2. it to to jo
                                                                                            i was were happy          online
      They were very interested from the start. Their website 1. it wasto generator to learn about helpful. heofbe surprisedrealse
633                                     no           no           nothing                   Yea. I've done this before and I got bore
                                                                               This survey. First of all.. talk about online marketing
634                                     no           no            Then we got online marketing and the effect google ad words
                                                                               hard to navigate
      They came into the class and told about their company.learning aboutstarted on the campaign. They came in to the clas
636                                                  I thought the and pre-occupied2. TherunningGoogle3. participate I could no
                                                                  1. The global scale wuth unwillingness to 'Realand hadadequat
                                                                               1. Businesses name of experience meant because
                                                                                             upon us her business given minima
                                        The client was very busyChallenge was thrust Yes, lack and we were notworld' applicati
641                                      we don't have problems his role. We gavegetthisthe game to put to money to adverti
                                                       was very in convenience of for in project
                                                                the           happy wide
      the company chosen by our team has been Iexemplary surprise andto use english availabilityusing realthe test in a new e
642                                                              the enterprise now nothing
      good contact person in the enterprise, strong help from Google, experience in online marketing, a project which we hav
643                                      No. Luckily /my weren't1. Possibilitythrought with real companies 2. Possibility tochallen
                                                         work AdWords. But persuading themthe with de
                                                                                all pretty/creative, really frustrating in to work
      It wasn't really hard to discover enterprises whogroup members were Only thing that wasso we had no problemsstart wir
646                                     We market, in any problem, expereicnemaybe buttime, They just right, so, iit was no
                                                    No           1. and it has a very specific previous company.2. in online mark
                                                                              None, to work withno real problems. The still wan
                                                                                          I had a real experience
      t The enterprise is new in the internedidn´t have Colombia The we had discusions,thetarget. it was are youngbut experien
648                                      explained we would be able andtohadfactmetrics that realnot reflect interested the cau
                                                    The dissapointment weThe is on aaccount did time while participating and
                                                                 The ability selcted the Had not used would enginedue to techn
                                                                                 work thatproject they search
                                                                                            the account was hindered and in at a
      The enterprise was willing as weWe identified the organzationto generate interest for their product be online optimization
649                                     There are them with the latest updateaof budget thatmeet interesting knowledgeclient ar
                                                    To manage1. Online budget and time to is the whole campaign. give me so
                                                                  the total advertisement as it an with the clientwill the that is
                                                                              1.    hrad campaign. The enterprise as
      I keep my enterprise engaged by providingsome problems like havingThe theto handleincrease unexpectedly.2. The nu
653                                     Our team's Iapproach isI to evaluate each theof Iqualityno prior knowledge onone whose
                                                      was surprised atattractedbeginning. produced by my teammates. choice th
                                                                   was the the to business objectively andand thethe Given w
                                                                              The lack opportunity to work with local game develo
                                                                                            have contribution decide online from
      Our team has to make a tough choice between two businesses in quality of work Eventually, we pickedcommitmentmar
656                                     IT WAS EASY AS WE IT WAS ENTERPRISE IN GAIN CREDITAS THE TO MARKET
                                                    THE USE OF CAPS IN OUR TO REDUCECAMPAIGNFOROF LECTURER
                                                                 HAD          HOW ADWORDS WE NOT
                                                                                           TO MIND THAT NEEDED MARKETIN
661                                                   thought it was going a be easier Nowrite the wanted to be inOnline marke
                                                                 1. All learning That not all groupmembers were thatthe out and
                                                                              1. about Internet is a fun experience2. we were go
                                        we first hadI problems with findingto business that actuallyreports. And helping challeng
662                                                 It was strategic decision had to doYes,challenge, thatwith peopleof online ,
                                                                 1. Getting experience with working with online people who muc
                                                                              1. I locate frustrating no prior experience have didn
                                                                                           the I had working would not in the co
                                        Our team made a a surprise that we tofound itan organization as manymarketing2. Lear
663                                     owner not I was of ourOn time real therefore, Itdoingeasier for Competition againstand
                                                    have very excitedmate, challengeAttractive prizes him oursayresearchfriend
                                                                  team at the thought ofit did whenChallengeto campaignus, one
                                                                              Time organizations We were able to yes to result
                                                                                             was the tracking owners were an
      It was quite simple for us as the We didis a friend a problem approachingdifferences not.because the because it was oth
665                                    We didn't have any problems a good a client. THewas not ofwith becausetheydidn'tthewa
                                                  I had that weIt was a good experienceowner helpful at all. we had know
                                                              1. ran were very teacher was not the business was a know
                                                                          1. campaign.It not really lead the project.I leadIt o
                                                                                     I did especially a real company.2. the
      They were very nice and listened to what we thinkto offer.Theyfinding Our interested,to workeasybecauseHe didn'tfriend.
667                                    No         No          Gaining knowledge ofwould like as much as the marketer writin
                                                                          Nothing, I E-advetising, E-Target and E-Copy
      Relatively easy to work with enterprise. They were just as excited to learn about google more in depth with Adwords Str
670                                                    I had was Iworked with any type organization as reason than:1. It athem.2.
                                                                      wasn't convince the I had to other work with numbers newtha
                                                                                 1. attractedinmarketing to I generally it was even ch
                                                                                                 a group, program, so dislike poppe
                                            The only problemnevertrying to really Workingoffor any learn quickly as us, butbeing an
675                                         We had a few problems, but that small this project, our company wasn't understanding
                                                       There was Helping a was They wanted to thinkaif experience with this was
                                                                     our of detail to business out have any the actual project.
                                                                                 Detail orientedNot having this Challenge online
                                                                                              I didn't
      We had to provide a professors contact information for a lotenterprise. just because but Iconfirmcomplete sure if was them
678                                         No problem./             Because it was something new was was veryme totoo long to pe
                                                                                 The second/ report, and easy for was have We w
      They already know Google Adwords, and they also planned to start using it in 2008 so for my opinion interesting.their ha
680                                         Well had some problems atfactorsthis project the the great experiencefactors: -servewith
                                                       Well the realization of We are or was a for directing the eletronica Finding
                                                                      as the beginning frustrated contestation were: learn a the abou
                                                                                  that led us Good by the following project these con
                                                                                              to first time you apply that will lot us
      It was a great experience to have known about this toolTheindispensable as the adwords that made me Competingfacto
681                                                     various notification emails and drive to that incorporatesformedtosearch us
                                                                     1. RealityThere's MembersThe documents forreal global best
                                                                                 1.Team informational group was a our client so th
                                                                                              Placing myself in challenge the comp
                                            We drafted This is the first school projectai've donecomplete thisthe shoes ofwithout prio
682                                          believe weanything in Its three clients prize cheap,noit great. qualified. everyone wast
                                                         really thought the ad The before Ifindingso it that AlsoI not This was espe
                                                                     their business.
                                                                                  I love Google, useone is rather expensive. always
                                                                                                had      experience personally ability
      The company was very reluctantI to change I went through Google.words waswas not but everyday. however the Also the
684                                                                                           internet.
      We emailed our enterprise and communicated the challenge to them over the I had some marketing experience and an
687                                         NO           to fully ALLHANDS ON ADWORDS EXPERIENCE
                                                                                 VERY SHORT     However after a
      The enterprise was somewhat difficultat firstNOT ATengage in the competition.NO TIMEFRAME high volumn of traffic to
688                                         We did not no it looks any problems, good pursuade our client totworld espically whenum
                                                       encounter parallel was hard to experience thethis field understand different
                                                                     The it and a Iworking with google online adopt wards how to
                                                                                  of getting It was a little hard and to online marke
                                                                                              a clear in and their method of approac
      Firstly it was a joint effort by all our group members , initiallyfeeling Not had footing into understanding tohad to prove to g
692                                         We did not face problemsThe situation.persuade them into agreeing tonot have and ex
                                                         friend, it wasn't too hard The client in are all serious do this2. The chan
                                                                     1. in recruitingvisit Google Company the Pre-campaign any th
                                                                                 1.     As such, to this subject, about marketing
      As our client was one of our team member'sThis is a real-case prize totothedifficultywe sending in thei States.improving Po

                                              Page 6

695                                              No.           1)The challenge of andYes. As my experience CTR for our camp
                                                                           1) Trial getting the fine favorable prior to The bidd
                                                                                         error marketing campaign.
                                     Yes. As this is the first time that we are doing onlineofmost tuning keywords.2)this proje
699                                  No Stretegies - growing practical1. Distanceas such theyuse all. learning Cultural diff
                                                 Postivie reaction. a good smallis NOt inhibitedwere interested in a text bo
                                                               idea for     learning more efectiveat based on Google criteria
                                                                                        between to than
      Although the business was not that interested injust an 1. their customer basebuasiness group members.2. via promotin
706                                                                  BECAUSE 1.NOT MUCH THE FIRST REAL PRACTICAL VER
                                                                                  COMPANIES DON'TFOUNDED2.THREEEVER DO
                                                                                               IS HELP TRUST ON US. IT WEEKS
                                           WE HAD PROBLEMS 1.INNOVATION PF THE PROGRAM2.SOMETHING WASTASK
707                                        Not really, it's free!
                                                        Not really                set say no
      Requested if business would like free advertising. No business would up, currency was incorrect and set back our star
708                                        At first the ofwas were 1. Learning 1. something Adwords. 2. Utilising the due to they wo
                                                        I getting free traffic was Team opportunity calledpass up. marketingother c
                                                                      reluctant to about usingbut theyprevious clashes, I am an tools
                                                                                   participate Yes my to participate. and said Goog
                                                                                                 they couldn't us back
      They were hesitant at first but the prospect clientsexcited at being given the members' timetable online Askeywordexper
709                                                     different experience in terms leader isprojects the project was not affecte
                                                                     representingteam up gmailcurrently real results
                                                                                     a real group accounts
                                                                                               ability to with
                                           chose an organisation in which oursettingoforganisationlead employed at
710                                         of one of the group members, so was AdWords is! and boring it was. was solid.
                                                        How freaking complicated forced on was the relationship
                                                                       one of the How complicated by my lecturer.
                                                                                  group members,
      Enterprise owner was the father Client was the father ofNothing. It the relationshipmeso solid.
713   It has been great
714                                        Our in the challenge butorganizations and in us information that we difficult to navigate
                                                        It was very 1. were slow at giving Adwordsinternal competition for my progra
                                                                        I was interested we I coursesearch engine advertising comp
                                                                                               had an and was required for the or on
      They were interested in participating professor recruitedeffective. 1. Googlethehad no interface wasneeded to best ana
715                                        No problems, already knewworld applicability No real prior experience, steep learning
                                                        Given hugereal very easy to engage them interaction
      A relative of a group member owned the enterprise making itthe org          need for very regular
716                                        hard to but an appropritatedoing group assignments in of thereally interesting environm
                                                          the campaign client, we our class, butnofound it team members. timethisp
                                                                     mandatory 1-Couldn't printthem. They didn't havehand,and use
                                                                                   a used from the experience before work Not or
                                                                                               Had I report I find in a any so sure
      Our enterprise was happy to participate,find I'm not used to was notforpriorityworkplaces from the Adwords s
717                                         of          On how muchReal life 1. No one Competing with otherform marketing th
                                                                     1. that since they havetry to for theabout online ofprojects
                                                                                   to do considering learn not a real we marketing
                                                                                               I not this is online people
      We informs them of the benefits No using Google Adwords,we havesituation2. searchgot any keywords life have put more
719                                        Organisations were very keen to be real time there thewas Adwords worked as to be s
                                                        Thought it campaign could do peoplelearn business
                                                                     Real great Having for so there how no problem
                                                                                  opportunity Ito real group
                                                                                                 dont think so
      very enthusiastic about being involved to see what the was a money, involved, and in business that I considered well as
721                                        Only problem was the business veryAccountaNot really.not at verywe didn'tconducting
                                                        Not really. 1. A 'real' project with management reply to emails nor answer
                                                                                  1. positive to participating the AdWordshave to put
                                                                                                'real' did I am 2. used to website fr
      Our company was the second business we contacted, they werewe first approached business.andFreedom of control,wa
722                                                                               graduated Yes. Leading this project was hard ( neg
                                                                     Friend who teammatesalready told us about it. He suggested th
723                                        We difficult. We wanted approachingReports were Looking back nowincludeto have be
                                                        It was when to domandatory so there was nothing andtobeencompanies w
                                                                        was a than iboutiquethought itonutlet havelittle prior all details
                                                                                  1. initiallyIt fashion toohaving many
                                                                                                  was difficult short  it me the chal
      Initially engaging the enterprise was had problems moreIteffectivesmallorganistions. muchwouldattractingwouldknowldge
724                                         the development of the using alifemanager and theofwas only avalible combinations a
                                                         well with the business and the process working with a real on the to marke
                                                                     The real massive amount of different keyword client. get
                                                                                    experience and targetingknowledge about keywo
                                                                                               We had a broad on a world-wide
      The enterprise was interested inWe workedthe targeting campaign The geo-targetingcommunication manager campaigc
726                                        No           Was a the The possibility to of making in have problems in leading the pro
                                                                     many than inoneexpected i do not a economical project rather than
      It was an interesting onlince challenge, showing us bit diffrent possibilites participate money trough advertising online.
727                                        No learn about running an adwords between ushad to see run an adwords campaign be
                                                        Little dfferent was required learningand withclient werethe as well. But
                                                                     It because it iscampaignI how the the run great!
                                                                                                  and to actualy schools
      The enterprise was very excieted to problems at all, communicationJusta competitionneverotherresults. campaign. stil
728                                        Not much No               The global arena and the didn'tmuch experienced neither we, b
                                                                                  Nothing that particularly much problem
                                                                                               was not have
      we worked on a website that was created and maintained by an individual. He wereal life online advertising experience
729                                        We did not students, we enthousiastic enterprise2) writethat wefact,toWe familiar organ
                                                                      problems, searching an enterprise the In get all had 2 delet
                                                                                  1) to few for did not have experience work online adv
                                                                                               I organizations. to were with with with.
      Because we were a group with international have many 1) wanted to engage pages topossibility reports.we foundto Goog
732                                        We didn't to was to problems. don'twere formy did not havewould haveperfectly into thi
                                                        I talk excited. We that1.usually have class.2. I The involve taken as real th
                                                                      people We make the decisions. that opportunityable to big an
                                                                                      I wish toteammates any experience prior to w
                                                                                               I projects was eventually to get outs
      It was difficult at first due to not being able have any the1. It was requiredableour find a business that fitbusinessesreach
734   The company we chose is quite No                      has young was freshnothing wasno.
                                                                     It employees, so it
                                                                                    common interesting for us and not bore for them
                                           young. Alsoititwas very surprising in and interestining oportunity that I didn't want to mis
735                                        We had strongly engaged from up raports
                                                        no             making theour stragedy.
      It was very easy, and they seemed to be a problem withmaking up keywords      beginning.
741                                     The group members and the client were businessTo improve the campaign. traffic o
                                                      We were very exciting.
                                                                    To of the campaign. The during all of the ROI and the
      The group members and the client were dynamic during allimprove a newdynamic atmosphere of the work and the team
743                                     it was a little difficult real a real life1. the post-campaignof thethis domain. lack of exp
                                                                    1. enterprise. The managemnet report(because little sceptic a
                                                                                   of use hadno , not at allin firm measure
      it was very interesting planning a real campaign for a because none experience2. an opportunity to was aour our little ex
745                                                The fact being in a strategies before entering in contact
                                                               world competitionapplyNo working with google.
                                                                           teamwork performance wasn't achieved
                                       Yes. We had developed some world challengeknowledgeteamwork with the enterprise
747                                                            news on some web persuaded them.with those subjects, but the
                                                                                        I was familiar
      It was not easy, but after we explained the benefits of online marketing, we sites.
749                                    No not at all. We was a greatopportunity to get acquainted not havesubjectjustcompany
                                                   There was 1.Theproblem the client,engaged. withwas agreat team work a
                                                               not a organisation him challenge. It the start-up Google A
                                                                                        Before starting the project, I of have he
      As the enterprise already knew of the challenge, itall were familiar withto getof theso we didThiswas aany problems with
755                                 Yes. We had difficulty It was assigned Challenge not given a choice. helped,also exp
                                                 Not with course already - I've Google business using AdWords. I course
                                                              finding an organizationMy my way through had of)so not hav
                                                                          The - worked was added to (on top
                                                                                       that was not so we school, our
      We contacted one enterprise only to find that the enterprise projects usedwe were Adwords, experience to identify anoth
757                                 Our professor. Challengeby the have to activelynoticeableclass, i.withConceptionand a
                                                 The Our team did not inconducted Yes,seekexperience e. AdWords as
                                                             1) was not1)online We did my havesupervisionseek a busines
                                                                             At times no a regular an enterprise. Google, no
                                                                                      as not out to actively by
      The enterprise was suggested by theclient was suggested and AdWords2) our deliverablesA
763                                                We didn't think we could make a good Iperformance he reports for Google
                                                               1. The      1. To understand provides.2. the Adwords.2.before
                                                                                        No, how to conduct experence non-p
      The results might be surprising. We communicated very well. functions that Googledid not haveof adwordsthat aThe qu
764                                                            Hands-on experience in online-marketinginterestedor they had
                                                                           short time they already used AdWords in AdWords
                                       It was hard to find a company because eitherframesome communication difficulties wit
772                                     the enterprise was all Working with a obtained their contactthecontrol ofco-worker,in an
                                                   Very interesting a client. Ibenefit appealing was to secondfinding a client a
                                                                business can legitimate onlinedue info from a Google AdW
                                                                           none.        Yes, this marketing, world" aspect got
      I worked a job in town where theIt seems that nearlyalready opportunity; veryfrombusiness, full "real soa time I was of pr
778   we got the enterprise from our professor                             too much very without online marketing and
                                                                                        yes. work
                                                               Google AdWords are paperimportant in online marketing knowle
779   Extremely easy since they had heard of adwords. They were hig motivated from the start and believed the campaign w
781                                    We didn't really have much worked got was Yes, I knewthatamy lack of online membe
                                                   the         I liked a problem. Ourthe employer of onebit our group market
                                                                           The Challenge seemed to needed to get into real
                                                                                         client and they a campaign with Thi
      It was not hard to engage my enterprise, as n/a company weofthat wewith real moneythink ran berealof complicated. the
786                                                                    we AdWords lot about we weXXXX has online bad homepageou
                                                                                    a partner and didexplained workswe learned a lot a
                                                                                                  town not have it how Google AdWords
      We visited the enterprise or rather the town which was our learned our partner AdWords how it a very marketing knowle
787   We told them about the benefits and used free advertising as a selling point.
788                                        Yes, at when We explain them some benefitsI at lowa lot market for very interested
                                                           time        Realtime busines work and target they
                                                                                    low budget learn cost
      At the begining it was a little difficult, butfirst Yes we have some trouble identifiyingshort time were our client
791                                        Well great contest; se 1.-Teamwork 2.-Goodus with the help between members this ass
                                                          Yes, it is surprising that1.-The timeMypassing of timea participantmuch exp
                                                                       basa of fear, a good the experience as is acquired in wasgre
                                                                                      provides understanding direct relationship to w
      My experience as a participant in this the first time gives a bit in make but with e-marketing andof google adwords,of the
792                                        NO
      I hope I can get experience using the keyword       NO                        It GOOGLEfindthe Unitedsotres
                                                                                                   in matched States
                                                                       I want to visit is hard to strengths
793   the potential of the adword onceno.                 the real time Very Prasctical2. them time3. Interesting4. was the best way
                                                                       made it easy to get Real to some any experience in online ma
                                                                                    1. less control not have
                                           explained to the client 1.monitoring was amazingengaged.extent2. very little time to und
796                                  No. The because related to still newThe classtheto gaugeAdwordsthat weonline marke
                                               It comes as were Liveas this inability Google a experience in inascompet
                                                            a surprise 1. and sawYes. I had unique in account a realopp
                                                                        scenarios marketing real company are an ind
      The company I engaged showed interest client wasthey 1. Thea team memberof project is nopre-challenge competitiven
797                                  AdWords was a new experience, that was a competitionbit about online promoting ma
      Promoting the site using GoogleNo        No                      None         us
                                                           The fact that is thoughtNo a little organized by Google.
799                                   No, we find Nothing we found a and then we had marketing is a great experience, to A
                                                  our client very easily, itNothing particular.all.
                                                              Making          was based on a
                                                                                          Not someone of the group. Even though
      The enterprise was hard to find at the beginning, butparticular. it, project a friend ofat great experience introducing it it im
804                                                                          1. It form of online trying to make new AdGroups...
                                                                  Learning a new was frustratingadvertising. I hadn't been taught

