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									                                                            FUNd Raising Ideas
                                                  Provided by Generous Zontians Across America
                                                               14 December 2002

The following report has been provided by generous Zonta Club President’s across the US. They have patiently endured my nagging emails,
follow-up emails, and inquiries about their successful club fund raisers. The report represents fund raising ideas from 35 Zonta Clubs in 18
States. Without their thoughtful and insightful comments, this report would not have been possible. Ladies, I appreciate all that you have
done – you are the best!

The report is divided into five major sections:

          1.   Auctions/Raffles
          2.   Selling Items
          3.   Special Events
          4.   Workshops/Seminars
          5.   Other Unique Ideas
Within each category, I have presented the ideas in random order. It did not seem appropriate to sort it by revenues generated since so
many of the ideas were unique and ranged from more private club functions to public affairs. Lastly, fund raiser includes the average
revenues generated, the State and Club who provided it, the President/POC name and email address, number of Club members, and
additional comments.

Disclaimer: I hope that I have accurately represented each club’ activities and fund raisers. If I have made a typo or mistake, please contact
me immediately and I will provide a revised report. At this time I do not anticipate expanding this report unless there is a need to do so.

Again, thank you for all your help. Happy Holidays! Jo Manson, District 3, Area 4 Director,

Special Comments: Some states require a license or other provisions to conduct a raffle. Check your local government/state for special requirements.

   Topic/Idea        Avg. Revenues               State/Club                           POC                     No.                 Comments
                                                              Section 1. Auctions/Raffles
Craft Auction        $1,500 *but had   Ohio/Warren-Miles-               Karyn Frederick                                Held in December. Members
                     been as high as   Youngstown                                         make most items. Use an
                     $4,000 – 5,000                                                                                    auctioneer and bought Kolachi
                     in the past                                                                                       from a local church to sell.
Annual Auction       $1.7K             Indiana/Fort Wayne               Carol Butler                        12         Ask members to donate $50 in
                                                                                             merchandise (crystal, holiday
                                                                                                                       décor – very popular). One
                                                                                                                       member owns a B&B and donates
                                                                                                                       a stay with dessert and a nightcap
                                                                                                                       for two.
Art Auction          $8,000 – 10,000   Michigan/Alpena/Tri-County       Pam Werth                           25         Get donated items from local
                                                                                                artists (not crafts). Hold a live
                                                                                                                       auction and silent auction. This
                                                                                                                       year added a Chinese auction.
                                                                                                                       Average 200-225 attendees.
                                                                                                                       Choose a different decorating
                                                                                                                       theme each year.
Drawing/Raffle       $2,000 – 3,000    Illinois/Oak Park                Ann Hageman                                    Use Cash Prizes for $250, 500,
                                                                                           and 1,000
Holiday Auction      $2,000 – 3,000    New Hampshire/Concord            Janice Severance                               One day/night event, ask for
                                                                                              donations, members getting
                                                                                                                       uncomfortable asking for
Annual Auction       $25,000           Oregon/Grants Pass               Lynna Monnot                                   Only club fundraiser
Harley-Davidson                        Nevada/Greater Reno              Karen Foissotte                                Done annually to celebrate club’s
Raffle                                                                                      chartering. Get a reduced price for
                                                                                                                       bike from local dealer. Print/sell
                                                                                                                       about 2000 tickets. Drawing
                                                                                                                       occurs at the beginning of riding
                                                                                                                       season when the dealer holds a big
                                                                                                                       promotional event. Club sells

                                                                                                 tickets, door prizes, mc’s the
                                                                                                 event, brings clowns,etc. Great PR
Silent Auction      $200+      Ohio/Maumee River Valley    Ann Baronas                           Conducted in January
Silent Auction at   $2K        Washington/Bellingham       Annette DeSalvo                       Great fund raiser. Plan to do
Area 5 Workshop                                            Annette-                              another in Spring 2003 for club’s
                                                         5th anniversary.

