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					                   Guide to USC and Marshall Databases for Marshall Researchers

                                                         Last Updated Summer 2008

    Worksheet                                                                      Contents

                       General Research Topics including contact information, USC Library Websites, Research Guides, Remote Access, How to Find a
      Section 1
                       Book, How to Locate an Electronic Journal, How to Suggest a Database

      Section 2        Faculty Research Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

                       Marshall-USC Academic Research Data-Oriented Database : Lists databases purchased by Marshall or USC that are
      Section 3        relevant to data oriented academic research. Most contain data that are already in a form that can be analyzed or which can be
                       downloaded into spreadsheets. Most require access through the Marshall or USC Network or through the VPN Client

                       Marshall-USC Profile-Report Database : Lists databases purchased by Marshall or USC that provide profiles or reports of
      Section 4
                       companies, products, companies or countries. Most require access through the Marshall or USC Network or through the VPN Client

                       Marshall-USC Articles and Publications Database : Lists databases purchased by Marshall or USC that provide abstracts
      Section 5        or full-text of articles published in academic journals or in the press. Most require access through Marshall or USC through the VPN

                       Marshall-USC Reference Database : Lists databases purchased by Marshall or USC that provide general reference materials
      Section 6        such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, catalogs, journal citations, and statistics. Most require access through Marshall or USC through
                       the VPN Client

                       Public Domain Databases : Links to sources of data, reports, profiles, publications, and statistics obtained from publically
      Section 7
                       available sources.

      Section 8        Public Domain Specific Studies : Links to specific studies that have been of use to Marshall reseachers in the past..

                       If you know of other databases that Marshall-USC subscribes to or those that are in the public domain that should be added to this
Comments/Suggestions   list but are missing, please let us know. You can contact us at Let us know if you note any errors, bad
                       links or other problems.
                                                        General Research Topics
Topic/Link                URL                              Description
                 Please contact the Crocker Library if you have any questions about how to access or
Research Assistance
                          rary/contact-us.htm             use any of these databases:
                                                          Front Desk (213) 740-8520 or
                                                          John Juricek (213) 740-7621
                                                          Eduardo Tinoco (213) 740-9167
                                                          Kim Esser (213) 740-6255
                 The Crocker Library website is your gateway to an extensive collection of business
Crocker Library Website
                          rary/                           research tools and resources.
                                                          The USC Libraries website provides access to information resources covering the full
USC Libraries Website
                                                          range of subject areas at USC:
                                                          The Crocker Library website has an extensive collection of detailed research guides
                                                          which explain how to conduct research on a wide variety of topics. These guides are
Library Research Guides                                   constantly updated and are an excellent supplement to the information found in this
                                                          document. A link to these research guides can be found here:
                                                          Crocker Library's contracts with commercial information systems providers stipulate
                                                          that we restrict access to Marshall's electronic resources to members of the USC
Remote Access Methods                                     and/or Marshall communities (currently enrolled students, faculty and staff). Most of
                                                          these systems use your computer's TCP/IP number to validate your status, which
                                                          means you must use a USC network connection to access these resources.
                                                           All USC users with valid accounts can automatically access all USC subscription
                                                           databases using the new Remote Access-Portal (Proxy Server). Use your USC UNIX
Remote Access-Portal
                   webmail ID and password to login. Connectivity to all USC subscription databases will
(Proxy Server)
                                                           be automatically enabled. If you disconnect from the USC network at any time, you will
                                                           have to login to the Remote Access-Portal again.
                                                           A Crocker Library web portlet has been created which appears on your MyMarshall
                                                           screen after you log in. All of the electronic database links listed in the portlet have
MyMarshall            been enabled to directly connect to those databases without using a PPP or VPN
                                                           connection. This list does not represent all of Marshall's electronic resources, but it
                                                           does provide instant connectivity to some of our most popular databases.

Virtual Private Network                                    VPN (Virtual Private Network) software is another way to obtain authenticated access.
Software (VPN)                                             ITS provides limited support for VPN and it is subject to export restrictions.
How to Locate an Books or HOMER, the Library online catalog, provides holdings and location information on the
Print Resources ("HOMER")                         USC's wide collection of books, journals and government documents.

                                                            From any Library home page, use the link for "eJournals" and search for the title of the
How to Locate an Electronic journal. The journal may be available in more than one database, depending on the
Journal ("eJournals")                 date range. You can then select the database and search for the article within it. You
                                                            can also search HOMER which may provide a link for online access.
                                                               Katharin Peter is the USC Social Science Data and Statistics Librarian and can assist
Social Science Data &
                                you with locating data resources. She can be reached at (213) 740-1700 or via email at

Assistance with Statistical                                    You may contact USC's Senior Statistical Consultant for assistance: AnnMaria DeMars
Software                                                       (213) 740-2840
                                                               The ISI Web of Science database can be used to conduct citation analysis of specific
Citation Analysis
                                                               authors or journal articles
                                                               To request a database that Marshall does not subscribe to, please click here
                                                               ( and
                      complete as much of the information as you can. Ideally, we would like to know the
Database Request               matesurvey/takeSurvey.asp?s name of the database, the vendor, a website where we can get more info, a brief
                               urveyID=761                     description of what the database contains, how it is relevant to your teaching and/or
                                                               research, who else might want access to it, and any information you have on price
                                                               (complete whatever you can).
                    Faculty Research Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How can I get assistance in using USC databases?
Please contact the Crocker Library.
Front Desk (213) 740-8520 or
John Juricek (213) 740-7621
Eduardo Tinoco (213) 740-9167
Kim Esser (213) 740-6255

From a citation for a journal article, how can I find the full-text search of the article?
                                                                                      journal. The
I have any Library home page, use the link for "eJournals" and versionfor the title of the
journal may be available in more than one database, depending on the date range. You can then select
the database and search for thewhich may provide a link for online access and which will also tell you if
You can also search HOMER article within it:
we have print versions available and in which libraries they can be found:

What software can I have installed on my office computer?
Please contact the Marshall HelpDesk for information on software installations.

How can I see how many times my favorite article has been cited by others?
Please see the tutorial which describes the use of ISI Web of Science (in development).

How can I get assistance with locating sources of statistical data?
Katharin Peter is the USC Social Science Data and Statistics Librarian and can assist you with locating
data resources. She can be reached at (213) 740-1700 or via email at

You can get assistance with statistical software such as SPSS, SAS, etc.?
How mayI contact USC's Senior Statistical Consultant for assistance: AnnMaria     DeMars (213) 740-2840
or via email at
Also, the Crocker Library has several guidebooks and software manuals for common software packages
such as SPSS, SAS, MiniTab and STATA as well as books on quantitative research methods and
statistical analysis. These can found through searching HOMER or browsing our reference shelves in

For quantitative data on mergers and acquisitions want to
Where can I find M&A research, you will probably(M&A)?   use the SDC Platinum database. Please
contact Librarian Eduardo Tinoco (213-740-9167) for assistance with SDC. We also have a research
guide for M&A

Some can find information can be found in the Hoover's database. For quantitative
WherebasicI IPO data on initial public offerings (IPO's) and venture capital?       IPO research, you
will probably want to use the SDC Platinum database. Venture capital data can also be fond in SDC.
Please contact Librarian Eduardo Tinoco (213-740-9167) for assistance with SDC.

How can I recommend changes or additions to this Faculty Research Guide?
Please send an email to
Marshall-USC Academic Research Data-Oriented Databases

                                        Marshall-USC Academic Research Data-Oriented Databases
    Name/Link                   URL                                 Description

                                                                     provides thousands of full-text market research reports, many with global coverage, from
    Academic Market Research    ttp://
                                                                     industry-leading publishers.