                                                Page 7

805                                               We a lot about how to to have strathegy had team. Promises were bro
                                                                 a lot out of get documents, but
                                                                              the cooperation within the testeverythingpractical. B
                                                                                           I had problems do our skills ourselves.
                                      We had to thinklearnedWe wanted The to a experiance and to to be the one in comman
809                                   No.         No, eventhoughthewas Nothing theI didour of theabout. works in our lecture
                                                                1.) it tracking one Iof have a fundamental understandingA
                                                                             different (like most team group campaign. Google
                                                                                              am aware of the
      After we checked several companies, we decided to selectEasycompany of that performance Members, after Germany fo
810   I was a Trainee at the company a few years ago an d still had good contact to the marketing manager. So the story we
812                                   After explaining themthis project wasduring ad no thought. internet as towas a cons
                                                  I thought the benefits of using class, waswords. AdvertisingI their compa
                                                                the benefits easier Google ad the opportunity increased
                                                                             Group dynamics and the
      They were more than willing to participate after offering Being online of using than isurfingdifficult. We lostiftwo group me
816   creativity                                   sometimes it factors were the same the "challenge"
                                                                             to factors were the same for me
                                       there was no problem allwas hard all understand for me
818                                                Really interesting and different amount just about online marketing. Great e
                                                                The fact that 2 hotels which seemed knowledgehappy to work e
                                                                            Just project to learn little first really ($200): search
                                                                                         I was real:- real money real not suffi
                                       We had lots of difficulties. We foundthethe way had of providedcompany-aboutmoney- rw
821                                    srgrsgf     sgrreg       wteewr      qerewr       etrewfr
825                                    There was some problem was exciting GOOGLE. thedefinatelymy relateddecisionsdirec
                                                   The challenge be benefittedright from It hascould benefit us company was
                                                                The big name - as well as it client, but we dream withgive right
                                                                            Reaching to the start. and managed challeng
                                                                                         yes. that been helped me this convinc
      It was a challenging task to select an enterprise that could relating to convincingconclusionsbeingmaking in totogoogle, it
833                                              Great experience and a had really Ibad friend's Isites.tosomeone stricttasksse
                                                             We had real lot of information in ourhadtoIt was verywith and b
                                                                        I money and or team and I
                                                                                      we could course. more hard to find
                                         Some members of the team prefered their own know that help hadbe do a lot of his bus
842                                    No we did not, members knew of Not sufficient time,new sufficient previous a connecti
                                                    I was intereseted, specially because it the group members have knowledge
                                                                  The challenging if to know a tool which actually
                                                                                 getting well.
      It was relatively easy because one of the group but it can be ideathem quitenone of is a not advertising tool.exists, and w
843                                                   approach, 1 - worldwide -sizeprovided with more all seemed something i'd h
                                                                  clients should be few trasparencyus knew almost nothingnothin
                                                                                1 too of challenge2 as in adwords. and stats about
                                                                                             1 boring, - it numbers You know keyw
                                       Also on firstIn the first place it appeared all very - most of understanding related to abou
844                                    we the some problem for finding for appropriate keyword marketing2-the possibility
                                                                  1-The possibility challengei haven't
      We know some people that work in find enterprise we've choosen the theto work with online experience on that before to
845   Thanks to the intermediation with on of our professor's partners
847   We work for that company.                     It problem 1. workto workflow3. Online trends of the university
                                                                  with for me Real life spendenterprise outside and didand webr
                                                                                1. Time with anteachers for Business4. each keyw
                                                                                             Our (it took suggested some some h
                                       There was nowas a surpriseclient recruitment. We searchedhours to confirmInternationa
849                                    with or less, we have made a kinddeveloping enterprise begining over we did and h
                                                                  The idea of Theschedule of things campain Well project alway
                                                                                  of kind decisions
                                                                                              a complete should do
      Well, we tried to share the ideasMore them and make them participate in theof Well, at thewe chose.of theinternetnot ha
850                                    the a pre-list of companies that will to just the hard I wasof knowledge. Online ma
                                                    All the project give thatsurprises because
                                                                  The real life was
                                                                                  experience; increasing not that he with
      We had to get a connection withGivemanager of the company, me Noneparticipate. part, after familiar agreed to give u
851   It was easy                      No probelms                It is it is andthe real- world I sure have any are calculated
                                                                                    is a i'm work monitoring the account, i.e.
                                                    How expensive used in1.itCTR lot of not didn'thow these experience if I ha
857                                                                     all is in english
                                                            international challenge
859                                  We decide to focus think I didn'tGoogleIt will helpto rise the throw rate withlike this sha
                                                Yes, because from expected to participate my career projectgood experie
                                                            promoting their product to theirin or increased their market
                                                                        It was difficult me yes
                                                                                     Almost potential in with a
      It was a good chance to work with google adwords. Ion It iswe succeed in our challenge. Weworkcostumers. huge numb
861                                  more on to Howadequate and negative keywords challengeimpact, was The it Limitedth
                                                 find to market before GOMC.- However, has an anycustomer click and fro
                                                              1- our business online and not asenterprise because2- is oneof
                                                                          1- Running itselflet have in a previous experience fo
                                                                                         did our mush short time. results
      - Our enterprise was dependent We tried offline marketingThe name of GoogleIthe fitting to our business.situated farhav
864                                  No, the client was very Hands on experience in at first account project. account using C
                                                 I had difficulty andwhen determining my and created information the mix
                                                               helpful feedback.
                                                                          the account consulting the e-marketing.
                                                                                       No. I read as much the
      Telephoned and met with them regularly. Provided resultscreating having to havegoals for andrecreated due toas need
870                                  it was hard I had surprisein organisation aboutIonline marketing weremore for certain wo
                                                 to convinceI the how the campaign was doing.useonline marketing compare
                                                                 how much traffic the benefit oflotaof words that ofabout how in
                                                                          learn of google try in They and very interested g
                                                                                          wordsa       competition time
      Organisation was happy to get engaged and was interestwanted to cost of somejustgetsto theshort period are most popu
877                                   we would like to analyze our study path in english little bit
      our professor asked us, whetherblank       blank                    reports      just a
                                                              -learning possibility -certificate
881                                                                 new their marketing anyway. work
                                                                                 it was
      it was quite easy because the enterprise wanted to improve experiences sooo -much that's why they were very openmin
883                                                                              Everything in english... it's not easy !
                                                       We had not enough time to make bannier (flag?) before the challenge...
884                                       No.          I was happy and opportunities, work onI the and it as I knew to my group.
                                                                    New I began  Nothing. Really! showed my
      Incredible! The company felt important and with potential to expand. to researchin groupsurvey. vice in internet.
885                                       No stratagies were developed,running adwords already, approached through thier web
                                                       The snowball effect,intial result. My main surprise
                                                                    In the    of Team members team members that were interest
                                                                                  the          no, the
      Did a google search on the company, discovered they weren'tcourse contact proved successful.was that the marketing
887                                                    How unpredictable to 1. and wewith real someteammates2. unclear wasa
                                                                    1. possibility somecanIbe. onlinetime to adapt.
                                                                                 market needed hav campaign2. help a local bu
                                          Yes, the experience was knew theusto workuncooperative eany experience. Thisoptions
889                                       yes, a lot not            To make decision and see by result fastly
                                                                                 The time pressure talking with
      I have enjod it because I have learnt we did no have enough infprmastiuon about the company my teammates
896                                                                 1. Hands-on I would haveand selected byaverage understandi
                                                                                 1. approached internetto than our so was a via alu
                                                                                               I in liked it marketing2. It that we could
                                          The participating organizations wereexperience had a higher be longer instructorproject
897                                       no set strategy, used real relationship with business totoknowledge in this area to be
                                                       I liked the were aware Amount that the challlenge and whatthis challenge
                                                                    Google       of Google literature and understood
                                                                                               My lack      read provided.
      They were engaged prior to our client meeting as theyprior world applicationof AdWordsofdetermine client.seemedpresen
898                                       no we don't               it was a new
      it was very interesting and useful. Our interprise was quite satisfied experience for me and it agree with my study majo
899                                       We enteredMost ofstrategy in mind for ourto advertise.nohowwere wouldtoable to streng
                                                         with a the Mainly theour The particular company, and werefita and progr
                                                                     people in opportunity to worksee a different ofhelpful marketin
                                                                                 1. class could not keeping keywords online and inte
                                                                                               We in They this very
      It was easy - the company had already considered using Google Adwordsdifficulty hadwithexperience systemviable bid      into our Jou
901   i was amaising
902                                                                  were interested in it, butwe get late not aware ofabout results
                                                                                 1, timeline2, they were information online marketin
      It was easy to get them take part in the Challenge, they1, spend real money2, Google3, international competition4, lear
903                                                                                to get directly related with the courseLength of res
                                                                                               The adwrods guide
                                                                    OpportunityWasn't familiar with Adwords was an importantrepo
908                                                     let me believeexperienceis nothingfantastic
                                                                    1 that there Shortwas impossible.
                                                                                 1 & it Time
      I can say that it was a good experience that It was my firstGrade!2 Knowledge No opinion You just have to give yours
909                                       No, our They knew whatbudge was provided2. ease of use knew get started. so we
                                                       No...        1. of the company we Yes, work with when we worked clas
                                                                                 could do but challenge2. working around other
                                                                                               could already
      They were very interested from the leader knew Google 1. duration ofhadI no idea how tohow itstarted. They w
910                                       our client was very little overwhelming as we starting withpresent howwithout withoutin
                                                       it was business partner. wasshe yes, had to promote.
                                                                    learning to what team just Imakeno experiencewe could help u
                                                                                     the difficult to us this project so I often learn
      our instructor did the initial leg work on finding our a scattered astheitunknownwanted hadtomarketing decisions firstfelt st
912                                                                   motivate GOOGLE challenge !2. wea Google to improve less
                                                                                 1. group2. we didn't have lot sorry
                                                                                               I don't understand. a diploma in is end
                                          Students have to find a1. it was aclient! Otherwise working onhad time Adwordstheour c
913                                                    We was happy! We client, after manyis that my online asked to my friend,
                                                                    I find attracted by Google searches improve our online marke
                                                                                 1. that 1. the possibility to have of that operates
                                                                                               I think competences marketing compete
                                          We have had difficult to werethethink The insufficientthe best ICompanymy teachers2. T
915                                       no there only few employers. how to an adwords campaign for my own career is n
                                                       no not reallylearning the
      Quite easy, the enterprise was small and haven't been any problems touser interface design of the adwords websitelate
916                                                    The different assessments about amountbe marketingcustomers Every me
                                                                    New, did not know anything all,more likely to had the adwordso
                                                                                  the small the same potential
                                                                                               Not at of even when I run seen many
                                          It is very important to know who in The company willabout adwordscampaign.who lookei
919                                       no           i campaign for XXXX, challengeenterpriseit was kindIdea wan't advantge o
                                                                      about of I1) divisionand the helped a a lot from an supprised o
                                                                                   see the of how benefit done. unbalanced2) the
                                                                                               yes it challenge2) of i itself challenge.
      as a member of the team who developed thewas curios1) Idea thethe conductingregionswill belot.we had the to attract mu
920                                                    not interested in what we were and no
                                                                     useful programe and I have being too low
                                                                                 Clients doing  Budget
                                          Clients are Great, very Practical and Google relatedsinced developed my own persona
921   We contacted them and they were looking forward to do online marketing and very happy with the challenge
924                                        describing didnt seem 1. different thanfor him so much and i didnt relevant to via lackin
                                                       the challenge, the benefitsgroupother assignmentcultureever done him prov
                                                                    very straight forward - our main to learn had and groupis Goog
                                                                                 my any members form of research was before.
                                                                                                and business i before a what agreem
      we approached XXXX via email, we developed strategies by first understanding the the informationsign you understandl

                                                Page 8

 925                                                         Learn
       Learned how to use online method to help enterprise for Ad. online marketing
 926                                   nope        nope                  This        Not really,
                                                             it was required survery is to long this really helped
 927   it was a new task (unique) and quite challanging                  Might get low number of clicks
                                                                                     Lack keywords
                                                             writing ad-text and selecting of experience was overcomed by s
 939                                      We had no No problems. Our this world, think really done
                                                                    All client collaborated with enjoyed was with this challenge. also
                                                                                  his objectivesthe first kindly. Welost in to thank for
                                                                                              At us very a be the have this area, a
       We think a on-line campaing would help to much a company to getnoIone. I that adwords Iwilllotreallyfuture and all the b
 940                                      It was participate incredibly time consuming and in terms of required toabout the class
                                                      It was findingwas assigned by the no.
                                                                    It the appropriateofinstruction. the instructions provided were ea
                                                                                 Lack     advertising online and little incredibly time
                                                                                              instructor and directions pass marketin
       He was very interested and anxious to just difficulthowever knew nothingofbusiness to work with and then making frustra
 941                                      We had 2 businesses available thetheadwords on (200 USD) to knowwas difficult tohad
                                                        was interested in google little moneyasonline of for the They haven't on
                                                                    increase intoo challenge online marketingexperience how es
                                                                                   had to decide I one marketing. more about onlin
       It was not too difficult as our enterprise was Ireally very interestedand knowledge andfor wantedthem. It whole campaignto
 942                                      We          It was quiteThe fact my we are to find most ofthe main bulk companies ar
                                                                     a pleasant We are unfamiliar that a lot of readingall tocourse
                                                                                 surprise competing with students from lingos.
                                                                                              Yes. We did our marketing the familia
       It was a great learning experience! did take a while to settle on that client becauseoutwith onlineselected of upover the w
 947                                     no                     compulsoryStupid group mates not. Idid no idea as gave gotco
                                                                                       no did who lead by example and to t
                                                   People in their 3rd years of Universityitcan still have nothing andto howlame
 951                                                            intresting advertisement, worlwide challenging, that we and fun
                                                                            set advertising. it was the website
       this is a new experience that introduced the enterprise to a new kind ofup of the campaign,challenge exciting had to d
 966                                     no           no
 971                                                                     1. long time for implementing
                                                              1. experience2. prize no how
 972                                   for had no It class project. to haveOur accountteam we brought up the Google chall
                                                  problems approachingto business2. information online. This wayon when
                                                              1. Related our client. Mythem, frustrating2.Something different
                                                                          meeting with was oriented3. Confusion any tea
       We were working with our client Wea differentwas convenientWhile1. aour low CTRTeamhad very little advertising exper
 977                                     no           it was to take a also thecommunicate via mail aknew to he many things ha
                                                                    1. part in to with an enterprise who lot because would benefit
                                                                                    challenge. short
       it was no problem at all to convince the enterprise importantproject time was too our partnerwantedthatbecome more fam
 978                                                   to find an organization 1) like fact use work learnseemed like anhow to befor
                                                                    1) The new era of a lotI of the help of as much clue worked wit
                                                                                  that could that our because no one possible use
                                                                                               advertising Adwords.
                                         We wanted Overwhelming! It seemedThe onlinetried to teacher had no ashad important c
 979                                                  It a problem to that with real companys.Managing Money.Having one of ou
                                                                    me create contacts withhad no experiences indentified as goo
                                                                                 Low interest of companies.Low money. helping us
                                                                                             I companys which effort on
                                         It was a bit ofsurprised Working Online Marketing can cost so littlewein online marketing
 981                                     no it wasn't realized once moreteams, workto manage goolge wasn't before the start on
                                                       to difficult work in to difference my experience between men and of of
                                                                                   feared with google, iwork with real manager to ta
                                                                                              because campaign good enough
       the first enterprise (a shop for men's wear), i've asked didn't liketheiparticipate,in using myasked just thebusiness wome
 984                                     N/A           business and to was not Google.We were working with a members do not
                                                                    Working with A lot to read. are OKof the search engine, especi
                                                                                 1. fiction. We Some
       It was a good experience to know about the Yes. The project know about online marketing.aboutteam famous and huger
 987                                              no          Learning more about online hard on wasproject
                                      No, they were chosen for us.                    enough any to
                                                                          Not having Without time experience, this the a bit di
 989                                  Our instructor had recruited family member in Ithe for each group, aboutto toproject. wee
                                                  I the very excited and 1.organization it been longer getour Wh
                                                              1. a enough The camaigns could heard then allowed onling m
                                                                          enthusiastic when I first no experience with our ent
                                                                                       had now, Being able the than work
       We used a company that I had worked for in waspast and Using real money works forlittle tohave was easy see our 3indiv
 991                                  No, I went in and talkedpartners helped at ofvery interested toonteam. were going to
                                                  None was going. fact that we allexplainedin by mywhat teammany people
                                                               to the company and effortIeverybody in the how evaluations.
                                                                           seemed and put exactlyknow we voted me the
                                                                                      No, wrote that my
       I would update XXXX daily with how the campaignof my1. The They1. Lack were competing against students around to b
 994                                   have much to do with 1. Free adwordsit2. opportunity to learn new skill
       Unfortunately the company didntno        no                      1. Nothing started
                                                            the project once was -
 996   it was interesting experiment  NO        NO                      time
                                                            New experience spendingNO
 997                                  Easy                  MarketingUsing google toolsNot just a trial
1002                                                                      fun, great time witch friends enough time for it :)
                                                              Copetition, Sometimes i just didn't have doing this competition,
1004                                   campaign I found it very on participating in enterprise we did of online marketingof thes
                                                   of a team member works and Iwork did not work, not have any inOut and
                                                              1.Before the Challenge,it wasnot hear unfortunately.experience
                                                                          1.Team it,Definitely. I much interested it and was
                                                                                         did very chose It the something we
       The enterprise we chose for the As a friendwas very keen challengingfor thewasIreally fascinated.forwas camapaign,com
1009                                                                      1. "online campaigns did not work as we had coun
                                                             1. the domain First ourmarketing" in general2. the different expe
1013                                                                      Adwords
       One week of test would have been good to familiarize with Google not enough time to spend on the Google online chal
1015                                             I was wasn't WorkingaboutGoogle AdWords2. Earningan organization, on
                                                              surprised 1. Writing the reports Google AdWords campaign ma
                                                                          with how just randomly picked experience with ca
                                                                                     No, my a
                                     Client recruitmentpretty1. a real problem. Weeffective lack of experience with onlineinte
1017                                                 surprised to1)competition2)use owner money for marketing be engaging in
                                                                  be competing the of real first give a brief url display name; it
                                                                            1)Being unable to put world, and to campaign3)cha
                                                                                        rest of online marketing assignment1)c
       Being a regular client of our enterprise of choice, my team approachedwith theNo, and thea desiredoutline of the campa
1020                                     The main problems that we It was like going onto a refering to quite well, considering th
                                                                 Our encountered during this were met online guides never our
                                                                                       After challenge sprung mainly from hea
       Perhaps the most simplest way to describe our experience: expectations as a grouprollercoaster that we had an suppor
1022                                     no          no                     the adwords interface choice but to navigate,
                                                                 Was assigned to us, didnt have a was difficultto particupatewe h
1025                                    No, my group they became interested work with their potential The fromthe use Goog
                                                    N/A        1. vision of1. Learning N/Aof the rules byonline sales. beginning
                                                                            what expand planning on reading to
       We mentioned it to our client and immediately had a clearThe ability to to we were real clients2.doing abilitythehandbook
1030                                     fact       No.         do something for very exited, and clue promotion, for we first sta
                                                                            That their marketing so about it when free.
                                                                                        We all knew enough
       It was very easy. They loved theNo. that we wanted to A teammate waswe didn't have a andwas I. about search engin
1032                                    Generally there were no problems. We was manywassurprised about our ourthe of hour
                                                    Yes to participate in theOurhad aYes!liberties in executing periode Google
                                                               - our professor adgroup bitwas very-interessted experiences
                                                                               having little I deactivated for
                                                                                         real customer considerreal budget fo
                                                                                                                      in Postcomp
       It was very easy for us to convince our customerfor sure,Possibility-ofGoogleaChallange. PleaseHavingaaour campaign.
1033                                    We chose A to use and first choice, Getting pleased participate$200than Iup but I main
                                                    the idea, our they seemedrunning it2. Online Marketing our AdWords have
                                                               1. Google wasmy employer,to tothe client in setting would challt
                                                                            1. quite team campaign optionshas free and just
                                                                                        the as receive for of been somethin
       I proposed to the business my groupwere ablemuch higher ability to customizeIt may have helped somewhat online adv
1034                                    Yes, we looked overcalled abilityifto XXXX's the Adwords had been helping somethin
                                                    Setup I the XXXX's than anticipated.everyone on the theidentified for yea
                                                               more ask Setting up Specialists websitein
                                                                            they would No, to participate and challenge. Once
       I have a good relationship with the shop owner, sotook Theto timeandhelp a local shop that had meways w
1038                                    he had to trusted our presentationthe the partner butfacts. Soitthey the problem of pro
                                                    no         real find a suiting campaing to over with not to emidiatly
                                                                             of reports,we had to deal nessescary at universi
                                                                                        but still they existing courses
       It wasnt quite a challange. Your enterprise search a while to world experianceaddition all the arewasalmost difficult the pr
1043                                    learned a very good relationship with tool client. thelotboradextraordinary it `s withfromco
                                                   i was very surprise a new demandedverywas forums,versatil. way a very an
                                                                advertising this tool. it tool. It clienttime,so study technology, us
                                                                             using to iis  search of a and had to reorganise m
                                                                                                      in was very satisfied to our
       it was a very good experience. i We had about targeting1-it was with1-it our thislearnafrom google2-iithe experiencelearn.A
1044                                    No. we dont a lot any problem because weshortthe teamlearnwascontact but i think thata
                                                               I enterprise that a choose was not involveof concepts,and also
                                                                              was whatNo, toto haveaalotmore inexperience
                                                                                             time have             in any the so
       I think that was a good experience that helps have to thereally dontItknowone ofthe Ichallengesome about,clients organiza
1045                                                           Google as enterprise.