Silent Auction/     $300-400   Washington/Bellingham       Annette DeSalvo                       Holiday Social, bring wrapped gift
Club Social in                                             Annette-                              with a tantalizing clue. Great
December                                                 social event and good for potential
                                                                                                 members to attend.
50/50 Holiday    TBD           Michigan/Michigan Capitol   Roberta Tisdale                  22
Raffle                         Area              
New/Used Auction $9,000        Michigan/Detroit I          Karen Armaly                          Dollar room with items from $1-3.
                                                                 About 200 attend. Leftovers go
                                                                                                 into a garage sale that generates
                                                                                                 about another $300.

                                                           Section 2. Selling Items
Yard Sale in the    $700             New Hampshire/Concord        Janice Severance                         Good exposure and lots of fun.
Spring                                                                            Advertise in local paper for
                                                                                                           donations from the community
Garage Sale         $800 – 1,200     North Dakota/Fargo-          Heidi Bye                        23      Members donate items. One day
                                     Moorhead                        event.
Yard Sales          $800             Miami Lakes                  Mary Finan                       17      Do two a year. Also sell spaces to
                                                                             local residents for $20 a space.
                                                                                                           Done in a morning. Have also
                                                                                                           sold coffee and baked goods at the
                                                                                                           event too.
Garage/Bake Sales   TBD              Washington/Bellingham        Annette DeSalvo
Intl. Women’s Day $400               New Hampshire/Concord        Janice Severance                         Sell acetate wrapped yellow roses
Yellow Rose Sales                                                                 (with a yellow ribbon) outside
                                                                                                           local large supermarket. Get good
                                                                                                           publicity. Work with with a local
                                                                                                           woman florist and get materials at
                                                                                                           cost. Emphasis on getting orders
                                                                                                           in advance.
Koeze Nuts/Candy    $5,000           Michigan/Northwest Wayne     Kay Diggs                        20      Quality is excellent.
Sales                                County                          
Lucinda Pins        $1,000 – 2,000   Colorado/Denver II           Jan Hoyt                         33-42
Michigan Brown      $10,000          Michigan/Alpena/Tri-County   Pam Werth                        25      In July, they design, print, and sell
Trout Festival T-                                                                   brown trout t-shirts. Festival is 10
Shirt Sales                                                                                                days long. Set up a trailer to sell
                                                                                                           shirts. Also sell penny candy and
                                                                                                           packaged snacks. Kids from a
                                                                                                           local school design the kids t-shirt.
                                                                                                           Each service club at the event
                                                                                                           share the profits but they get all
                                                                                                           the profits from the kids t-shirts.
                                                                                                           Average 200 hours during the
Garage Sale         $1,600 – 1,900   Texas/Houston                Susan Gallivan                   28      One day event. Specifically seek

                                                                    out furniture.
October Pumpkin     $3,500            South Dakota/Sturgis Area   Denise Larue                  24      Pruchase pumpkins around Labor
Sales                                                              Day and sell in October.
                                                                                                        Members decorate them with
                                                                                                        witches, goblins, and fall designs.
                                                                                                        Spray with preservative and
                                                                                                        decorate with bows. Sold to
                                                                                                        businesses and individuals
                                                                                                        throughout October. Sell about
                                                                                                        300 pumpkins ($8-20 each).
Zonta Cookbooks     $2,000            Illinois/Belleville         Mary Keller                   23
Bunco, Baskets,     $1,800            Illinois/Belleville         Mary Keller                   23      Members fix/make-up baskets.
and Baker’s                                                               Bunco is a dice game.
Craft Shows (two    $10,000 for two   South Dakota/Pierre-Fort    Kelli Buscher                         Done in Fall and Spring. Sell both
a year)             shows             Pierre                                space for $75 for the weekend. It
                                                                                                        is the biggest craft show in the
                                                                                                        area. Great PR.
Sell Holiday        $10,000 –         Colorado/Denver II          Jan Hoyt                      33-42   Project has been conducted for
Plants              15,000                                               many years.
wreaths, cactus)
Sell Mixed Nuts     $2,000+           Ohio/Maumee River Valley    Ann Baronas                           Nuts are the more successful
and Pointsettias                      Club                             (plants only net a couple of
                                                                                                        hundred dollars). Are getting well
                                                                                                        known in community for nut sales.
Sell Pointsettias   $2,000 – 3,000    Ohio/Defiance               Connie Allgire                13      Offer three colors and three sizes
                                                                              of plants. Also sell nuts and make
                                                                                                        about $400 on 11 cases.
Spring Flower       $200+             Ohio/Maumee River Valley    Ann Baronas
Sale                                  Club              
Spring Mulch        $1,000            Ohio/Defiance               Connie Allgire                13      Sell mulch and deliver it. Next
Sales                                                                         year they will have the Zonta logo
                                                                                                        printed on the bags of mulch.
Zonta Watches       TBD               Colorado/Lakewood/Golden    Lori Backer                   13      Sell at area and district meetings.