                                                                    provides advertising spending data on over 1.5 million brands in a searchable database.
    Ad$Spender                  Marketing Department resource
                                                                    Coverage dating back to 1986 allows viewing trends in spending.

                       provides audit information on over 1,500 accounting firms and 20,000 publicly registered
    Audit Analytics - Part of
                                ttp:// companies. Indicates who is auditing whom and how much they are paying for what
                                ect                                  services. Create reports by auditor, fees, location, and industry

                                                                     contains five databases for regulated depository financial institutions. These databases
    Bank Regulatory- Part of                                         provide accounting data for bank holding companies, commercial banks, savings
    WRDS                                                             banks, and savings and loans institutions . The source of the data comes from the
                                                                     required regulatory forms filled for supervising purposes.

                                                                    Provides real-time and archived financial and market data, pricing, trading, news and
                                Can only be accessed from one
    Bloomberg                                                       communications tools in a single, integrated package to corporations, news organizations,
                                workstation the JKP lab.
                                                                    financial and legal professionals and individuals around the world.

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Marshall-USC Academic Research Data-Oriented Databases

    Name/Link                      URL                                  Description

                          Includes all registered mutual funds filing with the SEC plus 3,000 global funds. Includes
    CDA Spectrum- Part of
                                   ttp:// NYSE/AMEX/NASDAQ, Toronto and Montreal common stocks. (Often referred to as
    WRDS (Thomson Financial)
                                   ect                                  Spectrum 1, 2 or Investment Companies or Domestic Mutual Funds.)

                                                                      The most comprehensive collection of security price, return, and volume data for the
    Center for Research in
                                                                      NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ stock markets . Additional CRSP files provide stock
    Security Prices (CRSP)- Part ttp://
                                                                      indices, beta- and cap-based portfolios, treasury bond and risk-free rates, and
    of WRDS                      ect
                                                                      mutual fund databases.

                                                                        Contains data on all banks filing the Report Of Condition and Income (named “Call
                                                                        Report”) that are regulated by the Federal Reserve System, Federal Deposit Insurance
                                                                        Corporation (FDIC), and the Comptroller of the Currency. These reports include balance
                          sheet, income statements, risk-based capital measures and off-balance sheet data .
    Commercial Bank- Part of
                                   ttp:// The Commercial Bank Database has data available quarterly from 1976. The time range
                                   ect                                  is broader than the RIS database (described below). It includes basically commercial
                                                                        banks and savings banks. It does not have data from savings institutions (e.g. S&L
                                                                        associations) that file the Thrift Financial Report (TFR) with the Office of Thrift Supervision

                                                                        Compact D and Worldscope are powerful financial databases that allow you to search
    CompactD/Worldscope                                                 for companies using various criteria and then download your results into Excel for
    Available only on the MSB      \\msbcdrom\WORLDSCOPE                further analysis. These databases are available only on the Marshall School of Business
    Network                                                             network. This is a quick guide to using these databases. If you need more help, please
                                                                        visit the libraries.

                                                                             Page 7 of 36
Marshall-USC Academic Research Data-Oriented Databases

    Name/Link                   URL                                 Description
                                                                     Financial and market data covering publicly traded companies in more than 80
                       countries , representing over 90% of the world's market capitalization, including coverage
    Compustat Global- Part of
                                ttp:// of over 96% of European market capitalization and 88% of Asian market capitalization.
                                ect                                  Hundreds of data items, ratios and concepts and up to 12 years of annual history is
                                                                     included.Compustat Global consists of four distinct files: Industrial/Commercial; Financial

                                                                     A database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market information on more than
                                                                     24,000 active and inactive publicly held companies. It provides more than 300 annual and
    Compustat North America-                                         100 quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and
    Part of WRDS                                                     supplemental data items. Compustat North America files also contain information on
                                                                     aggregates, industry segments, banks, market prices, dividends, and earnings . For
                                                                     more detailed information on the Compustat files, consult the Compustat User's Guide.

                                                                   Includes worldwide equity coverage direct from the stock markets, comprehensive
                                Only on MSB Network via Citrix;
                                                                   market indices, economics data direct from national government sources as well as the
    Data Stream                 Contact Marshall Helpdesk at
                                                                   OECD and IMF, fixed income securities and associated indices, commodities and
                                                                   derivatives data. Forecast earnings data from I/B/E/S and added value data sets from
                       respected sources such as MSCI and FTSE All World. New and enhanced data is
                                                                   Global Marketing Information Database (also known as GMID) collects data on
    Euromonitor aka GMID                                           demographics, consumer spending, education, government expenditures and

                                                                     Eventus performs event studies using data read directly from CRSP stock databases or
                                                                     pre-extracted from any source. The Eventus system includes utility programs to convert
                                                                     calendar dates to CRSP trading day numbers, convert CUSIP identifiers to CRSP
                       permanent identification numbers, and extract event study cumulative or compounded
    EVENTUS- Part of WRDS       ttp:// abnormal returns for cross-sectional analysis. Eventus provides user control over
                                ect                                  estimation periods and cumulative return windows, a choice of raw, comparison period
                                                                     mean adjusted, market adjusted or market model abnormal returns. Simple
                                                                     statements allow the researcher to run a complete event study, from reading the CRSP
                                                                     stock database to print results, with a program as short of as four lines.

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Marshall-USC Academic Research Data-Oriented Databases

    Name/Link                     URL                                  Description

                                                                       EXECUCOMP is found using the Compustat portion. It is one of the links available on the
    Execucomp- Part of WRDS       ttp://
                                                                       Compstat page.

                                  This resource is only available to   Only one access point, which is located in the BRI Hall Trading Room - for use only by
                                  SIF                                  Student Investment Fund

                                                                       A history of First Call's Real Time Earnings Estimates. Provides historic earnings and
                         forecast data.                                                                        *
    First Call- Part of WRDS      ttp:// Broker Estimate Detail (EPS, Cash Flow Per Share, Funds From Operations, etc.)
                                  ect                                     * Consensus Estimates (mean, standard deviation, high, low, number of estimates)
                                                                          * Estimate Revision Activity (1, 7, 30 and 90 days as well as Monthly and
                         provides market research on the impact of technology on consumer attitudes, motivation,
                                        and spending behavior. Covers 250,000 consumers in 15 countries every year

                                                                       historical stock market, financial, and economic data unavailable from any other online
                                                                       source. The GFD Database includes over 20,000 current and historical data series
    Global Financial Data                                              covering over 200 countries that have been collected from original sources.The GFD
                                                                       Database has been created using original data sources. The data have been verified prior
                                                                       to being included in the Database.

                                                                    Global Marketing Information Database (also known as GMID) collects data on
    Global Marketing Information ontrol=TermsConditionsRepost&p
                                                                    demographics, consumer spending, education, government expenditures and
    Database - GMID              arentid=0&space=TermsCondition

                         Provides summary and individual analyst forecasts of company earnings, cash flows,
    IBES International- Part of
                                  ttp:// and other important financial items, as well as buy-sell-hold recommendations . In
                                  ect                                  2000, I/B/E/S was integrated with Thomson Financial / First Call.

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Marshall-USC Academic Research Data-Oriented Databases

    Name/Link                     URL                                Description
    IRRC (Investor Responsibility
                                                                       research on corporate governance, proxy voting and corporate responsibility
    Research Center)- Part of     ttp://
    WRDS                          ect

                         full-text news articles, financial statements, industry analyses, equity quotes,
    ISI Emerging Markets
                                  ttp://           macroeconomic statistics, and market-specific information.

                                                                     Is the most comprehensive database of private and public biomedical companies.
                                                                     Business development and financial professionals use MedTRACK to glean pipeline,
                                                                     financial, competitive product, deals, mechanism of action, partnering and patent
                                                                     information on biomedical companies and products worldwide. The information can
                                                                     be filtered by disease, competitive products, clinical trials, partnering status, financials
                                                                     and more

                         Provides intraday transactions data (trades and quotes) for all securities listed on the
    NYSE TAQ- Part of WRDS        ttp:// New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX), as well as
                                  ect                                  Nasdaq National Market System (NMS) and SmallCap issues.

                                                                       Tracks capital markets data for eight Pacific-Basin countries on a continuous and
                         systematic basis. The PACAP Databases contain extensive information on all listed
    Penn World Tables             ttp:// companies from each country's major stock exchange including: daily security prices
                                  ect                                  and returns, capital distributions, financial statements, market indices and returns,
                                                                       and economic statistics.

