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					"If you're like me, building multiple streams of income is
all about family. There is nothing like having the time,
energy, and resources to spend with the ones you love.

Since the age of 14, I have been building profit centers and
now, you can benefit from a few of my tested and proven
cash generating ideas”

Vondre’ Whaley

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                      About The Author

                   Vondre’ Whaley has started more than 50
                   profit centers since the age of 14. Some of
                   them have been extreme failures, while
                   others have been wildly profitable.

                   A few of his businesses include a small

newspaper publishing company, insurance agency, local
internet advertising network, computer sales firm, discount bene-
fits card, and an internet marketing operation.

He is also known for developing the Niche Fishing concept, which
teaches internet entrepreneurs how to establish
qualified prospects and traffic before developing an
information product at
                     FREE Business Idea #1

       Start Your Own Niche Newspaper

The newspaper business works on the same premise as most
businesses, buy low and sell high. Generally, publishers pay a
printer a marginal fee to make copies and sell advertising at a
higher price to make a profit. Publishers may also sell
subscriptions or sell per issue to generate more profits.

      Daily newspapers have dominated the market because the
majority of people living in a community subscribe to the local
daily paper. This monopoly has resulted in high cost advertising
for local business owners. The cost of advertising in most daily
papers is too expensive, espescially for small and home business
owners. This presents an opportunity for smaller newspaper
operations that charge lower prices and specialize in specific
niche markets.

     This is where you come in as a home based publisher. All
you need is a good concept such as a church newspaper or a
newspaper for pet owners to be successful. You are not
competing with the daily news. You are simply filling a niche in the
community that you live in. Here’s a great example:

Suppose you published a newspaper specializing in church news,
you only include in your paper the latest information concerning
church programs and anniverseries about churches in your area.
Your paper is distributed for free to over 50 churches in your area
that have an average of 200 adult members. That’s a total of
10,000 people who will get the paper and read it. Do you think
local business owners will want to advertise in such a paper that
cost below the average cost of the local daily newspaper?

Of course!
This is the formula that will make you profits as a home based
newspaper publisher.

All you need to run this business is the personality to
communicate with small and home based business owners and a

      Newspaper Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry and
growing everyday. As a young publisher, you must realize this
and develop your niche. Just look around you. Walk through your
community and pick every newspaper that you see. You’ll find
newspapers on national, local, and regional levels. They range in
topics from daily news to trader publications. When was the last
time you heard of a newspaper going out of business? Most
newspapers are making money. According to “101 Best Home-
Based Businesses For Women,” a book written by Priscilla Y.
Huff, home based publishers have an income potential between
$50,000 to $100,000.

You can learn more about publishing niche newspapers at the link

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                       FREE Business Idea #2

             Profit With Accident Guides

The Accident Guide is a unique program for lawyers and other
legal professionals. It keeps their name and image in front of
potential clients during the most opportune times. This program
has been extremely successful and is now available to
independent business owners such as yourself nationwide.

Accident guides are simple publications that include all the
information needed in case of an accident. This
includes forms to fill in insurance and tag information,
injured statements, etc. These guides are kept in glove
compartments and encourage the driver to call an attorney at the
time they are needed most.

The following is a brief summary of the program:

•   You will provide the lawyer or legal professional with 500 to
    1,000 high quality accident guides with their company name,
    address, telephone number and logo.


•   The entire cost of the accident guide is paid for by local
    merchants and professionals that the lawyer or legal
    professional uses on a regular basis.

•   These businesses and professionals are those that the lawyer
    or legal professional would like featured in their customized
    accident guide. You or your representatives will contact these
    businesses. The lawyer or legal professional does not have to
    do anything but provide names.
•   The lawyer or legal professional can distribute their legal
    guides to clients and potential clients to placed in their car’s
    glove compartment. You may also decide to offer distribution
    as a part of your services.

•   The lawyer’s benefit: When a person gets into a car accident,
    one of the first places they look is the glove compartment. If
    there was an accident guide in the glove compartment that
    assists the owner of the car with vital need to know information
    during a car accident along with the lawyer’s name, who do
    you think they’re going to call? This is great marketing
    exposure for a lawyer at zero cost!