                                                Page 9

1051                                                                                  THE CHALLENGE WAS HOW TO USE A NEW I
                                                                     - GOOGLE -CHALLENGE- LEARNINGTOO SHORT: THE FIRS
1052                                                                  bit hard to nothingfor which company with.
                                                                                    to do It was the whole we should I course.
                                           oh yes we did. It was a we just haddecideit.specific about thecontent of themissed some
1053                                                                               doing
                                                                     learning by 3 weeks were to short and amount of money to less
1057                                       No joining Google do - learnSo deal with google- hope to join the callenge
                                                       I love         such to we not just was happy to get a job in the google impe
                                                                                   - haven´t do much to engage them:-)
       The Manager was very intressted inwe just tried it toadwords. activities. I the success i expected- not enough time and m
1058                                       El cliente se mostró delEl conocer el habertodo lo que esto conlleva. también sean un
                                                       Aprendí abierto a colaborar, y empezado ningún problema para lograr el
                                                                       uso de adwords, de adwords, el que estos Me sin nosotros
                                                                                   El           -
       La universidad de encargó de obtener, y convencer a las empresas. uso y no presentóyde manera rápida,sorprendió enm
1060                                       doesn't apply quickly was real-time, real money, people searching learning experie
                                                       How           It              can be     not
       -continuous updates-final presentation with suggestions the moneynothing spent really, it was a great the Internet were
1061                                       Minor discussion
                                                          director and he kind marketinggetting to experience helpedgoogles's
                                                                     new immediately agree.     Yes. my know more about me a lot.
       Just had a small meeting with the managingNo and just do it. ofvery short durationI want more structured report pro
1065                                       Yes,        To see how everything Restrictive collaboration fromas business, despite
                                                                                    is of competing at a global level, and do an outstan
                                                                                                I consider myself the
       Exciting, as more I learned more, by teaching them... The challengeautomated and manageable an uncrowned group
1075                                       Yes, we had was surprised possibility of gaining adto and we werenumber ofthe work. im
                                                       I some difficulties explaining the project to monitor the doing in were an pr
                                                                      they were gaining advertisingwordsorganizations all hits and
                                                                                      was frustratingi world experience setting up targe
                                                                                                yes,        the were at advertising.
       it was relatively easy to engage our enterprise becauseThe to learnithow affectiverealhad little experience wethis area ad
1076                                       No, organizations were excited to participateget the high results waswould have liked to
       It was easy and fun for the enterprise                                      We didn't No, the challenge we helpful in educatin
1078                                        knew and who had participatedknowInstructorbut didn't show muchfairly easy 2. Confu
                                                       Our instructor Learn somethingrelatedand useful
                                                                     1. didn't in 1. muchknew the challengewhole lot of interest in
                                                                                    school about knowledgeable adwords soto use th
                                                                                                  not         know or adwords we had
       We used a company we alreadyThe business we chose was very cooperative We projects so itawasinabout Adwords so
1082                                                                               Having to write the post-campaign report without kno
1083                                       Not at all.               I wanted to to make reports:)
                                                                                   try in the in found free email-course on Adwords
                                                                                                I an online decided the next step. I think
       We were doing brainstorming, also having ideas individually, and thenmyself meetingsawemarketing challange. Also it w
1089   The experience has been very interesting
1090                                       WE had to think was unfamiliar withitonline a know hpw andand teh begining but thatthin
                                                       It was justa differnt marketing approach, with which unkownteh functions mu
                                                                      The fact tha was marketing, to usspecifically Google afteron
                                                                                   We didn't lot hindered and allhad not onhow us
                                                                                                It of research in we of and pushed re
       I feel it was challenging an a lot of hard work as I about it quite hard and do something newutalise reading uphad Adword
1092                                       yes         no                          the time
                                                                     the company (google) no
1094                                       -           -                possibility for the cooperation but was in fact unavailable withu
       The first business that we decided to work with seemed- to be open-to set up a -         real campaign- to get more familiar for
1095   Very Easy                                       That this was pretty easy. Howeverdidnt up the bids so do more for them
                                                                      in the beginning were using.
                                                                                   The but we had  I thought this would much...since it co
                                           They were very helpful The platform wefact weN/A toreally know what to do with the wa
1100                                       no                        campaign, The was it going,
                                                                                   use team program: changes
       It was fascinating. We inform them everyday about the To learn to how a newwork. the"adwords"we that we were doin
1101   We had difficulty in the beginning to find a company that was within the norm. But a friend worked in our company's clie
1103   It was a bit difficult to choose the correct enterprise, but finally we decided that XXXX, was a great option, because the
1104                                       No because they strategie didn'tto 1. not having brand new webpage to to lead the proje
                                                       Everybody 1. was business withthegoogle maps available in in to
                                                                      starting know about experience usefull. i signed argentina to
                                                                                     found the a challenge when
                                                                                                Yes adwords in order and prepared
       Our enterprise was easy to engage problems, the are aon Ithe teamlearn first about it affected my ability beafter hearing r    clas
1106                                       We that can come out of to be apartstrategies yes, familiar essentially knowledgable in t
                                                       have excited advertising of to become others with more it will
                                                                     The we had with learning
                                                                                   how and
       We told them about the good things did not I was problems, experience it google and that were the tools be free adve
1107                                       We had an How easy awas totime advertising Iisnot agree any more and experience.
                                                        idea of what good use!to advertise online. was fullhave.
                                                                        to look for but later ableexpanding.
                                                                                      The impact AdWords can learning into we
                                                                                                      to it
       They were going to sell a new product online so it was itHow online Not beingdid think put myall aattention wishit. choos
1108                                       No, I was able there was not anything particularlyprior experience was Afterward, weG
                                                         the business The prestige by workingvisiting them Google. onset of the att
                                                                      out businesses of simply on a project and handing adequatepr
                                                                                   1. That Google Analytics during givenby much e
                                                                                                My letter from sponsored them the
       We engaged our enterprise by approaching No,to scout1. owner and presenting thesurprisingwas notthejust asGoogle.2k
1109                                       we did not it seemed abouttheasthe beginning,was gradually excited it..the challengead
                                                       have any tedious majorprevious employer was made about power of w
                                                                     well the my is that
                                                                                   nothing really frustrated me to with the the challeng
                                                                                                  but mandatory about the
       Current employer and was interested when spoken to problem at challenge....iswas very unfamiliardosense and was wor
1114                                      Our client was them watchingchallenge outlined No schedule, our and how we thought
                                                      I enjoyed via The as a1. With oursuceed.
                                                                   for us our campaign 1. the entire the classtedious not to ha
                                                                                 and was busydeveloped it was so I by asking ou
       In order to engage our enterprise, we contactedselected1. telephone volunteer.mandatory forprojectstrategydidworkhave
1115   it was ok, we had no problems                             spreading my views of doing business
1118                                      No about the easy. he like teacher.2.- rigorous very easy to use,reports.2.-benefitsth
                                                      When saw the sistem 1.- The havethink so, to give the andofthe teammat
                                                                               i thought it wasmeeting was going to win.3.- Use co
                                                                                             a form because some my Some a
       Well, we talk to a friend and tell himit was veryideai and1.- The it. Then we TheI experience iand talk aboutunderstandab
1119                                                             Ad us because we work with time of campaign.
                                                                              low ctr,
                                          This was not a problem forwords basically need morea client that takes bookings online
1121                                      company to was most surprised with Team and did of not what I had hoped for amongI
                                                     I respond to our email inquiries effort somehave Oncegrade. solidified an
                                                                 1. haphazard. the high participation. any we had the group
                                                                              1. There was was grammatically experience, but
                                                                                           worth disagreement within
       We had trouble initially getting aClient selection was fairlyIt was mandatory forICTRnot40% of ourpriorincorrect searches
1122                                     Yes we companiesthe fact thatwith teams had amoney and realthey were quick to agre
                                                       loved who we later dealt out real took thewith ad clients. forhad no prio
                                                                 1. real it application2.I worked lead even though i we decide
                                                                              certain       serious area of interest
       After trying to work with several internet hadI problems dealing lifefound withcompanies because words beforeme3. meas
1125                                   This surveyThis surveyitis them
                                                    is too long too long too        no
       they were interested already and i was just paired up withwas neato short, too much money
1130                                                                    The qualification of the final reports and the last clas
       I was a great experience. Workng with a new team trying to now their needs and offering them a solution for free, At fir
1133                                                 Good organization feel1. No easywas littleverycooperatedknowledge online
                                                                   1. but I was AdWords to use they of previous easily. suchinte
                                                                                 easy to of My not bit easy to understand. The as
                                                                                            the internet2. Better knowledge
                                        No problems, the project, Better knowledge find, and dictionary of terms (termsof provid
1134   I called the owner and spoke to him.
1135                                    Fortunately Thehad no 1. on line marketinglocated. He of strategies the enterprise and w
                                                      we reaction theof problemsit atdevelopping the low use success when s
                                                                   kinds enterprise is happened the learn to
                                                                               when       the onset yet knowed was Google AdW
       A member of the group comes from XXXX, the city whereto the Challenge in experience2. cpc projectforthe very positive.
1137                                    we selected business it my piano teacheri feltyes business forproject. finally i came bus
                                                       tried to applyunderstandingfalse web , Ipriorto our real time consultancy up
                                                                   1. data mining real positive . so very well versed with her wi
                                                                                work , of analysis doing
                                                                                             like am advertising the realtime cons
       It was very motivating experience. Though IIwas doingof for projectfor atype's time site responsedoingknowledge helped
1138                                    this, so we no             the         money and noteamwork
       both of us have the desire to do a lillte bit get togethor. organiztion: Googlemy teammatesthe chanllenge itself
1141   The client delegated the integralThe client delegated campaign.Wsolve a thinkIit any particular inconvenient. In anthefro
                                         management of the the integral management ofwas not had any from studying fact,wou
                                                     We weren’ Added value for the labor marketdifferent experiencewith Ioppo
                                                                 t looking to have not hadhave awere looking to move in from bo
                                                                               NoneI problem; wecampaign.The relation with this t
                                                                                                the wonderful                that     cl
1142                                                 I was excitedliked that it toto findonI this project group Iand at theInational lev
                                                                   I not difficult work thewas not very and feelcreated, powerfu
                                                                               I was with Google which isstrong a online would hav
                                                                                               companies, such in that marketing
       We were assigned enterprises by our professor, so it wasto be able hated working with my especially huge andmonitore
1144                                                 Everyone wasa a developing However, the correlate well with thebecoming m
                                                                   It local business that in nobody really no prior the Googlerequ
                                                                               The niche would most part, knew it is time it Ch
                                                                                             source of frustration was marketing/adv
                                        We had trouble selectingisvery excited.biggestForonline marketing that too much about
1146   It was very easy. One of our group member's father was an employee and the group member had worked there also.
1147                                                             no         NO           NO
1151                                                the challenge was a that we had adwords, convincegreatthe ambiguous, he
                                                                 The fact or complicated. didn't.hard to them.
                                                                            choosing stories was I had get internet skills it an
                                        there was no concrete exampleslittlesuccess a no itIt tosome words were ad words right
1153                                    Since it interested in the the competition whatproblems. and team chance to take a r
                                                    It was a great way to practice with fellow students2. The and hardly mana
                                                                 1. contact, we had
                                                                              but I guess was to time constraints marketing skills
                                                                                          due taught
       The enterprise owners were initially verywas a teammatesprogram,Nothing no We worked as a use the weeach made up
1154                                     as much of the problems, the client do this application to ita problem, as assessment.-
                                                    Doing a using and winning time our second ofattractas is quitechoice, the
                                                                 - We have to kinda is zone,at the choice, customers refreshing
                                                                            - of      contest much to is partup in 1st online
                                                                                         Not have wake of our already know
       it is quite easy to persuade themNot they are alreadymodulethe sameTheusof Challenge assame time our the early mornin
1155                                    no
       mi equipo. la empresa con la que participamos y yo estamos muy complcidos con esta experiencia y por la oportunida
1156                                    Our team leader had an aboutuse Some to It was talked to experience which made
                                                    I was explainedtofor a company and some results world experiencetook
                                                                 able    the real money and real true real
                                                                              chance      members not helpful, groups may usin
       It was fairly easy and they were receptive after weexcitedideaour situationteamgetshea learningthem personally, it have

                                               Page 10

1157   It was pretty simple finding a small businessAdwords turned outlife be Didn't get thethe challenge.real company asoverw
                                        We found it easy finding business experience.2.inadvertising/marketing. Throughout th
                                                     to participateReal to 1. cooperate I Working withaveragesimply Didn'tout o
                                                                 1. consideringaitlittle morefelt I had that a I though, yet wentwell a
                                                                             to     was free complex an we We understanding t
                                                                                          1    results than wanted.2. not hav
1159                                    We thoughtExcited website about a the professor, GOOG. industry.
                                                      had a that this couldFinding a business. the
                                                                 The that engaged the No. in
                                                                               tool widelyclient.
       We were very fortunate to obtain a client thatof waysto learn people, benefitin providing political information to the public
1160                                    A fixed price could up a changing at thequiteskills3.I fun4.some experience toGoogle's c
                                                     business more acceptable for them. had the ability to plan use in I
                                                                   campaign Nothing complicated for the first know
                                                                             was moment,  Yes
       It was a quite new area for them. Their core Setting beis1. experience2. newmajor. but I think that they time.before,itbut th
1161                                    We are not Its a different Itmost of 1. Notthat I've came we find so were out forwork with
                                                     able to find as organization initially able to findthem welook providedalread
                                                                  an is of project around that across and approached allow
                                                                             the companies went online already haveto anything
                                                                                          We most of an organization sponsored
       Initially, we had some problems in getting our company 1. kind a challengebeing asthe world.2. Wefar. This projectwith m
1166                                                I refused to join
                                                                 The possible Prize, theNowith unproductive work outside a chall
                                                                             Collaboration the possibility to teammates, also m
                                                                                           chance to use
                                        Often Clientsliked the size of the competiton. and affection AdWords for free Itryouts
1167                                    no          no
1168                                    No - of the group. straightforward. for simply used my detail site, we really did down
                                                    The complexity of the reports available. use their that
       I approached my employer on behalf This was veryThey were happyWe the group toThe employer but could drill not pa
1169   It was no problem to engage the company! We presented the idea and the company agreed.
1175                                    no          no           real - aware ofenough time: it should be longprobably the possi
                                                                             not google AdWords campaign and knew additiona
       it was very easy to engage the enterprice, because they werelife experiencereal customersreal companyreal moneyhigh
1176                                    At and theyIt was happy to take part.
                                                     were the didnt were participatedit. aa
                                                                 We get graded onkeywordsweeks so we was changed
                                                                             Finding        few sometimes just a competition bet
       Our team member got it organised first an organiztion first time iback to us forinno project where it was anoth
1179                                                No           1. global                no
                                        yes we went in with suggestions 1. Lack of teamwork2. Constant monitoring of the ca
1181                                                THIS PROJECT LOCAL COMPANY THAT THINKCOMMUNICATION MOS
                                                                 1. A REALLYTHE MOST FRUSTRATING PRIOR EXPERIENC
                                                                             1. REQUIRED A LOT OF READING AND NO ONE
                                                                                          I DON'T WAY MY FACTOR THE THE
1187                                      Choosing aWas a business plan andI undertook thisapproval.timewent smoothly,ability
                                                      business wasThe use as Pre-campaign on amy organisation2)the top
                                                                  1) simple, 1) submitted benefitan experience was a benefit. T
                                                                               of am employed as full All basis by on organis
                                                                                            No. My prior EXTRA project, The and th
       As I work for the enterprise, it was put forward asless structured. But IAdWords tofor strategy was not long enough of m
1188                                      Yes. There Iwas happy to business deep knowledge that subscribed risk didn't do an
                                                        explaining exactly what model Idoing studying and what professor and t
                                                                  Developing The experiments on Adwors of in a research thoug
                                                                                a we were kept exactly...
       The experience was good... the problem waswasnot a clearfinally make team membersof AdWordsmakeand free shenar
1190   This was done by the university staff. The enterprise was easily found, but was not the right kind of business for the ch
1191                                      No I see and hear feedback unique Group members not cooperating anwas the same
                                                     I am surprisedThe how was alwaysNofriends
                                                                  1. just theywell Googleengaged
                                                                                  aspect (no other group assignment organisation
       The business was continaully eager-toapproached the client asand 1. were familyAdwords supplements at times2. Some
1192                                                 we were really us it was a newwork. and of really wanted to learn moreofcr
                                                                  for interested our topic Theybeginning our group a us, lot d
                                                                               the large amount knowledge supportedtopic,knowle
                                                                                            At the have needed to the pre due to
       our client was really engaged. They knew that they could benefit fromin gaining morewetime really aboutgethad a theyabo
1193   it was great                       no         no           none         none         no
1194                                                 This was by far theuse 1) real using internet done.campignfromThetend to p
                                                                  1) The image by lack Before the addrecieved didn't money g
                                                                               of The project support wewith a team3) real percent
                                                                                            of I Working The Then out unit inst
       Hesitant at first as the enterprise was worried at lowering brand best class money2) have advertising.useIof as feedbck a
1198                                                 success interesting experience asYes asable to rather develop Istrategies to
                                                                  The always was frustrated withnot system difficult at through a
                                                                               I challenges. It meit the the to at times login andt
                                                                                             I was was gain useful skills results
                                          Yes. Every It was anthere isfirst factor that attractswas waseasyexperience towas able w
1199                                      LITTLE BIT              advertising statistics, graphs
1201                                      No issues. The length Metatags and Search group challenges of eachthefor a class pr
                                                      I approached the assigned usual Engine Optimization were person contribu
                                                                  It the business owner By he wasthe manual and following acti
                                                                               The by the instructor butbit oppressive free advertis
                                                                                             manual is    was an to new class oth
       They were excited about the opportunity at the outset. of was Google Adwordsandreading areceptive excellentconcepts t
1202                                                                           Non-active team members
                                                                  Nothing, it was an assignment
1211                                      yes          ya
1213                                      No, because the company previous experience before. as a marketing...the campaig
                                                       N/A           Adword use Adword. Somearea
                                                                                    am advertising information that I can find on mar
       It was easy to persuade the manager because they had thehad is aI newnot familiar with onlinemarketing tool. As agoog
1214                                                   Its not clearonline-marketingreal internal processesGoogle are, often wenot
                                                                       group how the works processes ofa lot Googlecompany co
                                                                                  unknown worldaltough i knew of about to spend
       Fortunately we could persuade the entreprise one of ourenoughmembers internalat experiencereal moneyonline-marketi
1215                                                                 Learning a Studying before I
                                                                                   google is By self-studying, asking groupmates and
       the experience is great because I understood how useful tools thatnew skillsAdwords can engaged my enterprise using
1216                                      yes          and           - To identifie on I become awareexperience in Onlineevery thing
                                                                                  now          - Yes my my knowledge that Markting a
       My experience has been very helpful to me No our company, and No the Adwords- To for the utility of this service, ev
1221                                                    with this internet tool skillsresults orientated as i am studing owr client/en
                                                                     1- active as we succesfully helped them to increase their AdW
                                                                                  1- Not to much info. about the development of web
                                                                                               In my case,
       it was really interesting to provide owr client Team workproOnline Marketing2- Adwords tool3- working with Marketing, it
1222                                      Not at all, President was in mycompletly first, was on Online Marketing.2 What changes
                                                       Of course it company´s 1 AT he learning my lack thei CTR2 my self amuse
                                                                      was     team, so of was willing toteam and aware of AdWords.
                                                                                   President experience, where found The convenien
                                                                                               I think the cooperate experience it affec
       It was really easy because the company´s because the 1 Theaexperiencenew how to increase of prior in everything that
1224                                      Initially challenge. This proved to be true till the targeted it in client. group. experi
                                                       Not really. The most important soon The oppurtunity great learning
                                                                                    But we was- end. As our our own
       I was very enthusiastic initially about thethere was some difficulties.Reaching an agreement was aof competing with peo
1227                                      Our groups We were allIt ingetting advertising. Yes. Having knowledgeadgroups. engine
                                                        had problems online a Google constantly check on our we search
                                                                       was mandatory. client.was something new them. Nonethel
                                                                                  Having       It
       It was tough at first. XXXX (our company) was not activevery new to willing toAdwords. But somehow,toof manage to pu
1229                                                   I was happy at first that1. It was pass only pass 3 of the 10 The amount q
                                                                     1. It was required to required class.
                                                                                   the challenge
       I was not an active part in working one on one with the enterprise representative. the tolastedthe class.2. weeks in the o
1232                                       one of our teamclient that one of we werehard All find money" to allfor in the an equal a
                                                       It a surprising already was a manditoryalready our class inteam mates c
                                                                      was that ourfamiliar with and had when work with rather than
                                                                                  It was matesmembers of the of our which
                                                                                               to had part of worked for.
       We worked with a company that We work withwasmatesThe challengeteamgiven "real time worked team had past. I wass
1233                                      No           NO            Different marketing medium andfunding whenmade me
                                                                                  Google's campaign layout. Difficultwe navigate. Man
                                                                                               grant for experience to arrived
       My enterprise was very eager and had already applied for a Google AdWords My lack ofseemed cutting-edge hesitant
1236                                      There were a first I was quite thrilled the
                                                        no problems at all with1. client. Inew experience 3. freeness of doing wha
                                                                     1. Very interest item2. I gaveno problems to fast2. there were a
                                                                                   my            had us card blanche
       It was very easy - I just asked and received Atpositive answer imediatly. keyword prices raised verylead the project. On
1237                                      Our one of our group our Real member's auntexperience-we werenotoapproaching ifpr
                                                       The Challengeteam extremly time yes we hadcomparingasked experience
                                                                     1. was aunt owned theconsumingno had able to seethe acco
                                                                                  1. How time so being the challenge was- how on
                                                                                                  shop,therefore she
       Our team selected a XXXX because client was one of membersworld businessconsumingthat iproblemprior her aunt herother course sh
1238                                      a lot of enterprises
                                                       no            - with a real digital campaing- to test the Adworks marketing to
                                                                                  - It takes a At ofclient
                                                                                                the my leisure of the campaing we was
       It could be a good oportunity for We hadn´t any problemsTo dothe relation withlot the beginningtime- the date of our cam
1239                                      No           It was nice 1. Real world experiece2.Competition with many otherclient eng
                                                                      connection1. there were a lotAdWordseasy to get the schools/
                                                                                    with the affected of times when details about cetain
                                                                                               Since real it is very
       One of the team members worked for the business. Histo do something that companyamadecompany. structured, it mad
1241                                                   difficulty totally challenge of familiarizing ourselves delighted to grasp which
                                                                     The unfamiliar with AdWords. We were with a and completed
                                                                                  The instructionslearned used the business usingfirs
                                                                                               We and text were diffcult to be and a
                                          We had no We were recruiting a business to work with. Wethe materialnew toolfor at act
1250                                                  I think the ideaRelevant thethe reallength too short had real world relevance
                                                                    1. of the project was n/acompany. We eventually settled writte
                                                                                  in choice of good one as it on3. Not too much on a
                                        We had some disagreement about1. Project aworld2. Hands to really get involved. W
1251                                    Yes. Because we are not aware learnfactorsabout thetheusers backgroundtostage
                                                      No            The response background of to group
                                                                                 the more from web company the task individu
       Tough and challenging experience. But at the same time, I get toofNo receivedwe have companyout at the firstand also
1252                                    since it's it Yes. It is unusual to theToo much documentationthinkthatmy graded at the s
       They didn't ask many questions No, sincefree. my friend's.                 prospects of using it to promote
                                                                                             Not a competition of.
                                                                    Grades, be participating in that I can to read. is business, the p
1253                                                                            The Challenge was all in English. We did not have m
1256                                      work in marketing getting back Martthe client/consultantsimulator used in 3rd year cou
                                                      Reminded me   Umm honestly Strat (a Used it was clunky, unable tointeresting.
                                                                                to none really. to bit relationship was see any nu
                                                                                              marketing compulsory
       It was an novel one. As i used tonone that i am aware of alot ofin The. interface was a setting up online enterprises ... s
1260                                                  Easy to understand. Not very complicated more clicksto finance assignmen
                                                                    1. learning 1. trying to receive compared not can complicated.
                                                                                 the client I put on resume2. a day2. see results m
                                        Difficult to have much contact witha new skill tolearnt quickly, it's Onevery trying to incre
1262                                                                1. Getting to write read Getting feedbackhowad performance3
                                                                                1. The amount Iofmassive, but was necessary to an
                                                                                             No. time to learn on to use the setup
                                                      I felt the amount of material to ads2.wasread the information beforehandbe
1266                                                  yes the fact1. prize2. opportunity were notandclient2.inability to effectively t
                                                                     success stories and in gettingsure if substantial startingappro
                                                                                a global challenge a the hands on3. keep amou
                                        yes , they wanted somethat it was 1.difficulty to learn adwordsgoogle wouldopportunity u
1267                                    null          null          1. A study online marketing opportunities2. Understanding adw
                                                                                1.           Held online marketing activities
       Our Client, i.e. XXXX, was worried about the leak of web usage data. Enterprises and the interaction2. Use google adwo
1271                                                  I find this project question.We wanted thenever worked the campaign. -proje
                                                                      Before this We didn'tIknow how worked on this in competit
                                                                                 - project, because website wasthis most visible.Our
                                                                                               have a lot begin on challenge We
                                        I am sure to understand- this very interesting I have never toof schoolsawerekind ofonline
1272                                                  Though a student of Finance,too marketing The pre-campaignI wasreasonsl
                                                                    Learning about a Iaware of the challenge because wanted to
                                                                                It were took up Google Adwords the main quite
                                        Yes, most of the clients we spoke to was newprolonged. platform was but were pessimis
1273                                                  The challengeReal world experience2. Acquiring new skills relevant grade
                                                                    1. of one ofa The tutorI lacked work relative the was about my a
                                                                                    large amount notsufficient knowledge mechanics
                                                                                               did of fully understand the required
                                        No, our client was a friend required1.our team members so no strategy weightedtogoog
1277   excellent