                                                            Section 3. Special Events
Adopt a Poll        $90-95 per day    Kansas/Johnson County Area    Ruth Holzschuh                 20   Work at voting booths and
                    per person                                           proceeds go to Zonta. Good club
Adult Celebrity     $5,000 – 7,000    Vermont/Burlington            Barbara Gay                         Monies go to Single Parents
Spelling Bee        (plus matched                                         Program Scholarships at local
                    by a local                                                                          college.Members enthusiastic.
                    philanthropist)                                                                     Use teams of 3 people. Takes a bit
                                                                                                        of organization. Done in Mid-
Annual Bus Trip     $900 – 1100       Michigan/Jackson              Corinne McEnroe                     Rent a bus. Have done for six
                                                                           years. Choose one day trips for
                                                                                                        shopping, theater, casino, etc.
                                                                                                        Have 3-4 raffles along the way
                                                                                                        (average $100 per raffle). Bus
                                                                                                        holds 45 (and allow two seats for
                                                                                                        raffle items). Give away door
                                                                                                        prizes at the end (get from local
Fall Bazaar         $900              North Dakota/Fargo-           Heidi Bye                      23   Held at local shopping center.
                                      Moorhead                    Club makes items over a 2-3
                                                                                                        month period. Includes M-n-M
                                                                                                        cookie mix, brownie mix, soup
                                                                                                        mix, drink mix, pickles, and craft
Bowl-A-Thon         $600              Texas/Houston                 Susan Gallivan                 28   Ask friends and family for
                                                                        pledges. Done on a Saturday
Dinner,             $13,000 –         Illinois/Oak Park             Ann Hageman                         Club is losing interest in fund
Entertainment,      18,000                                                  raisers in general
Silent and Live
Fall for Elegance   $3,500 – 4,000    Michigan/Leelanau             Carol Smith                    28   Hold at area restaurant. Tickets
Dinner Dance                                                           are $50. Have a musical group,
                                                                                                        dancing, and silent auction. This
                                                                                                        year got silent auction items that
                                                                                                        appealed to men – very successful.

                                                                                                  50% of profit comes from auction
Founder’s Day        $5,000 – 6,000   Ohio/Cincinnati           Ronda Deel                        Held at a hotel with a speaker and
Luncheon                                                                 “Crystal Z” awards to women
                                                                                                  whose achievements match the
                                                                                                  objects of Zonta. Later they added
                                                                                                  a silent auction and invited quilt
                                                                                                  guild members to display quilts
                                                                                                  (this doubled the revenues!).
Golf Scramble at a   $1,000 – 2,000   Kentucky/Heartland Club   Barbie Steck                      Most of the money comes from
Par 3 Course                                                          hole sponsors
Holiday Fashion      $9,500           Wyoming/Laramie           Joy Surdam                        Mid-November event at a local
Show                                                               country club.
Governor’s           $20 profit per   Michigan/Midland          Lynette Smith             30      Annual dinner. Tickets are $40
Mansion Dinner       ticket                                      and they make $20 profit on each
Bus Trip to ZI       TBD              Michigan/Lenawee          Mary                      40      Sales and raffle on bus trip (they
Headquarters                                                       are planning this)
Chocolate Bake       TBD              Michigan/Lenawee          Mary                      40      This is in the planning stages
Sale for                                              
Valentine’s Day
Holiday Event        $16,000          Michigan/Midland          Lynette Smith             30      $30 lunch ticket (they get $7 in
                                                                 profit from this). Silent auction
                                                                                                  with about 300 items, boutiques
                                                                                                  and raffle drawing (nets about
                                                                                                  $3K). Have been doing this for 12
Holiday Home         $18,000          Connecticut/Midland       Lynette Smith             30      One weekend tour of decorated
Tour                                                             homes.
Saturday             $3,000 – 6,000   Ohio/Cincinnati           Ronda Deel                        Included a speaker and book
Afternoon Tea                                                            signing
Annual July Golf     $12,000          Michigan/Macomb           Maria Zardis              15      Have done this for 10 years.
Outing                                                               Heavy level of effort between
                                                                                                  April and July.
Host a Golf          $5,000 – 7,000   Colorado/Denver II        Jan Hoyt                  33-42   Have done this for three years.
Makeover Night at    $500             Washington/Tacoma         Shelly Mauss              15      Done with Estee Lauder. Charge
Nordstroms                                                         $17.50 with $5 credit toward

