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Unit 2 The Richest Man in America_ Down Home.ppt


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									Unit 2 Values

 Texr A
 The Richest Man in
 America, Down Home
             By Qin Yanrong
               Aug 5,2007
 1.Introduce new concepts about
  upper class in America and American
 2.Understand and master effective
  ways of description;
 3. Master of key words and
 1.pre-reading tasks
    cultural notes
 2.while-reading tasks
     text analysis
 3.post-reading
1.Pre-reading tasks
Background of the text
 Rolls-Royce: any of the large, expensive,
  comfortable cars made by the British
  company Rolls-Royce. Many people
  recognize tem by the small metal statue on
  the front of every Rolls-Royce car. The
  company was formed in 1905-1906 by
  Charles Rolls (1877-1910) and Henry Royce
  (1863-1933) and also produces aircraft
  engin3s. The Rolls-Royce company was
  bought by the German company
  Volkswagen in 1998. The name Rolls-Royce
  is also used informally to refer to the best
  product of particular type.
of the text
 Rolls-Royce:
Background of the text
 Rolls-Royce:
Background of the text
 Wal-Mart: any of a very large chain of
  shops in the US selling a wide range
  of goods at low prices. The first Wal-
  Mart Discount City was opened in
  1962 by Sam Walton.
Background of the text
   Ford Motor Company: a large US company that makes cars.
    It was established in Detroit in 1903 by Henry Ford, and the
    first Model T was sold in 1908. The company has produced
    the Lincoln since 1922 and the Mercury since 1938.
        Henry Ford (1863–1977): American automobile
    designer and manufacturer, was born on a farm near
    Dearborn, Michigan. He left school at the age of 15 and
    went to Detroit, where he became a machinist and
    developed an interest in engines. In 1896, he completes his
    first working model of an automobile. In 1903, together
    with 11 other men, Henry Ford formed the Ford Motor
    Company in Detroit. In 1913 he introduced the assembly
    line method of manufacturing and became the first to
    produce low-price autos in large quantities. By 1915, Ford’s
    company was selling almost half of all the automobiles
    produced in the United States. He is considered the man
    ―who put America on wheels.‖
Background of the text
Background of the text
 Forbes: an American business magazine. It
  is noted for its lists of the richest men and
  women in business. In its November 27,
  2000 edition it published one listing the 50
  richest businessmen and women in China,
  headed by Rong Yiren of CITIC with 1.9
  billion dollars, followed in second place by
  Liu Yongxing of the Hope Group with 1
  billion dollars. The richest businesswoman
  on the list was Yang Lan of Sun Television,
  with 63 million dollars.
Background of the text
 Forbes:
Background of the text
 dime store: a store offering a wide
  assortment of inexpensive items,
  formerly costing five or ten cents, for
  personal and household use.
Background of the text
   names: Apart from their surname or last name, most
    British and American children are given two personal names
    by their parents, a first name and a middle name. These
    names are sometimes called Christian names or given
    names. Some people have only one given name, a few have
    three or more. Friends and members of a family who are of
    similar age usually call one another by their first names. In
    some families young people now also call their aunts and
    uncles and even their parents by their first names. Outside
    the family, the expression be on first name terms suggests
    that the people concerned have a friendly, informal
    relationship. When writing their name Americans commonly
    give their first name, their middle initial and their last name,
    e.g. George M. Cohan. Both given names are used in full
    only on formal occasions, e.g. when people get married.
2.While-reading tasks
Warming-up Exercises
 The following questions written for Ss
  to bear in mind when listening in next
 a). What’s the classical symbol of
  American rich men?
 b). Are there anything wrong with
  Sam Walton? What are they?
Text Organization
and Understanding
 Thesis:
  Despite his wealth, Sam Walton
  remains down-home and devoted to
  his team.
Text Understanding
 Style of the text:
 This text is a description (描写文)in
  style. There are 22 paragraphs in this
  text, which can be divided into 3
  sections (Ss should be elicited to
  express their own opinions in
Text Understanding
 Division of the text:
 Section One (Para.1~4)
  Vivid and brief description of the humble lifestyle of
   Sam Walton, the richest man in America, down home.
 Section Two (Para.5~13)
   People’s general opinions about Sam Walton’s simple
   routine work and his friendly humble, and cheerful
 Section Three (Para.14~22)
   High praises for Sam Walton and his working style
   from the staff of Wal-Mart.
Text Understanding
 cf.
 Part OneParas1-4
  The waiter was disappointed to find that the Richest
  Man in America led so simple a life.
 Part TwoParas5-13
  Being friendly, easy-going and never flashy, Walton
  carries on like plain folks and never wants any special
 Part ThreeParas14-22
  With the Wal-Mart team in mind, Walton devotes
  himself heart and soul to making the business a great
Stylistic skill
 Analysis: To make a character portrait
  convincing, an author must refrain from telling
  readers directly what the person is like.
  Instead, he/she lets readers deduce.
 Of all the methods of indirect description, the
  one used most frequently in this text is
  quotation. The author quotes not only Sam
  Walton himself, e.g. ―The reason for our
  success…is our people and the way they’re
  treated and the way they feel about their
  company. They believe things are different
  here, but they deserve the credit‖, but also his
  townsfolk and colleagues.
Stylistic skill
 The text begins with an anecdote:
 how waiter Jamie Beaulieu had anticipated
  a lavish mansion at the Waltons, only to
  find an ordinary-looking household. This
  kind of beginning lures readers to go on.
  There are other anecdotes, like how Sam
  Walton forgot his wallet and insisted on
  fetching it to pay the local barber, and how
  he lost 4 straight games after a Wal-Mart
  employee asked him a question about
Stylistic skill
 Sam Walton is a folksy guy, of which a lot
  of examples are given.
 Examples of how generous an employer he
  is are also plentiful.
 Jamie Beaulieu’s anticipation and the reality
  he later found out form a contrast. It
  reveals Sam Walton’s down-home
  characteristics. When retired company
  president, Ferold F. Arend compared Sam
  Walton with his previous employer, ―we
  appreciate further Sam Walton’s
(p.39)Content Queations:

