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									Pre-placement Physical Examination and Pre-employment Drug Screen Policy

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In accordance with the Drug Free Workplace Act and Drug Free Schools and
Communities Act, Saint Louis University is committed to maintaining a safe, healthful,
and efficient environment which enhances the welfare of our employees, students,
patients, and visitors. It is the policy of the University to maintain an environment which
is free of impairment from substance abuse by any of its employees. The University will
make a good-faith effort to maintain a drug-free workplace.

A pre-placement physical examination and pre-employment drug screen are required
for Accreditation standards in the affiliated hospitals in which University faculty and
staff work. To comply with these standards and federal regulations, Saint Louis
University will require that a pre-placement physical examination and pre-employment
drug screen occur for candidates selected to fill jobs where there will be occupational
activities in a University affiliated hospital, direct patient contact, or employment with
the University Medical Group.


This policy applies to all residents and final candidates for faculty and staff positions
with Saint Louis University when they may be working in SLUCare Facilities, or other
locations where there may be patient contact.

                                PROCEDURE FOR STAFF

The final candidate for a position that is designated as having occupational activities in
a University affiliated hospital, direct patient contact or employment with the University
Medical Group, will be advised of the pre-placement physical examination and pre-
employment drug screen requirement when the job offer is made by a human resources
representative. The candidate will be provided with instructions for scheduling the
physical examination and drug screen in Employee Health.

If the candidate satisfactorily completes the physical and the drug screen is negative,
human resources will notify the department hiring manager and confirm a starting date
with the candidate.
Candidates who have a positive drug screen are interviewed by an independent Medical
Review Officer who determines if there is a legitimate reason for the presence of a
controlled substance. The results of this interview are provided to Employee Health
and made available to human resources.

The department hiring manager and candidate will be notified of the positive drug
screen and the employment offer will be withdrawn. A candidate for a staff position at
Saint Louis University will not be hired if the drug screen has been confirmed as

                             PROCEDURE FOR FACULTY

Faculty hiring is coordinated in the department, with the School of Medicine, and the
Office of the Provost. Letters of Appointment are issued prior to arrival; therefore, the
physical examination and drug screen will often occur on the first day at Saint Louis
University. The appointment letter will specify that a satisfactory drug screen and
criminal background check are required in order to be appointed to the position.
Departments should instruct the faculty member to go to the Employee Health
department to complete the physical examination and drug screen.

If the drug screen is positive, the department Chairperson, Dean’s Office, and
prospective faculty member will be notified by Employee Health. The faculty member
will already have been interviewed by the Medical Review Officer as part of the process
of verifying a positive drug screen. The faculty member will not be appointed if the
drug screen is confirmed positive. In rare cases involving staffing shortages in a clinical
area, the hiring department may request a review of the case by the Dean’s Office,
Employee Health, and General Counsel to allow the physician to be appointed under the
conditions of the impaired physician program.

                            PROCEDURE FOR RESIDENTS

Residents receive a health and drug screen through the Employee Health office prior to

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