Notice to Vacate by yeb66535

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County:                                              Federal Project No.:
ROW CSJ:                                             Hwy. No.:
Project Limits: From         To

Dear       ,

By our letter to you, dated       , you were advised that you would not be required to move from the
above-designated property for at least ninety (90) days and that you would receive an additional notice in
writing of the actual date by which you must vacate the property.

Accordingly, notice is herewith and hereby given that possession of the property acquired for
transportation purposes is desired by         . If there are unusual circumstances that will prevent you from
vacating this property by that date, please contact            of this office. The telephone number to call is
      . If a real hardship exists, it may be possible to allow you to have additional time to move from the

Any person or entity who is not lawfully present in the United States is ineligible for relocation advisory
services and relocation payments, unless such ineligibility would result in exceptional and extremely
unusual hardship to a qualifying spouse, parent, or child.

A list of properties that are available for sale or rent is maintained in our office for your benefit. If you
need assistance in locating and inspecting available property, please call          at      . It is suggested
that you review the contents of the “Relocation Assistance” brochure that was previously given to you.


                                                              District, Texas Department of Transportation

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