                                                                       Contains statistics from a wide variety of sources compiled by the RAND Corporation. The
    Rand California Statistics                                         focus is on California but this resource also contains regional and national statistics
                                                                       for the U.S.

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Marshall-USC Academic Research Data-Oriented Databases

    Name/Link                     URL                                  Description
                                                                       Roper Center iPOLL The Roper Center maintains an archive of public opinion survey
    Roper Center iPOLL            ttp://
                                                                       data. Allows users to search survey questions or download data directly. Users will need
    (INCLUDE ON USC LIST)         .php?id=10509&rurl=http%3A%2F
                                                                       to enter their USC email address to access data.
                                  M&A data/New Issues/ JVs -
                                  available via Citrix on the MSB      SDC Platinum (specialized software available on two research workstations in Crocker
    Securities Data Corporation
                                  Network only. Contact Marshall       Library only) Alliances and joint ventures are recorded as far back as 1979 for U.S.
                                  Helpdesk at                          companies and 1985 for international mergers .
                                                                       SSRN is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is
                                                                       composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences.
    Social Science Research
                                          Each of SSRN's networks encourages the early distribution of research results by
    Network (SSRN)
                                                                       publishing submitted abstracts and by soliciting abstracts of top quality research papers
                                                                       around the world. Manyh Marshall reseachers are active here.
                                                                       SRDS is produced by Standard Rate and Data Service, which compiles contact
                                                                       information and ad rates for a variety of media sources . The print versions are useful
                                                                       when you have specific publications in mind, but our online access allows you to search
                                                                       across publications using keywords. Online access is limited to business and consumer
    Standard Rate and Data magazines. Search results in SRDS give you a brief description of the publication,
    Service                       LoginServlet                         circulation figures, rates for advertising in the publication and contact information. Results
                                                                       will also list any regularly scheduled special issues. SRDS is an online version of several
                                                                       print publications that we receive in Crocker Business Library. The online version covers
                                                                       advertising rates and data for consumer and business magazines. We also have
                                                                       newspapers and television in print.
                                                                       A service of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is a single point of access to
    STAT -USA database                                                 authoritative business, trade, and economic information from across the Federal

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Marshall-USC Profile and Report Databases

                     Marshall-USC Profile and Report Databases (on Companies, Products, Markets, Countries and Industries)
       Name/Link             URL                                              Description
       Business and
                    company profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports,
       Company Resource
                                 company histories, chronologies and periodicals
       CompactD/                                                              Compact D and Worldscope are powerful financial databases that allow you to
       Worldscope                                                             search for companies using various criteria and then download your results
       (this resource is      \\msbcdrom\WORLDSCOPE                           into Excel for further analysis. These databases are available only on the
       available only via the                                                 Marshall School of Business network. This is a quick guide to using these
       Marshall Network)                                                      databases. If you need more help, please visit the libraries.
                                                                          A leading source of independent research on management and the workplace.
                                                                          Targeted reports cover corporate governance, executive compensation,
                    and economic conditions while newslinks highlight economic indicators and
       Conference Board
                             forecasts. Conference Board Research is complimented by Boardview which
                                                                          presents economic statistics and other indicators including Conference Board s
                                                                          Consumer Confidence Survey/Index.
                                                                          D&B Million Dollar Database provides information on over 1.2 million U.S. public
       D&B Million Dollar                                                 and private businesses. Company information includes SIC codes, employee
       Database                                                           numbers and annual sales figures, headquarters/division/subsidiary
                                                                          designation, names of executives and brief biographies.

       EIU Country  Examines and explains the issues shaping countries: the political scene,
       Resources                                          economic policy, the domestic economy and foreign trade and payments.
                                                                              collects reports from the information technology (IT) consulting firm Gartner
                                                                              Group. Gartner focuses on IT and its impact on businesses.
                                                                              General BusinessFile ASAP Web provides a combination of indexing, abstracts
       General Business                                                       and full text for business and trade publications. Includes directory listings for
       Files                                                                  companies as well as investment analysts' reports on major companies and
                                                                              Hoover's is an online directory of companies and includes company
                                                                              background information, company histories and chronologies, capsules of
       Hoovers                                                                financial data and lists of officers . It identifies major competitors and
                                                                              provides sales, marketing, business development, and recruiting professionals
                                                                              with the global business.
                      Analyst reports compiled by brokersage firms and investment banks. Contain
       Investext Plus      expert opinion and investment advice on more than 11,000 companies and 53
                             rc6_RBW?sw_aep=usocal_main                       industries

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Marshall-USC Profile and Report Databases

       Name/Link             URL                                         Description
                                                                         Mediamark Reporter is a collection of market research data reports published by
                                                                         Mediamark Research. These contain detailed information on users of a wide
       MediaMark Reporter                                                variety of consumer products . Data are collected by sampling the population
                                                                         via questionnaire and then projecting these samples to match the characteristics
                                                                         of the general population of the U.S.
                                                                          Is a comprehensive, fully integrated research database offering real time
                                                                          information for more than 75,000 publicly traded companies worldwide. Content
                                                                          includes company profiles, comprehensive financial information with
       Mergent Onlline                                                    segment and restated data, long term debt, joint ventures, CUSIP numbers,
                                                                          corporate histories, and PDF versions of annual reports . Basic profiles for
                                                                          over 100 countries are available containing macroeconomic data, core
                                                                          infrastructure details, stock exchange information and trading statistics .
                                                                           Provides company information, getting industry overviews and finding articles
       OneSource             nicrecsources/onesource-business-
                                                                           on business topics
       Reference USA Directory of over 11 million US public and private businesses.
                                                                           A comprehensive source of business, investment and financial information,
                    offering electronic access to top-tier S&P publications such as Industry
       Standard and Poor's
                    Surveys, Stock Reports, Corporation Records, Outlook, and Mutual Fund
       Net Advantage
                             p/NetAdvantage/                       reports. Print copies of the Industry Surveys and Trends & Projections are
                                                                           available in the Crocker Business Library.
                    Provides online access to Value Line's leading publications covering stocks,
       Value Line   mutual funds, options and convertible securities as well as special situation
                             turnurl=/secure/vlrc/research.html            stocks.
                                                                           Is a database of statistics and tables drawn from a wide range of trade
       TableBase                                                           publications and business news sources. In many cases the full text of the
                                                                           source article is included with the statistics.

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Marshall-USC Academic Journal Articles and Publications Databases

                                                   Marshall-USC Articles and Publications Databases
    Name/Link         URL                                             Description

    ABI    Provides extensive coverage of North America and the world. Find research on advertising,
    Inform/Proquest                 marketing, economics, human resources, finance, taxation, computers , and more.

             the table of contents pages and holdings information from more than 13,000
                                                               journals in science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and
                      =large:sessionid=fsapp7-43916-fiq7cir2-  popular culture . Although most of the journals are published in English, journals in other
                      4qyowl:entitypagenum=1:0                 languages are also included. Updated daily.
                      Can only be accessed from one            Provides real-time and archived f inancial and market data, pricing, trading, news and
    Bloomberg         workstation in the JKP lab and one       communications tools in a single, integrated package to corporations, news organizations,
                      workstation in Bridge Hall (2nd floor).  financial and legal professionals and individuals around the world.
                                                               Is a multidisciplinary current awareness Web resource providing access to complete
                                                               bibliographic information from over 8,000 of the world's leading scholarly journals and
    Current           o?highlighted_tab=databases&product=U
                                                               more than 2,000 books. Users can also search a premium collection of evaluated scholarly
    Contents          A&SID=4CCPihgBKpPBnM6FAi@&cache
                                                               Web sites and access evaluated, full-text Web documents in three general resource types:
                                                               preprints, funding information and research activities.
                                                                      The Current Index to Statistics is a bibliographic index to publications in statistics and
                                                                      related fields. The CIS Extended Database (CIS-ED) includes coverage, in most cases from
    Current Index to                                                  1974 (or first issue if later) to the present (currently, volumes published in 1997) from 106 "core
    Statistics                                                        journals" (and pre-1974 coverage for a number of them), selected articles since 1974 from
                                                                      about 900 additional journals, and about 8000 books in statistics published since 1974. Each
                                                                      year, the Extended Database is updated with an additional year of coverage
    Dissertation      pagename=alldbs:entityqsquery=:sessioni         Covers doctoral dissertations completed in the U.S. at accredited institutions for the last 150
    Abstracts         d=fsapp4-59940-fiq7q2zj-                        years. Includes some master's theses and foreign language dissertations.
                        Covers books, journals and working papers written in all areas of economics . Coverage
    Econlit           me=alldbs:entityqsquery=:sessionid=fsap         begins in 1969 and includes full indexing of book reviews published in the Journal of Economic
                      p4-59940-fiq7q2zj-                              Literature .
             Contains electronic journals (ejournals) in business and accounting available at USC.
    Journals in
                      com/?V=1.0&L=ZB5LH7ED7A&S=SC&C= These are the full text versions of these journals; they include the same content as the print
    Business and
                      BU                                         versions.

