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									                                     Careers with Animals

Animal behaviorist                       Kennel Management
Animal Breeder and the Pet Trade         Lobbyist
Animal Communication Specialist          Marine Mammal Stranding Specialist
Animal Control Officer                   Naturalist
Animal Groomer                           Pet Acupuncturist
Animal Health Technician                 Pet Sitter
Animal Rights Advocator                  Photographer
Animal Trainer                           Rancher
Artist                                   Rehabilitator
Biologist                                Researcher
Biomedical Researcher                    Security Dog Handler
Blacksmith                               Shelter Worker
Border security                          Teacher
Conservation Crew Leader                 Therapist
Conservation researcher                  Veterinarian
Consultant                               Vet Tech
Disaster Relief Specialist               Video Producer
Ecologist                                Wildlife:
Ecosystem manager                                Management
Entrepreneur                                     Refuge Manager
Environmental Chemist                            Veterinarian
Environmental Management                 Wrangler/Guide
Farmer                                   Writer
Forestry/Park Ranger                     Zoo:
Guide                                            Keeper
Humane Education Specialist                      Veterinarian
Humane Investigator                      Zoologist

Aquariums                                Foundations
Businesses                               Government Agencies
Conservation Research Facilities         Home Business
Environmental Consultant Companies       Humane Societies
Farms                                    Jungles
Fish and Game Councils                   Natural Wildlife Refuge
Non-profit organizations                             Travel Clubs/Organizations
Open Water Facilities                                University Research Institutes
Parks                                                Veterinary:
Pet Control Agencies                                        Clinics
Regional councils                                           Hospitals
Reservations                                                Universities
Shelters                                             Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers
Special theme parks

 Earthwatch projects are a great way to get experience in a job or animal related project to see if
it is something your would find interesting. Most of the projects are out in the field working with
scientists. There are many different projects in various countries working with many varied

Professional organizations:
Actors & animals ( animal welfare
American Boarding Kennels Association (
American Federation of Aviculture (
American Zoo & Aquarium Association ( job listings
American Association of Zookeepers ( jobs and internships
American Pet Products Manufacturers Assoc. (
American Society of Animal Science ( job listings for members, internship
Animal Behavior Society ( research opportunities under

Animal Health Institute (
Animal Legal Defense Fund (
Animal Protection Institute of America (
Animal Welfare Institute (
Animals for Awareness ( links
Association of Holistic Animal Practitioners ( links
Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians ( internships
Conference for Research Workers in Animal Diseases
       ( advanced level
       positions available

Delta Society ( assesses concerns with the interaction of
       humans and animals, therapy; internships

Dogs for the Deaf (
Endangered Species Conservation Federation (
Farm Animal Reform Movement ( internal job listings
Federal Wildlife Officers Association ( job listings
Foundation for Biomedical Research (
Friends of Animals ( jobs
Fund for Animals ( links
Guide Dogs of America (
Humane Farming Association (
Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (
International Association of Pet Cemeteries (
International Association of Fairs and Expos ( job listing
International Foundation for Ethical Research ( graduate fellowships
International Zoo Educators Association (
National Association for Humane and Environmental Education (
National Association for Animal Breeders ( links
National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (
National Association for Biomedical Research
National Association of Search and Rescue(
National Humane Education Society ( internships under “support” heading
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association ( job listing
Performing Animal Welfare Society (
Pet Industry Distributors Association (
Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( links
Scientist Center for Animal Welfare ( professional links
The Seeing Eye ( job listing
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology ( job listing
United Animal Nations (
USA Equestrian ( job listing
US Animal Health Association (
Wildlife Conservation Society
( job listing
World Wide Pet Supply Association ( job listing and links
* see also individual animals and breeds

Other Resources:
      Florida Aquarium ( internships
      Monterey Bay ( jobs and internships
      National Aquarium in Baltimore ( jobs and internships
      Shedd Aquarium ( jobs and internships
Best Friends Animal Society ( jobs under “About” categoryy
Careers with Canines (
       K-9 World of dogs (
       School for dog trainers (
       Working Dog Foundation (
       US Police Canine Association (
Careers with Cetaceans (
Choose a career with animals (
Doris Day Animal League ( lobbying organization with links
Equine Massage School (
Exotic Animal Training School (
       Equest Theraputic Horsemanship (
       North American Riding for the Handicap Association (

LA Zoo ( internships and Career night
Living Desert ( private, non-profit zoological park and botanical
Moorpark College ( - Exotic Animal
Program - not an internship, but a vocational program offering education in the care and training
of animals and the presentation of educational shows utilizing animals. ( job listing
Pet sitting for Profit (
Primates ( internships, job listing and other career related info
*Sea & Sky: Links to Museums and Aquariums (
Sea World/Busch Gardens ( Career
         information and jobs
Tatoo-a-pet ( ID protection

Journals concerning mammals and behavior are:

Aquatic Mammals                                     Journal of the Animal
Behavior Society                                    Journal of Zoology
Behavioral Ecology                                  Marine Mammal Science
Journal of Mammalogy                                Sociobiology


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