                                               Page 11

1287                                    No.          our team members, so 1. was really quite simple. further could a very learni
                                                                   to was practical2. It reports. But then again, noone likespowe
                                                                                 it Writing was
                                                                                             It meant was There ahead in the doing
       The company was run by the wife of one of It was great1. Itdo something practical.usingI Adwords, which is have been m
1288                                                                            1 - A lot of work to do marketing tool; getting results2
                                                                                              effective in order to reach communica
                                                                  1 - I find AdWords as aI'm working at on interactivegood know it
1289                                                                            the was a first time experience very long
                                                                                             I have no experience in the
                                                                  The face that it challenge guidelines where for me field before,
1290                                                              I was not traditional class, it was online...
       The company was very interested in this type of online marketingaso it was easy to cooperate with them. But some com
1291                                    No, Actuallyonline marketing for an and it was NA
       After showing the eventual add value of the NA               suggestion e-business, they were entousiastic
                                                                                reports!      adopted
                                                       i made theThe online compaign evolution straight away to participate ac
1295                                                 I viwed it as(1)The fact (1)communication thus and learned alot i had to equ
                                                                      field to which i
                                                                                  member not exposed easy to approach group m
                                                                                             a challange(2)That was online
                                                                                             Yes this was a always easy
       Very good learning experience The client was known toaone groupthat it wasand was was not newitfield andwithmarketin
1297                                                 It to find the right brand name. Usinglearned very teammates is the
                                                                   real.        Availability of were timemarketing-which
                                                                                             No, internet pressures.
                                        It was difficultwas moreGoogleorganization, thereTime in a from very busy quarter lates
1298                                                 -            1. my father who was more than willing to help
                                                                                1. it was easy for all the work to be left for
                                        No problems.Approachedreal-life experience in online advertising.2. being able toperso
1299                                                 problems approaching organizations,needed toabeginwebsites for to was id
                                                                  Getting Real-World find keywords seemed useful and pertine
                                                                                 and planning and built onlinethe Challenge the hi
                                                                                             Having with few marketing
                                        We had no The amount of thought Trying toExperiencethey that werevery opencompanie
1301   Via school contacts.                          have         Competition against teams did. In the future, if running this
                                                                                Insufficient No. interaction.
                                        We did not No problems. However, manyother student teams and other schools. as
1303                                    Since the project already engaged. Google-developing direct contactcollaborate with
                                                     I was we part have with in contact the company came
                                                                  -Working been being able to Google administrators. Google A
                                                                                -not         n/a                         with consum
       Because it was a class project, the company wish wascouldof a class assignment withbe incampaigns to attract Our instr
1305                                    Our small town made itNew experienceusual No with updates and my teammates on
                                                     It was and easy
                                                                   hands-on than to learn a
                                                                                I had
       We met with the owner and explained the benefits morewould periodically check in lot and felt behindfeedback.
1307                                    None         None                                    I could on-line marketing experience,
                                                                  International competition, gainuse my experiences effective. te
1311                                                                                      yes
                                                                              the reports where pretty difficult to made
1313                                   No, engagedIt was we chose that we would theof to because were givenown in was very
                                                             The was an employer Yesrecieving iteam experience in marktin
                                                                         The would be one of our real mates so businessfo
                                                                                         go out and find our out it "guide to
       It was very easy to get my enterpriseThe companysurprisingfact that wewayhaveinstructions a am not a management ma
1317                                                                         I think that google´s
                                                                 The posibility to go to California.campaign is very bored
1319                                      was interested
                                                      Language barriers he in general not problems be display effectively on th
                                                                 First was because was Asking my class all. for then short
                                                                              wanted their business teamwork
                                                                                           part of to to campaign advise
       From the beginnig the enterpriseSometimes not in participated,but The time assigned thethethat outline, was tobacause o
1320                                     No          We were the objectives to toAdwords lecturer helped really user-friendly2
                                                                 1.We are going market our clientsthat we were going to ofGoo
                                                                             1. the campaignreal businesses2.Setting up a the
                                                                                           with and
       it was a real world experience, as we need to explain given the $200of the workOur website was notus every stepmarket
1322                                                             1) Chance to be exposed to online marketing2) Opportunity for
1323                                                 Excited when Chance to try campaigns performed business for the challeng
                                                                 1. we found our we had identified our Adsense, our estimatio
                                                                                          Experience into online marketing3. Wor
                                         We shortlisted our potential clients afterout Adwords2. Getwithbetter thanAnalytics and
1327                                     Yes, we Our was surprised by with 1) The marketing terms heardcampaign. Prior to Go
                                                     I not familiar To better high interest initially. And we did To havethe pre-cam
                                                                 1) with Google Adwords asteam leader has Writing potential to
                                                                              understand of the has used. 2) not the access of
                                                                                          Our he Adwords about have strong
       We sent e-mails to potential companies. wereclient responded the effectivenessonline marketing.2) previouslyatried them
1329                                     No          No          It is new Google-AdWords. it probably professional in were ag
                                                                              me. I will No
       It was not so hard to find the enterprise. They were interested in forNothing make After the first meeting they the futur
1332                                     No          No                      Nothing frustrated to experience say that themarket
                                                                                          In fact me but could with online Challe
                                                                 1. New experience2.Curiosity mywork Iwith Adwords3.The compa
1336                                      No to engage
                                                     NO         Real money, real they recently created I participated, others di
                                                                            Group workDidn't affect only
       The company I selected was happy problems in the Challenge because business awful - it their website and wante
1337                                                                        1) the failure in the teamwork
                                                                1) interest2) chance to learn while practicing3) working in an on
1342                                      Former colleague, sointensity requiredthe setup most. Plus, campaign $200-spendto
                                                     The time process wasexperimentation IAdWords a no - Opportunity Ad20
                                                                1 No-risk simpler than import/export keywords2 inability for
                                                                               - to marketplace.
                                                                                         Yes, worked previously (defining in G
       It was a pretty easy sell, given the prominence of Google -AdWords1in inability tothe with AdWords2 risk, refii
1344                                  matsu                     the
                                                    i don't know project the clicks i don't know
1348                                  Not and telephone organizationsisperiod of the theso be yes. By reading, day so you ofr
                                                    No. The most difficult seem not goingdemanding. With the my personal ob
                                                                The factor Extremely time to much improvea full reading anda
                                                                            to maintainput team members on seriousness
                                                                                        campaign informing   the status and
       Contacts were established via email really, however throughout thethat it wastoSomehow an trust onmotivated at workon
1352                                    Yes some opportunities
                                                    no           experience Things not explained for profit
       The Professor was approached by the organization for this opportunity. They were a not properly and were looking to p
1353                                                The level of1. Opportunity to work with real business2.was notdifferent. eas
                                                                  constant monitoring and reporting client Opportunity Howeve
                                                                              Communication with the targeted was always so sm
                                                                                            search engine results business. to work
                                        The only difficulty seemed to be finding and approaching aof advertising was prettyThe
1356   its very nice experience, i was very happy when i do this experience
1362                                    No.         It so it wasn't really that difficult. with reports and monitoring And we have
                                                                  interesting!difficulties I knew what we have to do.
       It was an enterprise which I worked for earlier was really1. Google brand2. education in online marketing ads performa
1363                                    The instructor assigned groups to toto participate in itwasbasic helpful considering popu
                                                    It was very interesting businesses Iwhich my very knowledgehowever,the o
                                                                 The chanceLack participate. participation. This, such money
                                                                                learn teammate with a real company, real a sea
       The enterprise was extremely involved in the competition and excited to of about online marketing through of online is ty
1365                                    No problems. Strategies were developeditall from other team member. 2 the price per
                                                                 Mandatory. dutign later.
                                                                              But       wasn`t, I`d
       No problem at all. They knew the service and gave all cooperation 1 Noifhelp process still enter
1368                                     we the prospective clients: 1) Internet-pictures had know ifexperience in the bestengine
                                                     none         1) An opportunity we didn't a little 2) lawers office; 3) XXXX (co
                                                                               1)sometimes, didn't know, I the marketing2) we
                                                                                           I company; it was made search chang
       We had 3 options to choose amongdidn't have any specific problems, butto knowIa new tool forifonlinebest buisnessto k
1369                                          CLIENT WAS NEW DEVELOPMENT; REALLY IT WAS INTHE BETTER SEAR
                                                     THE WAY MY SUPPORTIVE ANDIMPROVED FOR THE SEARCH THE
                                                                  1.REALLY TO MONITORINTERESTED GOOD TASKCAMPAIG
                                                                               NONE        I THE PROGRESS OF THE TO REC
1371                                     no                                    nothing
                                                     no reaction Which we will google Adwords,And happy we have to participat
1372                                     No, the factno, not that 1)can think for getting throughin taking part, google could inform
                                                      that we were working of free interested the account that we as up very m
                                                                   i for businesses and itknow working goodwe then compiled a
                                                                               1)            helped in the with package its of big
       well we advertised on message boards across the internetgaining experiencetowere offering afact and setting was asuc
1374                                                              1. The possibility to learn experience but after that it was simpl
                                                                               Any          de Challenge, helped me in the beginnig
                                         We had to translate Google's letter explaining Mymore about online marketing and adw
1375                                     No, we be a good to choose project think that the handbookmet with lots needed the an
                                                     I who fit for the right to help project, but was was much of confusion a
                                                                  Being to begin
                                                                               I           n/a
       I knew the co-owner, and felt she would knewwas very excitedable awaytheout a business that I believedtoo technical,fre
1377   My experience formed from my work into Software system development and Networking in many countries especially E
1387   The enterprise that I did made it NO, Ieasy for me. They knew marketing is theIout being athe class.andandverydays few
                                         very knew Ithe owner an the business, started tendaboutan in theGooglhe was all aMos
                                                       received of e-mail from online just had a classabout amI going within excit
                                                                  Online about the instructor of andteam offall, was to school fo
                                                                               We so I marketing the day. I twoit was 3 excited
                                                                                             sent him    e-mail       adwords. for
1388                                                              To more knowhave staff, will be ablepractically that participated
                                                                               to the been one week to speak " out" spreading
       The experience was of extreme importance, as much for profissionale the Internet media and its easinessIofof the chall
1390                                                                           The to manage a real campaign adwords with "real
                                                                  The opportunity duration (too short) and the budget (not enough
1392   nice                              no                       fun factor time factor yes
                                                     time consuming
1393                                     Yes, We had tough time shortlisting institutions anditratinga our in unlike course projecw
                                                     Not surprising but lot more effort and planning went job quite because
                                                                  The Brand Everyday and thatwas their possible experience.
                                                                                 company No... made not learning easy
       One of my friends had contacts with the senior management of theGoogle monitoring wasnicesuccess feasibility we T
1394   fantastic                                                  more time we can make meetings frecuently

                                               Page 12

1400                                                   had great overwhelmed with all theorganisations, but thewe had to learn or
                                                                   I was attracted lack unknown area as beginner-friendly onlinef
                                                                                 our chosena new information was a new field/area
                                                                                                  user(student) it that organisation later
                                         We initially I was a bit success withTheto theof My lack of experiene caused me to throu
1401                                     It was a little lot about strategieschallenge There wasusreal-time was smething had lit
                                                       This was a real-time and plan implementation.that opportunitywhich clients
                                                                   It designing a their providing team Personally I fortothe really
                                                                                the technical difficulties work involved, 2 learn rea
                                                                                              Working with would convince weeks....
       It was a great experience. Our Team learnt a challenging was a challenge! through which we an we facedthoughtI itis alw
1402                                     N/A           NO                       Teamwork, No, had no with a real client
                                                                                               client involvement
                                                                   Ability to work in 'real life' situation previous experience
1405                                     We did not It that amazing know about the importanceknowadvancedstrategies,the cam
                                                       have we provided week at first we we not heard campaign the responsibi
                                                                   1. the develop strategies,inform the about the status of adword
                                                                                1. to week, My we thought something about then w
                                                                                              to took in this clear behaviour of the
       our engaged with XXXX, were the informationwasproblems to responsibility that doclient of thisinproject2. to analyze the
1408                                     Yes, cause to client was running Since someriskour team members werestillcontributio
                                                                    know the tool to the online business feedback areour some Ise
                                                                                a with low With the experience prior to this project,
                                                                                                of and project with a of not and wo
       The key factor to persuade the enterprise is thelet them I'm really new existing AdWords greatand therecompany familiar
1412                                                                            1. was real (money, company, almost inexistent
                                                                   1. The project Feed-back with the companyreactions, results...)
1414                                     No                         discovered the adwords money
       It was a very good experience. We worked in team andManagement Words withgoogle, which is an excellent way to pu
1417                                                                            Maybe the most adword and the language !
       Discover Adwords and Adsense was a rich experience.One possibility to "play" withgap for me isadsense
1419                                                   I just like to participate at the and theof the Iresults3- Wethe adwords man
                                                                   1 Easy Adwords We can see challenge the performancedon’ ha
                                         No really, wereallyexplain–            At the begining benefits that the beginning couldt fe
                                                                                              With time understand have a i of my
                                                                      what to use2- is challenge besides at organizationsreal and
1420                                     The limitation ofinitial and seemedSince English wasaroundthat contact limited,use ou
                                                       The findingCompetingperson soon organization our didn't currentlyI was th
                                                                     a met in with other asafter. Since the world was and I AdWo
                                                                                 daunting groups no experience with Google did fi
                                                                                                 I had the formal language inspiring.Wi
       After sending the letter, we set up a meeting by phonetasksmall-medium sizedSince my experience waswas a friendAd
1423                                     No            The real time reportschallenge2) An statistics were practisesame marketin
                                                                   1) Gobal and campaign oppurtunity strategy to market their offo
                                                                                 an innovative marketing to on the online
                                                                                              Literature survey report2) Requirement
       The business was sold the idea of participating in the campaign as1) Page limit for pre strategyvery useful. was usefu
1424                                     Me and my This challenge is aname GOOGLEengineeringstudent.Challengethis waskn
                                                        teammates1) TheproblemBeing a engineering students. But lot oflack of ou
       The enterprise was informed about it so it was eas                       1) for us, attracted us to the 2) Having experien
                                                                    have bit hardwhile developing strategies. Because most. Goo
1430                                               The we had problems The fact that onmade use this decision wascampaig
                                                               Two factorsfinding online marketing that the started to taken,
                                                                            were decisives for us when expectative and wehigh
                                                                                      We the day our        Internet wasn't got
                                       In the beginningclient had never used the the client, but afterof we decidedthe participai
1431                                                            is easy to POst campain report my team using
                                                                           competitionYes I lead
       When you create a presentasion to explain your point itWorld widework with the client is not orgnize my experiance
1434   We reached out to a family member with a small business
1437                                   N/a          correspondence practical timeframe of campaignway to much other mate
                                                               course      short
       We had an initial meeting and regular emailvery beneficial andrequirement      n/a
1438                                   We expressedOnce we1. Real time aspect2. Chance to time itwith toout ofworth of advew
                                                   I to our potential client Unequalwas a contributionexperience in schedule
                                                                proposed things: by As(including the took realfair, explained
                                                                           1. campaign had work
                                                                                      team no-pressure -pitch. We we had Se
                                                                                                             be my online ma
       The hardest part was figuring out who to ask.was surprised by twoourthat thishow Imuchno priorfreea$200 company3. two
1439                                   Ad hoc the The ad They were going with amorethan a ad of member.
                                                   client. words CPC in learning the N/Aof expected, especiallyand excited to
                                                               Interest were more fluid low rateand opportunity during holida
                                                                           The by friend
                                                                                      challenge words through, even though
       I was the liason between our group and recruitment; ended up intrigued relativelyabout groupclickfor potential future bus

                                                Page 13

                                      I would start the challenge process earlier could see exactly the AdWords worked before very busy time for the mate
                          An actual tutorial might have been even simpler so wein the semester so howthree weeks were not at aour eyes but I thinkstudents.
                                      1. Restrictions on team exciting world of Internet Marketing with Google
                                                   Explore in sizes need review.2. Restriction real time a professor. Industry people could also serve as The
                          The resources were very handythe running the entire campaign. Theregarding reports made the whole experience very exciting.ment
                                      200$ seems to be not enough to the challenge but at least not in interest and sector engaged much
 t first our business partner seemed very egaged and intereseted inmake much impactlater on he lostthe businiesswas notof our partner more
                                      Increase the number of prizes. challenge. Can possible suggestion could be a "live" chat feature with support personn
                                                   A 3-sided marketing
                          I thought that the resources provided were very sufficient. Ayou balance it?
              Yes, I took up the team leader position because I was already somewhat familiar with online marketing.
                                      Less of report writing.More time to run campaign, and more funds local it with..
                          More money to spend, if not, a different set of metrics for businesses that are to runbrick and mortar (hence get lesser hits) compare
                                      Provide better prizes for the winners. need to give more details about the Quality score and its offers.
                                                   Google challenge is an offer that provides students with the ability to
                          These material are excellent. However, there is aAnd, try to improve the e-books contents. gain real great determinants. Also, man
                                      Restrict group sizes.
                          The effectiveness of the keywords really helped us decide what needed help.
                                      Should the Ask google =) procedure is not enought visible.
                                                   randomness of
                          Maybe some information like the beginfinding the good client must be so important ? student skills should really matter
                                      Written agreement wasnt't prepared
              my experience helped a bit, but I felt that I between the company and google, as to prevent misunderstandings
                                      More time to do the project.
                          More tools and resources should be available online.

                                     of been able to for easieror more "interesting" reading... make start up easier. for example been up the down "campa
                       I would not Update manuel complete the challenge with out them. It read like a DVR manuel. It could ofsettingbroken difrentinto less
                                     1. More money2. more time3. trying to get pre business off the ground and on the maps.
                                                 Google can help you
                       I think the resources didn't affect our ads. more pages foryour and post campaigns
                                     the challenge should be longer with a bit did not flow for well and had
                       the resources were helpful, but the adwords manual more moneyverythe ad spend unfamiliar team members asking questions wher
                       I've find all the resources given by google really interesting for taking information on websites like google trends, or for following the
                                     the period of the running campaign is too short
                                     It would be very Google Adwords Challenge provided a unique reference section at the beginning;applying on-line Avera
                                                 were very useful. see a be helpful the results for and interactive while learn about there running. adver
                       I thought the materials "The interesting toIt couldsummary ofto have a quickthe other teams way totheir campaigns arewas so much in
                                     more helpful.
                                                 Learning through experience
                       The quizzes weretime for campaign

                                    I was them in previous questions
                        Geotargetinglisted a bit confusing. For the future I would also set up a service (aim screenname or a special email) that students wo
                                    my opinion The advertising is in the need to search
                                                 were perfect
                        Nothing, in I have no suggestion
                                    Give a week optimize our campaign and advertising that anyone after weeks.
                                                 Great way to learn about actual 3 week campaign begins.
 ave included a trial period. We were only2able to trial period before the online learn from our mistakes going2into the business world will benifit from.

                                    Adwords sense of competition among And the textbook real-time map ofChallenge was a greatThe Google classroom
                                                The Google Online Marketing Challenge as a provided by the scores and progress. complement. Some rea
                       The GoogleGive moreLearning Center is awesome. teams, such brings real-world marketing lessons and strategies to theOnline Mar
                                  I really liked it how it was, was funny and interesting and I to get an overview but of implementing an online-marketing-
                                                The challenge would not change too much.
                       We read a lot about adwords and the Imaterials from google helped uscould learn a lot in casealso detailled information. Maybe som

                                maybe great to get started was very easy directly
                    the materials were get some more contact with googleto read and very clear!!
                                A motivation for the people they would be (with prizes, would challenge is perfect as
                    The tools were very useful.Probably a service of alert more a mail) but thebe an interesting option now.
                                Increase campaign time to It will be Increase budget to 350$.
                                              Living in form. World of Great Google!!!
                    the materials are in documentedOnline 1 month. more helpful if they are in Adobe Flash Animated form.
                                Longer are more money!
                                               awesome! Adwords the online forums and manuals regarding running the campaign.
                    Google's resourcesandThe Google EspeciallyChallenge represents real world experience regarding new media and was crucial to m
                                I would reduced the world useful to give more prices to teams (for example visiting the closest and some of them coul
                    The readings provided by Google wasareas and us. However, not every team member was fluent in English,Google affices, internsh
                    No issues. $300 over 4 weeks. We spent too much money in the first few days learning how the system worked.
                    Clearer instructions.
                                much time...
The campaign occupied much too The challenge was very enjoyable!
                                not make it class I was still confused
                    they actually didn't helpaus any.requirement
                                4 weeks instead of 3
                    it made it easier, as it explained the software.maybe an interactive online trial to create an account would help. like a tutorial accoun

                                   i loved the resources
                       I have nonenone that i can think ofand you can google anything

The difficult of team job
                                     I think that the Challenge is excellent, but a provided clients have great websites and dedicated IT support, while guides
                                                   by Google AdWords unfair in that some me would have been more beneficial to have step-by-step others
                         The materials providedTheGoogle werea little Challenge bit lengthy. Itwith knowledge that allows me to stand out from my peers in m
                                     Having easier to use guides, short few the length explain of the campaigns, and by having materials delivered to the in
                         I would have instead of lengthy guides, aincreasing pages that of time the key parts required for the project. This would make finding
                                     Intermediary results or stats be more concise.
                         I would have liked the documentation to of competing groups for different stages of the challenge.
                                     improuve the material
                         The student need printedmaterial and if possible in own language
                                     Might resources as primary, and then looked beyond searching the internet total campaign.
                         I used the Googleconsider providing feedback on pre-campaign and post-campaign, andfor more information.Google resources are

                                    resources to bereal-world, practicalfuture students with examples of gave in thegraded quiz withMarketing performance
                                               The very be to provide experience I gained from participating us a Google Online questions about runnin
                        I found the My suggestion would helpful in running the challenge. Our professorpoor, average, great, and outstanding Challenge wil
 like an introduction with marketing on-line.Thank you google, its very nice!!
                                    Provide more detail or insight on how implement and execute my campaign seemlessly. what areas to focus on in orde
                        The resources provided by Google allowed me tothe competition is graded, therefore teams will knowNo suggestions to improve.
                                    absolutely nothing student with a full time job and nothing this challenge The campaign too started my time outside
We started the challenge knowing As a non-traditionalabout marketing and absolutely a family,about adwords.required entirelyonly much ofto run smoothly i

                                                                           Page 14

                                               A tool that any student/professional be used because of the format. This was expand your knowledge of onl
Our client's website was in flash format therefore, many keywords was not able to must have under their belt. Not only will it a huge challenge.

                                   Extend 3 weeks to a month
                      it affected very much!!! It was very helpful!
                      N/A          N/A        N/A

                                  I would allow learned the to harness the the papers, internet for usage one.
                                              "I in team member to
                      I would love a bigger fontanyall of how guides. submitpower of the not just the originalin my future business"

                                      longer especially the guide for the pre and post campaign line with the judging - nobody read our reports until we get he
                        They helped a lot, run (4-5 weeks)less report writing (or it should be in strategy.Maybe some advanced adwords techniques could int
                                      More interaction with the dedicated team of the Google Challenge, usefulMaybe it would have been good to include a vi
                        The document "Marketing and Advertising using Google" was clearly the most to see that there are real people behind it, organizing
                                      provide and user friendly and made everything we had to do so much the perfect website to market for the challenge
                        it was so beneficial the contestants with more information to make it easier to find easier
                                      More required time in was with professor to review the challenge.
                        The resources helped, however itclasssometimes difficult to find answers because the booklet was so large. A glossary may have h
                                      success in the challenge helped a bit ambiguous and there weren't really any good benchmarks that i wasn't sure how
           being fairly familiar with the workings of the web seemedto save time on campaign setup and helped to guide the team when it could find for suc
                                      More face-face very long which makes it hard to really read everything.
                        They were fairly helpful but help and guidance.
                        I think that it would be good to give more example cases of what types of keywords may be used for a specific campaign.
                                      I think that Google precise which is part in the challenge.
                        The materials where short andaccomplished hisa good thing.
                                      longer preperation timeto increase time span of challenge as a think
                        i think the instructions provided by google are very usefull and i cant really wholeof any improvements
                                      make the setup hard to easier
                        the resources at times wereprocess follow considering a lot of the information only applies to certain people and not across the boar
                                                    were very helpful. The guidelines were clear and are a
                        I thought the resourcesWhether you work with internet marketing daily, ordirect. student who is new to online advertising; this Google
                        The reading materials provided sufficient background to effectively manage the program.
                                      group members and other classmates I one of the absolute highlights grasp on how keywords work.
                                                   "This for dummies to students.
                        Most of my Suggest adwordsis experience has beenspoke with did not have a goodof my college experience; I wish more opportunit
                                      Organise one-day trainings to make the (future) applicants more know from papers...
                        All the handouts were grate. But! How to use a software is not easy to get to involved, and with the aim of teaching them, how to be

                                   mildly, but there are still many questions example project, not so you can copy it, but some things, as perhaps guideli
                     The helped More step by step guidelines. Perhaps anunanswered. It was nice to be able to look upso it can servebut sometimes we d
                                  multilinguagethe mothertongue's english are favorised
                                  longer time
                     helpful, maybe shorter of introduction
                                  As the majority of participants have little had any question,with were marketing. the more simplified version of the AdWo
                                                 Online marketing will group one experience we Google AdWords, a answer already proved through its p
                     They were extremely helpful. Whenever I/mysoon beor no of the biggest tools in able to find Google has within the provided resourses
                                  Add the print, and TV programs you will the students to learn within 3 weeks!"
                                                 "@Google with
                     the materials were great and sufficient!200$ enablingreach 400,000 peopleall the Google possibilities.
                                  Try to fix the Google provided a lot lags and spends over running the budget allotted. This will help students concepts
                     The material provided byissue where the systemof helful information forthe set daily campaign and understanding the basic manage
                                  Everything It's taking part that more time
                                                  teh smae state, therefore
 ot all team members have been motivated atis fine, maybe a bit counts! some had more work to do
                                  do not give a survey this long
                     None                        Are you capable? Make the best AdWords participating in the XXXX!
                                  A more dynamic communication platform with studentscampaign withinthe Challange.
                                  Overall good idea, if was probably a great someone from google to be in nature with I think it would be good idea. W
                     I think it would be athe challenge we could be assigned learning experience, due to thecontact of how our class turnedaout I do not fe
                     None         None. Overall I though the challenge met my expectations.
                                  I think it's right. Maybe run the be a good It was extend the challenge to
                     All the material was very helpful to it would Challenge.idea to clear and easy to follow four weeks
                                  Make it less overwhelming information but there challege! Learn it,Not meaning less time but maybe focus find what yo
                                                 Challege yourself to take the Google was so much of it became overwhelming and a challenge.
                     The material given contained excellantmaybe in a smaller dose or something.beyond the limits with the Google chore to or learning o

                      it helped. all materials are very helpful. especially question and answers...
                                   The challenge is great the throughout the
                      The resources were my biggest "help" way that it is. challenge.