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Marshall-USC Academic Journal Articles and Publications Databases

    Name/Link         URL                                             Description
                                                               Includes abstracts or references for articles from more than 1,500 scholarly, trade and
                                                               general-interest publications, as well as references for The New York Times . Many articles
    Expanded                                                   are available in full-text and in some cases also contain the graphics and images that
    Academic ASAP                                              appeared in the article. The database integrates core titles in every major academic
                                                               concentration; area- and issue-specific journals; academic journals with application in the
                                                               professions; and publications with national news coverage and commentary.
                                                               Provides full-text of the Wall Street Journal and many other newspapers and
                                                               professional journals .
                  efs?entityjsdetect=:javascript=true:screen Aggregates on over 53 databases related to academic articles (e.g., ABI-Inform; Article First;
    First Search
                  size=large:sessionid=fsapp5-51460-           EconLit) Dissertations; facts, World Almanac and more
             Provides a combination of indexing, abstracts and full text for business and trade
             publications . Includes directory listings for companies as well as investment analysts'
    Business Files
                      rl=rc6_GBFM?sw_aep=usocal_main                reports on major companies and industries.
                         International news articles covering politics, economics, culture, business, science,
                      search/we/Homepage?p_action=doc&p_t         technology, and the environment from Africa, Asia, Europe, the former Soviet Union, the
    Global News
                      heme=current&p_nbid=E5CA52KKMTIxNj          Pacific Rim, Central and South America, and the Middle East. All articles are in English and are
                      MxNTUxMC43NjI0NTM6MToxNDo2OC4x              from over 1000 translated broadcasts, news agency transmissions, wire services, newspapers,
                      ODEuMTc2LjIyMw                              magazines and government documents.
    ISI Emerging
                                                                  Provides full-text news articles , financial statements, industry analyses, equity quotes,
    Markets                            macroeconomic statistics, and market-specific information.
                                                                  Contains a growing full text collection of core social science, humanities, and science
             journals . Some backfiles date back to the early 1800s. Fields covered include: anthropology,
                               ecology, economics, education, finance, mathematics, philosophy, political science, sociology,
                                                                  literature, biology.
             Is a database of full text online news, business, financial, legal, medical, biographical,
             government and domestic and international newspaper resources.
                                                                   Includes working papers written by economists and other scholars and are produced by the
    NBER Working
                                                                   National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). They can represent work in progress or final
             Items abstracted include news articles, reviews, editorials, editorial cartoons, and
    Newspaper         entityjsdetect=:javascript=true:screensize commentaries. Covers national and regional U.S. newspapers including the Atlanta
    Abstracts         =large:sessionid=fsapp11-38685-firnabgo- Constitution, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and
                      w4x4ko:entitypagenum=1:0                     Washington Post . Updated weekly.

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Marshall-USC Academic Journal Articles and Publications Databases

    Name/Link          URL                                        Description
                                                                 Provides company information, getting industry overviews and finding articles on business
    OneSource       onicrecsources/onesource-business-
                                                                 Provides abstracts from over 2000 journals . Includes general and academic journals,
                        covering business, current affairs, economics, literature, religion, psychology, women's studies,
                                                                 and others. Updated weekly.
                                                                 Contains Journal articles, chapters, books, dissertations and reports on psychology and
    Pysch Info
                                                                 related fields.
           Includes abstracts of all publicly available RAND publications . The abstracts database may
    Rand Abstracts
                                             be searched by author, title, keyword, or document number
                                                                 SAGE Public Administration Abstracts provides cross-indexed abstracts covering recent
                                                                 literature (and related citations) on all aspects of public administration. Entries are drawn
    Sage Reference
                                                                 from books, articles, pamphlets, government publications, significant speeches,
                                                                 legislative research studies, and other material .
                    entityjsdetect=:javascript=true:screensize General reference database containing thousands of full-text articles exploring social,
    SIRS Researcher
                    =large:sessionid=fsapp4-34416-firno4ov- scientific, historic, economic, political, and global issues.
    Social Science                                               Includes abstracts and full text of working papers and abstracts of published papers in
    Research                          economics, business, and law. To upload your papers to the Network see our SSRN
    Network                                                      User's Guide under MyMarshall (Academic; Research Resources)
    Sociological                                                 Includes the latest research sponsored in sociology and related disciplines in the social
    Abstracts                                                    and behavioral sciences.

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Marshall-USC Reference Databases

                                                         Marshall-USC Reference Databases
      Name/Link           URL                                         Description
                                                                      Includes the encyclopedia, atlas, world data and statistics, quotations. Britannica
                                                                      Online consists of a fully searchable and browsable collection of authoritative
                                                                      references, including Britannica's latest article database, hundreds of articles not
                                                                      found in the print Britannica, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (Tenth Edition),
      Brittannica Online
                                                                      the Britannica Book of the Year, and thousands of links to other World Wide Web
                                                                      sites selected by Britannica editors. The online version of Britannica Online is
                                                                      continuously updated and enhanced on a daily basis with new articles, revisions, and
                                                                      related Internet sites.
                                                                      Features over 14,000 full text college catalogs representing 2-year, 4-year, graduate
      College Source       and professional schools.Useful competitive information on colleges and
                                                                      universities .
                                                                      Is a bibliographic index to publications in statistics and related fields. The CIS
                                                                      Extended Database (CIS-ED) includes coverage, in most cases from 1974 (or first
                                                                      issue if later) to the present (currently, volumes published in 1997) from 106 "core
      Current Index to
                                   journals" (and pre-1974 coverage for a number of them), selected articles since 1974
                                                                      from about 900 additional journals, and about 8000 books in statistics published since
                                                                      1974. Each year, the Extended Database is updated with an additional year of
                                                                      coverage. For help with statistical analysis.

      EIU Country Examines and explains the issues shaping countries : the political scene, economic
      Resources           e=corporate_landing_USC&rf=0              policy, the domestic economy and foreign trade and payments.

                                                                 Is one of ISI/Thomson's Web of Knowledge databases that provides more aggregate
                                                                 citation analysis than do the citation indices. "Types of data featured in ESI include
      Essential Science
                                                                 most cited author rankings, institutional (university, corporate, government research
      Indicators        =GeneralSearch&SID=2Ed7678A78hGEkPf
                                                                 lab) rankings, national rankings, and journal rankings....The data in ESI are limited to
                                                                 ISI-indexed journal articles only.
      Online)http://was.                                              Brings together content from 7 core reference databases to answer questions about
                                                               events, issues, statistics and people of the last 20 years .