 1.What would the richest American's
  life be like according to Jamie
  Beaulieu's imagination?(L2-3)
   (a mansion,a "Rolls-Royce for every
  day of the week," dogs with diamond
collars,servants everywhere.)
 2.How did Sam Walton acquire his
  wealth?(L6-8)(from a little dime
  storeto Wal-Mart)
(p.39)Content Queations:
 3.What made the waiter feel
4.Give a couple of examples to show
  that Sam Walton didn't want any
  special treatment?(L22/31/33/38/40-
  42 )
5.What did everyone say about
  Waiton?(L43 )
(p.39)Content Queations:
 6.Why is it that the barner shop
  story of Walton would have made
  headlines?(L40 )
 7.What made it difficult for Walton to
  hold firm to his folky habits?(L49 )
 8.What was his main concern as
  founder of Wal-Mart? (L53-54 )
 9.What is the Wal-Mart way of life as
  laid down by Walton?(L55-58)
(p.39)Content Queations:
 10.Why did Wal-Mart set up a college
  scholarship fund and a disaster relief
  fund?(L71-72 )
 11.What did he think accounted for
  his company's success?(L78-79 )
 12.How did company lawyer Jim
  Hendren evaluate Walton as a
  boss?(L 81-85)
Understand and master effective
ways of description:
 A character sketch of the richest man in
 1.character traits:free of self-importance
  details:waits in line like everyone else to
  buy shells at the local Wal-Mart; has no
  reserved seat in church.
 2.character traits:friendly and easy-going
  details:asks his employees to call him by
  his firstname.
 3.character traits:never flashy
  details:steers clear of reporters,dreamers
  and schemers; manages to keep himself off
  the front page.
 4.character traits:hard working
  details:attends sales meetings,the
  executive pep rally.

 5.character traits:generous
  details:set up a college scholarship fund
  and a disaster relief fund.
 (L7)dime store/discount
  chain/discount king
 (L3)mansion/house
 (L14)Inversion:
 1.(L14)Only in America can a
  billionaire carry on like plain
 2.(L59)An louder they yell.
 3.(L81)Adds company lawyer Jim
 (L11)pickup truck/pickup/garage
 (L18)the local Wal-Mart/the local
 (L20)corporate memo
  commands/(L50)corporate affairs
  director/pep rally/on board(in the
  company)/came aboard(came to work
  in the company)
 (L22)folks ways/plain folks/folks
 (L27)have a big time/be late at night,
 have a good time/enjoy oneself
 (L36)the front page/(L38)a front-
  page person/(L40)make
  headlines/celebrity hunters(L46)
 (L48)on the run/bustling/busy
 (L45)hold firm to/keep to,steer clear
  of/keep away from
 (L51)elliptical:
 ...but he doesn't know whether he is
  or not(the richest man)---and he
  doesn't care (about it). He doesn't
  spend much (money).
 (L67) a can of balls/(L82)any length
  of time
 (L75)be stunned at/ be surprised at
 (L75)generous/sting/greedy
 (L25)flashy/boast/throw his weight
3.Post-reading: Discussion topics
 Can you name some rich people? Say
  something about them.
 If you should become as rich as them,
  what kind of life do you think you
  would live?
 Have you ever been to Wal-Mart to
  buy some household things? And do
  you know the relationship between
  Wal-Mart and Sam Walton?
Post-reading: Discussion topics
 Do you think ―wealth‖ is the synonym for
  success and happiness, or as some people
  believe, ―There is only one success—to be
  able to spend your own life in your own
 (Key words and phrases: Bill Gates / Li
  Jiacheng / billionaire / richest / influential /
  luxurious / discount king / lead a simple life
  / values / life goal)\
Post-reading: Discussion topics
 ―Wealth‖ is
the synonym
 for success
and happiness?
Post-reading: Writing:

 Choose five adjectives from the following word
   box to describe your own or a friend’s
 broad-minded
 clever
 clumsy
 generous
 original
 sensible
 frank
 slow
Discussing topic
 Property is/is not eternal
 1.money itself:the importance of
  money--economic basis(material
 2.ideas:values/attitude/character--
  upper constructure(spiritual property)
 conclusion:There are no conclusive
  answers,for answers are colorful.
The end

Thank you!

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