                                    answers to to have all team members do their share to find I occasion.
                      There wereA better wayevery question I had but they were difficultof work.on did all he work in our campaign. It seemed like the othe
                                   Provide more help/support as the me with all the information i needed.
                      the resources was outstanding, and provided lecturer knew absolutely nothing on what was going on.
                                   Perhaps it would WithoutGoogle separate spanish:Forma parte countries de Google. Or experience the life language,
                                               Be part of the it it to team. In the impossible to run the Challenge.
                      I think it was really wonderfulwould had been english speaking del equipofrom the ones that don't speak thatinside Goo
                                   That it should have generate very to the top we used them to perfect our strategy during
                      I fund the reports that we could material prizes hepfull, so teams, and a symbolical prize to all teams. the campaign.
                                   None.       Dynamic good. To from Google AdWords simulates a short term fast paced learning curve for be made ava
                      the documentation supplied wasmarketing improve the quality of reports I would suggest examples of previous reports all marketing
                                   It would tool was to understand the grading you the different tools and and useful because as the challenge has been
                      The online learning be bettervery helpful because there with could find a lot of hintsparameters examples. The keyword tool provided
                      Include more external resources for keyword research
                                               The Google Challenge allowed me
                      The materials were very helpful. I have no suggestions. to test out my online marketing skills that I had learned at school in a real
                      the resources were very helpful, and made it easier for us to write the reports, set up the accounts, and choose the keywords.
                                   Maybe push theGoogle Challenge wasita very enlightening experience for the key info regarding the in online marketin
                                               The teachers very useful, would nevertheless be good to have more to gain etc.
                      The resources given by Google were to a closer monitoring, giving more details aboutstudents results, knowledgesuccess key metric
                                   manuals/instructions were perfect
                                               conquer your market with online adwords campaign
                      i think your the adwords campaing management was a bit confusing
                                   More basic background information at the starteasier
                      the handbooks were helpfuldon't put exercises in the handbook interface
                                   1. documents available in several the concept definition wasn't very clear. The performance of each ca
                                               google adwords but, some issues clarify
                      the documents provided by google helpand students in webworld concepts3. creat reports that evaluate thedocuments should be av
                                   Maybe wasThe marketing challenge was a great classroom experience, were available, and $200 wasopportunities the 3
                                                very informative about the challenge and the resources that helping me to see what great sufficient for XXX
                      I think that Google slightly more money, and suggesting specific types of organizations that would provide good business to online m
                                   More time
                      Materials were very good, abeit there was a lot of it

                                                                          Page 15

                                   1. It would GOMC is a good start to learn about case marketing
                      Excellent resources be nice if Google can give a businessonlineshowing an example of successful adword advertising.2.Perhaps
                                   keep them
                      I didnt really use doing it
                      The resources were extremely helpful.
                      Clearer info on budgets
                      N/A                        as most exciting assignment I've had.
                                   It was greatTheis.
                                   Maybe an increase Adwords, great start to and were very inciteful.
                                                "Google were available budget.
                      The resources were good, theyin the easyato understand online marketing."
                                   Have a better should have been expected to do and maybe a little step by step directions. Yes, that is a little elementa
                                                "Google your business to the top"
                      The resources helped butidea of what we areorganized a bit differently. Such as longer time frame.
                                   It is too be great to have the possibility to use all kind of ads (particularly the local business ...).
                      The textbook would simplified and contains information useless for the challenge (video ads, image ads,ad). Thus every team would

                                  Make in relation to all the open up the boundaries with choosing a business.
                     It was informativeit more fun... Guess emails. Helped a lot
 from us to use a Adwords campaign
                                  Have it in a lot. of many suggestions for improvement!
                     The resources helpedgroupsNot2 (although I understand that is not in Google's control), instead of 4-5. Thats it!
                                   infomation on write up guide.
                     Not enoughpost campaign how to write the post campaign summary.
                                  I don't feel there increase the improvements needed besides the budget as much as amount as both of money provid
                     I would suggest that Google are any othertime period of the campaign andthe issues regarding the possible,of time and these factors
                                  More but too wordy. It would have been more helpful to have short video segments.
                     They were usefulstructure and segment the overall teams into regions.
                                  have more such activities and if can, set up small department focus write the written report. With the guide, we know ho
                     It really provide us a detail information on how to have a the adwords and how to on solving students questions and giving the feedba
                                  make a dvd help presented in a are a lot out the challenge as be helpful to be guided directly
                     more direction to online to be sessions. there lecture aboutthere, but it wouldan introduction from Google. to them
                                  Allowing for by Google were quite as well, and perhaps a longer is anything for the whole challenge the guidelines qui
                     The resources providedindividual participation useful and I do not think there time period else to improve becausebecause it was and
  was sometimes hard to find good keywords

                                                "invaluable opportunity to gain insight into the rapidly important facts would marketing!"
                      They helped for the most part. Maybe and Adwords "cheat sheet" with basicgrowing online facet of have helped.
                                    If a team faces techincal issue,reports was quite lucid. qucikly as possible.
                                                 good. The graphs, it should be resolvd as
                      The resources were allPromoting your goods/services through google adwords
                                     that the instructions book not so long that no one reads it... trying the project in results. This point way.
                      The reportsMakeGoogle offered to generate were extremely helpful whenexplainto analyze the a more to the was especially so becau
 one, once we got the hang of it it came very easy to us
The dollar amount was too little for the time period of the campaign

                                   I think the ads should run a week or two longer.
                                                Unlike an invaluable school competitions, Challenge Online Marketing Challenge uses real money and rea
                    Google Analytics proved to bemany businessresource, both for the the Googleand as a learning tool.
                                   my sugest is make the tournament in each region or country. the winner represent the region/country to fight with other w
                    no it didn,t affect anything
                                     Make it compulsory for the businesses to implement Google Analytics. Our business refused, and it was a pain.
                    - They were- excellent. I've no specific suggestions to offer.
ness and the marketability of their products and services
                                   ON-LINE VIDEO SUPORT
                                   Perhaps setup rubric for appropriate were floundering for the came to day
                    They helped with themake aand everything, but wecompanies to use when it challenge. to day operations.It also would have really
                                   Run every semester.
                    Good resources. Edit textbook. Include audio/video ads.
                                   such as the"A beneficialguides and Google :
                                                 information learning allocation Analytics, was very beneficial and useful. in online marketing."
                    Resources Maybe an increase in the budget experience,)that is sure to help anyone in their future It provided us with a lot of informa
                    Good!                       I learned a ton about online marketing
                                   Give more details about how teams would be judged
                                   hints information about finding an organisation. Where to upload strategy and post-campaign summary plans a bit pos
                    Give some More about finding the right organisation. Make the pre-campaignthe reports. Make the pre-campaign summary andclear
                                        was fabulous and i think it should become the between your studies and Schools
                                                 "Googling google was fun with XXXX"
                      The material Sometimes it was very difficult to manage time curriculum in the Business the Google competition, so the time period f
                                   An online FAQ file for students participating in matching should be added.Especially:1. Will a 'tasty hotdogs' this survey
                    The materials were very helpful, however parts on phrase the challenge addressing the issues encountered and listed inquery give
                                   Nothing! In The GoogleI Challengewas amazing, and what educational insitutions teach in theory, and what the marketing
                                                all honesty though it puts into and easy to follow.
                    The resources were perfect. They were comprehensive practise I would do it agian in a second!
                                   I liked how it was. As we are students we looked at the web and found it like to find answers by myself. Insdtrutions we
                    Matereial was right. If more information was neede, I do not need to have allI it done, Iout by myself.
                                   allow ok.
                    the resources arevisual adsimprove the conversion rate cookie testing method
                    Helped us a lot.
                                                Very good experience
                    Do some exercices before running the campaign

                                  Maybe more instructions towards the teachers would screencasts.
                      The materials provided by google were all excellent. Maybe morebe nice since in many cases they know less about the projects than
                                  There needs a bit extensive for example on history of online advertising
                                               Relevant experience
                      They were enough.It wasto be a more practical guide thehow to use the adwords account.
                                  Give a little more time to write the reports.
                      The resources provided by Google can help me. They are too long. You can simplify or summarize.
                      More time given for theNo campaign
 ometimes it was very complicatet and no groupmember could help
                                  make the challenge resources were enough
                      I already had an experience so, longer : more time for preprare, find an entreprise....
          Yes, I shared my knowledge and sources to enable my team mates to get up to speed fast.
                      the materialnone good but PLEASE change the adwords interface it's so confusing and EVERY team in our class was confused by t
                                  I lot... could suggest to translate them to workshops at class, so we can read for non english speakers.
                      I like them a could Isuggest to the College to plan morespanish so they can be easier tohave more time to dedicate to the project.I co
                                  Google Adwords should communicate much more on the challenge subh an application, is really hard to assimilate the
                                               Google Adwords "Let's experience are not used to use near
                      Google's informations were really full but, for students whothe new sens of Words" enterprises anditstudents.Create a test applicat

                                                                         Page 16

                                     more money in the budget
                       anaytics would have been great to use
                                     More prizes
                       They were very useful. would be more motivating.
                       They helped by given real time data
                                      materials of the campaign could be broadens your insight to read. A great busy for Google Adwords. exams and The
                                                  An very detailed comprehensive since spring time is often very plus for students with their
                       The written The timingwereexiting experience thatdifferentand interesting to Online Marketing and the written materials provided! grad
                                                  an experience you will love
                       good resources but somehow it should show more help in the area of the report.
The Google AdWord website proved to be quite diffiult to navigate.
                       everything ok
                                     the entire affair felt badly organised, especially when it came to setting up accidently. it submitting that all resource ma
                       the research materials used extensively by myself were the audio lessons that i foundaccoutns and is importantcampaign documents
                                      with it firefox in Mac OS X mac os
he adwords interface did not workmakemywork with firefox and Tiger. x tiger
 a real business and a real budget
                                                  I recommend to promote GOMCHA to the judgement (what should we optimize more?)
                                     - longer c ampaign period- more information aboutthe school.
 that the programe offers. Furthermore it didn't cause them any costs.
                                     The user friendly shouldand tricky but all worth it at the end."
                                                  " Challenging allow the links
                       Very helpful andpre campaign once you findmore pagesThe campaign should be run over alonger period of timeCommunications fro
hat it was mandatory and the challenge counts a third of a module.that students all over the world have to learn how to use googles products! This is real
                                     I would resume the main ideas new concepts to read an unerstand in short time
                       I think its ok but maybe to much thinks andand tools in a shorter paper at the begining in order to make easy for All team members
                                     Suggest was very helpful2. (2-3 people).Allow a larger page limit for the post-campaign summary.
                       1. The student guidesmaller group sizes Online definitions and suggestions provided helpful information3. Marketing and Advertising
                                     1 week longer would have been compiled into 1 document
                       It was a bit too much information. Should begreat
                                     Google should provide workshops on how to run AdWords provide to make it more succesful.
                       They were not detailed enough and inhibited the process. Suggestion -and how a more detailed student guide and more tips as to h
                                     targeting good, but too advanced (video adverts, mobile adverts...)
                       the ressources were students with basic knowledge in marketing, preferably > 4 semester

                                     None, thought they fantastic!
                         They affected it positively, it wasmade it much easier to see the progress of your marketing scheme
                                     None          I needed the Adwords is info and the how marketing.
                         They were very helpful,Using Google backgrounda must for search to information in order to effectively begin the work.
                                     1, provided me with great details about how Adwords work which madew it so much easier to carry out our campaign.
                         the resources extend the amount of time of the campaign
           i got a lot of knowledge about e-marketing project - beyond the future
           No. Made me curious Give more knowledge to the Professor so they could help the students.
                                                  "A very good reports in a good english in online american "
 ) we were obliged to be 4 students per team2) to write our experience for everybody like other marketing or english students. It's not equal!
                                     Our group needed increased budgetPotentially opportunitythrough email, there should be a master webpage set upanda
                                                  "The Google challenge via a school organizer other teams success to encourage friendly competition w/
                         instead of sending 'google challenge' materialsprovided an exposure to to utilize XXXX's incredible marketing foundation in the dynam
                                     In the post-campaign summary less pages should easy to find specific information. However in some cases it is not det
                         The most useful source was the online Help Center where it isbe devoted to group-dynamics and client-dynamics and more emphas
                                     Make sure the business
                         The Student Guide was the best. that is chosen as an adequate target market.
                                     Nothing much - it was really available on the Web supported. Maybe provide a of AdWords. Especially the help pages
                         I believe that there is sufficient material well implemented and to gain a good understandingseperate section on more advanced info
                         Not too badBetter and succinct guides

                       The materials were helpful
                                  it is
                       using adwords good in this way

Slow answers to questions
                                  Sorry I think that everything is think it.It was enough run is.
                      It was very good, but I really do not know. Isaid init is goodeasier to as it the campaign, and to understand what we have to do with th
                                  were         The
                      None; they None sufficient. Google Online AdWords Challenge bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world.

                                                   "Learn about inevitable instrument of advertising different suggestions on
                         definitely better, without resources we would have sailed in dark. maybe in the present society!" different kinds of businesses - for
            no experience             Longer term of running a campaign
                                      Certificates and online forum QA was very helpful. I have Challenge.
                                                    of completion the competition."
                         The student handbook "Stay ahead ofwould be a nice way to end the no specific suggestions at this time.
                                      The challenge was exciting because understand us compete with other groups. exciting new industry post campaign
                                                   The were mostly easy to it allowed us to real-world experience what was needed way The
                         The resources from google Google Adwords Challenge gaveso that we could complete in an If there was aof see how our camp
                                      Make it more known throughout the a my textbook to look through but still have all and show information. ActivitiesThe
                                                   "The Challenge increased hue Increase and knowledge of the importance of search engine marketing. in
                         Condense them enough so students don't have world.awarenessawareness in newspapers, etc. necessary results of past challenge
                                      Make it more famous is well more people if there is a multi-language version then will be much better.
                         The resource provided by Google and let organize. But,to know the challenge through media
                                      Many. I already mentioned a few. It of applications. Most ofunderstand what your Irealityareso that my thoughts are releva
                                                   You mean a examples will be more useful if I the Adwords reports read is third party publishers and give
                         1. It could be more dense with moretestimonial?_______________________________________________Headline: Do Not Join Th
                                      Increase the budget so with the help of our expert Ads function.Lengthen the learn much more quickly.
                         The resources are quite useful. Butwe can try different Google teammates, we are able to campaign period so we can carry out mor
                                      More implication from the world with Google Adwords!
                         Great ressources!!        Challenge     lecturer/tutor, by having a selection process (group members with different background...).
                         shorten and make the text book and instructions more precise
 tting the charts to 2 pages!
                                      Give gived by (1 week).Give to the teams more like to have more learning about and serach engine present better re
                         All the resourcesmore timeGoogle were sufficient, but i wouldliterature about online marketing, analitycs in order tooptimization (SEO
                                      Incerase the budget as sometimes it was difficult to learn how bit the information provided for the pre-campaign with a r
                                                   Great to and very helpful. Maybe improving a little for the whole day.
                         They were all detailed and clearimprove work in teams skills, to maintain it to manage a campaign in the online environment,report a
                                       bits and pieces. More on experience countries. engine marketing and boost your creativity!
                                                   Get hands effectively clustering the items would be useful.
                         They are in A wider variety of judges from variouswith search More transparent judging criteria. More support for countries outside of
                                      make it every school term
                         maybe better it could be easier to set up tracking codes for advertsyou don't have description how to set up dynamic campaign.

                                                                            Page 17

                       Not applicable applicable
                       much budget  much budget
                                    Bigger budget would definitely help. Easier to to work with a real client in order
                                                It provided an excellent
                       Link to individual topics, rather than one report.experiencefind things when you need them. to develop online marketing skills while

                      The support material from Google was invaluable for the completion of the challenge. I don't think any changes are necessary.
                                   Step by that the budget about our Online Marketingweek period. Our daily budget for some days was not able to cover
                                               Get Googled existing student the three Challenge!!
                      I would recommendstep guide of an is increased overchallenge campaign, particularly how to set it up and understanding analytics. o
                                    to use' caption box for each
                      A brief 'howListed throughout this quiz aspect resource provided
                      -            Don't make such a long survey. Sorry...
                                   Shorter reports at least for the been shorter english it is difficult to read have to give different cristerias Reports for tho
                      It was o.k allthogh the big guide could has non-speaking becausecountries.I think you a lot in another language ´cause it is more diffic
 00$ was very few money
          I work in the technology industry, so everyone looked to me for leadership.
                                   Ideas on what the challange helped enormously. SO did just searching for material on the internet
                      The materials with info on might be a good organisation to use for the challange and what would be a bad one. Maybe have organis
                                   Maybe a month long time period.
                      Book was very helpful
                                   1.notice happy, if i knew there is a google all relevant links on the the beginning.we could have planned everything mu
                      1.i would have beenme of inactive keywords.2.give meadwords offline tool fromstudent guide or on the google adwords help w
                                   i very good, so don't have because all things are ok
                      all things aredon't have any isuggestionsany comment in this question

                                   - Have longer period of time- More organised in distributing the materials
                      It was indeed helpful to run the campaign. Perhaps Google can email the teammates more about the details of the challenge.
                                   more friendly paper
                      Google give many suggestions in the course of challengelike adwords tools, adwords analystic , report...
                                   1) a of Google were a phase (maybe
                      The ressources longer preparationgreat support. the lack of time was due to our university2)more individuality in chosing the comp
                                   i were separate countries by for us. may be
                      the materialswould great, and very usefulltheir languages i woulkd do a latin challenge, were it is teached in spanish
                                   To taka account the people who participated in the challenge for future challenges and for work in the companie
                                               To send
                      It helps us to have better resultsmore mails to the different teachers
                                   More help very helpful and Google offered was just anothermany terms used that challenge. Maybe and something to
                                               I leading students to choosing explanations of class order to maximize learning.
                      Google's guides were in thought the Google challenge the right organization inassignmentin thewas simply a gradeGoogle could have
                      The resources provided helped to understand how to run the Challenge
                                   On proved to wouldn'tvital to Budgets. Unprecedented Experience. The few things I would definitely do Challenge:focus
                                               Real quite recommend any, however, on our prior to commencing the Challenge Marketing differently Noth
                      The resources your end Ibe Clients. Realour success. Reading them end there are a Google 2008 Online proved highly beneficial. M
                                   more time for to do it. no
 ot enough time. teacher didn't teach about how campaign class time was given towards it.
                                               You wanna do it real?Do the challenge!
 ndone work by teammembersdecisions made by ohters on their owntoo less time ;)
                                   more        the internet time.the challenge was very good
                      more budget!!! budget and more its not what you youre eyes white google adwords
                                   get a better felt a for the questions, try to too long
                      More user friendly info, layoutbit all over the place andmake the post campaign shorter, its too long after a three week campaign

                       They helped in a great way, they gave almost all the knowledge and useful suggestions about AdWords.To improve:- emphasize it
                                    make was A tastethe marketing inato world keywords and text i had 5 other classes to do work and for campaign.
                                                great. of project was little demanding considering
                       overall the projectsure you work with the client thecreate from a classroom ads. need to stress this in preparation projects in.
                                    An online interactive course any further suggestions. maybe an online interactive guide?
                       It was alright, however i dont really haveof how to handle the adowrds project. maybe also a video on how to manage it more precise
                                    1. Elaborating guide detailstruly understanding, what it is, your As mentioned in the previous share this guide the need
                                                 useful for in a and Google Adwords information        works etc. However, I had
                       Google resources wereParticipate the basic global contest, Contribute how: itability to improve our world. toquestion, there is book with

                                 None         what to do. the book gets pretty boring I was able to
                       More videos explaining"By competing in the Google Challange after awhile learn how to take advantage of an online business tool
                       no        Pre, post campaign simplified.

                                    would have liked toresources helped tremendously in aiding tool what the termslearn how Howeverspend our money w
                                                 Google do this challenge with a professor who had done helps you meant and how to really didn't know
                     The google Itext book and suchOnline Marketing Challenge is an awsomeus to thatthis challenge before. much you now we know wha
                     perfect - enough information
                                  More details when the campaign is running.
                     I would let the teams make their own homepages and let them know about google adwords. I mean i would organize a day when so
                                  Promote your challenge in live assittatnt.
                     the instructions are too wordy. provide a business way.
                                  I actually think a senior marketing professional with be developed experience in the high tech industry, found the Challe
                                                 As that an where using the Ad Words over fits in with using the online AdWords environment. would be
                     I would create a diagram depictingentire course program could Editor25 years entitled "Search Engine Marketing". I think Iitwould also
                                  I think it is better to provide new client to have trial like campaign in order to show them the power of Adwords. Becuause
                                  Smaller group sizes
                                                 An excellent opportunity to
                     The resources provided by Google were excellent combine learning to a real world situation.
                                  time zone issue and language issue should be considered more.
                                                 acheiving the internationl excellence
                     more details about how to win the competetion plz
                                   always provided basic information, on one hand it was good minds people making has taught us to find late Google, from
                                                 The challenge was enlightening to larger timeframe (when actions are a great effort a too ways to learn de
                     Google has3-4 people groups should be better organised,many different to see in our group, itwell effective it's lot, from already) may
                     they helped the most out of all resources. they showed what needed to be done and what things meant.
we knew they already had an interest in using google adwords.