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Marshall-USC Reference Databases

      Name/Link           URL                                         Description
      First Search        s?entityjsdetect=:javascript=true:screensize Aggregates on ver 53 databases related to academic articles (e.g., ABI-Inform;
                          =large:sessionid=fsapp12-45731-fisxwe1f- Article First; EconLit) Dissertations; facts, World Almanac and more
      Gale Virtual
                        GVRL&userGroupName=usocal_main&aut Contains encyclopedias and reference books in a variety of subjects.
      Reference Library

                                                                      Hoover's is an online directory of companies and includes company background
                                                                      information, company histories and chronologies, capsules of financial data and
                                                                      lists of officers . It identifies major competitors and provides sales, marketing,
                                                                      business development, and recruiting professionals with the global business.
      Oxford English                                             Is the definitive English language dictionary and record of English language
      Dictionary Online                                          development.
                                                                 Is a comprehensive collection of Oxford's 100 language and subject dictionaries
      Oxford Reference
                                                                 Oxford Reference Online: The Core Collection brings together 100 language and
      Online           BAL.html?authstatuscode=200
                                                                 subject dictionaries and reference works -
                                                                 Contains statistics on California compiled by the RAND Corporation. The focus is
      Rand California
                              on California but this resource also contains regional and national statistics for the
                                                                 Is a directory database that covers more than 12 million businesses in the U.S. It
      Reference USA                                              includes sales and contact information and can be searched many different ways to
                                                                 create prospect lists of companies .

                                                                    Is a Web-based bibliography and database manager that allows users to create
                                                                    their own personal bibliography database by importing references from text files or
      Refworks                                                      online databases. They can use these references in writing their papers and
                                                                    automatically format the paper and the bibliography in seconds. First time users
                                                                    should sign up for an individual account and select a username and password.

      Social Science
                                                                  Is a heavily utilized citation database for the social sciences
      Citation Index      mode=GeneralSearch&SID=2Ed7678A78h

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Marshall-USC Reference Databases

      Name/Link         URL                                      Description

                                                                 Is a comprehensive online resource for finding companies and products
      Thomas Register
                                                                 manufactured in North America

               Web of Science is part of ISI's Web of Knowledge which also includes Arts &
      Web of Science
                        mode=GeneralSearch&SID=2Ed7678A78h Humanties and Social Sciences citation databases.

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Public Domain Databases

                                                                      Public Domain Databases
          Name/Link                      URL                              Description
                                An interactive US Census database engine which generates
          American FactFinder
                                         me/saff/main.html?_lang=en      statistical/demographic tables based on zip codes.
                                                                       The American Housing Survey is conducted by the Bureau of
                                the Census for the Department of Housing and Urban
          American Housing Survey
                                         ww/housing/ahs/ahs.html       Development (HUD). The American Housing Survey (AHS)
                                                                       collects data on the Nation's housing.
          American Religion Data                                       The Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) strives to
          Archive                                                      democratize access to the best data on religion.
                                                                       BIS) is an international organisation which fosters international
          Bank for International                                       monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for
          Settlements (BIS)                                            central banks. Provides research and statistics on international
                                                                       banking and finance.
                                                                       collects financial data from bank holding companies
                                                                       included in the FRY-9 reports. The bank holding companies
                                may include parent, bank and nonblank entities. These reports
          Bank Holding Companies         nomic_research_and_data/bhc contain balance sheet, income information, risk-based capital
                                         _data.cfm                     measures and additional supporting schedules. The FR Y-9
                                                                       filing initiated in 1978 but this Database has data available
                                                                       quarterly from 1986.
                                                                          Biz/Ed is a free online service for students, teachers and
          Biz/Ed                         lecturers of business, economics, accounting, leisure and
                                                                          recreation and travel and tourism.

          Board of Governors of the
                                The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has
          Federal Reserve System:
                                         econresdata/default.htm        public data from the Federal Reserve Board
          Economic Research & Data

                                                                          BJS, located within the US Department of Justice, is the
          Bureau of Justice Statistics
                                   primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data relating
                                                                          to the criminal justice system.

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                     URL                            Description
                                                                       The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding
          Bureau of Labor Statistics    agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor
                                                                       economics and statistics.

                                                                       BTS, located within the US Department of Transportation, is
          Bureau of Transportation
                                          the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data
          Statistics (BTS)
                                                                       related to transportation issues.

          California Department of
          Finance Financial and A compilation of data on social, economic, and physical
          Economic Data: California     ata/stat-abs/sa_home.htm        aspects of California.
          Statistical Abstract
                                                                        California Economic Indicators is a bimonthly summary of
                                                                        economic trends and data relating to the State of California.
          California Economic 
                                                                        Developments in California over the most recent months are
          Indicators                    ata/indicatr/ei_home.htm
                                                                        reviewed in a brief text, and then summarized in current data
                                                                        tables which show changes over the previous year.

          California Employment
                                        http://www.labormarketinfo.edd The California Labor Market Information offers California
          Development Department:
                                                     labor market data and includes a Data Library
          Labor Market Information
          Canadian Socio-Economic
                                                                       CANSIM (Canadian Socio-economic Information
          Information and               http://tdr.tug-
                                                                       Management System), is Statistics Canada's computerized
          Management System   
                                                                       data base and information retrieval service.
                                                                 Home page for US Census Bureau. Provides data on
                                                                 housing, population, income, poverty, health
          Census Bureau (home page)
                                                                 insurnace,economic indicators, survey of business
                                                                 owners, foreign trade, employment and more
                                                                 Basic data obtained for all establishments include kind of
          Census Bureau: Census of
                                                                 business, geographic location, type of ownership, total
          Manufactures              erview/ma0100.html
                                                                 revenue, annual and first quarter payroll, and employees
                                                                 The Census Bureau- Housing Topics offers data on the
          Census Bureau: Housing
                                                                 physical, social, and financial characteristics of the Nation's
          Topics                    ww/
                                                                 housing, on its use and occupancy.

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                      URL                             Description
                                                                         The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services offers
          Center for Medicare &
                                        researchers quantitative information including a section on
          Medicaid Services (HHS)
                                                                         Research, Statistics, Date and Systems.
          Center for the Continuing
          Study of the California Contains commentary and analysis on economic issues and
          Economy & Institute of     tm                            long-term trends affecting California
          Regional and Urban Studies
          Center for the Study of
                                A collection of links and datasources dealing with Western
          Western Hemispheric Trade
                                         ral/general.asp                 hemispheric trade
          (Texas A&M Univ.)
          Council of European Social                                      CESSDA is an umbrella organisation for social science data
          Science Data Archives Portal                                    archives across Europe. The CESSDA Portal is a gateway to
          (CESSDA)                                                        many kinds of research data and metadata.
                                                                          The Data on the Net (at UCSD) contains a searchable and
                                browsable database of over 750 "Internet sites of numeric
          Data on the Net (UCSD)
                                         html                             Social Science statistical data, data catalogs, data libraries,
                                                                          social science gateways, addresses and more
          DataFerrett (Federal                                           DataFerrett helps you locate and retrieve the data you need
          Electronic Research Review      across the Internet to your desktop or system, regardless of
          and Extraction Tool)                                           where the data resides.
                                                                         An interactive website that contains housing and demographic
          DataPlace                   data sets for U.S. cities based on the US Census. Users can
                                                                         generate maps, tables and charts.
                                                                         The Davidson Data Center and Network is a fully searchable
          Davidson Data Center and                                       database on transition and emerging markets. DDCN
          Network                                                        archives and provides free access to socio-economic micro
                                                                         and macro data on transition economies.
                                                                           Home page for this Cabinet-level department which includes
          Department of Commerce          patent and trademark data, economic development, trade,
                                                                           telecommunications and information
          Digital Resources at                                             Use the search box to find geospatial, statistical, text, and
          Scholar's Lab (Univ of                                           image resources indexed by the Scholars' Lab or browse the
          Virginia)                                                        quick links

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                      URL                              Description
                                                                         Includes companies that maintain their historical records
          Directory of Corporate                                         themselves, as well as companies that contract with historical
          Archives in US and Canada                                      consulting firms to maintain their archives collections for them.
                                                                         Also includes the archives of professional associations