•   For the accident guide sponsor: Accident guide sponsors such
    as a chiropractor (you’ll get a list later) for example, also
    receives great exposure in addition to fostering a relationship
    with a lawyer who will possibly refer new clients. New clients
    that translate into thousands of dollars!

For You: As the owner of this business and making the accident
guide possible for distribution, you will profit from the cost of the
advertisements year after year.

You can learn more accident guides at the link below:

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                      FREE Business Idea #3

                 Niche Discount Cards

Starting a niche discount card business is one of the most
lucrative home-based businesses you can start.

It’s simple! (As you know, simple ideas make the MOST money.)

To explain this idea in greater detail, let’s discuss regular discount
cards. These are the cards that usually give cardholders dis-
counts on hamburgers, movies, pizza parlors, etc. Schools and
organizations sell them as fundraisers all the time. Chances are,
you’ve purchased one for around $5 - $15.

Discount cards are a multi-million dollar industry!

A niche discount card is targeted toward a specific niche.

Here's an example:

The Pet Savers Card is a niche discount card that saves pet own-
ers on all pet services, including veterinarian visits, pet food, pet
grooming, pet boarding, etc.
What happens when you apply a niche to a discount card?

You can charge more for the card!

Instead of charging between $5 - $15 per card, you can charge
up to $99.95 for each membership. Some niche discount card
companies charge a monthly fee as high as $19.95 per month.
You have a targeted audience that's easy to reach!

When you have a target audience, it’s less expensive to reach
prospects who are interested in your product or
service. People who have similar interests, read the same
publications, attend the same meetings, join the same
organizations, and watch the same television shows.

A good example would be the pet discount card.

You can easily promote this type of niche discount card by
advertising in pet newsletters or setting up take one brochures in
veterinarian offices. See how easy it is to find the target market
for this type of card?

You add more value to the card!

A niche discount card is a specialty card. It has more value than a
regular general discount card.

It’s almost like a general practice physician and a specialist. A
specialist will always make more money because he or she has
experience in a targeted area.

It’s really simple to make money with niche discount cards. Every
business needs to advertise if they are going to stay in business.
If you develop a unique system where
businesses can advertise their businesses for little or no money
and save consumers money at the same time, you’ll have a profit
generating cash machine!
Promoting your own niche discount card business gives you the
vehicle to offer businesses “FREE” advertising in
exchange for a small discount to the members of your
discount card. It’s virtually a win-win-win situation.

You can learn more about niche discount cards at the link below:

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                     FREE Business Idea #4

             Start A Follow Up Service

 Starting a follow up service is one of the hottest home based
 businesses you can start and there is very little or no
 competition in most local areas. This type of business cost very
 little to get started. The opportunities are endless. You’ll earn
 money from business owners who know the importance of
 keeping in contact with their customers.
          This True Story Will Help You Understand
             The Need For Follow Up Services!

My wife and I were in a health food store looking around one
weekend, when we noticed a massage therapist giving free
massages. We love to relax, so we gave her a try.

To simply put it, she was the best massage therapist that has
ever worked on me. My wife was also impressed with her tech-
niques to relax her muscles.

We loved her service so much, that we immediately scheduled an
appointment at her office.

During our appointment, we had another pleasurable experience.
I even bought my wife some products she offered for sale. The
total cost of our bill was over $300!

Do you think we were just the kind of people the massage
therapist was looking for?

Definitely! We enjoyed her work and paid her nicely for her

Surprisingly, my wife and I haven’t been back to her since that

But, we have been to other massage therapists in the area.

Are you wondering why we have not been back?

Well…..she hasn’t asked us to.

We never heard from her again.
She didn’t contact us. She didn’t thank us. She didn’t follow up!

By this time, she could have earned several thousand dollars
from us alone.

The true story described above is the reason why businesses
don’t get as much repeat business or referrals from existing
clients. In other words, THEY ARE LOSING MONEY!!!!