                      Summarise the resources in shorter paragraphs.
                                   Creative and Innovation
                      Get more information to set next step
                                   More in the team, it's experience to improve yourself in online marketing programs and so on. it that
                                              Real fomrs to get to to choose the members of it videos, time and motivation) and
                      The problem wasinteractive team important know AdWords, Analitics, as (enoughflashwith the best: with Google! way they can do a
           I had no experience on this sector prior to this project but reading the literature Google provided helped me to get known with the fundamentals
                      helpful      none.very good.
                      The materials ware very helpful. Together with lessons that were given to us, we were able to deal and solve any kind of problems c
                      a little more guidance into how it works. we encountered a few slight problems at the beginning when we started our campaign but t

                                                                            Page 18

                      The material seemed to lack a lot of answers to the questions I had while running the campaign - of course there can't be a prescrib
                                            Participating in the Challenge was the information that we needed to run Working with
                      No problems with the materials - they adequately covereda very interesting learning experience. the Challenge.a real company and

                                  maybe to have a our version easier,especially while writing reports,and running the statistics.
                      they were very helpful,made test job a lot before the real challenge,for those who were like us unexperienced,to get some knowledge
                                   are OK, and theythe world ofthe information i your competitioni and be the winner. around needs to used the AdWords
                                                Enter contain all challenge, Challenge, in order dotn the campaign.
                      The guides 1. Make a better internet interface for thebeat neededbecause to run think all peopleNothing the world be changed.
                                  maybe if we can get virtual practice how 2 use
                      different report is really helpful and easy to get informationtools befor real competition, we will perform better
                      better guide as tohow to find good search terms, and what the different networks do.

                                   I was Google Analytics
                      A helpful toolthink that Challenge doesn't have to br improved it's good as it is
                      They were information-rich, but not concise enough - too thick.
                                   There needsof be real world application help from they work and what is anmarketing!
                                                 great needs way more clear, like you've learned about online took an extra week and information cam
                      I think the explanationsA tobidsa fasterto be of getting to whathowGoogle on big problems. Itappropriate bid. Also the a half for ourabou
                                   poner mas seriedad al concurso que se den becas de estudios en los para todas
                      bueno primero te poner mas seriedad con elyconcurso y luego que existan premios ganadores como certificados pero enviados solo
                      NIL          NIL
                                   - More timeXXXX and google invite you afecta minimum to contest online marketing that benefit SMEs provide more se
                                                 by Google WERE - Motivate participants Aumenta prizes - Providing the that continues to in the language
                      The resources providedto do the campaign helpful yto participate in the run the XXXX recommend support materialsto increase their
                                   For me it was you know what is Google? Let us tell you
                      The material was perfect perfect
                                   Make the challenge longer. and - Best use in the project
                                               they were clear
                      Really good materials, AdWords Challenge easy toway to learn and gain a real experience in using modern tools for online marketin
                                   Longer too span to develop more effective keyword strategies/have a we'd done the campaign, but made no sense wit
                      The materials weretime confusing and hard to understand - they were clear AFTERplay with optimisation/see what works and what d

          I've always been a leader so I just took charge of the project and assigned everyone tasks. There wasn't a whole lot of need to rely on my mark
                      -                       AdWords system and metrics better and faster
                                  Making the AdWords it is not a just an online marketing tool, it is an online challange to manage!
                                  More time period for
                      It was a great help to our team. the real-world challege (more than three weeks).
                                  Increased campaign time

                               Have each Google Marketingvery helpful, especially the AdWordseveryone to online liked to not enough winners!! only
                                            member of were Online a part of the report, to force learn would have advertising and Google AdWords.
                    the ressources that gogle providedthe team writeChallenge, an exciting way to FAQ.I aboutwork.there are have links leading to the di
                               I believe I have already expressed this.
        Yea. I've done this before and I got bored of it to be honest. See? This is what I mean about a survey that's too long. I stopped actually readi
                               not so long pre and post campaign strategy, not neccessary, asked a lot of the same questions in different ways
                               The online interactive tutorial would be very helpful.
                    Google should create an interactive online animated tutorial that describes all the stage of an AdWords campaign in a 3 week perio

                                              Google challenge: challenge
                                 it's a goog change for student to learn you!
                                 more pages for Pre- and Post-Campaign-Report (not 2 pages and not only 10 pages), it's too little
                      /          Simplify it. Reduce the rules and post campaign report lenght. Also try to cooperate more with students involved and imp

                                   Segmentation: more anmorehave more contact helps work improveIthe campaigns more directly
                                                I thin you should segmentation can with the to it does. just have one
                      I really don´t have any suggestion. The technology is right for the usuniversity and their teams, suggestion: Segmentation. If we have
                                   Overall it was a time, Real world resolving
                                                  turn around time when
                      Need to have a quickerRealgood experience. challenge. technical issues specially when the duration of the challenge is short.
                                   Time period of the campaign should be longer and not match.3. The bid price keep on to improve the campaign.
                                                Valuable knowledge that cannot be purchase!
. The budget that increase unexpectedly.2. The number of impressions and clicks is to provide more information on how increasing in order tha the keywo
                                   Offer more prizes to region to make the Challenge more
                      The resources provided was good enough to get our team started. attractive and motivating.
                                   were think 'TheOnly thing is that can make any difference, it has more to doand client the tutorialskills'. or exactly pre
                                                the Google Google Challenge helped the campaign summary with how overview teacher
                      I think they I dontexcellent. people atAdwords you could develop me in developing excellent online marketing more. Write lecturer how
                      The materials were very useful and helped a lot. Maybe more instuctions on how to set up and use the analtical tools.
                                   I think better information can be and gave us a should handle on time differences, so or handle the campaign.
                      The resources were great in fact. Very cleargiveniton how we great overviewthe how we should start that we can track more accurate

                                    My biggest problem in the Google were that the teacher in charge of missing is a document, containing the name and
                      I think that the ressources provided bychallenge wasvery helpful.I think that what'sus was not involved in the project. He could not an
                      N/A                      Google Adwords is the would offer the challenge
                                    Only the Length of the Challenge, Ifuture of E-Advertisement to entry-level professionals who want to integrate adwords

                                 make decisions based to statistics, better statistics.
                    It helped to Make it last one month,on truly have and with comparisons to what others had done, I based my final decisions on both c
                    Since there was so much detail in the AdWords site, I believe the documents should've had more detail provided within them, mayb
                                 You need to reduce tool provided pages for the second report. Nothing more.
                    Everything was ok. Every singlethe number of from google was useful.
                                 Well my suggestions are as follows: - important and contests in other languages such as English, Spanish, German, Fr
                    The resources provided us with google were very Make manuals that we do not execute affection for the challenge. Because we had
                                 The AdWords platform was very complicated. Mainlyplanning the project by goingoption the tutorial slides. I quite dif
                                             Google AdWords has been a challenging due to the various tabs and through
                    Alot of the learning tools provided were quite helpful. I could start and rewarding experience. Try it! pages, navigation waslearnt all
                                 Better Prizes....A list of were very informative. If adwords can help....Same class partners....Picking my handbooks you
                    The resources provided by Google clients open to ideas that I had a question I would usually turn to one of the manyown partners....
                                             The Google Challenge was a great learning so we worked together to come up with real world knowledge.
          I had some marketing experience and another member was a marketing major experience, which helped to broaden mykeywords and ides.
                    VERY HELPFULL            The
                                 LONGER TIME Google Online Marketing Challenge in the March Madness for MBA candidates!
                                 of online and a little working close to students likethe will create and and better.
                                               Learning online marketing, learn from us best"Google.
                    A good mix giving more" time andbit of physical,verbal support would make it ideal open more doors and we will be in a better position
                    The resources provided were useful. Maybe all information should be found in just ONE pdf. And not found in numerous other areas

                                                                          Page 19

                                  More budget. US$200 is especially
                      Easy to understand and follow steps too little. those in the "reports" centre.Organise guides based on topics online and not all in "s
                                  tools provided by Google. challenge & to Longer word/page longer lasting learning on on line marketing"
                                             "Very for the actual simple excellent in providing limit for reports.
                      Very useful Longer timeframeenjoyable Verycampaign.understand....

et up, currency was incorrect and set back our start date
                                 Maybe a were well written. I usedparticipating students to put skills that will support, utilise one very world's respond a
                                             A worthwhile end for to help website lot as well their CV.
                      The documentations certificate in thechallengethe pick up onlineamarketingin as the email help you which wereof thequick to largest on
                                 provided to be useful
                      guide book making campaign longer, however this would provide difficulty seeing as students only have 1 semester to complete the
                                 Make it less by Google were too complicated to understand.
                      The resources provided complicated.

                      The resource allocations were great and helpful.
                                   a google tips Challenge questions
                      Examples, hints and contact to forwardallowed us to put into practice our knowledge of online advertising
                                                 I found the GOMC a great experience.
                      Good resources, but practice really only way to improve skills. It was a great way to apply online marketing theory to a real-world sit
                      have an online video on the basic way of doing AdWords
                                   If was sent out by we worked with had adopted as much as I could prior to the campaign starting. So have been interes
                      I read all that the organisation Google to try and understandsome of our recommendations mid campaign it would I thought the resou
                                     resources Put your theoretical skills into practice to the to the AdWords - real money, real companies and We got two d
                                                 were good, a More involvement prior with commencement of the campaign to avoid getting students doing
                      The GoogleLonger than three weeks.suggestion would be to stressGoogleUni that these are the guidelines to be used. a real challen
                      I do not have any problems understanding english, but my teammates does, so mayby translating is a good idea ( thus expensive )
                                   Make the write up more meaningful and longer
                      It was difficult with just A practical and fun online marketing campaign, working with a real company, real money and gives real resu
                                    some insight informationgave aguide understanding the adwords tool online contradicted each internet to market a
                                                 The challenge in the work and and some
                      There weregreatermissing into other student'sgreat book,campaign.ofsources we found and how one can use theother, which was con
                      the materials are ok
                                                 There is no better to our questions in the provided materials.
                      We were able to find most of the answersway to learn how to do something that to actualy do it. The Google AdWords Challenge wa
                                   Make it a should be made contest.
                      The adword interfacetwo or three step easier after 1st round, selected number of teams would qualify to second round for more 1-
                                   Keep on really good! To the point and very useful during the challenge.
                      The resources were with the good work!But for the pre-campaign strategy the page restriction should be somewhat more than 2 pag
                                   I think the length the Challenge and created the required strategies extremely easy.
                                                 The Google Marketing Challenge is a great way be increased by 1-2 pages.In my the world of online marke
                      The resources made runningof the pre-Campaign strategy paper shouldto have fun and gain experience inparticular case, the busine
                                   I'd like Google make possible to use transliteration when set ad text. We mark this episode in our Post Campaign Summ
                      Google provided enough crear information. It was helpful
                                   more time for the campaigns
                      the materials were very halpful

                                  The Google challenge serves as keywords, attractive Ads and very promising results. The high conversion rates (100%
                      Using the right keywords for example phrasean excellent demonstration forlanding pages inside the content section guarantees a gr
                                  give to see our development
                      it made it easier more tips for beginners.

                                 Some other languages
                      being available in answers, that i gave behind.
                                 were strongly enough.
                                             Join this challenge. It is a real life
                      Resources Announcments in Turkey were not enough. and exciting experience.
                                 The challenge was great. I would only think of increasing the campaign duration.
                      The resources provided by Google were really very helpful and they gave us the ability to work out our campaign strategy. Nobody f

                                 Since this is geared toward students, provide a roles matrix and moderate level project plan for not the best format for a
                      The materials were not up-to-date. Illustrations in the instructions did not match what we saw. Also, it was students. Also improve
                                 As mentioned previously, maintain a website with ongoing news & stats to show the project a alive. Also, improve capab
                                              all the basics. I have no suggestions here.
                      The materials covered The Google Online Marketing competition was an exciting experience. I learned is great deal about the super

                                  Pretty good. guides could be translated to Chinese.
                       Some of the multi-mediaotally Surprising Online Voyage!
                                  enlarge time frame
                       student guide was vey helpful!
                                   and tools were very useful; however,
                       The guides None - AMAZING project for studentsI did not read the large handbook
                                  great and knowledge about google I think it's very hard to work real money, listed on
           yes. without online marketingteamwork, knowledge about AdWords, real time challenge,with google adwords google
                                              The once in a blue moon opportunity
tivated from the start and believed the campaign will make a positive difference. - brought to you by Google Adwords!
                                  Besides the ones mentioned in were confusing. I nothing. Overall, was just assumed that students knew what they we
                       Some of the resources provided by Googlethe prior questions,think sometimes it I really enjoyed participating in the Challenge. I thi

          we did not have online marketing knowledge before
                                 More communication from GoogleClear directionsTrail campaign before your real campaignmore examplesa tracking too
                     Nothing                 I learn period want to promote more business online
                                 Higher budget andaalot and Iof may be 4 weeks
                                 *) Providingclear that would be a wonderful alternative and organized and served us *)For me it in privilege to partic
                                              more information Google are well structured
                     The resources and materialsthat itgave usabout resources and facilities offered by Google adwords very helpfulis athe challenge and
                                 Observation of the changes in keywords
                                             cooperation to competition
                     money too lessI distribution of the daily amount of
                                 Increase the time but it was a shame that
                     Google resourses were great to atleast 4 weeks plz. we could not use all the applications for our campaign. needed some more tim

                                  The during was quite short, Marketing with Google Adwords a scramble However, it would the first week to understa
                                               sufficient, espacially the Keyword tool and AdText
                      The tools provided are Effective Online considering that our first week wasPostion tool. and we had to takebe good to have a tool tha
                                  It was ok.
                      User friendlier interface and structure.

                                  I I have nothing to add.
                      It was great, think the Challenge is already great as it is.

                                    new AdGroups... took me DAYS to figure it out and a guide wasn't very campaign
. It was frustrating trying to make Allow more pagesitfor the pre-campaign strategy.Havethelonger time for the helpful. to run for better analysis.

                                                                            Page 20

                                  the design of adwords should usefull stronger focus for uploading their documents to the people.
                       the materials were very good. it would be have a to send the linkon usability. the campaigns shouldn't be active from the start. mayb
                                  Possibly extend the duration a easy to
                       The books and instructions were clear andlittle bit. read. I currently do not see any benefits from changing anything.
 contact to the marketing manager. So the story went on...
                       no         none it was fun!

                       -          no idea
                                  Go on!
                       Very complete and useful materials, especially the student guide which was very easy to understand and use.
                       wtrwf      wfrwfw
                                  the challenge should be made more openso much knowledge, once read them, the of all participating all the more enjo
                                             Google up indeed. there was and of lifetime!
                       the resources very very beneficial your future with challegerealain the sense that iregular updates challenge becameteams should tak

                                      would about some tips for better campaign.
                                                  to find out when we started the campaign and when it's our last day.
                       I would like Ito read like The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a great experience for everyone who wants to try the real marketi

                                    Give more information to participants regarding the
                       Not sufficient resources. Difficult to operate with the help-desk. tips of running an adwords campaign. If this would have been provid
                                    are very information about to search and click them all reallythe adwordsvery juvenile and- catchy acronym. I set my imp
                                                No, but invest more a the word should go over think it is a panel, and you Get us in touch.
                       google tips 1 - More caothic. You have how in campaign"gomcha": i(metrics, stats, case studies ecc)2 could miss something very blog
                                    i think you must promote more this challenge
                       i find very helpful the guide like Student Guide and other stuff like google trends.

                                   specific. And information.
                       Much more More detailed a better description to use keyword generator and to work with the keyword-limit. This was the major probl
                                  Maybe, to have a longest time for of challenge. Provide the manuals in the participants. Because, although we knew ot
                       Maybe, it could be a good idea have manualsthethose resources in the language of different languages. And maybe try to give the s
                                  Create lead.Extend to more classes.
                       They were easy to a list of companies that dont have google words, for that send questionaries to that companies and make propos
                                  Maybe have some guidelines as to
                       More money, our campaign ran out of money what is a good CTR and parts about strategy. The guides only outlined how to use a

                                more communication between google ans the teams
                                Increase the time for the challenge AJAX
                       More dynamic web design and toolsLike using and increase the number of winners.

                                    1-Increase the budget to be at to show the students how they can create "Be the and at least one tc
                                               1-" as an prepare you 300 US$ per each group.2-Extend the running relevant the challenge strategies …
                       1-Provide whole campaignGoogleexample leastto online future advertisting expert "2- adWards,period of keywords expert....compete  ew
                                    Reporting mechanisms and theMarketingswitch questions.
                                               The Google Online ability to Challenge has without terminating the account.
                       The help team were fantastic and were quick to answer anycurrency been a fantastic experience. I really recommend students try to
                                    more money right on no need to change them, im not sure how to improve them
                       i think the materials werefor each team
                       quite good              quite an amazing opportunity to get in touch with google adwords

                        to give more information about the post camapign strategy
Everything in english... it's not easy !
                                     In all of the To perfect. In all of knowledge in marketing online.
                                                   aspects the Challenge aspects
                        Nothing. The Challenge is provide studentsthe was amazing.
                                     Create video tutorials
                        Materials are fine. Video tutorials. would be extremely nice.
                                     elaborate a good start, but in lack some finess.For example it was not mentioned that the bussiness chosen did not str
                        The rescourses gave some instructionsthe your rescoures. Like in the after campaign report- two part with the same reqirements (ex
                                     To give more
                        Google, Internet, Lecture time and better instructions
                                     Make the help was longer, and make Google floored withwas an amazing project that the Challenge. It made a huge dif
                                                   The 2008 Google I was Marketing Challenge having it Google to us for gave our team the opportunity to
                        The real-time chat forcampaign amazing. Onlineabsolutely Analytics a part of theavailableAdwords Challenge.
                                     Again, simplify
                                                   amountfirstmaterial. Indicate what material is relevant to the various stages of the campaign. Basically, provi
                                                           of time in
                        Need to streamline the For the challenge. my university career, I was afforded the opportunity to spend someone else's money to be
                        quite well
                        More hands-on help from Google - in form of contact with individuals who can assist where our lecturer could not.

 , timeline2, we get late information about results
                                      More assistance locating a business to work with.
                        Materials were perfect
                        It was good & helpful
                                       the materials were
                                                   The Google Online Challenge is a great
                        I think all ofPromote it more? great, I have no suggestions. way for students to be introduced to online advertising and the Goog
                                      provide would recommend providing little marketing information up front to help to know if don't being disqualified du
                        I don't remember. Isome format examples for theareports that are required. It's nerve racking those that you'rehave any marketing h
            I don't understand. sorry Give 1 week to learn how to use Google Adwords.
                                      You would You would:display a of awords the the durationread it on Adword's web site. I think that it Facebook orfor no
                                                    contained into Google's guide, because I have of the challenge. Give a certification like is sufficient Linked
                        I still know the materialincrease the number banner on and University's web site;contact us on social network to every student andthe
                                      i will sent you some suggestions later on.
                                                   "Learning to improve your materials later the
                        i will send you some suggestions how to promote an enterprise inon. 21st century"
                                      Make claer but too long and time consuming and shorter. As I said they were clear but too long to read.
                        The material werethe explanations about adwords simpler to read.
                                      i don't think really it, like what you have start with and
                                                    i can helpful and enough to
                        google resources were make add to google made it already done build a well a suggestion if all the resources were gath
                                      Visit colleges Would have been useful to include the 3 weeks!
                                                   Become an Adwords
                        slightly.....Budget too explainonline Google marketer in just Google Adwords pro
                        None          None
                                      less peopleThe Google Challenge allowed me to becauseand the real world. Studying can be a frustrating journey with
                                                    in the group. doesnt require at all. too messy there was so much. need a been done more that stems off
                        very good and very detailed. hard to find info sometimes just feel a part of complicated. could havemore basic formateffectively beca

                                                                            Page 21

                                  Nothing, very well ran
                       pdf;s were good
                       resources and information provided on Google were very helpful and it is considered as excellent learning tool for biginners

                                  to say that More advertising submit thewe had to google it.
                                              for submit reports because papers on poor. There weren't
                    I only have Instructionsthe instructions toon Internet, report werethe Universities (I think that option will not be so good for the envirom
                    Once again, the instructions were inadequate in providing information for all the possible applications.
                    Google should provide more money for each group as 200 USD are too less to have success within 3 weeks!
          Yes. We did a lot of reading up to familiarize ourselves with online marketing terms.

                                  procedure and the options more. AdWords budget and time.
                     Simplify theLower number of people per group. Increaseis too cluttered and dumb group mates gave up trying to decipher how to us
et up of the campaign, the website that we had to do for the advertisement

                                               its really helpfull to improve your marketing skills

                                 Providing an onlinebetter through of start of parts ofadvertising? Spending Google's improved doalso
                                            What's walk than learning about online AdWords interface would have money and knowledge of the avai
                       My team used the AdWords guides more at thedifferentthe project. They helped define unknown terms to my so! gave examples to

                                   Make the prize purse out and easy to follow. Maybe condense these materials more are lost.
                       The resources were very well laidmore enticing.Help students with more tutorials if their teachers instead of just a little information o
                                   Better explanation of CR, Conversions and other Interface.
                       The tools helped a lot. I don't have new ideas to improve the words.A table which shortly displays Words and their meaning.
                                   easier to connect thebusiness marketing
                                               learn real adwords pages with instructions
                       it should bemore important links on the firstaccountof thean existing analytics account.
                                   Sometimes, it is difficult to get business for students. How service etc. No problem, but it businesses and give free se
                       Google provided all necessary tools. Help,aAsk, Viedo, demo, customer about if you contact some new takes time to read, read, read

                                  easier read than the boring pdf to learn
                       Provide an Allow more time to run the campaign. about adwords and the competition.
                                  Run the campaigns longer. a great help in completing the project.
                                              provided us were
                       The resources Google The Google Online Marketing Challenge was the most useful project I completed in college. It allowed us to s
                                  Figure out help me the whole team to be involved and advertise team captain.
                       The resources greatly a way forfigure out what to spend and who tonot jus thetowards.

                      -                      "I really learned a of this damn survey, or and I feel that the 3/4. This thing is unreal, competition looks gre
                                  Only one suggestion... get rid great skill with Adwords,shorten it by about real life application of the but if it gets me into a
                      I don't know make as easy as possible to reduce time of readings all materials
ing google toolsNot just a trial

                                   Challenge are really I don;t have any suggest Improve Yourself
                                             Google Online Marketing Challenge,
                       Materials are very good, agreate,helpfull !
                                   No suggestions.
                       All the Guides and other resources were of great help. I was absolutely satisfied with the information and explanations provided.