                                                                          The Economagic: Economic Time Series Page is a
          Economagic: Economic                                            comprehensive site of free, easily available economic time
          Time Series Page                                                series data useful for economic research, in particular
                                                                          economic forecasting.
                                                                       The Economic Policy Institutes data repository with aggregate
          Economic Policy Institute:
                                                                       time series data documenting historical labor market trends
          Data Zone                    fm/datazone_index
                                                                       and state and regional earnings.
                                                                       Overviews the nation's economic progress using text and
          Economic Report of the
                                                                       extensive data appendices. Provides download capability for
          President and the Budget of
                                                                       entire document sections or spreadsheet versions of the US
          the US Government
                                                                       Budget and statistical tables.
                                                                       Provides links to information produced by a number of Federal
          Economic Statistics Briefing agencies. All of the information included in the Economic
          Room (White House)           /esbr.html                      Statistics Briefing Room is maintained and updated by the
                                                                       statistical units of those agencies.
                                                                       The Columbia University Electronic Data Service (EDS)
          Electronic Data Service
                                                                       supports instruction and research that involve numeric and
          (Columbia University)        ds/
                                                                       geo-spatial data resources.
                                                                       Wide range of data from the Statistical Office of the the
                                                                       European Community.Includes economy and finance,
          Eurostat                                                     population and social conditions, industry, trade,
                                       d=portal&_schema=PORTAL services, agriculture, trade, transportation, environment,
                                                                       energy, science and technology
                                                                       The FDIC established the Center for Financial Research
          Federal Deposit Insurance
                              (CFR) to encourage and support innovative research on topics
          Corporation-Center for
                                       ical/cfr/index.html             that are important to the FDIC's role as deposit insurer and
          Financial Research
                                                                       bank supervisor.

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                    URL                                 Description
                                                                           This report is published eight times per year. Each Federal
                                                                           Reserve Bank gathers information on current economic
          Federal Reserve "Beige
                                                                           conditions in its District through reports from Bank and
          Book"                        FOMC/BeigeBook/2008
                                                                           Branch directors and interviews with key business contacts,
                                                                           economists, market experts, and other sources.
                                                                           The Economic Research Department supports the Bank's
          Federal Reserve Bank of San                                      policy and public outreach functions by conducting research
          Francisco-Economic                                               on monetary policy, macroeconomics, banking, financial
          Research and Data                                                markets, applied microeconomics, and the regional
          Federal Reserve Board                                            The Federal Reserve Board Historical Data:H.15 release
          Historical Data: H 15                                            contains daily interest rates for selected U.S. Treasury and
          Selected Interest Rates                                          private money market and capital market instruments
                                                                           The Survey of Small Business Finances (SSBF) collects
          Federal Reserve Board:                                           information on small businesses (fewer than 500 employees)
          Survey of Small Business                                         in the United States: owner characteristics, firm size, use of
          Finances                                                         financial services, and the income and balance sheets of
                                                                           the firm as well as other data.
          Federal Reserve Economic                                         The Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED), Federal
          Data (FRED), Federal                                             Reserve Bank of St. Louis is a database of over 3000 U.S.
          Reserve Bank of St. Louis                                        economic time series.

                                                                           Publications, news releases, reports, speeches, and data
          Federal Trade Commission                         relating to fair business, competitive practices and
                                                                           consumer protection.

                                                                        Portal offering links to statistics from over 100 US Federal
                                                                        Finance Data from Ohio University offers extensive annotated
          Finance Data (Ohio State links to financial data links, including the stock market,
          University)                  a.htm                            bonds, bankruptcy from United States and selected foreign

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                    URL                                 Description
                                                                           A service of Market Research International and Applied
                                                                           Reasoning, Inc., the FFC is a site that specializes in the
          Financial Forecast Center
                                            generation and publication of forecasts related to money:
                                                                           savings, investments, finance, economics, employment and
                                                                           A portal listing Internet resources providing information on
                                                                           personal financial issues and finance-related topics.

                                                                           Provides international comparisons of hourly compensation
          Foreign Labor Statistics
                                                                           costs; productivity and unit labor costs; labor force,
          (from Bureau of Labor
                                                                           employment and unemployment rates; and consumer prices
                                                                           primarily in major industrial countries.

                                                                           GEOBASE is organized as a multi-dimensional database and
          GEOBASE Israel Regional                                          consists of regularly updated annual and quarterly series on
          Database (Hebrew             topics such as Israeli economic activities, labor and wages,
          University)                                                      population, transportation, tourism, housing & construction and

          Global Business Cycle                                            The Conference Board publishes leading, coincident, and
          Indicators (The Conference                                       lagging indexes designed to signal peaks and troughs in
          Board)                                                           the business cycle for nine countries around the world.

                                                                           A portal providing a wide range of information on
          GlobalEDGE (Michigan State
                                       international business. Provides online resources, country
                                                                           resources, news, teaching tools. Teaching focused

                                                                           A directory of websites established by governments around
          Governments on the WWW
                                                                           the world

                              The IMF publishes a range of time series data on IMF lending,
          IMF:Data & Statistics
                                       a.htm                           exchange rates and other economic and financial indicators.

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                     URL                             Description

          Inter-University Consortium                                   The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social
          for Political and Social             Research is a large archive of numerous social science
          Research (ICPSR)                                              databases used for research and instruction.

          IPUMS - International (Univ A project of the Minnesota Population Center, IPUMS collects
          of Minnesota)                 nternational/                     and distributes international census data.
          IPUMS USA (Univ of                                              A project of the Minnesota Population Center, IPUMS collects
          Minnesota)                                                      and distributes US census data.
          Latin America Development                                    LADARK contains data sets and other information useful to
          Archive, LADARK (Johns social scientists who are doing research on Latin American
          Hopkins University)                                          development.
                                                                        Directory of reviewed public websites. Good starting point for
          Librarian's Internet Index
                                                                        research on almost any topic.

                               Demographic information about Los Angeles including
          Los Angeles Almanac
                                        ulation/index.htm            historical, ethnic and household data.

                                                                       LAEDC's mission is to attract, retain and grow business and
          Los Angeles County
                                                                       jobs in the regions of Los Angeles County, as well as to
          Economic Development
                                                                       identify trends and affect positive change for the local
          Corporation: Economic         nformation/
                                                                       economy. They also offer free reports on local economic
                                                                       issues through their Kyser Center for Economic Research.
          Ministries of Finance
                               Links to website of ministries of finance and other key financial
          (Central Banking
                                        k/links/mof.htm                institutions around the world
                                                                     The National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD)'s
          National Archive of Criminal mission is to facilitate research in criminal justice and
          Justice Data                 CJD/                          criminology, through the preservation, enhancement, and
                                                                     sharing of computerized data resources

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                     URL                                Description

                                                                           NCES, located within the US Department of Education and the
          National Center for
                                              Institute of Education Sciences, is the primary federal entity for
          Education Statistics (NCES)
                                                                           collecting and analyzing data related to education.

                                                                           NCHS, located within the US Centers for Disease Control and
          National Center for Health
                                         Prevention, is the primary federal entity for collecting and
          Statistics (NCHS)
                                                                           analyzing data related to health issues.
                                                                       The Netherlands Historical Data Archive gives access to a
          Netherlands Historical Data
                                                                       collection of historical datasets which were created for
          Archive                       a/nhda/
                                                                       research purposes and are based on archival sources.

          NYSE:Information for Market Extensive information on the New York Stock Exchange as
          Professionals               marketprofessionals.html      well as other exchanges worldwide.

                                                                       A commercial site with extensive foreign exchange rate data
                                                                       including historical datasets.
                                                                       Odum maintains one of the oldest and largest catalog of
                               machine-readable data in the U.S. It has an extensive
          Odum Institute
                                        ontent_node.jsp?nodeid=7       collection of U.S. Census data, including one of the most
                                                                       complete holdings for 1970 Census files.

                                                                        The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and
          OECD Statistics Portal        /0,3352,en_2825_293564_1_1
                                                                        Development provides data on a wide range of topics.

                                                                           The Office of Population Research at Princeton University
          Office of Population
                                                                           (OPR) is a leading demographic research and training center.
          Research (Princeton 
                                                                           The office has a distinguished history of contributions in formal
                                                                           demography and the study of fertility change.