                                                                                             purchase. Get PR in local paper
                                                                                             and new members.
River Boat Jazz   $1,000 – 4,000   Michigan/Michigan Area       Roberta Tisdale         22   $70 a ticket. Members not
Cruise                                                        comfortable with price of tickets.
Shopping/Casino   $600             Indiana/Fort Wayne           Carol Butler            12   Trip is two hours long. Book a
Trip                                                               bus and have no trouble filling it.
Octoberfest       $1,000           Georgia/Savannah             Barbara Friel           15   Crafts for sale and kids activities.
                                                                 Santa Pictures on River Street
Spring Kids       $500             Georgia/Savannah             Barbara Friel           15   Face painting, tattoes, ring toss,
Games                                                            bean bag, duck pond
Style Show        $4,000 – 7,000   Ohio/Akron, Barberton, and   Janet Paleko            33   Done for more than 20 years.
(Annual)                           Cuyahoga Falls                Make money on ticket sales, raffle
                                                                                             for prizes, silent auction, and
                                                                                             selling 50/50 raffle tickets the day
                                                                                             of the show. Expect members to
                                                                                             sell tables of 8. 250 attended.
                                                                                             Good exposure for club and
                                                                                             charities they support. Added
                                                                                             children’s fashions to the show –
                                                                                             really increased interest.
Theater Night     $2,000           Michigan/Michigan Area       Roberta Tisdale         22   Book the dress rehearsal for a
                                                              local play, charge admission to
                                                                                             cover the cost of the theater and
                                                                                             finger food

                                                Section 4. Workshops/Seminars
Healthy, Wealthy,    $1,000 – 2,000   Kentucky/Heartland Club   Barbie Steck                 It was more work than
and Wise Seminars                                                profit
Financial Workshop   $750             Washington/Tacoma         Shelly Mauss            15   Done for an hour and a
– Smart Women                                                 half. Charged $25 per
Finish Rich                                                                                  person. Great PR and
                                                                                             way to meet new
                                                                                             women in community.

                                                    Section 5. Other Unique Ideas
Work at Colorado    $2,000+             Colorado/Lakewood/Golden     Lori Backer               13   Work in retail store
Rockies Baseball                                                         once a month from
Games                                                                                               March to October. 4
                                                                                                    members work each
                                                                                                    month cashiering to
                                                                                                    stocking the shelves.
Fun meetings        Charge for          Michigan/Midland             Lynette Smith             30   Conducted during the
                    meals that cost                                summer.
                    little or nothing
                    for members
Penny Can Drive     $300 – 800          Georgia/Savannah             Barbara Friel             15   Put cans in businesses
                                                                        in Savannah to collect
                                                                                                    extra change. Money
                                                                                                    goes to Safe Shelter
                                                                                                    (service project)
Clown Outfits and   $150-400            Kansas/Johnson County Area   Ruth Holzschuh            20   Done for various
Face Painting       (depends on                                      organizations – also
                    how long they                                                                   includes balloon
                    work each                                                                       animals and washable
                    event)                                                                          tattoos for various
                                                                                                    functions (fairs,
                                                                                                    convention center
                                                                                                    openings, college staff
                                                                                                    parties, etc.). Also done
                                                                                                    free for service projects.
Demos at            $8 an hour          Kansas/Johnson County Area   Ruth Holzschuh            20   Not as popular with
Supermarkets                                                         members, required
                                                                                                    standing on feet for a
                                                                                                    long time


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