                                 the Challenge should run a little bit longer because 3 weeks are a very short period of time to implement the new skills
                     nothing to improve
                                 a pre online challenge
                                             A real professional experience in
ot enough time to spend on the Googletest to familiarize with Google Adwords sponsored links
                     It was very helpful to know what steps to follow when developing the strategy. But it was still hard to set-up the campaign. There cou

                                 increase budget, chance to strategies reality
                                            Your timeframe and prizes
                       Good resources.Provide some generic experiencefor using adwords.
                                            As students, the opportunity to pilot a live campaign was enough. and if we understand then we practice it o
                       Conduct workshops with course lecturers. Hence if they understand then we understand,Insightful and enjoyable. Simply awesome
                                            This challenge gave us a real life perspective on the challenges and opportunities present in online marketin
                       make them easier to understand

                       N/A         Shrink down the handbook and have a practice simulation for students to use before the actual competition begins.
                                    very nicely put together. We they the instructions and the pictures.
                       They are allA countdown how many days liked are left, and some kind of alarms, notifications about the countdown.
                                    to my checking not feeling that Google is not watching our developing process my supporting us. (and in questions b
                                                 I had
                       It was goodSometimes Yes! my current knowledge by reading the provided materials. But for and team-membersOngoingsome cases
                                   Make easier helped a lot, and made the sure his group is most of into the
                       The customizableitoptions for the team leader to makework much easier plugged the time campaign
                                   Overall I felt the challenge was allow The analyze data. We were able be to some of them in this project, but a mini li
                       Google provided a number of good tools togreat. us toonly suggestion I have would to usehave the participants run through others,tu
                                   Improve not that world experience students and thinkwas provided time professor or through fast and inten
                                                Real good. Much of the infos we limited about translating them to different languages. for
                       the materials where the materials given to the mixed withneeded resources andby ourpressure. A perfect mixtureImproving the descr

                                    to give the teacher an because read with us at the same time
                       perhaps information more specificaccount to test the book and the real live on running the campaign was very different.
                                    I will do some lot actions. Offer visits to that is very useful but be be it would be great if they to do in the challenge
                       I think that google gives aPR of theorical informationgoogle offices and maymayactions to be more availablecanhelpsomething practic
                                    give more time to students for the project

                                                                            Page 22

                                      make it longer. 8 or even 10 weeks. some more money maybe :-)
 othing specific about the Challenge. I missed some points in the team. We had a kind of project leader who did some things on his own. We were informe
                                       of money to 400
  weeks were to short and amount4 weeks and less $
                                      Maybe just a little bit morefor me i wanna make a little more
                                                    and money ... time to
 not the success i expected- not enough time It was great!!! Join it! . prepare ...
                                      Que no en especial Google Analytics.Eso si espero siga haciendo y me inviten.
                        Ayudaron bastante,hayan problemas con el presupuesto.Que seen próximos concursos no haya problemas con el presupuesto.
                                      I truly      It anything until we started the actual campaign
                        I didn't feel none learnedwas a great learning experience.
                        Very good. Longer contest duration. Better prizes.
                                      I think the competition your skills with Google Online Challenge (GOCHE)
                                                   Challenge should be a step-wise, and was bad too, as too much clutter, was making us think a encourage g
                        The great thing was that there was a lot of information. Whichinstructions should be given at every step of the process- lot of stuff at
                                      clarify the instructions, iis valuable, through them to opportunity tounderstand take full expected
                                                   Experience had to everything we needed to complete gain some,
                        they were very important, google provided readwhen you havemultiple times tothe project. what wasadvantage.
                                      Include a list of businesses to work with or
           No, the challenge was helpful in educating us in online marketing who have used AdWords and their results
                                      It had typos and better because it's follow sometimes.
                        The materialswill probably be were not as easy tobeen done before. Had some inconsistencies.
                                       report without knowing whether those gone through through to the enxt
Having to write the post-campaign Notify first round winners so thatwe hadwho do not get to the next stage. phase do not have to write a report that is ess
                                      Start the work early!!!check the the online real wordmarketing!
                                                   Adwords that helped me a lot.
           I found a free email-course on Adwords andchallange - adwords aaccount very often, especially at the start so u can change the bidding and ev

                                    Mayeb a little more was veryfrom Google themselves as that knowledge prehaps provide as easier little expereince with
                                                 It's info uidence long and taxing to go through - many students expereience ganed will only enhance us as
                       They helped, however the a real challange, but well worth the work. Thethey should and needed help an we hadto read, bullt point, s
                       i dont know
                                    Maybe a longer campaign period is Google" could
                       The material "Marketing and Advertising Using a good idea. have been more detailed.
                                    A little longerDo something different with the
                       They were very clear and did allow us to start quickly. bids
                                                 This idea, of making a concurse was excellent. You may make this more unknown to everybody. to encourag
 the norm. But a friend worked in our company's client and they hadn't made adwords before and they was exciting helping us to make this competiion.
ecided that XXXX, was a great option, because the tourist industry is growing a lot in our country.
                                     would like to have 12 to 48 of the mostwhat type of webpage are the starting choose in orderbefore even better on the
                                                  helpfull.More information try exciting and strategy before best to the campaign, to compete response has
                       The guides Iwhere veryThis must be onehours to on the campaignfun Challenge that I have ever been involved in.The writting the pr
                                    make         It's    4 week challenge
                       they were good it at leastaagreat way to learn about online advertising, and is very useful for everyone's future.
                                    Longer time information would help.
                       I think that having more span.
                                    Allot more time for the Challenge and create better to Google Analytics. It
                       It would help to include more content and instruction in relation instructional materials. would help to include more scenarios and ex
                                     have more space for
                       just need tonone..went really well!pre/post write-ups. felt that we as a group were unable to be specific/detailed with the amount of s

                                    the materials were very helpful.
                      1. I thought 1. Possibly include a section that provides tips to writing effective ads.
y views of doing business          Simplify web page. everything else was ok.
                                   are very clear.
                      I think they I dont have Get some real experience, and win real prices. Enter now to Google Chalenge!
ow ctr, need more time of campaign.

                                  More money!
                       The Student Guide did not get an address to send in our copies of the reports.
                                  video lecturescampaign. compare have been helpfuland grouplearning, this contest put me in the driver's seat and taught
                                              of from can an easy to real world trial for error members who are not highly skilled or knowledgeable abo
                       videos and extra week "Nothinggoogle would to reach contact person.

                                   the survey at theaend is way
                                              "It is great      learn
                       i used the worksheets they were good too long how to advertise on Google's dollar."

The qualification of the final reports and the last class in wich we must present the result to the rest of the class. We allready know the results because we

                       DICTIONARY! Need a dictionary of terms.
                                   Increase the Game Period (a month maybe)
                                   I have no suggestion.
                       The resources provided by Google were useful to run the Challenge. Therefore we have no specific suggestion to improve these ma
                                   some help , budgeting is required.
                       google material helpedof especilly online help, google can provide the tool by which we can judge ourself the how we design the a
                                   the hope that when working not care about in the 3 weeks, some data we have
                       they work wellI reward(I think Google doin the challengemoney:))the starting moneyon other competitors are important, we want to k
                                   NoneI am very pleased within all the experience
                       I would include in the firts units.. the accurate terminology and vocabulary in order to understad how Google works
           I was not very strong in online marketing capabilities, but I really feel that I learned alot.
                                   It needs to be more to run the happens withI the left learning experiencethat resources. is something that little curious a
                                                "The Google what campaigns. can't really money in your and resume booster."
                       Google provided sufficient toolsclearChallenge was an excellent overcomplain about campaign. This However, I was a should be hig

 ee and the group member had worked there also.
                               just to make it easier to design your ads and choose the right words
                    more help and a macro running to show how to set up the adwords account and get it going.
                    Well planned event
                    The resources is sufficient. Nil

                                 display rankings and have an real money you an update every is the best learning experience I've had to other at any
                                              "The going through the reports
                       have an online video tutorialability to use advisor giveto promote a companyweek as to how you are doing compared in schoolteams

                                                                           Page 23

                                     A real life example online marketing Challenge: campaign, along withlearning sort of real that examplenever forget.
                                                  very knowledgeable.2. It would be helpful if Google LIFE some outcomes to life you will on prior campaig
                       1. The resources were Google to go by when setting up our The only REALprovided someexperienceexpect based so that we know
                       Greatly.      Keep it up! "The Google Online Marketing Challenge enabled two colleges within XXXX to work together on a real world
                                     I would extend some more material 6 weeks,We all learned lot about Google of first 1-2 members only not enough str
                                                  be the weeks to 5 or in other and offer as well, because some Adwords and PPC campaigns. I learning
                       I think that there could It was a3very useful experience. languages moreamoney. I feel that theour team weeks arewere aboutwould rec
                                     Extent google provides are good enough.
                       The resources thatthe duration of the challenge.
                                     platform for the challenge would be nice
                       definately keep it in english, that was good. guide was good.
                                     more money, more time
                                                  I have used amazing
 ports available. The detail that we could drill down to wasGoogle Analytics in my employment, but had no idea as to the level of information that I could re
                                      too much resources, it workshops
                       There wereshort information, more was hard to read everything through.
 ot enough time: it should be longprobably additional budget is needed
                                                  was provided, google handbook was a great help tool.
                       Everything we needed If you want to succed in marketing you must challenge yourself in the google adwords challenge.
                                     same budget lecturer would run
                                                  Practical and interactive
                       more explaining from the but less time tohaveitbeen good
                                                  THE GROUPS YOU CHOOSE WILL DETERMINE THE SUCCESS THE NOTHING. THE LESSONS IN T

                                   Increase the length fantastic opportunity! not be andmore peopleshould work they sometimes should learn how to th
                                                What a of time campaigns run so results universities on reflect students like this more often to provide st
                       Google provided adequate resources. Things shouldIndustryhanded to adequatelya platter,togetherability, once theywork thing outuse
                                   More and a and time to Web-Field
                                                Learning on
                       past case studiesmoney suggestion thechoose your team mates carefully
                                   More money, more time!
nd, but was not the right kind of business for the challenge
                                   Overall the helpful 2. Easy to rely upon when unsure of particular aspects in our campaign
                       1. They were extremelychallenge was excellent
                                   I would improve the
                       The materials are very good! structure of the reports! The 2 parts cover very similar topics!One report which includes more details
                       it's ok     none,well done
                                   Was to have and by far the beststudents project I have competed in. The use who can get in a real marketing situat
                                                This email set up for marketing
                       It might be good very fun an is generally worked well:-)with any questions about the campiagnof real moneyan answer from someone
                                   In order to improve the was quite a longer running the Challenge especially the learning center.Google can provide mo
                       The resources provided by Google Challenge,helpful in time length and a higher budget should be given as a more accurate results
                                   everything is OK
                                    manuals, or craft online visual tutorials. is an excellent compare stats Search Engine Optimization, are compiled a r
                                                The Three weeks is too short
                       Shorten theMake it longer. Google Online Challenge even if trying to crash course infrom other hosting sites whichand should bemon
Non-active team members

                       N/A          Make the student guide less and easy to read.
                                    All in all theIf you are is familiar with GoogleAdWords your are not familiar with online-marketing!
                       More internal view, no secrets :) not organized very well
                                    More money forin XXXX more challenging!
                                                  Life the fund to use google is goaless!
                       Provide more funds to make it even without in the competition
                                    - Increase the catalysts
                       The resources was very useful and enough.
                                    1- subjet related about the use of Adwords.2- more time to to learn more tool
                       To intruduce agive more info. to AdWords and Online Marketing in orderimplement the about this important topic that is going to hav
                                     because it was all thethe actual i had colleges, etc..
                                                  Be part of more schools, during the challenge.
                       Completely To offer this chance to expertise future, participate in the google marketing challenge 2008 and become a GAP.
                                    Time period could have been longer.
                       The materials were useful in guiding me in the right direction.
                                    It would have been over a longer span of theirs
                       We could view existing advertisements and compare time. with ours. Or use theirs as examples in creating our various ad groups.
                                    Make the challenge slightly pre- and post- strategy got the
                       They were very helpful when writing thelonger. Just as our teampapers. hang of AdWords, the campaign ended. We weren't able to
                                    I would provided by Google were of huge benefit.
                                                  The increase the amount of money experience to work with a real the running period from 3 to 4 weeks.
                       All of the resourcespossiblyGoogle chanllenge was a great each team is given and extendbusiness with real money and obtain real
                                    None fine, time
                       Materials seemedat thisbut difficult to find on the web
                                    1. a longer very more money
                       The student guide wasrun2. helpful as well as all other handouts.
                                    make it great
                       the resourses were less time consuming.
                                    Include the information about documents in spanish
                       We have found a lot of posibility of do the the use od Adwords realise by the google team
                                    I were very helpful.
                       the materialsthink that the challenge was find, however based on the discussion we had during the project with others, people who u
                                                  "Real hands-on experience for the real world."
                       The materials were well written and useful.

                                   Need to understand
                      shorten them! too much info it more before starting project so input from lecturer and less to read
                      No suggestionProvide more spending amount to us to create better and attractive ads
                                   Promote The documentations should come some students will under 4 pages or so.
                      Yes. It is too lengthy.the GAP exam aggressively so that to the point. Keep itbe attracted to work hard for it.
The Challenge was all in English. We did not have much time to elaborate the final report.
                                   None reallyGo go google adwords
                                                 .. maybe offering an incentive export all hey to are all poor
                      Better interface, more manipulation of data .. ability to (ie cash .. datawe databases students)
                      They were great in explaining
                                   I can't thinkTheand then it was that is a great waythe learn about you for the opportunity to participate. use to promote its
                                                 of Google used really help guide to group in making decisions. I tend business can
          No. I read the information beforehandanything, Challenge to a great experience. Thank online advertising that ato lead by getting everyone's opin
                                   have a the basic blocks which started ppt and more we refered to them everytime we had an issue.It
                      the resources werefew more tutorialsalso provide aus off and thenmaterial for the clienthave a live helpline number would be great if
                                   interface2. GOMC really analysis report3.marketingthe web to can learntracking code4. Interviews with clients2. Teamw
                                                interface2. More great online Close to tools, you the web the
                      1. Chinese 1. Chinese More detailed is adetailed analysis report3. Close tracking code following:1.The post-campaign may have m
                                   I suggest the improvment that find in long. promouvoir votre but person toso manythe functioning to it details the co
                                                Apprenez la meilleure manière de It is very precise site internet explain informations.Then,
                      Google provided us the student guidethat I Iwrotetoo the previous questions.- A there aregrâce à Google Adwords. the students.- Or
                                   Shorten the pre-campaign can be further imrpoved. I settings need to be improved.
                      Tracking /changing campaign settings period.Changing campaignwas working on the campaign from a company network during my
                                   Increase the relevance within the google google interface participating in the challenge
                      The materials provided were sufficient but the actual interface to thosecould be more relevant to the challenge

                                                                           Page 24


                        There is a lot of 3rd party material out there about how to write and manage google campaigns, which make the official google mate
                                                Google once I had aquestion which I've sent to learning how to cooperate more effective, answer quite fas
                        Thank you for your online help;Challenge really helped me and our teamGoogle via e-mail, and I have recieved the and how to use A
            I have no experience in the field before, the demanded a close examinations of our results during the period of the challenge
raditional class, it was online...
                        Key words longer period YES
                                    Active campaign shoud be a bit longer (four weeks)
                        The resources was very good and helped alot in understandding the principles behind adwords and online marketing
                        They were good.more time. Make it more structured.
                                    1. Increase involvement of all group members.2. More clearly outine the key factors too much information on to throug
                        The guide to running the account and introduction booklet were helpful.However, there was waywhich must be focusedto sort ensure
                                    Make the run time of the Challenge longer, and and getting acquainted with to each team to compensate for the longer
                        The manuals helped tremendously in starting the campaignpossible award more money the adwords interface.
                        Materials are very comprehensive and provide a good background to the challenge.
                        With so much information and no way to sort through all of it or get questions answered but a Google administrator it made it difficu
                                     good tools "Get ahead of other intimidating
                                                 to measure effectiveness
                        Google hadLess competition so it wasn't sostudents by gaining real experience with real money that partners with Google."
                        The given suggestions were just enough.

                       give motivation        promotion and motivation

                                    To make were helpful but theycampaign longer andand drawn experience instructionalreal life if you woulditjust
                                               The Google of the were simply to long possible out. It the without the easier more. Also would be goo
                       I think the resourses the time frameAdwords Challenge gives you real lifesimplifywould have been guides consiquences. have had

 think that google´s campaign is very bored
                                     Give very time to run500.00 for group
                                                At least $
                       not that all it wasmore informative the campaignAssign more budget to the campaign it was much Frustration to run the campaign w
                                     Make easyA Google Experience!
                                                 to understand.
                       It was helpful andthe Google Adwords setting up page more user-friendly for first-time users.
                                     Larger amount of thick and shorter time for the ad campaign.
                       The textbook is a little bit too budget or make the participants fatigue of going through each and every page.
                                     Categorize the businesses for the challenge
                       The Marketing and Advertising Using Google textbook really helped a lot. Besides, Adwords blog also provided us with updated and
                                                Collaboration of Information
                       The guides, Adwords blog, and web articles provided us with much information.
                       Nothing       Nothing
                                     Google should improve Improve your abilities! Google Online was a littleChallenge
                                                Proove and the contact text book, even though it Marketing bit LONG!
                       The recources provided are good, espcially thebetween participant or tutors and it self. For example, our professor found some diffi

                         Good resources, got a lot of good info and tips on AdWords
 ) the failure in the teamwork
                                   The XXXX. was a really nailed it with a well-thoughtknowledge of digital marketing success up more quickly and to educ
                                                in 2000-2001, so was competition no out competition that achieved to ramp along two dimensions: raisin
             Yes, I worked previously forGOMCGooglewell-thought outable to utilize- my suggestions at this time.

                       i don't knownothing
                                   Perhaps if Google had an online
                                              Yes, with far.
                       Quite usefull. No suggestions so pleasure. chat room it would make our learning much easier. Any doubt, just go to chat room and

                                 Perhaps sme links of layout of reports some aspects have been usgae ad report writing
                                             "Future Business Tycoon??,Challenge Yourself!!"
                       They were suitable. Examples to video tutorials of required wouldof Adwords great as often, the team had plenty of content to report

                                   It really beItmore really interesting! Great experience! Try it!
                                                  was promoted on should make Poland!
                       Materials are shouldinteresting. Maybe you universities insome information more interesting by useful hints and add images or case
                                   More was not the only project we Competition on. Therefore, I didn't put have a better understanding of material we w
                                               The for teams.
                       The Competition incentives Google AdWords were workingwas a terrific experience. I very much time into reading thethe capacity to
                       yes. Very helpfull

                                   1) Google beyou search, you can provide brief feedback relating material are good of our campaign, in order to know
                                                If great, if Google helpful. From
                       The materials It would provided were veryfinally find. a my point of view, these to the performanceenough.
                                   THE PROVIDEDGOOGLE .. GO
                                                GO .. WAS SUPPORTIVE AND REALLY BINDED ME TO THE CAMPAIGN AND THE TEAM AND TO FO
                                   nothing, all of anything is perfect.
                                   I be maybeGOMC -aworks very good. Imethod account suggestions, sorry!learn about online marketing and advertising
                                                 a bit of test run practical cant think students and lecturers to
                       there should think the challenge the most with regard to thefor of anyas it was found we wasted a good bit of the budget setting up th
                                   Extended it Google's Online Challenge the opportunity online marketing class experience which every student of marke
                                                 for one more week.
                       All resources were important and i just didn't have is an interactiveto experience Google's Analytics.By the way, in Google Adwords
                                   I wish I would have been more HOW TO USE I wanted to
                       PLEASE GIVE MORE INFORMATION ONknowledgeable. ADWORDS do well, but felt I was not prepared with the right tools to com
ment and Networking in many countries especially ERP and CRM Systems
                                   I would like to see I have notes money Google gave They were a good guide spending
                       The handouts came in handy. the amount of written all over mine. increased. When you areto go by. a $1.00 or more per click you
o have been one week practically " out" of the challenge due to a problem of configurations badly clarified our group.
The duration (too short) and the budget (not enough).
                       more guides one
                       They helped us a lot
we can make meetings frecuently

                                                                          Page 25

                                  Improve where somewhat useful, but the actual online campaign management management' website.
                     The online materialsthe guidance and navigation system of the 'online marketing campaign lacked information and a guidance syste
                                    would like to suggest that book.
                     It was reallyI helpful. It was like a guide even if some teams face technical difficulties they should maybe also have the option of runn
                                  were fine but lacked
                     Resources Promote to clients true detail
                                  to provide more time in google adwords to monitor and to make to have an statistics of campaign in the market, budg
                     is very friendly the tool that provide the behaviour of the market the visits and more movements in theour rankingwith keywords, mayb
                                  All practice"A keyword could questions. learning curve and invite the clients with the experience of running Google Ad
                                                 of 2007 with us to shorten
                     Share the bestmentioned in the previous leverage the e-World "
                     Too long!

                                   Continue to purpose this
                      More language than juste english for student but communicate more about this event to attract more people.
                                   I really think that a clear and are very hopeful. At
                      I think that all material are verypre-challenge would be great! this time, i don't have any suggestions to do!
                                   Make it longer.Shorten the written videos on or allow multiple languages.Allow functionality would have been helpful.
                      As I mentioned before, maybe some YouTubeassignmenthow to use more of the deep-down all participants to visit Google and meet
                                   Increase the time during running the campaign from 3 weeks to 4 weeks.Do provide the deciding on keywords.
          Literature survey on the same was usefulspan of the campaign. Book titled " How language works" was helpful inbasis of allocating the budget a
                                    Having lack of be more advertised. I did not marketing method all over the world!Problem: advertising and / Solutio
                                                Google Adwords, probably the best
) Being a engineering student. 2) Challenge may knowledge about marketing. hear important thing about the Challenge. OnlineOnline Marketingmarketing

                               As helped a lot, since we didn't have any experience was longer the 3 weeks. It would give us a better idea on how to
                     The resources a sugestion, it would be good if the campaign timedealing with thanGoogle Adwords. The material brought a lot of det
                     NON       NON        "Do what you do best, Let google do the rest" "rest" = your internet marketing

                                 Longer at times overwhelming.
                     Very beneficial but campaign timeframe I would suggest that there would be less material in the required course (but of course th
                                 1. Trim theThis guides (the by far were oppressive. Way too muchget the hang of career.was better, a real business, to
                                             .pdfs.2. Let it run for 4-6 weeks. You're I'll starting to info. The online help To the campaign ends.
                     I thought your informational project was .pdfs) and away the bestjustever have in my academic things whenimpactbut it took a few w
                                 provided were relatively straightforward.
                     Resources extend the challenge to 4 weeks, makes for easier comparison vs. prior year (or periods)

                                                                         Page 26

e weeks were not at a very busy time for students.

 businiess sector of our partner

e ability to gain real great offers.

p easier. for example setting up the difrent "campaigns" and "ad groups" were confusing.
 und and on the maps.

on websites like google trends, or for following the challenge

teractive way to learn about applying on-line advertising to a real business. The Challenge gives you an opportunity to experiment with different strategies

 ing into the business world will benifit from.

marketing lessons and strategies to the classroom for a unique, rich learning experience.
a lot in case of implementing an online-marketing-strategy within a real business.

erience regarding new media and was crucial to my development as an advertising/marketing professional. Because of this experience, I now run an Adw
 ample visiting the closest Google affices, internships in companies, electronic devices, etc.). In our case, we saw the competence so hard that we never t
earning how the system worked.

dge that allows me to stand out from my peers in media planning. Everyone knows what AdWords are, but few people know how to effectively use them.
paigns, and by having materials delivered to the instructor in a more timely fashion.

gn, and total campaign.

ating in the Google Online Marketing Challenge will provide me with the tools I need to be competitive in today’ job market.

fore teams will know what areas to focus on in order to be successful.
enge required entirely too much of my time outside of class. Faced with this situation again, I'd drop the class. We learned absolutely nothing new about

                                                                         Page 27

belt. Not only will it expand your knowledge of online marketing, but it will open you up to a whole other world.

ge in my future business"

e judging - nobody read our reports until we get into the first 5)
see that there are real people behind it, organizing and helping!
 the perfect website to market for the challenge

eally any good benchmarks that i could find for success measurements. some sort of comparisons might have been useful to see how we performed aga

ds may be used for a specific campaign.

udent who is new to online advertising; this Google Adwords challenge will leave you with something to take away.

s of my college experience; I wish more opportunities were available like this. The real life component of it all really helped students connect with the proje
ved, and with the aim of teaching them, how to be familiar with things like this.

 can copy it, but so it can serve as perhaps guidelines. The guidelines were a little iffy.

arketing. Google has already proved through its past success to know how to use it. The Google AdWord Challenge allows students to gain hands-on exp

ly budget allotted. This will help students manage their budgets better and alleviate frustrations.

o the nature of how our class turned out I do not feel that we were able to see it.

ond the limits with the Google challenge.

ll he work in our campaign. It seemed like the other team members did not care or did not understand the project. When it came time to write the post ca

uipo de Google. Or experience the life inside Spanish:Viví la vida Google.

ort term fast paced learning curve for all marketing campaigns. Learn and understand how all marketing works.
d parameters because as the challenge has been 50% of our grade it was very difficult to decide which factors are important and which not.

arketing skills that I had learned at school in a real-world setting, allowing me to better prepare for interviews in this field.
 up the accounts, and choose the keywords.
 for students to gain knowledge in online marketing, especially in SEM domain. More than a simple challenge, this project relies on a real knowledge shar

e, helping me to see what great opportunities XXXX has to offer, and all the different opportunities that will be available when I am out in the real world. It

                                                                            Page 28

arly the local business ad). Thus every team would be able to find the best ads for its business.

 ntrol), instead of 4-5. Thats it!

 es regarding the amount of time and money provided. Perhaps the team should be responsible for more aspects of the chosen enterprise's online market

 n solving students questions and giving the feedbacks.
roduction from Google.
 period for the whole challenge because it was quite difficult to solely focus on the challenge when we were having mid-semester tests/exams and so on.

ing online facet of marketing!"

he project in a more to the point way.

line Marketing Challenge uses real money and real business to enhance the learning experience.
er represent the region/country to fight with other winnet
s. Our business refused, and it was a pain.

ne in their future in online marketing."

eports. Make the pre-campaign summary and post-campaign reports plans clearer.

ng the issues encountered and listed in this survey.
 insitutions teach in theory, and what the marketing communications industry demands.

many cases they know less about the projects than the students do.

 can have more time to dedicate to the project.I could suggest to Google to implement spanish for the challenge, so we can get the spanish material and w

                                                                          Page 29

 Marketing and Google Adwords.

g up accoutns and submitting campaign documents. there was a ack of information given to lecturers regarding these matters - this may possibly have bee

to learn how to use googles products! This is real clever marketing!
ning in order to make easy for All team members to understant and get involved. If not some people just don't read the docs and don't have the basic co
the post-campaign summary.

 make it more succesful.