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                      URL                              Description
                                                                       The Official Economic Information of Mexico is maintained by
                                                                       Mexico's Ministry of Finance & Public Credit, and contains
          Official Economic    
                                                                       basic economic and financial data, documents and reports
          Information of Mexico          h/
                                                                       on economic policy, and links to various other Mexican
                                                                       economic sites.
                                Provides access to free statistics from official sources on the
                                         .nz/                            web. Web links are arranged by country, region or subject.

                                                                      Tracks capital markets data for eight Pacific-Basin
                                                                      countries on a continuous and systematic basis. Databases
          Pacific Basic Capital Markets                               contain extensive information on all listed companies from
          Research Center                                             each country's major stock exchange including: daily security
                                                                      prices and returns, capital distributions, financial statements,
                                                                      market indices and returns, and economic statistics.
          Polling the Nations      Database of public opinion polls.
                                                                    PovertyNet: Data on Poverty (World Bank) has many sources
                                                                    of data that can be useful for poverty analysis and the
          PovertyNet: Data on Poverty
                                                                    evaluation of policy interventions. Some data, such as central
          (World Bank)                a/index.htm
                                                                    public finance data and national accounts, exist only at the
                                                                    national level.
                                                                       DataStream provides access to a vast, up-to-date databank of
          Princeton University:
                                                                       global economic, company, market, and financial data that
          Datastream International       nlib/ds/
                                                                       is available in both text and graphical format.

          Producer Price Index  Price indexes from the mining, manufacturing, agriculture,
          (Bureau of Labor Statistics)   m                              fisheries, forestry and service sectors of the U.S. economy.

                                                                          Information related to the protection of investors amd
          Securities and Exchange
                                                     markets and the facilitatation of capital formation. Includes
                                                                          links to company filings through EDGAR database.

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Public Domain Databases

                                                 Specific Studies Found in Public Domain Databases
                                       Shown below are some examples of studies found to be of use to Marshall researchers.
          Name/Link                    URL                             Description
                                                                      The Alcohol and Drug Services Study is a national study of
                              substance abuse treatment facilities and clients. The
          Alcohol and Drug Services
                                       cocoon/ICPSR-                  study was designed to develop estimates of the duration and
          Study 1996-1999
                                       STUDY/03088.xml                costs of treatment and to describe the post-treatment status of
                                                                      substance abuse clients.
                                                                      The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is used to
                              track trends in customer satisfaction and provides
          American Customer
                                       cocoon/ICPSR-                  benchmarking insights into the consumer economy. It is
          Satisfaction Index, 1998
                                       STUDY/04435.xml                based on modeling customer evaluations of the quality of
                                                                      goods and services that are purchased.

                                                                       The Balance of Payment Statistics data provide information on
                                                                       the balance of payments among countries and
          Balance of Payment                                           geographical areas of the world. Aggregated and detailed
          Statistics [1965-present]                                    presentations show data for items such as investments,
                                                                       short- and long-term capital, reserves, and changes in

                                                                      The Banking Reserve Tape is a collection that contains data
                              for aggregate reserves and the monetary base that
          Banking Reserves Tape,
                                       cocoon/ICPSR-                  incorporate the latest adjustments for discontinuities
                                       STUDY/03547.xml                associated with the Monetary Control Act and other
                                                                      regulatory changes to reserve requirements.

                                                                       The Canadian National Election Study collection contains
          Canadian National Election                                   information on the voting behavior and political attitudes of
          Study, 1988                                                  Canadians , consists of three waves of data gathered before
                                                                       and after the 1988 Canadian national election.

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                      URL                              Description
                                                                        The Census of Population and Housing in 2000 is a
                                                                        database that includes acreage, agricultural sales, allocation
                                flags for housing items, bedrooms, condominium fee, contract
          Census of Population and
                                         cocoon/ICPSR-                  rent, cost of utilities, insurance, fuels used, gross rent, heating
          Housing- 2000
                                         STUDY/13568.xml                fuel, household income in 1999, household type, housing unit
                                                                        weight, kitchen. Earlier census studies of population and
                                                                        housing are available.
                                                                        The Chinese Household Income Project measures and
                                estimates the distribution of personal income in both rural
          Chinese Household Income
                                         cocoon/ICPSR-                  and urban areas of the People's Republic of China . The
                                         STUDY/03012.xml                principal investigators based their definition of income on cash
                                                                        payments and on a broad range.

                                                                         The Comparative Study of Community Decision-Making
                                                                         study contains data for 51 communities with populations of
          Comparative Study of 
                                                                         50,000-750,000 in 22 states of the United States on their
          Community Decision-            istics/databases/icpsr/0025.sht
                                                                         characteristics. The study is composed of three files: a
          Making                         ml
                                                                         Merged Aggregate and Individual file (Part 1), an Aggregate
                                                                         file (Part 2), and an Individual file (Part 3).

                                                                    The Consolidated Federal Funds Report (CFFR) includes
                            data, obtained from federal government agencies, that covers
          Consolidated Federal Funds
                                     cocoon/ICPSR-                  federal expenditures or obligations for the following
          Report, 2000
                                     STUDY/08927.xml                categories: direct payments for retirement and disability, other
                                                                    direct payments, grants, procurement, etc.

                                                                        The Consumer Expenditure Survey offers information on the
                                                                        buying habits of American consumers and also furnishes
                                data to support periodic revisions of the Consumer Price
          Consumer Expenditure
                                         cocoon/ICPSR-                  Index. a quarterly Interview Survey in which each consumer
                                         STUDY/03949.xml                unit in the sample is interviewed every three months over a 15-
                                                                        month period, and (2) a Diary Survey completed by the sample
                                                                        consumer units for two consecutive one-week periods.

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                     URL                             Description

                                                                        The Current Population Survey data collection supplies
          Current Population Survey: standard monthly labor force data as well as supplemental
          Annual Demographic File,      istics/databases/icpsr/3048.sht data on work experience, income, non-cash benefits, and
          2000                          ml                              migration . Comprehensive information is given on the
                                                                        employment status, occupation, an

                                                                       The Determinants of Vertical Integration in the Egyptian
                                                                       Garment Industry data pertaining to this study was the result of
          Determinants of Vertical an exhaustive investigation into the nature of the firms
          Integration in the Egyptian   cocoon/ICPSR-                  composing the Egyptian garment industry. The data capture
          Garment Industry, 2002        STUDY/04270.xml                various characteristics of the firms relating to each one's level
                                                                       and order of integration into the production of fabrics and
                                                                       garments and into retail.
                                                                       The Direction of Trade offers detailed information on imports
                               and exports for various countries and geographical areas of
          Direction of Trade Study
                                        cocoon/ICPSR-                  the world. Countries are grouped into three main categories:
                                        STUDY/07628.xml                (1) Industrial Countries, (2) Developing Countries, and (3)
                                                                       USSR, Easter
                                                                       The Employee Stock Ownership Plans has data compiled to
          Employee Stock Ownership                                     study the adoption of employee stock ownership plans
          Plans, 1982-1991 (ICPSR)                                     (ESOPs) by companies in the United States in response to
                                                                       changing economic conditions.
                                                                       Family Interaction, Social Capital and Trends in Time Use
          Family Interaction, Social
                                                                       offers data from 24-hour time diaries probing several
          Capital and Trends in Time    cocoon/ICPSR-
                                                                       indicators of social capital and life quality were gathered to
          Use, 1998-1999 (ICPSR)        STUDY/03191.xml
                                                                       update prior time series on how Americans spend time.

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                      URL                             Description
                                                                         The Government Finance Statistics time series present
                                                                         combined statistics on detailed revenues and expenditures for
                                                                         all levels of government. Topics covered include deficit/surplus
          Government Finance   
                                                                         or total financing, revenues or grants, expenditures,
          Statistics (IMF Version)       istics/databases/icpsr/8624.sht
                                                                         lending minus repayments, domestic financing, foreign
          (ICPSR)                        ml
                                                                         financing, domestic debt or total debt, and foreign debt .
                                                                         Annual data are supplied for central government accounts and
                                                                         different levels of government.

