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					             Membership Application                         ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP $75
                                                           CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP $150
MasterCard       VISA AMEX             or                   MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL $60
               Check or Money Order
                                                       Benefits of Membership
$75 Individual    $150 Corporate $60 Renewal
Name_____________________________________              (Dues must be current)
                                                       o Monthly seminars & workshop discounts
Address___________________________________             o Speakers institute
City______________________________________             o Showcase opportunity (present a 10 minute
                                                          presentation in front of a live audience at our
State____ Zip_____ Date______ Phone (      )_______
                                                          monthly seminars)
Fax (   )___________                                   o Speaker evaluation (live, audio and video)
Check one: ( )MC ( )VISA ( )AMEX ( )Disc. ( )          o Fast track program for speakers
                                                       o Member discount rate for workshops
Check # ________ Amount Paid $ ________
                                                       o Spotlight your talent locally
Credit Card #________________________________          o Your name, topic, and picture listed in our
Ex. Date________ Sign________________________             ANNUAL SPEAKERS CATALOG
                                                       o Discounts on professional speaker coaching
Company___________________________________                with Dr. Tina Dupree

                                                                                                                                                                                     Internet: or
Email______________________________________            o Discounts on business consulting
How did you hear about PSN?__________________          o Receive credits toward our CPC (Certified
                                                          Professional Communicator) Program
                                                       o Develop your talent as a Motivational
  Mail to: Professional Speakers Network, Inc.            Speaker

        c/o Motivational Training Center

                                                                                                            Professional Speakers Network, Inc.
     P.O. Box 9906 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310
                Fax to 954-676-3490                                    Invest In Yourself
Do you need private business/career counseling or       Join over 170 members of PSN and start taking
speaker coaching? _______ When? __________                Your career or business to a higher level of
Would you like to be in our next Speakers                    Quality and success today. For more
Catalogue? ______                                               Information call: 954-485-5100

Would you like to showcase, present a 10 minute                       or fax 954-676-3490

                                                                                                                                                  (954) 485-5100 or 1-866-759-7655
presentation?_______ When? _________________             1-800-866-SPEAK2U or check our websites:

Are you interested in other training programs?____       
Which one?________________________                    

                                                                                                                                                  Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310
Are you interested to become a certified speaker ___
                                                        For more information on hiring Dr. Dupree as your
Speaking Ability/Level (Check one)                      next speaker, go to (click on
( ) AAAA - Accomplished minimum, 2 years                       the buttons at the bottom o the site.

                                                                                                                                                  P.O. Box 9906
( ) AAA - Advancing, developing speaking, 1 year
( ) AA - Aspiring, not much experience, learning                           We offer
( ) A - Active member, just getting started                          speaker certification,
Can you volunteer 1-2 hour(s) per
                                                                   training, and graduation.
                                               PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS NETWORK, INC.                              Tina firmly believes that in order to be
   Professional                                               (PSN)                                    successful in your personal, professional, and
                                                                                                       spiritual life, you must first INVEST IN
    Speakers                                     Dade/Broward Monthly Seminars Every 3rd
                                                                                                       YOURSELF! Joining PSN is investing in your
                                                                                                       professional     development.           Benefits   of
                                                                                                       Membership… The benefits of membership depend
Network, Inc.(PSN)                                South Dade chapter Every 2nd Saturday
                                                          9:15 a.m. til 11:45a.m.                      on what you are willing to do in order to implement
          Your professional                        CALL 954-485-5100 fax 954-676-3490                  the valuable information that is presented each month
                                                                                                       at our seminars. Each month, you will be able to:
   speaking & Training organization                          1-866-SPEAK2U
                                                                                                       Network with other speakers, progressive
              In Florida                                                                               professionals, business owners, and consultants.
                                                        The Professional Speakers Network, Inc. is a   You will also receive training that will take your
                                              non- profit, self-sustaining, and member-driven          career or business to a higher level of quality and
                                              organization and was founded by Dr. Marthenia            success. HERE’S THE PROOF! We now have
                                              “Tina” Dupree, The Chicken Lady. She is an               over 170 members. Sixty-one members have
                                              internationally renowned speaker, author, trainer,       published book(s) of their own. Some have become
                                              coach, and business consultant. Tina is the owner of     full-time professional speakers, and others have
                                              the Motivational Training Center (MTC). She is also      received promotions at work because of
                                              the former host of BUILDING BRIDGES, a radio             implementing the strategies that have been learned
                                              magazine that was broadcasted on WMCU 89.7 FM            each month. Senior citizens are finding a new
                                              & 101.9 AM in South Florida for 8 years. Tina is the     purpose in speaking about past or current
                                              author of 4 books. “IT’S TIME TO INVEST IN               experiences. Most importantly, people are attending
                                              YOURSELF: THE CHICKEN LADY SPEAKS”                       our monthly seminars in order to break the
                                              is a personal and professional development guide to      procrastination habit and are developing concepts to
                                              balance and success. “HOT T.I.P.S. ON PUBLIC             set goals that are realistic and obtainable. Hundreds
                                              SPEAKING” is a guide that gives the how to’s of          have been certified as Professional Communicators.
                                              public and professional speaking.        “HOW TO                SPEAK LOCALLY AND GET P.A.I.D.” …. No                             SUCCESS, SUCCESS! MORE … There

 Your Invitation
                                              need to explain this topic, especially if you want to    are also members who have started a business or
                                              make money speaking in your local area! This is a        presented a workshop for the first time. AND NO
                                              complete manual for you to get paid speaking in your
 to Membership
                                                                                                       MORE FEAR of public speaking. More than a
                                              local areas.       ROOM TO GROW: THE                     decade ago, when we first started, there were several
                                              DOORWAY TO ACHIEVING YOUR TRUE                           members who were afraid of speaking in front of a
                                              POTENTIAL! This book shows you how after                 group. TODAY those same members are presenting
                                              finding your purpose, you need to reach your             keynote speeches and loving every minute of it!
For more information, visit the web site of   potential.                                               WOW! Why not come and see for yourself? Attend
                                                        Tina founded PSN in order to train speakers    the next PSN Seminar on the 3rd Saturday of each
 The Professional Speakers Network, Inc.
                                              for public speaking, professional speaking, and to       month. Members pay only $30 to attend and non-                generate interest in book publishing, product and        members pay $35. See you there!               business development. As a result, more than 61 of
    For more information on Dr. Dupree,       our members now have the title of author. What an
                  accomplishment! W. Steven Green, V.P. of PSN has
                                              helped to make this organization a great success. He
                                              is also known as one of the best “evaluators” of
                                              speakers in the State. Each time you present at PSN,
                                              Steven gives you a written professional evaluation.

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