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									                              Sonoran Sky Elementary
                         School Directory & PTO Membership

Being an active PTO member helps build our community. Also by being a member of the PTO
you are helping support the numerous programs for our children and our school. Membership
dues are $12 and include a School Directory and a Kids Directory.

The School Directory will also include our own Business Yellow Pages that will provide an
opportunity for Sonoran Sky families to list services they provide. The listing is
alphabetical and will serve the needs of our community. If you have a service or have a
business you would like to share, please consider filling out the attached sheet. A donation
of any amount for the yellow page listing entitles your business to an ad in this directory.

We hope to have EVERY FAMILY at Sonoran Sky in our directory this year. Please return
by Friday, August 29, 2003.

                    2003-2004 Sonoran Sky Directory Information

Parent’s Names ________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________Zip Code _________________________

Phone number with area code

E-mail address

Children who attend Sonoran Sky                   Grade                     Teacher

____ I give permission to list all of the above information in the directory
____ Please DO NOT LIST our name, address, phone number and/or e-mail address (Circle
all that apply)

                                 PTO MEMBERSHIP
                                 Membership Dues = $12.00
Additional Kids Directory = $3.50 _______     Additional School Directory = $3.50 ______
      Total Amount $ _________ Cash _________ Check # __________
                    (Please make checks payable to Sonoran Sky PTO)

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