          Historical, Demographic, The Historical, Demographic, Economic, and Social Data
          Economic, and Social Data:     cocoon/ICPSR-                  Collection contains detailed county and state-level ecological
          The United States              STUDY/02896.xml                and descriptive data for the United States.

                                                                     The ICPSR: Immigrants Admitted to the United States data
          ICPSR: Immigrants Admitted                                 collection contains information on the characteristics of aliens
          to the United States, 2000:                                who became legal permanent residents of the United States in
                                                                     fiscal year 2000 (October 1999 through September 2000).

                                                                       The International Crisis Behavior data collection was
                               produced as part of the International Crisis Behavior Project, a
          International Crisis Behavior
                                        cocoon/ICPSR-                  research effort aimed at investigating 20th-century interstate
          Project, 1918-2001
                                        STUDY/09286.xml                crises and the behavior of states under externally generated

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                      URL                             Description
                                                                        International Financial Statistics offers detailed tabulations
                                                                        (1948-1991) of international and domestic finance data are
                                                                        presented in this data collection. These time series data
                                summarize each country's balance of payments, with collateral
          International Financial
                                         cocoon/ICPSR-                  data on major financial components such as trade and
                                         STUDY/07629.xml                reserves, and data on exchange rates, international
                                                                        liquidity, money and banking, international transactions,
                                                                        prices, production, government finance, and interest
                                                                        Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth
                                                                        has its 30th annual survey in this series that explores changes
          Monitoring the Future: A in important values, behaviors, and lifestyle orientations of
          Continuing Study of            cocoon/ICPSR-                  contemporary American youth. Students are randomly
          American Youth                 STUDY/04264.xml                assigned to complete one of six questionnaires, each with a
                                                                        different subssubset of topical questions, but all containing a
                                                                        set of "core" questions on demographics and drug use.
                                                                        National Election Pool General Election Exit Polls includes
                                                                        interviews with voters in 50 states and the District of Columbia,
          National Election Pool
                                                                        on Election Day,11/07/02. National sample respondents (Part
          General Election Exit Polls,   cocoon/ICPSR-
                                                                        1) were asked about their electoral choices , the issues
          2004                           STUDY/04181.xml
                                                                        surrounding the elections, and the factors that influenced their
                                                                        The National Health Interview Study provides information
                                                                        about the amount and distribution of illness, its effects in
          National Health Interview                                     terms of disability and chronic impairments, and the kinds
          Study 2003                                                    of health services people receive.The 2003 NHIS contains
                                                                        the Household, Family, Person, Sample Adult, and Sample
                                                                        Child statistics.

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                    URL                              Description
                                                                        The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 (NLSY97) is
                                                                        part of the National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS) program, a set
                                                                        of surveys sponsored by the United States Department of
                                Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These surveys have
          National Longitudinal
                                       cocoon/ICPSR-                    gathered information at multiple points in time on the labor
          Survey of Youth, 1997-2001
                                       STUDY/03959.xml                  market experiences of diverse groups of men and
                                                                        women. Each of the NLS samples consists of several
                                                                        thousand individuals, some of whom have been surveyed over
                                                                        several decades.
                                                                        The National Longitudinal Surveys of Labor Market Experience
          National Longitudinal   and its five sets of surveys that comprise the National
          Surveys of Labor Market      cocoon/ICPSR-                    Longitudinal Surveys purpose is the collection of data on the
          Experience (1966-1992)       STUDY/07610.xml                  labor force experience of specific age-sex groups of
                                                                        The National Organizations Survey (NOS) is a survey of
                                                                        business organizations across the United States in which the
                                unit of analysis is the actual workplace. The study was
          National Organizations
                                       cocoon/ICPSR-                    conducted for the National Science Foundation (NSF), the
          Survey (NOS), 2002
                                       STUDY/04074.xml                  National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH),
                                                                        and the Commonwealth Fund, to learn about the
                                                                        employment policies, benefits . etc.
                                                                        The National Survey on Drug Use and Health measures the
                                                                        prevalence and correlates of drug use in the United
          National Survey on Drug                                       States. The surveys are designed to provide quarterly, as well
          Use and Health, 2003                                          as annual, estimates. Information is provided on the use of
                                                                        illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacc o among members of
                                                                        United States.

                                                                      The Panel Study of Income Dynamics is an ongoing data
                              collection effort begun in 1968 in an attempt to fill the need for
          Panel Study of Income
                                       cocoon/ICPSR-                  a better understanding of the determinants of family income
                                       STUDY/07439.xml                and its changes. Core data are collected annually. The PSID
                                                                      has continued

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                        URL                             Description
                                                                          This data collection gathered information on select large,
          Patterns in the Bankruptcy
                                  publicly held companies that filed for bankruptcy during 1979-
          Reorganization of Large,
                                           cocoon/ICPSR-                  1988. The goal of the study was to identify patterns in the
          Publicly Held Companies,
                                           STUDY/02555.xml                filing, processing, and distributions of bankruptcy
                                                                          reorganization in larg
          Public Health Impact of                                         The Public Health Impact of Direct-to-Consumer
          Direct-to-Consumer      Advertising of Prescription Drugs used patient self-reports
          Advertising of Prescription      cocoon/ICPSR-                  in this study to address three major questions: (1) What sorts
          Drugs, July 2001-January         STUDY/03687.xml                of conditions or problems are discussed during physician visits
          2002                                                            that include a discus
                                                                    The Rand Health Insurance Data assesses the cost of health
                                                                    services,' use of services, their satisfaction with health care,
          Rand Health Insurance Data cocoon/ICPSR-
                                                                    the quality of their care, and the state of their health. Physical
                                                                    health focused on self-care, mobility, exertion, role fulfillmen

                                                                          The Referenda and Primary Election Materials' data collection
                                  contains election returns at the county and state levels from
          Referenda and Primary
                                           cocoon/ICPSR-                  the mid-nineteenth century to the late twentieth century for
          Election Materials
                                           STUDY/00006.xml                primary and general elections on statewide referenda,
                                                                          constitutional a

          State Institute of Statistics, State Institute of Statistics, (Republic of Turkey) offers
          (Republic of Turkey)             /                             demographic and economic data on Turkey

                                                                      The Survey of Consumer Attitudes and Behavior was
          Survey of Consumer
                                                                      undertaken to measure changes in consumer attitudes and
          Attitudes and Behavior (data
                                                                      expectations, to understand why such changes occur, and to
          from earlier years also      oon/ICPSR/SERIES/00054.xml
                                                                      evaluate how they relate to consumer decisions to save,
                                                                      borrow, or make discretionary purc

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Public Domain Databases

          Name/Link                     URL                            Description
                                                                       The Survey of Consumer Finances was designed to gather
          Survey of Consumer   household-level information closely comparable to that
          Finances (data from earlier   cocoon/ICPSR-                  obtained in the SURVEY OF CONSUMER FINANCES, 1995
          years also available)         STUDY/03155.xml                (ICPSR 2193). Detailed data were collected on the
                                                                       composition of household budgets, the terms o

                                                                       The Survey of Tax Practitioners and Advisers study was also
          Survey of Tax Practitioners designed to measure the potential impact of preparers on tax
          and Advisers, 1986: [United   cocoon/ICPSR-                  administration by examining the number of returns
          States]:                      STUDY/08884.xml                prepared by preparers with certain attitudes, opinions
                                                                       and reported behavior.

                                                                       The Taxpayer Opinion Survey provides taxpayers' opinions
          Taxpayer Opinion Survey,                                     and evaluations of the United States tax system. Respondents
          1987: [United States]:                                       were questioned about their knowledge of and feelings toward
                                                                       several recent tax reforms.

                                                                       Provides content-coded data from the full population of book-
          Workplace Ethnography                                        length English language organizational ethnographies .
          (WE) Project, 1944-2002                                      Drawn from Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, France,
                                                                       Great Britain, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Norway, etc.

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