The massage therapists works by herself and probably was too
busy to follow up.

That’s where you come in as a Follow Up Service Consultant!

What Is A Follow Up Service?

A follow service offers solutions for small business owners who
want to keep in contact with new and existing customers. In most
cases, the “Follow Up Specialist” develops a series of letters to
send customers on behalf of the business owner.

Follow up services can also offer additional services, including
telephone calls and sending cards on special occasions.

Small business owners love this service because they don’t have
to do it themselves or hire additional staff.

Owners of a follow up service enjoy the profits from a simple low
cost business that is easily operated from a home office.

In a nutshell, a follow up service is a win-win situation for all
parties involved.
You can learn more about starting a Follow Up Service at the link

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                     FREE Business Idea #5

                 Sell Used Computers

 In my opinion, selling used computers is the hottest niche in
 the computer sales industry. That’s right, you simply purchase
 computers from the general public and resell them “AS IS” for
 a quick profit. Think about it, you most likely know several
 people who own more than one computer. They use the
 newest computer and the older computer is basically collecting
 dust. Although, it’s still a good usable computer, it takes a back
 seat to the latest technology. This is an absolute GOLD MINE!

       All you have to do is locate these individuals and offer
 them CASH for their used systems. In most cases, you can get
 a great used computer for between $50 - $150.
If you sold a computer for $400 that you only paid $100 for, you
profit $300 quick cash.

If you sold a computer for $300 that you only paid $75 for, you
profit $225 quick cash.

You can do this over and over again!

I got the idea from my wife, who abandoned her old computer to
use one of my two newer models. Although her computer ran
Windows 98 with a CD ROM and printer, she refused to use it. As
a matter of fact, she said “If someone offered me $100 for my old
computer, it’s sold!”

If you are interested in finding out the secret to selling used
computers most people don’t even know about, check out the link

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                      FREE Business Idea #6

              Start A Welcome Service

Starting a welcome service is one of the easiest home based
businesses you can start and there is very little or no competition
in most local areas. The opportunities are endless. You’ll earn
money from local businesses who want to get their products and
services out to new homeowners.

What Is A Welcome Service?

A welcome service delivers specials, discounts, maps, community
tips, and other valuable information to new homeowners. This
information comes in the form of promotional packs, newsletters,
gift bags, envelopes, or even on a compact disc. Welcome
services deliver their information through the mail or home visits.
Some welcome services offer additional services such as follow
up phone calls and internet advertising.

Homeowners love this type of service because they get valuable
information in one big package. Normally, it would take them
weeks to gather this information other wise.

Businesses love to sponsor welcome services because it gives
them access to new homeowners at a lower cost than general
forms of advertising.

Owners of a welcome service enjoy the profits from a simple low
cost business that is easily operated from a home office.

In a nutshell, a welcome service is a win-win-win situation for all
parties involved.
You can learn more about starting a Welcome Service at the link

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                     FREE Business Idea #7

         Distribute Free Greeting Cards

 You will provide young people in grades K - 4 with blank
 greeting cards. Each student will design a cover for their card,
 write a message on the inside, and give the card to their
 parents. When the parents get the card, they are guaranteed
 to look at every panel of the card.

 On the back of each card, there are 8 small businesses who
 paid a fee to sponsor the distribution of the cards in exchange
 for advertising space. This is what I call a “4 Win” situation.
                               Win 1

Teachers and schools are delighted to get FREE materials to use
in their classes centered around various holidays.

                               Win 2

Local businesses are happy to participate in something that will
help young people in addition to getting
advertising exposure for their business.

                               Win 3

Parents are happy to get a special gift from their children. Usually,
a card they display in the home for all to see.

                               Win 4

The operator of this program profits big for organizing and
managing the entire process.

These cards can be distributed each month during many different
holidays. You can also distribute cards during anytime of the year.

You can learn more about this profitable way to distribute greeting
cards at the link below:
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                     FREE Business Idea #8

            Publish Daycare Yearbooks

There are hundreds of thousands of childcare centers throughout
the United States and abroad. However, there are few products
and services that target this booming industry.

