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					Household Budget Worksheet
Use this sheet to determine your income and expenses, and disposable income percentage
Include all expenses and income. The last line in each block will be calculated for you.
If you need another category, "borrow" a line that is not in use. Not all households will use all items.
Be as accurate as possible in reporting. Do not report any monies deducted from your take home pay.

Monthly Take Home Income                                                              Secured Debts (Monthly Payments)
Salary/Wages/Business Draw                                                0           Rent                                           0
Salary or Wages (Spouse)                                                  0           1st Mortgage
Social Security                                                                       2nd Mortgage
Pension/Retirement                                                                    Land Lease (Trailer park, other)
Interest on Accounts                                                      0           Student Loans                                  0
Alimony / Child Support                                                               Auto Loans/Leases                              0
Real Estate rent (income)                                                             Recreation (Boat, ATV, etc.)
Investment Dividends                                                                  Past Due Taxes                                 0
Unemployment/ Food Stamps                                                             Other Debts
Other                                                                                 Other Debts
                    Total Take Home Income                              $0            Other Loans
                                                                                      Other Loans
Monthly Living Expenses                                                                          Total Secured Debt                 $0
Alimony / Child Support (outgoing)
Auto Gas and Repair                                                       0           Unsecured Debt
Auto Insurance                                                            0           Credit Card 1                                  0
Cable TV/ Satellite Fees                                                  0           Credit Card 2                                  0
Charitable Contributions                                                  0           Credit Card 3                                  0
Child Care                                                                0           Credit Card 4                                  0
Childrens' Activities                                                     0           Credit Card 5                                  0
Clothing Maintenance (Laundy/Dry cleaning                                 0           Credit Card 6                                  0
Clothing Purchases                                                        0           Credit Card 7
Electric Bill                                                             0           Credit Card 8
Food (In-home / Groceries)                                                0           Personal Loan 1                                0
Food (Out of home - Lunch, Dining)                                        0           Personal Loan 2                                0
Gas and Oil Bill                                                          0           Medical Bill Payment                           0
Health and Dental Insurance                                               0           Other
Homeowner/Condo fees                                                                  Other
Homeowners/ Renters Insurance                                             0                        Total unsecured Debt             $0
Household items                                                           0
Internet Access (AOL,MSN, DSL)                                            0           Summary
Life and Disability Insurance                                             0           Total Take Home (Income )                         $0
Memberships (Health club etc.)                                            0           Total Living Expenses (-)                         $0
Personal Care (Grooming)                                                  0           Total Secured Debt Payments (-)                   $0
Prescriptions                                                             0           Total Unsecured Debt Payments (-)                 $0
Property Services (Gardener,Pool)                                         0                         Disposable Income **            $0.00
Security Services (Alarm)                                                             Disposable Income as Percent               #DIV/0!
Subscriptions                                                             0           A healthy budget will have 5-10% disposable income.
Telephone (Home, Cell, Pager)                                             0           If your calculations reveal a deficit (in parentheses)
Trash Disposal                                                            0           you may be in serious debt. We can help.
Tuition and School Supplies                                               0
Water Bill                                                                0
Other Expenses                                                            0
Other Expenses                                                            0
Other Expenses
              Total Monthly Living Expenses                             $0

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