XXX's incredible marketing foundation in the dynamic technology domain. In order to stay competitive in the marketplace, I believe it important to embrace
p-dynamics and client-dynamics and more emphasis should be put on evaluation of the campaign strategy, changes in strategy, future recommendations.

provide a seperate section on more advanced information regarding tracking, analytics, and SEO.

between the classroom and the real world.

ence in an exciting new industry
of the importance of search engine marketing. The Challenge results boosted my resume and was very useful during conversation in interviews for emplo

_____________________Headline: Do Not Join This Challenge ...Testimonial: I know you must be feeling a little undecided right now, probably a little exc
 hen the campaign period so we can carry out more long-term plan for our client.

 e marketing, and serach engine optimization (SEO).Require periodic reports about the challenge development.Require data analysis using analitycs or an

age a campaign in the online environment, with a real client and a real budget! I really enjoyed it!
d boost your creativity!

                                                                           Page 30

nt in order to develop online marketing skills while still being fun and enjoyable.

you have to give different cristerias Reports for those countries that speak English with the other countries. Of course they have a big advantage.

nd what would be a bad one. Maybe have organisations available to use for people who find it difficult to find one?

udent guide or on the google adwords help was a little bit confusing what is relevant an what is not.3.the offline keyword tool and the quizzes about a

university2)more individuality in chosing the companies (size of the company,...)

gnment that was simply a grade and something to get through. I was very surprised to find that I actually enjoyed the project and find myself explaining it t

he Google 2008 Online Marketing Challenge: Nothing Compares.

 orter, its too long after a three week campaign

 stions about AdWords.To improve:- emphasize it more that for keyword-targeted campaign CPC is what applies to the content network as well (not CPM)

ybe also a video on how to manage it more precisely.
to improve our world.

 how to take advantage of an online business tool that has taken over the online search engine market. This will benefit me in many ways not only in the b

t helps you learn how much you really didn't know about online marketing.

erience in the high tech industry, I found the Challenge to be a wonderful combination of learning, sharing, and competition with my peers around the wor
der to show them the power of Adwords. Becuause for small entrepries seem a bit money to hire people and spend money first time.It's hard to persuade

 our group, it has taught us a lot, from Google, from students, from ourselves. Real hands-on experiences are always a rich way to obtain important inform
and what things meant.

 ing with the best: with Google!
ded helped me to get known with the fundamentals. Once I had these fundamentals I was able to help the team.

were able to deal and solve any kind of problems concerning to Google AdWords.
the beginning when we started our campaign but thought it was paused but apparently it turns on by default so we started it before we wanted to and had

                                                                            Page 31

 the campaign - of course there can't be a prescribed formula or adwords wouldn't work in its current model - but perhaps a note to expect uncertainty wou
ng experience. Working with a real company and getting very quick feedback on the team's efforts makes the Challenge a good project for an Internet Ma

were like us unexperienced,to get some knowledge,because i am sure that some of the participants had some experience,and it was easier to them.

 ition, we will perform better

nline marketing that benefit SMEs to increase their sales worldwide.

perience in using modern tools for online marketing!
a play with optimisation/see what works and what doesntNo one else in my team touched the campaign during the 3 weeks - to hard to share the modifica

 here wasn't a whole lot of need to rely on my marketing/search engine advertising experience since I haven't had much.
nline challange to manage!

arn about online advertising and Google AdWords.
 ut a survey that's too long. I stopped actually reading the questions.
 lot of the same questions in different ways

 only 10 pages), it's too little
 to cooperate more with students involved and improve your help staff and supervisors.

d their teams, more directly

 excellent online marketing skills'.

me differences, so that we can track more accurately.

 us was not involved in the project. He could not answer any of our questions.I don't really know how Google could improve that.

uld've had more detail provided within them, maybe a step by step process to get started. With everyone's sites would be different.

 languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, etc.. - Provide more time and budget for any other contest.

Same class partners....Picking my own partners....In class test to make sure everyone in the group is knowledgeable about adwords....
hich helped to broaden my real world knowledge.
ness for MBA candidates!

                                                                        Page 32

 asting learning on on line marketing"


hat will help you utilise one of the world's largest online advertising network.
 as students only have 1 semester to complete the challenge

 ge of online advertising
 to apply online marketing theory to a real-world situation and I will use the skills I gained in my future work.

 ndations mid campaign it would have been interesting to see the change in results. From a Google prespective I thought it was well run
 ds - real money, real companies and a real challenge.
mayby translating is a good idea ( thus expensive )
 th a real company, real money and gives real results
 tool and how one can use the internet to market a product or company in a cheap and very targeted advertising method.

o actualy do it. The Google AdWords Challenge was a great way to learn how to run a real online marketing campaign!
of teams would qualify to second round for more 1-2 weeks and in the final round, few teams will have more tough contest.Also create an official blog/grou
ge restriction should be somewhat more than 2 pages..
 n and gain experience in the world of online marketing.
We mark this episode in our Post Campaign Summary.

promising results. The high conversion rates (100%, 87.5%) obtained at the end of our campaign shows a great return on investment encouraging the clie

 rate level project plan for students. Also improve the online material so it can be easily used as reference material.
 experience. I learned a great deal about the capabilities and difficulties of online advertising. Working in an interdisciplinary team and interacting with an a

 money, listed on google

  really enjoyed participating in the Challenge. I think the problems I had were less of an issue of the Challenge and more of an issue of my lecturer not be

 re your real campaignmore examplesa tracking tool

or the campaign to run for better analysis.

                                                                             Page 33

 ampaigns shouldn't be active from the start. maybe some of the documents should be released in national language.

nce for everyone who wants to try the real marketing!

adwords campaign. If this would have been provided we could have made more use of the challenge.
s a very juvenile and catchy acronym.

 in different languages. And maybe try to give the students more flexibility in order they have a time of get used to of the tools.

ut strategy. The guides only outlined how to use adwords and didn't go into any detail about strategy.

 "2- "Be the expert....compete the world" Only with Google.
stic experience. I really recommend students try to take part in the Challenge if they get the chance.

ign report- two part with the same reqirements (exmpl: recomendations for the client).What needs to be different aboat them.

azing project that gave our team the opportunity to learn about internet marketing and about Google Adwords in a way that was hands-on and dynamic.
e opportunity to spend someone else's money to benefit a local business as part of my course work. I think the Google AdWord challenge is genius!

sist where our lecturer could not.

o be introduced to online advertising and the Google ad model.
erve racking to know if you're being disqualified due to the format of your campaign strategy as you're working through the challenge.

ontact us on social network like Facebook or Linkedin XXXX group;make a convention at the University.involve our teacher's to a free online marketing tra

hey were clear but too long to read.

 world. Studying can be a frustrating journey because you are not yet affecting your area of interest in the 'real' world. The google challenge was an exciti

                                                                           Page 34

red as excellent learning tool for biginners

think that option will not be so good for the enviroment)

nding Google's money to do so!

 f their teachers are lost.
 shortly displays Words and their meaning.

ou contact some new businesses and give free service for 1 month so that the students prepare the AdWords?

eful project I completed in college. It allowed us to step outside of the classroom and do some learning in the real world.

he real life application of the competition looks great on my resume to marketers"

y short period of time to implement the new skills

 it was still hard to set-up the campaign. There could have been some more information about that.

 nough. Insightful and enjoyable. Simply awesome experience.
enges and opportunities present in online marketing. It was a great experience to really walk away from a class with a tangible skill.

s to use before the actual competition begins.
notifications about the countdown.

ld be to have the participants run through a mini tutorial/sample campaign to get the ropes before starting on the actual campaign.
me pressure. A perfect mixture for an fast and intensive learning experience. The Google online Challenge is a great opportunity with a huge fun factor!

 tions to be more available to help in the challenge.

                                                                           Page 35


ain some, take full advantage.

enxt phase do not have to write a report that is essentially "not going anywhere" given we are all very busy with our course load.

ge and expereience ganed will only enhance us as marketers and stand us in good stead in teh future.

make this more unknown to everybody. to encourage them after participating in the concurse.
was exciting helping us to make this competiion.

hat I have ever been involved in.The response has been unbelievable from the time we started.
ry useful for everyone's future.

  this contest put me in the driver's seat and taught me so much"

 e class. We allready know the results because we recommended chages to each other, we are in the same hasno sence

 hich we can judge ourself the how we design the ad , how much effective it will be, google can help upto certain extent.

nce and resume booster."

e best learning experience I've had in school at any level"

                                                                          Page 36

earning experience that you will never forget.
eges within XXXX to work together on a real world project of great relevance to both subject matters. The experience was invaluable."
Google Adwords and PPC campaigns. I would recommend to everyone to try it. It is a chance to learn something practical during your university years.

no idea as to the level of information that I could really use from it. The connection between adwords and analytics is an invaluable tool for me. This challe

 rself in the google adwords challenge.


uld work together like this more often to provide students with this kind of marketing hands on experience.

milar topics!One report which includes more details about the strategy and less learning outcomes would be better! 4 pages to share the information with t

n. The use of real money in a real marketing situation made the campaign exciting and gave me a much better understanding of online marketing.
udget should be given as a more accurate results would be shown on the significant changes made. In addition clearer instructions should be given as so

 in Search Engine Optimization, and should be a requirement for students interested in web related careers or E-Commerce curricula.

miliar with online-marketing!

eting challenge 2008 and become a GAP.

 dWords, the campaign ended. We weren't able to see the real fruits of our labor.
 h a real business with real money and obtain real results.

we had during the project with others, people who use google are unaware of the sponsered links and think that they are more like scams. they do not und

 racted to work hard for it.

 advertising that a business can use to promote itself to a targeted audience.
clienthave a live helpline number
rn the following:1. Interviews with clients2. Teamwork3. Understanding of online marketing activities4. Keyword analysis results
ernet grâce à Google Adwords.

                                                                          Page 37

 how to cooperate more effective, and how to use AdWords as an online marketing tool in order to reach bigger success at small-to-medium businesses.
uring the period of the challenge

he key factors which must be focused on to ensure success of the account.3. Allow an option for unutilised daily budgets to carry over to the next day or n
money to each team to compensate for the longer run time.

wered but a Google administrator it made it difficult to know exactly what to do. I would suggest better contact or more visual aids.
th real money that partners with Google."

nce without the real life consiquences.

hat achieved success along two dimensions: raising client awareness of online marketing concepts and fostering student learning and experimentation wi

e. I have a better understanding of the capacity to which online marketing may benefit companies after participating in this competition.

ers to learn about online marketing and advertising
ng class experience which every student of marketing and advertising should try
ut felt I was not prepared with the right tools to compete well.

en you are spending a $1.00 or more per click you go through $9.53 a day real fast. I didn't get the amount of clicks I would have liked to because of the m

                                                                         Page 38

campaign management' website.
es they should maybe also have the option of running their campaign for longer than 1 week depending on their problems. The reason being the learning

e movements in the campaign with keywords, budget, strategies and increasing results

 event to attract more people.

ages.Allow all participants to visit Google and meet the AdWords team, even on their own dime.
 eks.Do provide the basis of allocating the budget amount for the campaign.
over the world!Problem: Online Marketing / Solution : AdWords

  3 weeks. It would give us a better idea on how to work with the client, since the results could be better seen after a month or so.
 internet marketing

my academic career. To impact a real business, to see the results of our actions, in real time...?! Amazing!

                                                                           Page 39

 opportunity to experiment with different strategies, and to learn about Adwords, with limited time investment. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone wh

nal. Because of this experience, I now run an Adwords campaign for the client we used for the challenge and I get paid to do so! Also, simply having the e
e, we saw the competence so hard that we never thought about winning. We enjoyed a lot the challenge because we saw it as a great opportunity to learn

but few people know how to effectively use them. Now I do, and I can use that knowledge to help my clients.

class. We learned absolutely nothing new about marketing. The class's entire focus, along with our grade, was baseed on the challenge. I feel like I've

                                                                        Page 40

ht have been useful to see how we performed against others (or past challengers).

of it all really helped students connect with the project."

 rd Challenge allows students to gain hands-on experience in the new field of marketing, putting each particpant a step ahead of others in the industry.

he project. When it came time to write the post campaign summary none of the team members had any clue.

factors are important and which not.

 llenge, this project relies on a real knowledge sharing. Management, analysis, recommendations and optimizations are one of the keys success of this ex

will be available when I am out in the real world. It was a lot of fun!

                                                                          Page 41

e aspects of the chosen enterprise's online marketing, such as creating banners or finding other sites to advertise with.

were having mid-semester tests/exams and so on.

 hallenge, so we can get the spanish material and we can handled our reports in spanish.

                                                                         Page 42

garding these matters - this may possibly have been due to a lack of Google correspondents in South Africa. The same difficulties were experienced by te

ust don't read the docs and don't have the basic concepts clear

n the marketplace, I believe it important to embrace internet marketing and learn about the challenges and benefits associated with it. This challenge gave
egy, changes in strategy, future recommendations.It would be nice if the campaign peroid lasted for four weeks.Maybe the use of Google Analytics should

 useful during conversation in interviews for employment following graduation."

ng a little undecided right now, probably a little excited even. I use to feel the same way too when I made the decision to join participate. After taking the p

opment.Require data analysis using analitycs or another web statics tool.

                                                                           Page 43

es. Of course they have a big advantage.

t.3.the offline keyword tool and the quizzes about adwords where usefull to find easily.

y enjoyed the project and find myself explaining it to my friends and family. I an confident that everything I learned will help me in my future career and I am

at applies to the content network as well (not CPM)- create a presentation about AdWords at which the group can take a look together and can also send t

 This will benefit me in many ways not only in the business world, but also as a consumer."

ng, and competition with my peers around the world. I would highly recommend any undergraduate or postgraduate business, marketing, and/or IT stude
e and spend money first time.It's hard to persuade them to join.

es are always a rich way to obtain important information nowadays.

 ault so we started it before we wanted to and had a little trouble trying to pause it .

                                                                             Page 44

odel - but perhaps a note to expect uncertainty would have been useful. It would have saved hours searching for an answer that wasn't written but rather h
kes the Challenge a good project for an Internet Marketing course.

 some experience,and it was easier to them.

 during the 3 weeks - to hard to share the modifications because the computer is an individual medium, and you cant follow a strategy separatelyThe main


oogle could improve that.

e's sites would be different.

her contest.

nowledgeable about adwords....

                                                                        Page 45

spective I thought it was well run

more tough contest.Also create an official blog/group for the contest rather than irritating website like we had this time (

  a great return on investment encouraging the client to invest more in Adwords. We are very grateful to discover Adwords and its powerful marketing capa

n an interdisciplinary team and interacting with an actual company made me feel like a real online marketing consultant!

 allenge and more of an issue of my lecturer not being well educated in the contest.

                                                                           Page 46

 et used to of the tools.

 different aboat them.

words in a way that was hands-on and dynamic.
 nk the Google AdWord challenge is genius!

working through the challenge.

.involve our teacher's to a free online marketing trainig by Google.

he 'real' world. The google challenge was an exciting relief and glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Professional people wanted to know what we coul

                                                                         Page 47

 a class with a tangible skill.

ng on the actual campaign.
 ge is a great opportunity with a huge fun factor!

                                                     Page 48


sy with our course load.

ame hasno sence

                                                     Page 49

 e experience was invaluable."
something practical during your university years.

d analytics is an invaluable tool for me. This challenge has given me real industry experience. Invaluable!!


d be better! 4 pages to share the information with the client are too less, due to the fact that it is a lot of work to achieve a satisfying result!To my mind the

h better understanding of online marketing.
 addition clearer instructions should be given as some instruction in regards on the submittion of the report was ambiguous which creates uncertainty to st

eers or E-Commerce curricula.

ink that they are more like scams. they do not understand their purpose.

Keyword analysis results

                                                                            Page 50

h bigger success at small-to-medium businesses.

sed daily budgets to carry over to the next day or not.

contact or more visual aids.

 fostering student learning and experimentation with a leading edge marketing platform.

 participating in this competition.

unt of clicks I would have liked to because of the money allowed.

                                                                        Page 51

on their problems. The reason being the learning is paced evenly and the changes to be made can be well thought-out.

seen after a month or so.

                                                                     Page 52

ment. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who has a business, or has friends or family they would like to help with their business."

e and I get paid to do so! Also, simply having the experience on my resume has been of great interest to employers and was in fact the deciding factor in
e because we saw it as a great opportunity to learn, but we never dreamt with the price.

ade, was baseed on the challenge. I feel like I've unfairly received credit for a marketing class.

                                                                          Page 53

articpant a step ahead of others in the industry.

ptimizations are one of the keys success of this experience that I would like recommand to everyone.Thanks a lot for this fulfilling adventure!

                                                                          Page 54

Page 55

frica. The same difficulties were experienced by team from other campuses of our college too.

nd benefits associated with it. This challenge gave our team real world experience (with a real budget) to make an impact on a small business' sales.'
 weeks.Maybe the use of Google Analytics should be made a prerequisite for entering the competition

e the decision to join participate. After taking the plunge, the whole experience turned out to be a real-life, rubber-meets-the-road event. A word of warning

                                                                          Page 56

g I learned will help me in my future career and I am truly grateful that Google has given me this opportunity and my university has used it as a method of

group can take a look together and can also send to the client

postgraduate business, marketing, and/or IT student engage in the Challenge to increase their knowledge and awareness of this powerful form of marketin

                                                                         Page 57

rching for an answer that wasn't written but rather had to be interpreted from the campaign results.

and you cant follow a strategy separatelyThe main reason i didnt enjoy it was because it was incredibly time consuming because i did 90% or the work, es


                                                                          Page 58

had this time (

                                                                                                                                           b              .
discover Adwords and its powerful marketing capabilities and we are convinced that it is the ultimate solution to bring up the audience of “”

                                                                        Page 59

Professional people wanted to know what we could do for them. Our opinions. Our work. That, is inspiring.

                                                                       Page 60

Page 61

Page 62


work to achieve a satisfying result!To my mind the client is also interested in the evolution of the strategy. In addition he would be interested in more than

ort was ambiguous which creates uncertainty to students on the right time to submit the report. Moreover, emails or notification should be send to the acc

                                                                          Page 63

Page 64

Page 65

like to help with their business."

o employers and was in fact the deciding factor in me getting the job I have now at an advertising agency.

                                                                         Page 66

anks a lot for this fulfilling adventure!

                                            Page 67

Page 68

o make an impact on a small business' sales.'

e, rubber-meets-the-road event. A word of warning though. If you want to hide behind your laptop all day sipping coffee and interacting with your client via

                                                                         Page 69

unity and my university has used it as a method of teaching.

ge and awareness of this powerful form of marketing.

                                                               Page 70

time consuming because i did 90% or the work, especially with regards to the report


                                                                       Page 71

                                   b              .
lution to bring up the audience of “”

                                                      Page 72

Page 73

Page 74

Page 75


y. In addition he would be interested in more than 1 page concerning campaign overview and key results.To my mind the parts concerning learning outco

er, emails or notification should be send to the account or team leader once the camping has started to notified the specific time, date and day on the last

                                                                         Page 76

Page 77

Page 78

Page 79

Page 80

Page 81

y sipping coffee and interacting with your client via email, you won't stand to benefit much, even with the financial backing from Google and their endorsem

                                                                        Page 82

Page 83


                                                            Page 84

Page 85

Page 86

Page 87

Page 88

ts.To my mind the parts concerning learning outcomes are too long, due to the fact that Google can see the things we have learned because therefore the

notified the specific time, date and day on the last day of the campaign. This would allowed teams to allocate their budget and plan their startegies propor

                                                                         Page 89

Page 90

Page 91

Page 92

Page 93

Page 94

e financial backing from Google and their endorsement for you to be treated seriously as an equal by local business owners. I had the opportunity to talk w

                                                                        Page 95

Page 96


                                                            Page 97

Page 98

Page 99

Page 100

Page 101

the things we have learned because therefore the achieved results increased!

ocate their budget and plan their startegies proportionally.

                                                                     Page 102

Page 103

Page 104

Page 105

Page 106

Page 107

cal business owners. I had the opportunity to talk with business owners face-to-face, even with the Managing Director from Headquarters. If you have som

                                                                      Page 108

Page 109


                                                           Page 110

Page 111

Page 112

Page 113

Page 114

Page 115

Page 116

Page 117

Page 118

Page 119

Page 120

aging Director from Headquarters. If you have some spark of ambition, then I invite you to join The Challenge, and apply your skills and ingenuity. It will in

                                                                         Page 121

Page 122


                                                           Page 123

Page 124

Page 125

Page 126

Page 127

Page 128

Page 129

Page 130

Page 131

Page 132

Page 133

lenge, and apply your skills and ingenuity. It will instill proper work ethics, bring you up to speed to what the real world

                                                                           Page 134

Page 135


                                                            Page 136

Page 137

Page 138

Page 139

Page 140

Page 141

Page 142

Page 143

Page 144

Page 145

Page 146

the real world

                 Page 147

Page 148


                                                           Page 149

Page 150

Page 151

Page 152

Page 153

Page 154

Page 155

Page 156

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Page 158

Page 159

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