Here’s Why I Like This Market:

•   It’s easy to access daycare centers because most them are
    listed in the telephone book.

•   Daycare owners are always open to new ideas, especially if it
    benefits their clients.

•   Parents of daycare toddlers are willing to spend money on
    additional products and services.

A unique and profitable business for the childcare market is
publishing daycare yearbooks.
A daycare yearbook is simply a publication that contains pic-
tures and information on all the children in the daycare. It’s a
smaller version of a high school yearbook and you can be as
creative as you want.

This business is wide open for you to earn big money every
single year.

Think about it…

How many childcare facilities offer yearbooks for their students?

I bet your answer is, “not very many.”

Yet, yearbook sales have remained profitable and consistent in
elementary, middle, and high schools.

As a daycare yearbook publisher, you will provide a win-win-win

Win #1 : the daycare owner is happy to provide a new and
appreciated service to his or her clients.

Win #2 : the parents are happy to have access to a keepsake
they can cherish for a lifetime.

Win #3 : As the publisher, you make money from putting the
project together!

You can learn how to profit with this very lucrative business idea
at the link below:
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                       FREE Business Idea #9

         Sell Niche Information Products

Niche marketing is simply identifying a group of people who have
similar interest, discovering their problems, and creating products
and services based on solutions. If you target a niche market, you
have a better opportunity to position yourself as an authority in a
particular field. This authority means credibility and credibility
means sales.

You can make a fortune selling niche information products, but
the problem is finding a profitable niche and getting qualified

I sell niche information every single day and make a small
fortune. Instead of just writing what I think will sell, I use what I
call the Niche Fishing Method.

If you would like to learn about the Niche Fishing Method, check
out the link below:
                     FREE Business Idea #10

        Give Away This E-book For Free!

This is a short concise e-book with great business ideas!

If you give this book away for free, you can make money.

After each business idea, there is a link to get more information.

When people click on a link, they go to a site that’s coded with a
special I.D. If they decide to order one of our low cost information
products, you make a $10 commission off of a $29 product. Plus,
you can earn $10 per month if they sign up for The Scoop

We handle mailing out the product and all you have to do is give
this e-book away.

It’s a great way to add a few hundred dollars each month to you
current income.

You can find out more by signing up at

                         BUT WAIT!

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             Get A Bonus Business Idea!
                 FREE Bonus Business Idea #11

          Sell Local Internet Advertising
            With The Scoop Network!

Advertising is a multi-billion dollar business. Most of the world’s
most successful businesses including Google, Yahoo, AOL and
others generate most of their revenues from advertising.

Companies that add a twist to advertising and develop great
concepts will earn heavily in the market place. Businesses large
and small must advertise if they want to stay in business.

As a Scoop Network Member, you have the opportunity to profit
from a growing trend called “local internet advertising!”

Local Internet Advertising

Local internet advertising is now a 1.65 billion dollar industry!
According to a recent study, local Internet advertising now makes
up 2.3% ($1.65 billion) of all local advertising. Most of this reve-
nue comes from classified type advertising and this trend will only
increase in the future.

Our Twist

Most local internet advertising comes from newspaper websites.
The Scoop Discount Network manages local discount websites
where people can get specials and savings on products and
services in their local area.

Since we don’t have the distribution of large daily newspapers or

   television stations, we work with Scoop Network Members who
   give away free discount cards to promote the site. Scoop Network
   Members make sales at any price they want and keep 100% of
   the profits!

   Where’s the money?
   As Scoop Network Member, operating your own advertising firm,
   you make your profits from selling discount pages on our local
   scoop sites. You’ll keep 100% of profits from sales you make.

   If you sell a discount page at $250, you keep $250.

   If you sell a discount page at $100, it’s yours!

   Think about how many ads you can sell using this idea.

   If you would like more information about The
   Scoop Network, click on the link below:

   I hope you enjoyed all of our home business ideas and decide to
   take action on at least one of them to add an addition income
   stream to what you’re currently earning. Multiple streams of
   income is the only way to go!

   Good Success!


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